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PandoraNine: Eyelids fluttering open, she winced and rolled over the bed, her foot soles landing lightly on the ground. The Tavern was still wildly packed with people, and her head was now throbbing. Rachel looked over to the nightstand by the bed and realized someone had already paid for her stay there. Leaning over the floor, feeling sick, she began to try to remember the previous events from the same night. Everything was a bit blurry and she couldn’t quite remember, but she decided not to move until the feeling of sickness had passed her.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -And it was morning in the Inn. The breakfast service had begun, and Mary was doing her rounds, for those patrons that did stay the night. Seeing the young lady emerge from her state room, Mary wandered over, holding in her arms, a bundle of clothing and a fresh towel. “Morning Miss, Misty be ready to give you a bath, if you just follow me.” If she did follow, Mary would escort the young lady into Misty’s wash room on the ground floor, where a hot bath was waiting. “Just change behind the screen and Misty take care of you.” Misty nods, as Mary closes the door behind them. <3>


PandoraNine: Used to being treated like royalty, she was, but not quite anything with such hospitality. She looked dazed and confused still, rubbing at the dark circles under her eyes as if it would make them go away. Head still pounding, Rachel whimpered softly and looked up at Misty, still quite unclear on the directions. She squinted at every light in the room like it was sent straight from hell to torture her at this exact moment. Eyes falling upon Misty again she slowly slunk over behind the screen, staring into the steam rising from the water. The bath looked so wonderful but at the same time she had no energy to move anymore than she already had..

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Misty was adding special bath salts to the tepid waters, and then using a large wooden paddle, she turned it through the soap water, so it mixed through just right. She kept her gaze down, so the young Lady would not feel embarrassed about changing before the hand maiden. “Water is just right, Miss. Don’t be scared, I seen more tits in my life than a Knight serving an Empress for fifty years.”

PandoraNine: The woman’s voice rose her from her state of mind and she shook her head, regretting it soon after when she felt the rush over her head again. Another whine and she tugged at the corset part of her dress, loosening it enough to slip out. Rachel’s fingertips met her temples and ran in tiny circles, trying to ease away the pain as she slowly descended into the warmth of the water.

Guest_Ammy18iron: a woman knight rides her armoured war horse with in a thick forest and retches a clearing it was day break and she was slumping in her saddle upon looking up she sees smoke and knew it was a tavern she needed a meal and food to restock her bags with her ride wouldn’t end for another 2 days she could use some company after the attack “thieves wanted her gold ”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Misty smiled and took up the lady’s fine clothes, and said “Miss, I be taking these out to the copper to be washed, while you relax, then I come and do your hair.” Misty bobbed, then left the girl to her own devices, closing the door behind her with a soft click. Out at the stable, Mack the stable hand was settling in another trader’s horse, when he heard the clippity clop of another horse in the distance. “Ooo blows and bejeezus. That be a bloody big horse a comin’ ” He kept his eyes peeled in the forest, for the newest arrival.-

PandoraNine: She gave a gentle sigh and sunk down to her nose in the water, eyes slowly closing again. Her hair pooled around her in a kind of blonde mess, but she didn’t mind at the time. The steam floated over her face and nothing could have possibly felt more relaxing to her at that time. Another content sigh and she wiggled her ears, waiting patiently.

Guest_Ammy18iron: as the knight comes closer her black furred horse gave a slight grunt as he unmounted from its back and walked up to the tavern doors and knocked ,she was wearing a gold chainmail dress with a black over coat , silver neck guard, silver gantlets and her long sword at her side ~

