Spider Arena – Mass Battle Training.



DrakonMacar: It was quiet. Nice and quiet and peaceful. The sun was lazily sifting through the sky, the clouds were wafting by even lazier and hidden away inside the blechers of what more or less appeared to be an emptied out, abandoned arena of old, lay a lone man in dirty but fine silken robes and sashes. He snored rather quietly in a very heavy slumber, oblivious to the world around him. No place to go, nowhere he came from. It was a good day, or so he dreamed. A rolling hill of bread and meat and cheese, bushes that would bare bottles of fine wines and leafy vegetation that bore the tell tale signs of great tea brewing leaves. Then he rolled onto one side and slid between the lowest seat of a bleacher and the ground, wedged in place. Another snore and silence as birds stopped chirpping, hazy clouds dulled out the sun and shaded the ground. Warmed stone would softly chill over time and the arena marked with the symbol of the Spider would be ready for a new bounty of gore.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Spider arena. So famed by the fallen it stands as a testimony to all the greats who had fought beneath the banner of the Spider. Now in this age, those with the will of steel come to face off in what could be touted as a clash of the Titans. As shadows approach and the dust swirls into small twisters, darkened clouds consume the sky and blot out the very sun. No moon shall shine its light upon those that will to break the bones of challengers and swim in the warmth of their opponent’s blood. This day….we find the daughter of one such woman, who lived to challenge the hardest of hearts to battle. Charlotte emerges from the stands, dressed in a black leather ensemble, including knee high fuck me boots, and a long black coat, that drapes along the ground. As she swaggers into view, she starts to sing, in a voice that is dripping in sarcasm and bold as brass balls.  “Hell is gone and heaven’s here, There’s nothing left for you to fear, Shake your arse come over here!! Now scream; I’m a burning effigy of everything I used to be. You’re my rock of empathy….MY DEARS!!!. *She does a winding hip swing and throws her hands out towards the opposition. “So come on….Let meeeeee Entertain you. *drums and electric guitar are heard in the grand stand, as she wiggles her brow.* Let meeeee entertain you!” She dances around and whips the audience into a frenzy, then points her right index finger at her closest opponent and chortles. “Life’s too short for you to die, So grab yourself an alibi, *she laughs loudly and sings* “Heaven knows your mother lied, Mon cher. Separate your right from wrongs, Come and sing a different song. The kettle’s on so don’t be long, Mon Cher.” The Bebilith comes to a stop and adjusts her gloves, tugging on the edges, her powers for this time unseen, for the glamour hides the foulest of creatures…..the biggest spider you will ever see!” <3>

MrObserver: So uncommon it is to see so many powerful individuals grouping together… Was it a fight for supremacy? A mass brawl to see who was the most powerful? Or was it that something was guiding them? Rare as this was, Paradox knew it could only spell disaster and he wasn’t going to let it get to far out of hand. Being of this caliber waiting to collide was that of a national, even a global catastrophic scale. As it sat now, none had ran into one another as of yet, and Paradox hoped they all would reroute themselves before it became so. With a lowly down, he gazed down upon them from the fifth dimension and waited, holding his attentions upon the increasing possibility of the lot bumping heads. “yet another conundrum befalls these times….” <E>

