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On the Wings of Eagles

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Dark Clouds.



ValacAmareNevaeh : – Valac closed his left arm about his right and let a small ‘hmph’ escape his lips, just as he entered Wet Tuna, his mind kicked into overdrive and reeled. The announcement that played on the television screen behind the bar seemed like a lot of noise, and that is just how it tuned into his mind, an eerie and strange noise. In the recent event of the noise clicking off, everyone in the bar seemed to scatter in a rushing movement, a legion of people, drunk, stable and the like all moved in close proximity to where Valac stood and he knew it was too late, they slowly closed the distance and trampled him down like fans over a celebrity. His eyes widened before said action followed and all that could be heard escaping his lips were numerous words followed after the other.(V) “Oooomph…. Gyahh….Ahhh…” It didn’t necessarily hurt, but it did leave him feeling slightly weak. In the moment it was over the bartender looked over the counter and shook his head at Valac.(Unknown Female) “New to the city, huh?” The voice that emenated was soft, and gentle. A females voice.

Valac blinked and let out a small groan as he placed his hand against the ground to rise. (V) “Uh, yea…” She extended her hand as if offering to help him up. (Unknown Female) “Here, let me help you.” Valac smiled, took her hand and as his skin connected with her fingertips he felt a small wave of electricity pool through him. He was hoisted up so fast the connection almost didn’t flow over properly. It wasn’t until he looked into her maroon eyes did he turn his head. She reminded him of someone, but who? He didn’t have time to figure it out, instead he closed his eyes, ran his arms down each other and dusted himself off before moving his hands to his face. “Is something wrong?” The woman asked. (V)”No, nothing is wrong? I’m fine, I just have this ringing in my head.” she giggled and then covered her mouth before closing and opening her eyes again.(Unknown Female) “Oh, that’s right, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is” as she spoke, he couldn’t help but let a small smile creep upon his face, she was pretty, and he knew it all too well. But he wasn’t here to get caught up in some affair. He had to focus, and so he did. He turned his head and opened his eyes, only to ask her in a helping manner. (V) “You were on the part about telling me your name…” she blinked and snapped her fingers as she exclaimed in clear excitement. (Unknown Female)”Oh right! My name is Akira.” Valac smiled and nodded before looking out at everyone bustling into their homes. (V)”Just call me V.”

Akira rose a brow and looked at him, her index finger placed on the center of her bottom lip as she tapped it twice and nodded in respect.(Akira) “Alright, V it is then.” Valac was still new to the city, and he knew better than to go off and giving people his name, it was obvious this girl didn’t care whether he did so or not, given the fact she was so eager to give hers away. He had a feeling he was going to have to keep an eye on her, and with that he slowly made his way out of Wet Tuna. Akira stopped giggling and blinked before lifting her left leg up just slightly off the ground and dashing after him. “Hey wait, didn’t you hear the announcement?” She was at it again, talking nonstop, good thrones what was up with this woman. (V)”Huh?” Valac turned his body round slightly, so much as to not reveal any part of his face as she approached, but just enough to let her know he was ‘All ears’. “What announcement?” Akira smiled and lifted her arm up, extending it to connect with his left shoulder, and as she did he took a step further. Avoiding her connection. (Akira) “The connection about the curfew, yea they do a daily curfew around here, it is slightly annoying. Trust me, I know. But look at it this way, at least you’re off the streets right? I mean, you kind of have to be, it was in the announcement. I can give you a place to sleep for the night if you’d like, I mean I know….” He sighed and blinked 8 times in rapid succession as he listened to her ramble on. (V) “Papers? Geez, you guys are really serious around here, huh. And no, I couldn’t possibly intrude.” Akira let out a long sigh before shaking her head and walking around to face him completely.(Akira) ” Dilly dally shilly shally. Look, you’re going to stay with me, and that is final. Do you understand?” She rose a brow and sidestepped, her arm pointing in the direction of her home. “Come on, don’t fall behind.” Valac blinked at how demanding she seemed to be. Usually he’d never take things like such lightly, but something about her piqued his interest. He followed her in the direction of her home as he began to ponder in his mind about how things would play out. Maybe he could let himself go, at least for a little while. It was 15 minutes until curfew and he knew he’d need to keep himself hidden until the golden rays of the sun flittered about the skies. With Akira he was safe… til then. }e{


