Role Play Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty

Location – Knights Guild of Dragoon Empire

Blackened Heart Strings Snap


CharlotteCarrendar: Though sisters torn apart at different times…different places, the pair would be reunited in the city of Lorewall, many years after the untimely death of their mother; Lorelei. With the growth of the bustling city, and the daughters getting reacquainted, it came to pass this day, as the two strolled along the empty corridor of the south wing of the ancient hall of Arachnea. Taru, the elder with long wintry tresses, stopped to stare into a large gilded mirror, that hung upon the wall. Taking a moment, she leant forward, and ran a finger along a line on her face. “Age is a curse, don’t you think, Char?” Charlotte, who was reading a book as they had passed the mirror, stopped a bit further up, and glanced back. “Not for me, but then again, you are twice my age.” Taru huffed and then a wicked smirk formed upon her stained crimson lips. “Shall we..dash off from here for a bit..*she pretended to yawn, and then shrugged her shoulders beneath her blackened cape*..I tire of the same old…same old…” Charlotte tucked her book into her satchel and stood with her arms folded. “Where?” Taru let out a loud chuckle and then wound her finger around in the air, creating a black sphere. “Anywhere but here. Let’s go hunt some men…hmm? Hungry?” Taru wiggled her brow, as Charlotte shook her head. “No..” Mocking a pout, Taru then snatched Charlotte’s hand and squealed at the glass. “Mirror Mirror..on the wall….get us the frack out of this hall!” With a blinding crack, both were drawn into the mirror, and vanished from the ancient hall, only to arrive in another time and place. Opening one eye, Charlotte peeks around, and then frowns at Taru, who is giggling merrily. “See….new digs.” The pair then walked forward into the dimly lit room. “Olly olly oxen freeeee?” Taru sung out, while Charlotte glanced around. “You really should knock, you know?’ <3>

HEmpsTwistedRose: ~Twisted would look curious at the two ladies that walked through the mirrors, she would then part her lips to speak politely to them~ “Greetings, Welcome to my Realm, Im High Empress Twisted Head of Knights Guild here. You may come in if you wish? How may I help you on this lovely evening.”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Taru approached the Monarch, wearing her traditional black hooded cape, that swept across the stone floors. Her face was partially obscured by the hood, and she raised her hands to lower it so the High Empress could see who she was greeting this fine eve. “Ah…Salutations and all that fancy stuff. Such an adorable castle, and did you say Knights? Why, I love to have one of them at least once a night…get it? Once…a…night!” Taru erupted into a fit of laughter, while her younger sister came up beside her and playfully gave her a nudge in the ribs. “Forgive my sister, Your Majesty. She forgot to take her medicine earlier. *Charlotte wound her finger round her temple and then coughed, while Taru pouted and lamented. “So…where are all the Knights? Or better yet…just point me to their quarters, and let me do the rest.” <3>

HEmpsTwistedRose: ~Twisted would then gaze her bright red eyes on both of the girls, Twisted had long pointed ears, her hair was pure black and long laying on the mid section of her chest she then would part her lips again~ “Well that is the reasoning for the sign on the door that says recruiting, I dont have any Knights at the moment I’m looking to recruit ranks for this place.” ~She would then keep a close eye on the other sister that hadn’t taken her medication~ “She won’t be a nuisance here will she? I will have no threat in my quarters.”

