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Minah’s wolves.


AVictimsCurse: -The sound of shuffling and desperate breathing could be heard as an injured young man that fled across the vast plains that once housed his human race. He was the last of his kind. His options were exhausted, and his only path was to head straight for the forbidden forest, a place he had only read and heard about second hand. Too much had happened for him to have put together a better plan, let alone anything that he could call more than pure survival instinct. The events of the last couple of days had forever changed the way that he looked at the world he lived in. It changed the way he looked at himself as well as his faith, he was shaken and gravely injured. He had managed to patch himself up enough to make a short journey, but he was putting his hopes in finding shelter somewhere within the forest. In all honesty, he didn’t know if he would make it any where safely without getting medical attention first. There were stains in the little bit clothing he wore, he hated fabric. If he could walk among the world nude, he would. There was a large cut across his bare side, a few penetration wounds in his right shoulder and back, and several minor cuts and scratches all over his pale body. His face was also blackened and covered in stained ash, ruining the beautiful features given to him by his mother. He barely escaped the flames of the settlement with his life. Was this truly worth it? perhaps, it was ment to happen. Returning home wasn’t a mistake. He saw with his own eyes, death was all that existed and the last of his kind he had to have revenge for what was done here.

AVictimsCurse: After finally climbing what seemed like most inclined hill (seriously, this has got to be some record-breaking curvage) in his mind, he took a deep breath. His heart pounded furiously out of his chest, and he was sweating profusely. Only one thing was with him, and he treasured them with his life. It was a pair of twin daggers that were placed in a knife like pouch on his hips. “Finally…” He muttered with a sigh as he stared at what appeared to be an Empire? Relieved he wasn’t alone in the forest but worried of what kind of creatures were inside? The forest was well known for Vampires, Lycan and other evil blood thirsty suckers. His heart skipped another beat as his thoughts. A sinking feeling grew in his stomach, and he wondered how long it would take before he could continue on keeping his heart beating. “There’s no time for this…” He hissed under his breath, shaking his head and sighing, looking into the long path just ahead. He has already attacked by a Lycan now he feared that the wound would permanent or worst the curse of the Lycan was now upon him. They say, those who survived from an attack of a Lycan, would turn into the beast at a full Moon.

AVictimsCurse: He began to continue his steps, holding his bleeding side as best he could. Regardless of this, he could feel drips of blood falling through his fingertips, and if what he read about blood suckers was true, they would be on him soon. He knew that he should have been more concerned, but his eyes simply distracted him. Rather than continue straight on the path he slowed to a crawling walk, and merely took in the vast beauty of the forest. He could see small creatures fleeing and watching him from safety, and it brought nothing but a smile to his face. It was breath taking, even the trees were immaculate and enormous, he never thought in a million years that he’d be able to actually step foot in the legendary Forest. The colors of green and the various others he was seeing were simply marvelling to him. The small forest near his h–. He stopped instantly, his mind being instantly reminded again that he had no home to return to, no family, no friends, no one even knew he was the last one standing.

AVictimsCurse: Soon enough those eyes focused, returning to reality as he heard a growl coming from behind him. He paused at his tracks, gripping on to his bloody side as he turned his features to the side, glancing just over a shoulder. “What the?” He muttered, seeing the bushes moving, as if something was about to just pop out of there and attack him, rip him into pieces. Whatever it was appeared to be approaching him. “Damn it!” He said as he quickly turned and retrieved one of is draggers from it’s rightful place, ready to aim and toss his dagger. But whatever it was quickly pulled in front of him, not giving him enough time to pull a move. “Get away from me!” He yelled and hissed, spinning around, slamming the heel of his boot into the Lycan’s bony head. Causing the large beast to wimp in pain and shake it’s head as he coward back. He then took a step back before gasping in pain, gripping his side and dropping his dagger on to the ground accidentally. “Stay back! GET OUTTA HERE! GO ON!” He screamed loudly, attempting to seem larger and stronger than he actually was at the moment. Without a second thought, he knew he had to get away and what safer place but the Empire he had his eyes set upon just moments ago? He snatched the dagger from the ground and turned sharp, taking off as best as he could, running as fast he could. His long black hair that reached down to his shoulder blades waved in the wind behind him along with the cape he wore. Soon enough, he manage to make his way to the Empire, shoving himself through the door by his elbow and turned once inside to kick the door closed with his foot and stumbled backwards, falling on to his bottom panting heavily.-

ElevynFeyMordrid: Luma smiles and gestures to the chairs and couches. “Please make yourself comfortable. Is there something I can get for you? A drink or something to eat?”

LunalyiVentrueZelet: Luna emerges from teh kitchen rubbing her very full stomach while stiffling a very unladylike belch . Her pointed ears twitch at the sound of voices. The castle appeared, once again, busy and popular. This of course makes the Dragahu smile. Her small feet pad their way across the stone floor as silver eyes pierce forward to all those she was unfamilar with. “Greetings,” she sings to them all. “Welcome to Zelet Castle.” She was sure Luma and or Crimson handled such a greeting, yet being Queen she felt she needed to state it aloud herself. She pauses in the threshold as a hand rests upon a popped out hip as her head tilts tot he side a bit, studying the occupents.

minah2893: -she would finish the raw mean and climb up on the kitchten counter to wash her hand. after she is down she would jump off the counter and walk towards the sitting room but stop and scream once she saw a guy laying on the floor near the entrance- AHHHHHHH!!!!!!

AVictimsCurse: -The long haired male panted heavily under his breath as he stared at the large doors in front of him. He was pleased to hear nothing moving about behind the door. It seems like he got away from the wild beasts for good. His eyes widen though at the sound of a female screaming just behind him as he sat there on his bottom with his knees bend and hands resting beside him. His palms pressed harder against the floor and his heart skipped a beat. “What!?” He quickly shouted, getting up from the floor and turning with a stumble. “What!?” He looked around with his eyes, scanning, almost believing she has seen the beast slip through the doors without him realizing it. But, then it hit him. She was screaming because she saw him and had no idea of where he came from. “Oh.” He felt his cheeks hold a slight hint of pink as he quickly bowed his head and moved a hand against he wall, holding on to his weight as he let out a soft chuckle. “Forgive me, for frightening you.” He said softly, doing his best to keep a hold of his vision. The lost of blood seemed to have been draining away everything from him, his strength, breathing and his vision. He watched her carefully, while she continue to seem more of a blurr as seconds went by. “not exactly.” He grinned at whomever greeted him and asked him if he was ‘okay’. He then found himself leaning his back against the wall and looking down to his wounded side.-

ElevynFeyMordrid: Luma nearly jumped out of her skin as she heard the door slam then shuddered when she heard Minah scream. “For the love of…” She looked to the door but saw her dragon goinng to tend to it so she returned her attention to Julissa. “The head guard will tend to it.” she smiled softly, moving over to the bar and looking through the selection. “Now, did you say whether you wanted something to drink or not?”

