Roleplay is….

AlexanderValkyrion – Illian Empire – IMVU.

AlexanderValkyrion: To some, Role Play is a game, to others it is something more–maybe a bit too much more. For all however, Role Play is a journey. It always starts the same way; at least most of the time. Young and ignorant, people flock to Role Play, unable to throw together more than a single line post and mixing is abound. Even for myself, this is true. I wasn’t always the Role Player I am today. There was a time once, when I was a young and naive twelve year old unleashed upon the internet. Oh how I feel the pain of those that I met in the early years. That was almost nine years ago, and the place was on Yahoo! Messenger.

For me, it has been a long haul. It has been filled with good times and bad, friends and enemies. It is true, I cannot say that I am proud of everything I have done throughout my Role Play “career.” However, it is also true to say that there is much I am proud of. I have had the honor of knowing some of the best T1’ers to have ever put finger to keyboard. I remember a time when such Role Play Monoliths, Leviathans, and Behemoths made my fingers tremble. I’ll never forget how intimidating it was, the thrill it created–and at times, the frustration. Every person has this experience, their first time they thought they were “In Love” with another typist. The first time they thought that the death of their character was the end of their world as they knew it. The first time they felt the sting of betrayal. In that regard, Role Play is similar to real life. Though I cannot find the words to describe it truthfully, and accurately, the experiences you have in Real Life and Role Play have a different feel–and though they may be the same situations, they affect you differently. Thus is the relationship between a person and their imaginary counter-part.

The relationship between Player and Character is one of an intrinsic nature, and in many ways, intimate. Often times, it is too easy for us as Role Players to feel their pain, their fear, their hate. The ability to make yourself separate them, is what separates a one Player from another. Everyone has moments where they slip, where they don’t catch themselves. If you have been told by someone that this has never happened–you’ve been lied to. Often, this ability is something that grows with experience. In that regard, Role Play is a skill, it is something requiring practice. However, everyone has moments in Role Play, when it makes their heart pump–their adrenaline rush. That is what makes it fun. That is why we do it. The same is true for me as it has been every Role Player before, and every Role Player there will be after my time. To me, Role Play is a learning experience, a road traveled that has the same beginning for almost everyone; and for many, the same end. As you travel the beaten path, each experience adds to who you are as a role player. Good friends are found and lost and then re-gained only to be lost again. Each meeting, each confrontation changes you. At first, it isn’t an obvious change. Slowly, however, over time the change is inevitable. Very few, if any Role Players can look back and say: “I am the same now as I was then.” Chances are, if that is the case, they didn’t stick with it for the ‘long haul.’

As the path, the experience that is Role Play comes to an end–as it does for everyone, many find themselves looking back with a single question on their mind: How will I be remembered? That is why I founded the setting that developed into what the Illian Empire is today. For me, it is my Legacy, it is the lasting impression I hope to leave on the Role Play Community when I leave it. My dream for Illian is that it rises to stand aside ‘setting’ greats as Eden and Ayenee. My hope is that it becomes a name that carries on for generations of Role Players to come.