X.7.0’.S M.I.S.S.I.O.N.

Role play Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty : Lorewall 2E Merge timeline



CharlotteCarrendar: – The Cyborg sat rigidly directly across from Sand, just as she had done the previous time she was back in Lorewall after the relic’s collection was done. Now, back once more, she appeared slightly different. Perhaps it was the rigours of her last assignment, showing on her face. She had not returned to the original dilapidated house where all the spare parts were kept, so M.E.R.C.Y was yet to repair skin tissue damage, parts of her exoskeleton being visible to the naked eye. Her red eyes glanced out the glass window of the limousine as it sped along the Lorewall streets, spotting potential targets, with intel and numbers flashing over those that carried government registration cards. This initiative, had meant the collection of information so much easier, and even more so for the cyborg. Sand’s voice brought her attention back around, and he made his statement clear, that Silver had moved on from his primary position in the clan, and would possibly move further away from them as he became more famous. “That is where you come in M.E.R.C.Y or Natasha…you didn’t gave me an answer to what you prefer to be called.” The cyborg responded in a monotone voice; “Natasha.” Now there was a reason for this, that was yet to be revealed, however now was not the time nor the place to discuss the whys. As M.E.R.C.Y gathered intel from his speech on the gang members, from Dino, right though to Helmet, all of which she knew over the years, he made it clear, he wanted her to grow and become an attack unit for Sand. Emphasizing that she was now alone in the world, with no set purpose, this was the logical step for her to take. She didn’t even need time to think it over. Purpose…reason to function. It was within her capabilities. Eyes locked on Sand, and with a slight nod, she said simply. “Where do I sign?” <3>

MrObserver: -M.E.R.C.Y.F.A.L.L- Red letters with a white outline pinged onto the retinal infused H.U.D of X70’s who was skimming across the vast expanses of water using his buster sword. Beneath the flashing letters of X70 self set mission to meet the cybernetically enhanced being, numbers reading out the distance between him and land were being counted down. “0.643738 km” was read as he turned his attentions to it and back again towards the rapidly approaching horizon of land. With the majority of his body weight placed on left leg to hold the swords at an angel in the water, X70 leaned forward and down, becoming more aerodynamic in hopes to maintain the current velocity he was at now. Beauty was in the eye of the beholder, and X knew if anyone was watching now, they would have been in awe at the trail from refracting spectrum of light being left behind in his wake. So little time it had taken for him to jump into this world, yet he felt as if there was one more coinciding with it above him as he reached his destination. “Land Ho” X whispered while his swords hilt ploughed the sand up from its run up onto land…:: Paradox was pleased to see the a new being enter into the fray from a complete different universe. It’s given him hope that such an occurrence was a sigh the two time lines would survive one another and maintain their stability… Or what was left of it. Lowly, he’d drone as he leaned back into his exiled throne and watched both times lines from a far. His attentions however were mainly set upon two of the same beings, the one in the same whom had been marked… <E>

DarksiedtheLegend: -As Sand smiled at Natasha’s question before responding to her-(Sand)”From the looks of things you might need some repairs…you want we make a stop at one of the Finisters laboratories? They might be able to fix you up if necessary….ahh The Red Ravens headquarters”-The limousine would then pass through the express way before coming close to a garage with the sign The Nest before Sand pointed out-(Sand)”Ever since Kane went missing Shino his second in command took his place. She is a hard liner and very strict to her own moral and social rules. She single handily took over the Red Ravens when they were doing their own private civil war…don’t know much about their new ranking systems but one thing is for sure Shino leads them whoever they are. Under Kane the Red Ravens were mostly mechanics and motorcycle racers not like the Avenging Angels for the Red Ravens tend to prefer to win their races rather than fighting against their opponents….Kane was the only one who fought with the Avenging Angels head on but with Shino leading them its’ hard to say what her goals are…The Red Ravens starts to pick their fights, retreating if necessary, protecting areas without anything important in them…it’s like they are not even trying to control most of the areas… So right now the Red Ravens are dangerous only because they have decided to take action only when necessary. As of now one is sure of how they are reconstructing their ranks or their command just that Shino and her select group has taken over and no one knows who is in her group. SO Natasha do you understand what I’m trying to teach you?”

