Carrendar Dynasty 3.0 Prelude

Turning back the hands of Time.


CharlotteCarrendar:-The grand stone hall of the Lacardians had withstood the test of time, war and plagues that ravaged the former nation and led to its ultimate destruction. By fate and the will of one Darksied; the hall and its effects were transported from the war torn country to a new land of Nemaues, where its turrets would once again glimmer in the radiance of a new Sun. That was many years ago, and the voices who created a din in the hall this day, were the young of the second generation of Carrendar. Daughters of Lore, watched over dutifully by Baldrick Fitzgibbon, who had served their mother faithfully in the old world. This day finds the sisters strolling along the hallowed halls, with Charlotte carrying a data pad, that she is flicking through; head bowed and quietly reading the text that flashes across the screen, whilst Taru is holding a flail, that she is about to return to the training room. “Char…Seriously, can’t you leave your work in your room? I thought we were going to go to the library; I want to research some of mother’s journals.” Coming out of the Prime Minister’s office, Baldrick sees the two girls walking by and sings out. “Girls…have you seen Captain Antilles? He was supposed to have jetted in from Nixagris this morning.” Both girls stopped and shook their heads. “No..” Charlotte said, taking time to look up from her datapad. “If we had, I would have jumped him.” Bearing a cheeky grin, she wiggled her brow, to which Baldrick sighed. “You girls would have him bound and hanging from the ceiling in a blink…so much like your Mother.” <3>

Soprano: She was Corinne, a solitary Veena Viera freshly relinquished from her home and set on her unruly ways like a babe from the wood… She was tall, and it showed with each step she took towering at a supple 6’7 from the crowd of which she walked. Down the streets below the straps against her legs slapping back and leaving ever so slight welts along the sinew of her clawed toes and calves with movement they made. Her bow held on her back from her homeland within the wood, rested with her quiver filled with arrows. She was honestly lost as one could imagine someone thrust into the world was… very nearly thrust off the boat and having nothing more than her name to go by she spoke with very broken English-… if it could be called that as she walked through the streets and gazed about for something to give… some kind of a way she would know where to go. Her tan skin she carried was glistening with a thin layer of sweat as she walked with light striding steps towards the nearest shop keep and attempted to communicate. Her hands rising and falling in roguish movement of attempt. The man gazing back to her with his mouth agape with confusion to her movements as her clawed hands waved up and down in the air with their claws pointed to the skies of Nemaues above and she opened her mouth to speak a garbled mess escaping with her growing embarrassment. “I gooOOOOOHHH, for LAAHNdmaaHRK?” Her long standing ears curved ever so slightly down to the sound with disgust to the noises she was making. The dapple of freckles over her cheeks rutting a darkened hue of attempt as she pressed her triple jointed palms to the counter and glared to him with the ruby set eyes her race was known for. The keep backing up and pointing away from his stall his eyes closed shut as he what-… prayed? WAS HE PRAYING?! She needed to make it more obvious she was harmless and her hands pressed into the wood, short hair bobbing to her chin, “IIIIIHHHAAMMM not gunnuh HUERT YOU…” she attempted to sheathe her claws as the keep screamed for her to get from his shop, grabbing the nearest pan and launching it in her direction. Corinne had enough as rose with her tail flicking with indignation… One would think that she, about as dangerous now with road beneath her feet would be about as terrifying as a bunny-… well… One that wasn’t QUITE as directly human proportioned as she… turning and walking in the direction of what looming shadow of a building rested by and by, the bristling of her spine against her each hair on her head caught on end with worry… What could have been the beginning or the end of her eternal freedom now rested in her hands and as she turned to the keep a frown erupted over her features as the blinds of the caravan were shut in her wake-… Dropped with little means to speak or manage more than protect and guard, she had little more to do then go forward with unsteady steps across the ground.

CharlotteCarrendar: – In the blue skies over Lorewall, the thunderous roar of the Harrier jet of one Captain Antilles, was now hovering directly over the helipad, that was situated in the grounds of the ancient meeting hall. Blasts of hot air and flame fired downwards, as the jet lowered. The ear piercing scream was heard throughout the long stone halls, and Charlotte was the first to hear it. “IT’S HIM!”- She squealed, tossing her datapad to a hapless Baldrick, who juggled the device as Charlotte burst into a run down the stone hall, her boots clattering against the marble flooring. Pushing the grand timber doors open, she beamed wide to see the jet land safely. It had been a few months since Charlotte had travelled to Nixagris, and she missed hanging out with her squadron in the icey snowfields of the North. “Johnathon!” Charlotte yelled out, as her best friend and squadron leader descended the stairs of his plane. Charlotte’s hair had been whipped about and she looked a sight. Taking off his helmet, he sported a broad grin, and Charlotte ran out to him, where he caught her on the fly and spun her around in a hug. In the background, Taru was watching through the door, and then disappeared within, to return the flail to the training room. On the helipad, Captain Antilles finally set Charlotte down. “You know you are supposed to salute your superior.” Charlotte placed her hands on her hips, cocking her head to the side. “And..That would go the same for you…I am P.M. remember.” The Captain smacked her right shoulder and chortled. “Yeah…your still Char…Come on; take me in to see Baldy, before he blows a gasket.” The two then walked arm in arm, chatting about their home town of Nixagris. <3>