MrObserver: <Grave> “What a Splendid opportunity this has turned out to be..” Grave, The black king. Not much is really known about where beings like him come from, only that they hold the power to rip others into their own world. Upon this, usually the being that pulls them into this world has ill intentions. But know one has ever made it back from the other side. Seeing as a being from an alternate world had been pulled into another.. Or even stepped into it… a path way was opened to that world and time. Nothing new, nothing old, its all the same to slender. Stalk, toy, kill. The three things so commonly associated with them, but this one was highly disconnected with such things. <Grave> “Looks like I find a new path to enter..” The lowly echoes of his voice emanated from every direction with in the realm a being has pierced into… coincidentally through a mirror. But this was to trivial of an entrance for him to take. At the center of a round table… one that appeared to be created from a gem like substance, a tiny pitch black void began to form. A tiny growl as it enlarged and, in turn creating a roaring tide of overflowing black void liquid that ran out and onto the table. Devouring its molecular fiber and pulling it into itself. From the center of the void, the flat top of a tall hat popped up and out. The brim laced by the joints of femurs and other articular thing. Slowly it kept rising form the center, taking shape and releasing a deep heavy drone from its chest. Hell, upon standing at full, the creatures hat was inches from the ceiling and tendrils cracked around its body. Whipping and flailing about in hopes of their next meal. Dressed from head to toe in Gothic Victorian fashioned clothing, it gave a light bow to all in the the vicinity before stepping from the liquid substance allowing it to recede back into a single point. <Grave> “Rrrrruuuuunnnnnaaaaaaa” What was understood by him, wouldn’t be understood by other from what was considered a normal place.. It was a greeting of sorts, but its true meaning was devoid of understanding. <E>

HEmpsTwistedRose: ~Twisted would take her eyes off of the ladies for a split second and look to the man with her bright red eyes~ “How may I help you sir?” ~she would then wait patiently for his reply and moved her eyes back to the two arachians that were sitting at the table~

CharlotteCarrendar: – Taru’s face fell on the talk of there being no actual Knights in the building. She made a face, like that of a goldfish, and Charlotte had to use her finger tip, to get Taru’s mouth to close. “My sister won’t be a nuisance, I assure you.” Charlotte promised, while Taru rolled her eyes, and then decided to wander around the hall and take in the furnishings as well as the art. Charlotte was more in tune with the heightened tension and tried to lessen it with polite conversation. “So..tell me more about your Kingdom, Your Majesty.” <3>

HEmpsTwistedRose: ~Twisted would reply to the lovely lady~ “This isn’t a Kingdom per say, This is a Place for the Knights of Dragoon empire, It is a part of the Dragoon Empire which is ran by the person I report to. The Empire I’m apart of. ~She would then gaze on her sister that was wondering around making sure that she was cautious of her surroundings~

MrObserver: From the corner of his senses, Grave had taken into count the two females who had entered through the mirror, and the one they were talking to. Nothing please him more than a game of cat and mouse. With his intentions staying his, Grave slipped out of the perceptions of the others and advanced towards the ones speaking… Up till he was 5 feet behind the one known as Taru.<e>

MrObserver: ♦Grave flashed up behind her, his breath rolling down the back of her neck. With an attempt, he whispered. <Grave> “Hug me…” As soon as it was spoken he was back to his original position five feet away.♦

CharlotteCarrendar: -Taru raised her right eyebrow sharply, and then smirked- “Hug you?” Feeling his hot breath upon her skin, then he more or less flash stepped away again, so he was out of hugging range. “Oh…do try that again. But in order to hug, you must use your arms.”- She gestured with her hands out for him to try and hug her. Question was what would happen? Charlotte stared between the two, and was intrigued, since Taru was not the huggy type. <3>

MrObserver: The mocking tone and gesture was nothing more than a sigh of “love”…. Well to Grave that is. With a head tilt to the left and a crooked smile to release his jagged teeth, Grave flickered and popped. Without warning his body popped out of existence and back into it all with in a blink. His tendrils aimed to wrap around her torso and carry her away to “cuddle”. Grave gave off a lowly done.♦

CharlotteCarrendar: – Being carried off by the man with the tendrils wrapped around her waist, Taru protested. “ I said hug, not “let’s take advantage of the spider” Charlotte actually found this amusing and lent on a chair, watching the spectacle. “Hah…bout time you learnt not to be so forward, Sis.” – Taru’s cape was dragging along the ground behind her, as she carried off. “Oi!” <3>

