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Killer Queen.


CharlotteCarrendar:- Beings draped in long black robes whose shadows stretch on forward from the rise just beyond the gates to the ancient palace of the Lightfire Dominions. There are four beings all told, three are bebilith; the children of Lore, while the other is a human, their ever present and faithful Baldrick Fitzgibbon. Izu, folds his arms beneath his cloak, and with his face shrouded from the light by his hood, he coughs and asks with a dry tone. “I heard they have wild orgies here. Not that keen on taking my sisters into such a den of depravity.” Taru blinks and glances over her shoulder, her fine white eyebrows arch and she murmurs. “Never stopped you taking us out to Kareoke on fifth and Main in Lorewall.” Charlotte smacked her sister’s arm, and then pointed forward with her right hand, gesturing for the gate. “Do either of you see a flashing red neon sign with the words “Girls Girls Girls” emblazoned?” Both Izu and Taru looked closer to the castle gates and then shook their heads. “No..” they said in unison, while Baldrick brought up the rear. “This is supposed to be a diplomatic mission, or am I going to have to send two of you back?” Charlotte wasn’t waiting any longer, and marched on further, her black cloak billowing behind her, while the others hurried to catch her up. All four made their way to the front gates, where guards may well be stationed. <3>

LilithValeFluer: Midnight having mourned her daughters death inhaled the scents that gathered in her council room, her mind raced frantically as she reached towards the ceiling trying to remove her Dominions banners from the stone columns. “Who in there right mind wou–” And then it happened, the banner unhooked and so did she. Tumbling off the wall and falling down towards the center of the meeting table, she let out a loud yelp in unison of the crash and instantly Sebastian rushed over to help. His movements unmatched by most as he speedily made her way by her side. (Bassy) “I told you to be more careful Miss… I feared this would happen and now look at you.” His hand extended towards her and she took it, only giving him a small glare before he hoisted her into his arms and placed her down. (Midnight) “And I do believe I told you, I could take care of it myself, but I see your point…. Please take the rest of these banners down, I don’t want to look at them. My time as empress is running a clear course down the hill.” And it was then it happened, as if he knew her every movement Sebastian turned his gaze to his empress and smirked wickedly. His body grasped with a mind of its own as he made his way towards the doors. (Bassy) “It seems we have company Miss, Shall I show them in?” His gaze never faltered from his empress considering his movements continued. If someone were watching him, they’d think him a loon. Walking backwards, with such grace and elegance. Midnight simply waved her hand and instantly his body turned, his hands coming to the doors as he pushed them open, his black hair billowing in the wind as his contact viewed the guests at the gates. “It is late out.” He called into the darkness. “I do hope you tread carefully on nights such as this….” His voice was deep and serious, showing no sense of emotion he smirked and waved his hands in the direction of the gate. Head towards the floor as he awaited their initial arrival. }e{

CharlotteCarrendar:- The doors opened to reveal the sight of a servant of the realm with his head bowed and speaking in a deep and serious tone. As he spoke, all four removed their hoods, so that they may be seen clearly in the light of the many candles that lit the entrance. “It is late out.” Truth to his words, were met with a polite response from Baldrick. “Indeed, and most dangerous for many travellers to trek across this land. However, we come with purpose. Might I and my charges enter your domain, and speak with that who is in authority?’ Charlotte with hair the colour of night was in the lead, while Taru with winter white locks, and Izu with a silvery grey do, swept back into a tight ponytail, waited to be given permission. “We represent the Nemauens, and seek an alliance between our two sovereign nations.” <3>

LilithValeFluer: (Middy) “Sebastian, where the hell are you?” Midnight called out in the dead of night. Her eyes scanned the area of her beloved council and her eyes twitched in irritation waiting for her servant. (Bassy) “Ahh, but fear not… there is nothing to wor…” The calls of his empress split through the walls and through the open air, a sudden sonicboom following thereafter. “Forgive me for that, my Empress is going through a rather awkward transition.” Sebastion smiled wide wth closed mouth and eyed the lot before him. His eyes falling to the man whom spoke before him in regards of entering. “Yes, do feel free to enter, but might I warn you once more, she is going through transition and may be disturbed by the presence of others.” Midnight heaved her chest inward before moving counterclockwise around the table, her patience growing thin as the seconds passed made her eyes glow in the ambiance of the room. (Midnight) “If that lousy servant doesn’t get here I swear I will…” Her thoughts crashed as her ears picked up, or rather tried to. Voices could be heard. Sebastian was right, there was company, but whom would travel so late, and for what reasons? She pushed it out of her mind and called once more, her mind running a course of business and caution as her image stood ground. “Sebastian…?” It was then he heard his name, turned towards the doors of the council and then looked towards the guests. (Bassy) “Please, do come in…” }e{