Soprano: Now apparently the fuss raised from her all but interacting in a friendly manner was not exactly smiled upon here… Dammit she was trying to explain and she now had several members of society poking and prodding at her with whatever they had next-… of course a finger was too much to ask for, and their rampant yelling and questioning stifled the green-word of any branches that somehow made it out from behind the walls and to her akin earth senses. She inhaled the air of day and note the hinted fragrances of all manners of emotions about-… animal instinct kicking in with fight or flight as a portly woman jabbed at her side with the end of her rolling pin, “Oii… wot is this then aye love?” her pin rising beneath her tail to press the tuft up with curiosity. She stiffened and went to move away as another human creature stepped forward and spoke his voice thick with an accent she didn’t recognize at all… “You don’t want to be catching no diseases from the ickle animals now do ye Madame? Come on now… come along love.” His hand pressed against Corinne’s flank as she startled and turned to walk away… It was like they had never heard of or seen someone like her before… They now were acting as if her very presence was profane. Perhaps she was underestimating the sheer stupidly of humans, but then again who was she to judge as she had walked into their society with their mannerism and expected things to be—OOUUUCH!! Someone was yanking on her ears in her stupor she had closed her eyes in a lengthy blink and the bog of a woman since consulted as ‘Brunilda’ was tugging on her long ears. The same ears that heard the whirling of a Harrier jet settle over and nearly deafen the crowd. Concentration settled elsewhere to the sight, Corinne took the opportunity to escape the crowd with bounding steps taking off in the direction wherever this flying machine had landed and was settling above in a castle like building she had yet to recognize… Of course not, this was a fair distance away… but there was nothing better than settling herself away from harm as she made haste in the direction of this jet and carefully weaselled her way down the road. This new world was so strange to her, having spent her life locked in a sanctuary and recently having hit maturity it was something she knew would take time to grow used to… The whisper of trees a missing aspect of her life that she had abandoned for adventure-… Adventure that was happening now… but she didn’t feel exactly welcome of course and her swift collected movements slowed as she began to her elegant, peaceful stride down the thoroughfare. Pans thrown at her, poked here and there… Many of her village had left in her time and yet she was rendered all but a stranger in a world she once felt comfortable in-… but it really wasn’t her world at all now… A lethargy settled over her as she neared the building this flying machine had landed, with eyes dropping their through anxiety she peered carefully from the outskirts, wondering what procedure to continue with on a traipse forward with her curiosity guiding her.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The jets engines were cooling down, as the helipad crew set to work to do the refuelling, whilst Captain Antilles and Charlotte went through the large wooden doors. Laughing and chattering, they were heading for Baldrick’s office, as he was in charge of the affairs of the Northern Province. Taru on the other hand, had returned the flail to its keep in the open training room, adjacent the main hall, when she glanced back to see Charlotte head into Baldrick’s office, where the sound of welcoming voices was heard. Baldrick was fond of Captain Antilles, who had been at Charlotte’s side right from resettlement all those years before, and went to flight school with her, where she got her wings. Taru could see Captain Antilles handing over a report from his satchel, before the trio came back out of the office, heading for the meeting room table, which was the centre piece of the ancient hall of Lacardis. Taru lowered her arms from resetting the flail, and thought it was best to leave them to their meeting, as she decided to get some air, out in the front entrance. Strolling out, the white haired Carrendar, raised her black hood over her head, the cape swirling up dust in her wake. Traditionally a loner, she was intending to study in the library, but felt she needed to go outside for a time. It was when she passed through the doors, she spotted an odd looking female with…bunny ears. “Now..that’s something you don’t see every day.” Taru exclaimed, loud enough to be heard. <3>

