Role Play Live : Group : The Morrow Empire.

For whom the bell tolls.


CharlotteCarrendar:- Darkened streets play host to many a creature that lurks in wait of an easy meal. Those that dared venture beyond their humble abodes, did so at their own risk. Keeping close to a stone wall of some ramshackle cottage, the bebilith maid spies on one wayward drunkard, that had been pushed out the door of a nearby inn. At her feet, her trusted servant, Benosh, rubs his webbed hands together eagerly. “I…smell…booze.” Charlotte grimaced, and then patted his moist leathery head. “Aye…and that means an easy meal, don’t it? Though I rather them tasting a bit fresher.” Benosh hiccupped a chuckle, as Charlotte stepped out of the shadows, wearing a long black velvet dress, her face obscured from behind a spider silk like black netting. The drunkard lurched and stumbled about, till a gold coin landed near his feet, and he came to a sudden stop, rocking back and forth. “It be raining gold. Hiccup~!” Little did he suspect, the lady creeping up on him had thrown it. Slowly he bend over, his ass exposed, as a dagger raised up from behind him, its metallic sheen captured by the moonlight, as it plunged into his back. Again and again, the dagger tore into his flesh, as the bebilith was sprayed with his blood. A dull thud, and a lifeless drunkard, collapsed to the ground. Charlotte licked the blade clean, as Benosh hopped out from his hiding spot, and picked up a leg, admiring the footwear. “Can…I have…his…*ribbet*…shoes?” Charlotte smirked as she twirled her dagger, and resheathed it. “Be my guest, not one for male footwear, I only want the body. Now…hurry up and drag him into that alley. I have work to do.” <3>

PayneZileQueen: -Payne Zile Queen sat on the most right pillow on the throne room. Looking at an empty throne while being alone with a Nephilim who is pretty much eyeraping him. Trying to not care about it, he stood up and looked for a shower. God did he smell, and it wasn’t even more than two days ago since his last one. It felt strange, and he felt dirty. Walking trough the large hallways, the sound of his boots hitting the marble floor echoing against the walls. Looking from left to right, the red and black hair flowing gently in the wind with every turn he makes with his head. Payne sees a wooden door which had the inscription “Bathroom” written in it in curly gold painted letters. His dark and yet charming voice sounding soft yet still loud enough to hear trough the hallway was heard- Ahh, so here is a bathroom

AranelEtherealQueen: Swigging more from the whiskey bottle, Chris looked around the room and huffed in irritatiion. It was always so fricking quiet…. and there was no one good looking enough here to catch her attention. Well.. except Payne… but he had some future girlfriend he was loyal to. Rolling her eyes. she stood and sauntered to the window, watching the surrounding areas. Lil was right… she didnt see the point in being loyal to one person, no one could be trusted. People should just give into their desires and live that way. Swigging again, she glares into the distance.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The limp sodden body of the drunkard, was dragged rather haphazardly into the alley, whilst Charlotte kept an eye out for the local constabulary, or…some sticky beak who should be minding their own business. Benosh’s feet slapped along the cobblestone street, and he skipped as he went over a wayward brick, the head of the corpse bouncing off it as he left a bloody trail into the darkened alley. The squeaky wheels of a wooden cart was heard, as its wheels rumbled along the street, with a cryer calling out every so often singing out. “Bring out your dead!….Bring out your dead! *Gong!*…Bring out your dead!” Been a tough year for the villagers, but Charlotte was not about to surrender her catch. She skipped out of the way, and into the darkness, only to see Benosh fall on his backside, dropping the corpse’s legs, as he tried on the shoes. “Oooo Italian…*ribbet*…this one has a purse , I bet.” Charlotte knelt down and felt about in his pockets, and sure enough, he did have a purse, but also…he wore a silver star. “GAH!…He is one of the authorities!” She picked up his head, by the scruff of his hair, and recognised his face. It was the Mayor! Dropping his head with a loud thud, she looked panicked. “Bugger…bugger. I thought he was some dumb drunk. Quick…lean him up against the wall. I gotta wrap this one up….and…” She then heard the cry..”Bring out your dead!” A wicked look came over her face, as the Toad was trying out his new shoes. “What?” Charlotte then started to bind up the mayor in the webbing, and the toad demon hopped out to slow the cart. “We got one….he got plague really bad…*ribbet*.” The dead collector stopped his cart, and leaned on it. “Well hurry up…I got to pick up four at the Denisons. Plague hit bad this year. Either that or it was the woman’s cooking.” Charlotte dragged out the cocoon and dumped it on the pile of dead bodies, with the face well covered. “There you go.” The dead collector raised a brow, as Charlotte patted the corpse. “What…he don’t smell that bad, does he?” <3>

