Role play Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty – Lacardis Prime.

Location – The Ox and Cart Inn, Arachnea.


LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Within the forest foothills of Emerald Mountains, lay the rolling hillside that led the travellers into the noble city of Arachnea. But before they did reach the Sea port, there was an Inn famous around these parts, known simply as the Ox and Cart Inn. Established some one hundred years before, the Ox and Cart had been the place that many a blue blood and scoundrel had come to meet, to take in the feasts from the large kitchen, and to sing a songs of days gone by, whilst the publican; a rough and ready lass by the name of Mary Muggins, kept the patrons thirst quenched, and let them stay in bunks for only five rends a night. This night, the Inn was in its early stages of the evening meal. The smell of pork crackling filled the air, along with the laughter of those travellers and merchants that lined the bar, or were seated at one of the gaming tables. Mary was offering advice to the town drunk, Bert, who had his face sideways on the worn oak bar top. Every so often she would pass, and grip his hair to lift his face, and wipe the drool puddle up before setting it down again. “You should be ‘ome tending to that wife of yours…not slobbering ya chops on me fine wood.” The town drunk belched loudly, and then soundly dozed off, as many a patron laughed at his antics. It was a night so young, and one surely to be remembered. <3>

jsmoothington: ~after a hard fought battle he leaves the battfiled honoured that victory was awarded to him when the sound of the nearby inn caught his ear. Spreading his great wings of ice he took to the air in the direction of the sounds, the wind rushing past his smooth skin the angel realized how hungry he was. Softly he lands in front of the door and enters surveying the room looking for the innkeeper.~ Good day milord’s and ladies

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – The large oak doors to the Inn swung open, bringing with it a blast of wintery chill, that had many turn from their card games and places by the fire, with looks of curiosity at the one that entered with his greeting of Good day. Up atop the stairs, Mary Muggins was clearing tables, and spotted the new arrival down the stairs. “Good day to ya. If it be a drink ya fancy, come right up here, and I will wet ya whistle with some of Arachnea’s finest.” Carrying her tray back to the bar, she nudged Bert the town drunk, so he fell off his stool asleep. “There…I even made a spot for ya.” She said cheerfully, wiping up the drool soaked bar. <3>

jsmoothington: ~smiles brightly as the smell of the tavern filled his nose, making his way up the stairs he folded his wings and sat at the bar ~ Thank you kindly ~his voice was deep and calming~ I am sir smooth might i trouble you for a pint of mead?

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Mary Muggins nodded briskly, as she went to the large oak barrel behind her, and turned the handle right, as the mead poured into a large earthen ware mug. As it reached the top of the brim, she gave the handle a quick flick, and spun around, placing the mug in front of the traveller. “That be a single rend, for the mead.” She gave the bar a quick wipe, before placing her hands upon her svelte hips. “If ya hungry…tonight is either the roasted wild boar, or got a nice rabbit stew on the fire pit.” She suggested. <3>

jsmoothington: ~he nods courtesly reaching to his waist he pulls a small purple coin purse made of velvet, he pulls out three rends and leaves them on the bar~ thank you m’lady ~he says as he raises the pint to his lips and drinks the deeply before setting down his drink smiling warmly~ keep the change for that is some of the best mead I’ve had in a long time and no thank you for the food I’m a strict pescatarian

jsmoothington: ~surveying the room once again closes his eyes and takes in the sounds of the tavern hearing the cracking of the wood in the fire pit he smiles contently~ this is a lovely tavern barkeep

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Mary’s face appeared quizzical, when told that the traveller was a pescatarian, and a strict one at that. “Oh..I’m not too well read. My mother didn’t believe gals should be reading…and stuff. But glad you like the mead, Sir.” Serving another patron, she couldn’t help but ask the traveller. “Ya looking a bit worse for wear. Not been fighting up in the hills against the Dreaded Ned and his hive of bandits, have ya?” <3>

jsmoothington: ~noting her look he smiled~ all i mean m’lady is that the only meat i eat is fish my apoligies i meant no disrespect as to your question indeed i have been fighting the bandits though this is nothing it should heal in a few hours we angels tend to heal fast ~he said with a wince~ though i think they may have been using dark magic usually my wounds would be healed by now~

