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Lorewall 2E Timeline.

Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice.

Writers :

Carrendar (CharlotteCarrendar)

LadyBelz: In an apartment devoid of furniture, lights and basic amenities like food and clothing, stood alone figure dressed from head to toe in black. Upon her shoulder perched her ever faithful companion. As darkness descended, she watched the death and destruction as buildings exploded, people being killed or injured every few minutes. The cries of the dying penetrated her soul, calling to her, feeding her. The night was awash with explosions of light and sound. At one point she spotted two figures hovering in the sky before one could be seen falling like a shooting star. Followed moments later by the other in what could only be described as a dive that would put even the most hardened of skydivers to shame. A small smile graced her lips as the resulting plummet to earth of these two figures resulted in a shockwave that not only uprooted trees and knocked over park benches, but blew out windows in buildings for miles in either direction, including the windows of Lorewall High Rise. Glass shattered explosively, falling around Raveena like snow, but she was unharmed. She stepped to the edge of the ruined window, crouching low like a bird of prey. “And so it begins.” she murmured. Eop cawed before he launched himself from her shoulder into the night. Her keen eyesight easily picked up his trail. Crouching lower, she launched herself from the ruined window.

If one had been watching, they would have been in mind of thinking this was a person who was committing the ultimate sin of suicide. But her form blurred and she was launched into the air, her wings catching the wind currents with each pull. She followed Eop around the city, explosions erupting around her, but not touching her. Eop flew to the heart of the city, where most of the destruction was occurring. She landed smoothly, her wings blurring around her body in the form of a leather dress with free flowing sleeves. Black leather boots and stockings encased her legs and feet. Eop landed on her shoulder with nary a sound.

“Such pain. I can feel them, Eop.” Raveena whispered, eyes closed in ecstasy. Eop ran his beak through her hair in approval. She started to walk, letting the feelings coursing through her body carry her feet where they will. “Help…me…” A whisper of sound to her left. Turning without looking, her body passing through a sidewalk bench that had been in her way, she followed the echo of pain until she came upon a law enforcement official. He was pinned to the ground between two destroyed vehicles, blood flowing from his ears and mouth. “Help…me…” he moaned. Raveena knelt beside him. “You are in pain. I can help you.” she murmured, her eyes glittering with some unnamed emotion. The cop looked at her, hope in his eyes. “I…can’t…feel my…legs. My…back…it’s broken…” the man whispered, wincing in absolute agony. Raveena placed a hand across his forehead and her whole body jerked as if she were caught in the throes of a powerful orgasm. The cop screamed, strange sensations flowing through his broken and abused body. Raveena jerked once more, crying out in ecstasy. Something glowed beneath her hand and the cop slumped beneath her hand, very much dead. Moaning lightly, Raveena opened her eyes, her pupils blown. She stared at the body beside her. “Now you are free.” she whispered, placing a gentle kiss across rapidly cooling lips before she got to her feet to begin searching for another person in need of their freedom. It was going to be a profitable night…


Carrendar: – Blazing ruins; a city that was now in the grips of a violent struggle, with the death count rising by the second. Vast plumes rose over the flashing lights of broken vehicles, and corpses lay strewn in pools of their own body waste and blood. What was once a quiet curfew night for many a Lorewallean, had now turned into the bloodiest of nightmares, and the cause…..On the lift ships high above, from the observation decks, could the survivors; the Commander, Fox and M.E.R.C.Y watch on in abject horror, as the bravest of all, was preparing to make the ultimate sacrifice. The Commander had already said that this was because of the cyborg and her friend, and this was something that M.E.R.C.Y tried to compute into a logical statement. The borg’s head movement was slow, and there was a child like look upon her torn and battered face. The reflection from the fireballs was now glowing fiercely, and this gave all that bore witness, an unnatural orange glow to their skin. M.E.R.C.Y separated herself from the others, taking two steps closer to the double sided glasss petition that separated her from the outside. Far below Spartan released an encrypted final message that only M.E.R.C.Y’s algorithms could understand.

