Role play Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty – Lacardis Prime.


T-1 match, Lore vs Paradox/Graves

LoreleieRoseCarrendar (CharlotteCarrendar.}

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Twisted Wood. A humble village in the foothills of the majestic Emerald Mountains. Home to few thousand Lacardians, many had settled in the country, to raise crops and farm animals, that could be sold and traded to those that had their markets in Arachne. This was also the retreat of the Prime Minister, Lorelei; who came to Twisted Wood about once ever six weeks, to recuperate from her difficult role as Prime Minister. This morn, we find the beblith maid of crimson hair, strolling along the small market, near the outdoor Inn; the Squirrels nuts. The publican is setting up a wild boar spit for the festivities at the lunch rush. Sounds typical of the morning in the village, from the barking of dogs, to the cluck of chickens that are scattered about the fronts of small timber dwellings. Lorelei is dressed simply, in a black crushed velvet gown, that sweeps along the dusty cobblestone pavement, as she passes a woman who is using a butter churn just outside her homestead. All seems so peaceful…..<3>

MrObserver: -So peaceful and humble the village was. Nothing would go wrong today, most were thinking. But of course, with A prime minister on the scene, what could go wrong, right? It’s not like there would be anyone or anything that would target her in such a harmonious place… But what if its a thing and a person in the same body? Then what would happen? Time to find out. “Ruuuunnnnnnaaaaa” The air around the prime minister and the passerby whispered, kicking up dust around them in a rotation. Was it a tiny dust devil, or something more malicious in nature? Surely nothing would be ballsy enough to attack Lorelei in the open. As the dust devil whipped up more, compressing to block out the woman that was originally minding her own business concealing. The irrefutable snap of a neck popped in through the rotating dust around Lorelei, only to be followed up by a limb corpse rag dolling as it was launched at her through the dust devil. “Ruuuuuunnnnnnaaaa!!!” Something ominous was creating a silhouette in the dust from the outside. It held many appendages that swirled around his body, just standing there waiting… Mocking the prime minster after tossing one of her fellow countrymen at her.<E>

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Peaceful….well, it was. But not the moment a dust like cloud swirled about, raising the skirts of the Prime Minister up ever so high to expose her knees, then lower to the ground as out of the dust swirl, came a limb corpse rag dolling and then swung at her from the dust haven created by creatures unknown. “EEEK!” Lorelei shrieked, and fell back, only to just avoid a good slap across the puss by this undead thingy. “Ruuuuuunnnnnnaaaa!!!” the sound howled like a banshee, and Lorelei spun on her heel, as chickens went flying, clucking madly. Even the publican was shocked and coughing up a lungful of dirt. What terrible dread had befallen Twisted wood this day. From out of the dust emerged a silouhette, of a man who stood in a manner that was mocking of the bebilith maid. Appendages flowing all around him, she had to wonder what the devil he was. “That…was not nice.” Lorelei growled, patting her hair in place. “Speak a name or begone from this plane.” <3>

MrObserver: -”That.. Was not nice.” What kind of response was that from the legendary prime minster? It mattered not, now. What she thought was the corpse slipping through her guard and slapping her, was actually a single leathery tendril that followed through with the deceased being. “Nice? What is nice? I was hoping your skirt would fly up more, but I am disappointed in myself for not actually accomplishing more of a show.” The dust devil let up, and before her with six crimson and ebony tendrils, with a body cloaked in complimenting royal attire stood the one responsible for the attack. Ten feet tall, and very slender the thing or person was, with not facial features and skin of ink. The being extended out it’s left hand. Skeletal and chard to a crisp it seemed. “Allow me to help you up, Prime minister…” The color in the being voice was only a facade and masked the ill intent that was powering it. <E>

