Role play Live : Group : A Pirate’s Life.

A Siren’s song.


CharlotteCarrendar: -The Captain knew that his beloved needed her rest, the first sign of the stifled yawn, and he held a breath deep in his chest, before releasing it slowly. On showing of her small smile, he did something that he had never done before. As if pulled by tiny strings, the corners of his lips did so move upward. Was this a smile? It was the best he could muster, but was heartwarming to see. A glimpse of the Captain, no one else would ever be privy to see. “Rest…its good.” Yes, rest is good, and by god’s he could use some too. Had he been any worse, he would have gotten into bed beside her, but instead, he simply wandered over to his desk, and sat down in his ornate chair, kicking back up his boots on the oak desk and tipping his hat down over his eyes, he promptly drifted off to sleep. What does a Captain dream about you may ask? I can imagine, it would be a setting, far from Port Royale and the dramas that they had fled, but instead a cove, one that was lush and green, with his darling Rachael, dressed like that of the women in oil paintings, he had seen on many a raid. A bride in white satin, who he would carry off into the dark of night, and be one with….forever. <3>
CharlotteCarrendar: Many of the crew had either fallen asleep in their bunks, or even on the top deck, where the night watchman, a fine strapping lad from the Caribbean with skin the colour of the richest chocolate, continued to steer the ship on its designated course. The Devil’s Mystery creaked and groaned, as any old sea faring lady of the waves would. Its mighty bulk ploughing through the waves at good speed. The Sails were open full and the waves lapped and tumbled in its wake. Fixing the wheel with a rope tie off, the Night watchman decided to go below deck, to get himself a drink before assuming his duty….leaving the wheel…unattended. <3>

Guest_IanWachmann: *Kaui sauntered topside of the ship, passing one of the night crew as he did. The two exchanged a quick “Oi.” then Kaui moved to the top once more and made his way port side to lean against the rail and take in the salt air and sway of the boat, his caramel colored skin seeming darker under the moon’s pale glow he stared to the stars “The gods keep the wake quite tonight, eh?” he whispered to the wind. He then turned aft to go towards the wheelman and watch the ship cut a swath through the midnight blue ocean*

CharlotteCarrendar:- As Rachael snored softly in her bunk, Captain Moon felt the ship lurch slightly, his prized pygmy skull rolled across his desk and smacked into his boot. ~cough..splutter…whezz~ “Confounded…gah..Can’t a man have a bit of shut eye?” Rachael groaned softly and turned over in her cot, as the Captain tipped his hat up slightly with his right index finger. “Oo…sorry luv.” Taking his boots down off his ornate oak writing desk, where they landed on the floor with a dull thud, he groaned as he forced himself up to standing and then cracked his back. Sleeping in the chair, was not exactly kind to his old bones. “Better see what the night watchman be up tah.” The Captain gave the lapel of his coat a quick tug, then headed for the door, opening it with a loud creak from the rusty hinges, again causing Rachael to moan something inaudible, as the Captain left. Up on the top deck, the nightwatchman was returning, only to spot Kaui sauntering along. “You be careful Capn’ don’t be catching ya, lad.” The nightwatchman said with a curt tone, as the Captain stood in behind him. “Like you…eh? What’s this rope ‘ere tied round the damn wheel? It got loose, ya cod fish…now..get this ship..BACK ON COURSE!” <3>

Guest_IanWachmann: *Kaui turned at the sudden noise and tossed his shoulders back* C-Cap’n, ser. I was just coming up to check the wake o’ th’ ship sir *He tossed his hair down, his black bangs hiding his face slightly as his tribal tattoos showed on his lightly muscled forearms and biceps. He turned to the wheel man* Two full turns hard right if we’re making port in Tortuga, the sails aren’t getting full wind *The air and sea whispered to him in an old language that his grandfather spoke, he held his gaze down hoping Moon wasn’t staring at him like he was daft*

T1Legend: If the nightwatchman cared to cast his gaze overboard, he would find an assortment of peculiar flotsam floating daintily in the waves. Petticoats, undergarments, braziers and all manner of frilly things drifted by the vessel in great droves. Amidst this sea of unmentionables was a single watercraft too quaint to be described as a boat. From it, there did arise quite a clamor. “—that is not the point! Never you mind what mother might think, Jen—Jake! I’ll not have you ravaged atop the highseas by a band of ruffians! You never know when one might encounter a pirate ship! “ Their little craft ( Roger was beginning to think of it as the H.M.S Panties) lurched towards the larger vessel in the salty gloom. Roger called out while gamely throwing a handful of feminine articles into the deep. “I say! I say, old man! Do be a good bunch of fellows and assist us getting our luggage aboard! We are British citizens in dire need of emergency assistance!” Jenny/Jake regarded her brother with a mixture of hopelessness and amusement, having spotted the jolly roger long before her brother had begun to chuck her clothing overboard. She did not think that Roger’s pants or tunic were cut for her figure. And her hair!

