By RazukenCarrendar

Heart Strings

Dreaming of another place in which our walls have been torn down.

Clinging in deep embrace, a world without a frown.

Oh how my heart does leap, whenever our lips do meet,

When into the night we creep, lip-locked in lusty heat.

Heart songs cry out silently, amidst the night music it does play.

I will have no doubt when the strings of my heart give way.

To your fingers alone, those feelings follow close,

As down my chest they slide, and make me curl my toes.

Together we can be alone, and together we are one.

Together we are in love, bigger than the Sun.

Music plays within me, like you play a harp.

And never will you leave me, as if the key went sharp.

Those strings, however tender, you are always sure.

That the love you show for me, is clean, bright and pure.