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On the Wings of Eagles.

Chapter Ten

The Price of Freedom.



KingFalthosHellbore : – It had been a long morning, an understatement that buzzed around the very thoughts of Constantine, during the second day of Operation Ascension. The planets sun had not pierced the clotted skies over the Nixagris starport, which was to be expected, the snowfall however had covered much of the land, constantly building up to where, even the trenches needed to impliment small roof-lines, providing make-shift bunker lines along the trenches. Constantine had spent the entire day after landing on the surface, overseeing operations within the front. His lenses whirred as the magnocular lenses adjusted his sight to gaze farther than his human eyes could percieve, giving him visuals for roughly a mile or two. He locked his hands behind his back, clenching his insulated hands as his thoughts had darken with doubt ‘We know not their numbers. We know not the enemy, yet we are here. All we can do is prepare for the worst, and yet, will it be enough? Will our preparedness be for naught? Will it triumph over this darkness? Only the Emperor knows…’ he then said aloud “Yes. Only faith in the Emperor, will guide our blades. Trust in him, and we shall forever triumph.” he solemnly nodded to himself, before turning slowly to proceed towards the Command Bunker. The Bunker in question, was set more like a deep tunnel system, that had descended roughly two hundred yards beneath the perma-frosted earth. The entrance was composed of rockrete walls scaling at roughly fifteen feet high, descending to a large set of metal doors. His gloved hands would grasp the handles, pulling the doors open, allowing him to swiftly pass through, out of the winters bite.

As the interior came into view, there before him was a rather large elevator shaft that was wide enough to carry a command squad, with a small detachment of other personel with them. Two Kasakrin’s would stand at attention at the presence of the General, giving a regimental salute, but keeping silent, only to stand aside, giving him more room in the corridor to proceed to the elevator. As he boarded, his descent was rather calm, which almost made him stiffen with uneasiness. When the elevator came to a halt, the linked doors would slide open, giving him access to the open, and very exanpsive command room. Cogitator consoles lined one wall, feeding necessary calculative data to the Comm’s officers and strategum personel, guiding the worker-gangs and personel on the ground. On the farside of the wall, was a giant map display, which depicted an accurate orbital feed of the emplacements around the Starport itself. The outline was a cold ice blue color, whilst the friendly markers lit up friendly personel’s body signatures. He would issue one more breath before moving to remove his mask, the grim visage vanishing behind the gloved hands of the general, giving way to his more, human features.

He would lay his mask down upon one key-panel of which had been apart of a larger hololithic table, serving as an In-battle strategum and unit coordination center. The hub was surrounded with only six servitors, of which were occupied in their pods, around the rectangular table. Constantine leaned on it thoughtfully, scanning over the images that were recieved via reconisance probes. He would then clear his throat, seeming to prepare to give a command.

“Bring up all intelligence we have on activity, planetside within the last fourty eight hours. Tap into the local news feeds and data archives. Let us see if we can scavange some rebels up, maybe assist in the planetary overthrow.”

The drone and hum of the plasma generators would thrum with thier coils seething with such raw power, it was a comforting thought, knowing the power would never go out lest they destroyed the generators. The holo-table would scramble multiple windows, turning into thousands on trade reports, mercantile percentages, immigration, settlement dates, profiles on all citizens, local authorities, government officials etc. He scanned through them all as he would also read the news reports that had been archived on various dealings, within the residents. He deduced that, as Nixagris had been far out of the way, he anticipated Captain had not laid his filth-wridden hands too deeply into the people of the North. As he had deduced the moods that the people had on the War, through tapping into the communications network, they had began to observe the conversations between the citizens, gathering a conclusion that, very very few citizens supported Captain and his Taint, and that the majority had remained utterly in hiding, hoping for the war to never come to them. As he sifted through the newspaper articles concerning the political upheaval that surrounded the planet. He found a name. Mayor Pic. Surely there was something that could be found with this one, as he had found several articles on a scandal that surrounded the Rebels and the Seat of Mayor being threatened.

