Roleplay : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty

Dead Nation

The Queen’s Egg

Writer : DarksiedtheLegend

DarksiedtheLegend: -Back inside the Tarantula at the engine floor did Larry shift his attention to Taru before to Sora as he then responded to them to what he thought was their concern-(Larry)”Oh don’t worry about it. This is just usual maintenance, the boys and girls in the laboratory with some help from the engineers took the Tarantula out on a practice sortie up on a military testing grounds…funded by the government of course. Now come this way and Matilda when you are done…” –Before Larry could finish his sentence did Matilda interrupt him-(Matilda)”I know when maintenance is done just leave, I got it.” –To which Matilda got back to her work checking on the supposed leg engine as she took some time searching through her tool box for some bolts and nuts before diving halfway into the leg engine to fix whatever was wrong in it as Larry brought them back to the stairway where he lead them upwards to the very top floor past the second floor which had the entrance hatch as they finally got upwards to the third floor with the first floor being the engine floor.

The third floor the so called command floor, a set of five chairs each placed apart from each other, the first chair is placed on the left side of the room in front of a monitor embedded into the wall with a control panel on a table in front of the chair, the second chair is placed on the right side of the room in front of a similar monitor embedded into a wall with control panels on a special table in front of the chair, a third chair was placed in the middle of the first and second chairs, the third chair seemed to be at the very centre of the room, the fourth and fifth chair were some part away from the third chair, while the fifth chair seemed to have a table in front of it that had two control panels on the sides of the table with a monitor in between the two panels and is embedded in the table and finally the fourth chair which seemed to have a table with on a monitor standing upright on it, a control stick with a w-shaped steering yoke was in front of the chair, with a side control panel with one big switch and many other smaller switches and these chairs seemed to have railings close by as Larry then walked on the carpeted grounds around the railings to the third chair as he sat in the chair before spinning in the chair to face the direction of Taru and Sora.-(Larry)”This is the Captains chair and or Commanders chair not sure which one will be controlling the Tarantula. The chair upholstery is very comfy, leather too and one could literally sleep in this chair now let’s see all the chairs are securely bolted down along with everything in here so as to avoid any unnecessary turbulence inside this floor…the chairs at the side of the Captains chair is the telecommunications station and the diagnostics station…Umm can’t remember which chair is which but telecommunications its already in the name for it does what that station does as for diagnostics it’s the station that shows what has been hit? Where was it hit? Is a floor on fire? Is it serious or can we just use fire extinguishers and that’s it? Is an engine offline? Is the plasma generator or reactor overloading? All those problems and such…you see the two chairs in front of the Captains chair the one the right is the navigation station kind of obvious what that station is for as for the station next to it the one with all the switches and that airplane control stick, that’s the driver seat, the monitor for the driver is linked directly into the Tarantula’s sensors and follows the motion of the control stick, every forward motion makes the legs move forward every turn takes a while to turn to the turn position so please no quick turns …It doesn’t work that way even if you try. Plus here’s a neat feature you remember the hatch we enter through at the beginning of this whole tour…well if the hatch is locked and the secured door is locked, there was two exhaust pipers pointing towards the hatch…well those exhaust pipes are actually tank turret barrels that extend to somewhere underneath this room where it has an automatic fire function that if anyone who is out there try to open the hatch will that person gets blasted with cannon fire.

The exhaust pipes are aimed directly at the hatch so it could destroy whoever dares open the hatch without destroying the hatch itself but only when the Tarantula is in full swing…It also has a manual function just in case… so now the final question is how do you like the Tarantula now that you have seen all of it? The only thing left to show you would be the testing facilities for the turret guns, the laser, plasma and cannons guns and various simulations of actual tests run on the Tarantula plus probably the emergency features. So what you think of it?”

–As Larry smiled at them as he waited for their answer meanwhile back at Shangri-La as little Darksied listened to Raven’s answer to his question about Ettercaps-(Raven)“Aunt Charlotte said that the Ettercaps came from a large settlement that was in the catacombs below the Western Forests of Nemaues. Brought to this world by Mazmezz, their role is as protectors to Beblith young. To describe them, I would say, like jolly green giants, but they have similar mouths to spiders, with the mandibles. They don’t have hands per say, but actually claws, which is great for picking up the likes of my Cousin Seven, when he was really young and always getting into things he shouldn’t. The ones I remember were about six feet; pretty big when you are a kid. They have these bulging bellies, and are able to make webbing blasts, similar to Spiders. Poison tip mandibles. And they have a rather mean disposition. Not at all friendly.” –As Darksied thought of how these Ettercaps would look like he remembered that she said the Beblith young to which he would just respond-(Darksied)”So that makes you a Beblith? Since you did say they protect Bebliths children or was it young…Also you did say Aunt Charlotte I believe she was the prime minister…I think I met her when I was younger…Hmm that must mean you are a relative to the Carrendars right?”