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Misty was now out in the washing shed, where Mabel the wash woman was doing the last night’s sheets. “Can you believe these stains?!” Mabel crowed, as Misty took a look. “Ooo young couple in number three ….they had a good rompin'” -gigglesnort- “Oh hush child, and what you be carrying?” Misty gave over the fine clothes. “Fancy Miss is getting a bath, and I have to go back and do ‘er hair.” Mabel held up the petite gown and cried. “Is she a bleedin’ sparrow?” Misty shrugged. “I think Nursey wants to pump her full of breakfast later.” Mabel guffawed, then went back to washing the clothes, as Misty skipped back to the wash room. Opening the door, she spotted the Lady relaxing in the bath. “Ooo Miss, such pretty hair.” She took out the home made shampoo and then started to work in through the young maiden’s locks. “Sooooo what is this about you and Master Angel face, hmm?” :: The young stable hand spies the lady Knight and nearly trips over a wooden bucket. “Now that’s what I call a breast plate.” Mary hear the knock at the door, and goes over to open it. “Welcome to the Ox and Cart.” <3>

PandoraNine: “I’m not sure Miss, I hardly know him. Just spoke for a few minutes, yanno..” She leaned her head back in the slightest, keeping her breathing deep and even to not feel sick. “Why, is he from around here..?”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Misty chuckled softly and then really started to massage the Lady’s scalp furiously. “Nope…but he is a dish. I know Mary talks to him a bit. AND you did see how he knocked Dreaded Ned off his feet. Cor…I wouldn’t mind if he was friendly to me.” Then she got a scoop of water and started to rinse the Lady’s hair. “You know, I hear he paid your keep, Miss.” Misty chortled, as she reached for the conditioner. Squirting it on the top of the Lady’s head, she started to massage her scalp once more.-

Guest_Ammy18iron: the knight nods ~ greetings and think you my lady, travelling to the north food and drink is needed and I’ll pay if needed ~ rests her arm on the hilt of her sword looking rather tired ~

PandoraNine: “I’d believe he did. If I remembered.” She shrugged and opened her eyes only to scoop a tiny handful of water onto her face and wipe it away immediately after. “Be that as it may, I still donno him that well.. It’s not like we have anything going on.”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Mary escorted the Knight into the tavern, where they were serving breakfast up on the landing. “I do you a good price for meal, and a good tankard of mead. Plus, a clean bunk if you so choose, just in case you need to rest before continuing on your journey. Mary gestured up to the top landing where the bar was situated. “Please, make yourself at home.” :: Back in the wash room, Misty is finishing the Lady’s hair, with one last rinse. She listened attentively to the young Lady and then bit her bottom lip. “Ooo you think he be coming back to see you?”

DarkShadow111333: On cobble stone road strode a were tiger rogue her leather armour did hug her curves so close. A katana sturdy but poorly made katana around her waist. over shoulder hung a bag of holding that held to tools of her trade. She smiled and made her way to the taver stepping inside onto wood flooring. She stretched the seven foot tall were tiger being an adventurous sort travelling far and wide having walked a long way she had three things on her mind. A Drink A meal and maybe a woman to share the first two with.

PandoraNine: “I donno, if he wants to he will, aye?” She wiggled her ears and sighed softly, feeling better than before. Before she decided to get out, she stared at the ceiling, contemplating whether to rise and eat breakfast with the rest of them, or head back to bed until she felt back to herself.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Mary made her way back up to her place behind the bar, while the band struck up a merry song on assorted instruments. The lute player, a chap from Talus Quarry winked at Mary, as she rang the bell. ” Come get ya fill, me lads and lasses.” The bar was open and not a moment too soon.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Misty took out the fluffy towel and readied to help the young Miss get out of the bath. “Mary provided a change of clothes, till yours are dry, Miss.” Misty then looked to the ceiling and hummed, tapping her foot, so she didn’t stare at the Lady’s feminine curves.-

Guest_Ammy18iron: the knight smiled ~ thank you and yes please, a meal would grant me much help but no mead just water or wine if you may she walked up to a random table and sat dawn waiting ~

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Nursey, the buxom cook, was doing the breakfast menu of quail eggs and rashes of fatty bacon, followed up with sour dough loaf and cheeses. Seeing the new arrival, she tottered out and then placed down a tray of food before the knight. “That be some of the best food this side of Arachnea, or my name’s not Nursey.” she said with a wink, as Mary poured the Knight a glass of water from an earthen ware jug. “Here you go, M’lady.” Mary said, going back to serve the other patrons.

