(In memory of my mother, I love you momma)

Silver slowly lifts his hands away from the woman’s neck and stared at her. He then reached down to feel of a pulse to make sure she was in fact dead. She was.
He moves away from her and looks down at his cut up hands, they were shaking. A soft hand gripping his shoulder caused him to look up and see Devy standing next to him. She smiles down at him, and holds out her hand to help him up on his feet. He takes her hand, letting her help pull him up. After he was on his feet, she then wraps her arms around him and hugs him. With tears in his eyes he hugs her back. Her black dress soon was soaked in his blood, but she didn’t mind, “I’m sorry daddy.”
Silver shook his head, “Don’t be, it’s my fault… I should have protected you.”
Devy looks up at him and smiles, “You couldn’t help it, its ok.” She pulls away from him and takes a few steps back. He sees the blood on her, and looks back down at himself… he still felt no pain, “Are we… dead?”
She shook her head, “No dad, we both are alive.”
Silverous’s eyes widened, “But how… I found you, I watched as they took you away… I…”
Devy held up her hand and interrupted him, “What you saw was my dead body. My soul was no longer there anymore dad.” She reached out and touched his wounded and bleeding chest with her fingers. “I’m in there now.”
“I don’t understand…”
“I’m alive, but not in a way you understand. You’re not meant too, until it’s your time. I never died. My earthly body did, will I lived on. Don’t you see? I’m still here, just not as you remember me. I changed. I have a new body… but I still have the same soul. Don’t be sad, I never died.”
She smiles at me as I stared at her, “Devy…” I griped her in my arms, picking her up. I cried into her hair. Devy stroked my long black hair and whispered, “Don’t cry anymore daddy, I’m always with you.” She hugs him tightly. Silverous then asks, “What about me? I shot myself… am I the same as you now?”
She shook her head, “No, Your body didn’t die. This is a dream for you. You missed your heart. Your aim wasn’t as good… bc you did all that drinking.” She gives him a stern look, “If you EVER do that again, I will haunt you and not in a good way! You’re lucky… very lucky. Don’t be that foolish again!””
Silver hesitates, “Sorry…I just… couldn’t stand thought though of losing you.”
“But you haven’t; I’m right there. I’m just not the same anymore. I have a new and better body.” She looks up at him then over to the woman corpse, “She… that thing was trying to drag you to hell. You didn’t die; therefore that’s why she couldn’t take you, but she tried.” She eyes the handprint burn on my arm the woman did. “You also were not thinking clearly, She couldn’t keep her hold on you. That’s why I came to snap you out of her power.”
Looking down, Silverous remember all the things that woman showed him, how Devy died… her body died.
“You… didn’t know, did you? That you were going to pass on?” He asked Devy.
Her green eyes looks into his, “I didn’t want to die… I didn’t intend to. I didn’t realize how weak I actually was, I couldn’t do anything. I’m sorry daddy.”
Shaking his head at her he said, “No, it’s ok… it was your time. It was an accident.”
“Can you tuck me in? Like when I was little?”
He smiles, soberly, “Of course I can.”
He picks his daughter up and carried her to a small bed, a hospital bed by the looks of it, that he didn’t see before… but he didn’t question it as he lays Devy down and pulls the covers over her. He leans down, kissed her forehead and smiles down at her. She reached up and brushed a stray tear from his eye, “I love you daddy.”
“I love you too, Devy.”
She grips his hand and said, “Wake up now dad, ok?”
Silverous nods, and watched as she closed her eyes. He ruffled her hair and stared down at his sleeping daughter. Even she was a young woman, she reminded him of a lil girl. He smiles, a few tears running down once more. After staying a bit longer, he didn’t know how long, he finally turns and walks away, leaving her to rest in peace.

Pain hit him like a train smacking him right in the chest. He grunts and moaned as he opened his eyes and sat up. Panting he lets his eyes focus as he looks around. He was lying in a bed, a hospital bed just like the one he placed Devy on to sleep. He was shirtless with bandages wrapped around his chest. Small spots of blood still bled though, but the baggage stopped the bleeding mostly. An IV tube was hooked to him, along with an oxygen cord across his nose. He could hear beeping as a heart monitor was on, showing his heartbeat. He sighs, laying back down and rubbing his hurt chest. His hands were bandaged up as well, along with his upper left arm; there the corpse woman burned him. Thinking about everything that had taking place he turns his head looking out the window. It was daylight now. He guessed he was in the Sinoba City Hospital; after someone found him shot in the street. He begins to purr to himself, Knowing He wasn’t alone anymore, no… more like he was never alone.