CharlotteCarrendar:- All manner of creatures do dwell in the lands of the Abyss, and none are more revered than the Bebilith daughters of Lore. This day however, the girls do not seek to spend their days lurking through the vile passages of the underworld, and have chosen instead to venture out by way of their ability to plane shift without fault. Holding hands, and chanting in rhefugi, the pair were returning from their ritual with the creator; Mazmezz. Their plans were to return to Lorewall and their brood of spiderlings, but instead fate would deal a different hand. Shimmering from view, leaving behind the icy tunnels, the girls would find themselves on the rugged outcrop in a land far from their own. Taru was the first to realize that they had in fact made an error, and lowered her black hood, to reveal a shock of winter white hair. Eyes of black noted the surrounds, and she released her sister’s hands, only to slap her right arm. “Twit…you said the wrong chant!” Charlotte winced and rubbed the spot where her sibling struck. “Ow…oh…shit.”- Charlotte glanced around and noted they were right on the very edge of a clifface. “Whoops. This doesn’t look like downtown Lorewall. Where’s Macey’s?” The dark haired bebilith grimaced, as Taru seized her hand and dragged her along. Marching up the rocky track, she muttered under her breath. “Trust you to get us into this.” Charlotte stumbled along as she was lead, with small rocks falling over the side of the cliff, for the way was hard going. “It’s not Kansas either. Oh look…a castle.” Both girls stared up at the monolithic structure and Taru whistled low. “I think we found King Arthur’s Camelot.” Charlotte smirked and then quickened her pace. “I hope they have a knight for every night.” Both then cackled and continued up the track to the imposing front door, where Taru knocked three times. Charlotte twirled a lock of her raven coloured locks and whispered to Taru. “I think I hear voices. Ghosts perhaps? This place looks a bit well…run down.” The pair waited for someone to answer the door. <3>

minah2893: -she would looks at luna and hide her face by turning it turns luna shoulder- sorry i was scared and screamed

LunalyiVentrueZelet: She strokes her red locks. “There there, chile. It’s alright. ” Hearing the knock she looks to the man blocking the doorway . “Monsieur Crimson? Could you help the gentleman rise so we can see who’s on the other side, ” nodding

JulissaBloodMoon: -She looked back over her shoulder at Luma- “No thank you.” -Julissa looked back to the injured man and thought to herself ‘Looks like a devil beast got to this poor man’ She took a small step towards him wondering what she could do to help-

CrimsonRavenKothar: Crimson would raise a brow at the man’s wounds then said. “I can certainly tend to that.” He said as he indicated the wound with a nod of his head toward it. He would help the man up with his arm, bending down and carefully pulling him up by the hand. “Please hold still.” A pentagram that was neon yellow and 2 meters across faded into view under the man. It spun clockwise then counter-clockwise as an updraft of wind would blow upwards from it. His wounds would seal as the blood retreated back into them. The man would not feel the pain any longer and there would be no scarring. “There we are…” He slowly let go of the male. “Feeling better, my friend?”

JulissaBloodMoon: -Seeing the man being taken care of she walked back to Luma and smiled softly as she took a seat.-

ElevynFeyMordrid: Luma watched the scene unfold and started to tremble. She took a slow breath and brushed past Julissa, calming herself. As she passes Luna with Minah she gives them each a soft smile then turns her attention to Crimson and the man. Watching as her red healed him she could not help but smile. With that situation well in hand she moved on and placed a hand on the door, pulling it open to reveal the two women standing there. She gave them each a soft smile. “Welcome to the castle of the Zelet empire.” she spoke softly to them, hoping they wouldn’t be put off by the scene behind her.

LunalyiVentrueZelet: Lunalyi watches Crimson as he helps the man up should the man indeed stand. Luna looks to Minah and kisses her forehead before setting her down. “Get use to such things, chile. We have all sorts come through our doors. Don’t be scared. ” Leaning down she lifts the childs chin. “If you are indeed of dragonic breed inside you as well, your strength will come. But always show no fear. Fear is for the weak hearted. We must square our shoulders and meet any obstacle with pride. ” As she says this, Luma brushes past her to get the door. She looks up to the castles keeper with a smile and mouths thank you before looking back to Minah and rises back to her full 5’4 hight.

AVictimsCurse: -The tall figure slowly moved away from the large doors after hearing a knocking and giggling behind its structure. He was grateful the strange Male was giving him a hand to move aside a little quicker. He was relieved it wasn’t the beast from earlier knocking. Then again, Lycan’s wouldn’t just show up and knock. No, they would tear the door apart and crash in. He moved over to a chair against the wall in the same hallway. Finally, he could rest and sighed taking a seat. He looked over at the Male whom seemed to hold on to a pentagram. “What’s that for?” He wondered as he ran a gloved hand through his long hair, pushing a few strands away from his face. What a nightmare it has been in just a few moments ago. He truly wasn’t sure he was going to survive. He blinked, feeling his side having a tingling sensation and quickly looked down. With his hands he pulled his torn top aside to reveal his wound. Those eyes widen slightly at the sight of his own flesh reconstructing it’s self. “What this?” He whispered to himself and return his gaze upon the other male. “How are you doing this?” He questioned the other, shocked by the strange work the pentagram was doing. Was this magic? Was this man some kind of wizard?-

CharlotteCarrendar: – The creaking sound of rusty hinges, coupled with the unlocking of the grand door, would show to the girls that the castle was no in fact haunted by the spirits of the deceased, but in fact kept well by a woman who offered both Charlotte and Taru a soft smile. “Welcome to the castle of the Zelet empire.” The woman said in a welcoming tone, and Charlotte and Taru both glanced at the other and beamed. “Zelet Empire?” The pair chorused, and then Charlotte was the first to respond. “Love the ambience. Where did you get those charming gargoyles? I’d kill for a pair on my chateau in Nixagris. Oh…and I am Charlotte…this is my older and much…wiser sister, Taru.” Taru rolled her eyes at Charlotte’s quirky introduction, and interjected. “Salutations, so nice of you to show us hospitality. We are Carrendar.” Charlotte peeked past the welcoming woman and noted the festivities within. “Have we come at a bad time? I smell testosterone.” Taru nudged Charlotte’s ribs, and Charlotte mouthed “OW”, as Taru went back to smile brightly at the hostess. “May we come sit for a spell, it’s such a long walk back to Lorewall.” <3>

JulissaBloodMoon: -Julissa sat quietly and began to get a soft shake in her hands, she was beginning to lose her strength because of her long departure from fire. With her eyes slightly closed her eyes and took a deep breath tuning everything and everyone out. She began to chant in her native tounge trying to gain strength from the fireplace that was on the other side of the castle but it was useless. Her long ears pulled back against her head as she continued her chant with a shaky voice-

LunalyiVentrueZelet: Lunalyis gaze turns to the door of the two small girls. She grins a bit as she angles her head a bit so her silver, cat like eyes lay on their forms. “Dragons, my ladies..nor Gargoyles. You are in the homeland of Dragonic beings.” She smiles warmly to them and motions them in with a ‘come here’ gesture as Luma holds the door for them. “Fear not though, we are more of the friendlier side…unless we’re crossed. Now…” She turns her gaze to the sitting man not far from her. She was pleased to see her Head Guard had successfully healed the man with his gifts. “Monsieur, are you alright now?” she asks the male guest. “I am Lunalyi Kydragon Ventrue Zelet, Queen of these lands. I bid you welcome.” She waits for his name in reply as she hears a soft chant being spoken a short distance away.

