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Lacardis Prime.

Death of a Snake Charmer.


PandoraNine: Rising now from a deeper slumber, she looked around the room, trying to peek out without falling off the bed. No idea what time it was, or how long she’d been sleeping, she flung her feet over the bed again and pattered out into the main room. Feeling better than before, she wasn’t hung-over, but she still wasn’t a morning person. She winced and hobbled up the stairs to the bar, giving a yawn and a big stretch before she sat down.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -The afternoon in the Inn was a time when many could catch their breath from the peak times of breakfast and luncheon. At the bar, Mary was doing a count of the takings thus far, hopefully enough to pay the suppliers, merchants and other traders that the Inn did business with. Nursey was snoozing in the corner, leaning against a large man, who happened to be her husband. He was the town butcher, and had done a delivery, and this was one of the few peaceful times they had together. Mary spotted the young lass approach, and then glanced up at the clock. “You been needing rest, Lass, I hope the bed was to your liking.” <3>

PandoraNine: “Aye it was.” She forced out a smile even though it was the exact opposite of how she felt at the moment. “How long was I aslee-?” Her voice was cut off by another yawn and she rubbed at the bridge of her nose with a groan.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: “Long enough…” Mary said, almost with a laugh, to catch the girl talking in the midst of a yawn. “I got some coffee brewing in the kitchen. I think you could use some.” With that, she walked around the bar, and headed into the kitchen, where there was a large black coffee pot on the heat. She took it off, and poured a small mug, before setting the pot back, and returning to place the mug on the bar top. “There, that helps with the sleepy eyes.”

PandoraNine: “Danke again, miss.” She was repeatedly surprised everyday by the kindness of the people in the area, whether they realized it or not. She took a few tiny sips first, testing the heat on her tongue before taking longer sips. “It’s so quite.. It’s weird.”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: “Its from strange traveller, who passes this way every so often. Always has the most exotic beans, you ever did taste. Why, I even coated them in white chocolate once….kept me awake for hours.” she said with a laugh, as Nursey let out a loud snore. “Poor Nursey, works so hard, and cooks non stop…well, until she takes a rest, like now.” Mary put away the takings box behind the counter, then study the girl’s features, she then asked. “Can I see your hands?”

PandoraNine: “Uh.. uh yeah- sure.” Rachel released the mug from her hands and held them out toward Mary, raising an eyebrow.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Mary took the girl’s hands, and then turned them over, running her fingers along the lines, but more so…it was the lack of calluses, that had her quirk a brow. “Hmmm..” These were not the hands of a seamstress, or one that worked the fields. Perhaps she worked with children, a governess, or…maybe….”Such soft hands…fine and dainty too.” Mary mused, giving them a pat and letting them go. If what she suspected was true, the girl’s secret was safe with her.- <3>

PandoraNine: When Mary released her hands, she stopped to look down at them herself. They were in fact tiny, like the rest of her body, but she did catch on to what Mary was saying. Her face flushed a baby pink and she shook her head, returning to the mug to take another drink. If she really wanted to know, she’d ask. Rachel wasn’t afraid to tell anything.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Those that passed through the doors of the Inn over the years, had made their mark on Mary. Tales from shipwrecked sailors, merchants that had sold all their goods, to pay gambling debts, runaway lovers, that sought a room in which to consummate their love…oh, Mary had seen and heard it all. But she was never one to pry, more so, the drink often made for loose lips and fast tongues. She smiled at the girl, watching how her cheeks flushed to a sweet shade of pink. “Tis okay, Lass, I not be to pry into the lives of a girl on the move.”