KingFalthosHellbore: -The itching thrum of a plasma generator would vibrate the very air within the underground workshop. Thick cables coursing with enough electricity to almost put a nuclear reactor to shame snaked across the floor into a series of large, archaic looking instruments. Within the dias situated at the centre of this, beneath the low hanging lights, stood what appeared to be a mech-suit in progress. The clattering and clank, the loud cry of a pressure wrench filled the air. A rather noisy clatter and a few curses shouted gave way to the view of Mathias. Mathias was a rather lanky individual, very slim, almost seemingly malnourished, but that was hardly the case. He stood up to roughly 6’2, weighing in at about 185 lbs. He swiped his sweaty brow in the cramped quarters of the cockpit, his green eyes scanning about the interior, adjusting knobs, tourquing a few bolts here and there. “Whelp.. Seems to me that this is going to still require more optic cabling through here.” -he said to himself, running over a list in his head before he continued bantering on- “But then that would cause problems, can’t be too tight. Maybe if I add…No..that would just rust in the end…Maybe…Ah hell…” -he let out a groan of temporary defeat before he popped his arms out to climb out. Jumping down onto the stone floor with a thud of his boots. He walked over to the nearest panel, bringing forth a handkerchief, wiping the oily hands as well as his sweat. He blinked, unhooking the tool belt he had worn for almost sixteen hours straight. Rubbing his eyes, he brought up a rather projected view of his keypad, clacking rather wildly away at the keys as he ran a software diagnostic of the suits programs. With one last key, he would nod- “Well, while it works, I got some shopping to do…Or maybe some digging..” -He would turn and climb the twelve foot ladder back up into the unsuspecting lower floor of an apartment building. He would throw on the leather jacket his father had bestowed upon him after his death, still holding his military rank perfectly stitched into the jacket. Slicking his rather unkempt brown hair back, he opened the door, and then locked it with a jingle of his keys. All the while he walked, for he did not live far from the market district, he jingled his rather ridiculous amount of keys in rhythm tic fashion, whilst conversing with himself as to future aspirations for what he had planned with the suit-

Captain277: *In the central dome of the Old Meeting Hall, the air subtly shifted. It was not immediately apparent that anything had changed at all, yet, still, the world felt infinitely heavy for a few seconds; dust stirred from corners that had not been tended to in years, and chairs splintered slightly with strained creaks as decade’s worth of wear and tear passed over their masterfully crafted frames in but a few seconds. Then, as if the gods of some ancient time had cast their judgment on the Meeting Hall, a congress of dark, angry clouds gathered in the central dome of the Hall. Streaks of luminescent fury reached out, their incandescent arcs dancing lazily across the floor for split seconds, before they finally returned to the writhing cloud of inky darkness which hung heavily above the central table like a shroud. The candles arrayed throughout the Hall flickered, simultaneously, and then immediately resumed their silent duty, each one inadvertently lending their thin tendrils of smoke to the gathering cloud. From inside the miasmic mass of almost palpable disdain arced lances of brilliant plasma, each one releasing a deafening thunderclap. Somewhere in the midst of the morass, a shape began to take form. Awkward though it appeared to be, the shape shifted and roiled alongside the folds and curves of the haze it dwelled in, until at last, it began to refine. The world shifted, suddenly, and only slightly, by the metric of one atom, to the left. Without warning, the whole of reality collapsed into that one, singular moment, and then immediately submitted and restructured itself. To the common observer, it might have felt more like the sudden shiver, experienced exclusively when one felt the bass roar of a thunderclap that struck far too close home. From the midst of the miasma, the vague figure suddenly resolved itself into an unfamiliar silhouette. With the sound of a thousand shrieking banshees, the figure’s edges hardened from those formed of mere speculation, into those of something distant gradually drifting closer towards the earth. The shadow passed through the clouds, dragging wispy, thin contrails along with it, as though the clouds had been the Shadow’s lover, slowly reaching out to catch It, only after it had passed far enough away for their touch to be useless. With the wail of something immense breaking the sound barrier, the heavily armoured figure punched through the black mists of space and time and hurtled into the dead centre of the meeting table. The cry of shattered glass and splintered wood greeted Captain as he stirred from his sudden and unexpectedly violent awakening. He shook his head and let out a quiet groan that did not pass through his armour’s temporarily scrambled vox-comm. The echo of his impact echoed throughout each of the Hall’s multitudinous corridors, and yet, Captain found himself entirely confused. Where was he? When was he? In fact, while he was on that line of reasoning, exactly. who was He? Slowly, the explanation began to form in his mind, though Captain felt he had only been told a portion of the truth. Shaking his heavily armoured head back and forth in an effort to wipe the stars from his eyes, Captain broke away from the utterly ruined table with no small effort, and stumbled to his feet. For a few seconds, Captain stood there, stock-still and utterly oblivious, before a few scratch marks in the table, and the arrangement of its ancient chairs refreshed some portion of his memory. Captain stumbled forwards, and promptly collapsed in one of the painstakingly wrought chairs, his breathing heavy. Someone would most assuredly be along shortly. Someone would give him answers.*