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – A cheeky bastard, this was what this being was. His words spoken with true bravado, and he mocked her show of leg. “Hmmph” Lorelei exclaimed, not accepting the offered hand from the faceless being. “I am more than capable of getting up on my own…thank you.” She pushed herself up off the ground in a trice, and dusted herself off. “Ladies do not bare flesh to men they do not even know. So you shall get no showing from me.” The din created by the dust demon of sorts, had brought people out of their homes, and stared at the dishevelled Prime Minister, as she tried to compose herself. The being before her, was the stuff nightmares were made of, but truth be known, so was she…when her feathers were ruffled. “Now…if you would excuse me…I was having a peaceful stroll….so take your…wobbly bits, and go play with the street urchins, who would be more entertained by your sense of fun…hmm?” And with that, she tried to walk around the being..”Good day..” <3>

MrObserver: “What if I told you. I’ll take everyone here to the afterlife if you walk away now… “ True, Grave knew all too well this woman was no mere mortal, but something of legends… And he wanted to see how well she would response to his tactics. His words were true however. Behind each onlooker, there was a tendril looming. Either in the midst of the air, protruding from the ground, or wall, it didn’t matter. Grave wanted a fight, and knew he would have to threaten he people to get it… But something else was about to be brought forward from him. “Ah… You have such a beautiful daughters in another time. Would be a shame if.. Something was to happen to her…” His blacked out eyes flashed, and in them, the sights of the two. Charlotte and Taru. Charlotte of course being the barer of the Elevated Salvation Mark that “Grave” had placed upon the small of her back. As the images flashed and then vanished to return to nothingness, Grave roared in anticipation to her reaction. “Alas, I hold so many cards here, it’s no longer a matter of anger, is it? It should be a matter of principle for you. You want to save them all, don’t you?” His blissfully arrogant tone cut out, and was replaced by something much more malevolent. “It’s a paradox you’ve fallen into now, huh? So… Come and strike me… Monster…” <E>

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – The being was not about to let her have her peaceful stroll that day,and the moment she attempted to go about her business, he decided to make his threat and purpose…very clear. if I told you. I’ll take everyone here to the afterlife if you walk away now… “ This did bring Lorelei to a stop, holding herself steady, only just glancing back over her shoulder. “Go on.” Lorelei replied, knowing there was more to this than met the eye. But out of the corner of her eye, she saw for herself, that behind a few of the onlookers, that there were tendrils building up behind them, poised to strike. “Ah… You have such a beautiful daughters in another time. Would be a shame if.. Something was to happen to her…” This had Lorelei’s blood turn cold…completely. ~Daughters?~ Did he speak of the one she lost, or the one…that came from nowhere and vanished on the table. For in this age….her only daughter, Taru was taken from her at birth. In his eyes though, the answers were to be seen. A daughter in each, one of black hair, the other white, but with eyes the colour of coal. Hissing underneath her breath, she turned around, to face this heathen dead on. “You…ssson of a bitch.” But he was not through with his mockery, and continued to threaten her, like a boy poking at a spider with a stick. “Alas, I hold so many cards here, it’s no longer a matter of anger, is it? It should be a matter of principle for you. You want to save them all, don’t you?” It was true, she could not possibly save them all. Horror upon horror, and clearly enraged, she screamed out to the onlookers in the market square; “RUN!” If those that could heard her cry, they would make for the shelter of their dwellings, while the Prime Minister stood, with her chest heaving. Long blood ridden claws becoming exposed from beneath the fine lace sleeves of her gown. “I hate having to rip this.” She spoke of her gown, for she was unable to withhold the demon that lurked beneath the glamour of her form. A dark aura permeated out from her form, as she started her metamorphosis into the large arachnid of Lacardis. <3>

