Role play Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty.

Trek to the Summit.

Wurm Tunnels; Fjelding Mountains.

A Silver Locket.


CharlotteCarrendar: – Time at last to move out, and the tunnels that lay ahead on this Trek were still filled with many unknown creatures and a few more surprises. Our intrepid band all started moving, along with the Professor Mole and the Shadow Wolf, the rear being brought up by Fung Le and the battle droids, both the micro and the monster JACKV2FKR. Deep within this mountain side, a King of the Gnolls would be waiting, along with a secret order that had yet to come to light. Zombie miners and massive Wurms were one thing, but the tunnels were very much a labyrinth, with more turns and twists than a tiger’s tail. The rock walls were now glowing with an eerie green hue as they ventured closer to the middle of the mountain. A chill started to rise as the temperature dropped, and the children were thankful now for their special cloaks. Charlotte kept in step with Conan as they ventured further, gripping the jade necklace that she wore around her neck. To some on this Trek, it would be the beginning of the end, but who would be the one to sacrifice all for the balance? Only time would tell. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan could feel the pain he felt early finally disappear. He walked beside Charlotte as he wanted to question a bit about her. He reached down into his jacket walking near her as he pulled out his pack of cigarettes opening the top once more. He moved the pack towards her as he said.- “smoke?” -he wasn’t sure if she did knowing he had a few since they had joined up.- “I know you have had a rough day and you look like you need one.” -he smiled as one thing came to mind as he ponders a bit in his brain about her. ‘this lady is really something surprised she didn’t break her hand on my chest. Yet she does have a good heart….. I wonder if she is really what the kids said they were’ he looked towards the kids making sure that they were not to close to really hear the conversion.- “i want to ask you a question but I don’t want you to get offended. I have answered questions about my kind but tell me. What are you in the technical terms?” -he knew it might be a touchy topic for most even so he was curious to more about the twins and what he was really getting into.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – When Conan offered Charlotte a cigarette, she shook her head smiling. “ I don’t smoke.” Charlotte said simply. Sure, she looked like she could use it, but having her kids back with her, just up ahead gave her the boost that she so badly needed to continue. Pulling on her back pack straps as she walked alongside Conan, she noted that he had taken an interest in her. Maybe it was because after getting to know her children, that they could have shed some light on her, what she was like, and what she was. What they all were. Her instinct on this was dead on the money. “I want to ask you a question but I don’t want you to get offended. I have answered questions about my kind but tell me. What are you in the technical terms?” The question wasn’t offensive, and she shrugged her shoulders, figuring he was going to find out anyways. Charlotte gave Conan a sideways glance, and said one word. The name of her species. “Beblith…” She knew that this term may not mean much, and then elaborated. “Think….really big…spider.” Charlotte didn’t look like a spider at the moment, nor did her children. Her glamour that was for her to assimilate into the human world, made her look human, and act it. Truth of the matter was, she was anything but. “The children and I are demons….Xenos.” Turning her head back so she stared in front of her, she waited for his reaction. Question was…how would he react? <3>

