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In the Arms of a Pirate.


LadyBelz: It was very late the next day…or early depending on how you looked at things. The sun shining through the window of her small little hut pierced her eyelids, stabbing painfully into her retinas. With a groan, she turned her head away from the light…only to feel her stomach start to do a barrel roll. “I will never touch another drop of alcohol ever again.” she moaned, swallowing back the nausea with Herculean effort. But it was a near thing. She sat up slowly, eyes squinting against the sunlight and waited for the room to stop spinning. And who started the bongo drums in her head? She dropped her head between her knees and waited to die. “What the hell did I do last night?” she murmured. She had vague memories of fending off an amorous advance of a faceless man wearing a gigantic codpiece…of Moon molesting some bar wench…and after that, her memory was kind of foggy. “What did I do?” she asked herself once more.

CharlotteCarrendar: – And of course, down the docks on the Devil’s Mystery it was business as usual, as the crew took the time to load new supplies on board the vessel, while Captain Moon looked decidedly different. For one, he was not wearing his hat…or his shirt. The summer heat had started early, and the glare of the Sun’s rays beat down upon his tattooed back, as he worked upon the deck, assisting his crew in moving the large barrels on board. He was no stranger to a hard day’s work and knew it was best to get a start on early, before the real heat of the day hit. The ship’s doctor happened to stroll past on the wharf, and chuckled to see the Captain dressed in such a manner, but first thing he wanted to ask was the state of the fair Rachael. “Morning Captain…I take it things went rather well at the Inn. What with the kissing and cuddling. You er…didn’t spend the night with her, did you?” Captain Moon didn’t even bat an eyelid, or stop from hauling up another box on the load. “You ever shagged a woman so drunk, she never even knew her name, lad?” The Doctor dwelled on this for a moment, and then shook his head. “No Captain…I have not.” The Captain shrugged and said..”Me either, either.” The Doctor laughed and continued up the gang plank, as the other members of the crew continued to do their work. <3>

LadyBelz: Rachael stumbled into the noon-day sun and instead of heading left to the docks, where she could hear the echoes of many a pirate working to replenish their ship’s stocks, she headed right to a small waterfall that she often utilized. Not even bothering to remove her clothing, just wanting to soothe her aching head, she jumped into the water. The cool water helped like nothing else could as she floated to the surface. Like a mermaid breaching the waves, she tossed her hair back, flinging water over herself like a small rain shower. Smiling a little, she swam to the shoreline and removed her soggy clothing, tossing it over the rocks to dry. Pushing herself back into the water, she floated a while on her backside, eyes closed. A parrot squawked somewhere over head and she sat up, glancing around the tree line shrewdly. She wouldn’t put it past one of the leaches to spy on her when she least expected it. Hearing nothing, she swam for the waterfall, pulling herself from the water with little effort. She tilted her head back, running her fingers through her hair beneath the massaging water, moaning a little in delight. She would have loved to stay here, it was the only home she’d known since she was 13…but the call of the open sea was a heady thing and she couldn’t imagine her life without it…and without the enigmatic Captain James Moon. She smiled a little as she thought of the man. He wasn’t someone she could imagine her mother approving of…but she felt as if her mother would have understood her fascination with the man. She did love him…she was woman enough to admit that to herself. But she had to wonder if that love was returnable. She’d take a wait and see attitude. She turned her thoughts away from her Captain and toward her stepfather. The man needed to die. She just needed to get close enough to do it. But how?