PayneZileQueen: -With a smile, Payne opened the door and saw a beautiful bathroom. Golden stones lining up against the floor and the ceiling, while the rest look like white marble. The floor itself covered in complete black marble stone and the ceiling looking plain white. When Payne looked to the left, he saw a shower what seemed too futuristic, even for this time. Quickly taking off his clothes, starting with the tank top what many people from this time thought looked strange on him. And then he pulled down his jeans, kicking the boots from his feet and pulling down his socks and boxer short as last. Standing completely naked, Payne walked towards the shower and looked at it. Turning a knob with his right demonic hand, hoping it will turn on a device to let the water flow. Payne noticed that water started flowing. But damn it was cold! Even for his body temperature. With a grin on his face, Payne concentrated and raised his body heat, just enough to let the water warm up to a degree of 38 in Celsius. Enjoying the now warm water, Payne moved both his hands trough his hair and looked up into the streaming water- Oh yes, this is the stuff!

AranelEtherealQueen: Chris’s eye twitched as she heard water running, a smirk forming on her lips. Payne was in the shower… hm… She placed her whiskey bottle on the table and walked toward the bathroom, her hips shaking.What could he do if she suddenly burst in and pinned him to the wall? She chuckled mischievously, still slightly irritated that her latest lover had disappeared so quickly before she could have seconds.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Charlotte patted the cocoon as the dead collector picked up the cart handles and trundled further down the street, with the pile of lifeless bodies on board, not to mention, the well bound mayor. Charlotte placed her hands on her hips, blowing upward, so her black silken netting breezed up, revealing her fine alabaster features. Benosh was still admiring his new shoes, and then noted his Mistress’s stance. He knew she must be disappointed, and he tried to help her mood. “You got his purse…just…not his blood, is all. There will be another…somewhere. *ribbet*. Charlotte chewed on her bottom lip, and turned only to see the turrets of a castle nearby. “Do ho ho ho…check out that.” The toad demon blinked, and then turned to see what had caught her eye. “What…oh god no…they be blue bloods. Are you mad?” Charlotte shrugged her shoulders lightly. “Possibly.” The toad demon fell in step with her, as she started to make her way towards the darkened structure. “Ooo looks abandoned. Maybe we should just go stop at some nice inn. Not….not here.” He was concerned of what may happen, with whomever lives within the walls. “Where is your sense of adventure, Benosh?” Charlotte chortled, raising her skirts, as she trotted up the stairs. Benosh hopped along behind her, shaking his head. “I ain’t got one…you have scared it all out of me. Oh..give me a puddle and I be a happy toad.” It was as they reached the door, Charlotte could hear water running from within. “I say…maybe…they have a big bath inside…and…you can get wet after all.” Charlotte then knocked on the door three times, as the toad hid in behind her black velvet skirts. <3>

PayneZileQueen: -Enjoying the hot water, Payne washed his hair and body with a bar of soap he found in the bathroom. Washing his muscular body with a great pleasure. Oh yes, he was getting clean. FINALLY! Alost as in an euphoric state he rubbed the soap deeply into the pores of his body, scrubbing nice and deep to get rid of the filth which he was sure to be buried deep inside his skin. Looking around for another scrub, Payne heard a few knocks on the door. Not knowing who it might be, and not exactly in the position to open the door, he felt sorry and hoped that the door was open by itself.