TheGorya: -Conan heard the word yet again. Once from the children and now from the mother herself. He didn’t know what it meant all he knew was they hatched form eggs. However she soon covered the term with something he could image. The word “spiders” hit him. He had a smirk on his face for a moment then chuckled as he replied.- “Well it all makes sense now.” -he looked at her and measured her body up. He tried really hard to picture her as a spider but they way she was blinded him by it. She was kind yet very different to be demons as a sort he could figure that they must not like being what they were..- “normally when someone says to me demons I think of the worst thing possible. However it seems to me Charlotte you and your kids seem to have a very different mindset on how you act in this world.” -Conan knew that worlds are different times have changed maybe it was that in the past what seemed good was normally good and what seemed bad was really bad. So now that many years have past in so many worlds. The yin and yang has flopped to his own theories. He looked forward at the kids watching them now trying to picture these innocent looking kids as demons. This was almost impossible he had been with them for too long now.- “so tell me do you hate what you are at times?” -he had this feeling that she almost was expecting him to fear her just for what she had told him.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – The man; Conan wore a smirk on his face, hearing what Charlotte had to say about her and her children’s heritage. It made sense to him now, though she wasn’t quite sure what that meant. She had to wonder what the children had told him of her, and this gave her cause to stare at him, as they walked along through the tunnel. His perception of her and the children, was different from how he regarded most demonic creatures, and the truth of her species always came to the fore, when she lost control to fight the urge to morph. Once in full form, she was practically unstoppable in her rage. Conan asked another question, one that she had never been asked before. “so tell me do you hate what you are at times?” Charlotte actually stopped walking, lowering her hands from where they gripped the straps of her back pack. Green eyes stared up at Conan, and she had to think for a moment, before answering. “At times. There are days, where I worry, that I will end up like…”her” *the her she spoke of was her Mother; Lorelei*…traditionally our kind are solitary creatures. But I know, keeping up this…charade of looking human and not is going to end. Once that happens, I will not be able to remain in this plane. I am capable of great atrocities…to kill. So yes…I hate it at times.” Charlotte then started walking again behind the others. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan listened to her he could tell his question impacted her as his smirk turned into slight blank face. He knew that this woman hated what she was yet in his mind he knew that anyone can change even her. He watched her stop as he stopped with her listening to everything she was saying. He reached up with his hand and placed it on her shoulder. When she started walking again he attempted to stop her from trailing off from him.- “Charlotte, I am sorry if my question was deep. Just remember that even though you are what you are. You can change the course of your own destiny just as I have. When the day comes you will have the choice in the end just as your children will have a similar one.” -he had hoped she would in fact stop to hear his words. His mind boggled of memories of something that he has regretted his entire life. His expression of his face was of guilt he could feel it in his chest. As he waited to see what she would say to him. If at all listen.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Feeling the press of Conan’s large hand on her shoulder, did have her stop from walking onward. The way he stared down at her, for he was a lot taller, was like he was trying to show understanding. Was it because he considered himself to be the children’s guardian? Did he understand her more than she realized? “You can change the course of your own destiny, just as I have.” This had Charlotte frown slightly, what with everything that had led to this moment. She had made a choice, back in Nixagris, not to follow the Captain in his war with the Astartes. Instead, she chose this path…for it was more important for her to right the balance, than fight space marines. Charlotte lowered her head slightly, shuffling her right foot in the dirt floor of the tunnel. “Ever had a shadow cast over you from birth? Like…expected to be something that, you simply can’t be?” What Charlotte spoke of was the legacy of her mother, and to this day, it impacted her. She shook her head, and then asked. “How have you changed your path? What is it that led you to be so far from home?” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan could see that she had sorrow in her voice. As she asked serious questions to him as he replied.- “My past as a Sound wolf wasn’t peaceful Charlotte. I changed my past long ago when I was just a boy. When I was born I was expected to be the next Alpha because of my natural ability to control sound at the youngest age known to my clan without no training from my elders. Placed with high expectations I was placed along my brother in the Carinyar. A festival that the five clans gathered to host a tournament to chose a Champion to learn from all clans the ways of their abilities. I was pitted against my brother after fighting alongside him. After defeating him I was told to kill him in front of millions for him dishonouring his clan.” -he looked away for a moment as he thought of what he caused as he shook his head looking back at her knowing it pained a little.- “I changed my path by refusing and surrendering the glory as Champion. My brother was shunned from us as I was scolded for something I thought was wrong. I ended the cycle of blood lust in the end of that a war started between the clans.” -he dropped his hand from her shoulder as he stood there thinking of his actions as it angered him.- “maybe I chose wrong….. Maybe if I would have killed him my clan wouldn’t be dead. As the Champion perhaps I would have been able to peace that we had for centuries.” -he balled his hand up into a fist as he could think of his actions would have prevented the parting of his family. He looked at her as he said.- “I made my choice because I felt that killing my opponent was not need. That my older brother would have a chance for glory to prove that he was worthy to be part of my clan. I was young but I learned something making the choices have ups and downs. My choice affected the path of my clan which I regret only that I did not fight to protect the ones I loved.” -he let go of his fist and relaxed as he took a deep breath hopping that some of what he said helped.- “no matter what happens Charlotte your path is your own. My choice did change history. If I would have killed my brother I would have only continued to the cycle further.”

