R.I.S.E. O.F. T.H.E. M.A.C.H.I.N.E.S.

Roleplay Live : Carrendar Dynasty : Trek to the Summit Merge/ Fjelding Mountains and Lorewall 2E Time line



Shoadw's letter
TheGorya: -Conan watched as Charlotte left for the moment as she needed time to herself. The words that Charlotte would read spoke out loud as if it was Shadow himself speaking to her. His voice to her would almost be like he was sitting right next to her as the letter read. “ Dear, Charlotte if you are reading this letter I am no longer alive. I am giving you this letter and what is within its wrapping as something to remember me by. I was never a good friend from the time I meet you in the mountains full of snow. I always talked down to you as if you were younger than what you were. I know that you might feel the pain of my death or you may not. I give you what is in this letter a crest a symbol of not just my family but who I was. Charlotte I regret telling you that thought my life was never ending that I may not ever die. The soul within my body says otherwise. I know some things cannot be explain of what has happened to me. I am sure to it someday you will understand what I have done for you my dearest friend. I hope the answers you seek are what you hold dear from my secrets. Take care Charlotte I deeply wish I would have spoken with you one last time. Sincerely Shadow Eris Gorya.” -the crest that was placed into the letter was now laying on the ground. Its golden metal was seen by the dimmest light near her. Its symbol of the Gorya family crest was punched out into a upside down triangles. The simple SEG carved into each single one of the three way towered crests. It had a chain around the end of it to be worn like a necklace. The pin on the back made it to where it could also be used as a pin. The crest was a memento of Shadow to Charlotte as a symbol of their friendship. The last thing that would ever be noticed of the SEG letters were something all in itself as even the letter held a wax stamp with Shadow’s own personal signature. To be known to Charlotte within the last words of her friend who knows what else he may have left her other than the memories they had.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Reading the letter out loud so that the others of the group could hear it, you could feel the emotions in each and every word. Soft sniffles met with each pause to take breath, and her chin quivered as she reached the point where the letter said he regretted telling her that his life would never end, for his soul had other ideas. Life and death were two certainties, and she knew in her heart, that once it was time, then her place in this life would be over too. No one is safe to say they are immortal, for the truth was, that no one would want to live forever, if they could not be with their loved ones anymore. Charlotte wiped away her tears with the back of her hand, and picked up the letter, folding it carefully and placing it back into the envelope. The gold insignia, that read SEG, she decided to wear around her neck, as it was meant to be worn. She was proud to have known Shadow, for the time that she did, and wished that perhaps there was a way to say a lasting goodbye. But perhaps when her time comes, he may welcome her to the plane on which he now walks. Pushing herself up to stand, she placed the envelope in her backpack, and tried to regain her composure in front of the group. “The sky will have a new shining star this eve…for on the world we live, we have lost a dear one.” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan heard the words of the letter it sounded just like Shadow. Always regretting things in his life that he should have done but didn’t. He wondered if Shadow was even walking with his wife and child or if he lived with in another plane altogether. His own thoughts came to mind in fact knowing that Shadow truly cared for this woman. Perhaps even fell for her in a sense, he knew Shadow as if he was a brother. Conan had never really kept himself close to his friend for the reasons of being pushed through time. It was too short to make friends to know he is free at least maybe just maybe. Conan could find something to live for. He watched Charlotte take the necklace that was given to her placed around her neck. As She did this a strange marking on her left hand formed glowing in gold yellowish color. The marking became clear yet looked painless when it appeared it seemed to spell out a phrase before disappearing from her hand. The words would make the phrase. “Look into your heart” Conan looked back to Luna and Seven knowing they most likely never knew Shadow or have ever met him. He kneels down not caring what was said into the markings on Charlotte’s hand since it was not his concern. Reaching into his bag he pulled out two red apples that he had been keeping in the back of his bag. As he offered both of the twins a bite to eat. He knew they had not stopped to eat on the journey here.