“And I sacrifice myself for you, and your future. Please, have my father show you to my personal quarters. There awaits the start to a brighter future, and a bottle of the finest Russian vodka, among other things you will enjoy seeing.”

(M.E.R.C.Y) -message received….unit Spartan…self destruct. Countdown has commenced.- The cyborg started to shake her head, her reaction was not that of the borg, but of the memory banks of Natasha, deep within. “No….NO!” M.E.R.C.Y brought both hands up, clenched into fists, and started to pound on the toughened glass, repeating it over and over, but due to the reinforcement, it was able to withstand her powered strikes. (M.E.R.C.Y) -relay..communications line open- abort….Spartan unit…abort…Spartan unit…abort- The cyborg tried desperately to patch into Spartan, but as the third word was sent down….there was a massive blast, you could say it was nuclear. The shockwave rippling across the city, and even the drop ship on which M.E.R.C.Y stood, was blown slightly off course by the enormity of the blast. The smoke cloud mushroomed up from the devastated city; thousands of voices would have cried out and terror….all to be silenced, forever more. (M.E.R.C.Y) – communications…Spartan unit…receive…error…offline.- Slowly Natasha lowered her arms, falling to her sides, while below more buildings crumpled into massive piles of twisted metal, brick and concrete dust. Spartan…was no more.

The suitcase. Natasha reached into her pocket, and pulled out a picture, torn edges and black and white. She held it up with her thumb and index finger, her head lowering with a slow jerking action, while her bionic eye whirred into focus. The picture was of a couple, from many years ago, when she was human. The reflection of the burning city below, and then the imagery from the torn photograph; the faceless man. Her thumb ran over it, then she slowly bent the photo, until she crushed it and let it fall to the floor. Spartan now too, was nothing but a memory. Sacrifice. It had happened again. The cyborg turned back to face the Commander, stepping on the photograph, and then walking towards him slowly.

“Yourz zon…instructed I amz to bez…shownz do my quarterz.”

Would the Commander be aware of the order given just moments prior to his son’s death? The cyborg did not move further from that spot, until she was shown the way.


MrObserver: – As Jackson watched, eyes filled with tears, but never released. Something a man is never to do. Cry before a woman and show his scars. It was hell down there, and he knew his son had debated and came to this as the conclusion to the only proper end of the situation. He’d been watching the female cyborg step away and have it out with the toughened glass and attempt to impede Spartans path towards sacrifice, only to be unheard and become cold.

As he held his attentions forward unto the devastation, the sound of the Borg making its way towards him caused him to rotate on the back of his dress shoes and bow his head in accordance with his condolences.

“Yourz zon…instructed I amz to bez…shownz do my quarterz.”

Once again.. His son caught him off guard from the grave… Just like his old man would.

With a balled fist to cover his mouth as he cleared his throat and responded, he nodded.

“Hum uh yes…. Right this way, if you will.”

Again, he spun on the heels of his dress shoes and began the match towards the nearest elevator.

“Damn… It’s good to be alive…”

Spartan, now dressed in the same outfit he’d rushed down into the city wearing, was sitting in the confined room. No visible doors, not window ports, nothing. Completely hidden away from the rest of the ship. Above him, his private quarters. Spartan had known about the empty section of ship below his personal space. It was a flaw in the designing of the frigate, space that was never use, so he’d take advantage of it to move his new self there so he could complete the finishing touches on it.

The simulated rise and fall of his chest, and heart rang around in the room. So close to human, so far from biological morality though. Still a programmed flaw as ever.. Fucking smoking habits effect man and machine apparently. As he pulled in on the Lacardis cigar, smoke was released from his nostrils in spiraling streams, and in a flow over his bottom, silver lip. “Bet she’s going to be heated when I see her.” True, he was alone but, his computer systems that he’d built to assist in the build of this new body he was enjoying were autonomous as well. “Well, sir. You did just kill yourself for her…”

“Oh, shut up Larry… What do you know about women?”