KingFalthosHellbore: -Constantine had gained the information he needed in order to begin the infiltration, as well as the necessary precautions to begin recruitment, they had to first start with one person. The communications officers had been monitoring in and out traffic of communications between all residents of Nixagris. One particular officer had brought forth a conversation log, displaying the name of one particular reference that had come up in several conversations. Mayor Pic, of which was the ruling body of Nixagris at the time. It was a good start, and Constantine would take the risk of appearing the Mayor in person. He had voxed ahead to Kaff, of which he had ordered an armored column of no less than seven Chimera transports, draped in Winter camouflage and outfitted with just the multi-laser turret, and the sponson turrets of which comprised of three multi-las ports on either side of the transports. He issued orders that he would be accompanied by his personal retinue of Stormtroopers, with a small force of Guardsman. He would be accompanied by Kaff as well, as he would need help with negotiations. All followed through, like puzzle pieces. This was the first step in the Imperials gaining a foothold on this planet, and Emperor willing Constantine would turn it into a Fortress. Constantine and Kaff had ascended the Elevator shoot, dawning on their respiration masks with their skulled visage, fixing the seals in place and fastening their storm-coats.

The doors slung open, allowing them to access the outside air. As they had walked only a short distance, the transport line as requested, had been formed. These particular ones carried extra armor plating panels alongside the treads, making them harder targets to hit. As they boarded, the chimera’s roared forward on their treads, speeding in perfect synchronized column formation. They sped up to almost 180 kilometers an hour as they raced to the Nixagris City Hall. Upon Arriving, assault ramps had dropped, the convoy unloading what can only be described as a small armor. Six squads of fifteen Death Korps Guard would scan about the area in their skulled respirators, seeming to watch fort vantage points of which any enemies could take. Multi-laser turrets spun around, almost as if seeking targets away from the city hall doors. Constantine and Kaffaran disembarked, each garbed in their regimental uniforms, each different in their designs. Constantines lenses whirred as they focused on the door, turning to Kaff, he would give a nod of readiness, before he would take his metallic hand, and knock rather solidly onto the doors. He took a step back, folding his hands behind his back in a Commander-esque fashion, awaiting a response-

CharlotteCarrendar :: – The white marble structure of the City hall of Nixagris, was a testimony to the skill and craftsmanship of the first settlers of Nemaues. The Nixagrins, a hardy and well adapted people, that had come from a warm climate, and had to adjust to the freezing temperatures that plagued the town year round. Only those that felt the true pride to be a Nixagrin stayed and forged their own businesses and homes in the winterland wilderness. One such man, who came to Nixagris as an ambitious and driven man of his early twenties, was Mayor Pic. The boy who was once a mute, and followed around the then Prime Minister of Lacardis like a lost puppy, would find his voice upon her death, and then strive to make a better life for himself, out of the gutter, and homelessness brought about by his drunken and wayward parents. He had watched the daughter of Lore, Charlotte grow to become the teenager that led the evacuation of the entire nation, and then left their world behind, to burn in the hell fires of the end of days.

Much of that era, was burnt into his mind, and though for years after resettlement, and the rebuilding of people’s lives and Nixagris itself, he always was afraid of history repeating itself. In a way, it did. The North always seemed to attract those with ambitions to take over the entire nation, even the planet at one point. All through this time, Pic decided to stick to business of hardware and lumber trading from the West and East. He did well for himself, and his generous nature, and ability to deal with people, in such a delightful manner, had him talked into running for City Mayor, which he won by a landslide of votes. But that was years ago. The Tainted Chaos rebels, had again threatened the existence of the Nixagrins, and while the army and airforce fought heroically, many Nixagrins perished in the disaster of the nation’s first civil war…the war of Chaos. On the death of Captain Antilles, a childhood friend, and bestie to Charlotte, he swore that he would do all he could to fight the Chaos, wherever he saw it.