Soprano: The voice of the person calling out form the building caused her to start-… god help Brunhilda if she chose to return with her rumpus to ruin her current silence. A soft moment between her swift escape and now collection of thoughts within this rural area she had yet to expect to find. Now with her ears flattened into tightly held points above her head she turned to the voice and cocked her head curiously to the female with her nose seeking out familiar scent… Warmth, youth… Cloak with-… dust? Books? Her nose sniffed at the air as from behind her came the holler of the dreaded meat sack of a woman returning bearing a cleaver. “Awrught boys-… going to av’ some Hasenpfeffer fer your dinner tonight if you can catch the cheeky blighter.” The horrible beast of a woman stood in a squat 5 foot height, her belly twice as thick with either child or rolls of unforutnately placed fat that bobbled while she spoke, the thick syrup of spittle drooping into her third chin as she called to her boys all equally unfortunately proportioned and maybe slightly inbred (after all, a face only a parent could love right?) Corrine’s wide red eyes glanced to one of the men hardly paying attention with his pinky finger lodged in his left ear as she pulled from her weak vocabulary. “Lah-vae me… Aloe…” She spoke and struggled, biting her lip and drawing blood from the sharp fangs she bore as Brunhilda sat and watched her, reaching into her dress to remove a sweaty turkey leg from beneath her bullocks and tear off a meaty hunk. The Viera youth hissed gently, “Lah-veh… me… aloe-… Aye thank you sod.” What appeared to be the brightest of the bunch of boys spoke up in a comically dumb tone to say,. “She called as a sod, tha cheeky blighter-… let’s get er..” Two wielding shovels and the ear-picker pulling out a significant hunk of yellow matter holding a-… wall sconce of some kind, the candles still attached the charged with Brunhilda wielding the turkey leg up as battle cry erupted from her grease encased lips, “BbrrAAAGH!!” Corrine’s ears dropped and she froze before turning tail to the gate and leaping as best she could from the onslaught to a twelve foot distance away screaming her first english words to the curious female in her terror. “HELP. ME.”

KingFalthosHellbore: -Mathias was having a rather particularly wonderful conversation as to the weapon array configurations that he would masterfully craft into the shinning armour that he had hoped, would bring the government to grant him aide and funding to mass-produce the suits, until he heard a shrill cry of what had sounded familiar, it wasn’t the tone or the accent, but the words ‘HELP ME’. He stopped jingling his keys a moment. His eyes scanned the area, the voice had seemed distant. He would unclip a hidden holster of where he kept, yet another manner of science he had worked on. Using tesla coils it acted as a form of gauss weapon. It was still indeed a prototype, but it would make an excellent field test. He would begin to walk towards the sound’s origination. Passing through various winding alley-ways and apartment districts that all clumped together to form a block. He would stop spot a figure that had, very much vaulted over a gate, and was seemingly being perused by a rather small group of common-folk. This peculiar creature was intriguing in the first few seconds. He stood by a moment as he thought to himself “Well now, what do we have here..” He observed a good twenty feet away, but was taken slightly by surprise when previous she had flown mid-air after her vault twelve feet forward. He blinked in amazement. Taking down notes before he would speak up= “Is Everything alright?” his voice was something of a youth, a man in his mid-twenties, however, it was slightly an octave higher than your gruff, veteran of service-

CharlotteCarrendar:- “HELP. ME.” The strange looking girl cried out, bunny ears tagged down flat to her head as she sprinted towards the grand meeting hall doors. Taru’s gaze narrowed, only to have her ears prick to the sound of a dreadful woman, who was speaking in some god awful accent. Really the locals seemed to have descended into heathens, in Taru’s mind. Worst still, the rotund woman had back up, in the form of ogre like lads, who were all to eager to give chase to the one Taru considered “Bunny girl” Such noises and foul stench rose into the air, and carrying farming implements no less. A turkey leg too, one that appeared rotten, or was that just the horrid woman’s saliva; dripping onto the ground at her feet. As the frightened bunny girl zipped past, the hooded Taru stepped out and then blocked the path of the ones to give chase. Eyes shone, black as night set deep within the hollowed pits that were her sockets. She presented a strange aura, almost mystical, as she opened her mouth and released a fine black mist, that wafted into the air, and swirled about the trio. It was known…as the black. Hallucinogenic properties, mixed in with Taru’s own neuro toxins, that laced the air like a fine spray, that if inhaled would drive the victim to madness, if not death. Taru had not released quite enough to do such harm, but this would certainly give them a scare. Closing her mouth, Taru heard a cry from a man dressed resplendently in a full armour suit, decked with weapons, that she knew was not standard issue. “Is Everything alright?” Taru’s eyes shimmered back to their normal colour of blue, and she offered a haunting smile, gripping the edges of her hood, and drawing it down lower, masking her identity. “I think it is now.” :; Inside the meeting hall, as Baldrick, with Charlotte and Captain Antilles, were about to seat themselves at the meeting hall table, there was a god awful thunder clap, that preceded the swirl of clouds that were confined to the dome of the main hall auditorium. All three glanced to the roof, Baldrick trying to shield his eyes, from the spectacle. “We’ve got company!!”- Charlotte cried out, drawing Captain Antilles clear, as a being wearing a full suit of armour hurtled towards the centre of the meeting hall table; which virtually exploded on impact, showering those around in splinters of wood and glass. Baldrick promptly was blasted backwards, and landed on his bony ass, the report scattering along the marble floors, while Charlotte and Antilles, tried to take cover. As the hulking Captain lurched towards a chair, and the smoke and debris cleared, Taru wandered in and took one look at the table, then one at the Captain. “A blast…from the past?” she enquired. <3>