CharlotteCarrendar: Entering altogether, Charlotte again took the lead, while her older siblings, took in the sights and the charming tapestries that lined the stone walls. Baldrick was carrying the scrolls and legal stamps, as well as a rolled banner of their family crest. Charlotte was the first to see the Empress and approached her with a graceful air. Slowly tugging on the fingers of her black gloves she removed them and tucked them into her belt. “Sebastian…is showing us in. So, you are the Monarch of these fair lands. Forgive our trespass, but Baldrick thought it was we should be introduced.” Izu, who was the eldest of the Carrendar line, came up to stand alongside Charlotte and admired the beauty of the Empress. “Do tell me this is not an angel’s landing, and that she is not one of those that is chosen by God to lead the people to the pastures of Heaven?’ Taru sniffed the air and sung out. “If she’s an angel, I am bloody Chuck Norris.” Charlotte rolled her eyes and said simply. “Pay my sister no mind. She…tends to speak it often without thinking.” Extending her hand graciously, she said. “I am Charlotte, and this is my older brother Izu and my sister Taru….we are of the Carrendar.” <3>

LilithValeFluer: Sebastian fell in line after everyone, closing the gates all while eyeing the surrounding around him. (Sabby) “Do forgive me Miss, I was speaking to our guests about their arrival….” Midnight turned to him and then looked at those that stepped through, her eyes glancing over each of them in deep detail. The woman spoke clear and precise as she explained the motives of the Servant. (Midnight) “Ahh, I see, it’s no wonder he hasn’t done what was told of him…” her hands gestured around her and the half fallen banners of her Dominion. “Anyways, I um…” And it was then she was interrupted. The young man whom seemed to be the eldest of the group stepped forward spoke words from what could be told from a poem. “Do tell me this is not an angel’s landing, and that she is not one of those that is chosen by God to lead the people to the pastures of Heaven?’ Was what was said. Midnight blushed and took a small step back as Sebastian fell in beside her. “I honestly…” And again her train halted. A song spread on wings of a dove flowed through the air and a woman sang. “Sebastian, Please do as told prior and remove the banners” His head nodded in silence as he moved with rapid speed, dismissing himself from the group, set to do his job. Midnight sighed and looked to the woman and the man before her, then to the one who spoke in an business like tone dripped with a joyous taste. “It is a pleasure to meet you all…, she bowed and nodded to them each in respect. “I am Midnight DarkPhoenix, please do have a seat if you’d like.” Her hand gesturing to the numerous seatings around them. It wasn’t then did Sebastian flip forward with style and grace from amongst the chandelier. His business of polishing the entirety of the place and removal of the banners complete before he stepped back into line, hand bowed at the waist as his hair fell flat over his right eye. Voice emanating with wickedly deliciousness, demanding his question in open audience. (Bassy) “Would you like me to fetch the tea and crumprets M’lady?” Midnight turned to group and rose a brow in question, as if to ask if they’d like some, all while leading them into the library to conduct the business they’d set out on. }e{

CharlotteCarrendar: – Izu pursed his lips, then the right corner peeked as he found the Empress’s reaction to be amusing at first. Bowing and accepting their introductions, she did so herself, and this was when Izu made his move, stepping across the floor, to take up her right hand, and bring it to his lips, to plant a soft kiss upon. “Fair lady….such a charming name you have. Midnight…sort of…rolls off one’s tongue.” His voice was rich and fluent in his native Neumeun, while Charlotte watched on now with folded arms. The lingering scent of her brother’s aftershave was quite overpowering. A hint of sandlewood and oak. A woody smell. Charlotte smiled at Sebastian, and then asked. “Do you have vegemite? It’s nice on crumpets.” Charlotte lowered her arms, while Taru came alongside her sister, and leant upon her. “Yeah, tastes like someone took a cat’s arse and smeared it over the butter….about the same colour too.” Baldrick grumbled at Taru’s acid wit, and walked around the sisters, approaching Sebastian. “Tea would be very nice…with jam.” Izu was still gazing into Midnight’s eyes, and with a wink he said. “Where do you wish me to sit, M’lady?” <3>