MrObserver: Grave shifted his stance, and smiled. Something that was only given in the rarest of occasion. Of course this revealed a set of teeth unlike any before seen. Not even those of a shark could stand next to this. Polished black obsidian in nature, but they were nothing in comparison of what they kept hidden. “You…ssson of a bitch.” He revelled in her words. To him, it was like a show of endearment. She had finally acknowledge him.. Even if she had only used vulgarity to do so. “I do hate to ruin your fun but, you may want to speed that transformation up….” Distractions, what a wonderful source of conduct he’d displayed to keep her from noticing. “Paradoxical snare…” right at her feet and from an elevated dimension, two crimson and ebony tendrils shot upwards into her skirt in an attempt to wrap around both legs and pull her down into his realm. “I wonder if your skin feels as soft as it looks….” A new tone, still backed by the secondary one keeping its pressure as Grave manipulated his own being and started to truly pass through the walls of fifth dimension into the fourth to face the, Prime minister. “Paradoxical Shift.” Voice upon voice echoed around them as the gate opened for Paradox to shift into his alter body, Grave. Warnings, peals, and cries of millions begging for him to stay and leave Lorelei be. “In my two times, you’re passed away and long gone. But I know you pretty well already. So don’t think I’ll take it easy on you.” Time seemed to shift and slow for a moment as the dimensional transition was complete, allowing waves of energy in the forms of, Sound, Vibration, Light, and Heat to be his signature. The blue and green hues Gamma and X-ray radiation twisting around his body, clad in Noe-Victorain attire, and his thirteen foot self being capped in a two foot top hat, dressed up with the bones of fallen victims. Still, he retained the pitch black skin and expressionless face. His skin and eyes were just the void in which all color spectrum of this world rested in. <E>

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- All he could do at the point of her cursing him, was bare his fangs, and what a set of teeth or should I say fangs, he had. Glistening, a sheer black like ivory that was akin to a shark. He took joy in her words, for he had managed to get under her skin so easily, playing the ace of spades, when it came to those Lorelei truly cared about. The baby she lost. The one that had near driven to madness, in her most desperate search. But he had the gaul to demand she hurry up her transformation, like he had better things to do. The villagers scattered, fleeing into their homes, as the dark aura engulfed the spider maiden. The loud tearing of the fabric of her dress is heard, splitting all the way down, as six enormous spear like legs, in the sheer colour of onyx spirit out, each slamming into the earth, whilst her underside swells up to form the thorax, that is marked with the red flash like enamel, or a racing stripe down her back. Armour like chitinous platting fuse together, to create the outer shell, while her human like legs, are starting to transform, into barb covered front spear legs, each now having the tendrils wrapped around them, as the being tries to snare her feet and legs from another dimension. Lorelei’s face and upper torso also grow at an astonishing rate, with massive pincher like tusks, or mandibles, protruding from her mouth. The number of eyes multiply as her hair recedes back. A hellish spider demon in her true form, she stomps and punctures the earth where the tendrils are trying to take a hold; her arms form into crab like pincers, snapping out at the being before her. A low guttural growl escapes her throat, with sickly green pus like poison oozing from out the corners of her lips. She is a whopping eighteen metres tall in height, now towering over her foe, who may have dressed up for the occasion, but she has no less impressive. The human voice has now left her, and she speaks in her natural tongue. “Hlyholy sa tyys uail tonyl…” (translation: “Prepare to meet your maker…”) Her shadow casts over the being before her, as her toxic blood drips upon the earth below her. <3>

