Role play Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty

On the Wings of Eagles

Downtown Lorewall City

The Horseman.



ULNamelessXMarich : –people scattering, running about, how could they know what was coming next? Simply put. They couldn’t. A ladder came down out of nowhere and two people, a yell came from someone, “I’m next!”. It was Kyle, the lost man with the metal squidward. No doubt separated from the children. But also, a man in a park and many other assorted and sordid candid events happening all at once. The flow of time present but not really noticed by all the parties. However, any patrols of the night which may have very well ended up in trying to provide safety, would be shown this night how incapable and somewhat inconvenient they could be. Because of this, it caused people to scramble left amd right in a hurry to get home. However, this night, despite all things, was going to be different, as could be noted by the sensitive as it showed the air to build up in some unseen energy causing the atmosphere alone to become slowly built up and feel off. Even under the slow falling night this was happening. The sun in the horizon began to slowly slowly set. The orange tint eventually disappearing and timed just right. Because as the final light of the sun vanished, a sound splitting crack and boom occurred out. Like a sonic boom, yet more powerful, and as such, power incarnated as air and wave put together. For it, it opened the fabric of the air above the street. An empty space as it was always seen. But soon, it could be seen this wasn’t truly so despite all and any perceptions.

For the crack and boom had torn a rift open, and as it widened a great power seeped out of it, as if to push out. There seemed silence so far, until the next five seconds on their side later. A loud and insane maniacal laugh was heard, and the screams and smell of desire, pleasure and darkness was heard erupting out of it and smelt as well. A sound of a whip was heard suddenly, none knowing why, nor did the sound really let on to actually be such, as were such energy phenomenons common, as they too could be devoid of comprehension. But even with that, a mist of purest and thickest black erupted out, doing nothing but coming out. The rift behind letting it out, and within moments had it all come out of that tear in reality and then closed up, but only as it returned and seemingly flew about from it, then back to it and up from it to close it. Never letting onto why or how, just that it had. As it did fly up though, it came back down and then flew off down the street, acting and playing the physical illusion of simply never being there at all. The only detail as to it’s existence was just a cut on the ground that abruptly stopped, nothing more.-


CharlotteCarrendar: – -Buzzing and whirring. The clocks that were upon the ship, as well as Amelia began to whir out of control, while at the same time, the sky did change from its weary night. The night air whipped into a frenzy, and one of the clockwork machinations was blown near across the ship. Amelia even had to clutch the railing of her steamship, and the sails did blow practically inside out from the fury of what was to come. “Hells Bells!”- she cried out, for as a time pilot she knew that not all was well. A single clock began to chime, and loudly, as the sky itself appeared to split and give birth to a great and evil power. Heinous laughter, followed by the dead of silence. Keeping her eyes toward the skies, she waited to see if this presence had shell of being. But alas, there was only the sound of a crack of a whip. What could this mean? But as soon as the rift opened, it closed once more as though slamming a back door. Everything settled as before, except the clocks, whose time was all wrong. Great damage had been done, to space and time, but who would do an act so sublime? <3>

ULNamelessXMarich : – -this unnatural thing, it had power, insane power, how could such a existence do such a thing. At the moment it was not known, but if she could look she may have very well found the answer herself. Down below, a black mist, darker than the night sky above it, clearly visible in it’s mere being so it looked as if a black hole in the night sky seen on earth yet simply equipped with control. It did nothing, simply that the mist which accompanied it split into two suddenly, a sight to see, and the smaller mist did jet off to who knew where, but it was seen soon. A manhole cover, nearby, way down the street, yet out of sight on the ground, but from air quite visible. It fled down the streets, and slipped through a manhole down the alleyways, as sometimes manholes did lead to, and delved under and disappeared. The other part of the mist, it simply flew off in the opposite direction passing through where the rift was, clearly seen, as simply it became physical while it fled through, as if it became a portal that never left and was simply just covered up by the illusions of realities working laws and codes. After the mist passed through, the rift disappeared from the naked eye, and then fled off into the night eventually bleeding into it, and it seemed the damage was never done, but it was, but yet it was not the rip in the Time Space Continuum they should worry later on, it was what that thing was that no soul seemed to have spotted but yet everyone may have heard.-