AranelEtherealQueen: Chris growled in frustration as he left the bathroom as she reached it, electricity shooting through her. Gritting her teeth, she glared after him, her balled up fists shaking. A jet of electricity left her hand as she screeched like a banshee, hitting the chandeller and causing to crash and shatter on the floor. Flicking, her hair over her shoulder, Chris stopped screaming and sauntered back to throne hall, ignoring him now as she picked her bottle up again, swigging greedily and taking a cigarette form her bra, not interested in the door.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The pair stood on the front landing, after having knocked. The sound of the water being turned off is heard, and then a banshee like screech. Charlotte glanced over her shoulder at Benosh who blinked and trembled at the sound. “Only got cold water, perhaps?” He suggested, as Charlotte shrugged. “Well they aren’t answering the door, but there is life within. Hmm…” She stepped to the side, and peered through a lead light glass pane. Benosh started for the stairs. “I say it’s a good sign…and we be off.” Instead, he heard a click as Charlotte turned the large brass handle. “Eeeek…no no…they didn’t let us in…*RIBBET*…its break and enter…its…isn’t killing the Mayor bad enough for one night…Char?…CHAR?” But she had already ducked in the door, with the sounds of her skirts brushing on the stone. The toad demon slapped his flippered hand to his forehead, dragging it down and exposing his bottom lip. “You…will be the death of meeeeee.” He hopped in after her, and hoped they didn’t get caught. <3>

PayneZileQueen: -Turning down the water quickly while Payne heard another banshee like scream. He was happy it wasn’t in the same room. Last time someone screamed this loud, he fell unconscious because of the pain it had caused on his eardrum. Quickly grabbing what seemed to be a towel, he wound it around his lower body to cover his fresh and now very clean privates. Almost shining because of the cleansing. Payne ran towards the throne room and saw Christiana sucking on a cigarette in a most irritated state of mind. Then he heard a click, something Payne would’nt have heard if his hearing, like most of his abilities wasn’t enhanced. Quickly he raised his left hand, and formed a small globe of Dark Energy within it. Waves of Darkness flowing out of Paynes right arm, feeling confident, and strong. And determined to protect this home of the previous inhabitant of his girlfriends body. He took 3 steps forwards, his bare feet not making any sounds on the stone floor and blood red carpet. Slowly he moved towards the place where he heard a sound. Breathing slowly and calm. Like he has learned to do in his many trainings as a warrior-

AranelEtherealQueen: She quirked a brow and growled, stomping past him toward the door. “I’ll get it then shall I?!” The drink seriously wasnt helping her frustrated, irritated mood but she continued to drink her beloeved whiskey, taking another drag of her ciggy. Pulling the door open so hard it came off it’s hinges, she was about to be her normal rude self before spotting the good looking woman stood there. Standing at eight foot three, Chris towered her as she flashed her a charming smile, the kind that would bring most people to their knees. “Well hey there… how can I help?”

CharlotteCarrendar:- It..all happened so bloody fast. Just as Charlotte was about to enter, the door nearly got wrenched from its very hinges, and much to the surprise of Charlotte and her companion; the toad demon Benosh, a captivating woman stood, and she was no ordinary woman….she was freaking eight foot three. Both Charlotte and the toad both raised their heads up so they could see her stunning face. “Ebbee jeebies.” Charlotte exclaimed, while Benosh….was madly in love. “Oh…my…*ribbet…god!” He slapped his flipper hands together and then bowed graciously before the woman who looked to be Queen. “Fair night has brought about the jewel of the eye of the gods….oh sweet lady…please say your name, and I shall sew it with a needle to my very…*ribbet*…heart.” If you were to see Benosh, he had small stars in his eyes, mincing about in his new Italian shoes, stolen from the mayor. While Benosh was captivated, Charlotte waved and then leaned to the right, to see a man in a towel…and holding a dark orb. He appeared to be a tad miffed that the pair had entered and Charlotte nervously waved a hand, before uttering. “I think…you have forgotten your clothes…or we interrupted your bath time.” <3>