CharlotteCarrendar:- The rest of the party had moved on, leaving Charlotte and Conan behind alone in their section of the tunnel, and what Conan was about to divulge of his past and his life up to this point, would shock even Charlotte. How one could not feel for him, after hearing he had to kill his own brother as part of a tournament, to appease the crowd and judges was sickening. When Conan turned his head away, Charlotte reached up and cupped his cheek, letting him know she was still there; listening. “maybe I chose wrong….. Maybe if I would have killed him my clan wouldn’t be dead. As the Champion perhaps I would have been able to peace that we had for centuries.” Charlotte shook her head slowly. “No…you did what you believed was right. The consequences of which are the orders of men that was totally beyond your control. When we have no control over such a situation, as yours, you can’t say that if you had taken his life, things would have been any different. To appease the masses for but a short time, does not affect the long term. Tournaments in my views are sports, games. Trivial in my mind.” Charlotte knew about such games, and how they elevated those who won to the status of champion, but really, was a title like that, earnt from the taking of another life in sport making anyone a better man. “The winds of fortune, can be affected by the beating of a butterfly’s wings..” Charlotte lowered her hand back to her side. “Least you knew what you did, and followed your heart. Your creed. You stayed true to yourself.” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan Felt Charlotte’s hand on his cheek for the moment as he listened to her as her words were in fact up lifting to him as he sighed.- “Your right, I know what I wanted to do. After so long of being around and living through different world becoming apart of history in every place possible.” -he looked at her his blue aura eyes had watered a little bit of the painful memories his mind has, the pain in his chest from guilt was no longer there.- “Thank you, I haven’t been able to really forget the past for once I finally can forgive myself. I know that I have grown a bit connected to your children.” -he reached down into his bag as he was looking for something as he noticed that the group had left them as he said.- “Shit! We got left….” -he was looking in his endless bag as he pointed down the tunnel saying- “Lets try to catch up while we talk Charlotte….” -he mumbled under his breath as he waiting for her to walk with him rummaging for something.- “fuck this bag I am cleaning it later.” -he was a pack rat when it came to things as he found what he was looking for. He pulled out three boxes very small ones that looked like jeweler boxes that could be holding something of value as he handed one to Charlotte.- “here take this I think you should have it as a keep sake.” -it was smaller than the other two but he meant it with good intentions hopping she wouldn’t mind a gift like this.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Charlotte’s words seemed to have found their mark, as Conan listened to her take on how our fates were not pre destined, and though we make choices, that cannot determine the outcome when others held all the cards. At this point, both had fallen well behind the others, and it was as Conan realised this, Charlotte too saw that they were left alone in the tunnel. “Crap we are…come on.” She urged. Jogging at a brisk pace, with Conan keeping up with her, she was handed a small box, like a jewellery box. .- “here take this I think you should have it as a keep sake.” Charlotte shook it against her ear, as they jogged along, wondering what could be inside it. A keepsake, was a broad description of what it could have been. Only way was to find out, by opening the box as they reached the others up ahead. Fung Le was leading the way, with the Mole Professor, who was discussing the green crystals in the walls of the tunnels. “Oh yes….this mountain is chock full of secrets. Why…there is a whole section that has been undisturbed for years, following a large earthquake. However, I have found some old maps, that may be of use.” The Mole said, taking out a crumpled yellow document and unfurling it. Fung Le placed on a small set of wire glasses and peered at the diagram. “It’s a labyrinth.” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan watched as they jogged down. Charlotte had opened the jewelery box only to find what was inside even though it was small it had broach inside that made out of pure silver it would feel heavy the broach was in the shape in the form of a wolf head as it had the side of the face of a wolf with the mane down the side showing in an arch form. It looked to be unfazed by time as it was most likely older than Conan. As they reached the others Conan looked at the twins holding the other larger boxes in his hand waiting to see what the mole was going on about hearing Fung Le say. “It’s a labyrinth.” he spouted out in a very annoyed tone.- “Wait what?” -he looked over at Seven and Luna kneeling down to their level handing them the other two boxes as he said to them.- “keep it close to you. They will protect you if something tries to harm you.” -He looked back over to Fung Le as he asked boldly.- “If it’s a labyrinth does that mean this is the map?” -he pointed to the yellow parchment he was reading hopping it was. He would hate to get lost trying to find to this place they were heading.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Fung Le took off his small spectacles, pocketing them and nodded. “You can tell by the inscription…Conan.” The mole rubbed his furry snout and looked surprised. “How come you can read it and I can’t…I am the scholar.” The Master Fung Le chuckled and took out his pipe, lighting it. “Because…I know who wrote it.” The mole Professor again was stunned, shuffling in his place, intrigued by this strange looking oriental man. “Who?” The children were at this moment, having their attention diverted away from Fung Le and the Mole’s discussion, to Conan, who had caught up to the group with their mother, after falling behind. He knelt down and presented them each with a small box, like the one that had been given to Charlotte. “But you already gave us presents, Mister Conan.” Luna said, running her finger over the small box. Seven was madly shaking his. “I can’t tell what it is.”~rattle rattle~ Charlotte, had pinned on the broach that had come out of her box, and she slipped the box into her pocket. “Say thank you, Children.” Charlotte was still trying to get them to be polite, while Seven had already shown signs he was acting a little bit more mature. “Thank you.” The children said in unison, as Charlotte placed her arms around them. The Shadow wolf padded up alongside Conan and nudged him with his snout. “Don’t worry, the Master will see us through…it is written.” Was this of the prophecy…or did the Shadow Wolf know more about the Master Dragon, than anyone else? The mole again said. “Who?” Fung Le puffed on his pipe, enjoying his tobacco in this small rest stop in the trip. “Her name was Mistress Desponia…Lady of the Labrynth. Very wise…very craft y woman. Legend has it, she made the labrynth within this mountain. A test of skill. For to complete it, all will be tested. The map, is a map, but it shows you the possible routes through, but not all what it seems.” He took the paper, and then flipped it over, only to have it flip back, and the markings on the parchment…had moved. “See? Take nothing for granted in this life.” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan smiled at the children who had in fact thanked him for their presents as he said to them.- “your welcome and yes I did but these you can keep on you at all times. Necklaces that can be worn but never shown.” -if the twins opened them they would see it was just like their mothers broach that she had gotten. Even so the maturity of Seven was something rather impressive to Conan seeing that the little twelve year old was acting like a spoiled brat not that long ago. It was as if in Conan’s eye he had touched not just Luna’s being but Seven’s as well. As he turned back to hear about this labyrinth he watched the paper seeing it was only an illusion of what a map could be. He felt the Shadow wolf nudge him reassuring him that Fung Le knew what he was doing. He found it rather odd that the wolf seemed to almost take a liking to him. It crossed his mind that perhaps it was cause of his own scent then again only the Shadow wolf knows why. He quickly asked.- “so whats the plan?”