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – The children were both surprised to see Conan kneel before them, let alone what he had to offer them from in his bag. Two shiny apples. Both the children had not eaten a thing since leaving Lorewall, and were famished. Seven and Luna both accepted the apples, and happily munched on them, while their mother was composing herself, coming to terms with Shadow’s death. A soft glow came from Charlotte’s hand, and she brought it up before her face, only to see the words, “Look into your heart” then fade to nothing painlessly. Curling her fingers up then flexing them, she realized that the necklace had not only been a gift, a token; it was a way for Shadow to leave a piece of himself behind in her. This in itself brought her comfort, and she wandered back to her children, that were still eating the apples. She offered her hand to Conan, to shake. “I want to thank you…for everything you have done for my children.” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan watched the children start to eat the apples he offered them as he gave them a gentle smile knowing he was right. They were in fact hungry as he turned his head to Charlotte who was offering her hand to him as a thank you. As the words came to him in shock “I want to thank you…for everything you have done for my children.” he stood up as he took her offer and gripped her hand firmly shaking her hand.- “Your welcome Charlotte. In the end I feel bad in a sense to have to bring such a message. I hope you have no hard feelings towards me on the matter.” -he knew she was thanking him for helping her children. As he did care about them even if one was a handful. In his own personal senses he was starting to feel the effect of the seal on his chest releasing. Knowing full well when its released he was going to go through pain as he was told. But his own thoughts were it was nothing he couldn’t handle. As such he started to feel something crawling on his chest ignoring it for the time being. As he waited for Charlotte’s response.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- “No hard feelings at all. You brought me news that I would have not heard any other way, and you also reunited me with my children. I can never be angry about that or upset. I hope they weren’t too much of a handful.” Charlotte asked, inwardly knowing that they probably were. “Seven is so much like….yes well, he is a chip off the old block.” She ruffled Seven’s hair and he protested with a mouthful of apple. “Muuuum.” Luna found this amusing and grinned broadly. “Mister Conan has been very good…really good. We even showed him your apartment. That’s how we came to find you. “ Luna said, twisting her right foot in the dirt floor of the tunnel. “You are coming home soon, right? All our brothers and sisters are in the Spire. Things in that city are not good Mum.” She was right about that, but this just strengthened her resolve. “Your siblings are safer there, then anywhere else. We need to get to the summit, and restore the balance. Its why this trek is so important. People down there are acting wierd, aren’t they?” Seven nodded and tossed his apple core over his shoulder. “Aunt Taru is scary. Then again…much of Lorewall is scary at the moment.” Fung Le approached them all from behind and said. “This is why….we trek. All will be revealed at the ritual. Now come, we must get a move on.” With his bo staff in hand, he started off again down the tunnel, with the Shadow wolf in tow. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan smiled at her as she said she wasn’t upset with him.“No hard feelings at all. You brought me news that I would have not heard any other way, and you also reunited me with my children. I can never be angry about that or upset. I hope they weren’t too much of a handful.” his eyes twitched a little at the words as he glanced over at Seven knowing full well what he was capable of. “Seven is so much like….yes well, he is a chip off the old block.” Conan’s one thought of that was in fact he wondered what his father was like knowing this woman was in fact kind yet she had an aura that was demonic. He knew what they were and didn’t care whether they thought of themselves badly. If shadow trusted her then he could as well. Of course the talk about her apartment he could in fact remember that he did sort of redecorated the pent house as his eye twitched again. He knew he should speak up about that until the time was right. The talk of things that things in the city they were in not that long ago was in fact in utter chaos. He sighed as he knew he was going to regret what he was about to say.- “Charlotte I know we have just met and such as I have been taking my own ideas into plan. Since my task is done. I would like to offer my Sword to you as a guardian for Seven and Luna.” -he looked at Charlotte as he figured she would most likely question him as he saw the man start to walk deeper into the tunnels. As he spoke to press forward. Conan knew that she wouldn’t answer him right away as he waited for her to walk forward. So that he may follow.