PandoraNine: “Not really on the move, miss. Just looking for a new home.” She shrugged a bit, not really feeling like a runaway as such.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: “A new home?” Mary asked back, curious as to why such a maiden would seek a new home. “Goodness, please tell me that you are not having to sleep under the trees and by the creeks? Tis a dangerous world out there for a noble woman such as yourself.” There it was, Mary let it slip. She quickly tried to correct her gaff. “Oh…uhm..I mean…err…” she stuttered- <3>

PandoraNine: “Well.. nien. I’ve been travelling areas, staying at taverns and Inns, figuring out the areas. I know some areas more than others obviously, my time at the castle left me plenty of room to explore wherever I wanted, yanno..” She took another sip and looked up to Mary.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: ~Castle?!~ Well that was how it sounded in Mary’s head anyways, though she dare not say it out loud in such an astonished voice. Watching the girl sip her coffee so casually, after stating such a fact, left Mary almost speechless….well, almost. “I hope then our little Inn measures up to the fancy ones in Arachnea. I even hear they have outdoor chamber sheds.” <3>

PandoraNine: “Aye, they do. Trust me miss, anything is better than being there..” She huffed and brushed her hair back from her face again, shaking her head in disapproval. “Don’t get me wrong it’s nice.. if you’re built for that kind of life. I just couldn’t do it..”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -This was now so intriguing for Mary, that she brought her elbow up to the counter and rested her chin on her upturned palm. “But…isn’t it all fancy, and…you have people wait on you and you would have pheasant, morning noon and night.” Mary had no idea what the life of Rachel must have been like, but imagined it was the stuff that was in children’s stories. “So you roam the country side, seeking adventure then?”

PandoraNine: “Yes, people wait on you. But it’s because they are forced too, not because they have any interest in you. I don’t like the high life, because it’s all so fake.” She huffed once again, rubbing her temples, trying to figure out how to explain this and put it into words. “It’s all politics. Nobody can be real with each other.. I just can’t stand that. Being forced in a room with people you know you hate and that hate you.. being forced to play nice. Just because ‘that’s how royalty acts'” her last words came out in a kind of sing-song mocking voice, and she rolled her eyes. “So yes, when I resided at the castle, I did spend most of my time outside wandering around. Mostly only came back to sleep and eat.. I hated being at home.”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -This was certainly a revelation for Mary, who never knew of such a life. From a wee age, her father had said that she would inherit the family business, when he was ready to retire, course that came much sooner than expected, when he died in a riding accident. His horse having tripped, and both rider and the horse died instantly. Since that event, Mary worked in the tavern. Grateful though, at the chance to pay homage to her father’s memory. Here, they served their guests, as though they were extended family, not because they had to, but a community should look out for one another, even those that are down trodden. Mary made sure of that. “When you finish your wanders, do you think that you would ever return to that life, or settle down with a nice farmer or trader?”

PandoraNine: “Settling down is what I’m leaning toward, I really have no intentions of going back to that place..” She finished her cup of coffee and rose from her seat. “If you don’t mind, I’m going to go look around the rest of the town. But I’ll be sure to be back before it gets dark. We can talk more later if you wish.” She bowed her head with respect and danced down the stairs, stopping to leave her coin purse and her necklace on the bed she claimed for the last few days. After leaving her belongings in safety, she disappeared out the door without another word.

