Damned Bard: Zypherion, Tales of the Prophets of Doom. Ep 2: The Alliance of Lies


Science fiction Role play.

Writers : CharlotteCarrendar and Xymmerick

– Its pandemonium on the major GK craft with no engine. Chances of out running the five alliance ships are slim, what with one of the backup craft being his below its left wing. “FUCK!!!”- the General swore, shaking his fist at the oncoming alliance fleet. “BASTARDS!!”- The head officer sees the imminent danger, and begs the General to allow evacuation, so that the crew may get to safety in the fighter jets. The General is horrified, knowing his son is in a specialized tank that simply can’t be transported in a fighter. The General is left with little choice and then barks in the intercom. “All crew evacuate!….You have two minutes….GO! That’s an order” The crew all flee their stations in a panic as the Commander goes to sit in his command chair, tapping in the sigils, as a large box comes up on display. A single tear rolls down his cheek, as he is now alone on the massive deck. He presses the red button, and a female voice comes on. “Self destruct, two minutes and counting.” – The General then brings up another screen, that has his son playing with his now dead wife, in a more civilized world and time. Out in the bays, the fleeing crews are madly boarding anything that flies, the ships like fireflies emerging from all loading bays, as the countdown continues. A slow smile appears on the General’s face, as he takes off his helm. “If my son cannot rule….their fate follows ours.”- The ship was about to explode, and take every ship in its vicinity with it. <3>


::Admist the confusion of the spacial battle and the many pods exploding the three boys remain silent watching the pods blow up one by one. Their anger growing with each passing second. Craving more carnage for the Alliance. Then suddenly the crystaloid being returns. Looking down at them she shrinks back in her box before a bright light engulfs the whole ship as her voice echoes.:: “Let us be off. We flee. For not just your sake. But the multiverses sake.” ::Suddenly the pod warps along with another in which inside only one being remains (belz since she not here). A fury of lights happens as the Alliance ships down one of the main flag ships. Then suddenly one of the fleet sends emergency warnings.:: (Random Crew) “Sir GK pods retreating….something is going on since they seem to be leaving orbit rather expeditiously…” ::The ships stop fire wondering what was going on. Nothing remained of the pods of escapees from the planet save the two pods who were warped.:: (Captain) “The hell-….”


The countdown on board the Mother ship continues to its dying seconds, as the fate of the General and his son, would match those of the surrounding ships. 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2…1. From the far reaches of space, there would be a tremor felt as the force of the explosion, and the secondary explosions would rock the very people that stood upon the forsaken planet below. Shards of metal and debris rained down and fizzled into nothingness as those that had sought to bring harm had paid the ultimate price for their folly. Did the Alliance fleet make it to safety in time? And what of the three boys? All we know is that the enemy had been defeated…this time at least.


::The Alliance connections with their fleet ships cut off after a loud bang. The whole planet picks up sizemic quakes from the region the fleet was. The council mutters in their seats at they curse up in a loud storm. A thundering deep voice sounds from a very large green lizard like creature who hisses as he talks:: (Head Counciler- Lizard) “Ssssilenccceee! Sssssssssiiiiiiiillllllllllenccccce! I havvee concluuded thattt our ssshipss havvvee beeen desstroyedd.” (Random council of the 60) “Now what?!?!?!? The Grand Knights continue to attackus!” (Another Random Council) “And what of the survivors..were there any.” (Head Council) “None fromm whattt I couldd guesss. Buttt fromm theirr sssacrifccess comess the deathhh off the Grand Knightsss greatessstt assettt Generall Uto….” There’s somemore murmuring; Somewhere just outside the citadel of the council on planet Geru two pods appear from a blinding light sizzling and burnt. The light dissapates as the guards who were startled rise from their asses and circle the two pods. the pod doors open as the three boys Atlas, Greedo, and Varkas step out of one. The other a slender blue skinned, pointed ear, cloaked being steps forth, female from the likes. The guards storm around them. A guards steps forth wearing a different uniform. One who seems to be the chief officer:: (C.O. Reddix) “Ah, and where did you come from. Grand Knight spies eh?” (Varkas) “No. Rather the prophets of your end.” (Greedo) “We want your heads.” (Atlas) “Varkas and Greedo silence! Sorry sir. We are survivors froms the attack just recently.” ::There is a sudden outburst in shouts as word breaks the council room. Head Council Prideon storms out to greet the four. The girl hides back in her vehicle, but Varkas stops her.:: (Varkas) “What is your name. Do not fear. We are your friends. You despise the counci ltoo no?” ::The girl nods:: (Girl) “I am called Farasa.”