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- The group were on the move, one by one, falling in behind the Master, Fung Le. Charlotte gestured for her children to follow, while keeping in step with Conan, so that they may share a word as they progressed through the tunnels. Clearly, Conan knew what the children and Charlotte actually were, and wondered if he thought ill of that. To her, everyone had a dark side to them, some more prominent than others. While in the guise of the humanoid, the demon within is contained, but when released, the Bebilith are unpredictable, and unruly. Aggressive to the point where they would attack anything in their path. Charlotte adjusted her back pack straps, as she walked with Conan, and listened to his queries about being a guardian to her wayward tykes. Glancing up at Conan with respect she said. “I would be honoured. The children never knew their father…and I know this shows in Seven’s behaviour, always thinking he is the man of the family. He has so much to learn, and many things that only a father figure can provide.” –she then touched his arm, and looked concerned of what she just said. “Oh…don’t think I am..coming on to you or…anything. Right….oh that was embarrassing..” She bit her bottom lip, and then started to walk forward once more, muttering under her breath, about putting her foot in it. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan walked with Charlotte as She answered him that she would in fact be honored to have him be their guardian as he nodded while she continued to ramble a bit about their father never being there for them. He had figured to himself that they really needed someone to be there even if he was just a guardian to them. He could in fact help guide them at the moment he was about to say something in regards to Seven’s mindset She touched his arm as he looked directly at him as he heard her say something rather odd and completely random. “Oh…don’t think I am..coming on to you or…anything. Right….oh that was embarrassing..” his mind went blank in over a couple centuries it has seemed like that she thought she was coming onto him. As he looked straight forward not commenting on the topic of her even flirting with him. His face went a little red since of course he didn’t see her like that. He did open his mouth as he said – “I have had worse…” -he knew he has had worse things said before yet again he was hoping to find out more about this trek since he only knew about a few things.- “so what is this trek about anyways? I understand the zombies and all but I would like to know more of what’s going on”

CharlotteCarrendar: – .- “so what is this trek about anyways? I understand the zombies and all but I would like to know more of what’s going on” Charlotte was surprised he understood the zombies, cause she still hadn’t found out what had caused that. But what was more pressing, was understanding the Trek. As they walked, Charlotte explained. “Back in china town, there was a young servant boy, who aided Fung Le in his home. On a visit to his house, a creature tried to attack me, and the boy took the blast, killing him. The fountain of tears turned to blood, and the boy’s body was taken by the dragons of the river to the summit temple, where he will be raised to new life. There is a shift in the balance, due to the sacrifice of an innocent, to save a demon from harm. But not only that, the boy was special. A guardian, whose role in this life was taken from him before time. Now we trek to the boy, to reach the summit, and have Fung Le perform the rites. It is why Lorewall is so topsy turvey. It is why demons are not acting like they should. When the ritual happens, everything will be as it was…and should be.” She hoped this enlightened him, as she continued to walk along the tunnel.<3>

TheGorya: -Conan listened to Charlotte as she started to explain as she started to come around to the full circle of why they are doing this. His mind raised many theories of what was ahead of him not only was that they were going to a temple but one that had spiritual power. Conan didn’t understand why he was always somehow connected to something that deals with the spiritual world. He nodded as he said.- “so basically the boy is something that shouldn’t have been killed. Yet even in the end it seems balance is harder to keep. For as long as I have been alive everywhere I have been balance is always the first thing to go. What a paradox we live in.” -he shook his head as he started to sound like his father. As he ran his hand over brisinger as for once the sword would start to hum a melody that Conan hasn’t heard before. Its tune was sweet and blissful as it played out. The melody was like a song that moaned out to someone. Conan could only help but say.- “This is sword is starting to get annoying with its random melody’s.”

