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Re: (RP) Planetfall, On the Wings of Eagles new
March 31, 2013 07:17PM
-Day 9-In space, just beyond the Asteroid Belt….It was only a few short hours after the other visitors had left, mercenaries they were recognized as. Ulitharl had been waiting after she heard word of her acquired supplementary forces arrival in sector. She’d sent call when they arrived in sector that week ago. Her heavy crimson robes, ornate embroidery along the hem, a series of cables, servos and the shine of metal could be seen on her person. The Explorator would have curled her lips as the guardsmen from Kreig stepped into the Bay. A serf stepped forwards to the men coming from the shuttle. Ulitharl immediately strode forwards as well. She knew the man as one of the Eagles Chosen, a personal servant that only answered to the officers of the Scourge Eagles. The clank and whine of metal on metal, servos and gears churning, she stepped forwards, closing in behind the servant as he spoke.

Hrugh was in carapace armor, similar to that of an Astartes Scout, the only identifying factor of that was the familiar shape underneath his full robe that slowly turned color, clearly a robe made of camoline. He spoke in a flat voice, his head raising and his hands pulling the hood from his face only to quickly make the sign of the Aquila, “Greetings Warriors of Krieg. We welcome you to the Aquila Domine. I am Hrugh, servant of the Grand Eagle. He is awaiting you in the council chamber on the bridge. If you will come with me, we will see him immediately.”

Ulitharl looked over his shoulder and then cleared her throat. Hrugh side stepped rather quickly as the Archmagos Explorator stepped forwards. “I am Archmagos Explorator Ulitharl. It was my petition that has brought you and your men here and I will be accompanying you to the Grand Eagles Council Chamber.” She made the sign of the Cog. Ulitharl almost dared Hrugh to meet her gaze, but the man did not turn his head to face her. “Shall we, gentlemen?” She gestured, Hrugh gestured in the same direction and began walking, a staff weapon in hand, he used the bottom of the shaft almost as a walking stick, every stride of his right foot, the floor and the weapon met as he strode from the bay, Ulitharl waiting behind to walk with the new arrivals.

They had not been waiting for long, in fact, it was almost prompted by their arrival that Constantine’s augmented eye would stare out beneath the visor of his helmet, of which his targeting matrix had lit up the bulky size of the Astartes, but became suppressed by the mere presence of the Explorator. Constantines skull-visaged features tilted back slightly as to regard the remaining retinue of his storm troopers. At this point, they knew the drill, the signal had been given to switch the safeties of their Lucius Pattern hellguns.

“Greetings unto you, Lord Hrugh.” he would have continued had it not been for the Explorator whom approached with the audible whir and clack of her servo’s resonating within the hanger. “Explorator Ulitharl..It perplexes me as to how little of a forewarning we had gotten, as well as how little detail was given within the communique. We are here as instructed, but be warned, your sanctions are permitted to how far I see it be permitted. If the lives of my men should be wasted needlessly as well as be used for qualities far below them, then there will be hell to pay. Nonetheless we are here. Shall we?” his voice droned out through the vox speaker built within his skulled visage, a small gesture of his hand would be seen as he began to walk towards the gestured way they were suppose to travel. Seeming to keep up with the Astartes Serf as well as the Explorator.

Over the course of the next moments, the storm troopers all would look glaringly at the Explorator, as well as the Astartes, Seeming to vox between one another stories of relations between the Guard, as well as the Astartes, did not boil over too well when the Mechanicus became inter-mingled with the two.

Hrugh grinned as he listened to the exchange behind him, he knew the Explorator would not be terribly pleased by the reply from the Guardsman, and he was right by the sudden silence of Ulitharl. He turned down another corridor  casually gesturing from the catwalk they would now be walking across. “As we all know the work forces upon every ship, especially larger vessels such as this, relies mostly on slavery or indentured servants to see to most tasks. You will note that those below may seem like only a skeleton crew, but thanks to the ingenuity of the Chapters Forge masters and millenia of knowledge and learning from the Adeptus Mechanicus, we make due with a mere quarter of the work force than other Imperial ships. The Aquilas Domine is a vital part of the Chapter and is our Flagship. Lord Saer’rio, Drakon Deritako Macar takes great pride in our fleet assets and that all hands are native to Saer’rio itself.” He looked down upon dozens of servitors and serfs, tanned and leathery flesh, whirling servos and whining gears as they went about various duties.