CharlotteCarrendar:- M.E.R.C.Y was scrolling through data, from her memory banks in search of the names and files of the different groups, or sub groups of the Fuyu no arashi as Sand explained how the leadership ranking structure had changed since the days of Kane. Kane’s profile picture illuminated in her right eye, and for a moment, the cyborg appeared to shudder slightly. In a past life, Natasha was very close to Kane, almost at his level in the Red Ravens. All the missions were archived in the memory chip of Natasha. Where he ended up after she went missing, is anyone’s guess, however he had been replaced, by one that was a strong hand. Known as Shino, Sand mentioned it was unclear what her goals were for the Red Ravens, but it was clear that the method of operations was different. From starting fights, to retreating just as quickly, they are now viewed as unpredictable on when and where they would strike. This obviously posed a problem for Sand, for without having a voice or ears inside the Red Ravens, it was hard to keep a tight control on their activities, that could jeopardise the overall operations. “Natasha do you understand what I’m trying to teach you?” Sand asked, still showing a hint of a smile, at her previous response, on where to sign. Now was more important. “You need someone on the inside, to act as an intel operative. Hard and swift action, if they cross Fuyu no arashi laws. Infiltration, in otherwords.” Was she right? <3>
DarksiedtheLegend: -Upon the hearing the words of Natasha did he start to a small laugh before responding to her-(Sand)”As of the moment I really have no need for intel operatives or those silent disciplinary members or even infiltration squad….if I really needed those I would just ask the most blood thirsty group in the Fuyu no arashi clan…you know the man you could not defeat. But any way I need another face group someone that I can rely on at moment’s notice I need someone that could install fear in the various criminal groups in Lorewall as well as execute them if necessary, do you know that we are still looking for those that had bombed Lorewall’s first national bank. We made sure that every criminal organization that deals with explosives got the message….that the Fuyu no arashi want these bombers to be handed over to justice specifically the police. Every organization, group, faction, company, gang, and even the government have a leader but in the Fuyu no arashi clan case it’s the master. While every different organization has a leader that makes himself or herself known to the populace, the Fuyu no arashi clan master seems to have an aura of mystery enshrouding him only the select few has actually seen the master well at least that’s as far as you can get to.., for you see the master only shows himself to only important people and people that matter. Right now I want you to make a faction, group, squad, or even an organization which you will lead and when I give you the call to attack you attack, if I say kill without mercy you do so without question. Sooner or later these criminal organization in Lorewall will attempt to make a daring move against the Fuyu no arashi or even the government and I will be calling my three lieutenants, that’s you included to put down those criminal organizations permanently. -Sand would watch the sides of the road as the limousine would then enter into the slums area as Sand then turn to face her-(Sand)”Well this means you are officially back in the Fuyu no arashi clan but first things first you need to do something for me first….” –The moment he stopped talking would be the moment the limousine stopped as Sand pointed to a rundown warehouse with boarded up windows and a metal door with red paint saying KEEP OUT! As the limousine driver would then open the limousine door-(Sand)”You may be qualified as my lieutenant but you have to gain the respect and honor in the eyes of the Fuyu no arashi clan as a whole so you need to start at the bottom. You will be running errands for the man inside with each errand you succeed to accomplish puts you one step closer in the eyes of the Fuyu no arashi clan and which errand you gain knowledge and connections within the Fuyu no arashi clan. This much better than a classroom don’t you agree? Unfortunately the instant you leave my limousine you will be finding your own way back sorry for that but I have other business meetings to attend so I can’t hold your hand through this. I suspect nothing but good things from you prove me right okay Natasha.”

MrObserver: Left foot leading, swords being hefted, and the sound of a flint being struck… The sounds of X70’s mission start. With a low sigh, white smoke lifted into the air from his lips and was wafted away by the breeze. Thankfully for X, he knew the general location of Mercy and was already on route. One thing about it was true, being a mechanical organism to the core… we wouldn’t need to rest for some time. Sounds of branches and other fallen foliage cracking and barking at foot fall as he sprinted in the direction of an intense energy reading his H.U.D had picked up. From the indications being read across his retina, it wasn’t a completely biological and was the closet match that had been picked up so far. With his sword being arched up and placed back to its resting position after reattaching the straps upon beaching, X wasn’t going to need a break from his quest any time soon. With his legs picking up speed, trees blurring beside him, and the wind catching his red and black mohawk, sending it flattening back. His mission was set, his target was hopefully correct.. and the distance was going to close quickly. Again, upon his H.U.D the letters -M.E.R.C.Y.F.A.L.L- read, and below them, the distance keeping him from the suspected target… 9.65 km and closing. <X70> “Best pray to your creator you’re Mercy…” His nostrils flared as he growled. <E>