“Obviously enough to inform you, you are an idiot. SIR! She’s either going to kick your ass, or try to molest you on the spot…” The hidden speakers of the the autonomous computers retorted.

“Like you would fucking know from experience there, LARRY!!! besides, my death shouldn’t effect her. She does have a human side, but that cyborg side should null out the effects of my death. AND!! another thing, LARRY!!! It’s not like I was her boy friend or that she had a crush on me. We weren’t even around each other long enough for that to happen.” Spartan rebuked as he took another puff off his cigar and allowed to the smoke to flow unnervingly calculated from his lips.

“Oh? You fancy yourself a female there, sir?”

“Not once did I state that.”

“Oh, but you took a condescending tone in tha…” The computer became silent as Spartan had pulled one of his .50 cal revolvers off from the shelve next to him.

“Ye…Yes, Sir.. I’ll be quiet now.”

“Good, I have no problem taking you out of this world. I am the one the built you, you remember? He scoffed before quickly going silent.

Above him there was motion, his I.M.D (Internal Motion Detector) had picked up. As his sound detection systems raised their sensitivity, the sound of his old man and keys jingling could be heard, followed by the door hinges squeaking gentle as it swung open. “Here you go, Ma’am. This is your personal sanctuary, and Spartans Ex Private quarters.”

“God damn it, I forgot to oil them damn hinges…” Spartan whispered to himself.

“By that, you mean you really just didn’t give a damn?”

“Shut it,you. Or ill fill you full of fucking lead.”

Again, smoke rolled from his lips as his optics switched into thermal mode and he watched as his father, the commander pace back off down the hall towards the elevator. Yup… No doubt about it, Mercy was in his fucking room, just like he’d told her to have his father take her too.

DarksiedTheLegend: – Unbeknownst to M.E.R.C.Y and X70 when they were busy battling in the slums there was a man in one of the uninhabited buildings, someone was watching them fight and was busy taking down notes on every fight maneuver they did and as this man would then make a simple phone call between the time before the EMP attack caused by X70 as the man began to talk to his cell phone. (?)”By the looks of things she seemed to be fighting a…hmm cyborg. Should I interfere?” The man on the other line began to speak. (Agent one)”Oh no don’t interfere agent two. Someone of your caliber shouldn’t interfere in a fight of this scale…leave your considerable strength to rest you need it for the big gig I’m planning.” (Agent two)”Such kind words you speak. Is she really that important to Sand?” (Agent one)”Indeed she is, you know Sand is missing his power of three ritual component…I think she might be the one to replace the third…You know how much of a sucker Sand is for ancient rituals. What else you have to report?” (Agent two)”Seems like she is a talisman for dangerous people, one of her friends killed an officer of the law…Do I kill him? To cover the loose ends of course it seemed the officer remember Natasha” (Agent one)”No don’t kill Natasha’s little boy toy…you got to be kidding me someone remembered her?” (Agent two)”Yes” (Agent one)”Oh for circus sake the boss spent money on that girls performance to wipe the memories clean of every officer and high official except for that Carrendar ex-prime minister girl…the pig in blue is dead right?” (Agent two)”Yes sir” (Agent one)”Find dna of that pig and get it to the lab…what else happened there?” (Agent one)”The cyborg she was fighting with well he destroyed a building. Not sure if there are casualties even if it was condemned there are still the poor people that decided to make it home….”

