Role play Live : Group : Ladies Night.

A Grey Kitten, Leather and a whole lot of Feathers.



KalypsoGrey: It was a long night, the files and threads for Carrendar had been looked over and the meeting hall was re dusted and polished to perfection. Kali let out a small sigh of relief before leaning against the outside of her house’s door. “I wonder if Kristian’s home?” With a small turn of her body, she faced the door, grasped the handle and turned. *click* The door opened. It wasn’t like Kristian to not lock the doors to their home, she had to wonder what his reasoning behind it was. Her steps steadied as she entered their home with caution, her eyes glistening in the small incense lamp that hung above the tables. And then it hit her, her sea green eyes fell upon the small letter placed upon the center table. She stepped forward, turned her back slightly to shut the door and then continued walking towards the letter. }c{

KalypsoGrey: ~He was always so formal in his letters~ ” Detective Clark will be visiting your office today at 3 pm to take your statement. I have insisted that he should come to you, as I don’t want you going anywhere. -X- Kristian Grey, Your over protective Husband. Kali sighed and shook her head at the note, folded it in two and placed it back on the table. Her eyes scanned the room and she couldn’t help but wonder what her husband was talking about, and then it hit her. It must have been the incident at the office. Why couldn’t he just let it go? She sat herself on the couch of their home and slowly inhaled, trying to calm her heart rate as it picked up with each passing second. “I need to get things ready.” Without a second thought she rose from her place on the couch and rushed into the kitchen, opening different cupboards and swinging the fridge open on the way. “I wonder if any of them will even eat?” She giggled to herself and shook her head before gathering the assortment of chips and dip and making her way back to the living room area. Placing the food on the table she smiled to herself and brushed her hands through her hair, curling a strand behind her ear as she grasped her phone and rapidly sent out the group text. “Ladies Night, Kristian’s and My place, he’s out of town. It’s our time to have some fun. ;) xoxo – Grey.” *Send* With a small cling on her phone she smiled and sent the needed directions followed by a picture of her outfit. Hoping to get the three girls riled into a good enough mood. }e{

CharlotteCarrendar:- Downtown at the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Simone was atop a massive banana covered float, doing what she was paid to do, dance like she was one of the exotic dancers from Rio. Awash with bright blue feathers, and more sparkle than Tiffany’s, she wowed the crowd with her elaborate dance moves. Bare foot, and diamantes well placed across her voluptuous body, which smelt highly of coconut tanning oil, she grinned showing off dazzling pearly whites, while the loin cloth covered boys from the local YMCA, were whipping the crowd of thousands into a frenzy. Drumming and pipe bands, along with the tweets of whistles filled the air, till suddenly, Simone’s cell phone vibrated in a very unusual place. “Ooo fuck.” Simone kept dancing as she whipped out her hello kitty cell phone and saw the message. “Ladies Night, Kristian’s and My place, he’s out of town. It’s our time to have some fun. ;) xoxo – Grey.” Keeping up the beat, and still gyrating, she texted back. “Be there soon, kitty…once I finish riding this big banana…” She whipped her finger across the cell phone, then continued to dance up a storm, as the parade reached its earth shattering climax, with the mass concert in the central park. <3>

AmeNoKumari: Ame who was at a stop light in her 1969 Dodge Charger Hemi, waiting to go to her home in the middle of the woods as she looked to her phone that had rung the ring tone of a lightsaber turning on as she looked straight on the road as the light turned green. She pushed her foot down on the gas pedal while her left foot pressed down on the clutch pedal as she shifts from neutral to first gear, lifting her foot from the clutch pedal as the car starts too move forward. Her left foot pressed down on the clutch pedal again to only shift to second gear. As she heads down the road a little ways to only pull over into an empty parking lot then her leaned forward as her car idled , grabbing her phone as she unlocked it and checked the unread message “Ladies Night, Kristian’s and My place, he’s out of town. It’s our time to have some fun. ;) xoxo – Grey.” She chuckled as she hit reply on her phone and started to text, “Sounds like a fantastic plan. I will be on my way! XOXOXOXOX ~Ame ” she pressed send, making the homescreen appear on her phone then locked it. She shifted the gears once again and pulled out of the parking lot and started to head to Kalypso’s home, smirking to herself that there was gonna be a Ladies Night at her house as she was in dire need to party and have some fun.

