Writer: Xiangxiu (Greg)

Judgment day, the one day all the gods and mythical beings alike would come to the halls of Judgment and greet with Osiris and his court. Ra was among the first to arrive, being on his way past the 12 gates of each hour, carrying along the book of the dead with him while he was still in ascension and bringing up the sun. Half pharaoh, half mortal and half god he entered the hall and greeted Osiris, followed by Anubis who was usually always at the court to feed the hearts and souls of those who have deemed themselves unworthy of resurrection. Anubis greeted Osiris just like always and went to stand over next to Ra. Soon Isis, Seth, Geb and the rest of the gods came to show themselves at the court, all but one. Apep, he was most probably waiting for Ra to show up and to face battle with him… like usual, wanting complete darkness… like usual. “Today is the day, where we scale the hearts of those that have been touched by gods. Pharaohs, nobles and commoners alike, we shall see if their life has granted them to be reborn into the new kingdom, or if they shall remain who they are and face an eternal life of suffering and fire until they cease to exist in this world.” Osiris’s left hand fell from his waist to behind his throne. Ammut, the eater of the dead, the devourer walked out from behind the throne and past Osiris. He was a creature to be feared by those that were not gods, a creature to be feared by the dead. Ammut had the head of a crocodile, the torso of a leopard and the hindquarters of a hippopotamus. Soon enough the dead walked in, looking in awe at how beautiful the hall of judgment was. The walls along the two sides that were made of a dark and solid gold, cascaded down and shined ever so brightly among the floor made of pearl and white opal. Osiris’s throne was even more amazing than the stories and legends. The symbol made of pearl and gold stood at the crown of the highest point on the chair. It features his eye, white and enameled. Falcons on each side of Osiris’s eye followed by cobras above. There was also a scarab underneath, everything was looking at the center of the symbol where the eye was. After seeing the creature Ammut, the smile on their faces dissipated, but a flush of safety fell past most of them knowing they were sinless and that no ill would befall them after being weighed on the scales. Coming in a large parchment that belonged to a book or scroll was Thoth, taking his place near Isis. He was the one who recorded everything in the halls. Every death, every heart and soul eaten or not eaten…everything. “Are you all prepared?” Osiris’s booming voice filled the halls and every man and woman, god and non-god alike nodded. “Thoth?” He turned to Thoth to see if he was ready to record the events of the scales. Thoth nodded in reply and held his writing tool close to what he would soon be writing on. Ma’at watched as the scales were evenly empty against the pearl floor and placed her Feather of Truth on one side, while Anubis walked over to bring the first heart upon the scale to be weighed.