Captain277: *Captain choked inside his armour, the harsh series of coughs locking up his lungs for a few seconds. The air, even the atmosphere inside his armour, tasted impossibly different. Stunned and infinitely confused, Captain placed one mailed gauntlet against his thickly armoured skull and let out a quiet sigh. He shook his head sharply a few times, before suddenly snapping his attention up to his environment. His HUD flickered and buzzed with a horrendous burst of static that blinded his ability to see the complete environment, but something in the back of his skull told Captain that he knew this place. With a few more gasps, Captain rose from the chair, his world spinning, and braced himself against the Meeting Hall table. With the whir of servos and the subtle hum of recessed hydraulics, Captain scanned the room, sizing up the few biologicals that shared the area. Captain activated the suit’s Vox-Comm systems with a thought, and addressed what appeared to be the oldest of the bunch. On the exterior, Captain’s stoic helmet suddenly lit up with the sickly green glow of an unknown, digital power. A perfectly rendered human jawbone rendered itself across the anterior visor of the armoured giant’s headset, its anatomical precision articulating itself in an utterly alien way; after all, humans were used to seeing the lips of a being move, not their jaw. As Captain spoke, the holographic jaw jerked up and down in time with his speech, as if the helmet itself was speaking.* Greetings, Lacardians; or Nemaeans. I’ll be honest with you; I’m not exactly sure where I sent myself to. *Though Captain spoke the words, he could not help but frown to himself as he said them. He was certain he had sent himself nowhere, but the thoughts in his head resumed, unbidden, as if his first few sentences were little more than a pre-programmed speech.* If you would be so kind as to tell me exactly where, and when, I am, I would be more than grateful, and will be glad to grant each of you exactly one Boon.”

Soprano: Corrine had vaulted the gate and now stood shaking another with her hands gripping the bars with meagre strength as her attentions were caught by a male figure speaking in her direction…. How was she supposed to reply when his voice was drowned by the pumping of her panicked heart… Her eyes were fixed on the curious female by the door that smelled of familiarity in the oddest of ways. She turned her head for a moment to shake her head but her animal instincts took place… Oh no… oh no… she should of never left home-… she would end up like that turkey leg… Or worse… Indeed it was unethical but she was now a mouse in a trap… Help me, help me… creator help me… Corinne took past the robed figure the trio of men halting in their chase as they stood before her Brunhilda stalking forward with an angry grunt of effort as her yellow stained teeth gnashed in indignation at she who would halt the chase for her dinner. But terror struck their hearts… all but the youngest, which paused facing back to his mother with a thin strand of drool settling over his chin. The other boys stood and watched as the thick smoke settled over the gathering, and settled over each of them. All now but forgotten Corinne has taken that burst of speed from sheer adrenaline, her genetic bipolar twist settled by what was known to her people as the mist. Mutating their genes and splicing them with the local wildlife with what settled in a colony in the recollection. Or-… that was what she was told from generations past… Her great great grandmother had told her to never set eyes on a cloud of soot that burns and taints the unforgiving…. Of course she had never understood until now and shook now with respect and trembling. A low shivery break settled in her breathing as she rose, tan skin smattered with light spot printings almost like that of spotted fur in freckles over her very pulsing skin. She swallowed and rose to thank the woman before a crash shattered in her sensitive ears, and she released a low peal of pain, bringing her hands to her long lobes and releasing a soft moan of pain. Despite the boots she wore on her feet, small claws peeking free, every bristle on her broke with foreboding at the calamity of ungodly sound that broke into each level of what she was and echoed in her ears. The followers scattered, what might have been a puddle of piss carried off after Brunhilda and her ilk as they scrambled away, and let but a turkey leg in their wake to the woman who sprayed the black in their direction. The added thundering was by consequence but added in the terror from the blunt refusal to tech that these people obviously had for their intelligence was obviously lacking. Corinne had crooked but now rose back to her height slowly standing and straightening her back despite the ringing in her ears. Walking towards the male, his weapons all but ignored-… after all… She had no idea what this tech was-… or what dangers they held… Her bow on her back was all she bore or needed… She was in no way I fear of those who saved her from the horrific pleasantries upon shattered china in the company of naught but bogan’s. She walked forward, mannerisms gone but spoke in the language of her people, a soft whisper of thanks with her head bowed, “E dryhgoui vun ouin desa yht ahanko eh so naclia…” (I thank you for your time and energy in my rescue…) Her eyes flashed up as she crooked at the waist in a respectful bow, her name followed, “Corrine.” She swallowed and bent again, before rising and falling silent.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Baldrick propped himself up on the floor, his glasses sliding down the bridge of his nose, and he managed to regain focus, only to spot the man that had held the heart of his former Mistress till her death. “Gahh.” He exclaimed, scrambling from the floor, whilst a staffer ran out from a nearby office and tried to help collect up the scattered files. Charlotte and Captain Antilles turned back to see the giant lurching up from the antique wooden chair; with the splintering of wood, tinkling upon the marble floor. .* Greetings, Lacardians; or Nemaeans. I’ll be honest with you; I’m not exactly sure where I sent myself to. * Captain Antilles and Charlotte shot looks at each other, both as confused as the other of what the Captain was going on about. ~Sent himself?~ Taru of course, was the first to get in close range of the Captain, and she reached up to slowly remove the black hood, that gave way to showing off her winter white tresses. Taru was as much an alien to Nemaues, as it seemed that the Captain was. However, she was more than happy to oblige his enquiry. “You are in…Lorewall. The capital of Nemaues. The year is 2011, last I checked.” The older of the Carrendar siblings, who had never met Captain before, glided across the floor, with her cape swirling behind her. She extended a slender hand out from her robe, and with the palm turned up, she said simply. “You owe me a boon.”- Charlotte finally recognised the giant in the new armour suit, and she uttered. “Captain?” <3>