MrObserver: Carbon fiber layered upon bio-metal skin, mechanical organic internal organs, and birthed from the depths of underground omniscience communities… the creation who’d been dubbed SPX-1070-XX-0 before the project took place, had been roaming through the multi-verse for over close to a seven centuries. All this time X70 had been advancing his combat skills and knowledge of the inner working of the multi-verse and its inhabitants. Still, even after seven hundred years, X70, was still surprised by how well the individuals of the multi-verse advanced technologically. Hell, though he was seven years old, X70 was still very much ahead of his time. Bio-metal and Organs that would repair themselves upon damage just as any organic beings body would, but with one or two things he’d still never came upon… Diseases and poisons would hold no effect to such a bodily support system. Through his travels, X70 had heard of a similar creation in the universe, 2E. With such rumors spreading, he’d just have to look into the origins… The origins of M.E.R.C.Y., a being whom sat upon the planet, Nemaues and in the area of Lorewall, X70 had taken off into the vast reaches of space in his home universe of, EGC-3. With a slip into sub space and onto the fabrics of a quantum blanket, X70 lingered as his internal H.U.D (Integrated into the retinas of his eyes) Locked onto the energy signature of, E2. With the sudden jump into warp time, a sudden scream in the sword which rested, strapped on his back was released as he tore through the blanket and into the reality of, universe 2E. Once again, he’d be lingering in the depths of space far from the planet, Nemaues. Close to the epicenter of the “Big Bang” that had created the systems which lay floating in the “infinity” called Space, X70 once again relied on his H.U.D to track the energy signatures rumored to be of great warriors on a planet dubbed, Nemaues. Another jump into warp time, and X70 was gazing down upon the planet his adventure was going to begin on… Atmosphere was going to burn at him, but he wanted to make an entrance nevertheless, he wouldn’t have to worry heavily, the power stored within his sword would ensure his recovery after he landed. “Mercy, I hope you are what they tell of….” With a kick of his right foot against the nothingness of space behind it, X70 rocketed towards the outlands of the area known as, Lorewall. <E>

CharlotteCarrendar: – “A singing sword?” Charlotte could hear the sound herself, and then found it amusing. “You know, I read a tale, of my Mother being whacked over the head by a lute. Musical instruments, can pack a punch.” She was actually telling the truth, for Captain had tried to calm Lorelei, Charlotte’s mother, and he used a Lute to do it. Not very romantic, but then again, it might of been better than having to put up with his singing. Charlotte was interested however in Conan’s take of the effects of all walks of life when the balance is disrupted. “For everything good in this world, there has to be bad. Perfection is a pipe dream, and we can’t have sweet kisses and flowers all the time. In some cases conflict is how we learn to deal with others. Then again, this shift may have created a bigger issue with those that seek to go to war. Chaos having the upper hand.” Charlotte was curious of how Conan came to Lorewall, and she sensed he was not actually from their world. “I hate to be rude, but…you’re not human, that is clear. What are you exactly?” :: (Lorewall 2E) M.E.R.C.Y was standing outside the Fuyu No arashi headquarters once more. For some reason, she was drawn back to this place, over and over again. Like a pilgrimage of sorts, this was where life as Natasha, ended in a sense. The cyborg was without direction, the relics collected, but P.A.I.N was now gone, and once again she was in need of direction. A lost cyborg at this time…was a dangerous thing indeed. Old newspapers swirled about the footpath where she stood, her platinum blonde locks gently being blown about her face. Left eye running streams of data, as she stared at the white flower symbol of the clan, the only thing she found solace in. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan heard that Charlotte found his singing sword interesting as he tapped the hilt of his blade to have it stop. As he said. To her- “yes it is a singing sword.” -he heard her continue on the tale of her mother being smacked with a lute as he smirked trying not to laugh out at it as he listen to her agreeing about what she said while his sword had kept playing the melody. They walked as a few moments pasted by as he knew the question was bound to come up soon or later. As she asked boldly what was he. He sighed as he said to her- “Well I guess the way to explain what I am is that I am in fact something that even predates most demons. My kind are called Sound spirit wolves, we are the original Cherokee Indians that communed with the spirits. We are wolves in our soul and can transform into that however. Our normal form is in fact human like. You most likely never have heard about it due to the fact I am the last of my kin. A war broke out before your time I guess you would say most of my kin were killed. Instead over the time I was a time ward to the wolf god until recently I was released from the service. From being a time ward I was pushed forward through different worlds to help keep balance and keep those that would harm peace with other worlds.” -he touched his right shoulder as he felt a slight pain in it as he cracked his neck walking deeper into the tunnels as he tried to keep himself from acknowledging that something was wrong as he hoped Charlotte was able to follow along with his explanation of what he was