(Agent one)”Call the retrieval teams, take the bodies and reduplicate them in the laboratories.” (Agent two)”What about the cops who might be sniffing around for something.” (Agent one)”Use your ghetto blaster to wipe their memories clean and use that fake organization made by the government to cover your tracks.” (Agent two)”But you haven’t told me what to do about the memories of those that might remember that girl?” (Agent one)”Clean all those memories up…If she is this useless I can enjoy the fact that she might be the one to burn Sand down to the ground…mwaha ha ha ha ha…I’m going to enjoy that if it happens. Now go Party man and shhhhhhh” -The EMP Blast would then be initiated by X70 before X70 used his thrusters to get them out of the slums and somewhere to the central park as Agent two or Party man would try to use his cell phone but to no avail as he mutter to himself- (Agent two)”Darn why does everyone have to use some sort of emp blast…even though this cell phone doesn’t cost much it had all the girls numbers…now I’m mad. I could kill her myself.” -As Agent two placed his cell phone back into his pants pocket before approaching the broken door of his apartment as he climbed down the broken stairs, he went into the streets of the slums as he removed a little fire work-(Agent two)”Time for low tech” -As Agent two lit up the fire work as it flew to the sky before exploding in the air a simple symbol of a bag meanwhile Agent ten or better known as Johnny Star was explaining to his interior designer what he envisioned for the restaurant Star burger- (Johnny Star)”I want something futuristic but not too much. Something easy to relate too but at the same time shock them.” -Then he saw the fire work of a bag as he shook his head before picking up his own cellphone and calling an agency-

(Johnny Star)”Alright we need a cleanup crew at Agent two sector….no not a killer crew. A bag and tag group yeah that’s the one. I think Agent two did something or what not so don’t put the blame on me…go and check it out. ” -At that moment a fleet of twenty ambulances where making their way to the slums area where a police officer died and a building was destroyed carrying a strange group of scientists in each ambulance. Meanwhile in the Nest or better known as Red Raven headquarters Shino climbed the ladder up to Kane’s old office as she opened the door before shutting it behind her as she heard the faint signs of the respiratory machine pumping oxygen as she approached the medical bed looking down at a beaten up man covered in bandages with plugs and tubes going in and out of him as she stares at these strange machines that might keep him alive as she pull up a chair next to the man before grabbing his hand as she gently caress his hand on her cheek before tearfully asking-(Shino)”When are you going to wake up cousin Kane?”


The Commander was dutiful in his care, carrying out the request of his dead son, allowing the cyborg to enter his old quarters just as instructed. The hinges squeaked loudly, clearly in need of oiling, and the room itself, had the appearance that it had not been in use for some time. In fact, when M.E.R.C.Y stepped through the door way, what met her was a very cold and clinical room. Strange, as she crossed the floor, and saw a bottle of vodka and two glasses upon a metallic table. Aside from the table, it was sparsely furnished. An oak writing desk and leather chair, bed in the corner of the room, and to the right, a walk in ensuite. Pretty standard as far as an officer’s quarters go.

It was one thing to be requested to go to the cabin in the first place, but now left alone, M.E.R.C.Y actually seemed…lost. Her mission prior to the events of this night, were to find the truck engine for the purple suited man from the industrial side of Lorewall. But running into Kyle, then getting caught up with the demolition man known as Spartan, all her best intentions were for naught. The dull hum of the drop ships engines, droned in the background, and every so often there was a light shudder, like the craft was getting higher, and further away from the city of Lorewall. Slowly, M.E.R.C.Y started to scan the room, using her heat senses to track if there was anyone in the other rooms, or those that may be a threat to her, but for the time being, she couldn’t pick up anything, or anyone.

Reaching with her left hand, she took up the neck of the bottle of vodka, and cracked off the cork, with her razor sharp teeth, before pouring two glasses, before setting the bottle back in its place. With a bowed head, she gently picked up one of the glasses, and then knocked it to the other full glass, before bringing her glass to her lips, whispering under her breath:

“Zee you on the other zide…”

The cyborg then tipped the drink back, and slammed the glass back down on the table. With nothing else for it, M.E.R.C.Y sat herself down on the edge of the bed, and drew up her sleeve, unlocking one of the arm plates, that had been damaged in the fall. Her head tilted, as the robot arms came out of her shoulders, and started to work, on operating on the damaged plate, and the wires beneath. The light zapping sound mixed with the smell of burning metal filled the air, as she carried out maintenance.


