Silverous slowly started to wake up. He moans and prided open his sore eyes. He moans again, his eyes stinging in pain. He couldn’t move, but just lay there on his side, looking around. It seemed like everything was moving he was so dizzy. The wall, the ground, the sky, everything would close in around him, and back away making him feel empty. The next thing he notices was it had stopped raining; however the ground was still wet. His clothes felt heavy and his skin was cold. His wet hair was in his face but he does see red around him. He thought to himself, “Rain water isn’t red…” He slowly puts it together, the red wasn’t rain… it was blood. He felt a numbness of his chest. He moves his head a bit to look down at himself. The same red covered him from his neck down, and flowed down the street. It was strange though, he felt no pain. It might have been from all the drinks he had or… “Am I dead?” He tries to get up, but still could not move. “Did paralyze myself?” He thought again. Suddenly, he heard a scrapping sound, as if something was being dragged. He strained to move his eyes, ignoring the pain, to look towards the sound.
He sees a mangled body… slowly crawling, using just the hands and nails, it dragged itself over the cobblestone. Silver stared at it not putting it together what this thing moving was. It looked like a person, but he couldn’t tell. Silver tried to get up again, but his body would not obey him. As it got closer, he saw that it was in fact a person. A woman corpse. Her skin was blueish white, with blacked out eyes and wild hair falling around her shoulders. Silver could do nothing but just stare.
“Ssssilverousssss” The woman somehow hissed without moving her mouth and reached for him with her hand, as soon as she touched his skin, it starting to burn. He hissed, smelling burning flesh in the air now.
She smiled… no it wasn’t a smile… it was moment like a smile but what he saw from her wasn’t a smile. She grabbed him and started to pull him to her. Silver struggled but, it seemed like all his energy was gone. Things started to move around them. Like a movie playing, He watched strange things happened before him. He saw Devy. He gasped and reached out for her, but she could not see him nor hear him when he called to her…

-She had kept it a secret for a long time. Many knew she had issues with her eating, but most didn’t know how severe it was. She had not been feeding for a long time. It was early in the morning, before anyone had the chance to even wake in the kingdom and she lay on the ground shivering. Her body, completely useless and weak. Her ribs were showing more so than ever before and all the angles of her bones could be seen through her tight skin. She whimpered and then coughed, bits of red blood spilled from her lips and onto the floor. she felt her body get colder and colder with each second that she lay there, curled up in a ball and shaking. Her heart was slowing and she knew there was nothing she could do anymore. Her life was over. She had lived her life and this was her punishment for all she’s done wrong. Her last thought was of her daughter, Vanessa, whom she loved more than her own self. She whispered her name and then fell silent, her body stopped moving and her heart beat for the last time. Her soul traveled out of her body devy just lay there for someone to discover-

…Silver watched all this play out. He didn’t know it if was real. He then saw himself finding her. Everything was flickering. His mind couldn’t keep up. The corpse woman was laughing now. He watched devy die over and over, yet at the same time, he was tried to reach her. crawling, trying his best to get to her. to safe her. “DEVY!” She didn’t look up, she couldn’t hear him. Everything was so confusing. Was he drunk? Things started to spin around him. He saw himself laying in the street, dead, and blood flowing down the street like river. Silver was panting and holding his head, “No no no no…. make it stop make it stop… I could have saved you…” the woman shrieks with laughter. The whole time, everything started moving faster. It was like time was slowing down for Silverous. His eyes moved back and forth, watching everything play out. He looked at his hands, they were bloody. He then realized he had been crawling. His movement was choppy like he was lagging in a poorly filmed movie. He remembers screaming… wait was he screaming? His stomach jerked and he shook uncontrollably. Was he dead? Was he high off being drunk? The woman was still laughing. He couldn’t take it anymore. He wondered if this was hell.

And then……




Silverous stopped, and so did everything else tormenting him. He forced his neck to move and look to the voice. He saw Devy, Devy as he remembered her. her hair was shiny and her eyes blight, not cold and lifeless. She wore a floor length black dress. “ Daddy, take my hand!”
Before he could reach for her, the rotting woman grabbed Silverous and dragged him away; pulling him from Devy. Silver struggled to get away from the woman. She clawed at him, shrieking like a bird. Silver kicked at her and tried to throw her off. He heard Devy still calling for him, “Hang on Devy…” Silverous roared and grabbed the woman by the throat. The tables had now turned. The look on her face was shock and surprise as Silverous choked her.  He put all his weight on her neck. She struggles and squirmed like a worm. He put more pressure on her neck and his knee on her chest to put more stress on her lungs. It works as she gaged and took empty airless gasps. He heard her neck snap as he broke it. her movement started to die down. She helplessly hit him, but they were weak. Her movements started to get slower. Soon her arms fell… and she died.