PayneZileQueen: -Grumbling a little, Payne looked at the woman. She wasn’t that bad looking either. Grinning at the toad who had no idea about the Nephilim Christina is ((Still Disagree to that)) he looked back at the woman. His dark, yet charming voice sounding clear enough to be heard, Payne started to calm while he lowered his left arm and the Darkness faded away as it was drawn with the wind- Someone here, interrupted my shower yes. Because a certain Someone here, wants to get this. Though that Someone knows, that she won’t get it as long as I am in a relationship. And the trying to sneak in trough the window made me feel a little suspicious as well mada. What is your name? If I may ask. -He crooked his head a little to the left and looked at the young lady in curiousty. His wet hair falling over his left eye, covering it and giving his ruby red eyes a soft secretive glow in the mixture of the light-

AranelEtherealQueen: Rolling her eyes, she looked over at him and pursed her lips. “I could rock your world, Payne… your girlfriend hasnt even been born yet… and what she doesn’t know when you get back won’t hurt her.” She winked to him before looking back to woman and her.. toad. She quirked a brow at its ramblings, though she wasn’t surprised. Most people worshiped her and so they should, she was perfection personified and she loved herself for it. “Um.. thanks, toadman. I’m sure you and your beautiful lady wanna come in from the cold, right?” Chris flashed a tantalising smile at the woman.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Seeing the man appeared displeased, but no longer as defensive; Charlotte was able to catch her breath back, from when the gigantic woman had opened the door. Charlotte in her human like form was only about five foot eight, so there was considerable size difference. The man and woman started to have words, over the man’s love, and this gave the toad and Charlotte a chance to exchange glances, not knowing the history of the relationship between the pair. Benosh was undeterred, and decided to follow the good lady inside at her request, bowing and scraping as he did so. Every so often he showed a shy smile and then from his pocket, he withdrew a small white paper bag, that contained all day suckers. He opened the bag, and then shook it, holding it up towards the kind woman. “A sweet…for a sweet lady..*ribbet*…I even have fly flavoured. *rattle rattle*. Charlotte however, stepped around where the toad and taller woman stood, as the man with the dark orb addressed her. “What is your name? If I may ask.” Charlotte reached for the edges of the black spider netting, and then drew it up and over her face, to reveal her identity. Jade green eyes glowered as she said in her nicest voice. “I’m Charlotte.” She didn’t use title, for she felt that was unnecessary. With a wave of her hand, she gestured to her Toad companion, who was looking set to hump the lady’s leg as he offered her a sweet. “And…randy over here, is Benosh. My…companion for this eve.” Benosh was too busy oogling at the tall woman. “Oh..Madame…please…tell me your name…for I am guessing it is only whispered by the sweet angels that chorus from the heavens…*ribbet*>” <3>

PayneZileQueen: -Nodding gently towards the woman who had adressed herself with the name Charlotte, he smiled brightly. His thin lips opening up a bit to reveal the pearly white fangs he had on each corner of the upper row of his teeth. Again his charming voice sounded clearly- Nice to meet you Charlotte, my name is Payne Zile Queen. My friends call me Vamp. You may call me like that as well, if you wish. That lovely piece of eye candy over there is Christiana. A Nephilim, and a very sexual one if I may add hehe. -The soft chuckle escaping the voice of Payne sounded like a dream. The sound of it had many women made their panties drop and spread their legs in the time he was Single, and Payne did like the female sex a lot. Especially naked and willing on his bed, free to let Payne release the sexual animal which hides inside. A small sparkle showed up in Payne’s left eye as he waved his now air dried hair around to get a slightly “wilder” look- now if you will excuse me, I do indeed need to change, the towel is comfortable. But insuitable for a visit of course.

AranelEtherealQueen: She smirked and licked her lips seductively at him. “If you need help changing…” Looking down to Benosh, Christiana rolled her eyes. “You heard him, my names Chris. And thanks but no thanks, I got a bottle of Jack that is doing me fine.” Hold it up before swigging, sauntering toward Charlotte before turning back to him and pointing. “Also.. touch me without permission and I will rip your toady testicles off, got it?”