CharlotteCarrendar : – -Whatever this being, though it had no form that was solid, it traveled by way of black mist, that took off in two directions. Splitting from its first, and with the clatter of man hole covers, it sought to gain entry to the underground tunnels and sewers. Amelia stared over the edge of her ship, while behind her, the single clock continued to chime its warning that all was far from well. The second mist cloud rose high above and darted, tearing across the sky to show presence to those below. Those that dared to watch this spectacle for what it was worth. As though needle and thread to this great tear, it proved to remove the scar from the very air. Covering tracks, but why the force of sound? Ameila stood rigid upon her deck, hands on hips, chin up high. As though willing the sky to give back the danger and present it before her. Shooting another glance at her clocks of time, she narrowed her gaze and followed her head, her sight back up to the sky. “Heed warning, there is a grid and if you pass it…you do more damage than you know.” <3>

TonberryShuffle : – – Kyle had continued to ascend without heed. Had he peered up the lady’s skirt? Probably. Had it been intentional? He’d never tell. In fact he’d questions this fact for the fraction of a second required for his brain to process the entire internal conversation himself before moving on to more important matters; the end of the figurative yellow brick road.

This wasn’t his first time dealing with invisible objects nor was it his first time dealing with ships. It was however the first time dealing with a lady that look like she had crawled out of the cast of the movie ‘Hook’ with Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams climbing up a rope ladder into a great beyond he couldn’t see. Least of all while having to puppet his own body; his body little more than a gel-filled marionette at this point in time.

Much like with the manhole cover the tendrils and sub sequentially the automaton’s head had shot over the precipice first. An array of red eyes looking around with almost an animal-like curiosity never before seen by this particular breed. The signal from which was relayed and communicated with Kyle directly like it had been a second set of eyes attached to his nervous system.

Once finally drug–quite literally in this case– over the edge Kyle would have been forced to use at least a second set of tendrils from the robot above for stabilization. The duo rocking from the odd movements of the ship itself that left him no worse for wear. Even so far for him to force a bit of a bow. In doing so he had to have the set of tendrils that had braced against the ground wrap around his mid section. Those on his arms had one lift up to pick up and tilt over an imaginary hit while his left arm remaining around his waist; an action he had seen but never properly duplicated to be a true gentleman.

“Hey, nice boat. Where’d you get it?”


ULNamelessXMarich : – -So it seemed Kyle made it out after their run in with the corrupted squid drone, but what of the kids? The ones that had been beset by the black forbidden monster that had just run off? What of the man in the mono robes? It seemed isolated events, maybe. Who could tell at this point? Their minds very well having been too focused on surviving and not getting either eaten alive or killed in some more humanoid way. Kyle had made it out of the sewers, only yet to experience a new phenomena as did others, maybe a select few, maybe more. He may not have seen nor paid attention to much save the rushing past of black mist that gave off an evil and empty feel. That much even he would have seen. Of course it only took a side alleyway and an entrance into the sewers, leaving the near vicinity and removing any easy, or at least somewhat easy dark energy containment, from short term possibility lists should it have been utilized in any clean up procedures by their government.

He, Kyle, would have needed faster speed or some other form of lucky placement to have seen the other. Of course Amelia saw it, and she may as well wondered it’s origins as benefited many races. At other times, it didn’t, but the mist of pure black seemed to have completely ignored just about everyone, and everything. Routines, actions, existences, presences. As if it was clearly unconcerned with anything, or was it? It had simply flown through the area in two pieces of itself, one removing itself from sight, and the other simply bleeding into the darkness of the night. It left nothing but a small lair of broken energy at it’s entrance, invisible to the eye as reality itself had been caved, and cut to allow such a connection, a gimmick many Time lords and the Gallryians knew well of, though a very rare and uncommon practice by far. It didn’t, nor would it be shown much concern as did benefit those of the government versus the people. The ignorant and cocky, versus the knowing and the careful. Such were the consequences of their roles and lifestyles.