LilithValeFluer: Midnight pursed her lips into a smile and cleared her throat, looking to Sebastian and nodding to him to do as they’d asked. And before long Sebastian was out the doors of the council and into the night. Midnight shook her head at her servant and then turned to look at Izu, handsome indeed, she wasn’t expecting his movements though. Shocked and surprised by the touch of his skin, the feel of his lips sending a small shock throughout her body. Her eyes stayed glued onto him and his voice broke her from her trance. “Why thank you kind sir, I do love it so.” She smiled and turned to the woman who’s eyes stood out to her the most, gleaming dark and graceful all the while. She nodded to her in respect and let her finish speaking before turning to the womans sister Taru. Midnight giggled at the womans words and instantly shook her head. Siblings, oh how she missed her brother. It was much better this way though, he was in a better place. Her eyes looked up in a dashing move as Baldrick grumbled. Midnight composed herself and held her head up high before turning back to Izu and blushing once more. “I um… Right this way.” She pointed towards the 4 seated iron council table and smiled. “Any seat is fine, Sebastian, please come back now.” And when her words left lips he entered through the doors once more, carrying a silver tray encrested with the design of the Dominion, tea and crumpets by order. His movements making quick work towards the council table as the doors shut in his wake. (Bassy) “Tea and crumpets Miss.” Midnight turned to look at the group and smiled widely before turning to look down at the ground before her. (Midnight) “Thank you Sebastian.” Sebastian nodded and then let a small gasp escape his lips as he looked to his empress. (Bassy) “Are you alright Miss?” Midnight nodded and lifted her head and took her seat on the end by the fireplace and smiled widely containing herself. (Midnight) “Forgive me for not having any papers or anything of the like, I am actually cleaning up… But I do have to ask… Why the late visit?” Her brow raised and she waited for their answers in turn as the rushing winds filled the room, letting a slight breeze pick up. Sebastian only stood ground and stood by Midnight awaiting the voices of the others as his Empress did. }e{

CharlotteCarrendar: – It didn’t take Izu long to see by the sweet rose that coloured Midnight’s cheeks, that she found favour in his attentions. Beneath his breath, you could just pick up the sound of a throaty growl of delight, following her over to where she took her seat by the fire, and joined her, so he was as close as humanly possible. He adjusted his tight leather pants, by gripping the fabric and giving a good tug, then easing back, and throwing his arm around behind Midnight, as he faked a yawn, like he was tired…but he was truly anything but. He was just getting warmed up. Taru actually found delight in this and sauntered over, flopping down in a chair, and drawing back her black robe, to show very shapely legs. “How…nice.” she mused in a cat like voice, almost syrupy, while the two that were actually in the realm on business, sat together and went through their legal documents. Charlotte was the first to ask, as Baldrick tapped a few dozen papers on his lap. “We do apologise for the intrusion so late in the evening, but we find it easier to travel at night.” Baldrick took out a pen and licked the nib, as Izu leant over and blew in Midnight’s ear. “Such…soft skin.” His free hand wandered towards her cheek, as if to stroke it softly. Baldrick saw what he was doing and coughed loudly, to which Izu shot him an evil look of dark pleasure. “What? Is this not how we get to know each other better? I am all for these….alliances. Such…fun in the negotiations” – His silver hued eyes glistening as he turned his attentions back on Midnight. “You’re not…married, are you?” <3>

LilithValeFluer: Midnight took a deep breath and couldn’t help but feel loved by Izu’s attention, that is until his arm leaned around her chair, his position now more closer than she’d seen anyone get. Sebastian eyed the man behind his glasses and took a deep breath before looking to his Empress. She rose a hand and instantly he stood his ground, practically digging his shoes into the very textures of the floor. Midnight shook her head and looked around the table then at Izu, his lips drawing near her as he blew into her ear made her wrinkle her nose, and it wasn’t until she finally processed the words Charlotte spoke. “It is alright, I was just taking everything down… As you can see, not much is in her but this little space here and a few banners.” Sebastian placed the platter on the table with a loud clang as if to distract the young man from his course of thought. Handing out the tea and crumpets all around the table. Midnight winced once more as his fingertips traced along her cheek. Baldrick’s cough made her attention revert towards the others, her prior wonders flowing through her head placed on halt. And again Izu spoke out and Midnight couldn’t help but take another look at him, her stomach fluttering with butterflies as she listened to his words. And then he spoke a question she hadn’t heard in years. Sebastian moved quicker than he had before so as to stand beside his Empress, to halt any faint spells that may occur under any duress. “No, I am not married, why ever do you ask Izu?” Her voice cracked and a small tear slowly swelled in her eyes, she swallowed and then turned to the others before continuing with the meeting. “If there is anything you would need at all, plase do be sure to let Sebastian know. He will do it. Again, I am very sorry for the long travel.” She mustered a smile trying not to think of the way she murdered her daughter. The abrupt leave of her husband and the note he left. Sebastian eyed the group and then his Empress and placed a small hand on her shoulder, and as he did so she smacked it away and waited for them to speak in turn, yet once again. }e{