CrimsonRavenKothar: Crimson could tell that the male was surprised by his actions. It was normal since not much was expected of Crimson until he decided to show what he could actually do. “I’m a dragon. An Asian Lung Dragon/Fallen Angel mix, to be exact. I can deal with all elements and can perform healing at any given time.” He smirked and raised a brow. “Are you a Lycan by chance?” He said as he tilted his head and crossed his arms with questions popping into his head. It was typical nature of a dragon to be curious.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The woman who had opened the door, regarded the sisters with a wide grin, and angled her head just so, affording her to get a clearer look at the sisters. “Dragons, my ladies..nor Gargoyles. You are in the homeland of Dragonic beings.” Both girls were taken aback by this and Charlotte even whispered under her breath, “Like Uncle Valyn?’ Taru nodded but once and then when Lunalyis gestured for the pair to come forward, Taru was the bold of the pair and sauntered in, whilst Charlotte took her time, stopping before Lunalyis and whispering. “You really are very pretty.” Course she couldn’t help but overhear, the fact the woman was in fact Queen of the Empire and had a terrific long name. “I am Lunalyi Kydragon Ventrue Zelet, Queen of these lands. I bid you welcome.” Taru was already checking out the architectural fittings, as Charlotte tried to strike up conversation with the monarch. “I was named by my Nanny. Mother died three months before. *a small bob of the head and she said* you have children?” <3>

ElevynFeyMordrid: Luma raised a slender brow at the two women but stepped back to allow then entrance as she heard Luna speak. Her back stiffened as she heard Crimson’s words, turning her dark gaze to the pair. He did not smell like a lycan. She had come across a few of those. She could smell lycan ON him, but not in him. She continued to hold the door until the women had passed through then closed it gently, first looking outside to ensure there were no others coming towards the castle. Certain these two were the last for the moment she listened to the click then froze at the question Charlotte asked. She turned around though with a smile on her lips as she moved over to stand near Luna and little Minah. “I’ll go and prepare some drinks.” She spoke softly to Luna before turning and heading to the sitting room, her bare feet padding across the stone floor without a sound. She then walked to the bar and went behind it, her fingers once more roving over the bottles to find the ones that she wanted.

minah2893: -she would nods at luna and think about what she said- my true strength will show? but…what if it too much for me to handle? -tilt her head at her then shake it- never mind you don’t have to answer it

AVictimsCurse: -Those eyes had curiosity written upon them as he stared at the male standing near him. Just by the way he approached him and the way he was dressed, he could tell this Male had an important role to this empire. And, now he owe him his life. He slowly pushed himself from the chair and was surprised to see his wounds completely gone without a trace of any scars upon him. “thank you.” He bowed his head towards the other before looking over at the female. Her voice seemed to have caught is attention. “Pleasure, my name is Vincent.” He said firmly and calmly. “And, no I’m not a Lycan. I’ll rather die than be one.” He frowned his brows a bit though as he lowered his gaze. But, that was his answer to the Male. Who was he kidding? It was just matter of time till he turned into one himself. Has the legend has it. A lycan can turn another by simply scratching at he flesh and this one had more than just cuts on him from the wild beast. He only hopes he can control his beast from within and perhaps use it to his advantage. But for now, he was disgusted with the idea of turning into one. After all they left him with nothing but memories of his people, family and friends. He was now a loner and a half breed.-

LunalyiVentrueZelet: Hearing the compliment come from the little lasses caused Luna to flush slightly. “Oh we thank you, ” she replies in kind as she shuffles her weight to the left side. “That was very kind of you to say.” She looks briefly to Luma and nods. “Thank you,” before looking back to the two girls. She listens intently to the little ones words before jolting back at such a brash and blunt question. She couldn’t help the laugh that escaped her painted lips. “No. I’m afraid I have no children. We do have childen here often though. “She looks to Minah as she says this and catches the childs words at last. “You true strength will show over time, ” she replies to her. “And it may be hard to handle at first. But.. Monsieur Ashriel, Myself and Crimson will be happy to help you. Perhaps you and Luma can learn together.. ” She winks playfully to her as she turns to the male and holds her hand out to him. “Monsieur Vicent is it? Pleasure. Please, come and rest for a bit, yes? We bid you welcome so long as you bring no trouble. Now then..” she looks back to the girls with question in her eyes. “What are you little lasses names? And why are you out by yourself? It appears these lands attracted many childen travelling alone..”

CrimsonRavenKothar: The red dragon laughed. “My name is Crimson. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Vincent.” He would hold his hand out as he would smile while Vincent stated his position on being a Lycan. “Well, I see your reasoning behind it. I don’t find them very smart, not that it was my first impression of you.” He said as he would laugh gently. “Would you like to join us in the family room?” He asked with a tilt of his head.

minah2893: -she would look at Vincent and waves to him but stay by luna. She would look at the other lady and waves. as Vincent speak minah would tilt her head and walk over to Vincent and sniff him. She would look up at him and think to herself: there is something going on with him-

JulissaBloodMoon: -Her breaths were becoming shaky as she took deep breaths so that her weakness wouldn’t be shown. Her skin had a red undertone but it was starting to lose that as well as her eyes were losing the sparkle that they usually held. ‘Oh fuck’ she whispered to herself as she stood up and slowly walked to the fireplace, her legs were starting to give in under her making her stumble a bit hoping that she was going unnoticed by everyone-

