Role play Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty

Lorewall – 2E Time line.

Flight of the Raven.

Carrendar (aka CharlotteCarrendar)

Carrendar: – The whine of the curfew sirens was starting to fade, as old newspapers floated along the deserted main street of Lorewall. Inside every apartment, and house the people were now prisoners in their own homes. The government had decided to take such abrasive action as part of its desire to keep the citizens safe in the wake of a possible attack coming from the Northern front. Lorewall was now the last vestige of government controlled power left in Nemaues. Captain’s armies and patrols, had cordoned off the city from the outside, but there were those that had created tunnels to get from point to point across the city. Not only that, the monorail link from Lorewall to Nixagris was still functioning, as well as the one that existed below the original meeting hall. That one led to the Cathedral of fiends, which housed many of the children of Charlotte and Taru. It was a dark time to be a Nemauen, and many felt this was the last days of freedom, unless by some miracle the war would be over. On board the Red flag, Captain Amelia Fairweather, was checking and setting back the many clocks that adorned the outer deck of the Tardis. She had already had one gentleman scamper up the rope ladder that had been dropped to allow Amelia the chance to get clear of the patrols. The newcomer smelt rank, and she directed him inside, to go bathe in the luxurious bath house that existed within the vast interior of her ship. Standing on the deck, she paced back and forth, taking out her fob watch, and then gazing up at the stars. “Won’t be long now..Captain.” <3>

TonberryShuffle: “Eehhhh…You age well.” A nod in his weakened state; even this action assisted with the aid of the mentallic tendril that had taken its place at the base of his neck. Of course none of it was comfortable. It even seemed to be doing damage with small bits of the claws–however gentle they tried to be–puncturing his flesh. That however didn’t seem to faze Kyle in the least. Not because he was just a tough guy but rather he couldn’t feel much of anything else at the moment. “I’m…not even sure how that works. This is all old fashiony though. Some Wild Wild West stuff here and I like it. “But thanks for letting me on, Cap’n!” An introductory bow. Whether it was his first or second he wasn’t sure but he felt obligated to be at least a partial gentleman. A pause then before he was forced to stand up once more like a marionette.”Yeah, it’s bad.” A sagely and understanding nod. The question however remained if he knew exactly what she was referring to or if he currently had the mental capacity to even form coherent enough thoughts in regards to the world around him. He stood there in this way as if in deeper thought than he should’ve been until she made mention of the little boy’s room. He of course perked up at that and was directed accordingly to the vessel’s interior.

Carrendar: – The Captain escorted Kyle down to the interior of the Red Flag, where it was a maze of corridors and then vast rooms of grandeur and Elizabethan architectiture at its finest. Tall columns, fountains, and state rooms, even a huge swimming pool. Amelia then found the door to the bath house, and took out an ornate shaped key from her breast pocket. Placing it in the lock, she turned her head towards Kyle and said in a hushed tone. “Just remember to hang up the towels.” A wiggle of her eyebrows, and she unlocked the door, pushing it open to reveal a roman style bath house, complete with statues and five different size baths. The opulence was staggering. Twirling the key on her chain, she popped it back in her pocket and gave a curt nod. “Meet me up on deck, when you are able, and we can discuss this delightful city further.” A snap of her heels, and she headed back up the corridor, leaving Kyle to his own devices. :: Down on the streets below, M.E.R.C.Y the cyborg, had been released by the mysterious purple suited man, and now was on a mission to find the truck engine that he sought from a place known as the Sanctuary. With a small piece of paper in her hand, she was standing on a street corner, out as plain as day, even though the curfews were being enforced. If any dared approach her, they were going to be in for one hell of a interrogation. The night air whipped about her platinum blonde bob, as she scanned the building across the way, for signs of life….and computer terminals. <3>

MrObserver: <Fleet Commander: Jackson.> “All hands on deck. This is a priority 3 engagement preparation. I repeat! All hands on deck. This is a Priority 3 engagement preparation.” The air on board the A.S.X.X air frigate: Clad Laceration had been heavy with anticipation for hours now, and the commander knew his men were getting restless, but would be disappointed soon. With a brief pause before placing the com mic back on the hook, the flash back to conversation between him and his combat commander rushed into his head. :: ((Combat Commander:: Command Sergeant Major, Spartan X70.)) It had been hours since they had first taken off from their undisclosed base of operations, and the tension was already building. X knew his duties as the newly appointed Combat Commander, but he detested the idea of having to lead men into battle. He remembers the moment he’d been promoted the day before and his words “I shall accept this Burden with all that I am….” Now he sat in the lavish cabin office of an officer, though he was not ranked as an officer, the responsibility of one had been thrust upon him and he would have to see it through. Clearly the days of his lone wolf style was had come to a close, and he had to accept it. Smoke rolled over the brim of his bottom bio-metal lip and whirled around the open cabin as he sighed. Upon his cherry wood desk was the usual paper work that a combat commander had to file daily… It was completed and ready for delivery. Around the well lit room, it had been filled to the brim with such pictures of previous historical commanders and military figures, even some that were seen as enemies adorn the wall. Though in his mind, X knew that they were all related through the actions of their own. All military members, domestic and foreign were brothers in arms. Through the crucibles of training, and self discipline, all soldiers were family to him…even his enemies were seen as it. X jumped lightly as a knock came rattling him from his moments in serenity. <Spartan X70.> “You may enter.” He was surprised to see it was none other than the fleet commander himself. Jackson, a well toned man standing at five nine, and build like an ox. The man had clearly seen some harsh days in his time. With two scars over his left eye, which was milky and scared itself; X jumped to his feet and saluted his superior officer. <F.C: Jackson.> At ease Sergeant Major. No reason for formal greetings like that. I may be your superior, but no need for you to salute me, son.” The door closed silently as Jackson stepped forward and took a seat in one of the chairs before Spartan’s desk. X returned to his seated position and pulled the draw to his left out and retrieved a purple satin laced box and pushed it in front of Jackson while opening it to reveal several cigars with gold bands around the butt of them. <Spartan.> “They are said to be wrapped by artisans who learned from the masters of Lacardis..” The Fleet Commander reached and retrieved one and nodded as Spartan handed him a box of matches before he leaned back into his seat and waited for the commander to spark up and speak. Moments pasted as they both enjoyed theirs cigars. <Jackson” Son, I’m not going to lie to you. I am very thankful to have a solider like you on my side and in charge of the combat crews. I have read over your profile… Even the marked out things, and I have to say.. I’m impressed, there aren’t many like you, but then again, a fully autonomous breathing creation like you is rare indeed. You posses many attributes of a normal mortal like myself, but are capable of things far above what I am. But that lone wolf shit won’t fly and I already know you want to meet the entity known as “MERCY”… So I am going to give you one last chance to be that lone wolf. As my gift to you, I have ordered the fleet be directed towards the city of Lorewall… The last known location of that entity… Take it or leave, because after this.. No more lone ranger.” <E>