CharlotteCarrendar:- It was not lost on Charlotte, the younger of the siblings, to realize that Izu was making a play for the Empress’s virtue on purpose. The clang of the silverware by the ever faithful servant, Sebastian, was enough to show this was getting under a few people’s skins, including that of Charlotte herself. The teary reaction by the Empress to Izu’s persistant questions, left no doubt that he was pushing way too hard, way too fast. “Izu…?” Charlotte said sternly, as he seemed to now have caught up a lock of Midnight’s hair and was toying with it, going as far as to run it under his nose and sniff its scent. “Hmm?” He replied almost like in a dream state. “Must you do that? Really, this is most unbecoming.” Baldrick nodded in agreement, and with a simple flick of his fingers, Izu released her locks, and then withdrew his arm, moving to distance himself from the royal beauty. “Fine..fine. A thousand pardens…your Highness.” With that, he stood up and strode over to a window and stared out of it in a huff, not before adjusting the tightness of leather over his sizeable bulge. Charlotte, did find reason to smile, and then continued with the meeting. “Right…sorry about that. This is a simple agreement we wish to have you sign off on. Just a token of our willingness to be co operative with our neighbours. In times of war….and..*Taru pipped up, unable to hold herself back…* “need of a good lay.” Charlotte face palmed as Baldrick offered documents to Midnight, of an official alliance. But would she take it? <3>

LilithValeFluer: Midnight struggled to keep herself contained and then in the instance he moved away Midnight felt herself breathe, Sebastian smiled and took a step back from his Empress and let her fend for herself within the meeting but kept close by. “It’s… Um.. Where were we?” Her thoughts lost once again by his tempting voice. “Ahh yes, the meeting.” And it was then that her gaze looked to Charlotte, nodding to her words as they left her lips. Her smile widened as she laughed and then blushed at Taru’s comment. “So funny.” Her head turned for a brief moment as she looked towards Izu and wondered if he was alright, her eyes soon wandering over to her servant as to call him over to take the documents from Baldrick. “I usually let my butler scan over the documentation before I touch anything, small precautions. I’m sure you understand.” }e{

CharlotteCarrendar:- Baldrick held the papers in his hand, letting them flit back and forth, as he got the word that the Empress does not touch legal documents, and lets her butler handle it. Rising from his seat, Baldrick excuses himself, and steps over to give the documents to Sebastian to run through. “If you would be so kind. I have included our national banner, and seal. Everything is in triplicate, and…even popped in those where to sign stickies. Just..have a messenger send it when signed. “ Baldrick turned around and gestured for the girls to rise. Taru rolled her eyes, and pushed herself to standing, with her clawed hands digging into the timber. She peeked past Baldrick and mouthed. “” Before pulling up her hood and gliding towards the door. Charlotte sighed and gave a weak smile, smoothing down her cloak, before also pulling up her hood. “Been a pleasure. Good night.” The youngest Carrendar headed off after her older sister, and past Izu, who was caught gazing at Midnight. “Come on, Casanova.” Izu shrugged, and placed his hood up over his head, and without word, simply turned and followed the other two. Baldrick snapped his heels together, and then departed along with his charges, who all vanished out the door, and into the dark of the night….<3>