Down below, inside the sewers, the black mist which had quickly run out from it’s root being, past Kyle’s emergence form the same sewers, had quickly wound down through them, seemingly making haphazard choices in the tunnels below that made up the treatment plant. There was none, so far to see it, but it was more than just a black mist, it actually, if perceived correctly, had eyes of a wraith, glowing red, and the black misting body of what appeared to be a horse, yet, if still perceived correctly, could be shown by it’s action sit was no simple horse. It was made up of essence, and therefore, may have shed light on it’s being later as to why it could slip into the sewers in the first place, much less, make certain turns inside the sewers expansive complex. The galloping tortured feel of the empty horse-like essence galloped on through the sewers for some time, before actually stopping at a place that was read and picked up by the horse. The first color was black that it could actually see, the oddity of it all, and there was another color which was white, and yet another of a few more and yet another of black. It seemed to have picked up instantly on the actual signatures and even seemed capable of differing who’s signature was what without actually knowing the names or titles of the signatures they belonged to. At this point the strange misting horse simply backed up some only to actually look up, seeing what many may have not been able ot, a whole network of black rivers inside the walls themselves. It simply gave off a twisted happiness before doing as it did before, only this time it got bold. It would run off to one end of the tunnel that it was inside of and charge forward before finally taking a sharp left turn and looking as if it was trying to go through the wall, which it actually did, only it burst back int dispersed black mist and went inside of the wall tracing back further, and leaving the semi physical plane once more.


CharlotteCarrendar: – Upon the deck of the “Red Flag”, Amelia was now confronted by the man that had followed her up the rope ladder and made it to the top rail with ease. Course the tearing of sky, the chiming of clocks and the disturbance this created, meant that our Captain was also moving with the ship’s pitch and sway. “Steady she goes!”- Like an old sea dog, but she was far from one of those. Gripping her hat, she yanked it center, then a quick pat, before coughing loudly. “Totally used to that.” Eyes darting left and right then zeroing in on the male. “Hey, nice boat. Where’d you get it?” The man asked, while Amelia strode over to the row of clocks on display and started to reset each and everyone, checking it against her own large fob watch that hung from a chain just off her jacket. “Boat? What boat?” She said off the cuff, not really thinking of the question asked, and then when she closed the last glass cover of the last clock, she realized that he meant the TARDIS. “OHHHH…this boat.” Course it looked like a boat, just didn’t act like a normal boat. Running her fingers across her lips and narrowing her gaze at the strange man, while several of her clock word droids were righting themselves after the violent disturbance created by the mist.

“Your…a…what are they called? Nemaeaun…local…person?” She inquired, trying to make something of a normal conversation. Down below, the streets were returning to normal, with only the odd clang of the manhole covers to suggest that something had entered and or exited the sewers. Approaching the man, she took a whiff of his clothing and made a comical face of distaste. “Do you people not bathe? You smell awful…just….ewww.” Waving her hand before her face, she contemplated taking him into the bowels of the TARDIS, and getting him a bath. She seemed to dither when answering questions, only with more questions. “To..answer your question….I got this…”ship” many many years ago. Probably before you were born, or even a twinkle in your Mother’s eyes, and a niggle in your Father’s balls.” She had a whirring beetle like creation, steam punk too; made from shiny metals, like copper and brass approach from underneath the ship. Its lights ran over the form of the man, then chitttered some musical sounds, that Amelia seemed to understand. “Sewers?…Really? They live down there now?” The buzzing beetle appeared to nod its small body, and this had Amelia respond further. “What a strange place this is. Although I have seen worse…..much..much worse. BUT that is besides the point and poppycock. Introductions would be good. Yes? yes. So…*she pressed a light hand to her chest and removed her hat with a sweeping gesture.

“Captain Amelia Fairweather. At your service…but you can call me…Captain.” Offering her free hand, as she drew the hat under her arm, she raised a brow, and then motioned to the sky. “You do realize…what just occurred here in this city…is the worst possible thing that can befall it. You saw it…felt it…didn’t you?” <3>