TonberryShuffle: After being guided appropriately Kyle would have vanished into the bathroom. It would be several long moments had passed. There were clearly sounds of running water and everything else and even some of the cliché sounds prior of a man disrobing. However, there seemed to be nothing else that followed. No movement in the stream of water but rather the unimpeded and constant soothing sound of water droplets descending and trickling away. Or in the end of a bath in place of a shower they would have heard him descend into the pool and shortly after nothing. It was minutes later that the Squiddy exited and would have made its way up to the deck where Amelia awaited. This of course would have been an oddity. It was out on its own and still acting in a peculiar way. In fact as much as the machine could it was acting…nervous. It fidgeted and adjusted itself oddly as it floated above the deck. Its tendrils coiling around themselves in way sakin to a man kneading his own hands when anxious. It did not however speak. As much as whatever manipulated it wanted it to it distinctly lacked the required hardware to emulate human vocal patterns. Too bad, really.

LadyBelz: In the Realm of Fiacre, where neither man nor beast could go, a lone figure stared upon the lands of Terra, simply using the clouds beneath her feet as a viewing globe. Her name was Raveena Nightshade, and she was a Harbinger. Her eyes were as gray as the cloudy sky on a stormy day. Her skin, dark with flecks of blue and green, reflected her chaotic thoughts. Wings as dark as night were wrapped protectively around her body. Upon her shoulder resided her long-time companion, Eop. His caustic cries echoed across the desolate landscape, solemn in their tone. She reached out past the safety of her wings and comforted her companion. “It’s all right, my friend. Things will come to a head very soon and we shall be called upon once more. This world is ripe with war and destruction and we shall be needed time and time again. Patience is needed. Just patience.” she crooned, smoothing down the ruffled feathers of her raven friend.

Carrendar: – The Captain returned to the main deck, emerging through the ornate oak timber doors, only to smell the smog of a city, that was created from heavy industry. Raising a dainty handkerchief to her nose, she took a breath of the sweet lavender oil within, and then exhaled loudly, repocketing her chief. The sight of Lorewall was a glittering maze, as many had withdrawn to their quarters, and the sounds of sirens faded into nothing. Distant skies glowed orange to the north, where there had been an uprising of sorts, quickly hammered by the Astartes. Danger lurked in many parts of the vast nation of Nemaues. Muttering softly to herself, the Captain placed her arms behind her back, and tapped her hands together, as she strolled upon the upper deck. The vision of this Captain, a woman with rich auburn curls, that tumbled down her shoulders and back, across the finery and elegance of French lace and royal velvet, was so set apart from the city that she toured currently. The scrape of her fine leather boots, created a din, however, it was the metallic thud of something that had followed her out of the bowels of the ship, that was unexpected. A nervous tic, the twitch of the right corner of her lip, and with green eyes glowing, she turned her head just enough, to catch sight of the massive squid like mechanical beast. When the strange man had arrived on board, he was carried about like a puppet by this giant squid, which now seemed to have abandoned him in the bathhouse to bathe, and returned to the deck, to meet with the Captain. Amelia spun on her heels, only to find herself alone on the deck with the squid. Taking out her monocle, she fitted it neatly over her right eye, and approached the squiddy cautiously. “I say…you are very well made. Mhm….I wonder. “ She reached out to one of its long pincher like tentacles, to see if it would attempt to communicate, or grab her hand in defence. :: M.E.R.C.Y started her walk across the street leisurely, as a patrol car approached and turned on its high beam and sirens. M.E.R.C.Y stopped in the middle of the street, looking at the patrol officer, who emerged with a data pad, ready to check her for ID card. M.E.R.C.Y saw the gun he had holstered on his hip, and remarked casually; “I..Likez yourz gunz…” <3>