MrObserver: In his clutches Taru was, Squirming and kicking. But it was going to be futile to say the least…. Grave wanted to cuddle her and show her what it meant to be be calm and go with the flow until it was time to rush into things. Carrying her to the nearest area that would allow him too, Grave sang a tune aloud. “Slender man, Slender man. All the children try to run. Slender man, Slender man, but to him its all for fun.”<E>

CharlotteCarrendar: – “Slender man, Slender man. All the children try to run. Slender man, Slender man, but to him its all for fun.” Taru’s eyes looked set to pop, on hearing the wicked tune sung so sweetly by the man who wished more than a cuddle. The demoness suddenly stopped struggling, and peered closer towards his face. “Children might run…but I’m no kid.” Charlotte caught this and started to laugh. “You haven’t been a kid since…*Taru glared over her shoulder and snarled. “Do you mind?’ Charlotte simply shrugged and replied. “Nope.” <3>

MrObserver: Grave chuckled lightly upon hearing Taru, but he was serious… serious about wanting more than a hug. As they carried on, he lowered himself with his back against the wall and wrapped his arms around her waist. “Child or not… How does a slendering sound to you? “ <E>

CharlotteCarrendar” – “Slendering? I take it that does not mean hug, in your language?” Curious now, she wondered what she had gotten herself into, allowing the hug in the first place. “I have you know…that…you are in a very dangerous position. Never hold a spider who might get…well, annoyed.” <3>

MrObserver: “But spiders are to sleek and sexy and and and just spectacular…. I am rather closely related in a certain sense…” Graves voice had become devoid of humor and replaced with a menacing tone. With the air around them slowly growing thicker, the light around them warped lightly.. “Spiders have their venom.. Slendes have a mental venom in a sense. So, how long can you hold out for… till you fall for me?” His voice held its menancing tone as he released her so she could stand and that he could phases into the floor with a mocking laugh.<e>

CharlotteCarrendar: “A lot longer than you think….Slendy? is it?” Taru was no wall flower, nor was she devoid of talent in certain areas. Humor was now devoid from Grave’s tone, and the air around them grew thicker by the second. Had he made a web for her to fall into? The white haired demoness’s eyes changed to black, and her face drained from colour, replaced instead by spider web veins, dark as coal. But within a split second, she is released from his hold, and he simply phases through the floor. Gone from sight, but not from mind. “Now…that’s what I call a trick.” <3>

MrObserver: “Now that’s what I call a trick.” was her response, but well stated. Though it was further from the truth than anything that could have been stated. “Tick, Tick, Tick, the mouse ran up the clock…” Time… The essence of movement forward or backwards in the line that all things are to abide by… Or that most should that is. As Grave was devoid of time left in this plain, it held no meaning to him and he could do as he basically pleased, but the law of equivalent exchange was one thing he couldn’t completely out run. In trade for the essence of light being twisted and time slowing down, Grave had to relinquish a few dozen souls he’d captured in his past time. But it was price well worth paying. Now for him phasing, it was simple terms of manipulating his molecular build and slowing down the vibrations of them so they could mesh and pass through the floor. Twas not a mere trick. From beyond her grasp, He watched as her face had drained of color and her transformation had began. But it was so exciting to him. Both were creatures of passionate patience. Both would hold strong in their steps towards victory, but Grave wasn’t so keen on this match as of the moment. You see most tangible beings held this thing called “emotion” and that was going to be his first strike. With his body being capable of pushing out enormous amounts of radiation and other forms of disruptants… Like a chemicals that pulls out memories from the far past.. Grave allowed one of his tendrils to flare out far off from her, and at the tip, a fine mist of this chemical was fired out towards her. His goal? Contaminated the whole of the room so that he wouldn’t miss.. <E>