LilithValeFluer: Sebastian smiled at the lot and shook their hand in thanks before listening to the words leaving from Baldricks mouth. He nodded and turned to his Empress before then looking at Baldrick asking the girls to rise. “I will go over the documentation and let my Empress fill out the paperwork and send it back immediately.” Midnight rose from her place and nearly fell before placing her hands on the table to strengthen her hold on herself. (Midnight) “Thank you all for coming.” Her eyes scanned the grounds and then she looked up to see Taru mouth her thank you. “Anytime” Was all Midnight thought to mouth in return. It wasn’t until Midnight looked behind her did she notice Izu had vanished, she ran her hands up her arms and felt the freezing winds that accompanied the night. “Oh, the pleasure has been all mine Charlotte, thank you once again.” Sebastian smiled and placed the documents on the table and removed his glasses from his pocket and put them on before waiting for his Empress to return. Midnight shook her head and closed her thoughts before waving goodbye to Izu. “Take care… and be safe.” Her words held true as she made her way towards the entrance, following them while they exited. “What a night…” Sebastian smirked and shook his head in surprise. (Bassy) “I am surprised you kept hold of yourself through it all… honestly I do say. You continue to amaze me Miss.” Midnight flipped her hair out of her eye and walked back to the table they all sat upon. “And no one ate the crumpets or tea I set out. What a pity. Oh, and if I might say… Izu seemed to be quite taken with you.” (Midnight) “Why does it matter if someone is taken with me, who cares, the last person who was taken with me left. Need I remind you with a son and daughter, One of which I had to murder for her own safety.” Sebastian eyed his Empress in awe and smiled wide. (Bassy) “I remember every detail of it Miss, and I wouldn’t let it get to you. In fact, I do believe I hear them not far off in the distance, would you like me to summon him back?” Midnight turned her gaze to him and waved him off letting him know to do as he pleased. And with that he was off, flitting in the wind faster than the rushing air in an attempt to bring back the one whom tugged at his Empresses’ heart. All the while Midnight’s hand moved through the papers, signing them with elegance of a dove and gracefulness of a swan. Stamping in needed places and finally taking a seat of her own once more. }e{

CharlotteCarrendar: – The four had made it just past the gate, when Izu kicked a pebble, and stubbed his toe. “You would think they had better ground keepers. These shoes are imported.” Taru glanced back and laughed. “Really Brother…if I have to hear your whining all the way back, I will happily put a gun to my head and blow my brains out.” Charlotte was the first to reach for Baldrick’s hand, and then smiled. “Home..we go..” The pair shimmered out of sight, leaving just Taru and her brother Izu. Taru shook her head and then simply snapped her fingers. The image of Taru evaporated into an inky black mist, then soaked into the ground, leaving Izu rubbing his foot. “Fine…fine…leave me behind. Ingrates. “ Just then, he felt the breezed upon his back, something was following him. Spinning around, his hood blew back off his head, and he showed a serrated row of perfect white teeth. “Never sneak up on a man…” He said with a dark tone, reaching from within his cloak for his weapon. <3>

LilithValeFluer: Sebastian finally made his way out into the night, and cuaght the glimmer of light as Charlotte and Baldrick left, he halted in the midst of it all and watched as Taru followed suit in her own way. Leaving Izu to fend for himself, with this Sebastian took advantage and moved with agile speed towards the gates, slipping behind Izu and then around. Watching his movements as he spun full circle, his hood falling off and showing his pearly whites.(Sabby) “My my, someone seems rather upset.” Sebastians tone was darker and more sinister than before and it wasn’t until he heard Izu speak again did Sebastian stop in place, emerge from the shadows and speak in his once gentle tone. “Fighting is the last thing I want. So please don’t bother for one… I have a personal request.” Sebastian couldn’t help but place his hand on his chest and bow in respect as he explained the story that so haunted his Empress. }c{
LilithValeFluer: Seconds turned to minutes and minutes seemed to turn to hours, Midnight grew worried and couldn’t help but feel herself nodding. Her eyes withdrew into their sockets and she gave in and fell to the slumber that called. Meanwhile Sebastian stood in the windy weather and waited for Izu’s response, but not before finishing his final line. “And that is why she hasn’t been herself, again, I do take most responsibility for the things that occured, but it was out of my hands. Which is why I am asking you watch over her for the remainder of the night unto the late afternoon. Not only that, I have business to tend to… so I won’t be around.” He raised a single brow beneath his glasses and waited for the mans response before pressing any further with questions or details. }e{

CharlotteCarrendar: The tone of Sebastian’s voice was much darker, and his manner nothing like that of how he was while in the company of his Monarch. Izu slowly withdrew his hand from his cloak, not holding a weapon, and then scratched the left side of his cheek, as he listened intently to Sebastian’s explanation of the Empress’s behaviour. However, his request, left him curious that the servant would even consider allowing a man such as himself, to spend time caring for the Empress Midnight. “…Which is why I am asking you watch over her for the remainder of the night unto the late afternoon. Not only that, I have business to tend to… so I won’t be around.” Izu glanced back to the spot where his kin had left the realm, and then shrugged his shoulders, and dropped his guard. “If you think its best.” Izu said, no longer smiling, but there was something about his expression that was odd. “Very well.” And with that, he headed back up the path, and into the foyer of the castle. Closing the door behind him, he sung out. “Looks like you’re stuck with me, your Highness…..least for this evening, anyways.” He undid the clasp of his cloak, and spun it off, draping it on a coat stand, and then strode back down to where she had been standing. “Perhaps, we should start over..hmm.” <3>

