Name : Captain Amelia Fairweather
Race : Gallifreyan.

Known as : Time Lord.
Age : 756 years
Age appearance : 22 humaniod years.
Birth Place : Gallifrey
Parents : Cloned from her Father, the Master. Mother : unknown.
Sex : Female
Height : 168 cms
Weight : 58 kilos
Eyes : Golden with green flecks.
Hair : Golden red, curled and in ponytails.
Skin : Dark olive complexion

Allignment : Neutral.

The Time Lords

The Time Lords, also known as the Gallifreyans, are an ancient extraterrestrial race and civilisation of humanoids in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, of which the series’ protagonist, the Doctor, is a member. Time Lords receive their name for their non-linear perception of time, which allows them to see everything that was, is, or could be at the same time, as shown in the 1996 movie Doctor Who. They developed a culture of custodianship and time-relatedtechnologies based on this perception which includes strictly controlled time travel machines (known as “TARDISes”) and monitoring devices to travel through time and to prevent time from being subverted or abused – although actual action was described as rare in practice due to their traditional policy of strict non-interference and neutrality. They can act to manipulate timelines of a wide range of events and individuals, so long as they do not cross back into their own timeline.

Originally they were described as a powerful and wise race from the planet Gallifrey, from which the Doctor was a renegade; details beyond this were very limited for the first decade of the series. They later became integral to many episodes and stories as their role in the fictional universe developed. Over subsequent episodes their history, their development of time manipulation, and their internal politics were touched upon, with Time Lord society portrayed as a stagnated ceremony-boundoligarchy and their past having descended into myth and legend. The Doctor became at times an ally, being appointed their president during his fourth incarnation and assisting them on many occasions. After the series was resumed in 2005, the Time Lords were presented as no longer existing, having been destroyed by the Doctor at some intervening point during the Last Great Time War in which they became corrupted, led by a tyrannical Lord President Rassilon willing to sacrifice the entirety of time and space for survival. The Time Lords made a subsequent appearance as a race in 2010 when they schemed to escape the resulting time lock and resume their plan, as well as in the appearance of individuals such as the Master, and at times, inadvertent human-time lord hybrids.

Physical attributes:

Human like appearance.
Have two hearts that beat at 170 beats per minute.
An internal body temperature of 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit)
A “respiratory bypass system” that allows them to survive strangulation.
Time Lords can also survive full exposure to the vacuum of space with no ill effects, though when in a vacuum for an extended period a Time Lord must take a supply of air along, or suffocate.
Time Lords also seem to have an increased resilience to higher frequencies of sound. (although this may simply be the excess energy from his recent regeneration, or their hearing range may not go as high as a human’s).
If severely injured, Time Lords can go into a healing coma which lowers their body temperature to below freezing.
A greater tolerance to cold compared to humans.
Able to shake off an electrocution attempts which is fatal to a number of humans. (Resistance.)
Being capable of surviving (for a short period) a massive burst of radiation that would have killed anything else instantly. However, the radiation burst caused enough damage to start a regeneration cycle.
Amelia is able to overcome the effects of cyanide by “stimulating the inhibited enzymes into reversal”, a process he referred to as going through “detox”

The “Rassilon Imprimatur” allows Time Lords to safely travel through time, becoming symbionts with their TARDISes, and that the reason other species are incapable of developing time travel are that they lack the imprimatur.

Time Lords can communicate by telepathy,and can link their minds to share information and enhance their powers. They also demonstrate significant hypnotic abilities which may be supplemented by their telepathic abilities.
Example : The Doctor (pressed for time and needing to convey a great deal of information to someone) smashed his forehead into another person’s forehead, causing a massive instantaneous transfer of information. He then commented that was just the general background, then repeats the action to transfer further information pertinent to the episode. This seemed to cause him and the person intense physical pain, although unclear as to whether due to the physical pain of impact or the information transfer itself.

Time Lords also have the ability to regenerate their bodies when their current body is mortally wounded. This process results in their body undergoing a transformation, gaining a new physical form.

Childhood and learning.

Children of Gallifrey are taken from their families at the age of 8 and admitted into the Academy. Novices are then taken to an initiation ceremony before the Untempered Schism, a gap in the fabric of reality that looks into the time vortex. Of those that stare into it, some are inspired, some run away and others go mad. The Doctor suggests that the Master went mad, while admitting that he ran away.
Each Time Lord belongs to one of a number of various colleges or chapters, such as the Patrexes, Arcalian, and the Prydonian chapters, which have ceremonial and possibly political significance. In “The Deadly Assassin”, it is explained that each chapter has its own colours; the Prydonians wear scarlet and orange, the Arcalians wear green, and the Patrexeans wear heliotrope. However, in that same serial, Cardinal Borusa, described as “the leader of the Prydonian chapter”, wears heliotrope. Other Prydonians wear orange headdresses with orange-brown (not scarlet) robes. Other chapters mentioned in spin-off novels include the Dromeian and Cerulean chapters. The Prydonian chapter has a reputation for being devious, and tends to produce renegades; the Doctor, the Master and the Rani are all Prydonians. The colleges of the Academy are led by the Cardinals. Ushers, who provide security and assistance at official Time Lord functions, may belong to any chapter, and wear all-gold uniforms. Also mentioned in the Deadly Assassin are ‘plebeian classes’