CharlotteCarrendar: – Charlotte too, watched the events unfold, and surely with him phasing through the floor, he was capable of a whole lot more. “Pays to wear deodorant, Sis. Think you scared that one away.” Charlotte teased, but in the back of her mind, darker thoughts were coming to the fore. Taru was going into the state of being, where the black, became evident. A slight turn of the head, and even Charlotte could see what was happening. “No…no…don’t.” Charlotte cried to her sister, fearing the worse. “Not here…not now.” A deathly rattle crept up from her throat, and she hissed. “Yesssss.” Charlotte facepalmed, and then started to make the walk to her sister, to calm her back down, when one of the tendrils appeared out of the floor, and emitted a strange mist; a chemical unbeknown to either sister. “Look!” Charlotte pointed to the floor. Taru stared down, then took two steps back, her chest heaving beneath her cloak. “Cheeeeeky..Sssshittt.” <3>

MrObserver: Oh, it was a tad more than he could handle and that be the truth. For only a few feet of solid rock, and other things separated them, but he couldn’t help but to watch as Taru became infuriated with an orchestra of laughter that echoed from all corners of the room. <Grave> “Taru, Taru… So sleek and bold. Nothing better than a provoked female spider to play with… Hold the sexual puns on that please.” His voice held its menacing tone, but was conveyed with humor in it as the mist began to spread quickly and holding a fog like roll across the floor… <Grave> “What an unorthodox means of offensive tactics, dont’cha think? It’s like…A paradox of many memories to mesh together.. So tell me… How long can you hold your breath?” With his message delivered, Grave began to flicker into existence behind them even though the tendril was still spraying that vile mist. The question now was if this Grave was just a clone of sorts, or the real thing. <E>

CharlotteCarrendar:- Deeper the mist spread across the room, and Charlotte; she was no fool, quickly holding her breath in tight, but Taru….oh no, she was just starting to get the urge to fight. Out of parted lips, the black mist of her own, wafted around her own head, and she created a veil of sorts. Charlotte was not of the same, she had no protection like that and collapsed back on a chair. The air..tainted and spreading like gas released from a balloon. Eyes implored Taru to do something to make it stop. “Your…tactics STINK!” Taru raised her voice at the end of her statement, stamping her foot to the floor to crush the tendril back down, all the while, the room was now spinning for Charlotte, who gripped the table, glad her hostess was not there to bear witness to the cruellest of fate. <3>

MrObserver: What a Paradox this was… A Paradox indeed… <Grave> “The whole time you thought you were in the game, but really… You never even pressed start Taru, Now.. Let me introduce you to myself.” If that didn’t give Taru the hint she had misunderstood the gravity of the situation, nothing would till the wave crashed. <Paradox> “Seems as if darkness if consuming your heart, young bebillith. What a shame it is indeed.” The voice was so serene and calm, but it was intertwining with Graves… Something was truly amiss here now. Like the tide rolling in, a shock wave was released from Graves body and from the center of it, a void was formed… More or less a door way. Grave, The Black King… A Envoy of Paradox, The Dread Finder. The fifth dimensional paradoxical being formed form a time line splitting into two. As his body flickered and took shape, his thirteen foot self strode forward towards Taru. Waves of Gama radiation crashing off his very being, but being not laying a hand on Charlotte… All thank to the elevated salvation mark on the small of her back. Though she may fall into sleep now, she will know the happenings of this ongoing crisis through the eyes of both Grave and Paradox. Grave…. His body had vanished and taken its form behind Taru… And Paradox kept advancing as his body finally fully formed. At unison, the two spoke. <Paradox and Grave> “Come now young one… Don’t be so ill conceived at to think your rage will always help you advance yourself and protect others…. Don’t always be a berserker…”<E>