Ulitharl looked over to Constentine after this remark. “Truly an impressive sight, it would not be possible without such beneficial relations with the Brotherhood on Mars. I am sure the Grand Eagle has far more to say about mission details and briefing, he’d made the courtesy of accompanying our expedition personally.”

Hrugh heard this remark as well, his left hand closed into a fist, knuckles popping and then unflinching the balled up hand. He turned once more and led the group to a grav-lift. “Please, this way.” He gestured inside as he held the door open. Ulitharl strode in forwards, a cut in her robes revealed a long, finely crafted bionic leg, finely crafted and far more womanly than most other pieces that have ever been manufactured.

warhammer 40000 photo:  x_2e03a29e.jpg

The air about the small contingent of krieger’s had been one of a silence commonly found in death. Of course, that was the air commonly found among-st son’s of krieg. Due to seventy-five percent of the entire regiment being vat-grown, they had carried the sense of suicidal bravery, where even some of the most impossible tasks, became accomplished through the sacrifices of men in their numbers. However, this thought had plagued Constantines mind since he had to deal with such an abnormality that was to be considered a new instinct embedded with the original human code. However, he also did manage to pay attention to the Explorator’s words, where it not for the grinning skull over his respirator, one would plainly see the scowled features of the General in remarks of the Mechanicus in its glory, of which turned his face into a cold, impassible wall of neutrality. His hands were folded behind his back as his storm-coat barely hovered over the gantry’s metal surface. His eyes scanned over the massed worker-gangs, seeing them of course relatively different as well as lacked in quantity as they had been so few doing more than what the normal slaves would be required to do.

“I’m sure the Grand Eagle was thoroughly pleased with his accompaniment upon this expedition.” His voice had carried out to be something of sarcasm, however, he hid it behind a veil of mannerisms that he had learned over the course of the years he had dealt with nobles and planetary governors  However his eyes deterred from the worker gangs to sit upon the Explorator as well as the serf. However, his eye caught a glimpse of, if he hadn’t known any better, the rather human-formed looking augmentic leg the explorator had sported. He blinked in wonderment as to exactly why that such mechanicus, or the few seldom that cared, to retain some vestiges of their humanity even being it was taken through aesthetics. Usually it was rare to find that any mechanus would care so far beyond their normal protocols as to shape and form themselves to look more human. Maybe they were hiding something, as he was to suspect that maybe it was a facade, a show of distraction and underestimation, an advantage that could cost ones life in a matter of extremes.

Up they went, several deck levels and down another long hallway, this one walled and covered with doors and intersections. Servitors and Serfs were seen every few minutes carrying a stack of data slates or a case or simply returning from one errand. Hrugh lead them nearly to the bridge before making a hard right down a very short hallway, finally stopping at a sealed door. He turned but suddenly had a distant expression, his hand up, a finger on the inside of his ear. “…Shto wes’kes?” He half nodded before speaking again. “Affirm.” Then he looked to the group. Lord Drakon will be along in just a moment. This system has proved difficult thus far and he is now leaving the bridge after an update from several forces. Please, await his arrival inside.” He fingered a rune on near the doorway and the entry appeared, the Explorator stepping inside and Hruth this time now locking eyes with Constantine. Hrugh, although a servant, was sitll a man of Saer’rio. A man from a world of people bred for battle and he was no different. A fire burned in his eyes, one of determination and he held himself proudly. “The Grand Eagle will be pleased to speak with you in particular sir. It’s rare to meet warriors of Krieg.” With that, he left as the Explorator stood alone in the dimly lit briefing room, watching and waiting for the Grand Eagle to arrive.