CharlotteCarrendar: – The sexual energy and tension between Chris and Vamp was something else. Hotter than a cat on a tin roof, and this was not lost on Charlotte, who viewed the exchange with a polite expression. The one known as Payne, or Vamp to his friends, showed a very wide and bright smile, whilst still only dressed in the barest of cloth. A towel, and nothing more. He indicated he would like to go change into something more suitable, and this was met with the offer from Chris to help him. Charlotte clasped her hands behind her back, and rocked heel to toe, wondering if they were going to take their talk to another room, while he changed. Benosh on the other hand, was in on cloud nine, when Chris regarded him so fiercely with the threat to rip off his toady testicles, he actually jazzed a little in his leather knickerbockers. “Oh….my……*ribbet….mmmm….No..need to…touch…oh…oh…” and with that, his eyes rolled back in his head, and he collapsed in a state of pure ecstasy, all because she threatened him harm. Charlotte facepalmed, as the toad demon flailed slowly on the floor, his right foot twitching. “Don’t…touch…sensitive….oooo.” <3>

PayneZileQueen: -Vanishing into Darkness, leaving nothing but a small trace of black smoke behind. Payne had teleported himself back to the bathroom, quickly washing his clothes with the leftover bar of soap he had used for his body, and then warmed them up again by raising his own body temperature. Oh it was so easy for Payne to just dry everything. He didn’t mind the trauma he had gotten by getting killed in the flames of Hellfire, he came back and was able to control and create fire with it. With a bright smile he grabbed a brush what was hidden on the cabinet and brushed his hair while looking into the mirror. All done, good. So he turned around and walked towards the bathroom door, and instead of opening it, he vanished into Darkness again, only to appear back into the hall way while he continued his walk and stopped in front of Charlotte- It is a pleasure to meet you, milady.

AranelEtherealQueen: Pouting, Chris glared slightly. “That bitch…” Looking down at the toad, Chris smirked in triumph.. this could be entertaining. “Good, now stay there you until I tell you otherwise.” Gazing at Charlotte, she takes another toke of her cigarette. “So what brings a beauty like you here?”

CharlotteCarrendar:- Benosh remained twitching on the ground, and gave a small thumbs up towards Chris before lowering his arm and continuing to babble about his new found love ie Chris, while Charlotte spotted Payne vanish into thin air, leaving only behind a fine trail of black mist. Her jade eyes darted around, only to see him magically reappear nearby, and smile, saying’ “It is a pleasure to meet you, milady.” Charlotte smiled and was about to speak, when the very tall lady, Chris asked her what brought her to the castle. With the soft mutterings of Benosh behind her, Charlotte brought up her curled fist to her lips and coughed politely. “Well…it’s like this. I’m actually looking at acquiring land, for a summer home…a simple dwelling, nothing fancy really. A kind Lord who had ventured through my hometown, mentioned this place….and said that there was a new estate, just up the way. Thought I would check it out for myself.” Charlotte glanced between Chris and Vamp and asked. “Are you two….you know…a couple?” <3>

PayneZileQueen: -With a grin Payne started to laugh loudly. He? A couple with Christiana? No way! Not even in a thousand years, yes he’d do her i nany way possible if he where single, but that is very much it. Payne calmed down a little and shook his head politely- No Madam, I am not dating her, we are not a couple. I am sorry

CharlotteCarrendar: – Charlotte made an “O” shape with her lips, then turned around and tried to help Benosh to his feet, who was still a bit star struck by his encounter with Chris. “You alright?” she asked, brushing him down, and Benosh’s eyes rolled around, like he was seeing flying blue budgies. “Should be in…ten…” Benosh croaked, as Charlotte gave his head a light pat. At that point, a loud dong sound of a bell in a tower in the town rang out, and Charlotte realized the time. “It was so nice of you to offer us hospitality, but I do believe that is my cue.” Offering the smiling Payne a nod, she seized Benosh by the collar, and dragged him towards the door. “We will return another time, perhaps.” Benosh waved feebily at Chris as Charlotte opened the door, and together, the pair disappeared down the stairs, only to vanish into the mist of the cool of night. <3>