MrObserver: Spartan sunk back further into his seat, his fingers interlaced across his chest while his face twisted into thought. The Cigar lingered between his lips as he bit down lightly on it and smoke rushed out through his flared nostrils. The thing about it for him, smoke was just an accessory to his dull bio-metal grey skin, no effects from it upon the artificially born lungs and organs… Well nothing that a good maintenance call wouldn’t fix. Silent as the cabin had become, the operations of his central lubrication regulator gave off an eerie iridescent clicking that echoed within the confines of the room. Spartan was the first model of his type… and the only one that existed. He’d been gifted with an artificial brain that was very similar to a biological persons was, just.. more powerful in processing power and reaction times. With a singular sigh, he nodded to his commander in acknowledgment. The Sergeant Major hadn’t expected this kind of opportunity to be placed on the table. <Spartan> The offer you give me is much welcomed Sir. But the question I have now is.. Why? Why would you redirect the fleet towards Lorewall and give me this opportunity? It’s logical fallacy for such actions, we have our orders to abstain from such populated areas and as your Combat commander, I have to question your actions as the Fleet commander. You put our mission in jeopardy for my own pleasure? You Sir, are either ignorant or just as much of an… And I use this term loosely cause I am not biological, but. A adrenalin junky..” X70 was not capable of understanding neither such actions nor the seriousness that his tone had taken. More or less, Spartan was still as human as anyone else on board this ship.. and to his dismay, He’d floored the Fleet commander and possibly offended him with his words, but this was his duty anyways. Jackson was clearly agitated a tad as he leaned forward taking the cigar out of his lips with his left hands index and thumb. <Jackson> “Boy, you may be superior to my in areas, but you sure as hell have no common sense do ya?” Jackson’s tone had taken a turn that would be seen by most for the worst. Instead of a lecture like speech, it was more like a father showing disappointment towards his son. Little was known by many, but Jackson had been there for the creation of Spartan and taught him many attributes about the military and life. And the last thing that Spartan wanted to hear from his “old man” was a disappointed tone. It had been years since he was brought into this world, nine years to be exact, but nevertheless. Spartan had only spent two years under the wings of the commander before being shipped out into none stop special operations. <Spartan> Okay, Old man… What is it you want me to do? You give me something I really want knowing the implications of it.. I am not allowed to lea.. “ Jackson had cut in with a slap of his hand on the desk and a menacing stare into the young metals beings eyes. <Jackson> Look, son. I am giving you this as a gift from your old man, take it or leave it, but do as you want this one time. And you can leave your station if I say you can. This is my Ship and I will run it as I please.” Spartan nodded all the while returning the glare back into the commander’s eyes. Seven years, and he’d thought the Commander would have forgotten about him, but then again. How do you forget an nine foot tall, dull grey metal skinned fully autonomous robotic organism? Clearly, he was the idiot this time around. Spartan stood and reached into the still opened purple satin laced cigar box and retrieved a handful of the bundled tobacco thing. Hell, if he was going to so this… He had to have smoke rolling out from his nose and lips. <Spartan> Fine, Page me over the com system when we arrive above the city. I want to make a dramatic entrance.” With that, Spartan strode to the cabin door, turned and nodded to the commander before exiting to go to his private quarters to get suited up for his one free night… One that could turn into an unknown length of time. <E>

LadyBelz: Eop cawed once more, running his beak through his mistress’s hair. She tilted her head as she stared upon Terra, as if she understood Eop’s mannerisms and speech (and she did so through powers that no one could ever understand). “Humans of Terra are a strange race. They cling to their delicious tyrannies and to their exquisite nonsense, till death stares them in the face. Why should man expect his prayer for mercy to be heard by What is above him when he shows no mercy to what is under him? Man uses his intelligence less in the care of his own species than he does in his care of anything else he owns or governs. It is a sad thing to see, a species of such greatness, causing so much pain.” Raveena sighed, continuously petting the feathers beneath her hand.

TonberryShuffle: The Squiddy seemed unnatural for its kind. More sophistication in its movements. Better articulation. And if there were any scans to pick up such a thing there was some sort of signal coming from somewhere around the bathing area reaching out directly to the Squiddy until it may be interrupted; it wasn’t like this sort of thing or Kyle in general were used to being inside interdimensional or temporal-locked (or whatever…wibbly wobbly) spaces. Even had the signal been cut off the Squiddy would’ve remained operation; it was just a question of its capacity by that point. When Amelia reached out the Squiddy seemed apprehensive at first. It did eventually extend its one limb out that she had reached for with a single piece of its pincer to meet her finger. While it did interact it was still by no means sentient. Just…somehow awakened by Kyle.

Carrendar: – Apprehension shown by a machine? An interesting revelation for a machine to display such emotions, when at best that should not be possible. This put up many theories in the Captain’s mind. Was this machine in some way linked back to the man now bathing down below? Or was it able to communicate mannerisms of the human kind, by way of a sophisticated programming system. Either way, this did fascinate the Captain, who took the offered pincher and shook it with care, so not to startle the squiddy further. “What do you know…quite advanced, aren’t you?” She peered closer into its many sets of eyes, and smiled. “Hello there. I take it you don’t like bathing much.” Fair statement, since a machine generally does not adapt well in an aquatic environment, unless purposely made for such operations. :: “Right Miss…stay right there, I want to see your ID card and papers. You should know that no one is permitted on the streets after curfew, due to national law.” M.E.R.C.Y tilted her head back and forth, eyes down at his gun, then slowly moving to his face. She meant what she said, and then smiled in an eerie fashion. “ID cardz….yez. “ Her chest moved slightly, and you could hear the rattle of something being pulled through a slot, as she stuck her hand into her shirt, and then pulled out a brand new ID card, complete with picture…and the name… “Natasha…Narishnakov?! YOU!” The officer immediately went to reach for his gun, but in split second timing, a black electrical like tendril rocketed out from behind her neck, and with claw like pinchers, it ripped the gun from his grasp, and then tossed it in the nearby drain, where it was heard to fall and then make a splosh sound. The officer looked horrified, as the tendril then snatched back the card. M.E.R.C.Y then lent forward, with a menacing expression and whispered. “I ..countz do dree…and youz…runz.” The officer screamed as more tendrils rocketed out from the back of her neck, all with piercing black needles, and they all reared up like angered cobras before launching to strike the man down dead. <3>