ArchangelUriel89: Uriel had not been too keen on traveling since his days of jumping from differing planes of existence. He found with each new world were the same old people hungering for power and lusting for greed, it had sickened him, but even more so than that was above all else war and unrest raged the land. He had seen death far too much in his current lifetime for his tastes, having felt the warm sticky fluid of life grace his elegant hands far too much than he would care to admit. He had a plan, a goal in mind this time to find a person in need of his help to rekindle his faith in the creatures his father had created. Standing up from his throne deep in the sanctum of the order of the light he prepped his attire to suit the trip and gathered his things. “Aris!!” he shouted as a rather short young looking beautiful girl with strawberry blond hair appeared in front of him as if out of thin air. (Aris) “Yes master Uriel. You called?’’ she spoke with a fair sweet voice that seemed too childlike for someone of her age. “Yes Aris I’m leaving for the physical plane again. I trust you can keep everything in check while I’m away?” (Aris) “Why yes sir of course. Feel free to leave everything to me.” She squeaks. At that moment Uriel knew he couldn’t leave for long. Aris was his subordinate however she had a tendency of letting go. She had been with him for countless centuries and had previously served under him while he was the acting Angel of death prior to obtaining his Archangel status. Uriel thought to himself ~if I leave that and do not return within the proper allotted time I fear she might just kill everyone hmm I shall have to hurry. ~ Smiling and nodding to the rather young female he quickly turned his attention to the sanctum’s balcony overlooking the land of Tallis located in the southern part of the kingdom of heaven. He walked out to the edge of the balcony letting the light of the sun grace his pale white flesh. Leaning over the edge he promptly spoke in celestial “I yrelel anvracwelh ub hiwry uqelc yrel wayell yu yrel hact ub vnelayiuc I pnelavr yrel fahhl ub yril nelahs act valy uoy yrel tanxcelll.” ((translation: I thee archangel of light open the gates to the land of creation I breach the walls of this realm and cast out the darkness.)) As he completed his chant he dove off the side of the tower’s balcony as light engulfed him the world around changed to that of a dense forest far below him. He had appeared in the skies above the old lands where a small arena stood still in contempt. As he fell he opened his wings thrusting them out catching a thermal wave of air slowing his descent. Kicking hard right he dove into a spiral fall heading for the top of the nearest tree approximately five miles from his current location. He arched his back wide feeling the brisk wind lick his face blowing his long black hair from side to side. He reached the trees in mere seconds thrusting out his left hand he felt the leaves as he leveled out his flight to the of the horizon. He laughed. It had been far too long since he stretched his wings.

XxXMasaneXxX: Slides from the ground.Masane glance over at everyone with my blind eyes as Masane horns grow out. Marking flow as Mase put her hand out creating a portal taking out her 25 set swords and hammer after if needed. Kneeling down as she recites a power to the only goddess she adheres by as the daggers rip thru the sky landing at her feet as she put them on her back too. Talking to herself agree with her witchblade if needed as well he will be released. Knowing this form she can use still elemental fighting such as earth and fire. Can use poisons too, Her shoes sliding off as laced with cloth on her feet that a enhancement for kicks. Her armour flows as orbs slide out covering her in mid weigh armour cover to add to her agility and speed. Her clones still i use only 3 times and still can do the lving bomb technique. Marking glow sending her mesage in ehr mind an still change her body to sand. Still Can absorb elemental’s as well poisons for that she recycle them. as well use them for food. Masane smiles an slide into the ground as well abilty. Slides off her gloves as her mouth appear on them as well. Wondering what going to now so many here can feel their chakria as my wave flow on the ground sliding in every direction.