CharlotteCarrendar:- The Captain sneered at the watchman, who drooped his shoulders the moment he had been caught not attending to his night duties. The Captain pointed sternly at the wheel, with what looked to be smoke coming from his ears. “Lively lad…get on it.” Course, Kaui mentioned that he happened to be passing, and offered advice to the wheel man “Two full turns hard right if we’re making port in Tortuga, the sails aren’t getting full wind” Captain Moon heard this with a mark of surprise, and the Wheel man scratched his bald head, looking quite dumb. “YOU HEARD THE LAD!…TWO FULL BLASTED TURNS!” The wheelsman did as he was ordered, while the Captain angrily adjusted his hat. “Hard to get a good crew that is not filled with babbling baboons.’s well then.” Or was it? For the crew that had been woken by the Captain’s booming voice, heard something coming from out beyond the mist. “I say! I say, old man! Do be a good bunch of fellows and assist us getting our luggage aboard! We are British citizens in dire need of emergency assistance!” Two of the crew leaned over the sides, and saw the undergarments floating in the sea. One raised a call to the Captain. “CAP’N…look at what be floating in the waves?” The Captain nodded to Kaui to follow him down, where all four would peer over the sides, and see the smaller vessel. “British, ya say. Well…you be a long way from Coventry cove, aye? Certainly……we’ll be helpin ya.” He then leaned over to one of the crew and said. “Fetch those bloomers and frillys from the sea. Rachael will be ever thankful, lad.” The Crew lowered a small boat down, to fetch those in need, and their..floating treasure. <3>

aOpheliac: The sea would always be her home, but for now she had to leave it. Her home was as vast of the Pacific and the Atlantic, but it still wasn’t big enough to escape his wrath. This was a bad idea from the start but it had to be done. She was tired of swimming, and simply started to float. They would come for her, soon she would know justice. Snow white hair moved with the ocean waves, as lithe female form floated still in the water letting the ocean currents take her. The waves changed, growing more violent as something massive drew near. Tilting her head back spied as ship drawing near. “Jammy one.” She laughed. “It always works out in the end.” She needed to draw their attention, if she could get on the ship she could survive another night. She shifted, her fins becoming legs, a simple spell gave her the illusion of clothes. Supple lips parted letting out a scream for help, one after another till her throat grew sore.

Guest_IanWachmann: *Kaui turned started at the captain not reprimanding him, his ear ticked slightly as he heard it. Above the din of the captain and the British expats calling for help he heard her cry for help he whirled on the Cap’n* Ser! Lady overboard t’ starboard! *No sooner had these words left his lips then Kaui lept overboard in nothing but white cotten pants, he took a breath before plunging into the ink black water and began to swim towards her as he prayed for the sea to let them both leave with their lives, he grabbed her arm and slid it around his shoulders* Hang on to me, I’ll take you to the boat. *As their skin made contact he felt the water…. shift, it told him something was amiss that his eyes couldn’t see but he quickly shook that away as her safety quickly became his first concern*

T1Legend: “Haha, Coventry Cove indeed!” Roger climbed aboard the small boat the instant it touched water. “I am Sir Roger Moore—that is /Sir/, capital ‘S’; Knighted by the Queen you know—thespian renown!” Roger’s chest swelled with the announcement. He had sandy b(l)ond(e) and cold, blue eyes. And you could tell at a glance that this man preferred his drinks shaken, not stirred. “My companion is Jake—“ He took a quick glance at the lacey wreckage and told a quick lie. Only an actor could think so quickly on his feet, ho-ho-ho! (When Roger said, or thought in this case, the word actor it was always pronounced /actore/) “—traveling panty salesman. We erm, were forced to throw our inventory overboard in order to fend off…..sharks. Frightful terrible beasts, sharks. Funny thing about sharks, did you know that—“ Roger continued to chat up the sailors that had been sent to help them. Meanwhile, Jake hauled luggage into the boat, struggling beneath the bulk. “—Cartilage, you know—JAKE! CAREFUL WITH THAT. MY LOTIONS ARE IN THERE! The salinity in the air is just dreadful for my skin. /Dreadful!/” It was then that an unfortunate accident happened. Roger’s case of lotions didn’t float as well as the panties did, but Jake did not seem too taken with grief.

aOpheliac: By the time the gentleman got her, her scales had just started to flatten into skin, the silver hues of her scales that lined her arms faded away and melted into a pale skin tone. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, resting her head against him. He smelled of human, that strange of musk that seemed to cling to all of them. Dispite that she leaned on him…..a little more then she needed to but. But hey, she needed a rest so why not? It was nice to not have to swim. “Thank the Gods, I’ve been floating for days. I had a piece of wood, but when I woke up its was gone.” She lied. “Wasn’t sure if anyone would hear me over the waves.”