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – When the kind gentleman explained what a pescatarian was, Mary leaned back and sounded out “Oooo. A lover of fish. Well why didn’t ya say. I do a great smoked trout.” She beamed with pride, since she loved nothing more than fishing in the nearby brook. Course, the moment, that the stranger announced he was an angel, Mary looked set to faint. “Blessed be…an angel down from the very Heavens?” She clasped her hand upon her bosom and then lent forward as though to whisper. “Dark magic…ooo that is evil stuff right there. Will ya be needing a bed to rest your head this eve?” She was genuinely concerned for his welfare. <3>

jsmoothington: ~he looked at her kindly smiling at her excitement and pride~ Madam I would be honored to try some of your smoked trout if its not too much trouble ~reaching into his coin purse he pulls out 20 rands and places them on the bar close to her~ For your trouble m’lady and no i should be fine just a nice place to rest my wings for a bit and ill be in tip top shape

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- -Taking the twenty rends, Mary Muggins bobbed a courtesy, and then stuffed the money down her top, before gesturing over to the mess hall on the left of the bar. “Nursey is the cook, a fine stout lady, and the tables are all set. Just you be telling her that you get the extra big fish.” She then hollered loudly across the taven. “OI NURSEY…FISH ON A DISH FOR ONE!” Nursey poked her head round the corner, a small lady with large breasts. She wore an apron, and a large blue smocked dress. “FISH ON A DISH…RODGER!” she then saluted and you could hear the clatter of pans. Mary smiled at the Angel. “After your fish dinner, I have Misty draw you a bath down stairs before bed. She is our hand maiden. Makes her own soap.” She chortled. <3>

jsmoothington: ~looks puzzeld that such a small woman could yell so loudly he chuckled to himself~ pardon me m’lady but i do not belive ive had the pleasure of learning your name

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: “I be Miss Mary Muggins. Daughter of Teddy Muggins, and I be the owner of this here establishment. Pleased to be meetin’ ya, Sir.” She said, offering her hand to shake. <3>

KingFalthosHellbore: -The sun still had some distance in the sky. He reckoned roughly three to four hours roughly before its golden hues became snuffed out as the horizon would swallow it once more. He shifted his weight only a moment to adjust his rucksack, as well as his slung bow and quiver, making himself more comfortable whilst he walked down the dirt road. His blackened robes would cling to him, keeping him comfortably warm against the winds. He ran a hand through his hair, only to methodically rub his black beard. As he walked, he came upon the sight of what appeared to be an Inn. “How convenient. ” he thought to himself. He walked for a good ten minutes before he would come to the threshold. He could hear light chatter inside, always a good sign for company. He would slowly push open the door, allowing himself into view. He stood roughly shy of six feet. Lanky in his physique, however, he had a sharp eye about him. He would softly let down the burden he carried upon his back, breathing a sigh of relief before he said in a rather thick scottish accent ” Evnen. Mind if I pop in fer the night?”

jsmoothington: ~takes her hand and notes how soft her skin was for a working woman~ the pleasure be mine mary ~hearing the giant oak doors open he sees the traveler and nods in a friendly manner~ evenin’

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Spotting the new gent to make his way to the bar, Mary Muggins gave the Angel a quick nod, before wiping her hands, and then turning her attention the lad with a thick Scottish accent. “Five rends a night, but the sweetest linen and down pillows you ever did rest ya head on, Sir.” Mary offered, gesturing to the lower bedrooms on the ground floor. “And if it’s a bed warmer ya be needin’, I have just the girl for you…or..if you prefer we can use the bed pan filled with coals.” <3>