Estus Delta – Arachnea

VictorVonDrake: ~The boat shook left to right under the waves that crashed alongside it as it approached. The vessel vaguely resembled a long boat. The bow having a wooden carving of a sea serpent with his mouth opened, twin fangs broad. It made its way around.~[Captian Maleos]“We’ve never been this far north west. I can still not see any signs of land.” ~The Captain said, looking out onto the ocean blue which the sky above them darkened that cheery color rapidly. Daedalus sat on a barrel behind him in front of the mask as its sail was opened wide. ~ [Daedalus]“Fear not Captain and have faith in the Oracles.” ~He said before giving a laugh, repeating the words Captain Maleos gave to him several days earlier for his own doubts.~[Daedalus] “If the Oracles were so sure, perhaps they should have come with us and shared in the bounty of this new world?” ~Daedalus said with such sarcasm before crossing his legs and leaning his head back against the mast as the first few droplets of rain came down on his head onto his face.~ [Captain Maleos] “Bah, You should know better than to doubt the oracles, not to mention it’s bad for your health if others were to hear it.” ~The old captain said, keeping his eyes on what seemed to be the endless horizon. ~ [Daedalus.] “Dear Maleos, I do not doubt the oracles, after all who would not believe in a group of blind elder priest who claim they see visions. I for one am grateful to be sent off to Serpent know were for Serpent knows what. The preaching of fools falling upon the ears of fools who believe them. “Daedalus replied with spite. [Captian Maleos] “I’d guess that’d make us the bigger fools, but if you don’t have faith in the oracles visions, at least have faith will find what was in the priest visions because death means otherwise.” Maleos stated, knowing they did not have enough provisions to make it back. The spirits of the people on board the ship down as lightening started to crackle in the sky. The ship now starting to be tossed across the waters. The men stirring into action, all hands on deck as they tried to navigate through the storm. They upped the sails because of the conflicting wind, Trying not to lose their way, Daedalus just sat there. He was not one of the Sailors. He could hear some of the men panicking. They could barely see where they were heading as thunder roared above, the heavy rain pouring down upon them. This continued for hours before finally starting to clear up and a fog rolled in. The vessel continued forward blindly and Daedalus was still just sitting there.~ [Daedalus.]“So Captain how is your faith doing?”~He spoke before the Captian just giving out a disgruntled “Bah”, as things were looking dire before things made a turn for the good and bad.~ “ROCKS!” ~One of the saliors before the ship was shoved alongside them, finally knocking Daedalus off his barrel as the ship tore into them. ~ [Captian Maleos] “By the Serpent!”~He ship started to tilt the men holding onto the deck as Daedalus was able to catch a glimpse of land just beyond the rocks, looking up to the flag seeing the direction it was. He quickly lowered the flag which then pushed the ship right off the rocks but alas it was still sinking.~ “Captain Maleos, we need to get around these rocks and beach the ship right there!”~Daedalus pointed to rocky landing before Maleos and the sailors stirred to action. Finding a way around and everyone grabbing an oar, even Daedalus and rowing hard. Water flooding into the ship but eventually the crashed right the landing. The men started to hop out of the ship quickly before the waves took them back out to see, barely beached as men started to quickly toss supplies over, taking all they could carry before making their way upwards.~[Captian Maleos]: “See, this is what you get for doubting the Oracles Daedalus. Now we are stranded here. “~Maelos said after everyone set up Camp. ~ [Daedalus] “Well, regardless atleast now I can do what I suppose to when we arrived. I’ll set out tomorrow morn, I have land to explore.” ~Daedalus said before giving out a sigh, kicking back on the grass and closing his eyes.~

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- And while in the Inn of Mary Muggins, there was movement, as the young blue blood sought to go out for the day and explore, in another part of Arachnea, there was a tall stone structure, that was nestled in amongst the foot hills that rolled down to the shore line of the Estus Delta. Upon the landing, near a gabled balcony, stood a woman with hair the colour of the Reddest sun. Eyes of pure jade, stared out into the bay, for the storms that had passed over the once calm waters, were abating. So many ships often got swept up on the rocks that lined the coast line, and it was always the fear of the red haired demon, that disaster would again befall those that sailed under the flag of the Arachnid. Dressed simply, in a white cotton night shirt, since she had spent much of the morning in bed, this time of day was unusual to even spy her out on the stone ledge. But as the winds died down, there was a sound almost unmistakable. Lorelei’s most trusted; Baldrick entered her quarters, and saw her silhouette in the archway. He coughed politely and then asked. “Is everything alright…you’re not even dressed.” He took up her robe and brought it up to drape over her shoulders. He stared at her as she kept her gaze locked on the horizon. “You saw it too, surely.” She said, clutching the robe around her neck. Baldrick knew she must have meant the storm. “Aye…I did. Treacherous seas, for whoever is out there.” :: Back in the Inn, Mary checked on the young girl’s bed, and sure enough, she had left behind her purse and necklace, as though as down payment to keep the room for herself. Mary closed the door, and locked it, so it was ready for when the young lass returned. <3>

The Ox and Cart Inn.