Captain277: *Captain let out a series of gruff, repetitive bursts of static that might have been, on the other side of his armour, chuckles. The harsh green light of his visor flickered for a moment as his head swivelled in the direction of the nearest mortal. Captain inhaled, breathing in through his nose. Even though the armour prevented him from actually smelling the woman who now stood, expectantly, just a few feet away from him, he did it more for decorum’s sake. With a low, yet somehow pleasant growl, Captain addressed the woman.* Child of this world, you tell me nothing I did not already suspect. It pleases Us to know the transference has occurred according to plan. Though you have done little, save confirm my suspicions, I am a being of my Word, and I shall grant you whatever is in my power to do so. *Captain paused momentarily, the virtual representation of his jawbone paradoxically warping slightly downwards into what might have been interpreted as a frown. He mumbled quietly to himself, the words utterly lost as the Vox-Comm tried to translate the foreign language, and then utterly failed. After a few seconds of static and incomprehensible mumbling, Captain turned his attentions back to Lorelei’s chid.* Yes, indeed, whatever is within my power. What do you wish?”

CharlotteCarrendar: – “Hmmm…fraid you can’t grant me what I wish for…Captain is it?” Taru replied, reaching instead to grasp the edges of her cloak, then lower her head, and whisper something under her breath that was illegible. The taller daughter of Carrendar then swept from the room, retreating to the library, where she closed the door behind her silently. Charlotte on the other hand, did come closer, taking a look at the dome structure then lowering her gaze back to that of the Captain. “Don’t mind her, she is always moody.” Releasing Captain Antilles hand, she approached the Captain, and asked. “Do you remember me at all?…Charlotte….Charlotte from Lacardis.” Baldrick was muttering and rummaging through the file from Nixagris, and then the pent up emotion gave way, and he dropped the file on the meeting hall table. “In the old days, you used to use the door…Captain. First time I have seen you pop out of a cloud. Must be some ship you travel on these days.”- the old man still had some fight left in him, even after all these years. <3>

QueenNikkiz: – ahh she knows she isn’t good at visiting other Kingdoms, however she is her and she isn’t turning back now. she pulls her dress up off the ground and walks on up to the door and awaits the guards to come escort her, no one came , but she could hear the voices just inside the door so she gracefully walks in and peeks her small blonde head in the door, then she whispers, almost too quietly ” Hello ” she giggles to herself knowing no one could hear her, then again in her full Queen composure as she felt she was close enough ” Hello Your Majesty” I am the Queen Of The Tudors Kingdom , and I seek Alliance and also I simply love visiting – she says with a bright warm smile-

Captain277: *Behind his helm, Captain quirked an eyebrow at Taru’s inexplicably sudden shift in demeanour. Silently, Captain shrugged, the neon eyes of his visor trailing the woman as she shuffled off to a portion of the Hall that his mind politely told him was the Library. Captain, still struggling with his presence in this unfamiliar iteration of an otherwise recognizable world, decided not to follow her, and anchored himself firmly to his point of origin. As Charlotte drew near, Captain’s eyes lit up, and he found himself rather glad for the privacy his helm afforded him. Though he found himself feeling rather uncharacteristically glad that Charlotte still existed, in this world, Captain managed to hide the emotion.* She must get that from her mother. *Charlotte introduced herself, and Captain chuckled quietly. This time, the sound carried through his rapidly-resetting Vox-Comm properly.* I know you, Charlotte. At this point, I would dare say I know you better than you know me, but I digress. Such words are not meant for you, any more. I did promise a boon to Taru, yes, but such a favour was granted to all of those in the room, so long as one helped me. What do you wish for? *Captain’s attention snapped suddenly to Baldrick. His tone dropped a few octaves, and yet somehow maintained a sharp, sarcastic air.* you’re still alive, Baldy? I had thought you would have gone the same way as the rest of the din- *Captain suddenly caught himself, and cleared his throat. Even though he had allowed his Choler to rise, Captain took a few breaths and continued.*My apologies, Baldrick. The trip took quite a lot out of me. What is the favour you request?”