LilithValeFluer: Without another word Sebastian was off into the night once more, leaving Izu to tend to Midnight til late morning. The rush of the dreams overwhelmed her and hit her harder than she was used to, her body tossed and turned and before long she heard it. It was a voice, faint but still audible. Followed by the sound of a closing door. It wasn’t until her grandmothers voice rose in her head did she listen close. “Wake up child, it’s only a nightmare. Nothing you see is real here.” Midnight looked at her grandmother and shook her head. “Grams, what are you… You… but you’re dead.” It was then that the voice from the outside drew nearer, closer. “You are stronger than all of this… ” And with those words she awoke. Back in the chair turning to the left and then the right, papers still in hand awaiting to give them to Sebastian to return. “Izu…?” She smiled faintly at his sudden appearance and felt her heart begin beating once more, calmer and yet at a rapid pace all at once. “Um… yea. I guess we should.” She rose from her place and walked towards him, her feet standing not far from him at all before she handed the papers back to him. “I forgot to give these back to Baldrick…I’ve signed them and read over the documentation. Again, please do thank them for coming out. And you of course…, She blushed. you as well” Her slender frame turned to face the window and she shook her head and then looked for her cloak. “Damn, I can never seem to find anything anywhere anymore, I probably left it at home.” She giggled and then looked into Izu’s silvery hues and cleared her throat and extended her hand. “Midnight…” }e{

CharlotteCarrendar:- Barely had the name “Midnight” left her supple lips, and with her hand extended towards him, he reached for her wrist, and then clasping hold tight, he drew her up tight against his strong chest. His nostrils flaring, as he stared down into her limpid pools, drowning himself within the scent of her feminine musk. “Woman….from the moment I clapped eyes upon your rounded curves, I felt a stirring in me, that has not happened since the unfortunate passing of my dear beloved.” His right hand crept its way around to the small of her back so to press her lower regions closer to his loin. She could feel the heat of his breath upon her skin, and when his eyes narrowed into half opened slits, he almost let out a snarl of lust. “Never let a demon wander so close to their delicate prize…fair Midnight.” And with that, he crushed his lips against hers, kissing her like no man before ever had. <3>

LilithValeFluer: Midnight couldn’t help but be polite, given it was her nature, but as soon as he had grabbed her wrist, her body filled once more. The yearning for this man was strong, she knew it. But she wasn’t about to give into him. Her breasts clamped tight against his chest and she let a gasp escape her lips, shocked and surprised all at once she was, that is until he spoke. It was heart warming and romantic, but inside she knew he was simply toying with her, or so it seemed in her mind. She couldn’t possibly allow herself to get to close, so she began to step back and then he spoke again. “Never let a demon wander so close to their delicate prize…fair Midnight.” A demon for sure, especially viewed easily by his actions taken after, his head leaned down and instantly his lips connected with hers. Never in her life had she felt such passion until now, her skin turned a crimson red and then she flushed with anger, closing her eyes for a millisecond before running her own hand behind his neck. Her actions following closely by a small grasp, intended to send him the vibes of desire. But she knew better, it wasn’t until then did she pinch his nerves and separate her lips from his, whispering into them. Sweetly, seductively and darker than her butler. “I can be the love of your life or your worst nightmare, but if you touch me like that again, I will rip out your jugular. ” And with that she rounded her knee into his chest attempting to knock his breathing from his system, if only for a short while, her hands still grasped around the back of his neck. Squeezing and pressing harder as the time passed before she gave in and slammed his head into the council table. ” do hope we have an understanding Izu… my sweet.” She giggled and wiped her hands on her dress and shook her head awaiting his response. “Nothing personal, love.” }e{