DarksiedtheLegend: -As M.E.R.C.Y. stared at the white flower symbol of the clan would she have the opportunity to spot one of the more hidden members of the Fuyu no arashi clan board members. The supposed head of Agriculture within the Fuyu no arashi clan as the board member heavily armored limousine make it stop in front of the Fuyu no arashi main headquarters while normally guards should be rushing out of the building and make a defensive line around the limousine to secure and prevent anyone from making an attempt on the life of their precious board member ironically no guard came out of the building. The reason for that became clear the instant a van drove up beside the limousine and from the vans’ backdoors jumped out two men dressed in black trench coats, black hats, black full masks, black gloves, black pants and black boots as the two men stared at the streets for awhile before quickly shifting their attentions back to the limousine as one of the men stood near the side walk facing the limousine while the other man stood on the street in front of the limousine grasping his right arm and checking the streets left to right and back again all the while only edging his body just by a bit. As the man beside the limousine finally opened the limousine door and opened it wide enough as the mysterious board member finally stepped out of his vehicle. The board member has a square metallic head with antennas sticking out where ears are supposed to be, red light bulbs for eyes, a flashing litho for a mouth and a accordion style bellows for a neck. His body was made of pure steel with various colored bulbs, a four holes on his chest and knobs on his body, his arms while metal had an accordion style bellows to hid the joints of his elbows and for hands and for hands a yellow metallic robotic claws. His legs also melt and had the same accordion style bellows to hide his knee joints and finally for his feet metallic shoes. As this strange looking robot would then slowly makes its way up the steps did the limousine drive away into the underground garage of the Fuyu no arashi building which ironically the underground garage was rarely used by anyone as the limousine drove away did the man on the street began to walk backwards but each step this man takes had an eerie thud to each step as the second man would rush up the steps to open the lobby door for the robotic board member as the robotic board member took its sweet time to get up each step did the first man walked backwards to cover the rear of the board member always looking out towards the street , checking the buildings before waiting for the board member to make it to the top of the steps as the board member then took a couple of steps it glanced briefly on M.E.R.C.Y before entering the lobby as the two men in black then followed suit. The robotic board member then approached the security guard to speak with him as the security guard just looked up and said –(Security guard)”He is waiting for you in the special floor.” –As the security guard placed a card key on the desk as one of the men in black took the card and rushed to the elevators before stopping to notice that the elevator doors had opened up and out came a man dressed in a blue tuxedo, blue turban and a sapphire resting on the turban make his way out of the elevator as the robotic board member looked at this man with red light bulbs before the robot flashing litho came to life with a robotic voice-(?)”GREETINGS…SAND.” –To which the man in the blue turban and tuxedo just replied with a grin on his face as he bowed-(Sand)”Domo arigato Mister Roboto” ((http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cShYbLkhBc music for the occasion)) –To which the robotic board member just responded-(?)”NO…NEED…FOR…CLICHES.” –Sand would just smile before responding back-(Sand)”Its procedure Mister Roboto…Don’t worry they are waiting for you in the room.” -As Sand would notice M.E.R.C.Y staring before patting Mister Roboto as he then walked to her.