Constantine as well as his detachment of storm troopers would stand around a moment, the silence of the room as well as the dimly lit room provided a sense of home for them in an eerie sense. His head turned to regard the Explorator as he inquired “Tell me, Explorator. Exactly why are we here? The document said that fortifications were to be high, however it said nothing as to exactly why a Chapter of Space Marines, and an Exploration Flotilla REQUESTED the aide of the Imperial Guard. It seems very suspicious that, being with the Astartes, you would have any use for the Guard. What is here, that is so important, if you do not mind my asking?” his voice carried actually rather polite, aside from his prejudice against the Mechanicus. The troopers in kind stared out to the Explorator, all silent in anticipation to finally have an answer, After all, they were in as much darkness on the matter as the General Himself.

The Archmagos stared at the man, her bionic eyes taking in various information about the man. Body heat signature, temperature, stance, gait, world of origin, service history. Crimson light grew from behind her hood. “While the Chapter Master is preoccupied, it was I and I alone who called for forces the moment we came in-system. It was two months that we’ve been waiting, surveying, studying. The Scourge Eagles purpose here is their own, according to records they are a heavily fleet based Chapter and are often found going on overtly dangerous crusades and missions. I am not one to dabble in rumors or the sorts. Although the stories are as various as they appear to be false. Let us just say they’ve had many run-in’s with the Inquisition. In fact there was an Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos who arrived with us that ended up on Lord Drakon’s final nerve. He had to leave rather suddenly. It was the Inquisitor and I who agreed without the Chapter Masters knowledge, to call for forces to aide in performing a purge of a newly found world. One this close to the Maelstrom with human population and more importantly, there is much evidence of STC presence on this world which we ae very much interested in studying  I will expect you to remember that the Chapter Master is not the one who called for you so you might expect him to ask you many questions. You are to tell him nothing and you will collaborate with my story when he makes a note.” She strode forwards, removing her hood to display a steel mask from the nose up. A series of wires and cables running from her head like steel hair. “You will be required to stay on-world to garrison and form a PDF. It may be a permanent settlement as this system appears to have many valuable researches, two worlds in this system alone which are able to support life. If you have any actual questions for me, now is the time to ask them.” The humanoid artificial eyes behind the mask twitched, regarding him carefully now.

The General would take in the information, doing this he began to analyze every small detail of which warranted a grave silence that had befallen not only him, but the men whom he had with him. His icy hues would stare like one would stare searching for an answer he already knew. His voice rasped as he spoke “I fear I already know the answer, and seek evidence to support this. But I assume, that our calling here was to begin eradication and begin colonization here, would that warrant..If I may be so bold…The Astartes having ulterior motives?” he was treading a thin line. A line of which many had crossed before him, and have been set ablaze in the fires of blasphemy and heresy. His question was indeed a grim one, but one can only be prepared for the inevitable outcome were it to ever happen. His skull ed visage remained ever grinning, however his blue eyes would stare out from the lenses as he spoke, locked onto her own set of augmetic eyes as he searched for an answer behind the machinery.

The Archmagos mouth opened and short briefly as if to chuckle ‘Het het het’. The sound of air escaping a compressor  “These Scourge Eagles are actually quite difficult to read. They are very uncooperative to those not from their Homeworld, slightly more cooperative with those of their sector. As many Chapters, they are reclusive. I wont pry as their acts have been selfless in ways that bewilder most witnesses. Make no mistake, their is no doubting their devotion as they have no qualms in slaying those who make such remarks as swiftly as a Commissar might do to a Guardsman who turned their back to a battle.” Her head suddenly jerked up and a mechanical finger lifted from the sleeve of her robes, gesturing for him to be quiet.

A heavy set of footfalls might be heard outside, the lowest whine of servos and gears as a door at the other side of the door opened. A massive, imposing figure stood there, entering the dimly lit room and approached a massive stone throne at the head of the round console in the center of the room. Weathered, leathery and scarred flesh on the face of this giant, a thick brown beard and slightly unruly brown hair on his head. He looked over to the pair and gestured to the console. “Saluto Explorator and General.” His rumbling, gravely voice carried the distinctive tone of unquestioned authority. “Please be seated and allow me to introduce myself. I am Drakon Deritako Macar of Saer’rio, Grand Eagle to the Scourge Eagles Chapter Adeptus Astartes.” He looked as they sat. “Archmagos Explorator Ulitharl of the Adeptus Mechanicus.” Came from the Archmagos as the two others looked to the Constatine.