CharlotteCarrendar:- Perhaps Taru was more like Lorelei than one had imagined, certainly her temper that was for sure. Charlotte on the other hand was always the quieter of the two, and was delighted in fact that the Captain remembered her. He spoke with a fondness that was like that of a lost relative come calling. The younger Carrendar actually blushed and showed a smile that grew, especially with the sarcastic tone with which he addressed old Baldrick. Charlotte had half a mind to speak to him that way, but she generally refrained from purposefully trying to upset the old bugger. “I figure I must have upset the Gods at some point, they don’t want this bag of bones just yet.” He snapped, then changing his tune a bit on the offer of a favour being given to all in the room. Baldrick removed his glasses and proceeded to chew on the ends, going into deep thought of what he would favour. “Nice pair of slippers. Mine have holes in em, and these floors chill my bones at night.” Baldrick said with a nod, while Charlotte shook her head. “I’ll be happy just to give the boon to Taru later. But, you could answer me a simple question. Why did you come back…and why now?” At this point, Taru emerged from the library, carrying a small leather bound book in black, and noticed they had company. A regal looking woman, who was making an announcement of her arrival. ” Hello Your Majesty” I am the Queen Of The Tudors Kingdom , and I seek Alliance and also I simply love visiting.” Taru withdrew an apple from her cloak and took a large bite out of it, chewing heartily, as she pointed the apple at Charlotte and said with a full mouth. “Shhpeak to the Black haired girrrrrl. Shhe’s the Prime Minister..*she takes another bite* ~crunch~ “She does the alliances.” <3>

MrObserver: Silent, alone, and observing… the Black King watched from a dimension above. The 5th as it would be known… With a sight drone reverberating within his chest, the 13 foot tall, black skinned being which had came accustomed to wearing Neo-Victorian era style clothing rose from his seat. Within the confines of his mind, the being spoke aloud in the silence. “Never settle for standing alone within the domains of hierarchy.” Steps did not echo, not a sound of breath, nor a single popping of the skeletal system that supported the being body was released as it arched back then jolted forward. With two ebony and crimson tendrils rushing up over his shoulders, and 4 around the frame of his torso, the silence was broke as they penetrated the barrier between dimensions. It was much like glass as what was originally nothing was riddled with webbed fractures. Again the being spoke within its own mind, settling the score with the barrier again. “I do not ask for your permission, I wander where I please…” Sudden the barrier shattered; scattering like that of glass fragments on a marble floor. Opened was the door by his tendrils which had acted much like a key… or not a sledge hammer assailing a jewellery stores displace window. Silence was a mean of action to him…. A mean of transportation once disrupted. Compared to the transportation means of 4th dimensional beings, this was the quickest route to his destination, one that he’d been observing for sometime… A single government building on Lacardis, a meeting room which held three being which he didn’t hold much affinity for as of the moment… Well, with the exemption of one… one who seemed to be wiser and much older than the others? With the sudden jump into a dimension below his, the strain of change would drain his inner energy slightly over time as he would remain in his 5th dimensional form as to refrain from being seen the perceptions of the beings who would only see in 3rd & 4th dimensional life. Behind two females, he’d arrived. His silence everlasting, his eyeless gaze watching…. “I wonder if any shall be capable of grasping my presence here amongst this lot…” Once again he’d spoken to himself with the confides of his mind.. <E>

Captain277: *He couldn’t help but smile at Baldrick’s spirit. With a slight nod, Captain shifted to a slightly more conversational tone.* Well Baldrick, you know what they say; Only the good die young. *For a few seconds, the obsidian-black layers of Captain’s armored plates seemed to writhe and shudder of their own volition, before the dark patina peeled slowly away from the giant’s armored form and began to coalesce at the end of his palm in the form of an opaque ball of dirty mist. With a halfhearted flick of his wrist, Captain launched the ball at Baldrick. As the projectile soared through the air, it began to melt away, its hazy edges gradually shaping into something altogether familiar; a pair of rather cozy-looking men’s slippers; modestly crafted out of what appeared to be sturdy, yet inexpensive leather. The set of footwear landed with a soft, synthetic flop on the ground just a few inches away from Baldrick. Captain gave the man a polite nod, and turned his attention back to Charlotte. Quietly, he took in her request, and smiled to himself, once again.* Taru’s boon is her own, child. You have no reason to ask your favour of me now. Perhaps it would be better for you to save it. Your question is both trivial, and inevitable, and therefore there is no reason why I should count it as a debt. Simply speaking, I-*Captain locked up again, and for a moment, he couldn’t remember the details of his own advent.*-Excuse me, child. How long have I been gone, exactly?