KalypsoGrey: It was already 9:45, it seemed like hours had passed since she sent the text messages out to the girls. “Why do I feel like I am missing something?” Her thoughts wandered as she ran her hands through her hair.”I knew it!” Kali scrambled from her place on the couch, ran up the stairs, jumped over the couch and leaped onto her bed while grabbing her iPod and dock. “Nothing says a party without a little music.” She giggled to herself and made her way back the way she came, waltzing down the stairs as if she was making a grand entrance. It wasn’t until she reached the bottom of the stairs did her iPhone start going off. *Cling* *Cling* 2 Text messages. “Be there soon, kitty…once I finish riding this big banana…” Oh dear lord, what was this woman up to this time, her eyes had to scan over it twice before she shrugged and slid over to the next message. “Sounds like a fantastic plan. I will be on my way! XOXOXOXOX ~Ame ” Kali couldn’t help but smile and reply back to the two. “Can’t wait to see you both ❤ – Grey” }c{

CharlotteCarrendar:- The big banana float finally pulled over in its space at the park, as the revellers converged on the grass covered slopes that led to the grand stage, where none other than Ru Paul was introducing the first act in the line up. One of the loin cloth covered boys assisted Simone down from her perch on the massive float and she landed with a spray of long blue feathers smacking a policeman, almost having him vanish in behind her. “Oh..sorry officer.” She chuckled, grabbing her clutch purse off the truck driver under the bananas, and tried to make her way through the crush of rainbow covered party goers. Fireworks were being set off into the sky and it was a night of frivolity, fun and much sex. Simone finally reached her small Mitsubishi hatchback, and struggled to find her keys in her clutch, then opened the door, and attempted to get in behind the wheel, feathers, sequins and all. Considering the car was bright fushia, with the mix of blue interior lighting, it made a funny sight, as she sped off for Grey’s apartment, and the girly night in. She stopped at the local bottlo , and grabbed a box of champers, intending to get completely smashed, by the midnight hour. Finding a park, she managed to climb out of her diminutive car, and snatch up the box of bubbly, eagerly making her way towards the entrance, where she had to use her nose, to announce herself on the intercom. “GOT BUBBLES, WILL PARTY!” Simone cried, readjusting her hold of the box of plonk, and waiting for someone to let her in. <3>

LadyBelz: Seattle. The Emerald City. One would think nothing much happened in a place such as this. But they would assume wrong, of course. The locals highly enjoyed the annual Mardi Gras parade and the festivities following. But for one Pandora LaRue, she hated everything to do with Mardi Gras. Namely the drunk shitheads that frequented the bar where she was currently employed. /The Poisoned Tongue./ Honestly, who comes up with these stupid names for seedy dive bars? If she didn’t need the money so badly, she would have told the owner to go fuck himself in a hundred creative ways, the pervert. If she wasn’t constantly dodging his ass-grabby hands, she was having to practically pry off with a crowbar the hands of the drunk patrons, some married, some not, who thought her tits and ass were the greatest things since Wonderbread was invented…Okay, she wasn’t arguing that point, but it was the principal of “personal space” that pissed her off. And finally, her shift was over and the next poor waitress stepped into the line to get leered at and pawed over like a naked bimbo at Hooters on barbecue wings and beer night. Bidding the fuckers a well-deserved ‘good night’, she grabbed up her keys and leather jacket and escaped out the kitchen door to the back alley where she’d parked her bike: a mint condition 1998 MV Agusta F4CC. Sliding one leather-clad leg over the seat, she slipped her black leather jacket over her shoulders before inserting the key into the ignition. 174 kilowats of horsepower rumbled between her thighs like an experienced lover and she smirked with glee. Revving the engine, scaring a few stray cats from their meals in garbage cans, she roared out of the alley at top speed, hair flying in the wind left in her wake like black water, causing a few oncoming cars to skid out of the way. Horns honked and tires screeched as she headed into traffic. It made her laugh. Twenty minutes later, she was pulling up in front of her apartment building. Shaking her keys from hand to hand, she headed inside, stopping at the mailbox in the lobby to see if she had anything worth looking at. A couple of bills, the newest motorcycle magazine, a letter from her mother (which she promptly shredded and tossed in the incinerator) and one of those Publisher’s Clearing House “You may be a winner!” notices (which she also tossed out). As she headed for the stairs, Louis Finkleman, the pimply-faced comic book nerd in 1A poked his head out of his door and smiled when he saw her. She glared at him. At least once a day, he tried to get her to go out on a date with him, and once a day, she turned him down flat. She put up a hand to stop him from speaking. “Louis, I’ve had a long day at work. I’m dirty, sweaty, tired and hungry. I’m craving a shower, food and my own bed in that order. Leave me the hell alone.” And she turned on one booted heel and headed for the elevator. Pressing the button for the 7th floor, she leaned against the back wall of the elevator, eyes closed and hummed along to the music being piped in through the speakers over her head. It seemed like moments when she finally arrived to her floor. She stepped out of the elevator and made for her apartment, 7D.