“Greetings, My Lord Drakon. ” Constantine gave the sign of the aquilla, his vox droned his voice in a rhaspy sort of tone, sounding just as synthetic as the Explorator. As he rose he would gesture towards his squad of stormtroopers “This is my security detail, Mortis Squad. Now. As introductions have been made, Shall we proceed with the Briefing?” Constantines icy eyes began to stare slightly upward as he was indeed dwarfed by the Chaptermaster. He would turn to take his appropriate seating, observing the room about him. He folded his augmented arm across his fleshy arm, bound beneath the very thick layers of his storm coat, his armor and fatigues beneath the multi-twined layer of flak, wool, and seal fibers that compose his air-tight uniform.

Drakons eyes narrowed as one brow slightly elevated. “It is custom on Saer’rio to begin a meeting and introduction with name and rank with or without profession. Care to try that again?”

“Very well. I am General Constantine Iacton Kurze of the Death Korps of Krieg 901st Siege Unit.” he said rather flatly “However, Chaptermaster. We are not on Saer’rio..Nor are we on Krieg. We are stationary over a planet that contains evidence of vital STC blueprints. I am here as a servant of the Emperor in assisting the Mechanicus Contingents.” his voice stated something close to unamused. “I understand customs may be something relevant to your planet or sector, of which I hold a measure of respect for. But this is a War zone. Where our customs, come to the front, Lord.”

“I will remind the General that he is aboard an Astartes Vessel, not by my choice but as a courtesy and while aboard a ship of the Scourge Eagles, some customs are required.” He pointed up to the ceiling, a dozen gun servitors were training on Constantine, now slowly, mutely swiveling away from their aim. “You’d be surprised just how many, ha, assassination attempts had been foiled by that.” The Chapter Master looked down from his throne seat, anti-grav plates rumbling into life, bringing the chair to the table console as did the two containing the General and Explorator. “To bring you up to speed, there is a small flotilla of ships of unknown origin around the primary planet of the system…” He gestured to a hololithic display of the solar system, Lisaga highlighting itself. “They are unknown in origin but not purpose. Weaponry has been verified in our data banks, I will provide a data slate with other specifics. Right now, we have several dozen asteroids in this debris field…” He gestured to the large asteroid belt in-system that separated them and the inner worlds. “…laced with explosive charges that will dislodge them from orbit. Knowing the enemy, as my Brothers and I have had past run-in’s with a creature that identifies itself only as Captain. Again, I’ll provide a data slate for that. He will undoubtedly move to fire on the inbound objects, in the meantime there are several positions that we will strike from to scatter if not destroy the enemy fleet. Once on surface, we have a star port in the north of the only inhabited continent on the world secured. Nixagris is what the natives call it. From reports they have sufficient room for a heavy lander. Alternatively the surrounding land is a flat, arctic waste. Between here and the capitol is a day’s ride, a four marching. From my understanding there are ground forces massing far ut to the west that are under orders from Captain. Building fortifications. Among other things we have anomalies in the sky abd atmosphere, once more these will be on the data slates.” He looked over to the pair and then continued. “Our points of attack with be from multiple angles, all at the same time. Surround, destroy. We will need to be ready for them to break out. My fleet possesses highly and heavily modified engines can rout most if not all vessels that attempt escape. A breakthrough is inevitable so casualties will happen, as much as I hate the idea.” He looked squarely at the pair again, the Explorator turned her head to the General. “Any questions?” She asked.

His brow furrowed behind his respirator. He spoke “Do we have clear trajectories to the Starport? From there, I had planned on lowering the landing crafts, evading oncoming enemy fire as well as providing cover-fire for the transports whilst we make planet fall. Once there, I will personally lead the armoured columns to the outer perimeter of the star port, from there we have already arranged forward base operations to make planet fall swiftly after we have established a foothold. ” he paused a moment to inhale through his device “After the buildings have been dropped, our servitor and tech-priests contingent will began assembling the final pieces. From there, we can have a steady supply of air-traffic while our Hydra’s take up position. Trenches will be made. Rockrete walls will be erected and we will have a ground base of operations for Guard, Mechanicus and Astartes contingents. From there, we will send out armored transports carrying troops to start and begin work at the nearest inhabited area for the beginning stages of recruitment of PDF contingents. However, I will suspect there will be heavy resistance from this Captain…Of which I assure you, We will not budge a meter. He will feel the full might of our cannons, until his army is washed in nothing but a sea of burning promethium..”