Amelia’s TARDIS – “Red Flag.” Steam punk Ship.
A vessel made in the Steam punk era, it has since criss crossed time and space repeatedly, but cannot return to Gallifrey, or her own time.

The greatest example of Time Lord technology is the Eye of Harmony, a repurposed black hole singularity contained within the instrumentality below the Panopticon. This is the source of their power and the anchor of the Web of Time itself, created by Rassilon and the co-founders of Time Lord society in the distant past.
Paradoxically, although the Time Lords are a scientifically and technologically advanced race, the civilisation is so old that key pieces of their technology have become shrouded in legend and myth. In the spin-off fiction, an edict and general aversion against exploring Gallifrey’s past also contributes to this. Accordingly, until the Master rediscovers it, the Time Lords forgot that the location of the Eye of Harmony is beneath their capital. They also treated such ceremonial symbols as the Key and Sash of Rassilon as mere historical curiosities, being unaware of their true function.
The great defence system of Gallifrey is a quantum forcefield known as the Transduction Barrier, a perfect defence shield preventing all matter and energy, even TARDISes, from passing through without authorisation. The Time Lords are further protected by phasing the entire region around Gallifrey into a temporal domain known as Inner Time, effectively separating the homeworld from interaction with the rest of the Universe.
TARDISes are characterised not just by their ability to travel in time, but also their dimensionally transcendent nature. A TARDIS’s interior spaces exist in a different dimension from its exterior, allowing it to appear to be bigger on the inside. The Doctor states that transdimensional engineering was a key Time Lord discovery in “The Robots of Death”.  In the revived series, the TARDIS has an organic look, and the Doctor states in “The Impossible Planet” that TARDISes are grown, not made.
Fitting their generally defensive nature, Time Lord weapons technology is rarely seen, other than the staser hand weapons used by the Guard within the Capitol. Stasers (possibly a portmanteau of stunner and laser, as they are used to stun targets can be lethal energy weapons, specifically designed to prevent the unwanted regeneration of rogue Time Lords; staser beams also shatter the crystalline structure of non-organic targets.
Standard TARDISes do not generally seem to use any on-board weaponry, although War or Battle TARDISes (armed with “time torpedoes” that freeze their target in time) have appeared in the spin-off media. In the novels, the Eighth Doctor’s companion Compassion, a living TARDIS, has enough firepower to annihilate other TARDISes. In the serial “Castrovalva” the Master’s TARDIS is equipped with an energy field that he uses to temporarily disable or stun several human security guards outside the vessel, although it is unclear whether this is an original feature of the craft or a custom feature fitted by the renegade Time Lord.
One exception to the Time Lords’ defensive weaponry is the de-mat gun (or dematerialisation gun). The de-mat gun is a weapon of mass destruction that removes its target from space-time altogether. The de-mat gun was created in Rassilon’s time and is a closely guarded secret; the knowledge to create one is kept in the Matrix and is available only to the President. To make sure this knowledge is not abused, the only way to arm a de-mat gun is by means of the Great Key of Rassilon, whose location is only known to the Chancellor. As a means of extreme sanction, the Time Lords have also been known to place whole planets into time-loops, isolating them from the universe in one repeating moment of time as well as hurling planets from one galaxy to another using a weapon.


To be in play
On the Wings of Eagles – Carrendar Dynasty


CharlotteCarrendar: -Sitting at the bar of the Wet Tuna, was a woman, dressed as though she belonged to another time. With bizarre steam punk like goggles, and time pieces worn both as jewellery and as serviceable watches, she was right out of place, with the rest of the crowd that were enjoying their after work drinks. Curfew had not yet begun, at least for another four hours, and the Air pilot pushed around a bowl of nuts on the bar top. The bartender kept coming over to check on her but she had barely touched her drink. “You from outta town, Miss?” The barman asked, pushing around his cleaning cloth lazily. Amelia just sat there, not even bothering to lift her head to address him. “Way outta town.” The barman changed her napkin, and poured her another gin. “Just know that is not the standard uniform from the Nemeaun army, or the air force. You one of the Captain’s special men? I figured that you would be all…spacey.” Amelia sighed, as she heard the name Captain, then simply shook her head. “I seriously doubt, that he would remember me.” <3>