Guest_Shrurak: Nagari slowly pushed the head of the tavern open, using his massive heads a battering ram to force it open, his massive body slowly sliding in behind him as he slithered across across the wooden the floor. His large ebony scales scraped slightly against the floor, light shimmering off of them as he moved, as he instinctively moved his head to slither towards the fireplace. Nagari’s tongue flickered out as he moved closer to the fire, already half way to it, most of his massive body now inside. His head slowly rose off of the floor, hovering 7 feet in the air, as he approached the fire, his body coiling up tightly beneath him as he remained next to it, his slitted eyes looked s=around the room, his tongue flickering out more.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – As luck would have it, the local Indian merchant had arrived with his batches of curry powders and stock for the chef Nursey, but when he saw the opened door, he peeked in and saw the massive snake, that was now coiled and flickering its tongue at the patrons, of the Ox and Cart Inn. “Oh golly golly golly gosh. What do we have here? Oh Miss Muggins…you have a snake in your Inn.” Mary was hiding behind one of the couches, when she looked at Punjab and whispered. “No kidding ya daft man. Course it’s a snake.” The Indian merchant placed down his satchels of curry powders and approached the over sized snake. All the other patrons thought he was mad. “Do not fear, Miss…I am the best snake handler in alllll of Arachnea.” He then held up his hat, and waved it at the snake. “Oh by jingos…what brings you in here from your hole…hmm?” he asked of the snake, trying to take his attention off the others in the Inn and on him instead. He did a little dance, trying to hypnotise the snake…but would it work? <3>

Guest_Shrurak: Nagari hissed softly at the man who had removed his hat and waved it around, causing Nagari to chuckle sinisterly, a strange smile coming across his massive head. ” I am not ssssome ordinary garden sssnake.” He hissed, his slitted eyes now locked onto the strange man, his tongue flickering out slowly before his gaze turned to the others, scanning everyone over. “And I am not ssso easssily fooled like my lesssser brethren.” He added.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- The crazy Indian curry merchant, was doing some kind of dance, like that of a Hindu priest. His head bopping back and forth and with fancy footwork to boot. For every direction the massive head of the snake went, the Indian snake charmer followed suit. ” I am not ssssome ordinary garden sssnake.” The snake hissed with a sinister smile upon his lips. The Indian was full of bravado, and countered with. “And I am the state champion for dealing with a ten headed cobra. Wooooooo…weeee…watchhh mmeeee.” He gyrated and swivelled his hips, as well as his head bopping from side to side. The other patrons ooed and ahhed at the antics of the brave, or very stupid Indian. Up at the bar, the town drunk was taking bets. “”Ten rends on the Snake eating him whole…” A flurry of hands went up as he started taking their bets. <3>

Guest_Shrurak: Nagari hissed loudly opening his mouth wide, unlike most snakes he had a four massive fangs, two for his upper and lower jaw. His body coiled up tighter as he prepared to strike the rather annoying man, his body coiling tighter and tighter. As he did this his head snake down on top of the coils and his tongue flickered out before suddenly he launched forward, being so large he easily could strike at ten feet away, and just as quickly as his smaller cousins. Nagari bit down on the man’s stomach, his head almost covering the male’s entire mid section as he reeled back, forcibly pulling the man with him. Now close enough to do some damage Nagari began to wrap his coils around the males body, releasing his fangs and encasing him from head to toe in thick muscular coils that tightened around him, the sound of a few bones cracking and joints dislocated echoed from within the coils as he waited for the man to simply suffocate.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- And that was the end of the crazy Curry merchant. For all his fancy footwork, dazzling hip moves and epic head wobbles, he was simply not fast enough, or not bright enough, to see the massive snake launch at him with rocket like reflexes. ~WOMP!~ A collective gasp from some of the female patrons, while up at the bar. “We have a winner!” the town drunk cried out, as the other bar patrons cheered loudly. Sad to say, the poor Merchant didn’t say another word, as he was being crushed, bone by bone, and consumed by the mammoth python. <3>