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – “Sound spirit wolves?” Charlotte hadn’t heard of these kind of spirits before, nor was she familiar with the Cherokee Indians. The sad part, was that he was probably the last of his kind, travelling through the ages, and taking up his quests, that had led him to her in Fjelding Mountains with her children. A guardian in truth. Though he was different to other wolves, such as the Shadow Wolf, whom Charlotte was yet to understand fully. Trying to imagine Conan as a large wolf didn’t seem to fit him, but it is not the packaging that one must worry about; it’s what lay beneath the surface. Charlotte was pleased with his explanation of his race, and how he came to be in Lorewall. However, she did notice how he cracked his neck, and appeared to be troubled by something., she just couldn’t put her finger on it. “I’m sorry to ask, but is something wrong?” :: (Lorewall 2E) Standing still beside a light pole on the opposite side of the street, a procession rolled up. A limousine and then a large van. Someone of importance was to visit the Fuyu no arashi this day, but who this time? M.E.R.C.Y kept her eyes peeled, and zoomed in to see, of all things, a robotic man step from the limousine. He looked like something from a fifties horror sci fi movie, so very strange, and M.E.R.C.Y was curious, wanting to find out more about him, before laying eyes on Sand. Ah yes, her memory banks could not wash him away. What with his turban, and the shining stone that set it off, as well as wearing a tuxedo during the day. Eccentric, but he knew much of the nation of Nemaues. When she watched him walking towards her, she knew it was best to head for him, to meet half way. “Sand….we meet again.”- she said, watching the Robotic man enter the building. M.E.R.C.Y’s left eye glowed fiercely and she cocked her head just slightly, before uttering. “Cyborgs..replace men?” <3>

MrObserver: Through the atmosphere he rushed, particles blaring around his. X70 knew it was time to unsheathe the massive sword, which rested on his back, and so with a twist of his body; forcing the sword to be the direct reflection of the barrage of friction. X70 took hold of the hilt and wrenched it out from his resting spot. “Surf the winds…” X70 had chuckled to himself, as he weaved around the blade and placed his feet upon the broad side of the blade that was blank. He took his stance, and started to direct the makeshift air board. On the side, which was taking the major deal of the frictions attack, the engraving had started to glow cheery red, as the rest of blade remained cool. (The outer layer is composed of a ceramic/titanium composite. Sprayed on much like Rhino lining is, applied to the beds of trucks.) Though this was an uncommon method for X70 to land on the planet, it was the one method with allowed him a single bit of entertainment. With the air pocketing beneath the blades broad side catching fire as it rushed by him, the now made plasma left his entrance looking more like a meteor entering through the planet’s atmosphere. Level after level, X70 raced through as he directed his course toward the city of Lorewall. Previous entries had left him with the knowledge it was best to land in a large body of water, than dry land…. Or in a desert. Yep, X70 loved the idea of being covered in glass… Just loved it. The very idea of being on display on a glass prison was so enticing, he’d just have to make sure it happened one day.. Scare the kids that would be looking at him as he was, displayed as some sort of museums centre attraction. But whatever, and crashing into the ground would have been just a great… Leaving a massive crater for people to question? Yeah, that didn’t seem like the best idea, not at all. All the while he’d been debating how to land, X70 hadn’t noticed the scrap that was hung on his swords hilt. He shrugged it off with a chuckle. “Must have been some kind of UAV attack drone I hit and didn’t even notice.” As the distance indicator popped warning him to brace for impact appeared, X70 drew upon his dumbass lucky draw and smiled. “Five hundred feet and closing.” An internal voice rang as he kept his cool and watched as the blue waters neared. Leaning back, as to provide an angle for landing, the blade he rode touched down with the tip of the sword and skimmed across the waters much like a surfboard. Water kicked up, causing the spectrum to shine through the millions of droplets tossed up into the air from the landing. ((In reality, this would be a fuck you to physics.)) Only a mile out from land, the landing had still given him enough energy to propel the blade forward, and soon he would reach a place to step foot<E>

TheGorya: -Conan saw she was confused of the term of course she seemed to understand for the most. He started to explain a little bit of the what really they were.- “The sound spirit wolves are different as you understand from what I had just said. However there is one thing you must know. That with in the body of my race as the correct term Cherokee sound wolf are able to commune with sound using it as a weapon. To keep the body from tearing itself apart naturally we keep sound vibrating throughout the body to keep weight pressure to stay grounded. The vibrating sound the runs through the body isn’t controllable. By younglings within the pack then again to be able to stop the sound would be dangerous. Yet so many theories in the many years have been raised of who we can naturally control sound without being able to use air as the original base property to the source. Other tend to think that we are blessed by the gods.” -he stopped as she asked him a question “I’m sorry to ask, but is something wrong?” he didn’t want to admit it as he said.- “well its nothing really I am sure it will stop soon.” -he rubbed his shoulder feeling something move as the gap on his sleeve to his glove something black moved across his skin without him even noticing.-

