Poet Rap Battle



VladePrimusOriginus: I fall ike a doll a sweet lack of all and hit the cliff and nearly shits as blood defecates through my mind. Quickly i sputter my blood tastes of butter as my vision begins to fade. I chuckle and mutter as I fight to stay alive. “Checkmate it’s over. Guess what I survived.”

VladePrimusOriginus: I rock hard like vodka, your moms hairy than Chewbacca and I’m not going to lie my rap will hit you like a Rasta. Get you high on the trees its hit between your knees then you’ll die and I’ll cry at the pussy that I wasted in a shitty attempt to curate it.

XymmerickZypherus: You talk about Rasta, eat ya fucking pasta, Bob Marley your ass right under my SOA loving harley then take your botanical loving Mary Jane ass to the spider man premiere and get overkilled by charlotte’s awesome spider mover right here, and for the pussy you love, im sure the cat had more fun with its yarn then your limp noodle -_-

VladePrimusOriginus: MY limp noodle? yours looks like a poodle all fluffy and hairy like a toaster stroodle. You can take your Harley with its loud ass roar and pound it up your ass as my rap makes you keep begin for more. Perverts are we that are plain to see ripping pussies like you when we wake up to pee. The flow is in session your mind’s regression. Go back to school or get classed with my progression.

XymmerickZypherus: yes your limp noodle, your Campbell’s brand cheap label, you want a Pillsbury there’s a fat guy named rose o Donald, i scheduled a date for her with you at McDonalds, my Harley might be roaring but your barbie ass more retarded than nikki minaj when she got that ass transplant, i am a pervert but you’re a pewee Herman so small and sad that you talk about your mind’s progression but it’s worse than the hope of change Obama promised us instead he gave us a recession.
VladePrimusOriginus: I type too fast for my mind to think. Fuck my grammar, sucks ya think? maybe it’s just cause your flow fucking stinks. Wipe your damn ass so this shit of lyrical homicide you spew can pass. I can form better bars with the alphabet soup i shit out my ass. You think you got balance in that crap you call a rhyme. Hold on to your kiddy bag it’s time for the big kid ride. take your fat head in its topped up mind and bend over and take it up your ass like a fagget would ride. I got intense beats and a bigger meat then you with your mother envying physyk(SP?) My dick is like the blast from a nuclear bomb your just sad cause yours is even smaller than your mom’s.
MrObserver: Claim you know me, but you call me on a daily about that play I made, things roll through in this world as I slap you upside the head, knocking you around till you’re dead. You fell that? No, well here! I’ll break this bread, upside that dudes head. Ain’t not time to explain, your shits just to lame. You want to battle me? You couldn’t even get out of a laboratory, even using an explicitly mathematical rhyme, that took us all time, as you lay down in m path, here I come to roll over you with me ride.
XymmerickZypherus: you say your dick is nuclear i agree, its as small atomically as the exponent of decicimal -1000000 and 3 to that degree. you want alphabet soup out the ass, I’ll make ya bleed red with my dick ten times bigger than that of a dragon borne class, speaking of dovakin stop fucking your cousin, incest is wrong you missippi clinging whore who sucks more than cheech and chong, imma chiddi chiddi bing bang you out the park with my babe ruth bat that guides your ass to death like an evil Noahs ark!

MrObserver: Slender, it’s all in your head? That’s something I’d even dread. Fuck it, just go to bed, pay no mind to that drone in your hallway, it’s all about to be at the end. Wandering around your home, done broke in. This is where I get real with a hitch that will pull you in. Slender is here and a price needs to be paid, hope you got twenty dollars, cause tonight he feels a might peckish. Entrails be looking red, oh so red. Maybe even in the books of false kings and queens you’ll see your own head. Oh no? That’s right… It’s just a day dream. Please, Don’t scream..

