Fortuno was as busy as a housewife expecting a group of visiting in-laws. A few hours earlier, Fortuno was preparing breakfast dutifully, until everyone disappeared suddenly. There had seemed to be some commotion going on around Fortuno while he was cooking, but used to working in a busy restaurant, he took no note and kept on. For some odd reason though, a few of the other adventurers had stayed behind. Fortuno was bent upon completing breakfast, even going so far as to make the bacon on a muffin that Charlotte had requested. But now Fortuno was alone, wondering where everyone had went. He spoke to himself in a tone that was lacking enthusiasm. “How the hell did I not see them leave..? Don’t they like my cooking?” He tapped his chin with his favorite razor, making some stray stubble become a bald spot. “Maybe… I sang out of key…” He paused and looked around, taking in the daytime scene.
The freshly slaughtered pig wasn’t so fresh anymore. Flies had buried their eggs into the open flesh that Fortuno had sliced so neatly. The rotting carcass began to waft an acrid smell. “Either way…” After pausing a moment, he gasped, “Maybe they will be coming back! I could always start on lunch!” Fortuno clasped his hands together happily and turned on his left heel to face the small cooking area. Going through a checklist in his mind, he figured there was not very much left as far as edibles were concerned. Tapping his foot on the loamy ground, he scanned the horizon, which needless to say was being scorched with the fires of war. It was the middle of the day, but the smoke had darkened the sky on that side of the mountain, making it look like a perpetual twilight. He kept looking at the horizon, expecting for a muse to tell him what to make for lunch. After pausing there for a moment, he spoke in a more excitable tone, “Maybe just small compressed cakes with roasted nuts and vegetables folded in? I’ll add a little oregano for flavor… And perhaps there are some fresh strawberries still..” Fortuno knew he had made a mistake previously… This was no longer the time to make gourmet meals, which made his stomach turn to think about. He took a carrot, some celery, and a green bell pepper in hand, and spoke to himself cheerily as he cut into the flesh of each one, chopping them neatly. “Adventurers need food that is on-the-go… And healthy… Packed with energy…” Grabbing a handful of nuts from a small metal canister in his tote, he placed a series of pecans, walnuts, and hazelnut on the cutting board, to which he finely chopped with increasing enthusiasm.
Only about an hour later, Fortuno had prepared enough of the food that he dubbed ‘Adventurer Cakes’ to feed everyone. He tucked them away into one of the many sleeves in his tote, along with all his other gear. The friends had not arrived yet, and Fortuno was going to go find them. Fortuno strapped on his Desert Eagles, and sheathed the WASP knife into the tactical pocket near his waist. He then threw over his trench coat and grabbed his tote, packed and ready to go. Something caught his attention, though. The smell was so bad, that Fortuno winced in an almost pain-like way. After exiting the small cooking area, he glanced over to where the pig was rotting, and raised his eyebrows in a half-hearted look of shock. The pig’s face… it was gone! A gravelly tone rose up from behind, seconded by a few more. Soon, the air was filled with the filthy sound of gurgling and moaning. “Faaaace… FAAAAAACE!!!” Fortuno whirled around to see what was left of some zombified miners heading for him. He didn’t see anyone else at the campsite that was left by a quick glance.

“Oh dear.” He spoke almost sarcastically, “This wont do.. “ Fortuno reached into his coat and pulled out a desert eagle, and turned off the safety. “I sent out invitations for lunch…” He aimed at the head of the nearest zombie, which were three in all, and smirked confidently, his green eyes lighting up. “And you aren’t on the list..” BANG! A single slug to the head of the first zombie sent fleshy parts of its head flying. The other zombies looked at each other quizzically and then made angry noises, rushing at Fortuno. “FAAAAAAACE FAAAACE!! CHEEEEF!!!” Fortuno quickly made for the other zombie, shooting it expertly in the eye, chunks of rotten brain flying to the side of some boulders nearby. The third zombie, however was fortunate enough to knock the Eagle out of Fortuno’s grip. After having done so, it launched itself upon Fortuno, knocking him down. Fortuno wasted no time in grabbing his WASP knife, and stabbing it right into the skull of the zombie, whilst fighting back the grabbing hands for his hair and face. “Eat THIS!!” Just before Fortuno could do much more, the zombie had striked him in the face, making Fortuno stumble away from the zombie. Fortuno got up quickly and looked at the zombie with deadly intent as it rose to its ratty feet. The pair stood and stared at each other for a moment, the zombie still alive, even though the knife was buried in its skull. “FFAAACE?” Fortuno took out one of the ‘Adventurer Cakes’ and threw it right at the thumb button on the WASP knife. It was a perfect hit… no doubt a lucky one… The CO2 canister inside the knife activated and blew gas right into the skull cavity, effectively blowing up the head of the zombie. Fortuno dusted off his pants and his coat, tut-tutting to himself. “What a waste of a perfectly good cake…” He waved his hands in front of his face, as if he were trying to wave away the nauseating smell that increased in strength. “This is just awful!” Fortuno held back from choking as he searched for his WASP knife. “Oh god…” It was just laying there.. caked in green goo and brains. “That is just DISGUSTING!” Fortuno took a napkin and picked it up with great disdain, then washed it off with a bottle of water he had inside his tote, thoroughly scrubbing it with some hand soap. “I hate zombies now…”

Fortuno was already on the move, walking deeper into the forested area of the mountain. A series of earthquakes, growing in number and magnitude had followed his ascent. Fortuno was hoping that Charlotte, Fung Le, and the others were ok. On the climb up, he had replaced the canister that was used in the WASP, and reloaded his Eagle. “This is so boring… it’s not the same without company… or something to eat…” He glanced out over into the dark forest, seeing small particles of ash flitting about like lost fairies. As Fortuno kept going, a different kind of stink rose to the occasion. Wary of his past experience, Fortuno drew a Berreta. He clicked the safety, stepping forward with the utmost caution. As he progressed he saw… bodies. Creatures known to some as Gnolls, were not recognizable anymore and were reeking a terrible stench. Fortuno had no idea what they were, and he had absolutely no interest in finding out. “Nope! Not even going to ask!” He said sarcastically to himself, stepping over several gooey bodies. He heard a bloody scream and what seemed to be the sound of crunching bones and flesh. This was music to his ears, in a way. He threw the large tote across to his back, the strap going across his chest like a bandolier. He pulled out the other Beretta, dual-weilding the menacing pistols. He stepped forward, beginning to sing in a dark and ominous tone, the words falling from his lips like velvety smoke. He was getting psyched up to face what was ahead. It wasnt much further now, but as he walked forward into the forest littered with the Gnoll bodies, he struck up his lyrics.

A menace of time and space

Comes for you in wet black lace

To mother of death in her arms

You will fall from my charms

I will come for you, my heart black as coal

I will sing to you, and reap your soul

Smoke like a shadow falls from my lips

And into your heart, the dark word rips

Fortuno stopped for a moment, hearing the sounds of voices. A clearing was ahead. Fortuno peered from his dark viewpoint. A wolf, and a man… the sounds of whistling… and.. a woman? Fortuno approached closer. “Charlotte?” He whispered. Fortuno holstered his pistols and quickly took out the bacon on a muffin that he specially made for Charlotte and ran toward them, happily. As he stormed through the clearing, he almost tripped on a root, losing some balance as he clumsily appeared into the clearing. Fortuno regained his step, and looked up, only a few feet away from the trio. He smiled cheerily and shouted, “Ta daaa!” Beaming with joy, he presented Charlotte with the bacon on a muffin and spoke apologetically. “Sorry about the blood… but here is your bacon on a muffin that you ordered.. Fortuno always delivers!”