CharlotteCarrendar:- Many of the boxes of trade, had actually been accumulated with the winnings at the card tables, and one certain Pirate King fell foul of Captain Moon’s superiority at playing poker. The Pirate King himself, was up and about, walking briskly about the top deck of his ship, wearing red undergarments, with frilly lace edges. The fact he was actually taking his morning stroll in such attire was laughable, well at least to the crew of the Devil’s Mystery. On the Devil, they were manly men, not faggotty gibbets like the poncy Captain Maureen. A few sniggered and nudged each other, casting a look at the gay looking Captain. One even wolf whistled, much to the Pirate King’s dismay. “You…you lot cut that out.” Captain Moon snorted and then tied off the last rope, before wiping his sweaty brow, and retying his red bandana head wrap. “Right…I be off to see what that woman is up to this morning. No doubt, she has her head between her legs, and bringing up the night’s ale.” The crew nodded and a chorus of “Aye Cap’n” as he strode down the gang plank, only to be thrown a shirt, from one of the crew, which he haphazardly threaded on his arms as he walked. But, as he passed a stack of barrels, a crew member from one of the smaller vessels, came out behind him, and then squinted back at the Devil’s Mystery. He slowly took out a piece of parchment, and it had a drawn picture of Rachael. He then skulked along behind at a distance, to not be noticed, in the crowds on the wharf. :: Further up ahead, the Captain approached her tiny cabin, and rapped on the door with his knuckles. “Rachael…luv…you up?” he said in a soft a voice as he could muster. No answer came from within. Concerned, he peeked in the window, and there was no sign of her. “Hmm?” he scratched his forehead, then wondered, had she gone for swim in the nearby lagoon. Striding in the direction of the small rock pool, he disappeared into the jungle, with the man in black, sneaking along behind. Sure enough, Captain heard the tell tale moan, of his lady. He started to creep, then brushing back a large elephant leaf palm, he caught sight of his beauty..washing in the rock pool. For a moment, he was awestruck by her beauty, then he rose up and donged his head on a low lying branch. “OUCH!!” Birds flew away startled, as it was clear, he had been heard. <3>

LadyBelz: She was unused to having her solitude disturbed but the sudden cry of pain and birds flying away in screeches caused her to startle. With a shout, she slipped off of the rock she had been sitting on and into the lagoon with a splash. She came up sputtering and coughing, looking more like a drowned rat than a sea goddess. She brushed her hair from her face and turned to glare at the one who had disturbed her peace. Seeing Captain Moon standing in the trees, rubbing his head, her face flamed and she slipped into deeper water, covering herself from his gaze. “What the hell are you doing? Spying on me?” she scowled.

CharlotteCarrendar: – “What? Me spying? Bah..why would I spy on you fer?” The Captain was back to his rollicking best, and giving her as good as she gave him. “Ya shouldn’t be swimming when yur drunk…are you mad? Look at ya..all bedraggled like I be towing ya behind the Devil.” Course, right before she fell off the rock…she looked like the very siren, that sang to the sailors and brought them crashing into the rocks. Another reason in his books, not to trust women. He frowned, and then realized he was staring at her and turned around, arms folded. “Well…get some clothes on, or am I walking back to the Devil, me self?” <3>

LadyBelz: /Insufferable beast!/ She grumbled. He intruded on her solitude and had the nerve to berate her for it? “Daft man!” she grumbled as she swam for shore. Her head was feeling much better but she was angrier than a nest of disturbed hornets. She stomped over to her clothes and jerked them on, mumbling all the while. “I must be daft meself to be in love with ya, ya right bastard! And I’ll have you know, I am not drunk!” She stated out loud for him to hear before pulling her dress on over her head. Once she got her clothing situated, she took up her skirts and stomped up to him. “And I can look after meself, James Moon, and don’t ye be fergettin it! And to think I thought meself in love with ya! I must have been drunk or partway into me cups to even think of givin ya me heart! Me mum be rollin in her grave most like to see her little girl brought so low! I honestly don’t know where me head was at! Saints be praised!” she ranted and raved, walking around him in as small of a circle of his personal space as she could get. Oh was she angry! Once again, he trod all over her feelings without seeming to care and it hurt, but she wasn’t going to show him that pain. Oh he didn’t deserve to know that his comments hurt. She stopped in front of him, and without warning, she moved to punch him in the nose.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Now, you have all kinds of things about a woman that is deemed attractive to some men. Some prefer the submissive and dutiful woman, who cow tows to their man, bringing him his meal, ale and kisses his long toe nails. Then you have the shy, introverted, and knock kneed variety; a wallflower if you will. THEN you have the sexy and bossy ones, with voices so loud, and demands so great…think they are the Queens of Sheba. But lastly…you have the strong willed, angry, acid spitting, fury of a woman that was all rolled up in one adorable and feisty package. Moon’s Rachael. Oh how he tried to keep his back turned to offer her some dignity. Yes, he had berated her, but only cause she started on him once again. But the moment, she got going on the Mother of all rants, he turned, and watched her like she was the very Goddess Athena, ready to go to war. Her chest rising and falling sharply…every word, said with such emotion and feeling, that he almost had his breath stolen from him. On and on, she went, round and round…like a mesmerizing dance, that had him hypnotised…right up to the moment when she shouted. “Saints be praised!” She drew back her right arm and swang at him, and though she was fast, he was faster, snatching her wrist, with his left hand, right before it could make its mark. Dragging her hand down, and closing the gap, he reached around behind her head, and brought her in, for the kiss…the kiss that would shut her up..and one that would make the bloomers fall off a bar wench in a heartbeat. It was passion…fire…it was love…<3>