The Chapter Master risked the rare grin at this reply. “That is the sort of attitude I was hoping to hear. Explorator?” The Archmagos had lef the table. “An issue has arisen, communicate from the forges. I will be on my way. General, Grand Eagle…” She made the Cog again and left abruptly.

Drakon’s head turned as the door behind her shut and left free an audible snarl. “By the Gloden Throne were it not for her status I’d throw her from an air lock myself…” He grunted rather grumpily and then looked to the General. “There is one more custom that we must see to, General… One for men of War.” The thrones backed away as the giant stood and motioned for the General to follow. “Leave the bodyguard behind, they can return to the transport, Hrugh will see them there.” The serf had stepped in from the same door Drakon had entered and bowed his head briefly. The Grand Eagle stepped to the same door again. “It is your choice to join me or not, but the benefits for are not to be discounted…” He waited for a reply.

Constantine nodded. He would motion for his retinue to leave back onto the transport. Some of them had voxed in protest as he would assure them in an authorized manner to board and head back to the Spear of Vraks. They complied. They walked from the briefing room to the main gantry where they were guided by the serf back to the transport Valkyrie. Constantine however, stayed behind on his own accord. At this point, he found it appropriate to remove his mask to reveal his features. His skin was surprisingly youthful, perhaps a result of skin-grafts, but as well retaining old dueling scars across his left cheek that had inevitably left minor chasms. His hair was cut regulation short, the blackened strands seeming at home in the darkness. His facial feature however were that as to be expected from one of authority standing. Narrow, sharper than a sword, with the facial distortion of someone who has seen nothing but disappointment and anger in his life. Letting his heart harden over in a cold, steel sarcophagus  His icy hues turned up to stare at the Chapter master with a face that had stared into the fires of hell, and charged feet first into it. “At your word, Lord.”

At this, Drakon turned and walked through the doorway, the General right behind him. “How many battles have you fought through, General?”

“Recorded? I have fought in over Six-Thousand conflicts. Twelve Theaters. I was there during the Taros Campaign against the Tau and Kroot… Im much older than I look. However, I have not had this regiment all of my lifetime..”

“The T’au, much like the Eldar are difficult opponents. Exceptionally mobile. Some of this Chapters greatest battles include them.” He turned a corner, there they were on the bridge, over looking the servitors and scribes in the work pits below. “Aquilas Domine, a rebuilt  retrofitted and experimental vessel. As you could tell no doubt, based around an Emperor class Battleship. The reclamation of this vessel took place when a comet broke apart a space hulk a mere days jump from our Homeworld. Many items in here were recovered and studied by the Mechanicus, in which we’ve shared a…mutual interest in the scraps. Ork and Genestealer remains were everywhere when we entered this ghostship. The Chapter Master at the time saw it fit to have taken to our world. It was a massively controversial decision, yet it has paid off greatly.”

The Grand Eagle continued walking across the bridge, to another large doorway and a hall. Motionless, ten Astartes in very ornate Armour stood with various weapons in hand. Their heads turned as Drakon passed by and stopped at the end of the hall. “It is tradition on Saer’rio, to bestow a gift unto a new ally. Inside this door is my personal armory. War gear crafted in our forges, deep within our Fortress Monastery.”

The door opened and they would step inside. Drakon looked around very briefly, to the General and then the arsenal before him. Bolt guns, Inferno Pistols, Hand Flamers, Digital Weapons, various forms and scraps of Armour, comm-gear, stores of munitions. “One thing I know of Krieg and the infamous Death Korps… They are fearless and will die eagerly for their cause. It is known that the greatest heroes are not only remembered by the lives they’ve taken, but the lives they’ve saved and the missions they’ve survived. In here is a plethora of war gear that may benefit you. In here however, you may only receive one token.”