But then the Astartes came, and with them, the curfews of the citizens to move freely about the town. Businesses closed their doors. People’s lives again were thrown into a mess as far as how they were to continue to make an income in a state that now seemed to be cut off from the rest of Nemaues. This angered Mayor Pic greatly. How was he to deal with a government, that was controlled by that of the Elusive Captain. Where were the Nemauen forces? Why…why was he left to answer the many questions of his constituents, without himself even knowing when this goddamn war of the Titans would end. This day, would find him again, standing alone in his office. Only minimal staff were in the main foyer, and this was when, there came the god awful sound of the powered knocking upon the doors. Miss Jenkins, glanced up from her computer terminal, and swallowed, pressing the buzzer for the Mayor. “Mayor…there is someone outside…” she said, frightened of who it may be. The Mayor had been sitting at his desk, idly pushing around a small toy car, that he had from when he was a boy. His face was so drawn and pale, his cheeks hallowed from lack of nutrition. His pin stripe suit, a favourite of his, hung on his lanky frame. Pic stared at the intercom, then slowly pushed his chair back, the timber scraping the floor, as he pushed his hands down on the desk top. “Be right there, Miss Jenkins.” A nervous tug of his waist coat, and he walked out of his office, his shoes scuffing along the floor, till he reached the front door, and opened it, only to be horrified to see who was on the other side. “Yes…yesss?” He said, his stutter a clear indication of his fear. <3>

KingFalthosHellbore : “Mayor Pic I assume.” -said the growl of that emitted from Constantines vox-speaker built into his mask. He would push past the Mayor, followed by Kaff that, simultaneously had shut the door swiftly behind them. They gazed around thoughtfully a moment, before he would softly reach up, unclasping his respiration unit, and likewise Kaff had followed the same. As the mask came off, it gave way to the rather seasoned features, both scarred and renewed features of Constantine. He appeared sharp, yet his face had been decorated with scars of terrible campaigns. He would slick back his regimental length black hair as he turned to the rather lanky Nixagrin. He could see, with his icy blue eyes, that the man was frightened. Constantine would breath in, only to exhale calmly, rather professionally. His voice rang out as something smooth, almost cheerful in such a dark setting “My name is Constantine. I am General of the Death Korps of Krieg. You might have seen our ships landing, and our defenses being erected around the star port, yes?” he shook his head and with a gentle wave of his hand “No need to be fearful. We are here to protect your people and supply them with essentials until this war is over. However, there is much we need to discuss.” -he would point a hand in a motion towards the other that accompanied him- “This is Lieutenant Kaffaran. He is my Second.” Kaff would bow forward in a formal manner before rising, deciding to keep silent rather than blabber. Constantines eyes fell upon the Mayor with a gaze that seemed almost unnerving, before softening up to something humbled “I assure you. We do not come to raise arms against you, or the people of Nixagris. But, We have business to conduct here. I am sure you are open to political meetings yes?” -he said, his accent held his home worlds native germanic tones with each word he spoke-

CharlotteCarrendar : – “Err…yes, yes I am Mayor Pic.” The Mayor fumbled with his hands, before fiddling with his long grey tie. Anyone would think he was under arrest with the way he reacted to seeing the pair, with Constantine pushing past the Mayor, almost knocking him over. Miss Jenkins slunk down behind her computer terminal and you could hear the odd squeak then her head hitting the underside of her desk as she hid. They were both terrified, as they had little knowledge or experience of dealing with the “aliens”. As the pair removed their respirator masks and revealed their scarred and chiselled features, Mayor Pic took out his wire spectacles and placed them on trying to get a better look. The poor man was quivering like a leaf about to fall from a tree in autumn.