HiEmpSovrinBloodclaw: [Whispers in the air, sounding of billions with very horrid shriek like sounds.] “He comes. The being unknown. The being unbound. The being of light. The being of primal darkness. The being of ascension. The being…the being…the being…the being…” ::The shrill horrid voices echo intensely but yet silent almost. Their wails of warning unheard unless by those who felt the disturbance of great energy within the threads of space and waves of time. Slowly giant cumulo-nimbus (thunder heads/thunder clouds.) form on the distant horizon. They slowly crawl their giant pachyderm-like masses across the greying sky. Their dark, solemn guises being omens for something surreal to come. The ground begins to overflow with a boiling energy as the very air is tense with a static ready to spark a massive collision of power. Soon the clouds halt so suddenly on the very out edges of the arena. The sky goes pitch black. In this blackness, an endless wall of faces forms on the outer edges of the arena and their wailing audible. Their faces with no eyes, just a mouth. Soon two lines of blood flow down from each spot where eyes should be on the faces. And soon one by one two eyes open on each face, the eyes pitch black to no end. In the blackness of the sky between the clouded formations, a red line is seen. Soon a pair of black claws wrench open this line to expose a giant rift of red. The red was made of face similar to that of the wall except with red eyes and white tear lines. From within this sea of red faces a black skull appears and shrieks before a spiralling staircase ascends slowly to the ground below. The final step lays and thuds, its sound resonating through the ground with an audible clash. The skull above spews out a giant ball of ahs wish descends down the stairs at break neck pace. The ball lands causing a 10-foot deep crater upon impact. The stairs turn to ashes which begin to flutter down slowly. The skull receds and the rift closes. The black ball of ash catches fire and dissolves to expose a charred black fetus. The fetus silent as the faces wail louder. The faces turn red as two giant white flames hit the fetus which begins convulse madly as it is sent into a rapid state of growth. Suddenly the fetus has spawned into a tall shadowed creature with red eyes. The being hunched over its arms dangling. Then it stands upright and looks around then down at its red claws. It grins its ivory white teeth as it laughs without moving its mouth. Its laugh like a hiss and the face respond crying out loudly. Suddenly, two more flames of white hit the black being. Its body convulses madly as the faces go even more red. The hissing being of black cries out in rebellion:: [Scorn, Sovrin’s inner evi- also Scorn is the primal darkness which existed before the creation of light and therefore the only darkness which can surely overtake light.] “I am scorn! I am that which existed before all others! I demand the freedom which is my birthwright! I demand the blood of existence to be in ruin-” : Scorn is cut off as his being and shadow skin begin to crack with white lines. Scorn wails as the shadow skin bursts off exposing a pale skinned being with white hair and red eyes. The skin slowly turns tan followed by the hair going blonde. The eyes turn from red to a very dark gold. The ashes raining from the remains of the stairs soon spiral around the naked male as they form a long black trench coat. The trench coat was made of a very high resistant skin from an animal known as Reci, which have high resistance to fire, ice, and acid of any kind. A mask forms around the face with a grim like feature. This mask was known as the mask of ancients. Within it held the knowledge needed to handle the many souls and energy this male being yet unnamed had within him. On his hands, feet and waist form regular articles of light clothe and metal made from Reci. Three blades appear. One on his back and two stuck into the ground. Visperina, the blade on his back, a razor blade sharp enough to cut through metal, long and slender and light. The first grounded blade black as night and a big size in width, called Punisher, its skin grew harder with each blow it landed and caused an explosion of energy of high intensity and heat within1 foot, and each time is caused bloodshed its release of energy reaches to a maximum of five feet. The second and final blade in the ground was known as Noonyx, which had three forms, and was golden blade to being with. Noonyx of gold, takes light energy and turns it into high intensity gravity making whatever it hits heavier or lighter depending on how the user regulates it. Second form Cresnyx, a red blade. Cresnyx targets anything red automatically. Sending waves of knives as sharp as visperina at its opponent. And finally Teslaxyn. This blade imbues anything it touches with light energy making the target an even bigger target. For the next time tealsnyx lands a blow in that locale where the energy is imbued that area tu rns to ashes. Slowly a clawed arm appears on the man’s right arm. A set of spikes grows on his shoulders with shadowed wisps and his skin turns pale again with black markings. Four ethereal beings appear next to the man whom none can see unless endowed with the powers of time and space or use high level light powers.:: [Accus, disciple of the 3rd prophet of Doom Varkas, and user of Shadow Reap: Shadow reap makes light turn into darkness and then back into light. It can cause a space in which lights energy or its rays shine upon be engulfed in eternal shadows and sealed away for an eternity. But such a majik is limited to the amount of time the user has to concentrate such light waves and particles.] “You know Sovrin, your aappearances are rather absurd and gruesome.” [Lazareth, the vault of souls, his very creation is made of billions of souls, each serve as a sacrifice for the raw power in which Sovrin uses in place of Sovrin’s own body. These souls can also be used as shields when produced as a black liquid denser than steel.] “We’s finallies gets to plays yes yes?!?!?” [Azrael, a being who possesses 19 ocular powers and a high regenative quality like none other. However only three eyes can be used in battle. Spirati: Purple eyes. They allow the user to put its soul in an inanimate object and control its body from a distance. 3) Exari: A pale red eye. It allows the user to change its skin between dragon scales, fish scales, and toxic scales. The dragon scales absorb magic and sharp blows but takes a lot of damage from heavy and blunt objects. The fish scales allow the user to absorb water and swim. The toxic scales absorb any poison or toxicity and can poison a target if skin to skin contact. 9) Opuli: Black eyes with grey spirals. These eyes allow the user to absorb the aftermath of energy shockwave, explosions, and divine and/or holy sparks and wrath. This has a limited time and after wards the user takes ¼ the damage as the other ¼ is absorbed the asa crystals in his blood.] “Lazareth…you should get some less destructive hobbies.” [Saint Joan of Arc, a being who’s body is more flexible than natural. Able to contort her body into weird angles. Her finest ability is making a sword grow into a whip like state. Any sword.] “Men. Such pigs.” [Sovrin, the man before you in physical manifestation with all four of these beings powers in him at this present moment. An asagaridan, beings who control light by using a mythic ore called Asa crystals which absorb light and turn it into power and energy for its user and can enhance areas of choice. Also, the asa crystals allow the mimic of powers for a short time by anything they reflect. The asagardians are a race made of high energy, meaning their very power comes out in great bursts but is then quieted for long times. Their body is fragile in pure dark areas but they release more power making them ticking time bombs. In area of light their bodies become harder than anything else known, but their power is suppressed greatly but healing properties enhanced. They risk killing themselves off by using their power of light control and enhancement thereof. Their greatest risk is their inner primal darkness which can engulf them in times of rage and therefore threaten to take their life. The inenr rage of primal darkness is empowered by feelings of hatred and fear. Also their very essence is nothing but destruction.] “You four hush, you bore me. I came here looking to cause trouble ehehehe.” [The four ethereals] “Very well. We shall lend our help.” ::The man now named Sovrin grins as he wields noonyx in one hand and Punisher in the other.:: [Sovrin] “My hobbies are, killing, pain, and seeing your look of utter confusion eheheh.”