MrObserver:- “See you on the other side…”

Spartan had been listening in on her and had caught her Russian purr. Subsequently enough, though he was a machine, strange as it was, something kicked in his chest for a instant. Something misfired? Or was there more to this body than he, the designer knew? What force could alter a machine into a biological format? Shrugging it off, he sighed before turning to face away from the elevators direction to lay his attentions to the Computer systems. “I’ll be back, Larry… “

“Don’t forget protection sir.”

“I’m a fucking machine, Larry.”

“Yes, well… We can have a discussion about that later.” The low white which was associated with the speakers kicked out and allowed silence to fill around Spartan.

“What…. the.. Fuck, Larry?” Smoke rolled over the brim of his bottom lip as he tilted his head back and sighed looking up through the nanobot flooring. “Fine, have it your way…” With the lower portion of the flooring, or the ceiling of the room he stood in began to drop down around him like a bubble, Spartan shuttered at the ideas of this female roaring, and ranting about his sacrifice. It had been a gamble and if the transfer hadn’t completed before the explosion, he wouldn’t be here now.

As the bots closed in around him and began to hoist him upwards, the floor before Mercy started to ripple like the effect of a pebble being dropped into a serene pond. But at the epicenter of this ripple, Ebony and Crimson hair, followed by dull silver skin wrapped around what appeared to the sides of a skull… In turn full wed but a neck and the shoulders that were covered in ebony and crimson leather. “The other side sucks… They don’t have alcohol, so I came back here” Spartan chuckled in his new found heavy voice as he finished his ascension into his private quarters to stand before the female Borg.

“Okay, okay.. before we fight again, I have a lot to explain, but first I need a drink and need to relight my cigar.” All statements that Mercy more than likely was thinking to herself now.

As he reached over to the table that the full glass of vodka and its bottle sat on, he also pulled a zippo out from inside his jacket to right like the cigar with a few unnatural puffs. As he straightened himself out to his full height, he motioned his glass towards Mercy, raised it up, maneuvered the cigar of to the corner of his lips and drained it with a tilt of his head. And with a crash the glass onto the table, which caused it to shatter. He inhaled another stream of tobacco smoke from the cigar before sighing to released it out into the cabin.

“Long story short, I initiated a transfer protocol right before activating the self destruct sequence. A shot in the dark if you ask me but, I am standing here now. So, I fucked death and made her my bitch…”

A smile flashed across his lips revealing the well polished carbon steel teeth they hid. With a twist and jerk of the arm, he grabbed the bottle by the neck, rotated and plopped down next to the damaged Cyborg. “You know, you look like you need a tune up. Hey… hey Larry, wake your ass up and hook this gal up with some repairs would ya? Thanks, that’d be just great.”

“Sir, I am not your slave….”

“Yeah, you are… I built you, I can dismantle you, you malfunctioning, jack off.”

“Since you are the one that designed me, it’s you fault that I am “malfunctioning”, Sir.”

“Just shut it, and help the lady would you?”

Spartan sighed knowing his damn A.I was going to make a fool of its self… Or him, or both. It didn’t matter, the bloody thing was of his own engineering… So it did reflect many of his own attributes. As he sighed, and shifted to hand the bottle to Mercy, spouts of nanobots whirled up and in front of Mercy holding the parts that were so needed by her repair systems to restore her to perfection. Though, Spartan was starting to take a fancy for the “I am a fucking war machine” look. He knew she was in need of some serious repairs, and may actually have to take her into his lab to do the more tedious work needed. With another white smoke releasing sigh, he rose up and turned towards her, the iridescent red glow of his eyes adjusting and flickering every so often. “You look like a fucking war zone in yourself, Miss Murder…” <E>