MrObserver: Grave the Black King and Paradox Dreadfinder, the paradoxical fifth dimensional being. A being formed when a single time line was split and formed two. One of peace, one of war. Paradox wasn’t one for complete peace, he was along the alignment of chaotic neutral and loved to shake things up. His ensnarement failed, and she had finished her transformation to grow to the height of atlest sixty feet. “Whelp, you caught me off guard with this but, you know the saying… The taller they are, the harder they fall.” As his words trailed off, the six tendrils straightens out around him off to the sides, spreading equally with six feet between them. Reason being for this, he was going to start gathering the natural energy around them. Either it be the light from the sky, vibrations in the air, and heat too. Even the radiation that gave him his aura started to twist and rushed into them, forming tethers from one to the other. Over time, it would take the look of a spider web. But this was not to be for show. For with in him, he would be gathering it all for a single attack. But it was going to take a bit to charge up for this, so in the mean time he would go on the attack. With his tendrils staying in a solid form as his left foot lead, he dashed forward. “Your greatest strength, is also your biggest weakness, Ma’am.” the ground beneath his foot rippled and send a shock wave of earth rising up in a disrupted semi-circle standing at about eight feet tall and extending outwards ten decreasing in height till it was even with the ground again. Around her first closest left leg he rushed forward, feet touching down and cycling every fifteen feet he covered. “You’re big, I’ll give you that. But How agile are you?” His voice rang around them and the town as he started targeting the monstrous bebiliths joints and the belly of her cephalothorax (where the head/body*In her case, upper body and thorax combine.) “Locked onto the target, commence destruction” He whispered as he took aim with his left burnt looking, skeletal hand. Allowing it to tap into his radioactive nature and grasp it into a small orb that held the equivalent explosive power of an M67 grenade. “Paradoxical radioactive armor buster” Grave Roared as he released the pent up radiation in an attempt to strike the weaker area of the Prime minister’s transformed self to sever or inflict mortal damage. He knew he would have to be aware and avoid her sweeping giant legs, but even though he was closing into to increase the effectiveness, this wasn’t and ensured tactic. <E>

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – The fight was on, as soon as the being used his tendrils to fan out on all sides of him to act like some sort of elemental antenna, to draw in the properties of nature and the air, to fuel him to greater destructive fire power. Mammoth attacks like this take time to prepare, and Lorelei was no fool to his actions. Though a beast in size, she still had an agile mind, and from the first landing of his foot fall to spring off, and the shockwave that came from his foot planting, Lorelei reared up violently, exposing her underside, but at the same time, her overall height increased. A towering giant of an arachnid, legs in the front were lashing out like sharpened barbed spears, each coated with the wax like poison tipped barbs, much like fish hooks to snare her victims. He questioned her agility, and though she was a massive two tonnes, in weight, she still had a fluid ability of movement when the need arose. From within the bulbous confines of her thorax, she was churning hundreds of pounds of the sticky webbing like silk, that had a tensil strength of ten tonnes. Her spinerettes pulsated violently, as she sprayed the air before her with a foul toxic gas as he came in range. But his first attack, was one to hurl a small orb towards her. With crab like claws for hands, she spotted it as it was hurled with her many eyes, as he aimed for a particular weak spot in her armour. Risking her craw like appendage, she attempted to bat it clear from its intended strike point, with the tip of her claw. If she succeeded, it would be hit far enough away, not to damage the nearby structures, if not, she may well lose her claw in battle. It was a sacrifice she was willing to make. <3>

MrObserver: -It wasn’t going to strike it’s originally intended target, but it was going to go off if touched, and it was. As her mighty claw landed against it. With the explosive force of a M67 anti-personnel rocking against it, the radiation that was originally compacted into a orb was released, and in turn. Gamma rays which are known to cause mutations and permanent damage to living tissue was shoot into it. Either her appendage was going to come off or she would have to suffer with it being handicapped. As the blast was taking place, Paradox followed up with his right hand extending out and tapping into his radioactive nature once more to fire it off again at the previous target, but this time he’d even pulled more of the radiation into the orb to double it’s effectiveness. As he released his grasp on it, Paradox roared toward the titan, only to be knocked off balance by one of her gargantuan sweeping legs. The blast being redirected towards an unknown mark on the massive spider. Even as he fell back to catch himself with his left arm, the spread out tendrils remained still and in place. Gather energy for a detesting attack later on. “Guess I’m doing good getting the energy needed, I can feel it growing.” It was true. three of the twelve links had started to form, giving off a bight blue glare as they linked to the others. With a quarter of the charge complete, and Paradox quickly recovering from his fall. It had become evident he didn’t make it out of the way unscathed. Upon his right thigh was a singular deep gash, and from it was a heavy purple fluid oozing out. And to make matters worse, the giant spider was breathing out a toxic gas. With just enough damage to take his concentration away from the illusion he’d created earlier to push the Prime Minister into fight, the one’s that were seen as dead were revealed as spectators of the ongoing conflict between a Paradox and a Bebilith.<E>