AmeNoKumari: From a many dimensions away from the Arena of Old, a rune like portal would open up outside the very grounds of Spider Arena and with the portal opening up, a rush of harsh wind that had a few black raven feathers followed in its quake as more started to rush into the now darkened lands. Within minutes of this untimely appearance of a portal, a dark skinned woman had happened to be ‘thrown’ into this dimension by Forces unknown to her, causing her to roll about until she was at a stop in front of a tower that was made out of white stone, surrounded by feathers that seemed to have stayed behind as air withdrew back outside, causing the doors to close and the rune like portal closed for good, disappearing from all preying eyes. The woman moved to get on all fours, shaking her head as her raven man moved in motion with her head with some feathers even fallen out from her silken strands and the feathers seemed to gather up and move along her arms and legs back up to her back where tears in the clothing seem to be as she painfully forced themselves back under her flesh to attach themselves back to her bare wings and grow brand new feathers. Her feet and legs shifted under her upper torso so she could stand slowly from her recent beating and tumble on the cold stone floor. She continued to stare at the people standing in front of her in a strange circle with pillars circling around the smaller circle below these tall stone structures, small bit of her blood dripped onto the floor from her busted lip, her leather clothing moving and creased as she fixed her posture. The leather of her dress had scraped on the stone floor as her eyes had seemed to darken with the intensity she had felt in the very air around her. She swiftly brushed dirt and rubble from her clothing as she looked back to see if her two katanas stayed in their place in the holsters, a strange looking energy seeping out of the holsters. She soon lifted a small hand to brush hair behind her ear as her exposed dark silver draconic eye observed the area, wondering what kind of place she had been thrown into and her dark red lips puckered up a bit in thought. Her feet started to move as if they had a mind of their own or control to where she was going to learns to become strong and grow in power, charisma, intelligence, and etcetera. The lips of the woman started to curl into a soft smirk as she figured out that she had walked upon a sparring match or a training session if you will. Her gloves that she had worn on her hands had glowed softly, runes showing up on the very fabric that they were made of. The runes are in a draconic language as this Riftwalker had stayed silent upon her very entrance.

