Trek to the Summit.

Chapter 11.

The Muffin Man.

Writer : CharlotteCarrendar.

-Charlotte had barely dressed herself, and standing in amongst the bodies of many a slain Gnoll. The tunnel itself had taken a beating, what with the monster Arachnids forceful attack on the enemy dogs, but also cracks that had been created by the moving of the massive tunnel wurms. Valyn had lead away the oncoming surge, in a bid to give the remainder of the group time to make their way forward. What hadn’t been counted on, was the arrival of Fortuno, who last time they had seen him was back at camp about to cook breakfast for the party from Lorewall. Charlotte, who had re-holstered her backpack, and was stepping over Gnoll carcasses, heard the oncoming sound of Fortuno’s footsteps, but was unsure of who it was.

A cheery tone, and then the bright smile of Lorewall’s top chef, was something of a welcome relief. “Ta daaa!” He announced, then presenting Charlotte with a blood soaked bacon muffin. Charlotte took the muffin and held it pinched between two fingers, sniffing it, as Fortuno apologised for the delay. “Sorry about the blood… but here is your bacon on a muffin that you ordered.. Fortuno always delivers!” Well, Charlotte had to admit, that he most certainly did, especially after the trio had fought the Gnolls. Seeing as she was surrounded by blood stained walls and the rising smell of dead Gnolls, she shrugged and then took a bite, munching slowly. A meal, was a meal, even if it was decorated in blood. Fung Le bowed politely towards Fortuno, and then extended his hand out towards the Shadow Wolf. “Although some have left us, we have gained, new friends. Chef Fortuno, allow me to introduce the Shadow Wolf. He has decided to join our Quest. I trust you are to remain with us, till we reach the Summit.”- Fung Le placed his hands back inside his sleeves, showing Fortuno a larger smile, knowing full well, what the answer would be. The Shadow Wolf drew a paw along the ground, then bowed its head, showing respect, while Charlotte burped and licked her fingers, on finishing the muffin. “Okay…I really needed that. Thank you, Chef Fortuno.” She did still have a few drops of blood on her chin, which she had not yet wiped off. Fancy the former Prime Minister being so un-lady like.

Now the group was reunited, and the quest could continue, except for one thing. The Toms had been left to fight the Gnoll king, and Atriz was still missing, presumably captured by one of the filthy Gnolls. The Shadow wolf, was now sniffing the dead Gnolls, to gather the scent, and pointed his paw down one of the far Wurm tunnels. Fung Le gazed down the direction of the tunnel. “And now it is time to face the King. The King of these Gnolls controls this mountain’s riches from within. But he may well be complacent in his desire to continue to be the great power here. We cannot lower our guard however. He still has Atriz, and possibly the Toms. The sister cats, they are strong, and I feel they will rise to any battle they face.”

Charlotte approached Chef Furtono whilst licking her fingers, but also taking stock of his appearance. “Let me guess, you ran into the zombie miners?” He was covered in splattered blood stains and goo. The smell was something else. Picking an entrail off his shoulder and tossing it away, Charlotte remarked casually; “Promise me, when we get out of here, that you teach me how to do those bacon muffins.”- <3>