KingFalthosHellbore: -He heard the lady speak to him. Seeming to not entirely ignore the lad, but he gave a brief nod to the male, more out of habit than obligation. He would scratch his beard thoughtfully before he spoke out ” Im a wee bit light on coin, would ye be willin to make a trade?” his dark green eyes stared politely into hers as any man would when addressing someone directly.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – “Aye…I can do a trade with ya.” Mary said confidently, knowing that this was the way of many a trader and traveller, to help pay for his keep. “What ya be offering, for a night at the Ox?” she asked with raised eyebrow. <3>

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – The cook banged a large metal bell, and sung out loudly. “Fish for one!” Mary Muggins laughed at the sound of the clanging bell. She smiled at the Angel, and said. “I think ya dinner be ready, Sir.” <3>

KingFalthosHellbore: “Well, ye see here Lass, I am a hunter. I jus’ so happen to have been a pokin’ around the North ‘ere just this past few months. I was able to get me a pup ‘er two. Beautiful white coats. Be willin to trade a fur a night, make great coats, or trophies if ye be willin to sport em. And if ye be needed food, I could go out a ways ‘ere, and fetch you some game. What’da say? Eh?” -he said, sporting a rather hearty smirk-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – “Hmm pelts? I be happy to take a pelt of fine fur off ya hands, for a night here at the Ox. Tell ya what, I be throwing in a free meal up at the kitchen.” She nodded, and gestured to the stairs. “Just that way, Sir.” <3>

jsmoothington: ~sips his mead letting it wash over him as he heard the bell ring the smell of smoked trout fillied his nose as mary set the plate in front of him~ it smells delicious m’lady you are too kind ~he would say with a smile before cutting into it he says a blessing, he cuts a piece the steam rises from it dancing infront of him. He would take a bite the food tickles his taste buds~ mary this is abosultly delicious

Onsllaughter: -An eerie black void embarked within a vacant room within the Inn, Black Embers began to disperse out from the void as an armored entity took his first steps out, two thumps would be heard from the sound of his heavily armored boots thudding against the wooden flooring of the room. The dark embers trickled off his armor as the seemingly burned black, as a black transparent mist followed behind the falling embers from the entity. He wore a dark hood with a face cover to shy away his facial markings. His shoulders emitting a blue essence from his armor, the eyes of this man were offensive and daring as they were a blue~chrome color. The skin of this entity commented his eyes as it was a pale color, and the rest of his armor seemingly fitted his moderate muscular form with perfection. A few weapons resided on the being though the only obvious weapons were the two blades on his lower backside, and so the entity walked forth into other rooms till he found the stair case, his heavily armored boots making that clunk sound due to the weight of him plus the armor itself, The burning black embers appeared to constantly fall off of the being’s body without a trace from whence it started, though slowly disappearing when hit the floor. Finally the being reached the top of the stairs where he found others amongst himself, manoeuvring to a table he chose and sat in, pulling out a transparent map to study till someone would interrupt himself, he looked to noone and payed no attention to anything happening..Well..Anything important that is, as he always kept an awareness to his surroundings-

jsmoothington: ~continues to eat his dinner savouring every bite he washes it down with the rest of his mead he closes his eyes feeling content and comfortable~

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: Nursey in the kitchen was well pleased, when she heard the kindly remarks from the Angel, who had sit down to have a helping of the fish caught by the Inn keeper Mary Muggins. “It’s how ya smoke the dish, that brings out the taste, Sir.” Nursey said, folding her arms and smiling broadly. <3>