QueenNikkiz: – she smiles warmly and dares to pour herself a goblet full of wine, she begins to sip on it as she looks around the room listening to the other-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Counting the fingers on her hands, she replied to the Captain. “About eight…I think. I remember you saying you had to cross the world, I figured you got lost.” Charlotte lowered her hands to her sides, and watched as Baldrick was trying on the fancy new slippers that Captain had provided from the dirty looking sphere. “Oooo nice leather ones too. Match my night coat.” The old timer chortled, twisting his right ankle, admiring the craftsmanship. He was not one without manners and chimed. “Thank you Captain.” Probably the first time in many a year where Baldrick was hospitable. But you never kick a gift horse in the teeth. Charlotte caught sight of the fancy lady who had entered the hall, and was addressed by an apple munching Taru. “You seek an alliance. M’lady?” Charlotte enquired, as Taru brushed past and took a seat at the damaged meeting hall table, chuckling under her breath. “I suppose we could make some arrangements in that regard. Baldrick…get the alliance forms in triplicate and my stamp if you would be so kind.” Baldrick shuffled off in his new slippers to Charlotte’s office, whilst Charlotte returned her attention to the Captain. “I don’t recall the armour you have on. New is it?” She asked, taking up a chalice of wine herself, swirling it around with a light flick of her wrist. <3>


MrObserver: -Unaccompanied, inhibited, and observing the, gigantic being of thirteen feet tall and murdered out skin had situated himself upon a throne of self exile. For some time now he’d being paying close attention to four being of a lower dimensional status… Well three to be more exact. There was one that had his interests, and as it was… He was curious to figure out the beings mannerisms and origins. There was something transmundane about the being he’d come to simple know as… “Captain.” It was devoid of word that this would be a surprise to the individuals which resides within the government buildings meeting room on Nemaues to meet an elevated dimensional being. Solely, he worry was not on how they would take his appearance, nor was it even the fact he’d be breaking their set laws of physics by jumping dimensions upon will… It was his right as an elevated plains being to wonder around in lower dimensions. He was no “God”, nor was he a “Devil”, No; he was just some ordinarily unnatural future visitor of Nemaues.  Lashing on the edge of the thrones back support, crimson and ebony tactical-members which were the protrusion of his very being, had being playing gently as their owner leaned back, crossing his legs and arms. “Truly it’s devoid of saying, these lesser beings hold much potential… even here in the elevated plains, but I must be careful… All beings deserve the right to live… “This thought was just one of many based off the singular knowledge of his existence in a lesser plain could catastrophic if he left his nature unchecked. Gamma and sigma radiation would be released into the surrounding if he did relinquish his full form before them. “An altered state will have to be put into commission…” Silence he been shattered thanks to the myriad of souls he’d taken from other dimensions below and within the one he resided in. “Yes, well… I shall have to accommodate for their flaws and refrain from making a full appearance…Or figure out a method of being truly tangible before them. But to negate my own nature will take something much greater than I myself am capable of…” His words trailed off… Thought process kicking in, and then a theory of “captains” suite came into play. Was he wearing it to ward of such effects as those which were tied to him? Certainly not… Never had he heard, or seen a being of lesser dimension having to accommodate others in such away… To negate one’s own nature was an idea of equality he’d like to believe was the truth that this fellow named “captain” was playing on. “Either way…. It must be done… I’ll head there now in an altered form…” He’d whispered as he rose from his throne and his tactical members retreated into tightly wrapped coils upon his back. Silence was returned  but only for mere moments before he lifted his left arm and narrowed his hand flat against something imperceivable…. A impede between dimensions.  Though these being he wished to fist were forth dimensional, they resided in a third dimensional world. No matter, he’d just bypass the forth and step into the third. With a slight push of hand, the barrier seemed to just give way; fragmentized be the sheer will of its assailant. Light rushed around him, energy warped and time seemed to slow down rapidly as he materialized within the very room he’d be observing the 4 beings. Though he’d tuned himself down greatly, and was only partial there, he remained imperceivable as he stayed in an altered fifth dimensional from. Expressionless and silent beyond these beings perceptions; all sense were to low from the majority, be he theorized about “captains”, he must be something much more than meets these beings eyes. Silence was maintained through his strides as he came up behind the two females. “Charlotte” and “Taru” he though the names were as he came to a halt behind them, his attentions locked onto the fellow named “Captain”.  Now, if his theory was correct, this being out of them all was more than able to see him… all that was needed now… was time.. <E>

To be continued