CharlotteCarrendar : – Taking out her fob watch, Amelia wiped the small glass cover and then gave it a good tap to make sure that it was functioning. The crowds were dispersing past her, filing out in a disorderly manner, some drunk, others stoned. Possibly going back to their apartments to either lay low or sleep off the booze. Amelia shrugged, as all but a few were left. One had fallen in a pile from the crush, but a young girl helped him up. This was none of Amelia’s concern. Her contact had once again failed to show. Perhaps they had hot footed it out of Lorewall, knowing full well of what was coming from the Northern territory. Another lad and strange looking was hanging out around one of the light poles. Bad idea. Especially with the night patrols soon to swarm the streets. Blanketing the area with huge spot lights. Combing through the alleys and searching for any with a sign of the taint mark of Chaos. Amelia’s minature eyeglass, that was covering her right eye, retracted back into place with an odd whirring sound. Time was now on the march, and so to, Amelia had to head out with the rest of the pack. One of the last to leave, she gave those that headed out just ahead of her a sly nod, then spun on the ball of her foot and broke into a run. Her curled ponytails bounced upon the thickly padded shoulder guards; her gold chains and other watches, dancing along the edges of her skirt, till she reached a cross section in the road. But instead of crossing the street, she took out a large brass whistle. Blowing on it, much like the first mate on a ship, all of a sudden a rope ladder descended, seemingly out of nothing. Once the bottom rung came within half a metre of the concrete path, she reached up and gave it a solid tug, before checking around her to see if any were watching her.

Happy enough that the patrons, and other civiliians, were on their way to their homes, she placed her foot on the bottom rung, and began to start her climb up the rope ladder, just as the bell tower in the city chimed to signal that the curfew, had just begun. <3>


Xiangxiu : – Xiang’s eyes were slowly becoming lost in the lights of the lamp post, yes this was a serene place to rest the night. Although something seemed to be missing, something seemed odd and even though Xiang couldn’t put his finger on it he knew something was wrong. Everything was just so quiet, too quiet for his liking. Not one person was out, not one sound was made even inside their homes. It was like they city fell to the mercy of darkness and silence. Xiang’s neck was resting on the edge of the tiny wooden planks on the park looking bench seat as he tried to get comfortable in a position. Nothing was working and he didn’t want to sit all night.

Before having any time to contemplate on ideas a large bell on top of a tower chimed throughout the city. This must have been their bell tower, it looked huge and as it rang. Xiang could see the pigeons fly away from shock of noise and movement near the bell. Everything felt like a daze at this moment, he could see a huge spot light staring into his soul, coming towards him, moving closer and closer. Xiang stood still, and then suddenly time seemed to stop, allowing Xiang to think. But nothing but fog formed in his mind, then senseless words as he saw a blank tint of a helmet. So dark and contrasted against the spotlight, one eye could be faintly seen, but within that split second Xiang could reveal the true identity like he had with those people in the bar. “Even though the darkness creeps, the light shines within several feet. You take control, but give nothing back. You take a hold, and never let go. How can I win, with a life like this? You threw hope in the bin, but I shall take it back with bliss. For I am sin, but I am not bad. I am one in many who wish to speak out, but caught in the crowd, no one can hear my shout” It was sad, that it seemed these people seemed to take the souls of others, their shadowy games were made of power and deceit, but they have gained trust in others, through lies.

The spider on the T.V was their symbol, and now it was clear to him… Venom. Time seemed to unravel itself again and Xiang knew they would not let him go, even if he had papers to show. He looked not of this world, kind of masked within the humans only. Surely they would question him with violence sooner or later. Thinking quickly on his feet Xiang decided to run for the alleyway to mask himself within the shadows, hoping some kind heart would at least notice him and let him stay somewhere or invite him into their home before the army of people in suits came to catch up with him. Xiang cut corners and took shortcuts which he accidently ran into. He did not know this town well, and it was too late to wish he never caught a taxi into this town, too late to wish he had stayed in the comfort of his bed. <e>

TonberryShuffle : -GooeyTonberry )=( Kyle was lost. This was putting it lightly, of course. He was in an alien universe, galaxy, and world and this wasn’t the land of Oz. Instead of Toto he was walking–or being carried by– the metal squidward. Several of its numerous metal appendages had descended from its bulbous body hovering just above Kyle’s head to grasp onto the man’s limbs. Each tendril moving in kind when it would’ve normally been appropriate for the next step or arm swing. Even with the inherent agility of the automaton and the input from its apparent captive.