AVictimsCurse: -Vincent was a little concerned about what was happening around him. He never had been around any other species but his own (human). Well, he had a feeling these creatures weren’t out to hurt him. After all, one got out of his way to heal him. He slowly lifted a gloved hand but paused realizing how dirty and covered in blood they were. “I’ll gladly shake hands with the two of you but, I’m afraid.” He chuckled, lowering his hand by his side. “My hands are dirty.” He said dusting his hands on to his pants as best a he could but couldn’t remove the dirt from them nor the stains of blood. He quickly nodded at the Male. “Sure, please lead the way Sir.” He said to him with a smirk on his face. Glad, to be away from it all. Just before he was going to take a step forward and follow the other male he paused at his tracks seeing someone approaching him and sniffing at him. He took a step back with eye wide. “What are you-” He blinked and had a confused look printed upon his features. “…strange.” He muttered, wondering if he was now facing a weirdo.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Taru noticed the man who announced his name as Vincent, and was surprised to see that his wounds had been healed, till not even leaving a scar. “Now that is what I call clever.” Taru remarked, clearly impressed. “I still have a mark on my back…but..” her words trailed off, realizing the company in the room may not understand. Smoothing her black cloak with her slender digits, she left it for Charlotte to do the talking, since Char was more of a chatterbox, than her older sibling. Charlotte, whose green eyes took in the Queen, speaking of not having children pouted slightly, then said. “I have over two hundred in my clutch.” Course that sounded quite impossible, unless of course you understood, exactly what Charlotte and Taru were. “They are beneath Lorewall being cared for by the Ettercaps. We were actually on our way back, when….I…made an error in the chant.” A sheepish shrug of the shoulders and Taru turned her nose up, still cross her at her sister’s error. By this stage, Taru was leaning against the face of a stone wall, arms folded, watching Charlotte engage in the light conversation, till the question was asked of their names. “She’s Charlotte, and I go by the name, Taru. We are both daughters of Lore.” Lorelei had long since passed from the world that they knew, and that was another tale to be told. The sister’s forms did not truly represent their true forms, as they were currently masked by glamour, for the usual reason; if they appeared in full form, they would not even be able to fit through the door. <3>

minah2893: -Minah would sniff him again and stand up- s..sorry. i am Minah. It’s a habit for me. coming from a 7 year old girl that live in the forest for 3 years….. ok getting off topic sorry that i sniffed you. but….. i smell wolf on you. i know it cause i lived with the wolves while i was in the forest

CrimsonRavenKothar: Crimson would lead the male to the family room, but on way there Minah sniffed him. “Oh, that would be Minah. ” He would listen as Minah introduced herself…in a way. “Right this way, please.” He continued to the family room and said. “Please take a seat where ever you like. Would you like anything? A drink perhaps?” He said with his hands together in front of him, the fingers laced between each other.

1stLadyIona: -lands on the floor with grace as her shape shifts to her human like form n she smiles at the lovely Luna-

1stLadyIona: -taking her daughters hand she smiles at the others – Hello darlings

LunalyiVentrueZelet: Lunalyi blinked to this as she tries not to chuckle at Vincent’s reaction to sweet little Minah sniffing at him curiously. She turns back to the girls with raised brow, trying to understand and comprehend what was just spoken to her. Surely they were playing make believe.. After all.. Young kids played such a game all the time. She herself did when she was a wee little lass. “I see….” she replies slowly. “Well… Miss Charlotte and Miss Taru… please come in for a bit and rest. You both look exhausted.” She smiles a bit as she detects yet another presence coming to her castle. Being she was the only one by the door, she goes to pry it open as she sees Iona approaching her lands for the first time. “Lady Iona.. tis a pleasure seeing you again.” She leans in and kisses her cheek softly. “I do hope you got my invitation to the Masquerade Ball we’re holding this Friday.”

1stLadyIona: O.o -then watches her vanish seconds later-

AVictimsCurse: -He sweat dropped as he watched the female sniffing at him again. He raised a thin brow when she gave him a little background about herself. Interesting he thought but his attention went back to head Guard. “Coming!” He said quickly but return his gaze back upon the girl in front of him. “I don’t believe you can smell wolve on me. After all, I believe Lycans and Wolves are not the same in some ways.” He said softly and inched himself around and away from her fearing she would follow him and continue to sniff him. How awkward is that? He chuckled at the thought and rushed over to the Male. “Forgive me for keeping you waiting Sir.” Yes, ‘Sir’ sounded better to him than the other’s actual name. Not that there’s anything wrong with his name. “And, no thank you.”-

CharlotteCarrendar: – The Queen was kind enough to offer the girls a chance to take the weight off and have a seat, after quirking her brow to Charlotte’s statement of the number of children she actually had. Charlotte being of smaller stature to the statuesque Taru, smiled brightly, showing off dazzling white teeth. “You’re too kind.” A quick bob and she gestured with the crook of her finger for her sister; Taru to follow. Placing both hands flat on the stone wall, Taru pushed off and sauntered over to be by Charlotte’s side, as they both took a seat together on one of the luxurious couches. Charlotte bounced for a bit and then waved to Vincent, not sure if had noticed her. Taru gripped her wrist and brought her arm down, trying to get Charlotte to be gracious in such distinguished company. “Didn’t that Nanny of yours teach you anything?” Taru said with a hushed tone, head down slightly, while Charlotte jerked back her hand. “Linlith never said I couldn’t wave.” Spotting Minah, Charlotte sung out. “Hello!” And Taru face palmed as Charlotte started again with the waving. <3>

LunalyiVentrueZelet: She chuckles “Of course…” Being too lazy to go and fet the invitation from her chambers, she closes her eyes and summons her wind element. The invitation rises from the empty room and slips thought the cracks of the door and heads towards Lunalyis direction. As the golden envelope arrives, she plucks it from the air and hands it to Iona. “Here you are”

ElevynFeyMordrid: Luma had only just started to pull down various bottle when she noticed the first guest fumbling for the fireplace. “Oh dear, are you well?” she spoke softly, setting down the bottle she was holding and hurrying over to the woman, putting an arm around her shoulders to support her. “Is there something I can get that will help you? You seem to be ill.” Her brows furrowed with concern as she looked at the woman.

LunalyiVentrueZelet: She beams brightly to her. “Yes of course! You and your family were kind enough to invite mine to your affair awhile ago. We would be blessed to have you all come to ours. And speaking of, ” she motions her into the round Rose room. “Monsieur Ashriel and I were wanting to speak to you..when Im not so busy..” she adds motion to the full room
JulissaBloodMoon: -Julissa’s vision was getting blurry and felt as if she was falling down but then she heard a familar voice and smiled as she tried to hold onto her- “I just need to get to the fire. Im feeling rather weak.” -Her long ears that usually stood up were now drooping-

CrimsonRavenKothar: Crimson nodded and said. “It’s perfectly fine. You’re just curious is all. These surroundings are new to you.” He turned toward him and said with a slight smile. ” Feel free to sit and rest or roam around and don’t be afraid to ask for something, Vincent.” And with that said he turned and walked away to Luma’s side. He furrowed his brows at the woman who was seemed a bit dizzy. “Is she alright?” He asked his love with a concerned glance.

1stLadyIona: -smiles at her motions and all – for sure darling when you have time Im sure you can always find me public visit or we can arrange a time later -kisses her on the cheek –

minah2893: -minah would blink and tilt her head confused by what vicent said- b…but i could have swearn i smell wolf in him. -she would shrug and start to walk away from the family room. as she walk away with her head down she would look up as she hears someone saying hello to her-um…hi-she would walk past her and walk up the stairs to the room she was staying in and close the door behind her. minah would sigh as she walk over to the wooden house model that she made-daddy…what did i just do -tilt her head down as she curls up on the bed- maybe i should return to the forest.