CharlotteCarrendar: – Charlotte’s head was filled with an increasing blackness, as she could no longer hold her breath in anymore. Releasing it she would succumb to whatever it was that was now filling the room. Her body swayed slightly, before collapsing forward on the table, out to the count you could say. Not that Taru was paying attention. No, she was too focused on the newest figure to enter the fray. <Paradox> “Seems as if darkness if consuming your heart, young bebillith. What a shame it is indeed.” Oh this guy seemed to know his stuff. Taru’s hood fell back, and she was now a frightful sight. Fingernails lengthening, and her skin so pale, barely stretching over her bones. “Need to have a heart… have it consumed, and mine was taken from me, years ago.” The last part of her speech, was said with a tilted head, as though attempting to sound sincere. But little did she realize that Grave was coming in behind her, and Paradox before her, they were moving in. “Come now young one… Don’t be so ill conceived at to think your rage will always help you advance yourself and protect others…. Don’t always be a berserker…” Taru paid attention, and then folded her arms defensively across her chest. “Beserker? No…I don’t think so. I am the child of Black, so please, don’t think you can read me so easily.” <3>

MrObserver: “Beserker? No…I don’t think so. I am the child of Black, so please, don’t think you can read me so easily.” True, but she still heed the gravity of this situation at all. Once again, simultaneously both of the blacked out beings spoke in harmony. <Grave and Paradox.> “Of the black… Do you know what black really is.. Or shall we show you? You were always the bravest of your kin, but its the hard decisions you could never make, Spideress of Wrath.” Never closer to the truth Paradox was in his word. But sadly, he would have to show her what black was. While Charlotte was sleeping, the images of what Grave and Paradox was seeing were being transmitted into her dreams through the connection of the Elevated Salvation Mark. <Paradox.> “Charlotte, I am sorry…” His words could be heard in the dreams, everything would be noted in them. “I hope you are ready to understand what I have said, Taru” With his sentence cut off by his own actions, Paradox’s body warped, twisted and manipulated. Eyes forming in blackness ever expanding. At the center, a force known as gravity began to intensify to pull Taru into his world… There she would see horror beyond her wildest dreams. The past, present and future were all about to collide for her. In this dimension she would have to fight to keep from being pulled… Was a memory elevated pass the reaches of time… Her mother was dead, yes. But in this dimension, there was more than one thing to be seen, and her mother would be just one of them. As the gravity kept building, Grave strode towards Taru to place an arm over her shoulder. <Grave.> “You may attack me, but please just hear me out first… There are things you need to take into play in every situation… Especially this one, dear.” Grave remained unaffected by the pull of gravity warping at the center of the twisted and expanded version of Paradox. But Grave may be this Bebilliths greatest chance to keep herself in this room. Was grave just another form of Paradox, or the more compassionate image of himself showing? This was going to be something to be seen depending on the outcome. <?E?>

CharlotteCarrendar:- “Don’t know what Black is? Don’t know what Black is? OH….but I DO!” The Spider demoness roared out the last of her words, the black liquid now dripping out of her eyesockets and her mouth, her tongue coated. Her skin made a squelching sound, as the black started to spread from her mouth and coat her entire face, then head, forming into a bizarre mask, that had the smallest of eye slits. Horror of horrors, the Spider was becoming less in control, while the Black took a serious hold. From beneath her cape, black was now a puddle spreading out around her, like her body was starting to liquefy. Red marks zig zagged across the mask now on her face, and her voice was sounding garbled, by the upcoming black in her throat. While the evolution took place, Charlotte was trapped within a dreamscape, where she could see and hear all that was happening, but her body could not respond. “Don’t let her…don’t…please…” Charlotte begged but it was of no use. It had now gone too far. Taru’s cloak melted into her frame, which was a sickening wet black sludge, barely held up by muscle and bone. Her winter white hair long gone, now replaced with an oily black wet mop of hair, plastered to her form. Grave’s arm reached and made contact with her shoulder, which was sticky like Tar, and she looked at him with black eyed slits. “D4!” The chair that held Charlotte started to move across the tiled floor, and the knights in armour, suddenly came to life in the castle room, the black having seeped across the floor, and animated them into life. “CHESSSSSSS ANYONE?” She didn’t care if he was pulling her, she was going to start pulling everything else with her. <3>