AmeNoKumari: Ame would reach her place in about as soon as she got the text, she pulled her car into the visitor parking as she pulled into the one that was covered by most shade and she turned off the engine of her muscle car. She rolled up her wndows and locked the passanger side door then opened the driver side of the door, slipping out from her seat as her finger pressed down the lock and took her keys out of the engine turner. She placed her keys in her pocket as she shut the door and walked to the trunk to only open it and taken out a tarp that was black at the night to blend in. She pulled it over of her car and she walked to the front of the building, walking to the front of the building to only see Simone waiting to be buzzed in as she walked to her and waved in the process before speaking, “Hey Simone!” she giggled and stood next to her as Ame wore a belt like strap for a top, short shorts that nearly shown her round ass as she had three belt like garters on two on her left leg and one on her right as her boots were knee high. Her succubus tattoos could be seen as they were on both her arms, her chest and stomach while a large succubus was on her back.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Struggling with the large box of champers, Simone was enraptured to hear the sound of Ame’s voice coming up behind her, calling out her name; “Hey Simone!” Thank heavens, since Grey had not answered the intercom yet. “My nose can only do so much. I tried buzzing Kitten, but either she is on the loo, or crushing ice.” Seeing what Ame had on, Simone gave her the full once over. “Well you’re going to be easy to unwrap, Suga.” Noting the belt that was normally around her waist, was barely covering her nips. “You tease you.” The entrance door beeped and Simone spun around, in a flurry of feathers, and pushed the door in using her sizeable rump. Getting into the foyer was one thing, and thankfully, another reveller from the Parade had also come back at the same time, and was racing home to pick up his packet of condoms for a big date. He kindly entered the lift and held it open for the pair, and the lift shot up to the seventh floor, letting both out, where Simone happened to spy Pandora about to put her key in the lock of the apartment 7D. “Oi…bitch!” Simone teased, calling out her pet name for the leather clad beauty. “I ain’t going to be drinking this lot by myself. Kitten’s having a few over for a girl’s night in. You join us and I may well treat you to one of my sensual lap dances.” The door to Kitten’s apartment was open and Simone wiggled a brow, as she sauntered in, blue feather spray and all. The last words you hear from Simone was. “IF YOU MAKE ME SIT THROUGH A READING OF FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, I WILL FUCKING GUT YOU, KITTEN!” The sound of the box of champers being dropped on the dining table is heard, followed by an audible popping sound. <3>

LadyBelz: “Oi…bitch!” Simone teased, calling out her pet name for the leather clad beauty. “I ain’t going to be drinking this lot by myself. Kitten’s having a few over for a girl’s night in. You join us and I may well treat you to one of my sensual lap dances.” Pandora glanced up, keys hanging in the lock on her door. “Fuck you, too, Simone. Give me a few minutes and I’ll be around.” She couldn’t help but chuckle at Simone’s outfit. It reminded her of Sandra Bullock in “Miss Congeniality 2”, feathers and all. She watched Simone struggle through the door of 7C, shouting out to all and sundry; “IF YOU MAKE ME SIT THROUGH A READING OF FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, I WILL FUCKING GUT YOU, KITTEN!” followed what sounded like a box hitting the floor. Pandora couldn’t help but call out after her in agreement. “FIFTY SHADES OF GREY MY ASS! IF I SEE THAT BOOK WITHIN 5 FEET OF ME, I’M BURNING IT!” Pandora got her door open and headed inside, flicking on a lamp or two before heading into her bedroom. Girl’s Night required something special to wear, especially if they were going to be getting hammered and eating all kinds of food until they puked their brains out. She rubbed her hands with glee. Finally something to look forward to that didn’t involve drunk assholes getting into dick-waving contests about who’d try and get into her thong first.

AmeNoKumari: She would follow Simone as she smirked, hoping this night would be fun and entertaining as her hands brushed her hair back to cool off the now uncovered area of her shoulders before replying to what Simone had said to her about her clothing “Well if we plan on getting shit-faced tonight, might as well barely wear anything so it would be easier to get me naked or maybe even do a strip tease for the girls” She whispered softly into Simone’s ear to prevent the man from hearing who was near them in the lift. Once the lift had reached the 7th floor, she followed Simone, watching the blue feathery mess blur in her face as she looked back to see Pandora and waved before disappearing after Simone and started to take out the alcohol and set up glasses for drinks.