CharlotteCarrendar:- “Plan?….Make camp near the entrance…that is the plan, Conan.” Fung Le said, knowing well that they had a long journey ahead of them, if they were to go via the labrynth. The fight with the miners and the Gnoll king with his horde had taken its toll, and they had already lost a few on the way. Now, with the young children with them, they needed to take breaks, and sleep where safe, in order to keep going on and eventually reach the summit. The mole was flipping the map back and forth and cursing under his breath, every time the directions on the map changed. “Confounded…blast…stop doing that… won’t stay the same.” The Mole stamped his foot, then rolled up the parchment and popped it back in his pocket. “Left turn from the next tunnel and we be about three hundred metres from the entrance.” A curt nod and the Mole started off, his bottom wiggling as he continued to show frustration. Fung Le waved the others to follow the diminutive Mole, but the children were busy putting on their necklaces that matched the same style as the broach given to their mother. “Are we going to rest? Thank goodness if we are.” Luna said, flicking back her mauve coloured ponytail. Seven tucked his necklace into his shirt, so it was out of sight and gave it a light pat. “Mum…did you pack food? I don’t fancy eating…rocks.” Charlotte smiled and pulled on her back pack straps. “I have enough, but once we reach the surface, we can hunt…or…we could string up a web.” Luna covered over her mouth with her hand, stifling a giggle. “Seven is really bad at climbing, Mum….he fell out of his first web.” Seven punched her arm. “So…I have sticky issues.” Charlotte gestured for the children to get going. “Boys develop slower, Luna, cut him some slack.” Luna found this outrageously funny, and couldn’t help herself. “So that’s why he acts like he is Seven.” Seven grumbled and shoved his hands in his pockets as he walked along. It would take a good hour before they reached the entrance. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan sighed as he heard about camp but agreed with him. They would need to rest before going any further. He laughed at the twins taught each other. For the first time Conan saw that Luna could pick on her brother as he laughed a bit to himself seeing it hearing that they were going to hunt and the talk of food. He thought of Seven falling out of a web that he could make and tried to picture it as he shook his head chuckling as they travelled towards the entrance as it seemed like forever walking to the entrance of this labyrinth. During the walk to there he was keeping his ear open listening to anything that would be moving, making good use of his heightened senses that he had. The talk with Charlotte was interesting however it didn’t allow him to use his sense since he had to focus. He wondered what they would face. Only Fung Le seemed to know the answers to this Conan didn’t ask he would rather find out the hard way. Zombies seemed to be the main problem his thought in his mind “Oh joy”-

