Role play Live : The Carrendar Dynasty.

Trek to the Summit. 2E Time Line.

The Time Seal.


TheGorya: -Conan couldn’t hear anyone with all the pain that had been rushing to his chest as he gripped his jacket as the zipper came unzipped and he threw it off. He quickly grabbed his chest again as black sting like ink stings around his visible skin now that his jacket was no longer visible it seem something that was on his skin was moving as if it was a living tattoo of some sort. He tired to bare the pain as most men would have begged for death by now. Conan just wanted it to stop whatever pain this was it wasn’t something he had in mind. He was trying to pull his shirt off clawing at it but his gloves were still on his hands no claws yet barely able to move his arms to pull it off. He was starting to lose his own vision in sight as his fist closed against his shirt. His body was shaking as if he was in fear the pain was effecting him more than he knew. He could see the look on Luna’s and Seven’s face as he didn’t like that they had to him like this.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Luna and Seven were traumatized to see their friend in such agonizing pain, and didn’t understand what was causing it. “Do something, Mum.” Luna shrieked loudly, while Seven continued to keep low, watching Conan closely. “It’s something on him….like a moving tattoo…what the hell is it doing to him?” Charlotte danced around, barely dodging the flying jacket that Conan tossed off so haphazardly. Clearly, by the way his eyes were losing focus, he was having trouble seeing. Fung Le and the Shadow Wolf moved closer in, so they could try to make out what was causing the man such pain. “It is a part of him.” The Master said, his eyes narrowing, seeing the moving black tattoo like mark. “How do we stop it?” Charlotte begged, hoping someone had the answer, for clearly she didn’t. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan could feel the tense pain continue for a few second more as it started to become dull. He could barely move as he fought to move his arm trying to pull his shirt off. The shirt came off to his shoulders to only reveal what was on his chest. He grunted in pain as he said out loud.- “Holy fuck! That shit hurts” -he didn’t care for his foul language in front of the twins they already have heard him talk like that before. The living tattoo was shown the source was a black inked circle like a seal that moved in a rotation on the outer edges the seal had moving ink trails that started to grow shorter and short by the second. A sound from his own skin could be heard it sounded some what like a clock ticking or a set of tumblers moving from a door lock. The rotating seal tattoo seemed to have stop cause pain for Conan. The pain that he felt moments ago was nothing had ever felt before. He was panting trying to catch his breath as he struggled to just to move his arm let alone move. He looked at Charlotte as he said in a muttering tone.- “help…….me up please” -he didn’t want to lay down on the ground no more. He groaned as the dull pain was still there yet he couldn’t really move from the pain drawing out his stamina. As the tattoo rotated the ink like tentacles were now after a few moments almost gone. It was like the seal was contracting itself to unlock.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Swearing and cursing like a sailor, Conan tore off his shirt, and revealed to all what was on his chest. All those gathered could see the black tattoo mark; a swirling circle that looked like a seal with moving ink trails. You could hear the ticking of a clock, almost like whatever was beneath his skin was automated. Conan was begging for Charlotte to do something, anything to make it stop, but the sound had her intrigued. It was like it was going to unlock something within his being. Charlotte fidgeted nervously, while all the others looked to her, like she must know what had to be done. “I don’t know…how do you stop a clock?” Then in a flurry of movement she then attempted to punch his chest, where the mark was. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan panted as Charlotte said about stopping a clock as he heard that he looked up at her as he cocked an eyebrow. He almost wanted to punch her in the arm for that statement yet he really dint know how to tell them what it really was. He really couldn’t either he was so fatigued he couldn’t even really speak. The pain started to slowly seize his breathing was starting go back to normal as the ink like markings started to flow into the seal. He could feel it he really didn’t know what as his nerves were numb. It was like someone placed an electrical current through his body. The seal came to full circle as it rotated in once more as another clicking sounded. This time the markings in the seal started to glow at the same time Charlotte through a punch at it, the punch connected to his chest and the seal he grunted out from the unexpected blow. His skin and bone would feel like someone had hit stone, maybe even metal. The markings disappeared within seconds of her striking his chest as he jumped up off the ground as he bounced around for a moment then clutching the wall. He looked at her with an evil glare as it felt like she just tried a chest compression for CPR. He looked at the twins who were most likely still worried about him as he nodded to all of them saying- “I’m ok….. I think.” -he looked at his chest looking for seal he couldn’t see it anywhere knowing in full fact he was free. He looked back over to Charlotte as he said.