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – The explosive force of her crab like pincher striking the grenade like orb, would blow the lower section of her claw clean off, leaving her with a terrible wound, and blood trailing down out of the broken appendage. It was a sacrifice she knew would be at cost, and the loud shriek of agony from the massive arachnid, would be followed by the reverberation off her own throat, as she narrowed all eyes against the being. She drew back the damaged limb, holding it with a tremor, then set her sights on destroying this creature, that had provoked her to fight on purpose. The being had been swept off his feet, by one of her legs, that had managed to get an attack in, unbeknownst to her. At the same time, he had released another attack on her, that he had managed to draw out of the same orb, she had hit away in the pincher strike. Watching now, as he caught himself with his left arm, and struck underneath by the second attack, the spider was now undeterred and did something most unusual. She flipped backwards, showing the face of her spinnerets openings, and then with an almighty grunt, she jettisoned a massive sticky webbing net, to wrap up the being, and with four anchor points, try to lock him down onto the ground, thus giving her enough time, to make yet another attack that would be debilitating, to this unearthly creature. Wounded, she was still a worthy adversary.<3>

MrObserver: He watched as the damaged female spider flipped and showed her ass… Except this time, it wasn’t pretty. With her firing off webbing, he had no choice but to fire off what he had charged, and it was still enough to do a massive amount of damage as it was. As the streams of the high tension silk was fired, Paradox immediately stood his ground, raised both his skeletal hands forward and roared. His back and tendrils flashing bright blue, then red, and then green as the charge was released into his body and redirected outwards through is hands. At only four and a half links, the power pulled from around them all was still going to be a death inspiring if it struck through the webbing and her… If she didn’t dodge or find a way to endure it. “Paradoxical Wave Flash!” Both hand flashed in corresponding manners and from between them, a tiny ball of super dense energy in the form of heat, light, and sound to be concentrated into a single straight line wave. “Taste your own worlds force.” upon this, it was released and would collide with webbing. The wave funneled outwards from its epicenter and took the dimensions of cylindrical blast. Twenty feet tall, eighteen feet wide, with an out put of 1.5 MW (Mega watts) More than enough to power a average energy power consuming house hold for about two months. “DIE!!” <E>

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- The webbing net that was expelled from her spinnerettes, acted as a net would, a full on release, with no residual contact back to the host. Lorelei flipped up, with her thorax now in back and watched as the spectacle of his release of stored up energy, taken from the surrounds of nature, unleashed upon the netting. Lorelei’s eyes widened, as the netting was engulfed, like an inferno that roared brightly in a vast array of colour. The sickening toxic fumes that filled the air, was like a chocking black toxic smoke, and this would make sight difficult for those on either side. But he was not spent with his attack, charging the air with his words; “Taste your own worlds force.” The wave funnelled outward from its epicentre, and the impending force, blew Lorelei back a good twenty feet, where she landed heavily on her thorax. The centre of the blast had an output of 1.5 MW, and enough to destroy much of the inner market area of Twisted Wood. Smouldering and bloody, the Bebilith, who was missing her left crab like claw on the front of her body, lurched upwards, and through the smoke and flame, roared loudly from the otherside of the market. Shaking her head, to clear her senses, from the blast, she quivered violently, as she started to chant in a harsh voice, that was like the very devil himself had enfused with her soul. “Koirwsylz ab Olopwfeo…wyol ty….Koirwsylz ab Fozwo Far…wyol ty…Koirwsylz ab swy Ouxzz….WYOL TY!” (translation : “Daughters of Arachnia…hear me….Daughters of Vasha Vog…hear me…Daughters of the Aybss….HEAR ME!”) The ground underneath the township started to quake and crack, splitting apart, as from the depths of the abyss, from the far reaches of Lacardis, many swarms of spiders and arachnid kin….were on the march. <3>