“My name is Constantine. I am General of the Death Korps of Krieg. You might have seen our ships landing, and our defenses being erected around the star port, yes?” The first of the pair spoke, and the Mayor nodded appropriately to the questions. “Err..yes..yes, we couldn’t miss those. Or the shock waves when they landed. Still have a few houses with cracks in the foundations. The Seals are not even that big.” The General made it quite clear, that he did not wish for the staff of the Mayor’s office, or the Mayor himself to be fearful, but that is a bit of a tall order, when you are basically without arms, standing before men that could mow them all down if they saw fit to do so. On the introduction of themselves, Mayor Pic replied in kind. “Mayor..Mayor Pic. Truly an honour to have you in our..humble city hall.” He then tried to gesture for his secretary, and then noticed she was missing, hiding beneath her desk. “And the woman under the desk over there is Miss Jenkins..Town Secretary.” He bent down and could see her face peering from underneath the desk bottom. The Mayor showed something of a weak smile, then coughed nervously as he gestured for the Council chambers. “I would be happy to answer your questions, if you wish to sit in the comfort of our Chambers. Nice leather seats. We even have one of those flash coffee units from Lorewall.” The Mayor was trying his best, it was clear to see. He hoped they would move into the next room, and then…the interrogation could commence. <3>

KingFalthosHellbore : -He smirked as he said- “No thank you, Mayor. I appreciate your hospitality. However, I would like to make a note. I am here on business. My men await outside as protection from any spies that Captain might have in the area. I assure you, We will eliminate anyone whom tries to hurt you.” -a wry smirk crossed his features as he nodded to Kaff. Kaff pressed a finger into the micro-bead, issuing orders to cut all in and out communications to Nixagris, virtually creating a black hole of communications, blacking out all comm’s chatter that was not imperial, all over Nixagris. Constantine then nodded as he said- “Very well.” -he would move, ushering Kaff with him. His stride was calm, collected, as well as calculated. His icy eyes stared ahead as he said casually- “Quite a quaint little place you have here. From what I have heard, you are a very good man to your people. That makes me glad. Means you are worth your salt. However, under Captains influence, you seem to be suffering, alongside your people. ” -he shook his head- “A damn shame to be seeing so many people suffering. It’s unnecessary, unneeded, and should never happen. But that is not your fault, no. That is the fault of Captain. This…War…That is coming. You are scared, Yes?” -he said, turning his head towards the Mayor as they spoke-

“War is a terrifying aspect to endure. However, Your people, and yourself, needn’t suffer anymore. All we ask…Is you cooperate, which I promise, benefits you entirely, and in return, we shall see to it provisions are sent weekly to your people. Food, clothing, technology to help keep them secure, even armor and arms if you wish. And if you see fit, my Military advisors can train your people, as…How they say…PDF? an acronym for Planetary Defense Force.” -He would continue the conversation, hoping to keep the man at ease, because he could not stand seeing such a flimsy individual, shake and quiver as if destruction was a new term used as a form of Armageddon. However, he had to keep patient, these humans were different, not use to the forces that had landed. “As for your houses. We shall re-enforce them. Restore them if you will, make them more able to withstand the winter here if you’d like.”

CharlotteCarrendar : – “Eliminate?” The strained look upon Mayor Pic’s face as he brought his skeletal like hand up to his collar and tugged on it. The Mayor was not a man of war, he was about progress, about building his community and offering them peace and the chance to go about their lives and prosper. That was simply not happening in this case, and the more that Constantine spoke, the clearer it was becoming, that the Mayor was now nothing more than the representative of the people. His blue eyes flickered between Constantine and Kaff. There was something in the way he had a wry grin, and his officer nodding, while pressing a finger on a micro bead, to cut all communications in and out of Nixagris. Miss Jenkins hand was seen rising up and picking up her cell phone, only to have her gasp as she saw the screen showed that the national communications network, was now cut. Nixagris was isolated before….now it was completely cut off. “Mayor?” she called out weakly, wiggling her cell, while he ushered her to put it down and sit. The strain in his voice as he called out to her.