DarksiedtheLegend: -Sand would smile directly at M.E.R.C.Y as she made that he then spoke-(Sand)”Ahh M.E.R.C.Y. or do you prefer Natasha…Ahh no my dear…Mister Roboto is a pure machine…no organics in him at all. He leads the Fuyu no arashi division of agriculture and he proves it even when surrounded by warring states but enough of mister Roboto its time you started learning about the Fuyu no arashi clan as a whole…Security, get my private limo.” (Security guard)”Sure thing, Mister Sand.” –As the two would wait as the security guard called for Sand’s private limousine as Sand then continued to ask M.E.R.C.Y. various questions-(Sand)”So how was your stay at the Oasis? Did you enjoy your car? Oh here it is the limo care for a ride? It’s much more private than in the building, why not you tag along with me?” –As a black tinted limousine came up to the Fuyu no arashi clan’s main headquarters as Sand would exit the lobby and made his way towards the limousine where the chauffer quickly opened the limousine door as Sand quickly entered before waiting for M.E.R.C.Y to enter the limousine with him as he waited patiently. All the while Mister Roboto was making his way into the elevator as he enter did the elevator closed.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- “well its nothing really I am sure it will stop soon.” Conan said, to allay Charlotte’s concern, however, he mentioned “it” and grabbed at his shoulder. Charlotte actually found this curious, and then noticed a dark shadow beneath his shirt. She gasped loudly, taking off her boot and with careful aim, she said. “Don’t move…I got this!” With the force of one pretty fired up lady, she propelled the shoe heel at the dark spot, to crush it beneath her steel caps. :: (Lorewall 2E) Sand seemed delighted to see M.E.R.C.Y again, and was full of questions, as well as answers about the robot that had entered the Fuyu no arashi headquarters. All machine, and was in charge of agriculture. Interesting. But this day history was to repeat. Sand asked her to step into the limo, that he had called, and wished for her to get in. The limo pulled up beside them, and M.E.R.C.Y responded point blank to his questions. “Oasis…was good. …I like my car.” Fast and furious, the cyborg spat out the answers, before getting into the back of the limo. When seated she watched Sand closely. He always intrigued her, and she was about to find out what he had in store for her, this time around. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan was walking before he knew it Charlotte took her boot off and had a grip on his shoulder. She swung the steel cap on his forearm as it was like hitting metal and against metal the way it felt. As he looked at her saying- “What the hell are you trying to do? Break my arm?- he growled a bit still trying to figure out what she was doing. His growl became a instant yell as he fell forward on about to drop the ground as he grabbed his chest in pain. It was the seal on his chest trying to unlock itself from the body to fully release his body to this era. As he couldn’t bare the pain any longer. The black shape moved from the spot it was in and back into his shirt sleeve.-

DarksiedtheLegend: As the limousine door was shut did the chauffeur returned to the driver’s seat and the limousine began to move as Sand then began to talk-(Sand)”You see when you left for one of your vacations, I was in quite a pickle with whether or not you were a good investment at all and whether or not Johnny Star did a good job of training you…So now is the time when whether or not you are still useful cause this absences leave a very bad impression but since you are back I could sweep that under the rug.” –As the limousine would pass Burger man as the burger joint had many signs reading out under new management as Sand pointed out the burger joint before saying-(Sand)”You remember this place burgerman or what not, the burger joint that went bankrupt because of food poisoning claims or was it tainted meat… well Johnny Star decided to try and save it and used his paychecks to buy the franchise…He even planned to change it so the whole Burgerman might come back or Starburgers…I think that is what he is trying to call it but anyway with Johnny Star busy I have decided to train you myself.”-As the limousine passed the Telsa Teknos headquarters or known as The Rave club, on the dance floor the lights shined brightly and radiantly as many men and women start to dance as the music would boom out at through the stereos as several members of the Telsa Teknos seems to be enjoying themselves by partying and drinking would Sand point out his lesson for today -(Sand)” Now the lesson for today is ranking system….I am pretty sure you know how this lesson is going to go but I am going to enlighten you even more….Now for an easy and smooth lesson I am going to use the Telsa Teknos as my example. You have seen the leader of the Telsa Teknos the multitalented and number one leading talent searcher Silver, will for the time being lets place him on top of his own triangle for the time being now underneath him is his number two the beautiful Nicky and equally talented as a musician now underneath them is the number three of his group those are usually