MrObserver: Grave shook his head at the actions Taru had taken. It was without saying, the woman had some sense of the black, but this had gone on for too long now. In a show of raw uncontrolled burst, radiation erupted from the centre of the ever increasingly gravitational pull that Paradox had formed into. <Paradox> “Girl you truly don’t heed the gravity of this situation, do you? Well, Ill be more than willing to show you!!!” Paradox had spoken and he wasn’t playing any longer. Nothing could stop it now, and he hadn’t wanted Charlotte to see this form.. But it was time to make a full appearance. He was thankful he’d marked her, or this would be too far over the top for her body to handle. “Multidimensional Release State, Ex.” Paradox’s voice reverberated throughout the forces of time, gravity, space… and what would be considered as Death. Through the Multidimensional continuum he’d blasted out too. Suddenly, as the words of his ended, something monstrous stepped through the void of Paradox. But what could it be? It was like a walking mass of crumbled bodies, mixed with the corpses of past Bebilliths fallen. Indeed it was something that would shock both Taru and Charlotte, but this was only the beginning. From what was the chest of fallen victims, the face of Lorelei had formed and began to protrude being followed by her torso… Her whole body was pulling itself out of the tangles of this corpse formed version of Paradox. Followed by her, many more started to take their form and follow. Legendary Bebilliths from the past, both male and female poured out from the masses chest surrounding Taru and forming a ring composed of 60 humanoid form Bebilliths. Each began to speak aloud with heavy tones, but each had their own personal voice and attitudes behind them. <The Mass of Past Bebilliths .> “TARU!! CALM YOUR INNER RAGE!!!” The voices rang throughout time all the while Lorelei strode forward towards her lost daughter. Proud to see that she had grown up, but upset to see the outcome of never being there to raise her… <Lorelei> “Dear, release the hold you have on your rage…” She whispered as her left hand raised up to stroke the tar like substance her daughter was formed of. Paradox, who had formed two other images of his causal alter form with on standing next to Lorelei and other hoisting Charlotte into his arms to awaken her and carry her to her mother as she spoke to Taru. <E>

CharlotteCarrendar;- The Black had no emotion, it simply existed, and brought back that which was long since gone, into an animated state. Games, foolish games would be no match for that of the Paradox’s bag of tricks, which was about to show Taru just how far his power did reach. Dripping in the black like tar, that had sprung forth from herself, she hunched over, like she had become far older than she really was. Could she still use her ability to turn into the monstrous arachnid? Possible, however the black had made its choice, and so she was a walking fountain of black, that was now spreading across the room. <Paradox> “Girl you truly don’t heed the gravity of this situation, do you? Well, I’ll be more than willing to show you!!!” The Paradox issued his declaration against the former White Bebilith. “BAH!” Taru groaned and tried to dismiss him like an unruly school boy. Paradox brought forth his most foul and gruesome form, one that the sleeping Charlotte thankfully could not see. A walking mass of crumbled bodies, mixed with the corpses of past Bebilliths fallen. At first, all the crazed Taru could do was laugh coldly. “Haha…nice trick. Raiding the family crypt? Not much of a lively party down there….Ahahahaha.” Course, the joke was about to be on her, when the first to reveal in the ball of bebiliths was her own Mother, the one she never knew. The one she had been taken from all those years before. As a newborn babe…her only memory was of her mother’s crying. This did make the embodiment of Taru, take a step back. “LIAR……Can’t be!” Her head going from seeing her mother, to the many other of her kin, now surrounding her. Their voices raised on high, of their dreaded warning. . <The Mass of Past Bebilliths .> “TARU!! CALM YOUR INNER RAGE!!!” Could they get through to her? But when her own mother approached her, she shied away…like a scared child. Why was this? Did she fear her mother would see what she had become? “Don’t touch…me…” Taru cried, bringing her arm up over her head. Perhaps…this was her only real weakness. Charlotte was carried over, asleep, but her eyes slowly opened, to see the horror of what was transpiring. “Mum?” <3>