Meanwhile, on the dying world of Gretyla; King Tyrus was seated in his throne room, drumming his extended claws upon the lion paw arm rests. Wearing the standard of the Grand Knights which was white leather armour reinforced with metal plates and hoods, he displayed a large ornate symbol, fashioned from that of two dragons interlocked into each other. The Supreme diety had a foul look across his stony features, dark circles hallowed his eyes. The sound of soft murmering came from a gathering of hooded priests in long flowing crimson robes. Their faces concealed, as so they should be, for they were mere skeletons of men with flaking white flesh that was pulled taut across their bones. A leader held in his position the book of Zoh…of which many incantations and spells were noted from far back as three thousand years. The King watched a holographic viewing globe, that showed the placement of his emmisaries across the vast chasms of the outer rims. The sudden dissappearance of an entire fleet brought him to stand tall and raise a jewelled sceptre which he slammed down onto the marble floor. The sonic blast from the sceptre blew nearly all the scribes, priests and nobles off their feet.

“WHO DARES TO DEFY THE GRAND KNIGHTS WILL?” he bellowed, showing angry red blood vessels covering much of the whites of his eyes. The lead priest who was used to such outbursts regained his footing and bowed low.

“Uto suffered the fate of a man who loved his son, moreso than the Grand Knights. His emotion brought about his undoing. It was foreseen.” the Priest said in a rasping voice. This was not what the King wished to hear, and he pointed the jewelled end of the scepte at his leading Scribe.

“YOU KNEW THIS?” -Another roar erupted from the King, and the Priest held his ground in the face of what could be his final breathe. “But of course, Your Highness…for it was in this moment, that Uto gave sacrifice, that the trio had shown themselves. Those that seek to destroy you…are now on the move.” The King suddenly held still, as he heard the Scribe speak of the three youths. The facial expression of the King started to change, and he turned his head towards the holographic sphere.

“So…the boys live…eh?” With a wicked grin, he let out a loud and sinister laugh as he leapt down from his podium and started a bold march for the door, with his cloak of furs, trailing behind him. “Not for long…AHAHAHAHAA…Not for long…”


::The Head council prideon Acquires private interviews with the four survivors. Prideon appeases the glum quartet with food and comfort. But they still wear faces of hate. eyes cold and not willing to forgive. Farasa alone was head in hood. The C.O. Reddix watches impatiently during this silent period of what was 3 hours before he bursts.:: (CO Reddix) “Ok you brats where is it!” (Prideon) “Now Now Reddix. Dont be so harsh. they have just lost everything. Do you expect them to answer many questions. Let alone I don’t think they even have it let alone know what it is…-” (Atlas) “You mean the Chaos Asa Crystal MR. Prideon?” ::The head council gawks as Reddix stares angrily at Atlas he walks over and grabs Atlas by his shirt.:: (Reddix) “Do you know how much power that holds. Let alone the circumstances it fells for the alliacne..no the multiverse if the Grand Knights get hold of it?!?!?” (Prideon) “Halt! Reddix Enough. It’s better we tell them the prophecy.” ::Varkas’s ears perk up. Greedo sleeps heaving, Farasa is silent and still hidden in her robes and atlas still stares down Reddix with a sly grin. Prideon gets up and begins to speak:: “I’m sure you have heard the story of Cain and Abel? Cain ends up killing able and becomes a vampire after drinking his brother’s blood…Well, this story was true. Long a go the very epicenter of the multiverse where all power sat was called Eden Prime. On this planet two grand trees called Yggdrasil and Eve stood. Yggdrasil Represented Nature. Eve represented life. The two tenants for deciphering their power was Cain and Abel. But one had to be chosen to rule over all things. As you know Abel wouldbe the candidate. In this Cain killed his brother out of jelousy. In doing so and spilling his blood upon holy grounds the planet was sealed away and Cain was banished for all eternity…That was until two things came to be..” (Varkas) “Which were?”

(Prideon) “Nocturnalchum a very very dense metal that can tear fabric in space. and Asa
crystals were came to be that they could bring back to life dead things and take away existence and even recreate existence. Form and Life. The keys of power. Gretyla held the key for Form. Which Tryus holds. He seeks the key of Asa. You two have the guide he needs for almighty power and immortality.” (Atlas) “Good! We’ll get to kill him and you as well. None of you deserve to live!” ::Riddex shakes Atlas violently:: (Riddex) “Why you rat! Here Guards take them to holding chambers.” :Suddenly Farasa is whisked away to a room far off from the others where another girl Kurrai awaits her. And the three boys taken to another end of the building. Little do they know what approaches.::


The King entered a special chamber that was cut off from the main Throne room, and in it was a large statue that was of two dragons, both like the ones that were intertwined upon his chest plate. Slamming his hand on a glyph that was situated on a right handed panel, which was seated at the top of a collumn, the two dragons suddenly started to move backwards, sliding along the floor with a loud audible scrapng sound. What was revealed beneath was a winding stairwell that went down and was illuminated by strange glowing rocks. Chuckling wickedly to himself, the King descended slowly and as he vanished from view the double dragon statue slid back into place.