LadyBelz: She almost had him! She growled in frustration as he grabbed her swinging arm and pinned it behind her waist. She was ready to yell at him again when he dragged her into himself, his free hand on the back of her head and pulled into the mother of all kisses. She was stunned for all of a moment before she felt herself sinking into his embrace, a small moan of pleasure trapped in the back of her throat. “What was this?” she wondered to herself. “Where did this come from?” Not one to shy away, she wrapped her other arm around his neck, pulling him deeper into the kiss, slipping her tongue into his mouth to duel with his own. She was determined to make him as weak-kneed as she was feeling herself. She tangled her fingers into his hair, not willing to let go any time soon.

CharlotteCarrendar: – That beautiful moan that escaped Rachael’s throat, so delicate, like a flower being torn from its stem by a chewing cow. ~Rip!~ You would think that lovers would be all soft and sensual, slow moving hands, finding their way towards each other’s backs. Not this couple. Rachael clung onto the Captain’s head, like a possum claws a tree. Her tongue slithered into his mouth, and it was a tango of muscled flesh, like she had all her inhibitions torn asunder. ~ Bloody hell!~ thought the Captain, after what seemed like months since last they even cuddled, now she was into a raving nympho. His eyes circled with black, were wide opened, as Rachael was making sure this kiss was going to leave him breathless. Sure enough, he was even having trouble standing, and with a loud grunt of exertion, he started to grope with his hands, to find the roundness of her ass, through her many skirts. If it was a war she wanted..then by gods, he was going to give her one. <3>

LadyBelz: Rachael felt his hands dive beneath her skirts and with a growl, she ripped his shirt from his chest, sending fabric and buttons flying everywhere. She ripped her lips from his with a breathless moan and savagely attacked his neck and chest with her teeth. Panting with desire and trembling with want, she itched to possess this man, make him her own. Oh how she craved him, like a thirsty man craved water…or a needy pirate craving a good rum. She wrapped a strong thigh around the back of his leg, a move designed to send them both tumbling to the hard ground beneath their feet…Meanwhile, the men were beginning to wonder where the Captain and his lady fair were. They were ready to set sail once more and couldn’t do so without their two leaders, and no matter what anyone else stated, they would follow Rachael to the end of the world just as they would Captain Moon. “Timmy, lad, go to the lagoon and see what’s keepin em, aye?” shouted out Richard Dunmire, one the men who manned the cannons. Tim nodded and took off at a brisk jog down the gangplank and onto the docks.

CharlotteCarrendar: – If ever a time had come in a man’s life to be afraid…this was it. Though he had sought to seize her ass tight within the grip of his large hands, Rachael, had turned into a black panther, ripping off his shirt, with buttons popping, like fireworks going off ~Zing!..Ping!~ One button hit the spy square in the forehead, and he fell back, as strips of fabric were raining down like confetti. From the moment she tore her lips from his…and she had that crazed look in her eyes, he actually felt his willy shrink a bit. ~Oh help!~ With her leg winding round his own, he lost his footing right on cue, as they barrelled down onto the ground, with her on top, naturally. Winded by the fall, and the woman now at his neck, like a hungered predator, he gulped and whispered. “Be..gentle…” So much for the big bad pirate. For anyone who happened upon this couple…they were in for a bit of a shock. <3>

LadyBelz: Fell they did…but Rachael didn’t factor the rocks along the shoreline into the equation and her exposed knee slammed down hard on a particularly large rock. With a cry of pain she rolled off of James to the ground beside him. “Bugger it!” she shouted into the air. The pain cooled her ardour like nothing else did and she suddenly found herself embarrassed about the whole thing. She turned away from him, unsure of anything at the moment. She couldn’t bear to look at him, ashamed of herself she was. “I’m sorry.” she nearly whispered. “I don’t know what came over me.”