BlaineMitchellRaseri: -The sun was blazing over the spider arena beating down on the stones of the arena heating them. Of course the temperature was a hot and humid ninety degree’s with the heat shimmering in the air creating mirages or something similar to them. The air was quiet and tranquil before the stones in front of the steps began to hiss and crack with a growing frequency. The cause was yet to be seen as a runic sphere began to etch itself into the stones until it measured five feet across. Once the Runic sphere had etched itself into the ground the stones would crack and split before tumbling down into the shadowed abyss that was slowly being revealed. After a few moments the entirety of the runic sphere’s circumference had crumbled into the shadowed abyss before a coal Black Hand shot up and slammed into the stones sending spider cracks running another foot from the point of impact. After the first hand had landed a second similar hand would land with the same result before the musculature of the arms strained and flexed. As musculature of the arms strained and flexed a deep resounding growl would emanate from the shadowed abyss while a cowled head rose into sight with only fiery red eyes gazing out from the cowl supplemented by a scarf that wound around the beings neck. The arms of the creature allowed the barrel like chest to rise into sight before two tree trunk like legs slammed into the stones cracking them entirely. With both of the knee’s resting on firm ground the creature would reach back and pull out a weapon looking much like a scythe would except it radiated an endless hunger for blood as it was the will of the creature that had turned the once normal scythe to that of a lethal and potent weapon of hell itself. After the creature had strapped the scythe to its back a single dagger would be seen strapped to the left tree trunk like calf while a pair of tight fitting leather pants covered his legs and a pair of well worn leather combat boots with adamantium toes covered the creature’s feet. The creature was also wearing a tabard around his waist with the royal crest of Shadow’s Gate Hold, the home of the creature. While the creature stood up the fiery red eyes peered about silently before arms crossed revealing a pair of razor sharp spines jutting from the elbows of the creature which was in fact half phoenix half demon. Of course being part phoenix the heat surrounding the males body was a scorching one hundred and fifty degree’s though it was subject to change depending on what happened or the mood of the very male. On the other hand the demonic half of the male allowed him to use the very shadow’s of the arena and others to his nefarious ends. The Male stood at five feet eight inches tall and weighed one hundred and sixty pounds while being strong enough to lift a ton and a half with one hand and three tons if he used both hands. His name was Blaine Mitchell Raseri and he looked to be twenty eight years old in mortal standards but he was truly one hundred and thirty six years old due to his unusual heritage and racial standing as a phoenix and demon. Blaine was of course ready for anything and would fight to the death if needed while being willing to invoke the darker arts such as summoning and necromancy at a whim if he was pressed far enough having mastered the demonic heritage he possessed and was near mastering the phoenix aspect of himself. Blaine would then proceed to stand in the background waiting silently and patiently for someone to instigate a fight or just to mouth off enough to provoke him into throwing the proverbial first punch.-

DrakonMacar: The human snored, abruptly louder this time, oblivious to the deafening rumbles of thunder, the inevitable sounds leading to the calm before the storm. Then the calm after a storm, the the actual calm before the storm, then more storm clouds, then more sun. His dream was losing coherency. A busty wench being teasingly chased by her lover, a child playing happily with her doll, a group of boys playing soldier with sticks for swords and barrel lids for shields. The familiar sound of clanking glasses-interupted by the sound of a meteor crashing into the earth-a crackling camp fire-interupted by gradious thunder-the sound of merry making and a party. ~What an odd day.~ He would muse to himself subconsciously, while slumbering, oblivious to the real worlds reasons and after effects of the booming sounds that interrupted his slumber as he lay tucked away, hidden from sight under the bleachers first seat and step. The curt cacophony just mere meters away from the sleeping monk faded, the true calm before the true storm now began to deafen and smother the area.

CharlotteCarrendar: – And so they gathered, one by one, rolling in from the far off lands beyond the borders of the Lacardis and the Abyss. Why, even in the sky, it was like the gates of heaven were thrown open in celebration and this did so amuse the Spider demoness maiden. “Oh…look up in the sky…it’s a bird…its…a plane…no, it’s a bird..MAN. Can you dig it?” She twirled around, and her good sense of smell picked up the scent of one such chap, who remained for the most part unseen, reeking with that of a good vintage wine. “And…the crowd has attracted the homeless. Nice.” Rubbing her hands together with glee, she did a wee jig, then sighed outwardly. “This place needs more women, not men who doth beat their chests and swing their dicks to show off their greatness….or lack thereof.” And like that, as though her wishes be granted, a dark skinned girl, with an amazing array of armour and weaponry does come out from the thicket, possibly ripped from another time no doubt. “Aha…why have I gathered all here? Cause…it’s easier than hosting a party at home in the web. Bit sticky, you know. Right…hope you got your best foot forward, cause…we got company. “ Charlotte said with defiant smile. Shapely brows arched up, as there was a great thunderstorm approaching, and a man who brought with him a sword in each hand. He spoke with a chuckle, trying to amuse. “My hobbies are, killing, pain, and seeing your look of utter confusion eheheh.” Charlotte rolled her eyes, and replied. “And mine are swinging, man collecting….and oh, I do a good roast on Sundays.” Glancing up behind her, a leather dress clad maiden also came into the fray, with dual katanas slashed to her back. “I like this more and more. Don’t be shy…come down to try your luck with those that have fallen into the web…I mean…ventured into this arena for fun.” Behind Charlotte however, she got a warm feeling to her back, like the very rocks of the arena themselves were superheated and the sun blasted through the clouds. Raising her hand to shield her eyes, she noted a man with fiery eyes, who was holding back from all others. Perhaps he was gauging the competition, which is not as unusual as the match such as this. Charlotte however, knew that there was much power now within the pit, and she started to pace, and taking off her gloves, one finger at a time, tossing them to the dirt floor. Long slick nails started to grow, covered in a fine lacquer of toxic rich blood. “So….who wants to play…kiss the spider, hmm?” <3>