MrObserver: Three hours had past.. Time ticking by and tension building for the crew. A crew that had been readied for engagement and where all on deck… With all hands on deck, both Fleet Commander Jackson and the Deck Master Williams standing behind the C.O.P (Commanders Operation Panel), the clouds beneath the pasted like the waters of a raging river. <Jackson> “Deck Master, its time…” Over the city the fleet of 5 frigates came to a hover, just enough power had been directed towards the thrusters to maintain the elevation of 15840.0 ft (3 miles) above the city, as to maintain anonymity from the inhabitants that dwell below. With a sigh, Commander Jackson picked up the Com systems mic and announced that this is a lone wolf operation. <Jackson> “All hands remain on station and ready. Spartan.. Your up.”:: He’d been leaned back against the wall of his personal quarters for about two hours. The preparations had been heavy, but quick to be done. In the time it had taken for the Commander to walk back to the deck, X had already completed most of his pre-preperations. Getting replacing his officer dress blues for his custom black and red leather combatant outfit: A heavy studded leather trench coat, heavy studded leather pants, and heavy leather studded boots, forearm mounted spring blade daggers, the two swords that was associated with his creation. One being a massive ceramic coated buster sword that flared out at the tip, and the other being a titanium/carbon composite clamor. One his waist, the tactical belt that held two holstered .45 pistols. The skin that coated his inner workings gave a light gleam as he rose up and strode towards the flight deck above the air ship where the smaller unit carriers were tethered down until needed. Spartan sighed as his black and red Mohawk waved as air warped around it. As he came to a halt at the lift deck for ground vehicles, his left hand reached into the to the jacket to retrieve a fresh cigar, the one that had been smoked up was spit from between his lips. Someone would pick it up. With a step on to the lift, he lit a match that he’d pulled out along with the cigar on the arm of his right, puffed till it glowed orange red at the tip then inhaled the smoke. With a press of the big red button, the lift groaned and started upwards as the ceiling door slide open. Spartan was starting to get that weird feeling he’d had so many times, but it was unexplainable. Maybe this is what biological call excitement he thought as the lift came to its destination and wind battered his hair and the coat tails of his jacket whipped around in it. He stood there for a moment and allowed a smile to catch his lips as he spoke aloud. <Spartan> “Dynamic Entry Number 1!!!” and with that said, he rotated on his heels in the direction of the command deck and took off into a sprint. With the edge coming quickly the sensation he was feeling earlier intensified as he leapt off and into a head first dive with his arms at his side and face pointed towards the clouds he rushed towards. As he passed the commander deck, he glance at the wide eyed members behind the heavy plexiglass windows and smiled. :: Jackson shook his head as he watches Spartan rush past the commander deck. With a sigh he thought to himself “Why doesn’t the boy ever use a fucking a logical means of transportation?…:: Through the clouds he slammed, water droplets forming over the red coffin styled glasses he’d placed on before even walking out of his cabin. Below, he watched as the city started expand. With his arms extending, he manoeuvred towards one of the sky scrapers so it could cushion his landing. As he rotated to land feet first, a reading pinged onto his internal H.U.D. And a smile caught his lips. “She’s here… “ he whispered before crashing into the roof of the building he’d aimed for. With windows blowing out as he crashed through each floor, he knew this would gather the attention he wanted. It must have been seventy floors he’d gone through before finally landing on the ground floor, but it was well worth it. As the damage was well done, Spartan heard the building moaning, a sign the structural integrity had been severely compromised and it was going to come down soon… No more time was allowed to be wasted, so he jetted forwards toward the doors before the bloody thing did come down, and it was just in the nick of time too. As Spartan entered the streets, the building began to cave in on itself, and he didn’t show a sign of heart towards it or any of the inhabitants of it. With debris crashing into the streets and dust rushing out from the ground floor doors and windows, or other openings, he had come to a brisk walks and whispered to himself again. “Dynamic entry number one..” <E>

LadyBelz: Raveena took another look around before turning her gaze toward Eop. “Well, my friend. I think it is time we go down to mix among the masses for a short time. Maybe instead of Death, we can somehow…delay it for a short time.” Eop cawed once more. “I am sure of this. No one shall see us who has no desire to meet Death so soon.” Eop chirruped once and went silent. Raveena got to her feet, stretching her wings skyward. She took a step toward her viewing cloud and it was as if the world, her world, jumped a moment in time. She found herself in a darkened alley behind Lorewall High Rise. Her appearance had shifted as well, her skin going from the darkness of her home to the lightness of Terra. Her wings morphed around her body into a form fitting leather outfit with a matching leather jacket. Eop still resided upon her shoulder. She stepped from the alley into near silence. The streets were quiet around her. A few people darted about, almost in fear, but she was unnoticed among them. Turning the corner, she stepped into the lobby of LHR, making herself visible to the oriental woman at the desk. “I wish to purchase one your apartments for a short time if you have room available.” she stated. The woman, who had been occupied with a magazine, jumped back in surprise. She had heard no one enter the building. “Who you? Where you come from?” the woman demanded. “I am a visitor to this city, here on business for a short time. I wish to purchase a room for the time I am here.” Raveena repeated. “You have ID?” the woman demanded. Raveena reached into her pocket and pulled out a driver’s licence with her image upon it, handing it to the woman. The woman eyed it for several long moments before taking out a book. “Three hundred cash down payment, rent is $400 a month, due on 1st. Sign.” she slapped a pen down on the counter. Without a word, Raveena signed her name. The woman tossed a set of keys at her, which she [Raveena] caught. “Apartment P2, 28th floor. No funny business.” Raveena simply nodded and headed for the elevators. The woman at the counter watched her go, feeling a strange sense of foreboding. “Strange things afoot.” she mumbled to herself. Raveena reached her apartment/penthouse and quietly stepped inside. Moving to the window, she looked out upon the dark of night, watching, waiting and wondering. How the next few days would go, she could only guess…but she knew a storm was coming…and there would be death,

TonberryShuffle: The machine did little else. It couldn’t accurately communicate. It couldn’t think of its own. What little processing power was directed over a distance was inherently limited by said distance and the hardware constraints inside the automaton. What it had done so far was only the most basic emulations of what Kyle had it do or what it could interpret now that Kyle seemed to be slumbering on some level. At this point though there seemed to be a rumbling. Not from outside and not from the collapse of the building–which the Squiddy had turned its multiple eyes, tertiary sensors, dishes, etc all towards– but from within the ship. Something muffled and something rattling. It almost had the characteristics of a yell but was by no means hateful or angry but more excited. It seemed Kyle’s abnormally potent hearing had picked up a voice on the outside and somehow the very walls shook with a very faint, almost incoherent word…”Natasha”. Of course the timing was perfect for it to be completely inconsequential and completely drown out and mistaken for hearing things. Y’know, falling buildings do that.