DarksiedtheLegend: -Meanwhile when the self sacrifice of X70 occurred in the central park of Lorewall, various board members had an almost front row seat to such an attack as the master of the Fuyu no arashi clan looks down from atop his mighty tower before he turned to the many screens which had board members all over Neamaeus. The master hidden in his bunker apartment looked at these various screens from his golden mask as he bluntly say. (Master)”Today we were dealt with a serious blow, the bombers of the first national bank has acquired nuclear material and it seems like they tend to show their massive force to the people of this fair city of Lorewall by detonating within the confines of the central park…. Today is a dark indeed, but more so for those involved with this crime by twenty four hours exact is the amount of time that all criminal organizations has to apologize for this action and they must prove they haven’t had a hand in this dark deed for within twenty four hours if these so called heads of the criminal organizations hasn’t apologize for this actions and have not proven that they had no hand in this…we will begin exterminating all the heads of the organizations down to the last man and recruitment. We had allowed their presence in our city and we tolerated their actions but what has happened today is the last straw nowhere in the entire nation of Nemaeus they can hide…We have agents hidden in all cities just waiting for the opportunity to strike back… The Finisters has said that maybe they have a solution to this nuclear winter….I will allow a majority vote on all their tests so as to not limit the democracy in our clan. Which brings me to the next order of business the police has seemed out gunned and out matched during their fights with the local gangs it has come to my attention that we need to do more for these fine officers of the law and I suggest after a majority vote to support them with the latest battle suits and weaponery we could

produce in the military branch but of not too much for we need a small upper hand when we have to deal with the police. So we will begin the majority vote on project defend and project heal.” -As various members of the board members began to vote on project heal as the tally machines in the special rooms began to count the votes of the board members and each individual member of the company before showing the results to the master to which he announces to all the board members-(Master)”It has come to me at heavy heart that we only have ninety-nine percent vote for begin project heal there is only one percent disagrees with starting project heal only giving their reason as it looks pretty that way. Due to majority vote we will begin project heal. The FInisters has free reign to being attempts to clean up the nuclear problem in central park. We will begin voting for project defend in a few moments but first we need to thank our biological generators made by the Finister family…”

-Meanwhile back at Mister burgers renovations were being done for it to be reborn as Star burgers but its current owner was taking a drive up to a new media company as Johnny Star got out of the taxi did he begun to enter the building as he discussed with the security guards about his appointment before being accompanied by security guards to the meeting floor as Johnny Star passed through the multiple construction workers that were fixing and building special contingencies into the floor before being lead to a meeting room where Silver was sitting comfortably in a chair behind a desk looking through a list of documents before letting Johnny Star take a seat opposite of him-(Silver)”So Johnny boy what you need?” (Johnny Star)”I need some of your girls from the Telsa Teknos project to help with a little project of mine that might get my business floating.” (Silver)”Business floating? What are you trying to do? Trying to gain more sales for the repossession agency” (Johnny Star)”Something like that.” (Silver)”One could only imagine what you might make them do but there are some lines and I want no funny business at all. Those girls have a life outside of the glitz and glamour of show business I intend to make sure their lives aren’t disturbed by the paparazzi. You of all people should know the meaning of a private life.” (Johnny Star)”Most of my life was in private so I understand your concerns but don’t worry I ain’t going to make them do anything scandalous probably some songs and dancing but that’s it. None of that strange and weird stuff that is forced by other media companies.” (Silver)”That is the one thing that I like about you Johnny Star no matter the circumstances you always keep your word even if the circumstances was very bad.” (Silver)”Yeah I’m a walking example of keeping my word had to even lose my forearm just to get the job done.” -Johnny star would show his right forearm which was a mechanical prosthetic before letting it rest on his lap-

(Johnny Star)”So do you have a deal Mister Silver?” (Silver)”We have a deal Mister Star” -As they then shook each other hands before signing the documents.-

TonberryShuffle -==- Just like that Kyle had been jumped here. Whether it was the classic method of dematerializing and transmitting that pattern elsewhere, a portal, whatever, was well beyond Kyle’s sensory perception. That didn’t stop the overtly huge science fiction fan from trying to figure out the method as soon as his senses gathered that he was no longer down on the city streets and instead nearby to Private Fox. Who, of course, eventually found her way towards other crew members (since you mentioned her in your posts above).