iDisequilibrium: -Oh what joy. Oh what fun. Oh what… WAIT! What joy? What fun? Who is kidding who here? Being a freaking mortician is never funny. No, wait, ok, ok. It does have its moments, and its perks, especially when the customer has some gold and jewels on him or her. But other than that, it is deadly quiet. HA! Deadly quiet. But yeah, anyway. Being a mortician sucks sometimes, but it sucks even more when there are two morticians. And to make matters even worse, twins who are morticians. And so Athon and Vathon were bored as hell, so they decided to go for a stroll in the town. Walking and walking while wearing their black robes that covered their whole bodies, and those silken scarves that covered their faces, the two brothers finally stumbled upon some inn.- [Athon.] “I say we enter here.” [Vathon. “I say we enter here too.” [Athon.] “It is decided then.” –And after the short discussion between the brothers, the young brother, Vathon kicked the door and slammed it open as he shouted with all of his might.- [Vathon.] “EXCUSE ME! I HAVE A SERIOUS QUESTION! IS THIS SPARTA?!” –Vathon asked, only to get punched across the face by his older brother, Athon.- [Athon.] “YOU IMBECILE! Where do you think you are?” –Athon said and looked around, certain that all the patrons would be staring at them.- “Please forgive my young brother, he seriously needs to stop using those herbs.” –Athon said and Vathon rubbed his head.- [Vathon.] “That was mean, brother. What if my skull cracks open?” [Athon.] “If it does, then it did. Now, shut up and let’s have a drink.” –Athon said and both brothers headed towards the bar where they sat down and Athon looked at the fine young woman with the most amazing pair of tits that he had ever seen.- [Athon.] “Oh my, your eyes are so beautiful.” –He said and shook his head as he pulled down his scarf to reveal his face, that of an average man with a moustache.- “Please, bring us some of the finest wine you have.”

jsmoothington: ~is startled at the loud banging seeing the two bothers enter and sit at the bar he chuckles at what appeared to be the younger one’s joke he gives a friendly nod to the pair~

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Mary Muggin’s skirts brushed across the timber flooring to see the arrival of the twins at the bar. Their voices rang out in the echo of the halls, and she even found herself aghast at their wit. “Ahahaha….what a pair you make. Wine it is then.” Mary said, hoisting up her bosom, and then going to fetch a bottle from beneath the bar top. She brought it out with two mugs, that had been cleaned with her cloth. “There ya go, me lads. So what brings the likes of you to the Ox and Cart?” she asked, as the other patrons were also keen to hear their story. <3>

jsmoothington: ~goes back to plucking the harp playing soft music his belly full of mead and trout he was truely relaxed and noted that his wounds seemed to be healing~

iDisequilibrium: -It was Vathon who noticed the weird looking man who nodded at them and nudged his brother.- [Vathon.] “Say, brother. That man over there just nodded at us.” [Athon.] “I think that he likes you.” [Vathon.] “He likes me?!” –The surprised Vathon said as Mary Muggins just came with two mugs of wine.- “But brother, I don’t like men. I like only women. Fat ones, slim ones, extra slim ones, normal ones, bald ones, hairy ones, short ones, tall ones, I love them all. I certainly don’t like men at all.” –Vathon said as Athon merely nodded his head while looking at Mary’s tits.- [Athon.] “I thank you kindly M’Lady. As for why we are here, we just needed something to quench our thirst.” –Athon said and was holding back as much as he could for not punching his brother again.- “One more word and you will fly outside the window.” –Athon said and shot a glare at Vathon who gulped and pulled his scarf down to reveal a face similar to his brother’s, but with two large teeth that were protruding from his mouth and made him look like a bunny.- [Vathon.] “Of course brother, of course. But I really do not like men. I really only like women.” Vathon said and got another glare from Athon.- “Alright, alright.” –Athon shook his head a few times and sighed deeply before gulping down half the mug. Then he wiped his lips with his sleeve and looked at Mary.- [Athon.] “Forgive my brother. I accidentally closed the casket with him inside when he was little. We only realized that after a few hours. After that, he has been like this.” –Athon said and pointed Vathon who was shoving his fingers inside the mug and then licking them, grinning and smiling like a child.-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: The Ox and Cart is the best in the lands for its meads, and wines, no finer would you get anywhere else.” She said proudly, jutting out her chest like that of a proud mother hen. The two gents continued with their banter, and she lent her elbow on the bar top, to listen to their tales of childhood merriment. “Oh..fancy banging his head with a casket lid…why I never.” Her laughter could be heard, as the other patrons were all now enjoying the ruckus. “Oh..I be forgiven ya alright.” She chortled, offering the pair a board of sweet meats and sour dough loaf to have with their wine. “Eat up…it be good for the pair of ya.” <3>