I saw this clip, that is below, and I enjoyed it for two reasons.  First of all, watch the following clip.

Now, I simply loved the way the song was woven into the videos captured on security cameras, showing people doing good things.  So many times, we see nothing but violence and unfortunate incidents captured on these cameras, that are everywhere now.  But this ad, had the power to make us feel good, and in my view, give hope to the human race.  I discussed this with a friend in my chat room, a short time ago.

Tikool: OMG…. I have no words on what I just saw.
Tikool: Other than heart warming.
CharlotteCarrendar: How did it make you feel?
Tikool: I feel bad now. I actually want to change my outlook on people.
Tikool: I just watched a WHOLE minute and a half of people doing good things.

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