He looked to the General very sternly. “For you, General Constantine, I will provide you with a rare gesture.” He turned and walked to a sealed case, a laser scanning his eye as he spoke. “Es’thul veks shto.” The case opened and inside was a rack of melee weapons. Drakon looked them over and then grinned to himself, picked up one in particular. A set of gauntlets, fiery symbols etched on the surface of them, the finger tips clawed like a great lizards might be. On the back, an unmistakable power module.

“These are the Fists of Ruklan. He was a Commissar of Saer’rio. When he was assigned to the Drigorthi regiments in our sector, Grand Eagle Droko, our Chapters first leader commissioned the forges to create these for him. Ruklan was of the Flame Hills, a mildly volcanic region of our home world. These might strike with the fury of a power fist if wielded properly and they are not only weapons of offense, but of defense as well. Weather proof, battle worn and resistant to even the fury of Las cannons, they have proven a worthy companion of one of the planets greatest champions. It is for sense of duty to the Imperium that I present these to you, Constantine. Wield whatever weapon you may like, but between you and I, the only better protection you might be offered is a Rosarius.” The Grand Eagle shifted, a Rosarius, a symbol of office, token of faith from Terra itself hung on his belt.

The Grand Eagle held them out to the General. “You will take these and wear them with pride, or you will dishonor my Chapter and the world of Saer’rio, Warrior of Kreig.”

Constantines eyes had softened for only a moment. He made no gesture as to greedily take them. He softly would stare up at the Chapter Master “In the Service of the Emperor..I will make the enemy bleed for every centimeter they may try to take, and take their lives as payment for even the thought of crossing the path of the Imperium…You bestow a great honor upon the 901st. We wont let your chapter down, Grand Eagle…We will Never…Let your Chapter down.” His eyes glistened over the gauntlets. He could not help but chuckle a little as he said “It reminds me of a man I had only met briefly. I had thought of him to be truly ironic. His name was Yarrick.. I had met him just before the Third War of Armageddon…”

“Yarrik and his exploits have been heard of across the segment-um  A mighty man he indeed is. Now then, it is best to return to your ship. I Hrugh will have provided the data slates for your review. The rack that is provided is pass code protected, it opens to High Gothic, Non mortis mihi prohibere.” The Grand Eagle looked squarely at Constantine. “All other information you might have is in those slates. I recommend you review them at once and after, find yourself practice with those gauntlets. You will still have more than enough ability to pull a trigger and they might take some time to adjust to. Ruklan lived and fought battles that many do not remember. He died, en route to Saer’rio. When his remains made it, his two wives, and eight children were taken in by his old line. Catachan women no less…” Drakon half grinned at the end of the story. “Emperor only knows how he survived one of them, let alone two. One Battle Brother in that hallway, is a great Grandson of the first wife. When you walk back to the bridge, the third on the left. He will see those Gauntlets. When his head turns to follow you, I ask you a favor, stop, present the sign of the Aquila to him. It is a difficult tradition to explain but trust in my words when I say, this is a mighty boon that you will present.” With that Drakon closed the case again and left the arsenal.

Constantine took the Gauntlets in hand. Bowing his head forward as he then stated “I will do as requested. It shall be honored.” With that he left. Accompanied by Hrugh, they had walked a ways, passing the bridge. Remembering what the Grand Eagle had told him, held a silent honor within his cold heart. He would speak “Hrugh, Hold a moment. There is a task I must complete, before we leave..” With this, he turned in a ceremonious fashion he walked to the third battle brother on the left. He looked up towards the great warriors eyes, softly he spoke “Space Marine of the Scourge Eagles. I am General Constantine. I have heard of the history these gauntlets present..” he showed the gauntlets to the warrior. Bowing forward, making the sign of the aquilla as if one were bowing to the War master himself. He held for what seemed a few minutes before rising. He spoke with his homeworlds accent “Durch meine Startseite, Mein Regiment, und der Kaiser von Man, verspreche ich zu Ehren zu bringen, zu diesem Kapitel. (Through my home, my regiment, and the Emperor of Man, I promise to honor him, to this chapter.)” After this, he turned, and left, being guided by Hrugh until the Valkyrie had landed. Of which he boarded with a more uplifted spirit then what he had originally boarded with.