LunalyiVentrueZelet: She pauses by the Dragon Tears fountain as Minah walks past her. She follows the childs form until she is out of sight before looking back to Iona. “Ashriel and I have many blood, sweat and tears getting this place restored as best we can. You see, these lands were destroyed when he was but a young lad. He has been working for years on trying to rebuild it back to its former glory.”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Watching the girl who barely uttered a “hi” go up the stairs, both Charlotte and Taru lent back and followed her with their gaze. Taru nudged Charlotte with her elbow. “You did that.” Charlotte thought her sister was overreacting and shook her head. “How can a Hello and a wave, send someone off to their room?’ But by now, Charlotte found a new target of interest, a woman who seemed to be faint near the fire and was getting an awful lot of attention. “I wonder if she is pregnant. You know that when they are with child, they get all whoosy and…Well, look like her.” Taru peered over at the woman too, and commented, “She doesn’t look pregnant to me.” Charlotte shrugged and replied. “Maybe first trimester…or she is just incredibly gaunt.” <3>

CrimsonRavenKothar: Crimson nodded and threw one of her arms over his shoulder as he leaned forward. He directed her to the chairs near the fire. “There we are.” He smiled to the woman then at Luma, gazing at her for a second then saying. “Anything else, love?” He said enthusiastically to Luma.

1stLadyIona: -tucks the lovely embossed invite in her side pocket of her gown that her daughters elves always like to add for convenience-

LunalyiVentrueZelet: She motions to the room. “It’s not much but we’re so proud of it. And.. we get complements as well which is always nice. Something to keep in the back of your mind perhaps? Ashriel and I were wanting to speak to you, at another date of course, about possibly forming an alliance with you and the GOTR..”

minah2893: -she would sit up and slide out the bed. she would look at the model before walking to the door and leaving the room. as she walk downstairs she would see luna talk to the two girls and crimson and Luma with Vicente and Juliet. Minah would walk by- i will be outside- she hurry and run to the door as she place her hand on the handle she would open it and walk outside towards the forest-

1stLadyIona: -looks around the lovely castle n can smell the newness in the bricks of the stone… you both did a lovely Job n I do love the Roses … oh I saw that coming n if you had asked me to guess that would have been it -grins- taking her arm n locking it in Luna’s as she walks with her to look at the lovely castle n grounds- Yes sounds like a good idea darling

AVictimsCurse: -Once he stepped into the other room he took a moment to glance around. This place was beautiful and full of life. “Hello.” He bowed his head towards the Queen whom seemed to have just waved at him from where she sat. He looked over at the Male, curious to learn more about him and his magic but that would be for another time. He sighed lightly, looking down a this gloved hands and frowned. If only he was strong enough to have fought the pack of Lycan’s but he was no match. What is a human to do in a moment like that? He was surrounded and the village was set on fire accidentally. If one would take notice of his appeal he wore clothing from a high rank in society. Perhaps, he belonged to something far more than just the village. But, it was all lost in his memories. After beaten down by the Lycan’s and hitting his head against something when he had a fall, he seemed to have lost all of his memories but the flames and the faces of the beasts. He lowered his hands by his side and looked over at two little girls. Wondering now…who and where they came from. He seemed to have not noticed them earlier.-

LunalyiVentrueZelet: She smiles to this. “I am so glad you think so. Ashriel and I think a lot of you, ” she adds as she scans into the other room seeing that Luma and Crimson seemed to have everything in order. She nods to Minah as she dashes past her and outside. “Don’t be too late!” she calls after the child. While she was use to the outdoors, Luna still worried about the child’s safety. “So how are things within the GOTR?”
1stLadyIona: oh your wedding pictures …. how lovely oh they seem quiet as everyone is preparing for the summer months ahead…. so busy it makes us all after the long thaws of winter

LunalyiVentrueZelet: She chuckles. “Thank you. Yes, Monsieur Evan did those for us except..” points to the black one. “Skye’s daughter Violet did that for a wedding gift. We hope to add more family photos soon.”

1stLadyIona: must say I do love your colour choices on the castle n furnishings very lovely …. makes me feel right at home I do say

CharlotteCarrendar: – Taru had reached into her cloak and took out a small black compact, opening it up and started to check out the blemishes upon her alabaster skin. Markings you could call them, though like fine spider web like veins that truly presented themselves in the midst of combat of defence. With legs crossed, she appeared to be fussing, or was she really? Charlotte had noted that minah had come back down from her room and then said she would be outside. Charlotte silently waved again as the girl passed and took off out the doors. “Now, I know it was not me, last time or this time. The girl is troubled.” Taru took her eyes off the compact, and snapped it shut, holding it aloft, while resting her right elbow on her knee. “Young..that is all it is.” Charlotte agreed and then found herself staring at the man that had been healed earlier on. He hadn’t truly taken note of them before, and not surprising with the many others that dwelled within the walls. “We don’t bite…” Charlotte offered in a friendly way, whereas Taru flattened her lips and muttered. “Speak for yourself.”- Course Charlotte found that to be a riot, and smirked. “Okay…bite a little, but I don’t devour. Friends aren’t food. Isn’t that how the saying goes?” Taru’s left hand splayed across her face, trying to hide behind it as Charlotte wiggled her brow at the gentleman. “Hellllooooo.” <3>

LunalyiVentrueZelet: She smiles “Thank you. They are the Zelet Family colors. Ashriel wanted to keep them the way it’s always been. I admit, it took me awhile getting use to it. But…now days I truly enjoy the tones.

JulissaBloodMoon: -She grunted softly as she felt another person coming closer and carried her closer. As he sat her down, she could feel the flames close enough and began to chant softly- “Trasti ekno araxus evardem, Trasti ekno araxus evardem.” -Her voice was a bit stronger as she continued to repeat the phrase. The flames began to burn brighter and some branched out towards her, they slid across the floor like a snake from hell but didn’t burn anything in its path. As her chant got stronger, the snake-like flame crept towards her hand and as soon as it made contact she took a deep breath and it would seem she’d come back to life. The fire was crucial to her survival and was her being.-