DarkShadow111333: she passed a woman with pointed ears and blond hair that shone like gold she winked as she passed and gave a flirting wave before making her way up step to the bar. Sitting down she smiled… to the barmaid. She offered three gold coins “I’ll have a drink my dearrrrr lasss” came a voice rough and rolling “yourrrr house ale if you would please…” she purred “and keep the change”

PandoraNine: A small smile again and she nodded her head, rising from the water to wrap herself in the fluffy heaven-ness of the towel. It felt so soft and perfect against her, and she gave another yawn before looking around. In her head she’d decided to eat breakfast then go back to lay down, but even eating a meal would require her to put clothes on. So she did. Slowly slipping into the temporary clothes, she patted down her hair with the towel and ran her fingers through it, walking out into the main room and looking up onto the loft.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: “House ale…on the double.” Mary said with a smile, then went to the large oak barrels, and poured a large tankard of the ale; flicking the tap and spinning back to place it down before the newest arrival. “Bless you, Lass, I got me a swear jar, and normally its for saving few coins, so we can get the cracks in the walls fixed. It’s usually full by the end of the week, but them traders, always seem to do more damage, without swearing. Ahaha.” The coins are dropped in the jar, and Mary polishes the bar top. Spying the now cleaned maiden, Mary waves her up. “Nursey have your breakfast ready soon, M’lady.”

Guest_Ammy18iron: thank you my lady anything would be of help ~ she gave her a warming smile in her oun manner as best she could “after all she was a warrior and also tired” she pulls out a dagger and places it on the table as a cutting knife for her meal to come as she waited ~

PandoraNine: “Danke miss..” She floated up the stairs and seated herself at the same spot at the bar she inhabited the night before, and once again sat to watch the people. The thoughts slowly drifted back to her of Misty, and what she had said about the Angel man. Did he really pay for her room? She couldn’t remember, but she wished she did. Frustration laced her face as her brows furrowed together and her gaze landed on the floor, a muffled huff from under her hair as it fell over her face to hide her features.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Nursey floated around with trays of breakfast meals, setting them down at each table, and nodding politely to each of the new customers and patrons that spent the night. The doors opened again down stairs, with more travellers having come to taste Nursey’s fine foods. Nursey spotted the fine lady with the long flowing hair, and made sure she got an extra helping of bacon. “You look like a sparra’. Eat up and get big and strong, like me.” Nursey chuckled, adjusting her ample bosom, that was always look set to bust out.-

PandoraNine: “Oh thank you..” She smiled, catching herself again and picking up her head. Bacon was her favourite, it seemed like everyone here could read her mind.. Rachel brushed her hair back from her face and picked up pieces of bacon, devouring them in the most delicate way she could manage.

Guest_Ammy18iron: the knight picks up her mug full of water and brings it to her lips humming an old war time song :…..

LadyBelz: It had been many a moon since the Lady Belz had ridden the moors. After leaving her job, ending her disasterous marriage and an equally disasterous stay in the human realm, complicated by the 2 years she had suffered amnesia, topped off by warring with her own sister for the throne of their people and winning, she needed the time to re-aquaint herself with the duties of her House. Riding across the various lands with her enterouge, she noticed a few of them were starting to tire, including the horses they rode. They needed to stop for a night and recover their energies. She called for her master-at-arms. “Kiman, ride ahead a-ways and see if you can locate lodgings for the night. We need to rest.” The man nodded his head. “I am yours to command, My Queen.” He kicked his horse into a fast gallop and was soon out of sight over the hills. She glanced over her shoulder. “We shall rest here and await his return.” The other men with her nodded and gladly removed themselves from their mounts, groaning in appreciation as they stretched tired and achy muscles. Her lady-in-waiting sidled her mount next to her Queen with a nod. “Would you like a dipper of water, Majesty?” Belz shook her head, keeping her eye out for Kiman. “You may rest if you wish, Baen. I have no need of you at the moment, see to the others.” The young girl nodded. “As you wish, Majesty.” One of the men moved to help Baen from her mare and she went to tend her duties. It wasn’t long before Kiman returned. “Good news, My Queen. There is a lodging not far from here by the name of The Ox and Cart Inn, where we may rest before we begin the next leg of our travels.” Belz nodded then, pleased. “Let us go then so that we may rest. Mount up, everyone! A night’s food and rest is only a short ride away.” she commanded. Camp was quickly broken and the large group were on their way.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Thoughts turned to that of the Angel, that had given Dreaded Ned a good whipping, the night before, and Mary was still concerned that Ned may have run into trouble, beyond the hills of the Inn. Smiling at the young lady, who was tucking into her bacon, she asked. “That kind man, he did pay your keep. Most don’t do that, just cause a lass is pretty. I think he took a shine to you, Miss.” Ethel the other barmaid topped up the Knight’s water. “Care for some nuts?” <3>