- “give me a moment and I will explain what just happened.” -Knowing she had questions for him of what had occurred.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – The punch toward the mark actually struck Conan, much to everyone’s surprise, but the reaction was not one that was expected either. With laboured breathing, Conan was in trouble, but then the pain eased up and his chest showed that the ink like markings had flowed into the seal itself. One more rotation of the seal and it then made a click when Charlotte struck with force. It was almost like she had punched a wall, and she drew back her hand, which was throbbing with pain. What was he made out of? Metal? The markings however disappeared from view, almost like whatever she had done had caused it to finish its final combination. Conan hopped about and shot Charlotte a truly evil glare, while the twins waited to see if he was in fact okay. “I’m ok….. I think.” Each in turn stared at the other, then back at Conan, to see if he would elaborate on what had just happened inside of him. “Was that some sort of timing device?” Charlotte asked, nursing her sore hand. Seven was more upfront in his questioning. “Are you like one of those ready bake turkeys, that pops out the timer when done?” Luna gasped, then thought it was awfully funny to hear her brother say that. “He’s going to kill you one of these days, Seven.” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan started to catch his breath as he looked at them. He started to feel better as he heard all the questions and darted a glare at Seven as he said.- “You wish Seven…..honestly no it wasn’t a device. It was a seal…..” -he paused for a moment as he took off his torn shirt throwing it to the ground. While he pulled his bag to him as he continued looking in his bag.- “A seal placed on my body a long time ago. The seal was more of a time sealer keeping me from being attached through different worlds, era’s, etc. you know name it…..”- -he paused again as he breathed deeply as his chest was pound feeling Charlotte’s punch she hit bone of course he knew it. His body wasn’t normal by far. Since his body was held down by vibrating sound it creates. It causes his bone density to be like metal that can within stand just about anything. Then again the pounds of pressure which is applied was his weakness and he knew it his skin would also constrict to tighten making his skin armor like. The reason Charlotte harmed herself in the process. He exhaled.- “it was released just about a few seconds ago. Poof! Gone from my body leaving me bound to this world and era. Since my service to Arren is over. The seal removed anything that happened in another places. Damage to organs and such…..” -he after finding a shirt in his bag he pulled it out as he pulled it over as he rambled explaining something complete alien to most. He pushed hi bag back to his side. Looking at Charlotte as he said the last of his statement.- “I knew it was coming but I didn’t say anything since I did know it was going to render me during the process. The reason I asked to be Seven and Luna’s protector or guardian as I asked you.” -he knew that should be enough explanation for her to understand what it was. He started to wonder where his jacket was as he looked around knowing that he threw it. As he looked over to Luna smiling knowing full well she saw him punch Seven just outside the mines.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – A seal. Not a device like a clock, but one that had Conan under the control of Arren for so so long. Charlotte was flexing her fingers, trying to tell if any were broken from the strike, but she was okay just a light bruising would be what she got for her troubles. “That explains the ticking sound and then the lock, but how my punch affected it, I don’t know.” Charlotte said quietly, watching Shadow go about putting his shirt back on. Conan’s explanation now made perfect sense. The seal now gone, he would be able to stay in this time line and assist with the guardianship of Luna and Seven. This did bring happiness to Charlotte, and even Luna was bubbly at the prospect. The only one that wasn’t so sure, was the know it all Seven, who folded his arms and huffed, pretty much like normal. Charlotte knelt down and picked up Conan’s jacket, smacking the dust off it and then offered it back to Conan, as he adjusted his bag to his side. “ Nearly hit me with this.” Charlotte said, while reaching out to ruffle Seven’s hair and perhaps, lighten his mood. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan smirked as she spoke out thinking her punch affected the seal.- “i dont know either Charlotte. Trust me that was the most pain I have ever been in.” -he saw Luna start to get all bubbly with excitement it seemed like. He knew full well Seven was going to be a pain in his back side, however he did have plans of how to get the little snot to lighten up and grow a pair. That was for later, he saw Charlotte holding his jacket as he brushed the dirt off as he said to him “ Nearly hit me with this.” he reached out taking it from her hand as he replied to her.