MrObserver: He was truly in awe. Even with the force of the attacking being so high, he didn’t expect her to be in once peace, let alone talking at all. “Fine…” It was done with, Paradox was finished here and would make it so. “Dimensional Release” He whispered to himself. There wasn’t much time left and he wanted to finish this quickly. He’d caused enough damage here, and it was about to get a lot worse. Beneath his feet, the ground acted like a liquid with high viscosity. Slowly, he sank into it and released his voice outwards from the area. “You truly are the mother of those two… You should be proud, but this ends here.” Something was wrong above him, and it was something he knew was natural to him. For he was of an elevated plain, and held influence over many things. “space” and “matter” being one of them. With space, comes the quality of it being filled, but it’s always there, and it can act on its own accord or be controlled from outside forces if needed. As the tendrils extended outwards once more, he was in his own world, trapped from the lower levels of dimensions. Here, he would begin pulling in the massive amount of energy from his dimension, but he wouldn’t disappoint the transformed and damaged prime minister, no not at all. A full body copy* would suffice as it split out of his being and lurched back up and through the ground where Paradox was originally standing. “So, Madame. Tell me what it’s like being on the receiving end of such an attack for the devil himself.” Mocking, he was. This wasn’t going to be something he’d let up on and the damage to his left thigh was still there. It was going to cost him some mobility, but it wasn’t of great concern to the clone* of Paradox. As Paradox* stepped forward, he extended his right hand mockingly. “Can I assist you in righting yourself?” Back to the original. Paradox was charging, here in his dimension, he could pull upon its natural bounty of vast radiation, and rather quickly too. With the replenished links now back to almost five out of twelve, the visible Paradox* would have to keep her busy and her attentions as so she doesn’t wander off. A ticking time bomb awaits…<E>

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Her will and courage to persist in the face of great adversity would challenge even this being, as from behind the smoking walls of flames, that collapsed upon the earth and scorched it to oblivion. All around the destruction was off the charts, with many a home and business suffering from the blast like attack that the being had launched in the direction of the web net. But in a form of retreat, that Lorelei came to view his vanishing act, by more or less melting from the scene, into the earth, and then have another more or less vaulted out to take his place, the Bebilith was just getting warmed up. For her chant had been heard and heeded far and wide, the chiterous chorus of ten thousand spiders on the march, would be deafening, as the lips of the bebilith curled upward cruely, either side of her mammoth black ivory tusk like mandibles. Staring at the full copy of the latest being to display himself before the Arachnid, she heard him speak, with some aplomb. “So, Madame. Tell me what it’s like being on the receiving end of such an attack for the devil himself.” Ever one to mock the bebilith, she had to wonder, if he truly knew the devil at all. “Swy kyjed qaidk xy tazs ihzys uai izyk wez foty ef joef.” (translation : “The devil would be most upset you used his name in vain.”) Spoken with a raspy like tone, she tilted her head as the ground gave way, splitting in spider vein like crevices, that revealed many a black spider, spiders of all descriptions, that converged on this one town. A marching carpet of arachnids, willing to die for their Mistress of the web. If they were summoned to attack, that was one thing, but as he would take note of them on the ground, the powered beast launched herself forward, a virtual tank, ready to take down this new Paradox, and slam him to the ground in what could be best described as a slam tackle. <3>