AVictimsCurse: -Vincent blinked, waking up from his thoughts when he heard the Queen speaking to him once more. He couldn’t help himself but let out a soft chuckle. “Forgive me, Ma’am. I um…” He wasn’t sure of what to say but slowly walked over to the piano, looking over the keys. It’s been a while since he has played the piano but he couldn’t even remember that from the blow on his head. He moved over to a chair nearby and sat down across the other male.-


minah2893: -she would walk deeply in the forest and look around. as she walk through it she would see a tree with an apple in it. She would look up- hmm let see if i can get it. -she would place both her hand on the tree and start to slowly climb up the tree. as she get close to the branch with the apple on it she would hold on to the tree with one hand and reach out to grab the apple with the other hand=a..almost there- as she grab the apple she would smiles -yes i got it -Minah would lost her foot placement and slip off the tree. as she start to fall towards the ground she would close her eyes and scream-AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!-as she screams a wolf would come running towers her and catch the back of her kimono dress with it mouth. She would open her eyes after a couple of seconds she would open her eyes and blinks- am i dead? -She would feel something lick her face and turn to see a wolf next to her- Payne!!!-she would hug him. -Payne oh i miss you so much-she would smiles and giggles as he lick her face- i know you miss me too -the wolf would tilt his head at her, Minah would know what he was thinking- i know it been a while since i been in the forest. i been visiting this castle where the people are nice. They are really caring and have a lot of patience. i like it there…but idk if i will be ok there-the wolf would lick her face- hey you know what I mean been in the forest for three years. i would have to catch up with a lot of things. -She would hug Payne and look up as two other wolves walk out the bushes- MAX!! ROCKY!!!- The wolves would run towards her and pounces on top of her and lick her face- down boys down. -She would giggles as she stand up and pets all three wolves- i miss you guys.-she would lay against a tree as the wolves would lay around her-

ElevynFeyMordrid: Luma smiles and looks around at the others. “If you could serve drinks?” She asked softly, noticing Vincent looking over the piano. She walked over to the grand thing, letting her fingers trail across the side of before she sat down with a grace that seemed slightly out of place as she laid her fingers on the keys. The first thing she did was hum a low note, then her finger played the same note on the piano. The next moment her fingers were moving smoothly across the keys playing out a soft tune in a major D scale, giving it a happy feel. Her eyes were closed as she played and, to all appearances, she seemed to be lost in her own world with only herself and the piano.

LunalyiVentrueZelet: As Iona and her mate enter the sitting room, she turns to Crimson and Luma. “Monsieur Crimson and Miss Luma.. May I introduce The first Lady Iona from The Guardian of the Rose Empire, and her man Monsieur Zion. M’lady..” Looking back to the couple. “This is our Castle Keeper Miss Luma and our Head Guard, Monsieur Crimson. ” She looks back to the dragons. “She is a good friend of Ashriel and I’s. ”

ElevynFeyMordrid: Luma opens her eyes and looks over to the two being introduced and gave them both a smile. “A pleasure to meet you both.” she then returned her attention to the piano and the song that she was playing.

CrimsonRavenKothar: Crimson would wave then stood and sat beside Luma.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The sisters would both nod their heads in acknowledgement of those that had been formally introduced and welcomed into the lavish home. “Salutations.” Taru said in a dark tone, while Charlotte was the friendliest of the pair. ‘GREETINGS!” waving once again.

LunalyiVentrueZelet: Lunalyi takes a seat in the opposite chair and looks across to Charlotte and Tara. “Are you both alright? Has a beverage been fetched for you?”

CharlotteCarrendar: “We are fine….thank you.” Taru replied to the Queen’s kind offer.

LunalyiVentrueZelet: She nods to the girls before blushing to Ionas compliement. “Oh…shh…” she states, fanning her head. “Im not always lovely. I have quite the tongue as well. ” She gives a cheeky grin as the sweet melody Luma plays reaches her pointed ears.

minah2893: -she would sigh- what should i do guys? -look over at rocky- yes i know they are caring but i don’t ant to cause trouble to thier home and max i heear that. -shake her head.- well i guess it’s time for me to go back. lady luna don’t want me out this late.- she would stand up and hug all the woles. i will be back tomorw smiles at them and waves as she walk away. minah would make her way back to the castle. as she does the wolves would follow after her as she walk inside the castle she would let everyone know- i am back everyone- she runs into the sitting room and sit down. as she wave at the two new people.- hello i am minah nice to meet you- as she speak three wolves would run in the house and pounces minah-

LunalyiVentrueZelet: Her eyes widen as the child and three wolves rush into the castle. “What the….” Once agian the child appeared dirty. If Luna didn’t know better, she preferred to be dirty than clean. She shakes her head to this as leaves and dirt coat the small spot Minah takes. “Ah.. Well no she’s’ not our daughter..” she replies slowly to Iona. “We asked her to stay though. She’s….” She didn’t want to say orphan aloud. “She is alone..” she states instead.
1stLadyIona: welcome home Minah -grins at the child- pleasure to meet you did you happen to notice Rabies out there as you came in by chance… he’s black n fluffy n lots of slobbering
LunalyiVentrueZelet: Hearing Ionas dogs name, Lunalyi starts busting out laughing.
1stLadyIona: grins… yes yes laugh but his mates named Seibar n shes white
1stLadyIona: guess who named them?
LunalyiVentrueZelet: She slides a glance to Zion.
ElevynFeyMordrid: Luma chuckles softly as she listens to the conversation but then gives her full attention to the piano as she reaches a rather difficult part. Her brows furrow in concentration as her eyes remain closed.

CharlotteCarrendar: The youngling; Minah, runs back inside after taking some time out, perhaps to get some air. The doors burst open to the sound of her footfalls and the cry of her voice, announcing her return to the fold. “I’m back everyone.” Charlotte actually claps to see the young girl return, then picks up a whiff of a smell of wolf. “Ooo she was playing with her pups.” Taru wondered what on earth Charlotte was on about, and shook her head. “How do you know?” Charlotte tapped the right side of her nose and smirked. “I can smell anything.” Taru shrugged and replied. “Smelt yourself lately?” Looking right and left sheepishly, Charlotte then raised her left and right arm, giving herself a whiff. “No cobwebs under there.” <3>

ZionAuteur: ~shakes his head slowly with a smile~
1stLadyIona: -hands Minah a bag of Heather snacks to give to them n the wolves if they wanted some- my daughter Heather

ZionAuteur: ~chuckles under his breath and Charlottes’ actions~
minah2893: -She would fall on the floor and look to luna- sorry luna they must have followed me home. -Minah would stand and glare at the wolves- Max,Payne and rocky. i told you to stay in the forest. why did you follow me back here? -she would close her eyes and sighs and open them- lady Luna these are the wolves i was telling you about earlier. remember when i said i thought i was a wolf at one point of time. -point to a brown colour wolf- this is rocky. -point to a black color would with a white spot on his back -this is Payne and this one points to the greay color wolf- is max- the wolves would walk up to luna and ash and sniff them- Max,Payne,Rocky!! what are you doing. don’t do that >.<

LordAshrielZelet: After his sudden leave prior, Ashriel would sprout his wings and begin to make his way towards the castle. “Stupid fucker..” Ashriel would say to himself. After having to rush to the traders to grasp a couple items for the ball coming this Friday. The haggler tried to convince Ashriel that the mask he was selling was pure gold. Though Ashriel being around gold almost his whole life, he learned the differences between fake, and real. “At least he don’t have the voice to lie anymore..” Ashriel would say with a smirk curling from his lips remembering the males face when Ashriel ripped his voice box out of his throat. Shaking his head he would see the castle in the distance. Ready to see his love, he would flap his wings faster and faster before spiralling downward and landing upon the doorstep. His nose would pick up a few wolves in the area, and see a dog sitting obediently in position next to the castle. “How you doing pooch?” Ashriel would ask the dog before stepping inside the castle doors. Being in a playful mood, he would allow a roar to escape his lips as it echoes through the walls and hopefully all could hear it. Making his way slowly to the family room, he would see a couple familiar faces, along with some he don’t know. He would sneak up behind Lunalyi the best he could hopefully she wouldn’t catch him.