CharlotteCarrendar: – The limousine came to a slow stop, parking just outside a derelict looking warehouse, that from all appearances, appeared to be disused. The bright red warning slogan on the metal doors, was firm in its message. “KEEP OUT!” Not a place for the faint hearted, and the perfect place to start with M.E.R.C.Y’s introduction back into the clan. The slow turn of her head, precise as she took in the location and surrounds, she recalled it on previous visits to this side of Lorewall. Her assumption that Sand wanted someone to infiltrate the Red Ravens was off the mark. What he wanted, was a killer. But not to kill the innocent, no, they were after the likes of those that bombed the First national bank of Lorewall. People, terrorists, that threaten the day to day lives of Neumeans. This was a change from what Natasha remembered, where they once frowned on killing. How times had changed in Lorewall. This induction back into the clan, was as a messenger, and to start at the very bottom rung. If she wanted a reputation, she was going to have to earn it, like everyone else. No special favours or treatment. . You will be running errands for the man inside with each errand you succeed to accomplish puts you one step closer in the eyes of the Fuyu no arashi clan and which errand you gain knowledge and connections within the Fuyu no arashi clan. This much better than a classroom don’t you agree?” There was nothing to do but agree at this point. Logically speaking. The Cyborg simply nodded, before sliding across the seat, and exiting the vehicle, standing on the footpath, and slamming the door closed. Sand had other business to attend too, and was sure to speed off back to the city, leaving her on the curb. The cyborg tilted her head side to side, and rolled her shoulders. You could even hear the machinations inside her, rotating under her skin, which was still discoloured. A look up and down the pathway, the street was practically deserted. Old car wrecks, and the gathering of hobos around a flame filled oil drum. Slowly M.E.R.C.Y approached the metal doors, and twisted the handle, where it grinded against rusted locks, releasing with an audible screech. The interior was in darkness, and as she stepped inside, her eyes illuminated, to show up on a night vision scan, where her new “boss” was. Silently, she entered the door slamming behind her. <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -As Natasha entered the warehouse was she met with silence well apart from noise of the metal door slamming behind her as the noise as silence came back to the warehouse before the sound of footsteps started to echo around the warehouse as these footsteps got closer before Natasha with her night vision scan could see the being from which the noise of the footsteps was emitted from. This man was a six foot muscular being wearing a torn sleeveless tuxedo , black pants and brown leather shoes as the man was holding what seems like a flash light in his left hand as he got closer to Natasha before stopping just in front of her before staring her down as he then spoke-(?)”So you are the person huh? The one Sand sent…come on follow me he is waiting for you.” –As the muscle man started to walk way as he kept on hitting the flash light before it finally turned on as he started using it to guide his way in the dark warehouse before opening a second door and showing a room with candles laminating the path as the big muscle guy turned off his flashlight as he walked along the candle lit pathway before stopping in front of three stone steps with a rusty looking throne made with a torn car seat on top of some car wreaks and sitting on a throne was a man dressed in a purple suit with his face hidden in the shadows and on the stone steps was another man with a boom box listening to some music but the instant this one saw Natasha and the big guy did the he turn off the boom box as the man on the throne just spoke out-(?)”So number three is this the one Sandy sent to me?” (Big muscle guy)”Yes number one this is the one Sand sent.” (Number one)”Interesting….so Sandy sent me the newbie oh well better someone than no one…listen here I got a big gig planned and as of now I have fallen into a little problem with one of my vehicles. Apparently the problem can’t be fixed so I’m sending you to pick up a new engine from a sweet place called the Sanctuary. I want you to go over there and pick up the new engine. Make sure not to damage it on the way back then we can begin talking about real business if the engine is damaged then no dice. Number three if you can show her the way out. ” –The man near the boom box would turn it back on and crank the volume up as they continued t o listen to music as number three would then pat Natasha on the back as he tried to lead her back out.-