Guest_IanWachmann: *Kaui smiled as she leaned into him and looked over to her* Good thing I heard ya then. *As he neared the ship he looked to the rail and called up* OI LADS! A ROPE WOULD BE LOVELY! *as he shifted her weight so he could tread water easier the ocean whispered across the salt spray to him again “Mer..” the rest was drown out by the girl’s sudden speech, he shook his head to clear the voice and focused on her once more. Shaking his black hair from his eyes and face he looked to her and asked* “How did you end this far out? Were you on a ship?” *he quickly glanced down her body then back “damnable ocean” he thought*

CharlotteCarrendar:- There were many words that one would use to describe Rodger, and for the life of Captain Moon, he simply couldn’t find one to suit, for Rodger had a mouth on him that was faster than a jack rabbit on acid. Rodger’s story had the Captain staring at him in a perplexed fashion, looking set to interject, but then following Rodger’s gesture towards the floating cargo in the choppy seas below. ~Travelling panties salesmen?~ The Captain thought. ~All the way out here?~ Now, any man who knew the sea, knew also that few women ever were allowed on a pirate ship, in particular one such as the Devil’s Mystery; accept for Rachael of course, since many regarded her as having bigger brass balls than the Captain himself. When Rodger mentioned the shark problem, the Captain couldn’t hold back. “Now…I be hearing some tall tales…Rodger, is it? Batting off a shark with an oar…maybe a good poke in the eye, but I would never consider slapping me under clothes at one.” One of the crew piped up and said. “Might die from the smell, Cap’n” The Captain growled angrily under his breath, remembering the pants sail incident. “GET THAT BAGGAGE UP ON THIS DECK, BEFORE I NAIL YOUR FOOT TO THE FLOOR!” The crew man saluted sharply, fearful of being bolted to the deck, and attempted to help Jake bring up the rest of the baggage. All the while, Captain Moon kept an eagle eye on Rodger. There was something about him…and his showman ways. But just as things were being handled on one side of the ship, Kaui was off rescuing…something or someone on the other side. A loud kersplash, and cabin boy Tim was ringing the warning bell. “MAN OVERBOARD!” Hells bells, it was turning into quite a night. A few lads ran over and tossed a rope out to drag him back in.<3>

CortaeDeEssSar: -From the nearest coral reef that flourished nearby a tiny being felt he needed to depart. The golden scaled fish kissed his friends and family goodbye as he ventured into the deep dark ocean. Hours upon hours the little fish swam acoss the deep blue, and the more he swam the bigger the ocean seemed. ‘It was endless’ thought the goldfish with a slight smile across his face. As everything was going well; tragedy soon struck. The fish was then pulled by a current created by a much larger body. It was in fact a boat that the little fish saw though, he had never seen one before. He was suprised and terrified for what was to come as his body moved beyond his control. Waves then kicked him up and out of the water repeatedly, and one of those times a huge body with two legs and two arms had landed on him. Beyond comprehension, the little fish struggled to gain control of himself and the situation, but it was too late for the fish. A rope then would have smacked him up and out of the water, where he would land on the deck of the boat. Finally, after the extreme adventure, the little fish rested.. unmoving.. unbreathing..-

T1Legend: “—So then, I said to him; I SAID to HIM by JOVE, ‘Not in this house, you won’t!’ HAHAHA. Not in this house!” Jake had just finished unloading the last of the suitcases along with the help of a sailor. His hair was very fine and very blonde, so faint of hue that it was almost white. His features were delicate and smooth, though the expression he wore seemed oddly suitable on his face. His lips were pursed together in a thin frown and his brow was creased. Looking at Roger with narrowed eyes, Jake spoke in a voice in a prepubescent voice that had yet to deepen. “Roger. Shut up.” Slender, uncalloused fingers curled into a fist. Jake belted Roger in the kisser hard enough to draw blood and cause his vision to flash white. Roger clutched his mouth with both hands, bemoaning the injury to his beautiful face. Likely he would cry over the injury for days. Jake felt it was a small price to pay.