VladePrimusOriginus: Incest incest is the best put your siblings to the test if they scream just pull their hair if they don’t it’s not that fair. Take your note and your four count beat and staple your lips shut before my lyrics reach your face they flow so sexy makes you masturbate. Sex witht he three anss lucky little punk fucking anvisible anflatable and ‘ands at your front. You still want to battle stand up and try again I’ll just slam your ass back into a split head. Guess what your not dead, I’d leave you to rott your intestines would part insects began to digest your guts with cause coated with bread to help you get death as scaphism sets in and your rended an insect buffet.

XymmerickZypherus: kings and queens, what’s this the land of make believe? You talk about slender alot bish, is that the waist size ya wish? you may think the drone is in the hallway, but last time i checked my force is with me all the way, so when you talk about getting paid, are you a prostitute by day?

XymmerickZypherus: fap fap fap its a smack attack, i dick slap you from white to black, think ya can go back, hell no welcome to Neverland, imma make never say never and just scream hell yeah, lil john your ass and give ya the biz, this rhyme got gay so what, i’ll take ya rainbows like lucky charms and trix ya like a rabbit who molests kids!

VladePrimusOriginus: You said you’re gonna pick it up slay me? pfft your joking you think you can still play me? I’m a beast on the mic a freestyler on a hike through the faecal disturbance you’ve became on sight. Hold up relax let me warm up. You like 120 degrees I’m barely hot enough to even unfreeze. Cool down. The battles just begun I know I know Its obvious I won. But oh well lets go this sho has just got fun.

MrObserver: Prostitute to sleep by day, but tonight I’m about to slap you around and mould you like clay. I don’t know anything about waist sizes and shit, but 26 by 60 seems that I fit right in. Tall and skinny, not tan and no teeth… But you know ill tear you apart just for desert. A tasty treat you’ll be for the party of infinity in the elevated plain, more like a snack with what you pack.!So tiny and lame… If you know what I just really exclaimed! Bitch, I scared people of any age, hell, where did you get off that bloody train? you’re on it still, riding it down the drain.

XymmerickZypherus: Hell yeah i played ya. you the hoe I’m a pimp. Imma treat you like butters did his south park bottom bitch! you talking about slaying i’m the chuck Norris version of Wesley snipes blade, I’ll burn you to ashes with my awesome bearded dick. you talk about unfreeze I’ll beat ya up like freiza accept in abridged make ya delivery of pizza split ya legs open to my monster blue wailord of a dick!

VladePrimusOriginus: Blue so it’s true the waffle you posses its like the black version of nappa all muscle but no dick. You think your bad cause chuck Norris is a bitch? Got his ass school by Bruce lee lick it is. He can’t fight. He got no bars you can’t even name one of his movies besides enter the dragon so fuck off. You got Osama’s beard growing out of your dick I’m pretty sure they found all of alquida hiding in it. You a washed up rag an overused fag someone needs to Revolve your ass really fast. To bad the only stone that makes you move is that crack cocain when you starts to snort it. I’m a beedrill’n your bitch till she squitles all over my pokeballs.

XymmerickZypherus: first off i’d like to say blue waffles are delish, so Lego my ego and also Lego my dick! you say nappa had no nick, this coming from Nell’s cousin a green Eunice flubber by the name of vlade, who can’t even see that chuck Norris let bruce lee win. Sure lee entered the dragon but he needed the power of a palkia to even do damage. Alquida is an overused term like your mom’s vagina, open for access and excuses to empty your panic, you talk about crack cocaine but did you know this? That powder came from some olde black guys dick you blew off, while you talking bout beedrilling and squirtells i hope your pokeballs catch em all the krabbies, the pincers, the garchomps and all! and when you ash ketch em and get yo STD’s make sure you decide whether you shunite come near me and Shiite it all!

VladePrimusOriginus: To conclude this flow with a word real bad I’ll jump off my ryme beat to have last line and ended with a word so epic nothing even chuck of the norris can beat. I call upon the god of Food to hear my flow I call forth the great, the powerful and all knowing bacon.

XymmerickZypherus: You keep playing childish tricks but this is a man’s world, is bacon is epic, i couldn’t disagree, but to think the god would bow to you is just make believe, I’ll nutty professor your face like the klumps then mine craft your ass and make you a meg, kanye west mode activated, vlade you’re custom taylor swift made