1stLadyIona: -gifts lovely Luna n the lord Ash a box of febreeze for later n has it sent via air mail to the roof top – it helps with any left over odours after the rains our pets love to leave behind

1stLadyIona: -hands her a gift card with the suppliers name on the back- my treat

LunalyiVentrueZelet: She chuckles to Iona. “Thank you..” she states before she squeals happily at the sounds of her dragons call. Quickly she turns towards the door as he approaches, not sneaky as he appered he would hope to be. After all, He did just voice his arrival. ” Rising to her feet, she rushes to him and throws her arms around him after petting each wolf upon their heads in turn. “Welcome home, Husband” she sings as she places her lips to his in a deep and passionate kiss. After a moment passes, she pulls away and nods to the room. “We’ve been busy today. Much credit to Crimson and Luma for keeping hold of the pace when we were gone. We have keepers that’s for sure, ” she adds. “And Miss Iona and Monsieur Zion stopped by for a visit. I told her we would like to speak to her at a later time about a possible alliance with GOTR”

CrimsonRavenKothar: Crimson smiled and waved. “Thank you, my Lady.”

ElevynFeyMordrid: Luma opened her eyes as she heard Luna’s comment. She smiled gently and looked up to Crimson. She was only taking care of her own.

CrimsonRavenKothar: Crimson looked back down at Luma and smiled still before putting his arm around her and pulling her against him.

minah2893: -she would walk up to the wolves- Max Payne and rocky time you you to go-she would waves as the wolves walk out the door- sorry about that lady Luna and ash. They are really protective over me.

ElevynFeyMordrid: She laughs softly as she is pulled against him, her fingers being pulled from the keys of the piano and cutting her song short. She lifted one hand and touched her fingers to her own lips then raised them to touch the same fingers to Crimson’s lips.

1stLadyIona: -grins-

CrimsonRavenKothar: He smirked and winked down at her before giving her a squeeze.

LordAshrielZelet: He would put his head down at her turning around quickly. “Damn it!” He said to himself as he was pounced quickly. With a smirk on his face as her lips press to his, he would wrap his arms around her tightly pulling her closer to their embrace. The warmth of her lips sent chills down his spine, only for it to stop as she began to speak. As each word was spoken, Ashriel paid attention closely about the alliance possibility with the GOTR. “Aye, that would be splendid.” He would say as he tightened his grip on her a bit more before releasing slowly. He would turn his head as Minah released the wolves from their duty of protection. “Aye, that is fine dear. I completely understand.” He would say as he bowed to Crimson and Luma, then nodding his head to the others in the room. “It’s a pleasure to see you all in here.”

1stLadyIona: Luna is Galaxy your sister?

LunalyiVentrueZelet: She remains clinging to her dragon as she inhales his scent. She hated being apart from him. Every moment spent separated seemed like eternity. She was his. He was hers. And together they were bonded in ways so deeply that it seemed unheard of. Luna nuzzles her cheek against his bare chest and sighs as she turns to look at Iona. “No.. I took the Ventrue name itself but no relations. Although Miss Galexy is quite upset. Monsieur Rev had to leave for a couple months.”

1stLadyIona: oh my
1stLadyIona: months is hard
1stLadyIona: was the babies born then?

1stLadyIona: poor Galaxy … she just sent me an invite to visit N I declined saying I was with you n if she could visit or we would later… perhaps we can drop in sooner than to give her a quick chat love?

1stLadyIona: you don’t mind if we take our leave to see her for a bit Luna n Ash?

LunalyiVentrueZelet: She nods. “We understand. I think she needs friends and family right now. Im sure if she summoned you, she is in need of your presence.”

1stLadyIona: nods

LordAshrielZelet: Ashriel would nod in return. “Please be safe in your travels.”

LunalyiVentrueZelet: “And please give her my love.”

1stLadyIona: yes n we shall speak soon on your proposal darlings -kisses them both on the cheeks-

CharlotteCarrendar: -Watching the interactions between the loving couples and of course the regal monarchs, Charlotte found it all rather intriguing. Especially where they were from, and the females of their species were dominant, and usually ate their mates during intercourse. Taru plucked at the velvet of the couch arm rest, when Charlotte leaned over. “This is kinda nice, isn’t it?” Taru lazily turned her head towards her sister and quirked a brow- “What do you mean?” Charlotte gestured with her hand. “Happiness. Surely that is something many strive for.” Taru frowned and then smacked her lips. “For some, yes, others…not so much.” Watching Iona and her mate about to depart, Charlotte again waves, though her wrist is getting sore. <3>

ZionAuteur: ~shakes Lunas’ hand and smiles~ thank you for the warm welcome into your home

LunalyiVentrueZelet: “Anytime”

1stLadyIona: we shall visit soon loves -taking her loves arm in hers – I shall invite darling

ZionAuteur: ~nods to the Lord~ lovely home Sir and nice to see you again

LunalyiVentrueZelet: She nods. “Be safe”

1stLadyIona: outs

LordAshrielZelet: Ashriel would nod at the kiss on his cheek as he pulled her into a hug. “Aye, the pleasure is all ours. Whenever you two are ready, please come by.” He would say as he reached towards Zions hand to shake it. “Aye, thank you.”

ZionAuteur: ~smile to his love

ZionAuteur: ~shakes the Lords hand in return~

LunalyiVentrueZelet: Lunalyi exhales again as the couple left then looks to Ash and smirls. “We have a couple other guests..” she states nodding to the two girls. “This is Charlotte and Miss Taru. Girls, King Ashriel Zelet.”

ElevynFeyMordrid: Luma gently pulls from Crimson’s arms and slipped off of the bench, going over to the bar to pour her a drink when she suddenly remembered the mess she had left in her room. She stood in the middle of the room, debating whether she should get a drink now and clean the mess later, or clean the mess now to get it done and over with. A part of her feared doing it because the last time she had been going to clean it she had sliced her fingers on a shard of the broken vase. Luma bit her lip as she debated what she was going to do.

LordAshrielZelet: Ashriel would nod and smile to the two ladies. “It’s a pleasure to meet you both.” He would say offering them both a warm smile.

CrimsonRavenKothar: Crimson looked over his shoulder and watched his loves expression. He raised a brow at her and gave her a glance that asked if something was the matter.

CharlotteCarrendar: -Charlotte rises and smiles before doing a bob curtsey, while Taru is slower to rise and shows a customary salute- “We are so honoured by your warmth of welcome and hospitality.” Taru says politely.