–But he then went silent as he realized something…she had stopped talking to him and was talking with the headmaster now as the headmaster would put his branch like hand in front of Raven as he then said to her-(Headmaster)”Can I have your mask please? So that I can fix it accordingly…as for your question on the clan of darkness, I can only say that that those in Nemaeus aren’t being lead by just one leader. During some time ago the other clans heard that the clan of darkness had a civil war within their ranks…the number of causalities is uncertain but the only thing that can be confirmed is that the clan of darkness has split into various factions…some of these factions want to have their candidate acknowledged while others prefer the decision of the council while other factions wishes to wait…so far the existence of the darkness clan hang in the balance…news about Nemaeus and the former nation of Lacardis doesn’t come often in the world of Shangri-La. I blame the portals for that…one can appear so close but yet be so far away that it gets quite frustrating at times….Makes me wonder about those who had graduated before those who were lucky enough to be named Darksied of shadows, underworld, silence, pain and even the older generation of Darksied and Lady Darksied… ahh I remembered she gave birth to lovely twins some time ago I wonder how long that was?…So now can you give me your mask so that I can fix it right”

–Meanwhile at Rider’s house in Dead nation as Paige avoided the two handed crush from Marluck but it seemed like he saw her ran through his legs as she then attempted to poke his butt as Marluck was ready to give this little runt a good workout but he noticed a second person came out of the house this one appeared to be carrying a shovel for some reason as Marluck started to think about his options as he first grabs the grab the earth with his left arm forcing his left arm to forcefully push himself around as his legs went up and around. Marluck was literally using his arm as one would use a pole to turn on it three hundred and sixty degrees as Marluck would spin around once to get a feel before spinning one more time but this time he had prepared his leg to hit Paige around the face with his sharp toenails so that to scrap some skin off her face but he was pretty sure that this attempt would be blocked by either her shield or some defensive move or it might actually connect. But then he heard a voice of an another being-(Baldrick) “Oi..Oi…you could at least say Good Morning!” –This made Marluck think for a moment before he heard Rider shout back at this other being-(Rider)”Wait a moment I’m getting my chair!”–A few moments later Rider had returned back to the house and dragged a chair to the door way of her house as she then sat on the chair before shouting back to Baldrick and Paige-(Rider)”Marluck doesn’t really talk much during his lessons! He prefers a hands on approach! He also said that speaking is a waste of energy! Hey Marluck why not we start with the meat lesson first before the combat lesson?!” –As Marluck would immediately halt his attack on Paige just moments away from connecting his attack to either her shield or face as his foot was just close enough to Paige before he retracted his leg before Standing on his left hand with his body and legs straight and upwards towards the artificial sun as he then jumped upwards into the sky as he then somersaulted backwards as he came down in front of Rider. As Marluck waited for a bit before Rider spoke-(Rider)”While there are many normal type meats out there that just creep out and attack you in mostly hordes there are some special classes like the jumpers who ironically can jump at you from incredible distances to attack you… some jumpers have a tendency to attack Otyugh riders of their Otyugh…so Marluck ready?” –By the time Rider had finished her sentence Marluck had already lunged towards Baldrick with his arm and sharp nails up in the air in an attempt to make a slash at Baldrick face.

Meanwhile somewhere deep within the sewer tunnels, beyond the protected cities enforced by the Butcher’s men at one of the more meat infested towns a strange looking meat stood in front of a group of five meats who were standing in a row. This strange meat had strange boils growing on his face and oddly enough seems to be less muscular than the rest but this meat was fully dressed in leather armor as this strange meat marched in front of the group of five meats as this meat stared down each one of them before returning back to his position as he then pointed with his arm a group of wooden targets with badly drawn pictures on them before this strange meat pointed at the group standing in a line then back to the targets to which the meats in line then jumped up high and then came crashing down on the wooden targets hitting every target head on before the strange meat just applauds before a second group stepped forward to which the strange meat with boils on his face smiled as he then let out a simple roar-(??? ??????)*ROOOOOOAAAAAR!!!* -As some meats would reset the wooden targets up right and in position, all of these targets were painted almost like flusher people and the Butcher’s soldiers. As the strange meat looked at the new batch again before pointing at the targets as the meats then jumped high to attack.

Meanwhile in Talus Quarry there seems to be a lot of noise being emitted from that abandoned place and it seems like the source is coming from underground. Scratching and digging until the eventual crack of a large boulder and as the boulder cracked in two did a large crab claw appeared from the middle of the crack as a large creature came out from the cracked boulder, large elephantine legs, a thick exoskeleton body, a large crab claw almost like a large crab claw almost no sign of a head or an extra arm, but in its chest did two yellow eyes glowed before these large somewhat crab creature stepped away to allow ten to twenty insect warriors each of these insect warriors had six legs each of these legs seemed to be more like spikes, a ferocious looking pincers in front of its smaller mouth, a set of eyes near the side of its main body but near to its mouth, and its hide was a hard exoskeleton that almost seemed hard like armor as each of these insect warriors rushed to scout the place digging through the rubble of Talus quarry before each letting out a shriek that seemed to signify that no intruder was in the location before a half human upper abdomen and half centipede bottom came out, the upper half of its body was similar to a human female while the bottom half was all fifteen centipede legs all protected with thick exoskeleton armor but on the armor was a large egg once the centipede lady came out did the leader of the insects came out, a supposed humanoid creature well the only thing human about this creature was its form and stance but everything else was just an insect. Having its entire body covered in exoskeleton armor, Six arms in total but two are used as legs while the first set of arms had almost crab like claws as for the second which hang over the head of this leader these arms had scythe like arms. As for its head, it had almost two compound eyes; a pincer like mouth and on top of its head was two antennae. This leader looked around at its surroundings before approaching the crab like insect and using its feelers communicate with the crab like creature before the crab like creature starts to click its large claw to communicate with the insect warriors to which each of the insect warriors let out a shriek in confirmation to the others of the leader as the insect warriors began to dig into the quarry as the leader went back into the tunnel to check if the intruder dared to follow them as an extra group of twenty insect warriors came out to help defend the large egg as the other insect warriors continue to dig out a perfect hive before the queen eventually hatches from her egg.-