MrObserver: It was obvious Paradox was going to make first hand appearance, and maybe not for the best reasons either. From behind the wall separating the 4th and 5th from one another, he’d felt the corresponding mark he’d left on Charlotte and knew it was now or never. “Paradoxical shift!” Roar the 5th dimensional paradoxical being. As was his right, he started to shift between the two dimensions, materializing in the center of the arena with releases of tremors and waves of blinding lights. The shock waves from the energy shook the entire arena, as the heat from it allowed the placing of his feet to melt into the solid, rock like material. So much for softy today, Paradox was only starting to shift into the arena and wasn’t even done. Just with his appearance came energy in is main basic forms, and that should suffice. But it’s not what he so worried about. It was the radiation that he emitted from his very being, as was his nature for being from a higher level of plain. Carrying over into a lower would release masses of energy in many different forms. Radiation being one, and the basic forms of energy being the other. (Heat, Sound* (Vibrations) and Light.). As his took his place, the blacked out skin of his left little for the imagination. Save the 6 crimson and ebony tendrils whipping around off his back. He wasn’t unarmed, that much was for sure. By it be his very nature and tendrils being his primary defensive set, it was also the ability he held to absorb the radiation itself and release it in concentrated blasts, or waves. With step after step, Paradox paced in anticipation waiting to see Charlotte and the others. But he was going to hurry this up from the start, whipping his tendrils out and allowing them to straighten so there was space for 12 links of energy to form and be stored for the fight ahead. <E>

ArchangelUriel89: Uriel had only just come to this area out of chance but what had seemed as a random occurrence was about to turn into an epic battle. He sighed “This is far from what I had in mind.” looking around he spotted a tree nearby close to the beautiful women singing her jaunty tune and dancing her jig. He smiled. “ Well now your an amusing bunch.” His eyes glowed a brilliant gold as he viewed all the swirling energy throughout the area in its most basic form. He thought to himself ~these beings are impressive I think I shall sit back and watch for now~. The young archangel leaned back against the trunk of the 90ft tree. His halo began to churn faster and faster the highly condensed photon particles colliding with the matter in the air shined hues of gold and blue as his body began to glow. “Oi lovely lady what say you! Want to try to collect me?” Grinning he looked her over as he allowed his senses to take in all that was around him. “You have gathered quite a collection of people here. I’m impressed.” It wasn’t something he cared much for, fighting without cause seemed pointless to him but with this collective of super powered beings it would be gross negligence on his part to walk away. He could tell the alignment of only a few in the area as it seemed the ridiculous amount of energy was inhibiting some of his abilities. He lifted his book from his side and flicked it open to read.

XxXMasaneXxX: Masane smiles stretching a bit as her box of her back glow dripping there liquid finally. Her lips on her hands just speaking at unison to her. *When will we fight, we hungry already.* Masane just nods closing her eye as her marking pulse with the mouth to know time is coming a they be quiet than saying one thing to her. *You better have fun with us*

AmeNoKumari: The Rift walker smirked at the spoken words in the air as she seemed to walk up to the bar in the arena as she leaned against a barrel, watching the other before her as she looked over to see something unknown to her appeared out of nowhere as her luscious lips pulled back into a soft but defensive snarl. Her fist had clenched up as the runes on her gloves started to glow more brightly from before. The dark silver color in her eyes seemed to come alive as it swirls around vigorously in both orbs. Her canine teeth began to elongate but stopped in short since she looked at the woman who had spotted her entering the realm, even though she thought that all of the other creatures had noticed her. She sniffed the air but her action was hidden in shadows but yet it was in plain sight. Her lip covered her teeth in attempt to relax until the spar to start but was not sure who was supposed to move first. Her body had tensed up a bit as she felt immense power from all. She tilted her head in curiosity, wondering what kind of creatures were amongst this Arena, her lip being brought into her mouth as she began to chew on it softly to stomp the curiosity that was rising slowly and threaten her life if it gets in the way.