The man-sized puppet had made its way up and down tunnels incessantly for some time after the dissapearance of the children. No more monsters, no more other scary bits, nada. And he in particular was for a first time in a very, very, very long time okay with that. The obfuscating insanity could no longer protect him even as he seemed casual in his current predicament. Something had changed. Something was wrong. Kyle actually felt real and legitimate fear.

Kyle’s method of escape however was roundabout. He didn’t take any direct exits or entrances and instead had even gone so far as to cut a path pathways open with the Sentinel’s laser (or particle beam; unspecified) situated towards the middle of its large mandibles. It’s mechanical talons picking pieces apart through pipes, this section of tunnel here, all the way up to where he even breached gaps into the conventional sewage systems without worry of splash, spill, or drainage into the tunnels below as well as the various other drainage and water way points throughout the city. Even with his inherent apprehension his goal of course was to pop out through a manhole cover much like another one of his childhood favorites from the 80’s; this time clearly with the ease and help of the mechanical creature that was currently doing all the work.

The chunk of metal went flying. The edges of the disk sparking partially on asphalt with the violent ‘clang!’ reverberating all the way down the street in both directions. From the hole a series of spindly metal limbs reminiscent of Doctor Otto Octavius from the Rogue’s Gallery belonging to one wall-crawling super hero with the bulbous body and asymmetrical set of glowing red eyes leading the way. Kyle’s body suspected all the while until feet again could hit solid ground without actually placing any weight on them.

It was a combined effort between the two of them putting their senses together. That and a little bit of blind luck. Primarily it was the fact that it wasn’t every day–even for a life as unpredictable as Kyle’s– that you would see a woman climbing up a rope ladder suspended in mid air with no apparent support at its top. The first thought to run through his mind however wasn’t that of a logical mind. It had nothing to do with how it was done or even why. No thoughts on physics or magic. Instead it was what someone may have imagined running through the mind of a child seeing a new toy for the first time; ‘I gotta do that’.

Amelia may have been in for the shock of her life. As she would’ve been making her way up the ladder a second body was getting ready to ascend. Minimal weight was placed on the ropes; the sentinel was taking care of that with its apparently zero G capabilities; something that allowed it to on its own appear to be floating in water while suspended in air. Even so just barely enough tension was placed to make the whole climbing experience seem legit. “I’m next!”


CharlotteCarrendar : – With the oncoming of the Lorewall night patrols, time was of the essence, to make it up the rope ladder and to the safety of her cloaked ship. As her appointed meeting had fallen flat, Amelia was already clearly annoyed to be stood up. Was there truth to the rumor that Captain had left the planet, to fend for themselves against the might of the Astartes? With the evening breeze picking up, Amelia’s skirts rose upward ever higher, as she climbed the rope ladder, gaining more height, but only to hear an unfamiliar voice coming up behind her. “I’m next!” he sounded out. Glancing back down, frowning, as her full curled ponytails whipped around her face, she let out a small growl of displeasure. “If you are looking up my skirts, I swear you will have a price to pay when we reach the ship.”

But then the sirens could be heard, the flash of bright search lights, and Amelia swore bitterly under her breath, quickening her pace to get into the cloaked region of her ship. Two more rungs to go, and she could see her ship, as her head passed through the cloak. A shrieking siren, and Amelia reached the wooden side of her ship’s railing, throwing her leg over and then jumping aboard the ship that she could see as plain as day. Underneath, Kyle would be just passing through the cloak, while Amelia raced for the far end of the ship, to stare down as the patrols went whizzing past on the road far below.

Relieved, she spun around, while clockwork droids were manning the deck and preparing to set sail. One flying bug like creature whipped around its Mistress’s head, chattering and chittering away merrily, obviously keen to see her back aboard. “No…no he wasn’t there.” The clockwork bug kept zipping left and right, shining red eyes at her, tilting its head with a jerking action. “Get the ship ready.” The clock work bug squealed shrilly and took off to the other end of the ship. The ship was definitely steam punk in design, with great puffs of steam coming out of two stacks.

Glancing back over where the rope ladder had been hanging over the edge of the railing, she waited to see if her newest friend, had made it up. <3>