T1Legend: Roger recovered more quickly than his sister gave him credit. As long as there were people present to whom he could display his ass (metaphorically speaking) he was a happy fucking camper. “You lot! To my quarters with these, if you please! Do see that you arrange for a window view, yes? A balcony would be nice, but I suppose I could live without. But not too far from the privy! Or the kitchen! I have a condition that—“ Jake had begun to place a healthy amount of distance between himself and his brother. Jake had a condition too—he was allergic to walking the plank. He wandered over to the railing and propped his elbows up on the edge, blowing a tuft of hair out his eyes as the men worked at stuffing her delicates in fishnets. Jake’s complexion appeared decidedly rosey. Meanwhile: “ I cannot believe this travesty! I must moisturize /regularly/. Do you think God parts the heavens and says ‘Here, have perfect skin?’ WELL I CAN ASSURE YOU THAT HE DOES NOT, SIR. IT REQUIRES BRITISH PERSERVERIENCE AND—” Jake huffed from his perch. “Will somebody please throw him overboard, already? Please?”

aOpheliac: Mortal females truly did have it easy. Honestly this old trick worked every time, she didn’t even have to sing. The mermaid nodded at his question, little did the human know was actually writing her lie for her at this point. She simply went with his ship idea and filled in the blanks. “We were attacked.” She lied, throwing a story together in her head. “My head feels fuzzy. Just remember the end.” She kept her voice soft and small, the same tone she would use to sing her song in. “Floating in the water, and flames in the distance.” She shrugged as the rope slapped against the water. Her small hands griped it as she started pull herself up. Her sudden façade of fatigue vanished; she had no use for it anymore she was on the ship. She pulled herself onto the deck and looked back over the side of the ship at her savior.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rodger…would not shut up. Like he was at a wealthy men’s club in London, he prattled on with a nasally air, that did nothing for the Captain’s mood. Definitely not pirate material. Thoughts abound of what exactly to do with this pair, but as luck would have it, the younger lad, had a good right hook. After telling Rodger to shut the hell up, he struck him so hard with a blow, that it had all the crew cheer. ~WHACK!~ Boy, did that give Jake some brownie points. The Captain roared with laughter, to see the blood trickle from between Rodger’s fingers. “AHAHAHA…AHAHAHAHA…Good lad. Nothing like a bit of senseless violence to get the crew happy, right lads?!” The crew cheered again, and the Captain slapped Jake hard across the back, in a sign of friendship. “You lad, got a good arm. Could use someone like you on my crew.” –he leaned towards Jake and said in a hushed tone, loud enough for Rodger to hear. “Hope ya broke his jaw…and he be a bit quieter. Was ready to stuff some frillies in his gob.” The Captain would smile broadly at Rodger and then snap his fingers, as a crewman brought him a jug of rum. “Here…this cures all. Drink that…and you won’t be feeling a thing…or your legs, Son.”

Guest_IanWachmann: *Kaui stared up at the girl, and the ease with which she scaled the rope, as he pondered whether she had ever climbed rigging before he felt a brush against his ribs and looked down and smiled, a small clown fish brushed next to him, in shock from the rope slapping the water no doubt he scooped it into his hand and whispered in his grandfathers tongue “I will guard you, little friend.” *he then wrapped his arm around the rope and hauled himself topside(with some trouble) as he rolled onto the deck he glanced up to see the Her on deck as his eyes swept across her legs the breeze finally spoke its message “Mermaid.” Kaui gasped at the realization then searched the deck then glanced down to his small friend now flapping in a small bit of water in his palm “Oi! Any ‘a you lot have a empty bottle rollin’ about?”

T1Legend: Jake tumbled forward and rocked on his heels with the captain’s backslap. “He seems to be under the impression that this is a cruise ship of some sort”, Jake confided in an equally hushed tone. Roger had since made a beeline for the pair, aiming to have a word with the Captain about a little thing called cleanliness. Fortunately for him, his line of thought was broken by a jug being thrust into his hands. He viewed it suspiciously, and after a sniff turned his nose up at it. Literally. He gave it the old try, however, and was soon dry-heaving over the railing. “Oh, give me that, you sissy.” Jake needed it worse than Roger did at this point, anyway. He snatched the jug from his brother and took a massive draught. Booze ran down the corner of his mouth. This was followed by a massive belch. Being a man wasn’t turning out to be half-bad! Hic!

aOpheliac: This was always the worst part. Walking. Standing was easy- though she was a tad wobbly-, but even the smallest of movements was a challenge. She could fall while simply turning around. So she stood still. Looking down at both the gent who /saved/ her and the little fish flopping in his hand. She didn’t pay mind to gasping, and simply attributed it his lack of gills….perhaps he was simply tired form the climb. The thought was gone from her mind before she could really give it any thought. “My, my just saving everyone today, huh?”