Carrendar:- On the street level, the cop fell back in shock as M.E.R.C.Y’s wicked tendrils bore down on him with menace. The tell tale lines in her eyes, ran through the corrupted data streams, which fed her the kill programme, but as she was about to strike, a god awful noise from high above. The roar as something high above breached the atmosphere, hurtling down at astonishing speeds. M.E.R.C.Y paused mid strike, long enough for the cop to make a getaway, just shy of the needle like tendrils. But what he didn’t know, was that the building closest to where they were standing, was about to absorb the impact of the newest arrival to Lorewall. Windows smashed, pulverized by the entry of this being, that had now come up on M.E.R.C.Y’s tracking systems. The cyborgs black tendrils slithered around her body like sea serpents, as she braced down, with massive slabs of the building, crashing down all around her. The patrol car, hit by a large section of wall, and the cop would come to grief a bit further up the road as he tried to get away from the avalanche of brick and concrete. Plumes of dust and debris, with papers scattering in the wind, billowed and spread the destruction further, its dust then revealing part of the airship which was suspended not that far away from the impact zone. Rising through the rubble and shaking off bits of brick and broken glass, the cyborg raised her chin, skin torn to reveal her inner metallic exoskeleton. M.E.R.C.Y…was not amused. Pocketing her ID card, she spotted Spartan up ahead. Rolling her shoulders, and curling her fingers into fists, she was ready to see who was bringing the town down tonight, and if he needed help. :: As Amelia shook the tendril of the massive Squiddy, she stood back to see the building suddenly being hit by what must have been some sort of missile. “EH GADS…have they started the war already?” –she pulled out a fob watch and tapped its glass. “It’s too early!…No…no no no no!” The time traveller said, shaking her watch to her ear, to see if it was broken. <3>

MrObserver: Plumes of dust and debris had shot around his being, concealing him from the perceptions of mere mortals’ beings not to mention from heat seeking devices. Seeing as his figure was clouded from their sights, he could possibly move with anonymity… Even though he had just brought down one of his sworn mortal enemies… A FUCKING SEVENTY STORE SKY SCRAPER. Buildings all need to be destroyed for no logical reason, just a flaw that was only noticed too late after his conception. As he strode seamlessly through the chaotic clouds of his destructive wake, the blip on his H.U.D reacted suddenly… Code started to run across it repetitively. +M.E.R.C.Y+. This message was all he needed to enter into combat level status awareness. As the blip vanished, a target took its placed and tracked down the one thing he’d came to find… The being known simply as Mercy. He knew not where it came from, but only that is held the power to create massive destruction, and to right it all in the same. If anything was a turn onto this being… It was that. Once locked on, Spartan couldn’t resist this urge any longer. With a roar of his eternal momentum drive kicking into gear, his output tripled instantly, and his left arm swung up and over his right should so that his hand could grasp the hilt of the massive buster that was strapped onto his back and rip if out of his resting position and all while he’d hunkered down and pressed off with his left foot… Which in turn pushed the pavement he was one out of place and into a semi-circular wall three feet all. As the air rushed around his being, Spartan swung the swords to his left and back, smirking as it drug against the pavement ripping at it and sending chunks and sparks scattering around in his wake once more. If it was one thing that Spartan was good at, it was destruction. With a roar escaping his lips that was carried along with a billow of white smoke, he was heading into a meeting… a meeting between to highly sought after mechanizes being.. The clashing of cybernetic beings was about to take place. <Spartan> “MERCY!!!!!!”

TonberryShuffle: The Squiddy was watching into the ever growing debris cloud and waited. Amelai’s words were lost on it. There was virtually no significance to them to the robot. Perhaps to Kyle if he were paying attention enough but that didn’t mean there was any additional reaction. Instead, it continued to watch and wait. Trying to decipher exactly what had happened, the cause of the explosion, and anything about the people it had noticed below near ground zero. That really wasn’t a lot but its sensors were only so good.

Carrendar:- Above the rubble, the Captain of the Red Flag decided that hanging high above the carnage was not such a good idea, and breaking her own rules, she raced to the helm and turned the wheel sharply, while depressing a series of brass handled levers, the ship’s cloaking evaporating to show off the splendour of the vintage TARDIS. She brought it into land, just above the crumpled ruins of the building, and then called out to Squiddy and her other mechanical contraptions, to leap over the side, or climb down the rungs, to see what was left at Ground zero, and also, who caused the carnage. Hopefully Kyle would be out of his bath now, and be able to attend the rescue. With her pirate like hat firmly upon her head, and twin antique revolvers in holsters on her hips, she swung over the side of a rope, and landed with a light thud on the ground below. :: Further up the road, M.E.R.C.Y was strutting through the dust cloud emerging on the other side, to see the oncoming jugger naught of Spartan, approaching her at breakneck speed, with his sword swung lft and back, dragging it through the pavement and digging up chunks of concrete and metal. <Spartan> “MERCY!!!!!!” The cyborg’s eyes flashed a brilliant shade of crimson, like fire, as she lowered her head and then broke into a powered run, heading straight for the chest of the mighty Spartan. “HEREZ I COMEZ!!” This impact was going to cause one hell of a shockwave, when machine collided with machine. <3>

