By RazukenCarrendar

The Creature of Light

Tender is the skin on which I tread my fingers, ever so lightly.

At the end of those fingers is a radiant creature, shining ever brightly.

It culminates here, for the light penetrates this dark facade.

It all becomes clear, now that the shadow has split from our midst.

There started a dream, however resolute, centered on this image.

It expanded greatly, to something thus moot, as it all turned rather fuzzy.

Ever so sure, it all was a blur, for that innocent cur, was ever so pure.

Such a dark mind, could never unwind, the light of the kind, and thus I was blind.

A cruel irony, such as was this… never to find once more my angel of beauty.

Thus all I can do, is reminisce… and dream of that superlative cutie