Role play Live : The Shattered Duality Bar.

A drink they call Loneliness.


Battlemax: A run off and hunted family member, rouge father, and one who has lost a lover. Not a day goes by does Max remember his lost and loving family that he nearly died for. And yet Max finds himself still misses them with all of his heart as he walks down a cracked and corroded side walk, wondering in his own thoughts. Moments went by and the tall and toned legion found himself lost in a low and poor part of town. Remaining calm and quiet the legion Max casually walk a particular build that appeared to be broken down and lost of all hope, yet he felt compelled to inspect the place and to see of there was possible a place to invest in. Walk more assertively, Max Walks towards the rundown build realizing that it wasn’t an average building, but infact an old bar. He at first thought nothing of it and continued to press on in not even giving much attention to the man outside, Max couldn’t even understand the man’s purpose was for standing outside. Pushing through the doors Max found himself surprised of the interior of the bar and see there was a waitress and a short woman with a tail lazily sprawled on a velvet cushion. “Uh…Hello?” Max said in lost of what to say at this point

Casketess: The tall dark skinned Indian bouncer at the door watched silently as the man entered, following his presence with dark eyes and silence. The curvaceous waitress at the bar swayed about behind the counter as she waved over the newcomer politely for a drink. Meanwhile, Tess drowned herself in her glass far too quickly to be considered elegant for this setting. Ruffling her own hair, she doesn’t seem at all interested in the newcomer till Lacey, the waitress, calls him over with her mouse like voice. As if on cue, she perks up and barks much too loud for her small size in her rounded corner of the couch, “OY. DON’T BE FLIRTING WITH ANY OF ‘EM JUST CUZ YA WANT A GOOD TIP.”

CharlotteCarrendar:- Darkened shadows caused by the frail and dim lights of the narrow streets gave way to the shapely figures of two women that both were adorned in black suits. Charlotte was wearing a long jacket, with short mini beneath, knee high strap boots with nine inch heels and spiked arm and leg straps. Delicately woven spider webbing silks that clung to her shapely legs, and capped off with a silver broach that took the hint of reflective light and shone, beyond the silvery hue of her eyes. By her side, her older sibling Taru, who decided to escort the younger, to this most unlikely of places. She was wearing a long flowing black velvet dress with high cut bodice, woven in the front with intricate patterns and shapes, stars and spiders, while threaded with satin and tied up at the back. Her wintery white tresses were drawn up into a loose bun, so the stray curls framed her face to perfection. With jet black soulless eyes, she kept a watch out for those that may be following the demonic siblings. “Are you sure it was down this lane?” Charlotte asked, actually stopping to take out her cell, and flick through for the address. Taru, rolled her eyes, and smacked her sister’s arm, with some force, enough for Charlotte to juggle the cellphone, before catching it and snarling at her sister. “Must you?” Taru shrugged, then coughed loudly as she pointed to the embossed sign on the dirty stone wall, right near a steel door. “Well, lookie what I found, Sis.” Taru snickered, snatching her sister’s hand up and dragging her towards the door. Charlotte’s heels clattered along the pavement, almost tripping at Taru’s tugging. “Who are you expecting to meet here?” Charlotte asked, as Taru opened the door. Glancing back over her shoulder, she pursed her lips into a tight grin, and then shrugged her shoulders, saying playfully. “That’s for me to know, and you to find out. Come on…he’s probably in there, half pissed.” The two entered the door, and found themselves in what looked to be some exotic club, decked out from another era. Charlotte’s right eye brow shot up at the lack of patrons. “Big crowd.” She said sarcastically, while Taru just rubbed her hands together, and sauntered towards the bar. <3>

CharlotteCarrendar:- The night does offer up all manner of creatures, and some that walk the realms of the living and the dead. Taru was expecting someone, problem was, she hadn’t exactly explained to Charlotte just who that was. Little did Char realized that the man who sought to meet with Taru, had been following them, only he slithered along the very gutters, having seeped up from the drains, far below, then with a sickening gurgling sound, the black rose, and formed into that of the shape of a man, with an Edwardian suit, and matching top hat, and cane, that bore a large ruby at its centre piece. He had pale white skin, with a razor scar down his left cheek, and a fob watch with a sliver chain that swang back and forth, smacking at his vest. Just before the door to the club, he simply raised the cane and tapped the door, to have it open by its own. The Master, twirled his cane, then slammed it into the pavement, before strolling in, the tap tap of his cane tip, creating a musical sound, as he entered the club foyer, and saw the two women just up ahead. He raised the cane jewel, to tap the brim of his hat, to show off white locks beneath, a mop if you will, of wirey hair, that was tied in back with a black satin ribbon. Digging into his pocket, the Master withdrew a gold coin and tossed it at the dark skinned Indian bouncer, as a tip, for just watching the other patrons. A dark voice came from parted lips, that were cracked and greyish in colour. “Keep an eye on the door, my good man. Might be throwing something out it in a moment.” The Master waltzed in further, with the continual tap of his cane, which caught the attention of Taru, who turned around and showed a devious smile. “Been a long time…Samuel. Or…don’t you go by that now?” Taru placed her hands on her hips, as he walked right up to her, and air kissed both cheeks. “I see you brought the young one…how nice.” Charlotte looked at the new arrival, and then lent to her sister and whispered. “That’s…Samuel?” To which, Samuel removed his hat and did a bold bow, with a sweeping arm gesture. “I prefer to be called…Master.” Taru looked positively giddy, Charlotte on the other hand, wanted to barf. There were other patrons, that charlotte noted, in particular, a man that had heard her comment, of it being a big crowd, and gave her a once over, before turning his attentions to a waitress, or at least that is what Charlotte presumed her to be. “Do I buy the drinks?” Charlotte asked of her Sister and the Master. Taru waved her hand dismissively, while lacing her other arm through Samuel’s as they walked over to a nest of small chairs and tables. “Wine for me…and..whiskey for Master.” <3>