MrObserver: “God Damn It All!!” Fleet Commander Jackson bellowed as he jumped over his commander desk and to the helm of the air ship. On the Glass of this Command deck, a giant green blip had appeared… An enemy craft had been right beneath them the whole fucking time, and Jackson was pissed that his recon systems hadn’t picked up on it. With a swing of the wheel, and a slap press of many buttons. Jackson ordered the Deck master to send out the order. <Jackson> “Deck Master, Order all hands to prepare for emergency land and possible combat.” As the Leading airship broke off from the rest and started to descend rapidly, men were rushing around, preparing for land operations… <Jackson> “If it’s a fight they want.. It’s a fight they will get.” :: On the ground, Spartan was rushing towards the mechanically enhanced woman and her cybernetic tendrils. He wasn’t going to even attempt to slash a machine… Well not just yet that is. As the two reached each other, the collision had enough force to drive a crater into the ground underneath them and send more debris into the already chaotic, dust filled air. <Spartan.> “Well, hello there sexy” Even in the collision, Spartan knew M.E.R.C.Y. was more than capable of hearing him. As the energy from the collision dissipated, multiple rings or rolling air formed around the two beings of mechanical nature.. Though one was more human than the other. As Spartan landed on his feet in the centre of the crater, he drew the sword into a defensive position to block any frontal attacks and to possible had at least a second or two to give a proper introduction. <E>

XymmerickZypherus: : Somewhere in the now silent city which was previously thrown into chaos sits a tan skinned man with red eyes, leather attire, long black dreads, and a strange mask. He is equipped with a modern shotgun and stilleto knife. His companion an annoying shadow chibi spins in circles yelling in its high pitched voice.:: (Sio) “REEKO! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKO! WE’VE DONE IT! WE’VE ROBBED EVERY STORE IN LOREWALL! WE’RE LEGENDS!” ::The chibi sets off confetti and blows a random horn while putting a party hat on Reeko. Reeko grunts staring off into space. He suddenly opens a locket where a strand of white hair sits glistening in the half dimmed fire in the can across from him. The hair belonged to the mysterious bebillith female named Taru who on countless times in the underground and other places Reeko escaped near death encounters from. He smells the locket of hair before closing the locket and putting back in his half shirt and looks at the sky. He always wondered why her scent felt so familiar. He too found recently he was a bebillith, in an awkward way. Until eleven years ago from the time he was born Reeko was a test subject in a hidden mountain lab. The reason he was there was unknown until he encountered one of the scientists who told him he was a bebillith egg they stole and experimented on. At fifteen Reeko escaped, now Reeko was twenty six and wondered what there was for him in this damned world.:: (Reeko) “Just who the hell am I?”

Carrendar: – The impact of the two cyborgs would have created not only a huge crater, but also hurl them back from each other a good ten metres in distance. M.E.R.C.Y landed awkwardly, with the sounds of her inner metal exoskeleton creaking and snapping everything back in place, piece by piece. The streak of silver like blood pouring from a gash on her head, but if one was to look closer it was actually nano-bots, oozing out, trying to rapidly repair the damage to her body. She reached up and gripped the sides of her head, giving a sharp snap, to crack it back into place. Clearly angered by the failure to take down her combatant, she rose back up to full height, and tore away the ragged pieces of her clothing, leaving her partially exposed, but clearly not human. <Spartan.> “Well, hello there sexy” The newcomer said, with an air of authority; a certain smugness to his tone. The cyborg started to walk towards him, taking note of the drawing of his blade, and what a blade, big enough to cut her in two. But was that his motive? “Trust mez…I am notz zexy.” As she gained a closer range to her target, her right eye withdrew inside her head, and there could be heard the clicking sound as a dart had been locked and loaded within its chamber, so she had him literally in her sights. “I gotz…my eye on youz” In a manner of speaking she did, and it only took a blink to fire it. She was now less than five metres from him, and if he was going to use his sword, she was ready to be a real pain. :: As Captain Amelia Fairweather’s boots hit the ground, there was a god awful siren, to alert the Captain that danger was approaching, and fast. “BOLLOCKS!” The time traveller screamed, tearing off her hat, to gaze up and see the arrival of an airship fleet. “Those bumbling baboons, want to wage war….NOW?” She gripped the rope and kicked off the ground, to swing back up to her ship, or at least try, while whistling for her small army of clockwork critters to follow. “Forget the survivors…ugh…not about to become a permanent resident here!” Leaping over the railing, she landed back on her deck, and ran across the decking to take to the wheel, and fire up the engines, to power well clear of the oncoming flotilla. Meanwhile, Taru and Sora Carrendar, were coming back from inspecting the TARANTULA and making their way back to the Spire beneath Lorewall’s old meeting hall ruins. But oddly enough, Taru picked up on the sound of a chibi screaming out a name she long remembered. (Sio) “REEKO! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKO! WE’VE DONE IT! WE’VE ROBBED EVERY STORE IN LOREWALL! WE’RE LEGENDS!” Taru came to a stop and glanced around the dark city. “Oh you have got to be kidding….Reeko?” <3>