CharlotteCarrendar:- His tongue was like that of a slippery eel, squirming inside her mouth, to do tonsil hockey with her tongue, even try to clean her teeth. But this tempting tulip had a very nasty side to her, in fact, just as he thought he had her in a good hold, or lock of his hand upon the lower part of her back, she managed to evade him, drawing back and brought her knee up to wind him by cracking a blow to his chest, whilst pulling down with her hand on the back of his neck. Of course, he took this with a loud “OOMPH!” almost winding the poor hapless and incredibly buff Izu. As he was doubled over, holding his chest, to catch his breath, she snatched the back of his neck and then slammed his head into the council table, to show her rage. The odd dull thunk, as head met wood, would resonate across the room, but it was only when he stood back up to attention, that she would see the menacing and steely gaze in his eyes, filled with unadulterated hatred. “Do ho ho ho. Fiesty eh? “ The mark of the table was clearly visible upon his temple, and he flicked back his silvery locks that covered his eyes. He reached and gripped the tip of her chin and pressed his thumb in, lowering his head to meet her gaze. “Just as I thought…a prick tease. Tell Sebastian…thanks for the sob story. I almost believed it.” And with that he pushed her back, and marched over to fetch his cape, placing it back on, and fixing the clip. <3>

LilithValeFluer: She smirked and flipped her hair before watching as he doubled over, she couldn’t help but laugh and watch his movements. “Sebastian wouldn’t have left me if he didn’t know I could take care of myself. I have been known for a good few training sessions with him and my mother.” Her eyes glimmered in the moonlight that shone through the window. “I’d like to believe I’m fiesty, do you think you can handle me?” She rose a brow and shook her head before looking at her table. “Sebastian will fix that later… and I do believe he spoke about it to get you to return.” Her chin wavered in place and she followed behind him, grasped his coat and tugged on it, pulling him back into her arms and vice versa. Her lips slowly grazed his as she whispered into them the heat accumulating between them growing evermore. “I don’t wanna be your worst nightmare Izu…” She spoke the truth and pressed herself into him, slowly moving herself further so his back was against the walls of the council, her hands once more grazing the base of his neck before she let him breathe. “But let’s take this into more private quarters… shall we.” She smiled into his lips and looked into his eyes and awaited his answer with much anticipation. }e{

CharlotteCarrendar: – Was this woman on her monthly cycle? Had she taken too many or not enough hormone injections? One minute she attacks like a mad banshee from the abyss, the next she is tugging on his cloak, and trying to bring him back into her arms. He tried to yank the cape free from her, and when she dragged him into her arms, and pressed his back to the walls of the council, he quirked a brow at her, and stared at her as if she was insane. “I don’t wanna be your worst nightmare Izu…” Izu replied sternly as she grazed her lips against his. “You just want to act like it instead. Really, who taught you how to treat a man? Attila the Hun?” He also had to wonder, if her private chambers was actually a dungeon of pleasures and amputations. . “But let’s take this into more private quarters… shall we.” The way she smiled, reminded him of the Cheshire cat. “You know…my…sisters..they know I am here. Just saying.” Now he was starting to get intimidated by her. <3>

T1Legend: Spurred extensions entreat entrance to the chamber with rhythmic chimes. The door creaks open quite slowly, revealing the man responsible for all that jingle-jangling. He wears a pair of off-color-red boots bordering on fuchsia and cut-off denim shorts that stop just past his upper thighs. The male’s hair is long, dirty blonde, and clasped to the nape of the neck with a band of rawhide. His shirt is a simple turquoise V-neck that leaves the mid-riff exposed, and lines trace out along his stomach and pelvic area only to disappear behind his snugly fitting shorts. Twin belts crisscross the crotch and they are lined with sparkling, brass cartridges. A pink Stetson completes the ensemble; it sits askew his auriferous scalp. From beneath thin, delicate brows his green-eyed gaze sweeps across the room. Danni scuttle steps past the threshold and assumes a mincing fashionista’s strut thereafter, approaching the two that are about to hold a more “private” conversation. Thin, slender hands fasten together on his hips and he says, “Penis. Sexytime, big-boy. COCK!”

LilithValeFluer: She listened to his words and watched his actions… she knew it. He was intimidated, she could feel it coming from the way he moved and spoke. “Who taught me how to treat a man? Honestly, you have to ask that question?” She couldn’t believe him, she stood her ground and shook her head in slight wonderment. ” If you want to go, you can… you need not stay.” Midnight smiled wide and released her grasp on him, turned on her heel and slowly made her way towards the middle of the room, bending over to pick up the banners from the floor. “I’m seriously different from most girls, It is up to you to choose whether you can handle me or not. I won’t get offended either way.” A small smile crept upon her face and she continued working, just as she always did. “I wouldn’t blame you if you left… everyone does eventually. Its how it works around me.” Her voice seemed to fade in the background as she let herself calm and pick up from where she left off, awaiting his response in kind. }e{