the club owner of the Rave and now since Silver’s intergratation of the special street teams in Lorewall the so called Purple Octis, Black widow spiders, Southern Cross, Junk dogs, Telsa Knights, The silver wolves, Ratatoskr, Scrappers, Death phantoms, The blue moon and Overdrive leaders take up that spot as well. The number four consists of special members of the group and number five and lower are the so called combined team mates and comrades of the Telsa Teknos as a whole or as it’s known on the street as the foot soldiers but since he has moved up in the world and has captured the attention of the board members and has been named a board member as well as head of the multimedia corporation within the Fuyu no arashi clan…since he is no longer one of my head subordinates I need someone talented to take his and it just might be you…”

CharlotteCarrendar:- – “What the hell are you trying to do? Break my arm?- Conan explained, hurling himself to the ground, writhing in what appeared to be pain. Charlotte dropped her boot and ran to his side, the others turning back to see if he was okay. “I’m sorry…I thought it was a bug.” Which was pretty rich, coming from her. “What’s wrong? Please, let me help you up?”- Charlotte cried, while the children knelt down. Seven showed true fear, worried about Conan. “Mister Conan…are you having a heart attack?” Luna started to cry. “He’s not dying is he?” :: (Lorewall 2E) Getting in the limousine, M.E.R.C.Y keeps quiet at first, as Sand lets her know that her vacation had caused her to lose her place and the faith in her. Passing the Burger man, Sand also explains that Johnny Star was now in the burger flipping business. Everyone it seemed was moving up through the ranks, even Silver from the Electrodome. Everything about rising within the Fuyu no arashi was about making it up the ranking system, to show your worth to those on the board. Question was, would the cyborg partake? “What is required Sand, to be the head subordinate?” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan couldn’t hear anyone with all the pain that had been rushing to his chest as he gripped his jacket as the zipper came unzipped and he threw it off. He quickly grabbed his chest again as black sting like ink stings around his visible skin now that his jacket was no longer visible it seem something that was on his skin was moving as if it was a living tattoo of some sort. He tired to bare the pain as most men would have begged for death by now. Conan just wanted it to stop whatever pain this was it wasn’t something he had in mind. He was trying to pull his shirt off clawing at it but his gloves were still on his hands no claws yet barely able to move his arms to pull it off. He was starting to loose his on vision in sight as his fist closed against his shirt. His body was shaking as if he was in fear the pain was effecting him more than he knew. He could see the look on Luna’s and Seven’s face as he didn’t like that they had to him like this.-

DarksiedtheLegend: -Sand would think for awhile as the limousine drove away from the Rave club before he spoke-(Sand)”Before I relied on Helmet, Kane and Silver to be my attack units when the time calls for it…I always believe in the power of three but right now I’m missing one ever since Silver has moved up a rank in the Fuyu no arashi clan and its only a matter of time before he moves further away and stop being one of my attack units and start being his own man. That is where you come in M.E.R.C.Y or Natasha…you didn’t gave me an answer to what you prefer to be called…-The limousine would then pass the hang out of the Avenging Angels, the bar called the Sanctuary as Sand pointed it out-(Sand)”Now as you can tell by the workings of the Telsa Teknos would relatively mean that the ranking system for the Avenging Angels would also be similar but this group has different ranking system for at the top of the ranking system should have an official head president of the group unfortunately the Avenging Angels didn’t follow that standard rank system. So instead they got the original founding members of their group as their leader, you know Helmet, Larry, Omega Rudy, Alex Dino, The Russian, Patrick and so on and so forth well apart from the top ranking positions being a mess, the lower ranks would follow the same pattern as the Telsa Teknos ranking system. So you can see from their arrangement that any of the founding members can be the leader at any given time…there are challenges and votes to change the leaders within their ranks but in the end the majority members of the Avenging Angel agree that someone with experience is fit to lead…Do not underestimate them while some people just sees them as rowdy motorcycle enthusiasts, they are actually quite good in what they do and they might be the only group in Nemaeus that has actual military training so they are dangerous just not as dangerous as real soldiers but trained as one well except Helmet he used to be a soldier of Nemaeus. Now where were we ahh yes I need you to grow and become one of my attack units. I know it will be hard since you don’t have anyone beside you or even belong to a group so going up the ranks should be difficult any questions about that? ”