MrObserver: Two creatures had been resting. One was a Paradoxial being ironically named Paradox Dreadfinder, the other was named Demyan Marue. With the happenings of Two mechanical being in nature already duking it out, and a fleet of air ships descending upon the city of Lorewall to possibly engage the a Time Lord air ship, not to mention the appearance of three bebilliths.. Things were more becoming more intense every moment that went by.:: Paradox had been sitting high above the plains that mere mortals walked, his resting eyes had been watching the happenings and was rather intrigued by the appearance of three bebilliths who were just entering the fray. With a lowly drone, he didn’t strain as he shifted in to the 3rd dimensional word but refused to make a full appearance. His gaze would sit upon Taru this time… lingering as he moved about her at a distance.:: Spartan was more than thrilled.. Even Mercy’s voice was that of a zexy machine.. We well oiled killing machine.. 5 meters apart from him, her voice rang through. ((Mercy)) “Trust mez…I am notz zexy.” God, it was great. But he’d barely caught onto the projectile fired from the recesses of her right eye that had receded into her body. Hell the fact she had taken the blow between them was astonishing enough, but slightly strange. As the dart rushed forwards at him, Spartan rotated out of the way. His swords being hefted upwards and aimed for her torso in an attempt to cleave her in half. Yep, it was clear she really liked to kill.. and he was more than willing to oblige for a fight of life.:: Miles off from the sense of the ongoing battles, Demyan Maure awoken from his long slumber only to find himself thrusted into a new world.. Somehow he’d been pulled from the Realm of Eternal Darkness and from his coffin located in his personal resting chambers in the House of Maure. As he rose from his laid position, his highly tuned senses picked up on the ongoing commotions. Hell it basically laced the air like a poisonous mist for miles. Now he would have to make sense of the world around him and gather his bearings before he attempted to enter the mix.:: As Fleet Commander Jackson stood strong and unwavering in his course of actions, the men under his orders had prepared to land and that was just what they were going to do… Well, until the airship they were after lifted off and rushed forward away from the fray. <Jackson> “Damn it.” His attentions turned to see Spartan already engaged. <Jackson> “Deck Master, take the helm, I am going to assist my son.” The deck master was caught off guard why what his commander had just said.. His son? What a confusion moment in time it was for all who were at their positions on the command deck. As Jackson rushed from the deck and down the halls to his personal cabin, he caught one of the men and ordered them to get his mech suit ready. And with that order given the two split up and took off to do as had to do.:: Spartan was not willing to strike the female he’d just finally met and as so, he rushed forward to get in close, his sword cast to the side and one of the .45’s pulled from its holster and already loaded with one in the chamber. As he closed in, his attempts to press the muzzle under her jaw was going to be a close call more than likely, but he wanted to at least speak with the creation before the battle went any further than it already had. <E>

XymmerickZypherus: ::Inside the sewers a group of people are huddled together wearing white jackets and holding bunches of wires as sparks fly. They’re mumbling amongst themselves as finally they part. There on the ground sitting is a silver robot. A man switches a switch. The eyes light up as the robot’s head looks up at the people.:: (Random Man) “Alright K-Bot. Load Parameters-” ::The man is cut off as K-bot grabs the man and snaps his neck. The other people begin to scream as a sudden eruption for K-Bots eyes sets the room a light. An explosion rises from below the ground as smoke rises. K-Bot rises from the ground as its eyes analyses.:: (K-Bot) “Threat level: Red. Danger: Eminent. Exterminate: All. Tactic: Alpha Sigma I Program Initiated…” ::K-bot lights up as a giant cannon forms from its back. The cannon begins to light up as light particles form at its helm.:: (K Bot) “Processing Detonator Beam. Target: Unidentified. Warming Percentage: 10%, total time remaining 15 minutes.” [[Cont.]] ::A red beam of light descends to the ground as a shock wave is set off crumbling levelling a mile of the city somewhere deep within. A Man with red hair and tan skin stands adorned in a weird blue attire of some old civilization as black ashes burning hover around him. Above him a red rift in space suddenly closes and leaves the man standing in the light of the city. The man looks around and smells the air.:: (Xymmerick) “Aye this is Lacardis… But it’s been years, last time I came was to plant the Asa on Charlotte… in order to make sure what happened to her mother didn’t happen to her…” : Xymmerick growls abit thinking of the Hunter Alien named Burner he had a chance encounter with and killed.:: (Xymmerick) “All in due time…” ::Accus’s soul comes in phantom form next to Xymmerick:: (Accus) “Heheheh. If she is here she might not want to see me ahahah! So what do you plan?” (Xymmerick) “What I’ve been planning. Test out my new power indeed.” [[Cont.]] ::Reeko continuing to ignore Sio’s rants feels shock wave after shock wave and becomes startled. Sio begins to whine relentlessly:: (Sio) “GOD DAMN IT REEKO! IT’S THE ARMED FORCES! WE’RE FUCKED. WE JUST BECAME LEGENDS AND ALREADY THEY HAVE A HIGH BOUNTY ON OUR HEADS! WHY ME! WHY ME!” ::Reeko bitch slaps Sio into a wall as he grunts at Sio’s constant annoyance.:: (Reeko) “we’ll be fine. We have dealt with worse.” : Something odd struck Reeko then. A scent. Somewhere in the distance. That scent was no denying it. Mysterious, yet familiar. Reeko whispers:: (Reeko) “So..finally came around again eh Taru?” (Sio) “TARU! THAT WHITE HAIRED MONSTER OF A SPIDER BITCH! SHE’LL KILL US FOR SURE!” : Sio begins to run in circles. Reeko’s eyes stare off towards where the scent is. He suddenly leaps up to the roof of the building nearest to him and takes off at great speeds as Sio holds onto his belt yelling all the while.:: (Sio) “REEKO! THAT’S THE WRONG WAY. YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO RUN FROM LE SPIDER CUNT! NOT TOWARDS HER! REEEEEEEEEEKO!” [[End.]]