CharlotteCarrendar:- Why that….bitch! Again, trying to play the emotional card. ” If you want to go, you can… you need not stay.” Izu slapped his oversized hand to his forehead, which still hurt from the table strike, and then dragged his hand slowly down the front of his face. “Women…why…I would be better off finding some man, who would at least know how to be treated.” And right on cue, there HE was. Prancing in, practically mincing, with that tell tale swagger of a bad ass butt boy. He approached Izu and then said in a delectable high pitch. “Penis. Sexytime, big-boy. COCK!” Izu then pointed to Danni and said. “SEE?! Why can’t you be more like that?” Izu then stood proudly before Dannit and smirked, asking. “So…come here often?” <3>

T1Legend: Oh H-E-L-L TO THE NO! Excuse me, I am like, standing here! The gunpowder Z-Snap Danni executed was gelatin dynamite with a laser beam—guaranteed to blow your mind. It was of course followed with a hip swivel and fierce head bob that nearly knocked his hat off. After the BITCH had been put in her place, Danni’s attention shifted to the hunka-hunka-burnin’ love standing directly in front of him. He only caught a flash of his moving mouth; “—ere often?” There was no telling what he had said, but it didn’t really matter! With a body like that, he could be talking about orange elephants and pink orangutans and Danni wouldn’t have cared. There was only way to respond to a greeting delivered by a man like this—Danni giggled his most coquettish giggle and tucked his down against his chest. Thin fingers (perfectly manicured) delivered a rapid series of hand gestures that Izu wouldn’t comprehend unless he understood sign language. [Hey, handsome. If we were squirrels, would you put your nuts in my hole?] “Unf! Unf! Hubba hubba!”

T1Legend: Addendum: Danni was the perfect partner for any man, because he was incapable of having a conversation about anything other than boning!

CharlotteCarrendar: – Being that he was actually the guest of Empress Midnight, but then treated with violence and then loving intent, poor Izu was simply in a state which was only made worse by the seductive gesturing made by the entertaining and colourful Danni. Who by the way was using magic fingers to explain how if they were both squirrels, they would be having fun stuffing nuts in each other’s holes. Course, Izu didn’t understand a cotton picking word, and smiled awkwardly, as Midnight was on the other side of the room. Danni’s giggles and the way he tucked his chin in, had Izu lean forward to get a better look at the much smaller Danni and he whispered. “Meet me outside in ten, just past the gate. I know this little place…back in Lorewall. “ He then did a big wink, and turned to head out the door, hoping he would follow. <3>

T1Legend: To avoid complications, Danni never kept the same address. In conversation, he signed just like a Baroness! He was extraordinarily nice and well recommended at the price. Long lashes flutter as Izu leans forward to inspect the merchandise and the glittering nails of Danni’s thumbs (emblazoned with sunflowers) hook into the waistband of his shorts, tugging them down just enough to reveal the heightening of his hips. Danni watches the large man’s mouth—he didn’t know a whisper from a shout, but he did know where Lorewall was…and Danni was insatiable in appetite. For one fleeting moment, Danni nearly takes hold of the hem of Izu’s shirt; so as to follow him wherever he went like a lost puppy. “Smack dat ass!” He trotted off after the man. Teehee~

CharlotteCarrendar: – And with all good tales, young ones. This is no different. As Izu and his new found glitter pony, the deaf and delightful Danni, headed for the entrance to the palace, a band struck up in the sides, with a keyboardist playing the keys, the electric guitar riffs loudly, as Izu turns around, a famous black mustache quivering on the top of his lip like a wee caterpillar. He rips open his cloak to reveal a bright yellow jacket, white tank top, white pants with fine red stripe down the leg and from the bleachers, a fan throws him a mic with short staff and he looks into the camera, thrusting his hips and then pointing with a gleam in his eyes, while Brian May’s hand glides up and down the strings of his guitar. “One man….One goal, one mission. One heart, one soul… Just one solution. One flash of light, yeah, One god, one vision. One flesh, one bone, One true religion. One voice, one hope, One real decision.” Izu laughs, throwing his head back, as the cardboard cutout crowd is illuminated by the stage lighting. “Wowowowo, gimme one vision, yeah.” A loud explosion of pyrotechnics and the pair, Izu and Danni vanish in a blaze of light, sparkles and smoke…only leaving behind a spinning ring on the ground……stay tuned for the next exciting episode, when we hear Izu say. “Who wants to live…forever?!” <3>