CharlotteCarrendar: – The two Brits took to sharing the jug of rum, till there wasn’t any left. The Captain watched with a bemused expression, as Jake had the plum coloured liquid running down the corners of his lips. “Easy there lad.” Course, he let out a tremendous belch, and this had the crew in stitches. “What you know, me hearties….these fellows know how to knock back a rum. “ The Captain placed his hands squarely upon his hips and then noted that Kaui had come back from his drop in the drink. “Now…what you be doing diving off me boat into Davey Jones locker, eh?” But what he brought up with him, had the Captain see red. “Oh…no. Not another bloody woman.” The crew heard the word woman, and all turned from the drinking competition, to spy on the shapely lovely. The crew wolf whistled and guffawed, some even got bulges in odd places. The Captain thundered across the deck and gave her a right look up and down. “Hmmph. Throw her back.” And then marched towards his cabin, without care. <3>

T1Legend: The captain was right about the drink’s potency. Jake couldn’t feel his legs. Or his face. He stood there, swaying pleasantly while Roger slumped to the deck in a twisted sprawl, clutching his throat. “ Poisoned!” /Gasp/ “I’ve been…poisoned. Ooo…..Items we need to discush…Heeey. Pretty lady. ” One hand reached forward pawing at the soon-to-be-overboard woman’s ankle. Jake steadied himself with both hands, having yet to find sea legs and being intoxicated to boot. [Roger] “Shall I, er..hic! Compare thee to a summer’sh day? Hic? Thou art…more beautiful—no more lovely! And more temperate—hey, what do you mean throw’er back?!”

Guest_IanWachmann: *Upon hearing the captain’s words Kaui whirled, dropping the jug as he did so. He sauntered over to the captain his shoulders back and fist clenched* “Captain Moon! She stays with me, ser!” *he quickly glanced down to find Roger crawling around the deck he bent and tried scooping him up, clenching a bit too hard on the tops of his shoulders “You. Up.”

aOpheliac: Sunset hues grew wide of the man spoke. He knew? She had changed and made sure that didn’t see….perhaps her story wasn’t good enough? Next time she would use the song. What ever remnants of her damsel in distress façade melted away, as her true self came into light. “I’ll explain it all…maybe even sing you a song.” She tried to ignore the men that stared at her, but after the –one she assumed was the captain spoke her tolerance wore then. In her mind she took count of all the men she would eating on her stay of this cursed ship. The one that whistled, the lewd ones with sudden afflictions in their loins, and the of course the captain. She would sing him a sweet song, the last song he would ever hear. /Throw her back/ she scoffed folding her arms as the words ran though her mind. a hand on her ankle, she shrieked before pulling her ankle away. Which caused her to stumble and fall flat on her face. Picking herself up she managed to get to knees. She wouldn’t be getting to her feet again. Such a manoeuvre was beyond her ability at this point. She turned at the one that caused her fall. She added that one to the list of things she would eat.

T1Legend: Kuai really shouldn’t have jostled Roger in such a manner. It came all at once—a hot streaming jet of brown, plum tinted chunks and soapy green liquid. It smelled foul, possessing the aroma of an unkept outhouse in July. Indeed, it would have been more feasible for the substance to have escaped his other end. Little white sods bubbled and fizzed away in the green goo, having a consistency not unlike that of chicken broth.

CharlotteCarrendar:- It was a comedy, or at least it should well have been. The brits could not hold their rum, and as Rodger splayed out on the deck and cried out for the busty maiden, the hero of the hour; Kaui was most displeased at the very notion of tossing the broad over the sides. The crew were in fits of laughter at Rodger’s display, while also waiting for the wraith of the Captain, when Kaui took him head on. “Captain Moon! She stays with me, ser!” This had the Captain stop dead in his tracks. You could see the rise and fall of his shoulders. The bristling of his beard and the grinding of teeth was loud enough to have cabin boy Tim, duck behind a barrel in fear. “You addressing me…the Captain in that fashion, lad? Just cause you were the big hero, diving into the seas to save some aquatic tart who swam in from god knows where….and you are going to have her bunk with you? When the whole crew be wanting a bit? HMM? Ever occur to you that women are a curse to any sea going vessel. *He then pointed at her directly*…She smells FISHY!” As the Captain took a step forward, he nearly tripped over Rodger’s outstretched hand. “WILL SOMONE PICK UP THIS DRUNKEN SOD…OR I BE CHARGIN’ A FEW TO WALK THE PLANK!’ Righting himself, he scowled at Kaui and then shouted. “SHE BE OFF AT THE NEXT PORT…A’RIGHT LAD?” It was deal or no deal. <3>