- “yeah, sorry about that. I didnt really think to aim at that moment. Thanks.” -he threw it around his backside as he stood up feeling some what renewed. Putting his arms threw the sleeves. he reached in his pocket that was inside the jacket panel pulling out a pack of smokes. He watched Charlotte ruffle her boy’s hair as he smiled knowing that this little kid needs to be picked on. Conan tapped the bottom the pack of cigarettes placing his lips around the butt of one that came up pulling it out. He placed the box back into his jacket as he pointed at Seven speaking to Charlotte.- “you know that’s first time I have seen him stand there without lashing out at anyone for picking on him.” -he started to look for something to light his smoke with as he looked over at Luna and winked.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – “Yeah yeah…” Conan grimaced as his mother showed him some affection, that had him try to shrug it off. “Mum…you do not play with a man’s hair.” Luna found this to be a riot and could not help herself, when Conan winked at her. “Since when were you a man?” Seven frowned and then said loudly. “Shut up.” Charlotte brought both her children in for a hug, and though Seven would not be the first to admit it, he really missed being so close to her, for all those months in the Spire. Luna asked of Conan. “So you are going to stay on this adventure trek?” Fung Le stepped forward and coughed under his breath. “This is a serious trek, young Spider. Not for the foolhardy. Many dangers lay ahead in these tunnels. We must be cautious as we press on.” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan smirked as he listened to Seven and Charlotte go back and forth as he said to Seven- “enjoy it while it lasts cause you might not have it all the time” -he found a match striking it again a rock he saw putting it towards the end of his cigarette as he nodded to the question being answered as he said exhaling.- “what kind of guardian would I be if I left you alone with both of these kids? Yes I’m going with you.” -he saw Fung Le step forward as she made a remark saying it was dangerous and such as he gave a weird look at him knowing full well any place can be dangerous. He questioned in his mind ‘why would it be any more dangerous than the zombies or anything else for that matter. Oh well I am going to be going with anyways’ he looked at Charlotte as he spoke out.- “if we are going to keep going I think it would be best if the kids wore this.” -he reached into his bag as he pulled out some short robes like jackets almost like a snuggies. He knew it was going to get cold in the mountain. Unless there was a volcano under the mountain then they might start getting hot deeper in.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – It turns out that Conan was full of surprises, for though he had already affirmed he was going to be the children’s guardian on this Trek, he also had been withholding something that lay within his bag. Reaching in, he took out two cloaks, one for each of the children to wear, as they pressed further on into the tunnels. Luna could barely contain her excitement, and went to put hers on right away. “Thank you Mister Conan.” Her voice filled with enthusiasm, whilst Seven took his and studied it. Luna chirped loudly. “Put it on…I love mine. Go on.” Luna was practically dancing around in hers, and Seven took his time putting his on. Maybe the walls of bravado were finally falling around young Seven. Course it fit perfectly, and Charlotte grinned, seeing her wayward son, start to conform. “What do you say?” Charlotte urged, nudging her son to be thankful for the gift. His eyes hidden behind a shock of jet black hair, he muttered “Thank you.” How bout that…he was learning manners. <3>

TheGorya: -for the first time ever to see this he watched Luna grabbing hers she was like a kid in the candy shop that got her sucker like she wanted. As for Seven for a more surprising expression on Conan’s face he got a thank you for the little tyke that had given him so much crap all the way here. Just as glad to see he was learning manners. Conan walked over placed his hand on Seven’s shoulder as he said.- “you’re welcome. Shall we move on?” -he looked at Charlotte as he wondered which way to go. As he puffed on his cigarette waiting for an answer he almost questioned if Seven was going to play this kindness off since his mother was here or was it that he was finally learning. He didnt know but hell he was going to take it while it was going at this time. He stepped beside Charlotte putting out his smoke knowing she might not like that he did it.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Time at last to move out, and the tunnels that lay ahead on this Trek were still filled with many unknown creatures and a few more surprises. Our intrepid band all started moving, along with the Professor Mole and the Shadow Wolf, the rear being brought up by Fung Le and the battle droids, both the micro and the monster JACKV2FKR. Deep within this mountain side, a King of the Gnolls would be waiting, along with a secret order that had yet to come to light. Zombie miners and massive Wurms were one thing, but the tunnels were very much a labyrinth, with more turns and twists than a tiger’s tail. The rock walls were now glowing with an eerie green hue as they ventured closer to the middle of the mountain. A chill started to rise as the temperature dropped, and the children were thankful now for their special cloaks. Charlotte kept in step with Conan as they ventured further, gripping the jade necklace that she wore around her neck. To some on this Trek, it would be the beginning of the end, but who would be the one to sacrifice all for the balance? Only time would tell. <3>