Casketess: As soon as the two new guests entered, Tess had eyes to the door as if she could smell sexy rolling off them in waves. Pulled her ponytail loose, she let her short wavy hair fall and ruffled it once more so that it curled in an uncontrolled mess about her masked cheekbones. She had lowered the bottom half of her mask to drink so it was obvious when the red lips curved into a tickled smile. Clapping her hands, she stands up and brushes off her knees and down the front of her dark cat woman-wannabe outfit as a way to prepare herself before she would go skipping toward the bar only to stop short as the tall man approached her and stood in the way of her view. She didn’t seem to notice him other than the fact that he was standing in between herself and the women who had entered and proceeded to try to leaning from side to side and jump up and down continuously in an effort to catch another site of the dark decadent ladies. Realizing that she would have to actually walk around the blockade before her, she crossed her arms before her chest and leaned back on her heel to look up at him from her small stature of 4’4”. A golden toothpick that she had nicked earlier that day swung from her lips impatiently as she sized him up before speaking. “Naw, ‘course not. I may know ‘em, but what’s it to ya if I did? Whatchur lookin’ for a job or sumthin’? Ya could go get me a drink or two and I might give ya a decent tip for the evenin’.” As she ended her speech, Lacey was at the bar busy at working keeping customers happy and alcohol pouring, ready to serve the rare newcomers.

CharlotteCarrendar:- In the darkened corner, Samuel and Taru were getting…reacquainted, in a simple black couch, where the Master rested his cane, and then took out his fob watch, and snapped it open, observing the time, with a quizzical eye. Taru was in one of her moods, you could say her element, as she made sure she was as close as possible to Samuel, without actually sitting in his lap. “So…what do you think?” Taru mused, as she gestured her head towards Charlotte, who was leaning against the bar, placing the order of drinks, right along a strange looking fellow, that had a sculptured and well toned body, that was covered in scars. The young Charlotte actually did a double take, something oddly familiar, but then dismissed it, as the barmaid gave her attention. “Whiskey…red house wine..and…I’ll have a gin and lemon.” The barmaid went right to work to serve her, as Charlotte dug about in her small leather purse for some notes, to pay for the drinks. Out of the corner of her eyes, she couldn’t help but notice the being’s dermal spines, that were not at all hidden beneath his coat. The waitress took her time, and Charotte reached for the bowl of nuts on the counter, to help herself. Back at the couch, the Master hooked his monocle on his left eye, and sneered. “Hmm..does she know?’ Taru shook her head, to and fro. “Nope.” <3>

Casketess: Just as he may have been about to answer, Tess gave a very large impossibly loud belch that was rank with the smell of alcohol. The force of it caused for her to spin on her heel and keel over, falling into the couch un-gracefully in a slump. The indian bouncer at the door sighed heavily before walking over and tossing the ragdoll thief over his shoulder before depositing her in the pile of pillows in the side room with a glass of water by her side. As he walked back by Max, he reached out to pat his shoulder apologetically before speaking with a surpringly aussie accent before returning to his post. “Don’t mind Tess, mate. She’s here alot and it’s always her last stop, aye?”

Battlemax: Max shrug as he stared at the little adorable runt and smirked ‘First time I was ever assualted by a belch by such a small thing.’ he thought to himself amusingly. He look outside and glaced at the rain, he found no reason to hang around with the strange individuals at the counter and so be walk towards the window, open it when he could and to a deep breath with a smile. Max took a knee, his fist on the floor, as channeled biotic energy throughout his body witch eventually seeped out of hus skin and hair. The engery glowed bright blue absorbing enegy around it bending gravity around Max. With one moment make focus outward and in the speed of light he blated out leaveing no collateral damage only the window stayed open.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The waitress had by now set the drinks order on the tray, and was about to slide it towards Charlotte, when she was seen to be engaging in conversation with the pointed ear man at the bar. He had been a good customer, and as the barmaid had taken the order, she removed Taru and Samuel’s drinks and nodded politely to Charlotte, excusing herself, to take the drinks over to her sibling and company. Taru leant over, wondering what was going on at the bar, only to have Samuel place a craggy hand on her knee, then whisper into her ear. Words, that clearly pleased the Winter bebilith, and she averted her attention back to him.