CharlotteCarrendar: -Charlotte gestures to Taru as she beams- “Taru can be a right…..” Taru frowned at Charlotte, who chittered away like a small bird, loving to make fun of her sister’s moods.

ElevynFeyMordrid: Luma catches Crimson’s look and gives him a smile. She then makes her way to her room, leaving her door cracked a she kneels beside the broken vase. The water had long ago been soaked up, but the flowers where still scattered among the shards.

LunalyiVentrueZelet: Lunalyi stiffles a yawn as she leans back into the chair and looks to the two girls. “Forgive me for not having proper manners. It’s getting to the time where I rather be lazy and foey on formalities.”

minah2893: -Minah would love over to the two girls and waves. then she would look down at herself then look at Luna- sorry i am dirty again. -Minah would run upstairs and get herself cleaned up and make her way back downstairs-

LunalyiVentrueZelet: She watches Minah scurry back up the stairs and chuckles. “That lil lass is trying so hard to please us it seems. I wonder why..”

LordAshrielZelet: “Aye, I wonder that as well.” He would smirk before turning his attention towards the ladies once more.

ElevynFeyMordrid: LUma smiles up at him as she gathers the shards into a pile. She then sat on the floor looking at them. She had a complex expression on her face, as if she could not decide how she should feel, looking at that broken glass.
CharlotteCarrendar: “Ah…youth.” Charlotte said with a wistful smile, while Taru sat back down. Charlotte remained standing, and rocked back and forth, heel to toe. “I like her.” Taru folded her arms and concluded. “You would.” Plonking back down, Charlotte asked of the King. “Do you have many knights…or…do you hire the local fellows to be in your army. OR…do you have bowmen?” Charlotte was always keen about those that served in the military.

minah2893: -she would walk down stairs and sit on the couch- i almost died twice today. once in the kitchen and once in the forest. i should think before i act

LunalyiVentrueZelet: Lunas brows rose to Minah’s words as she waited for Ashriel’s reply to the other two. “What do you mean, child?” she asks her.

CrimsonRavenKothar: Crimson would look at the pile as wind from an unseen source began to blow it toward him. He nonchalantly put his hand on the floor as the glass rolled into his palms. He stood and carried it to the rubbish heap outside then came back in and smiled down to Luma. “Are you alright, my dear?” He said gently.

minah2893: -she would look at Luna- it’s nothing really

LunalyiVentrueZelet: Her brows furrow even more “Nonsense. What happened or you to make such a statement?” she pries.

LordAshrielZelet: “Aye, our Empire is just beginning to rise back up from its fall eighteen years ago..The only guard I have at the moment is Crimson.” He would point towards him. “He is my head guard and planning on helping the recruitment of such.” He would state as he nodded towards their direction. “I guess the proper answer would be that we are looking for such.” He would finalize.

ElevynFeyMordrid: Luma looked up at him then lowered her gaze. “That was the only possession I had from my parents. Though I do not know whether I should have kept it or not. I do not remember them, or how they treated me, or what our relationship was like…” She did not seem saddened by it being broken and gone, she only seemed confused.

minah2893: it just that i tend to do things on my own without asking for help and it tends to get me into danger. today i was in the kitchen trying to get raw meat out the freezer and fell off the kitchen counter, crimson caught me in time and today in the forest i climbed up a tree and slipped and was falling to the ground and payne caught me before i hit the ground

CharlotteCarrendar: -Taking that as it were, Charlotte nodded in understanding. “Recruitment is so important nowadays. Also having those that are able bodied to defend the realm from….well, invaders and such. Though the worst thing that can happen is a plague. I know that for a fact. Decimated Lacardis so many years ago.” Charlotte spoke with authority on the subject, while Taru did not seem so concerned. Noticing Taru’s demeanor, Charlotte said. “My sister missed that.” <3>

LunalyiVentrueZelet: “Ah..” she replies. “Well I was clumsy at your age as well.. still am..” she adds. “You are bound to get cuts and bruises, but you will never learn unless you fail right?”

CrimsonRavenKothar: Crimson put his arms around her then kissed her temple before looking down at her. “Just remember. Value your loved ones above all else.”

minah2893: -nods- yes you are right. you should have seen all the cut and bruises I got while living in the forest. it hurt so much. but you can’t see them, they heal really fast.

ElevynFeyMordrid: She closed her eyes and leaned into his arm, a soft smile touching her lips. “They I will value Luna and Ashriel as I never have anything ever before.” She fought the smirk that threatened to surface, trying to keep her expression as innocent as she could.

LordAshrielZelet: Ashriel would nod to her words. “Aye, I agree with you. That is why its very important for us to find some that can do such that.” He would say with a sigh. “Not only protect me and my queen, but for everyone within these empire walls as well.” He would say as he sighed beginning to think of the fall of the Empire so long ago.

CharlotteCarrendar: -Sitting and fidgeting, Charlotte listened to the exchanges, in particular of Minah and how she had avoided death twice this day. The Queen spoke of how the lives of those they serve were important, and so they should be, for without them and their support and belief in King and country there is nothing.” Though Taru would never speak of it, Charlotte did on the other hand. “Our mother died, saving an Empress on foreign soil. Uncle Baldrick said she died with her boots on….but she also died without her head.”

minah2893: -she would shiver as she hear about death and look at the two girls as tears run down her face. Minah would stand up and run away from the sitting room as she start to have flashback about her father death-
ElevynFeyMordrid: Luma smiles and stood from the floor, looking down at the flowers still scattered there. As she walked out of her room she ran into Minah and gasped. “Minah darling?” She kneels down and pulls the girl into her arms. “Hush now dear, whatever is the matter?”

minah2893: -she would run into luma and wipe her eyes-n..nothing just thinking about stuff
CrimsonRavenKothar: Crimson stood and followed her out only to nearly trip on the woman he loved so dearly. “Oh sh–” He caught himself and let out a breath.

LordAshrielZelet: Ashriel would look back to the two ladies. “So what exactly brings you two ladies here?” He would ask with another warm smile from his lips.

CharlotteCarrendar: -The two sisters looked between them, then finally Charlotte offered an explanation. “Well, see, we were enroute from the Abyss back to our city of Lorewall, when…..I accidentally said the wrong chant, and…we landed here. Course, Taru can get us back.” Charlotte said, as she watched her older sister rise from her spot on the couch. “We really should be going. I fear Baldrick might have a heart attack if any of our broods finds their way up to the main hall.” Charlotte remembered this and wrinkled up her nose. “But..but..” Taru shook her head and clasped her sister’s hand. “Time spent away will only damage the spirals. We should return.” Charlotte is then dragged to the centre of the room, where Taru has now both her hands. The air around them changes to a fine black mist, while Charlotte looks back at the gathering with a forlorn expression. “One…day…” and with that, Taru speaks rapidly in rhefugi as both girls are engulfed, and vanish from sight, leaving behind a single black spider that scurries across the floor and into a crack in the wall. <3>