XymmerickZypherus: ::Xymmerick nonchalantly staring at the starry sky begins to wander back through his memories reflecting on the BOS. none were still alive excluding charlotte. But why was he so keen on remembering her…suddenly Xymmerick’s eyes shimmer as he sense a great distress upon charlotte’s aura from the crystal he implanted on her. Suddenly Accus appears before Xymmerick.:: (Accus) “Shall we go?” (Xymmerick) “Yes. for if I don’t what would the promise I made to Lorelei and Uriel men?” ::And with that Xymmerick suddenly turns to black ash as his body races as light energy between the small thin reaches of dimensions. A sudden rift in space opens in the room as two giant claws rip open the rift bigger. A skull appears large from the rift as a black ball of ash on fire falls out and explodes. From the explosion Xymmerick stands with his red hair, dawned in the blue and golden trimmings of an ascended. For he was also amongst consider done of the 10 great time lords. And in this considering he curses as he feels the presence of another.:: (Xymmerick) “Charlotte! Don’t fall for it! It’s a trap! Your mother is dead and has been. Remember what I told you. Remember what you know!”

MrObserver: <Paradox and the three Graves.> “ Lorelei… I am sorry to pull you back into reality from your rest… And Charlotte… I know this is a sin far above forgiveness, but be thankful you can see her one last time… ” Lorelei nodded towards the three Graves to show she didn’t mind. While the events in the tangible were taking place, Paradox had visited the Alter Dimension where past warriors rested in peace and without arguments. There, he’d assembled the past generations of Bebilliths to help in his endeavors of calming the blackness within Taru, so that she would be capable of using it to its fullest potential instead of beserking with it and allowing it to control her. Though many had protested it, Lorelei had argued with truth on her side. If their species was to survive and rebuild fully, it was for the best they at least try… Well up till the point Paradox explained he was going to pull their bodies back into animation. This really irked many of the past Spiders, but they shrugged it off and took the chance they had to at least live one more time.. Even if for a second. In exchange though… Many asked for and to be quoted… a “day pass” to the living world. This wasn’t out of his power, but the strain was going to intense maintaining so many reanimated lives for such an extended period. Paradox had no other choice though, but to agree. With everyone in agreement, he’d taken off with the bodiless Lorelei to her resting place first to retrieve the remains. Then came the process of doing the same for the sixty other Bebilliths. Once collected, they were taken to the elevated plains in which Paradox resides. From there, it was only a matter of time and patience. To see how far Taru was willing to take things and it was shown she was more than willing to allow the Black to take over. With the title pretty much set in stone, the name of the game was Chess. Taru has made her move and it was up to Paradox to counter… Except his was damaging to the physique of Taru. Though she may grasp the basics of the Black, she knew not its full potential. With Paradox pulling them close to the tangible world as he clumped the corpse together into his being and stepped out from the fifth dimension to allow them a bridge into the tangible once more. Grave, his alter self had kept close to Taru and allowed the tar like substance to cling to him. Nothing he wouldn’t get away from, but not right now. His job was to stand beside the sisters in this situation. With Lorelei stepping forward once more to console her daughter from the rage, She whispered. <Loreilei> “Only if I had been stronger at that time, I could have been there. Hun, don’t let the rage over take you… Learn to control it and use it to forge a bright tomorrow.” Tears had started to run down the reanimated Lorelei’s cheek as she gazed upon her own mess. All three of the Graves shifted their attentions to the oncoming Multidimensional being who had entered and cut in. Was he a fucking idiot or something? These were no mere tricks, the bebilliths standing before them all were tangible and reanimated for this situation with their minds intact and body fully repaired. <One of the male bebilliths.> “Boy, you may be like Paradox here. But you are short on brains, aren’t you?” Lorelei frowned upon hearing the familiar voice if Xymmerick. “”Charlotte! Don’t fall for it! It’s a trap! Your mother is dead and has been. Remember what I told you. Remember what you know!” Great, of course he was doing his duty, but clearly was far from grasping the gravity of this situationist. <Loreilei>” Xymmerick, Hush yourself before I do it for you…” The legendary female bebillith snapped towards his ill conceived words. Obviously he didn’t understand the implications of what he’d just done. Those words could ultimately make the situation escalate even further and force Paradox to a point he didn’t want to go to. To pull Taru into the void of time and allow her to drift. Of course this enraged the Paradoxical creature and without hesitation. Paradox warped his full self before the being who’d just upped and decided to make a mess of thing. With his body coming out of the 5th dimensional state and into the lower plains before Xymmerick, the six tactical limb arms had warped around his lengthy to capture the excessive amounts of radiation, sound, and light before it could harm the immediate area around them. As the forces were balled as quickly as they were releases from his appearance through the time-space continuum they were fired off in a compact beam; which held enough force to create a subspace rift at the point of the blast. <Paradox> “Elevated plains walker or not.. BE GONE! You have illogically stated something which was out of your hands and is more real than you can comprehend. The implications of your words could spell the end of Taru in this dimension as we all know it! Thank you, fool.” Paradox usually kept his cool under situations like this, but this was more personal than it had came off to be. With the mark he’d left on Charlotte had came an oath to protect and help the ones she loved.. at any cost, and Xymmerick had stepped his boundaries by doing what he did. Now Paradox and the bebilliths.. Especially Her mother and sister had to hope that, Taru hadn’t heard his words or it would spell an exile for her. <E>