“As you were…Miss Jenkins.” The Mayor followed along just behind the pair, as Constantine spoke of how he found Nixagris to be quaint, like you would regard a tourist destination, and not the space port of the entire planet. “From what I have heard, you are a very good man to your people. That makes me glad. Means you are worth your salt.” If this was an attempt to flatter the Mayor and get him to stop his shaking, it worked to a degree. “Why…yes, I do my best. Nixagrins are good people. Hard working, tireless in fact.” But when it came to speak of the Captain, a clouded look appeared on the Mayor’s face. He suddenly appeared deeply troubled, and stopped fidgeting. So many had died in the war of Chaos, and he was tired of waiting for the Nemeuan forces that…never came. A jewel in the very crown of the nation, in his eyes, since it was the space port, and yet..where was the Captain? “A damn shame to be seeing so many people suffering. It’s unnecessary, unneeded, and should never happen. But that is not your fault, no. That is the fault of Captain.” It was like Constantine was like the Pied piper, playing the tune to entice the rats, or the Nixagrins to follow. He offered security, food, and above all the promise that there would no longer be a reason to fear. If he could convince the Mayor….he would win this match, and use the resistance to its own advantage. Mayor Pic was an important piece in the puzzle. He was an insider, yet..he had been locked outside, of being able to protect his people thus far. Mayor Pic hated to think he was so weak, to roll over and accept any help, but under the circumstances, what choice did he have, in the face of the Imperials “. This…War…That is coming. You are scared, Yes?” This had Mayor Pic stammer. “My wife…is pregnant. I fear not for me, but my unborn child. For my love and for my family. For the people. We are so sick of war. If you bring us the peace we so crave, I do whatever you ask of me.” Sweet…sweet surrender. <3>

KingFalthosHellbore : -He nodded softly- “As you know. The Astartes had first contact. It is a terrifying sight. However fear not. The Lord of this particular chapter of Astartes, seeks good will towards your people. I have had an audience with him before coming here. I had talked to him, before even making planet fall. He shows sympathy towards the people of this planet. Our mission, is to liberate it from the grasp of Chaos. Chaos Corrupts. It drives the hammer of destruction, on the anvil of loss.. I care for my men, much like you care for your people. However, If we are to eradicate chaos from this world, we must first unite. We act as One, we will surely win.” -his words flowed like that of a stream, it was calm, decisive, and yet it was soothing. – “All I need, from you Mayor, is the ability to gain contact with the Rebel undergrounds commanders. Their…Leaders..” -he would softly nod to Kaff a second time. Kaff reached up to his micro-bead, but said nothing. Constantines eyes locked onto the Mayor’s as he seemed to stare into the very soul of the man-

“I understand, there are some here who seek to…Side with Captain. We cannot allow this. My forces will come through each and every home, of course, not to destroy anything No. Not to ruin homes or tear belongings into the street. We merely seek those who support Captain…And we Eliminate them. Otherwise, Spies will send word, and the War will be brought to the very people you seek to protect. If you know any names, of these people, we seek them now. if not, then we will catalogue each source of information for years to come, until we route them out. We are known for our wars of attrition, and I have not seen a single foe that has been able to budge us. My Lieutenant is standing by to relay the relief forces to begin the necessary convoys to each citizen in Nixagris. All I ask, is for you to give me the names of any Spies who work for Captain, and allow me to gain audience with the Rebellion Leaders. The sooner we can settle this war, the sooner that, your planet can be at peace once more. Is that not, what you want for your people, Mayor Pic?” -Constantine asked, his voice smooth, yet collected. His eyes remained locked onto the Mayor’s as he awaited his response-

CharlotteCarrendar : – If you had ever seen a lab rat, running through a maze and getting stuck, over and over, that was how the thought processes were going on in Mayor Pic’s mind. The General Constantine was as good as his diplomatic skills as he was as a warrior. He chose his words with intent and purpose. Spoken in a soothing tone, but the undercurrent, was one with malice for the man known as Captain. Blame for the war, rested solely at his feet, and he was not at all ashamed to say the intent of the Astartes, and the wish of the pair that now stood with the Mayor, making it plain what they planned to do to those spies that were in the Nixagrin town, those that supported the Captain. Mayor Pic gulped hearing the extreme measures that would be carried out, to stop the spies getting intelligence back to Captain. But importantly, Constantine wanted names. He wanted to know who the resistance leaders were. He wanted to meet with them, and discuss how they could work united as one force against Chaos. Mayor Pic rocked back, heel to toe, and then he knew he would have to do more than just play host. He would be best to arrange a meeting with the Resistance leaders, as soon as readily possible.