CharlotteCarrendar: – “Oh…the ripe smell of testosterone in the middle of the…..ooo..*sniffs*…wait just a second. The bird man is a sweet..juicy…and..*sniffs*.. a plump one to pluck…or pucker up too.” She sauntered past Masane, and whispered. “Watch this.” Extending her fingers outward, though arms at her side, a small spray of blood drizzled the ground at her feet, then with her right hand, she formed it into that of a creeping spider, as she muttered an incantation under her breath. “One must…spin a web in order to catch such a pretty birdy.” And as luck would have it, a Goliath bird eater spider dangled down in front of the arch angel, as a pretty robin was flying through the air, and then as it landed on the tree, the spider flicked itself over onto the trunk and went to stalk its prey, much like the spider demoness…who started singing…”Walk this way….Talk this way….she taught me to….WALK THIS WAY!..talk this way…Ha ha ha ha!” In the meantime, the Goliath seized the poor robin, and started to crush it with its mandibles, as Charlotte got closer to her prey. “Reading? Tell me it’s not poetry, cause I can write such wondrous words in my web. You will never want to leave.” A cruel smile was painted upon her lips, daring him to taste her venom. <3>

MrObserver: Eons have seemingly passed for the creation and in turn, have left him hungry for a fight. So long ago it was, that the Spartan Buster had been lost and his allies had for forsaken him. The House of Maure: Nothing but low life vampires and worthless self entitled twats. The Realm or Eternal Darkness: Spartans realm of origins, and home to his back stabbing allies. There was nothing more he’d want than to see it perish but, within it was his creators will and hopes. Something he’s respect… even if it was in the hands of low life’s now. It was one thing to be of a single element, but to have become tethered to so many, was another. Darkness: (This is the translation for it of my character. Inter-dimensional matter that is associated with almost any aspect of space. What you believe is empty, is filled by it and its the matter that supports the weight of the universe. With the creation of X70 being based of this element, came the aspect of slipping/melding with it and using it for inter-dimensional travels. Through it, X70 is capable of charging himself and his Buster sword up before exiting and reentering wherever it is he is heading.) The most useful of his tethers and the foundation of his creation, Spartan X70 could go where ever her pretty much willed on a whim. Where the speed of light wouldn’t suffice, he would just meld with darkness and reemerge where he wanted. It could be from the chest of someone, a tree trunk, the list went on for him. But it was the links he’d from within the darkness that helped him stay at full power. Through the 1000 year war of elemental gods, Spartan X70 had forged many alliances and made many friends after gaining his own will and consciences after breaking away from his creators control. Spartan X70 was an experimental creation, number 1070 out off all the ones the God of Eternal Darkness had created in hopes of combating the assailing armies of the other Gods. Light, Fire, Water, Earth, Time, Space, Destruction and Creation. (Destruction and Creation actual would sit it out, but Spartan X70 gained a connection to them due to his actions during the war, and his endeavours to set things straight.) Through the war, new abilities were gained, thanks to the emptiness of Darkness that filled the emptiness of everything else, it too needs to be filled. And so a new connection was formed with his first new ability and limited connection to the God of Eternal Light’s answer to Spartan X70’s creation being slain in battle and Spartan draining what was left of the beings light energy. (Light: Form of energy that moves so quickly it is both seen and unseen. Used to boost the speed of other energy based attacks and to increase the acceleration of Spartan X70’s movements at certain percentage releases on the streaming of said energies.) As time went on, many others fell and he was granted access to the abilities of the other energies too. ((Fire: The elemental ability to decrease the damage rate from it one activated, and to become shrouded in an intense aura of flame, not harming the user, but leaving a 45% chance the first encounter, a 65% chance the second, and an ending chance of burn or melting of armor, weapons at 97% chance. ((Really based upon opponents willingness. Can’t force it upon them.)) Water: Elemental ability to to extinguish elemental flames from most other elemental, with the exceptions of mixed elemental flames like: Raging Destruction Flames, A combo of both Fire element and Destruction element. Usage of this is limited to the terrain and water can not just be called upon. Earth: The elemental ability to summon forth metals and other minerals from the ground in attempts of blocking, or striking. Even forging temporary weapons that last up to 2 posts defending. And are usually needing repair or replacement after 1 attacking post. Again, this ability is limited and can only be used a few times. Time: Elemental abilities incorporate a quickened reaction time and higher level of sense to 10% higher than what was originally sitting at, but comes with a price. The user can activate at the cost of losing physical strength by 5 or 10 % depending on amount of turns its to be active. Average turn for 5% is 2 and for 10% is 5 turns. Space: elemental abilities range from place to place. With it either being the simple ability to slip into places unseen for 1 turn or up to expanding and enlarging ones self to many stories for 2 turns. It comes at the price of forsaking on elemental ability for 3 turns.. Destruction: The elemental ability is rarely used and as it’s name is, it’s destruction. Depending on if the user is holding its weapon of affinity or not, the users abilities are peaked for 2 turns and all other elemental abilities are left useless for 4 turns. Only exception to this is, if the user mixed and combos it with another element to increase that elemental abilities output or other such things related to it, but still holds a complete elemental cool down of 2
MrObserver: turns. Creation: As the name states, this elemental ability is creation. The user can create a copy of himself and use it as a distraction while prepping for an offensive strike, the user can if past 50% release state, create alter beings of his opponent/s that will fight alongside him till they run out of stability and collapse in on themselves. Cool down is 4 turns if used passed 50% release state. And 2 turns if used under it.
MrObserver: Paradox wasn’t about to endanger the fabric of time and space. He reach was to far, and the implications of fighting here in this dimension was to high. But there was one he could call upon and so, the message was sent out. Dimension after Dimension it traveled. Finally, the it reached it’s target, and the request was honored. Spartan X70 loved a good challenge and it had been so long, he’d forgotten what it meant to fight. Through the darkness of time and space he melded, and into the ring he arose. Spartan X70. The Eternal Creation, clothed in crimson and ebony leather, with his buster sword strapped on his back and leather fur brimmed hood of his jacket hiding his silver skinned face, Spartan reached over his right shoulder, took hold of the Spartan busters hilt, and stood there. The opponents were around, and he could feel them. But he wasn’t concerned. “Well, hello there…. Marked one.” Spartan whispered, allowing Grey smoke to escape the shadow for the hood hiding his face as he addressed the female bebilith. He’d been informed of her, and what importance she was…. But this wasn’t of his affinity to be gentle, but just to get things done. “Stand towards me… Spider..”<E>