CharlotteCarrendar: – The cry of pain that came from Rachael was enough to douse cold waters on any fire of passion that the Captain felt. He more or less propped himself up right away, still trying to catch his breath back and his body littered with claw marks and dripping blood from her frenzied assault. Moon looked all confused and in a way hurt, his cheeks flushed red, and his chest rising and falling rapidly. But when she turned from him, and said, she was sorry, and that she had no idea what came over her, he didn’t laugh, or chuckle, but he moved towards her slowly, cupping her chin with his large hand. Turning her face to his, he stared into her eyes…and said the words, she had probably been dying to hear for some time. “I loved ya..the moment I clapped eyes on ya. When ya yell…when ya shoot the birds…When you scare me to death…I love ya. Don’t ever be sayin’ ya sorry, to the likes of me.” <3>

LadyBelz: /What the hell?/ was the first thought that rolled through her shocked mind. He loved her? She couldn’t have heard that right. She stuck a finger in her ear and wiggled it. “Do ya mind repeatin’ that? I’m not sure I heard ya correctly.” she asked in a tightly controlled voice. If this was some kind of joke, it was cruel. “Dinna be toying with me feelings, James Moon or I’ll put a slug between yer eyes.”

CharlotteCarrendar:- Oh she played the joker now, or was this just theatrics on her part. Maybe she did have water in her ears, she was wet after all. “Do ya mind repeatin’ that? I’m not sure I heard ya correctly.” The Captain furrowed his brow, and slowly released her chin, before reaching around his neck, and taking off his prized trinket. A necklet he had worn since he was but a boy. It was a silver chain, with a doubloon etched with strange markings, and he took it off his neck, and preceded to place it upon his love’s neck, if she could keep still. “Dinna be toying with me feelings, James Moon or I’ll put a slug between yer eyes.” Running his finger down where the doubloon fell just before the crease of her cleavage, he looked back into her eyes and said in a deep voice. “This was worn by my Ma…given to her by her love. Now I give it to you. Symbol of my devotion…my love, Woman.” <3>

LadyBelz: With wide eyes, she watched as he took a necklace from his neck and placed it around her own. “This was worn by my Mah…given to her by her love. Now I give it to you. Symbol of my devotion…my love, Woman.” As long as she had known him, this particular necklace had never been removed from his body, not even by his own hand. She had asked him about it once, but had never received a reply. But this? This was so much more meaningful than anything he’d ever done or given to her before. She took up the valuable item in her hand, staring at it until her vision had gone blurry with tears. She chuckled then, not with mirth, but with love in her own heart. She sniffed back her tears and stared at him, eyes bright, as she clenched her fist around the doubloon against her heart. “Me mam gave her heart to a pirate once…she told me when I was old enough to understand such things that it the stupidest thing she’d ever done in her life…” she paused in her story to stare at the necklace again, unknowingly giving him the impression that she didn’t appreciate what he was offering. But he would have been wrong. “…but it was also the most rewarding thing she’d ever done in her life. He was devoted to her, and she to him, even after his death.” Her smile was bright as she returned her gaze to his, eyes and heart full of love. Her speech switched back to the cultured English tones she was born with. “It seems destined that her only daughter follow in her footsteps. You have my heart, James Peter Moon. You always have for I have not seen no other worthy enough to give it to.” She placed a hand on his roughened cheek, caressing gently with her thumb. Tim, who had stumbled upon their private moment, quickly snuck away before he was spotted and ran back to Devil’s Mystery. “Cap’n and Miss Rachael will be along shortly. They’re having a moment.” he stammered, his face redder than a tomato.

CharlotteCarrendar:- For a fleeting moment, the couple were not in the jungles of some tropical island pirate paradise, and they were not a rough couple of pirates. They were a man and woman, who had just declared their love for each other; stripping away the very masks that had taken them over. Rachael spoke in a voice that was devoid of the cursing and shortened words, but spoke with the refinement of an English lady. Moon’s own hand covered hers, as she caressed his roughened cheek with her thumb. “It seems destined that her only daughter follows in her footsteps. You have my heart, James Peter Moon. You always have for I have not seen any other worthy enough to give it to.” Moon found his voice, after swallowing from the nerves, of displaying his true intent of his affections. “You always had me heart, Rachael. Words aren’t enough to declare me feelings. I’m a man of the sea, not one that learned in books. But I know…all I need, is the sea calling me name; the ship on which to sail her….and my lady, by my side.” It was probably the biggest mouthful the Captain had ever said, and ever likely to say again. If she ever had doubts before he quashed them with a simple sentence. They needed no minister, no church or choirs song, just the simple swearing of their love. That was enough to seal their union; The Pirate, and his lady fair. <3>