Mayor Pic nervously rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. So much to do, so little time in which to do it. “As you can understand, we have been mostly isolated from the rest of the nation. The fall of the West, and the wars of the East. We bore the brunt here, and managed to stave off the Chaos, but only barely. I doubt you would find many spies here. The last of the Carrendar here, was Taru and her brother Sora. From what I overheard, she…had not even met the Captain. How is that possible? I thought they….” – his voice cut off, then he shuffled nervously, for he spoke of the arachnids…and wondered if they knew of Charlotte.

He then tried to change the course of the conversation. “There is a special room, beneath the Moose and Squirrel Inn. That is where the Resistance meets. I can…set up a meeting..I can.” He implored, trying to cover his gaff. <3>

KingFalthosHellbore : And just like that. He had heard what he wanted. He stood up gently. Turning his head, he would say to Kaff- “Carry out the next phase of the Mission. Send provisions of food, fresh water, and whatever else these people need. Kill all who oppose us, for they have already sided with Captain. Spare those who welcome us.” His eyes turned to the Mayor, his icy hues set upon him as he said “I am a Man of my Word, Mayor. Never forget that, and so long as you stand beside the Imperium, you will forever be under the Emperor’s Protection, and fighting alongside his finest. Like you have Honored your bargain, and willingness to arrange a meeting, I too shall uphold my word. Rest assured, no harm will come to you or your people. I would be honored to call you, Friend.” Constantine, in a rare gesture of good will, extended his hand towards the mayor in a sign to take his hand and shake, a bond of comradeship that was ever rarely found in dark time such as these. All the while, Kaff had begun laying out orders for how the transport of munitions, armor, food, water, set state of rations, clothes, and all other forms of supplies would be ferried into the town. He made sure Kaff was near, so that the mayor would indeed be rest assured that Constantine would in fact keep his end of the bargain. The last thing he would want was to think that, his army was indeed vast and terrifying, that he was not anything less than a human. This, would hopefully signify a lasting bond that, would benefit either side as this war would ravage throughout the land. And this, Constantine had thought, was the beginning stages of a Victory.

CharlotteCarrendar : – The hand offered was outstretched, after the Mayor had finally said the words that Constantine had been waiting for. Kaff had been given the instructions to start with the relief effort, if you could call it that, of food, water and supplies to the people of Nixagris, that would offer friendship and not resistance to the occupation. After all, that was exactly what it was. “Rest assured, no harm will come to you or your people. I would be honored to call you, Friend.” Mayor Pic exhaled a breath, and then he succumbed, and shook the General’s hand as firmly as he dared. He acted in the interests of what he believed to be best for the people of Nixagris, but in doing so, he had signed the death warrant for all those that supported the Captain. The Mayor felt slightly sick in his stomach, mostly from being malnourished, having gone without food, so that his wife had a decent meal each night. The rumbling of his stomach was unmistakable, matched with his gaunt appearance. “In friendship…we shall be at your side. *then he said proudly * In Nemaues, we trust.” <3>

KingFalthosHellbore : -Constantine’s meeting had ended, and shortly after, Chimera transports had come, bearing large quantities of rations for the Nixagrin townsfolk. Roughly twenty had come, unloading large supply crates whilst Death Korps patrolmen searched each and every house, executing those they had found through their tapped communications, or just their outright zealous fanaticism to Captain, had been executed without remorse. Constantine would wait until he had gained confirmation of the meeting between himself and the rebel leaders, before he would make his move. Until then, he began the foundations of the planets defense forces, loyal unto the Imperium, and not unto Captain. He smirked to himself as he said “Today is one small victory. Tomorrow, we shall have another.” -With this, he made his way back to the Command post, of which upon arrival, he had written up a large summary report, to be sent to the Scourge Eagles flotilla, but more importantly, it would be sent to Drakon himself. The tides had changed in their favor, and with this victory, the Emperor must have been smiling down upon them, for today, Constantine was blessed. <3>