::There’s a sudden riot as Atlas, Greedo, and Varkas begin to fight against their escorts unreasonably. The soldiers confused as to why the guests attacked them. Let alone how they were able exemplify some ssorts of magik. Soon Farasa had escaped her escorts also. But as she made her way back to the boys she is confronted by a girl her size with green skin scaley but she had lovely white hair.:: (Kurrai) “Hello misses hood. I got tired waiting for you. Where ya headed?” (Farasa)”……………..away.” (Kurrai) “Can I come?” (Farasa) “No.” (Kurrai)”Come now!” ::Kurrai grins her large sharp teeth as she grabs Farasa and drags her towards where the boys are. Farasa is confused. The boys happen upon Kurrai dragging Farasa and stop staring whether to be alarmed or safe.:: (Atlas) “Let our companion go!” (Greedo) “Silly green lizard child!” (Varkas) “We’re warning you!” (Kurrai) “Ooo! cute boys! My father forbids me to play with boys my age…perhaps we could have fun eh. And this girl here is my friend. Also im not a silly green lizard child. Technical term for my race is slamanda.” ::Farasa grunts as she steps behind Varkas. Suddenly the guards begin to regroup and then again the boys are off to fighting again.::


Many steps led the way down to the bottom most dungeon of the Castle, a place feared by many above, including the scribes who continued to preach the prophecies that may well spell the doom for the Grand Knights hold. But the King knew that his planet was not able to continue to sustain life forever and had to come up with a way in which to either save his own planet, or colonise another by force. As he came to the second last step, dark red eyes flashed out from the darkness.

The rattle of great chains that dragged across the stone floor. Something of mammoth size was being held prisoner within the bowels of the Castle; something that knew the King’s evil schemes but alas had fallen victim to one himself. The jewel on the end of the Sceptre started to glow, as the King approached his prisoner. “You want this….don’t you?” The King teased, waving the sceptre back and forth, as the eyes of the great dragon watched on. Black mist escaping the great reptiles nostrils.

“Your vanity will be the end of your power, and this world will fall, Tyrus..’ the beast spoke in a noble tone, as it raised its mighty head, only to be thwarted by the large black metal collar that held him down. Every limb was chained to the floor, so this meant the King was literally able to dance before the fallen dragon unharmed.

“Oh come now, Shafar…you know my plans well enough by now. If you think I am going to waste away on this god forsaken rock then you are slowly mistaken. Course it will fall, and you with it.” The King did a light shuffle and then pointed the jeweled sceptre at the Dragon. “I should just end you now…” The dragon lowered his head slowly, and said with a growl- “You may end me…but the boys will end you.”

This was not what the King wanted to hear and he stomped his right foot indignantly. “They have shown themselves…..that clot General Uto blew up his ship and many more, to even the score and now I will have them!” The dragon started to chuckle and flicked his tail as though to wag.

“Once again…pride is shown, and …it is you that will pay for this folly.”

The King raged and hissed. “As of tommorow, you will be facing the end my friend, for a Dragon with no heart…is…well….he is DEAD!” Turning on his heel, he zipped up the stair well and you could hear him trip on his own cloak, cursing bitterly. The Dragon did hear this, and it gave him reason to smile. “All is not lost…”


::Finally after 2 hours of struggle the guards had the quartet sealed in a chamber deep below the council citadel. Outside the door kurria stared at the handle non moving. Reddix groaned as he scurries off to the dinner hall. Some where there’s a sudden boom of energy. The two space escape pods explode as the crystal being comes out and the soldiers yell. Some attmept to subdue her only ended up in turning to glass shards. Her voice echoes through the plant and even the ends of the space. “Here this well almighty in thought Tyrus. I know your past. I know your sin and crime covered in blood. I am what you seek. But it wilst be your ending as the three boys you seek will uproot you in when you least expect it. whether it be now or 200,000 years from now. they will do it.” the planet quakes violently as the ground below here begins to crystalize. Then suddenly she disappears in a flash of light. Reddix scurries to the council hall as all the council turn and nod. (Reddix) “did you-” (Prideon) “Yes. It seems those three were chosen..but why…and why now……” Somewhere in a deep corner of the galaxy a black dragon named Asafaf stares at the sky. “I feel you pain Shafar. Hold out still yet. Your freedom comes still nigh.