VictorVonDrake: ~The next morning came quickly, the light shining down on him above which caused him to open his eyes. His right hand coming forward, holding in front of his face as his eyes adjusted. He then lifted himself up out of the grass. Some of the men were gathered around a fire. Daedalus was not much of a morning person. He was able to salvage his equipment before the ship was carried back out to sea, he grabbed his two Oenarian blades. They resembled scimitars, only the blade was just a little bit straighter with a solid two edged point, having metal engraving of a snake wrapped in a coil that made the guard with the head of the snake open mouthed at the pommel with fangs jutting out. It was subtle not really flashy. He then got his bow and quiver filled with arrows. Daedalus was a ranger of sorts, though in his homeland a ranger was something slightly different. He was taught to survive and trained as a warrior. Rangers in Oenarian culture served as wardens, travelling between island and island. Being on this land he would have to adapt to the different flora and fauna, various types of creatures. After a talk with Maleos, telling them to set up a camp more fortified camp, he then scurried on out into the wilderness. Surprisingly, it was not long till he found civilization. A road with smoke out on the distance. Daedalus looked particularly foreign, black hair with leather armor. He finally saw a large building, with a sign of a Ox and Cart engraved on a wooden plague. He made it inside just as the Giant snake wrapped around the Indian and started constricting him to death. This was a relatively common sight in Oenarius, though usually it was a Naga instead of a giant snake. “Hmmm..”~He said, looking around at the others to make sure nothing was out of the ordinary. The people seemed strange to him one crying out “We have a winner” Good thing they spoke in similar tongues, Daedalus made his way over to the bar and sat down on the seat.~

Guest_Shrurak: Nagari hissed as he synched his coils down even tighter, making sure the man was dead, blood pouring out from between his massive coils before he released the man’s body, simply dumping him to the floor. With relative ease Nagari began to take the man into his mouth, his upper and lower jaw moving strangely as it slwoly pulled the man into his stomach. It did not take long for nagari for completely swallow the man who only made a small bulge form. “He wasss much more entertaining in death.” Nagari hissed before reclaiming his spot by the fireplace.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: The Innkeeper was shocked, and I mean gobsmacked by what had happened. The first death in the Inn this week. Certainly not the nicest way to watch a man die, but he died whilst entertaining the other patrons…so to speak. Mary rose slowly, seeing the serpent reclaim his place by the fire, with the small bulge, that was obviously his evening meal. “I heard Indian was a fast food, but that is ridiculous.” She backed up slowly and picked up the bags of curry powder and naan bread, the Indian trader had …left behind, before taking the Long way up to the bar, so not to bother the large snake. <3>

Guest_Shrurak: Nagari hisssed softly as he coiled up next to the fire, his massive head hidden somewhere within his coils as he did, his tongue flickering from his mouth as he watched the patrons of the taverns, half expecting someone to come over and try to stab him to death.

VictorVonDrake: ~Daedalus just sat there at the table. Unsure of the customs of this land so just looked about how they reacted. These were the common folk, turned his head to the man sitting beside him.~ “Who is the keeper here?”~Daedalus asked before the man raised his hand, extending a index finger, pointing towards the woman who grabbed the traders goods. Daedalus sat there, trying to figure out how to approach her. He had questions to ask about where this place is and what this land was called.~

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – “I be the Innkeeper..” Replied Mary who dumped down the bags of curry powder and paste on the bar top. Nursey, the cook, spluttered and woke to smell the scent of curry and sat bolt upright. “Ooo my order. Where is Punjab?” she asked, rubbing her eyes with her fists. Mary pointed back down the stairs. “Inside a giant snake..” Nursey blinked, then thought Mary was pulling her leg. “What?” Mary nodded..”Giant…snake.” Nursey had to see this and toddled over to the edge of the railing and sure enough, down by the fire there was…a giant serpent with a tell tale bulge. “Blow me..” Mary took up the bags of curry and handed them to Nursey. “Err no. Just take these to the kitchen, while I figure out how to move the ten tonne snake off the mat.” Looking back at the new arrival, she then remembered her manners. “Can I be getting you anything, before I call the wild life inspector about my snake problem?” <3>

LadyBelz: It was the screaming that alerted Kiman that something was wrong. He awoke with a start, flying from his bed in only his undergarments, opening the door to his room and running out on the landing in time to see the largest snake ever swallow a dancing Indian man whole, sandals and all. Some of the more…delicate…patrons of the inn were either frozen in shock or fear, had fainted, or were quietly relieving their stomach contents all over the floor. Turning back, he ran down the landing and rapid-fire knocked on the door to the room Belz was staying in. Baen answered the door, disapproval of his actions clearly written all over her face. “Stand aside woman!” he growled, pushing past her. She grabbed his arm. “She is not decent, My Lord!” she stated. “This is important, wench!” He tried shaking her from his arm as he barrelled into the room but she was like a rabid dog with a particularly juicy bone and would not let go. He made it into the room and darted around the dressing screen, mouth open to begin his explanations on why he would barge into The Queen’s quarters but the words died a swift death upon his lips…