PandoraNine: “Be that as it may, I don’t know him..” She could repeat herself all she wanted, but she didn’t know what else to say, or how to handle the situation. “A nice gesture though, none the less..” She finished her bacon and licked at her fingertips, the bed sounding better and better as the morning rustle carried on.

Guest_Ammy18iron: Home is behind, The world ahead, And there are many paths to tread, Through shadow, To the edge of night, Until the stars are all alight, Mist and shadow, Cloud and shade… the knight sang as she waited for her meal to be placed on the table, she sighed as she said the word “shade”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Misty came running up the stairs and bobbed before the fine lady that she helped bathe that morning. “I have your room cleaned and new sheets, if you need, Miss. Your clothes be ready in a few hours. We have a library down stairs, if you need to be entertained.” Mary nodded in agreeance. “Aye…some fine books down there, if I do say so myself.” Nursey came out to the knight, and then asked. “What would you like off the menu?”

PandoraNine: She nodded with a small mumble of thanks and slipped off the barrell, slinking back into the bedroom she had before. It was calming, smelled of clean cloth and provided a decent barrier from the surrounding sounds. She knew that once she had a nap and woke again she’d feel better, probably more social and open. Falling into the sheets, she curled up tight and closed her eyes, waiting for sleep to take over her.

Guest_Ammy18iron: anything would be best my lady , cheese , meat bread , anything is fine ~ the knight places 4 gold coins on the table ~

LadyBelz: Arriving in the inn’s courtyard, Belz dismounted from her horse, glancing around at the quaintness of the place. It reminded her of home and how she wished she were back there. Adjusting the sword at her hip, the bow on her back and her chain mail, she strode toward the door and knocked in such a way, one would have thought it had been a man knocking upon the wood. She stepped back and waited.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Taking up the four gold coins, she bites on with her teeth, then nods as its real. “Right. I be right back.” Nursey toddled off to the kitchen, with much clanging and banging, the a few odd grunts, as she carved some fresh pork from the turning spit, with a side of cheese and a small sour dough loaf. A tiny garnish and she strolled back out, setting it before the Knight. “King’s feast…and a treat if you be asking me. Enjoy.” Nursey wiped her hands on her apron, and went back to the kitchen. :: Mary heard a knock at the door, and headed down stairs, in a flurry of skirts. She crossed the floor and opened the door. “Welcome to the Ox and Cart. Please, do come in.” Mary gestured, as the busy crowd behind her, continued to enjoy their morning fare.

Guest_Ammy18iron: as the knight was eating her meal she felt relaxed and happy to have been fed and get sup from her table and walks around awaiting her to come back so the knight would ask her for a favour ~