MrObserver: She’d vaulted at him and he’d responded with a stern featureless gaze as she struck him to the ground, waves of arachnid carpeting the ground around him as he grin. “Tick tock, tick tock. Nothing like time that isn’t on your clock..” Though she was massive and was more than capable of keeping him pinned down, Paradox* wasn’t so willing to just let this be. Though it was only half of what the original was doing, but he roared as radiation started to ball in his open mouth, being foreclosed by the serrated black glass like teeth. As it started to ball it seemed to just disperse. In the heat of the moment, Paradox* hadn’t noticed his body had been relatively broken and the radiation around it was dispersing outwards. But it was fine, the gamma radiation would play its effects on her tissues, causing dramatic pain and mutation of cells. “Pinned and broke, I can still harm you.” Below, Paradox was still gathering energy at an alarming rate thanks to the nature of the fifth dimension playing into his favours and holding such an ocean of it. Even though he held an almost equal amount within his being, using it could cause massive amounts of self damage. To combat that, he’d came here and was now holding seven links, while the eighth had as started to form. “Tick Tock, Tick Tock. Oh, look at that. There’s time on my clock.” <E>

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – The pain caused by the release of the gamma radiation was eating away int her cells, and this caused one of two things to happen, first off, a wave of stomach acid, rose up and met with the toxic acid that was building in her mouth, together it formed a foul liquid, that jettisoned in a spray from her mouth and towards his head and open mouth. She was truly a weight to have him pinned, but he was broken, and still gathering energy from a source she was unaware. The spiders all converged upon the ground at their feet, and soon the swarm was moving up and across this Paradox being, biting as they went, with many injecting more toxins into him. Whether or not this would have any affect would remain to be seen. Lorelei the giant spider reared up, and then tried to slam down, using her front two spear legs to run him through, while her remaining clawed appendage was raised on high. Howling in great pain…it was turning into a death struggle. <3>

MrObserver: It was over as quickly as it began with the Paradox copy as acid ate away his upper body and cranium. Gruesome as it was, and what pain Paradox shared from it was trivial as the eighth link completed, and he sighed. “This is over….” His voice echoed from the fifth into the world the prime minister would believe she had beaten him in, and he wasn’t bluffing either as he resurfaced before her. “Paradoxical destruction wave…” He roared as both his arms jet forward and took aim. Between his hand an orb formed as his tendrils flashed a multitude of colors in response to the collective of energy being transferred and released into a physical form, that being the orb. His body glowing as all eight link shattered and gave way as they drained into his being. “This time you die…” With a roar, the energy was released with the magnitude of 58 mega watts, more than enough to power a small city for atlest a a few weeks maybe. With the epicenter funneling outwards to a cylindrical radius of two hundred feet. The blast being of a brilliant mix of the color spectrum being its signature as it raced forward. The force of its recoil pushing back against paradox, feet sinking into the ground and tearing at it while he kept being pushed. “Sorry, Charlotte… Taru… I did what I had to do…” <E>

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- This was to be the crushing blow, that erupted from the new body of Paradox, that rose up out of the ground, with the full power of the paradoxical destructive wave within him. He launched a dizzying attack, that sent the bebilith spinning, cartwheeling along the ground and as she did so, the beast spider demon, slowly was changing back, every bounce, it was like parts of her were falling off, and turning into the black mist that had happened from the start. The final roll, and a hole in the ground, made from when the spiders had erupted forth from the abyss was a chasm, that Lorelei simply fell into and vanished from sight. A massive eruption like blast of ash and smoke emitted from beneath, till all was silent. The earth started to seal back up again, as many spiders scattered away from the epicentre and towards homes and dwellings, as the villagers were hiding away in their homes…..At last there was silence….<3>

MrObserver: -Paradox sighed as he strode over to the limb body of Lorelei with a limp caused from the crash of her leg before him ealier in the battle. As he neared her, Paradox kneeled and pulled her into his arms and lifted her as he strode to the nearest house. “You won’t die here, I promise… mom.” With a bark to the ones in the house, they came out and he relinquished her over to them to care for her. As he did, his body faded back to where it came from. but a present had been left…. On her the small of her back… The elevated mark of salavation.—