CharlotteCarrendar: – The group turned at the left bend and made their way down the tunnel, till them came across a large carved stone entrance, with statues on either side, that were clearly carved in the image of the Mistress herself. There was a large alcove by the entrance, that was the perfect place to make camp, and allow the children to rest. Charlotte directed her children to get out the bedrolls from their packs, which they had taken from her apartment so many days before in Lorewall. While Charlotte helped them set up their beds, the Shadow wolf sniffed around the entrance, his tail rising high as he did so. The Mole was making himself comfortable, and decided he had enough of trying to figure out the map for this stretch of the journey, instead choosing to curl up and get some sleep. Fung Le laid out a small bamboo mat and sat down, crossing his legs and starting to hum to himself with his eyes closed. Clearly his way of resting. Charlotte had found some small dinner packs in her back pack, and shared them out with the children, before laying out her own bedroll, and offering a dinner pack to Conan. “Here…this will help sustain you through the next part of the journey.” She showed a smile, before laying back on her bedroll, with her arms behind her head, staring at the rock ceiling, as the children ate quietly. <3>

TheGorya: -As they made their way to the entrance everyone started to make camp as Conan looked around staring at the statues that. They bugged him a bit only from the last time he saw statues that were mounted side by side as such seemed to always have some sort of trap lingering. His attention from the cavern being huge things crossed his mind a bit thinking on it some until his attention was directed from an offering of food. He looked over to Charlotte hearing “Here…this will help sustain you through the next part of the journey.” he smiled as he took the food tray as he said.- “thank you.” -he started to eat a little bit of it as he found himself a wall to sit against as he ate. He looked over to the twins watching them as he smirked as he eyed Luna thinking of his daughter,. It did make him think of how much Luna almost mimic her in a few different ways mostly in the personality department. He monitored the entrance and the statues still thinking they might have hidden energy beams that come from the eyes. He didn’t need to sleep his body felt energized it was odd to him since he knew his body was on a different clock than what everyone else is. He finished his food as he said.- “I guess this world has a different day time hours.” -he was still used to the Goryan world clock which as in fact three days for twenty four hours.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Before long, the mole was snoring…and loudly. Fung Le was humming, much like you hear in a yoga class, and totally unaffected by the Mole. The children had finished their dinner boxes, and set them aside, getting deep into their sleeping bags, and soon both of them were off to sleep, having come so far with only eating an apple, and not having rested since Lorewall. The Shadow Wolf stood guard near the children, his ears twitching for any sign of movement coming from the darkened tunnels. Other than him, the only other awake was Charlotte and Conan. Watching as Conan leaned against the wall, Charlotte spoke softly in reply to his statement. “Possibly. Each world is different. But Fung Le was right that we need to rest.” She gestured to the twins, who were both sound asleep. Charlotte rolled over on her side, and propped up her head with her hand. “Do you miss your family?”<3>

TheGorya: -Conan was off drifting in the thoughts for a moment still keeping an eye on the statues. As he heard his comment answered about it. Fung Le was right of course rest would help strengthen the group and keep everyone on their toes in the heat of any situation as the humming form Fung Le was soft but heard. Conan heard Charlotte ask him “Do you miss your family?” he thought about it for a moment as he looked over to her with a somewhat sad but still joyful expression.- “I do at times, I think of how they are doing. Whether they are happy watching me do the things I do.” -he placed his hand into his pocket pulling out a locket running his hand over it as his mind thought of what his daughter would look like when he finally parted from this life. He wondered if his wife would still love him or if his daughter would even remember who he was. Many things crossed his mind as he looked back over to Charlotte seeing she was propping herself to see him.- “I have always wondered whether I was fit to be a father. Till I had little Sira I remember the night she was born.” -he smiled as he looked down almost ready to chuckle.- “something I don’t think I will ever forget.” -he was rambling but he felt good to talk about it all in the same. His finger ran across the silver locket playing with it a little.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Seeing Conan stroke the silver locket, Charlotte gathered that it was significant to him, possibly held images of his beloved family within. He spoke with such love of his family, and it was clear that they meant a great deal. Conan recollected the birth of his daughter; Sira, and how he would never forget it as long as he lived. There was a new closeness between Charlotte and Conan, sharing this moment. Speaking with fondness for the joy of being a parent brought. “I can see clearly, after how you were with my children, that you would be an ideal father. Caring and thoughtful, dutiful. When this is all over, I am sure you will be with them again.” Charlotte then laid her head on her arm, and slowly closed her eyes, as the Shadow wolf also laid down, and got some shut eye. Most of the group were asleep now, but Fung Le opened an eye and chuckled, before closing it again, and making that odd Ohmm sound. In a few hours they would start the next part of their journey. Question was…what lay behind the entrance to the labrynth? <3>

TheGorya: -Conan stroked the again before placing it in his pocket as he heard Charlotte’s reply . “I can see clearly, after how you were with my children, that you would be an ideal father. Caring and thoughtful, dutiful. When this is all over, I am sure you will be with them again.” he smiled thinking that would be nice. He knew what Arren’s words were his father in law and the god he served in return of marrying his daughter. He looked up at the top of the cavern saying in a soft tone.- “Maybe, When my life is over I think that I will.” -he looked back down seeing the Charlotte had already fallen asleep as he smirked knowing he was going to keep watching keeping a close eye over the area. As the hours started to pass him by while he thought of his memories that held him in happiness.-