VictorVonDrake: “Snake problem?”~He asked raising a brow, looking over to the snake and back at her.~ “Heh.. I actually just could use some help. I am new to these lands, so to speak. What is the land called? Do you happen to have a map or anything I can take a look at?”~He said, thinking on how to present himself.~ “My name is Daedalus, me and my fellow travelers crashed not far from here.. we are new here and could use some assistance. Nothing dire I assure you.”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Mary was still a little pale from watching the untimely death of the Indian merchant, and now free of the bags of curry that were taken into the kitchen by Nursey, she was half free to help the new arrivals, while in the background there were screams, and odd noises coming from the quarters of the latest guests. “Bleedin’ heck” It was all happening today. “Maps.? Yes, down in the see, we have this snake….” she tried to explain, and that if the men wanted the maps, they would need to get past him first. With wild hand gestures and the odd hiss sound coming up from below, things were a bit strained. “Mary..Mary Muggins. Really nice to meet you. Uhm…you don’t know much about snakes do you?” <3>

LadyBelz: Belz had just stepped from her morning bath when Kiman had appeared around the screen. He stood frozen in shocked surprise, just staring. Water flowed from her naked body in rivulets, drawing his attention to her in a way he had never thought about his Queen before. Clad only in thin material, his body’s reaction was very apparent to such beauty and he began to wonder why he’d never noticed this about her before. “Something I can help you with, Captain?” Belz smirked, seemingly ignoring the man. Baen, realizing keeping him away was a lost cause, darted around him to cover her Lady’s nakedness with the towel she’d had in her hands. Kiman snapped back to reality with an embarrassed flush to his skin and turned his back quickly. “I apologize, My Lady. By all rights I should be killed for staring upon you.” He bowed his head in submission. Her dark chuckle made him tense and the hand on his shoulder nearly caused him to jump out of his skin. The smell of whatever perfumes she had been using in her bath permeated his senses and he resisted the urge to moan. “Nonsense, Kiman. You are my best. But you are also a man. I do not blame you, and you have no need to apologize. You would not have come to my rooms if it wasn’t important.” she reassured him as Baen helped her to dress. “Now what is the emergency?” Kiman shook his head, greatful to have his Queen’s favor and made his report. “There seems to be a large snake down in the inn. It has already killed one person.” Belz slipped her feet into a pair of comfortable cowhide slippers as Baen combed and styled her long hair into a single braid. Belz got to her feet, the whisper of the fabric of her dress loud in the silence of the room. “We are not of these lands and matters such as these do not concern us. We have no need to antagonize whatever wildlife may be in residence. Is that understood?” Kiman bowed. “Yes, My Lady.” She reached out and directed his gaze to her own with a tilt of his chin. “See to the others of our party, make sure they and the horses are well rested and fed. We leave in a few hours.” Kiman nodded and left the room. He heard Baen whisper fiercely behind him, “My Queen, he should have been killed for staring upon your nakedness. Twas not right and your parents would have been ashamed.” He did not hear his Queen’s reply as he stepped into his room. But the image of seeing her completely naked would not leave him. Why had he never noticed that she was a beautiful woman in her own right? Dressing quickly, he headed downstairs, spotting Mary. “My Lady thanks you for your hospitality and requests some food for our continued journey. If you could see to it, we would be grateful.” he commanded, tossing her a moderately sized bag of gold coin.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Mary was one who was a great catch, and I don’t mean in the singles market, I mean, she could catch anything thrown at her, including the sack of gold. She shook it and you could see the cogs in her mind turning, as she was able to mentally calculate by weight and shake, of the total purse value. “My pleasure of course, Sir. Please tell…uhm..your ladyship, that we welcome her to stay with us again…and…Apologies for our small -cough- reptile problem. This sort of thing happens when you are so close to the forest. I will…get Nursey to arrange some take away bags of foods, for your continued journey through these lands. ” She said, and then tried to flash a smile, all the while, trying to figure out how to lure the now content snake away from her fire place and out the door. <3>