Kyle stepped out from the tube and looked around for a dedicated operator to the system. Or at the very least a control panel that was accessible in the event no one was seated nearby. He had to know all about this. He had to know more.

Assuming he went unopposed he would begin poking and prodding. The tactile sensations preferable over the alternative method to Kyle. He wanted to have the full experience and that involved reading across the display and such. It was almost enough that he almost forgot all about Private Fox.

He’d get to her later…

Carrendar: – The surface of the floor though it appeared to be a hardened metal substance, was infact made up of millions of nanobots, similar to the very ones that flowed throughout M.E.R.C.Y’s form. From beneath there came a sharp creaking sound, then the floor started to ripple, as though a wave force was passing through the floor. The Cyborg stared down, taking three steps back, as from below; a crimson and black haired figure was breaching the floor, and coming into view. The likelihood of this being anything but acceptable by the laws of physics and science, was sending M.E.R.C.Y’s onboard processors, trying to work out the mathematical equation for this anomaly. But it was the voice that came from this new being, that had M.E.R.C.Y stop in her tracks, practically frozen in place.

“The other side sucks… They don’t have alcohol, so I came back here”

“Zpartan?” The cyborg questioned, for the being answered her final words in his honour of sacrifice. Fully forming, and in a new and shiny body kit, Spartan had returned from the dead…literally.

The nanobots worked around him then fell back to close the opening that Spartan had ascended through, and you could see the cyborg’s jaw line move, almost clenching. Would the cyborg decide to continue their earlier fight, that caused the chaos of the city below, or would she react in a manner befitting a human. Course, Spartan got the first words in…he was afterall the showman of the day.

“Okay, okay.. before we fight again, I have a lot to explain, but first I need a drink and need to relight my cigar.”

“Youz…exploded. I saw it.” Obvious is obvious, and though Spartan was acting casual about the whole thing, M.E.R.C.Y was more intrigued with how he survived the impact of the nuclear explosion. “Cyborgz….cannot withstand…nuclear explosionz.” True, she had a point, and so again, the ball was back in his court. Why would she try to destroy something that shouldn’t even exist? Her head followed the direction of his movement, to take a swig of the vodka, then break the glass when he “attempted” to set it down on the table. He was a lot stronger than any ordinary borg, or simply didn’t care that he was making a mess. Lighting his cigar and taking a few puffs, which looked unnatural by the way his chest rose and fell out of sync with the inhaling of cigar smoke. Trained and programmed in dealing with humans and their behavioural traits, Spartan was on the high end of the scale for what would be classed as irregular behaviour. He smiled, showing off a new set of well polished carbon steel teeth, and then explained, rather casually, how he cheated death.

“Long story short, I initiated a transfer protocol right before activating the self destruct sequence. A shot in the dark if you ask me but, I am standing here now. So, I fucked death and made her my bitch…”

To the point, and the borg had one question.

“Youz…realize…you blewz up…much ov….dhe err….city?” M.E.R.C.Y was well aware of how the Nemauens reacted to things being blown up, including the Fuyu no arashi clan, who with their vast underground network and gangs that stretched right across Nemaues, and once in the old world of Lacardis. “The….’umanz…not likez you, vhen dhey….err…vind out.”

She had a point, but did Spartan actually care about the people below. Technically, M.E.R.C.Y was a Fuyu no arashi operative….or was, till she got whisked aboard the drop ship. M.E.R.CY then reached for the bottle of vodka, and taking off the cap, she simply raised the bottle to her lips, and started to drink…and drink…and drink, till there was none left, before simply letting the bottle slip from her grasp and smash on the floor.

“I neededz dhat.”