LadyBelz: Belz nodded to the young woman who answered her knock and directed Baen to go in before her. She turned to Kiman. “No one is to know I am of Royal Blood. We are simply weary travelers requiring food and lodgings. Am I understood?” Kiman nodded. “I understand, My Lady.” Belz nodded and stepped inside, Kiman right behind her. She turned to look at the woman waiting expectantly for them. “Good day. I and my companions are in need of lodgings for a night. Do you have rooms to accommodate?” Belz asked.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Mary gestured with her right hand to the landing on the second floor. “We have lodgings, aye. Ideal for a regiment if need be. More bunks with crisp linen, and down pillows.” The Ox and Cart was famous for hosting many travellers at one time. It did not escape the Inn keeper that the Lady who entered held herself in high regard. Perhaps it was the tone of her voice. Needless to say, Mary would not push the issue. Smiling, she pointed up to the bar. “First place I recommend, is the bar, for a few ales, then Nursey, can get you all fed good and proper.” Back up on the landing, Nursey came to clean away the Knight’s plate. “Hope you be enjoying my cooking, M’lady.” She said with a bright smile.

Guest_Ammy18iron: it did . Mind me for a favour my lady ?

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: “Just ask.” Nursey replied, wondering what the favour may be-

LadyBelz: Belz gave the woman a regal nod, unaware she was giving herself away by her bearing and mannerisms. “I and my party thank you for your hospitality. Is there someone who would care for our horses? They have beared the brunt of our travelling, I’m afraid and could do with some decent care.”

Guest_Ammy18iron: if i can i would need some dried meats and or bread to kip in my bag on reserve on travelling ~ places 3 gold coins in her hand ~

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: “Aye…that be my stable boy. And we do have a blacksmith if any of your horses need a new set of shoes.” Mary rang a large bell, and the stable boy burst into the taven, huffing and puffing. “You rang, Mary?” Mary nodded. “Make sure this party have their horses all stabled while they are in our care, and get Masane, to check their hooves, for wear and tear.” the stable boy nodded furiously and then flew back outside. “Done and done.” Mary chuckled, hoping this would show that they were keen to make sure that their guests were well looked after this day. :: Nursey nodded to the Knight, when she asked for food for her pack. “One moment, let me rustle up some dried meats and make a pack for you.” She scooted back off to the kitchen, to come back a short time later, with a hessian bag. “Everything in here, will keep long as you don’t drop it in the drink.” she said, offering the bag, and taking the coins as payment.-

Guest_Ammy18iron: a warm welcome to a knight was given but I’m not just any knight milady I’m the knightress and founder of a fairly new built castle a day or 2s ride from here you may come at any time to my castle if willed you have my hospitality and welcome ~the knight bows to her rather it being the other way around ~

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Nursey places a hand to her chest and gasps- “Oh my…your liege.” she did a full curtsey, so pleased she found her service to be hospitable. “I would be honoured to tour your castle.” Smiling widely, she also showed red rouge to her cheeks.

Guest_Ammy18iron: my castle was named after my grandmother whom in her youth was a huntress the name is Narsaya castle

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Such an interesting name, one that Nursey had not heard of before. “Oo sounds so mysterious too. I bet she was a fine and wise woman, your grandmother. You must be so proud, to have a hunteress as an ancestor. And here you are a Knight.”

LadyBelz: [exit post:] -“Again, my thanks to you and your staff for your care.” Belz turned to Kiman. “See that the men take their horses to the stables for care and then dismiss them for the rest of the day. They should be ready to go at dawn. We still have a long way to go.” she commanded. He nodded before turning to follow orders. Belz and Baen then requested to be taken to their room where Baen helped her Queen ready for a night of rest. As tired as she was, Belz could not seem to get her mind to slow. She had been devastated when Minx revealed to her that their parents had gone missing because of her [Belz]. They had left their home and people to search for their eldest daughter and since that day, had never been seen in the lands of the Umbuntu again. It was up to Belz to try and find out what had happened to them…and if they were still alive. Baen watched her Queen, waiting for the moment she would sleep before she took to her own pallet. After a while, Belz finally nodded off to sleep and Baen went to her own bed to follow. It would be the best sleep Belz would get in weeks…

Guest_Ammy18iron: i am of my grandfather’s order he was a knight of the dragon order our castles are finely made milady come to were the people speak Romanian and on word to the hills ~ the knight bows once again as she makes her way dawn the steps ~