CharlotteCarrendar: – All her life, had been a hollowed darkness, tortured screams that permitted through her dreams, and her waking hours a living nightmare. Created a shell that would make her impervious to outside threats, she had more or less cocooned the child deep within her being, wrapped within bands of black, to shield her. But it had done its damage. The doubled over creature of black, masked to hide her face for reasons to be seen shortly, cawed, and wrapped her arms around her own blackened body. <Loreilei> “Only if I had been stronger at that time, I could have been there. Her reanimated Mother said, in a tone to soothe the damaged Taru. Flinching and leaking more black from her eyes, you could hear the hiccuped cry of a small child. “Momma…?” Taru brought her fists up to her mask, and started to smash at it with skeletal like hands. ~Bash Bash Bash~ She did it so hard, cracks were forming in the mask made of black. But the black had a strong hold on Taru, and another voice hissed in aggression. “Liar!” It was like dealing with two entities instead of one. Taru spun round, where parts of the mask fell away in chunks, and you could see the white of her skin beneath, stained with black tears. Her hair whipped around her, spraying more black across a sodden floor. “I follow…the night…Can’t stand…the light.”- With hands reaching out towards her mother’s face, they shook and trembled, black oozing from her fingertips. “When…will I begin…to live…again?” Her head jerked and she took in the other bebilths, and you could hear the sound of insanity through the sniveling. “ I’ll fly away….leave all this…till yesterday…*she looked back at Lorelei and said*..What more could your love do for me? When will love be…..through with me?…Why live life from dream to dream….and dread the day…when dreaming…ends.” But the words were shattered, by the voice of another to enter the fray. Xymmerick. “”Charlotte! Don’t fall for it! It’s a trap! Your mother is dead and has been. Remember what I told you. Remember what you know!” These words made their mark upon Taru…who had finally opened up to those around her. Now in doubt, that this was all a trick, Taru shrieked violently, and tore the rest of the mask from her face in a violent rage. “DEATH AWAITS THOSE THAT DECEIVE!” The mask smashed upon the floor, the crazed look on Taru’s face was horrific, and she backed up from them all, right back to Grave. “I never had a chance!” Charlotte watched on horrified, as Taru was ready to accept fate…as the cards had been dealt. <3>