Slowly Anubis walked back with the first among the dead, he placed the young pharaoh’s heart on the scale and waited. The scales showed that he had done no sins in his life among the earth. “You have proven to be virtuous against the feather, you may proceed to enter the river of souls.” Osiris right hand swung around his physique slowly, gesturing his hand towards the solid golden doors. They were just as magnificent as everything else. As Anubis began to gather the next of the dead, the young pharaoh that had been granted access to the river walked up to the doors. His hand reaching out to the handle of the doors. Stopping, he noticed that one handle was the headed-form of a falcon, and the other… a Jackal. Taking a hold on the handle with the Falcon he pulled and pulled but nothing happened. He let go and moved over to the Jackal-headed door handle. The young pharaoh grasped it tight and pulled as hard as he could, although the door…would not budge. Horus was across the other side of the door and shook his head. “Every time.” This was the only thing that escaped the lips of the god. Soon enough the young pharaoh took a hold of both handles of the golden door and pulled one last time. Pulling in sync allowed for the doors to slowly open. A bright golden light shined through the unsealed part of the now slightly opened doors, and slowly dissipated to reveal a paradise within paradise. A river of blue and purple flowed down a stream of ancient rocks that formed paths and bridges over the river. The greenest of palm trees and oasis’s masked the perimeter of the room. Moonlit lilies grew between the cracks in the stone paths, revealing both tranquility and safety. Accepting this as the doors were wide enough for the young pharaoh, he quietly walked in and awaited to be reborn into the earth. After passing the doors they closed instantly blocking the light from gaining entry to the halls until the next person could enter. Soon after the next heart was placed, and it proved to be good. Osiris had said the same line as before and gestured towards the door. “Use both handles dear.” A god spoke from behind, to the woman who was about the reach for the jackal headed handle, it was Isis. Grabbing both handles the woman grabbed the falcon handle as well and began to pull, a flurry of sweet, scented, docile and gold wind began the fill the halls. She could see past the door, to a beautiful desert, and a river, masked in blue and purple ran down the middle. Gold Pyramids and Sphinx’s were around the edges of this room. A brown type rock formed a path, like the mixture of what she would have seen with the Pyramids of earth. As she graciously entered the door closed yet again instantly, taking its sickly sweet smell along with it, revealing no unsealed flaws. Anubis had come back with the next heart already, the heart of Faith, a young girl who looked only to be the age of 16. It was a mystery how this one died, because no one knew, some  said she was the nicest queen who ever lived, after her parents died against the rebellion of the slaves. This girl had the faintest smile upon her lips as she was going to see her mother and father again soon in paradise, for they promised her before their untimely deaths. The girl’s heart was placed onto the scale, and Osiris waited as the scales seemed to be rising and falling for longer than expected. The feather couldn’t tell if the heart was pure or sinned. Soon enough all the gods were staring in adequacy, even Thoth was staring whilst recording at the same time, the events of this looking mirage. Finally Osiris raised his hands and the feather seemed to look more potent, revealing more of its truth. The scales could now determine Faith’s fate. Upon looking at the now motionless scales, Osiris could see that the heart weighed heavier than the feather. The faint smile upon Faith’s lips evaded and in its place showed quivering. When the gods looked at her face it seemed as if all the happiness from the world had vanished and blank faces were being studied everywhere.

Isis, Horus, Ra, Anubis and the rest looked to Osiris as they knew what he was about to say next. “Unfortunately, you have not been successful against the feather of tru…” Before Osiris could continue, Faith rain past Anubis and dropped to her knees, forgetting where she was and what was happening around her, as she looked into the eyes of the god and spoke to him. “Please.” She was breathing heavily and sounded like tears were forming right from her very eyes. “I don’t know what you’re going to say but I have not done anything wrong, I have lived the life of solitude, kindness and prosperous, I was happy, and then I ended up here, and that’s when I knew that I would soon see my family again. My m…mother and f…father, they are waiting for me.” Faith was beginning to stutter. “The feather of truth does not lie.” Osiris sounded cold hearted, showing no sign of emotion, like a true immortal. Ra on the other hand was not fully a god yet, and was feeling sympathetic towards the girl, she was touched by the gods. Why was this happening to her? Tears dropped to the pearlescent floor and evaporated like diamonds. Wiping her tears, Faith looked over to Ammut, who was steadily walking towards her. “NO!” A booming voice filled the halls, and Ammut paced backwards towards Osiris again. A black shadow materialized in-between the girl and Osiris. Apep had entered the hall, his snake like figure slithering along the ground, towards the girl’s soul. “This girl, belongs to me. I have bestowed my gift on her, before you even bestowed yours!” He hissed. And grabbed the girl. “My gift to her was to be burdened with darkness, something that would always weigh heavier than a silly…little…feather.” The word feather echoed among the halls, and Osiris’s eyes widened. “You have no business here, SERPENT OF THE NILE!” His voice overthrew the echoes and was replaced with dominance. Apep whispered a laugh and bowed, about to leave with the girl “Very well” he said. Ra ran towards him, anger in his eyes as he looked towards his enemy, taking the girl from his slimy body and running towards the entrance of the hall, Isis and Anubis followed. Apep knew this would happen and noticed that now Ra would not show up to carry the sun along, perhaps this was the plan of Apep all along. Disappearing he left the snakes of the desert to track Ra. Giving Faith to Isis, her turned around and opened the book of the dead, reading names and the shut the book as he continued for the door. Where to go he had no idea, but he needed to save this girl, something was odd about her, and Ra intended to find out what. Upon reaching the desert in the middle of Heliopolis, the three gods and faith looked into the sky and saw an eclipse, Apep’s wrath was just beginning.