XxXMasaneXxX: Masane grins happy as her markings glow disappearing off only to reappearing falling to from the sky, landing on a pillar upside down close her eyes just ready, staying there until time for the fight to begin. Keeping her swords in the box. Keeping her mouth on her just quiet mind.. Sensing the powers within the arena making notes in her Masane

ArchangelUriel89: Archangel Uriel pondered his book as he waited for the right time to strike in doing so he had managed to store quite a bounty of energy within his body. He sighed closing the book as he noticed a grim and unsightly summoning occur before him. “Oh … oh my.” a shudder went up his spine as he watched the blood splatter into the crystalline based floor that made up the rather ornate battle arena. It contorted and flexed in an odd fashion that sent waves of anger boiling up from within him. “ This heathen dare’s to mock me with such distasteful sin. I shall show you the meaning of pain young one.” as the blood had been commanded it brought forth a Goliath bird eating spider which appeared in the very tree in which he stood. “No NO NO NO NO!!! Screw this!!” he condensed the light he had absorbed into his right hand moving as quickly as he could he began prepping another attack in his left. Leaning back slowly he slid off the side of the tree falling with his back to the ground. Pulling his right hand up to his face he blew the superheated energy into the air igniting the condensed oxygen cloud formed by the natural process of his halo separating the matter nearest to him. The fire ball would consume the entire top half of the tree where the spider was located.”I hate spiders!!” he screamed. Rotating in the air using his wings to guide him he kicked hard off the tree and dove down into the thicket dodging the branches as best he could. Upon reaching a safe distance he would burst up out of the forest climbing high into the air well over a mile from the arena.