Carrendar: – Captain Amelia’s boots pounded along the hard wood floor of the deck of the Red Flag, with its sails blowing open to full, and the sounds of her steam driven engine blasting out plumes of inky black smoke into the night sky. She was not about to become the new contestant on “Whose Airship is going to be crispy tonight?” Glancing down at the large mechanical squid that was dancing about on deck, she yelled out. “Hope you don’t get travel sickness!” She knew that the man whom had come onboard with the squiddy was probably still in the bath house, and for now, that was probably a really safe place to be. She took out her “special” screw driver and pointed it at the large timber wheel, that illuminated, as glyphs around the handle grips all turned to a dark shade of purple. “ALL HANDS BELOW…NO TIME TO WASTE…I MEAN IT!”- All the clocks that were on the wheel house started to rotate, and there was chiming, bells ringing as the ship itself started to take on a strange glow, a powerful rawr could be heard, getting louder, as Captain Amelia gripped onto the wheel, and she then planted her boot hard on the time portal accelerator. Several loud cracks of lightning and the ship powered off towards the rip, practically narrowing; compacting, and then with a loud pop and explosion, the Red Flag had vanished from that time… appear….in another time far from Lorewall. (Dun dun dah) :: The dart spirited out of the right eye socket of the cyborg, M.E.R.C.Y, only just missing the wily new borg on the block. Her bionic eye slotted back into place, and the evil Russian gritted her teeth in rage, to see him evade her so easily. “ZTAY ZTILL….HOW I ZUPPOZT TO KILL YOUZ IF YOU MOVEZ!” She was one cranky cyborg that was for sure. But the combatant, with the oversized sword, decided he was going to do some slice and dice on our M.E.R.C.Y, who was light on her feet. With her onboard computer processing the angle to which he held his sword and drew it back, so to cut hit through her, she powered up off the ground and with pointed toes, she attempted to land on the edge of his power sword, then summersault back off it onto the ground two feet away. Reaching down into her dual revolver holsters, she withdrew her Heckler & Koch MK23’s. Twin revolvers; match grade semi-automatic pistol, with a laser aiming module (LAM), and suppressors. She brought both arms up with the barrels pointing at the chest of the cyborg and sneered. “I amz tired of yourz…voreplayz….vhat you do in Lorewall? Eh Comrade?” M.E.R.C.Y’s humor was no longer evident, with the cyborg now, with guns trained upon him, she walked with right leg crossing left, to check around him for other weapons, aside from his big sword. :: Taru and her Brother Sora, both wearing the long black hooded cloaks, stood in the centre of the deserted streets, as Sio called out to Taru. (Sio) “TARU! THAT WHITE HAIRED MONSTER OF A SPIDER BITCH! SHE’LL KILL US FOR SURE!” Sora glanced at his sister, and then asked. “You kept company with a chibi?” Taru frowned and placed her hands on her hips. “Are you kidding me?” But its Reiko’s voice that captures her attention. (Reeko) “So..finally came around again eh Taru?” Taru lowered her black hood and you could see the shock of winter white hair falling about her shoulders. “Reiko….you shouldn’t have come back.” <3>

MrObserver: Jackson’s name was rang up on the com systems of the air ship informing of the enemy ship vanishing… Needless to be said, he was not happy about it. With a rotation, he headed back towards the command deck to get a full report.:: Spartan flashed his silver teeth to the borg who was inspecting him with her guns drawn. “I amz tired of yourz…voreplayz….vhat you do in Lorewall? Eh Comrade?” What an accent she held… even through the heavy modifications done to her body. Oh well, it was still rather inviting to say the least. With his hands raised, he released his .45 and allowed it to fall to the pavement with a clack. Unknown to M.E.R.C.Y. Though, was the two well concealed daggers hidden in the sleeves of his jacket, but they were not going to be revealed just yet. Though openly in plain sight was the secondary sword he was so associated with that was strapped onto the back of his jacket. <Spartan> “Az youz can tell… Zi came to wreakz a city.. With your help of coursez, Mizz Murder..” His mischievous tone was in an attempt to humor her, but mostly like going to get him shot. Nothing his internals couldn’t fix. With another play on words, Spartan attempted to sooth the enraged Female borg with a few compliments. “Your tendrils… Data extraction statical limbs, correct? I must say, for a female to carry such things is a beautiful sight indeed, not to mention the cunning eye slot you have. Very becoming of the Mistress of Murder if I do say so myself.” Though he was attempting and seemingly not playing attention, he onboard sensors were taking constant analysis of her moments, allowing him to react accordingly to her actions.<E>

XymmerickZypherus: (K-Bot) “Warming Process: 100%, Initiate Targeting Parameters.” ::K Bots eyes light up as it locates signatures of ships above.:: (K-Bot) “Initiate Mission Extermination. Fire.” ::The giant cannon on its back suddenly llit up brightly as it let loose a beam three times from its cannon. Each beam being three miles wide aimed at the different ships as each beam split into quarters according to the number of ships.:: (K- BOt) “Cooling down Process: 15 minutes.” ::K-bot’s eyes power down as it recharges.:: [Cont.] (Xymmerick) “Bah. There’s no one here…” (Accus) “Then the more fun eh?” (Xymmerick) “I guess so..heheh” : Xymmerick put his hands in the air, as a above the city a giant cloud begins to form swirling sending off huge spikes of weird energy signatures that didn’t read any elemental or base wavelength. Xymmerick’s skin begins to shimmer as the phantomed Accus claps his hands.:: (Accus) “Ah. Shadow Reap’s ultimate form behind Big Bang Judgement. Armegeddon’s Wrath eh?” (Xymmerick) “It’s no fun if you already know what it is Accus. Play the anonymous role for once ok?” [cont.] ::Reeko stopped before Taru as he hears her voice, and notices another with her.:: “Reiko….you shouldn’t have come back.” ::He frowns as he scratches his head:: (Reeko) “I never really left heh.” (Sio) “REEEKO IT’S THE SPIDER WITCH! SHE’S…SHE’S..SHE’S GONNA LEG EGGS IN MY EYEBALLS!” : Sio begins to wail and Reeko punts him into the distance before turning back to Taru:: (Reeko) “Don’t give me that shit Taru. Even though we’re naturally feuding I still can’t be your friend?” ::Reeko pulls out the locket with Taru’s hair in it.:: (Reeko) “Or did you forget your promise when you gave me this?”