“Desolate Dreams”

Series by Charlotte Carrendar And Xymmerick Zypherus


“Episode 1: Miss Surburbia Meets Mr. Mysterious?”

XymmerickZypherus : – June 11, 2015. The weatherman forecasted a sunny day with sweltering rays. How wrong was he. A freak snowstorm hit in New York halting most through ways and putting people on edge. Even most flights were grounded. Yet, the bustling city of New York kept going on making its gears of industry and trade bustle as if even catastrophe wasn’t above the worth of money. And here amongst the toil of stocks and star bucks a man with a scraggly black beard unkempt in a pair of holey blue jeans and a black hoody too small for him and covered in mud. This man smelling of anchovies sat on the corner of a busy intersection harassing passersby saying the same lines:: “25 cents sir, a nickel, a dime…promise its worth your time…” ::To most he seemed like a lunatic. But to the writing community the attuned ear would know his true identity by the words he says. Let alone his teeth were white and perfect. He seemed like a perfect mosaic kept in the wraps of ragged cloth in a scene so chaotic you would find walder with much more ease than this man’s awkward appearance and uncanny phrases. And here he sat with his mysterious glamour hidden like some treasure trove of some forbidden island, forbidden to be known. Here he makes less of himself and why? And so he continues:: “25 cents sir, a nickle, a dime…promise its worth your time..” ::Worth your time……or so he says.::


CharlotteCarrendar : – A cab pulled up sharply alongside the curb where the homeless man sat panning for coins, or paper notes. Telling of dreams or lost hopes. But this tale, was to be one where a woman had come in search of her dream, and perhaps the finger of fate had pointed to the pan handler’s plate. The cab door flung open, as a girl with a strong British accent emerged.

“Forty dollars? Are you mad? You barely took me six blocks. The nerve!?” she cried, taking out a wad of notes and jamming them into the dirty fist of the Indian driver. He nodded and then wished her blessings on her family and mother, to which the woman flipped the bird, stumbling out of the cab, and snatching out her suitcase. All her worldly goods in a plaid bag from Harrods. “And I thought I left the turban tops behind in London…my gods.” Reaching the curb, she slammed the door, and the cab took off, in a blaze of smoke and squealing rubber tyres, that had her cough loudly. It was a miracle the cabby made it back into the traffic without knocking some other car clear out of the way.

“This is not like the…book. I’ll never find him.” The young woman said, sitting on her upturned suitcase, and taking out a book with a picture of a man, well shaven, with sparkling white teeth.


XymmerickZypherus : – “25 cents, a nickel, a dime! Well worth your Time!” : Shouts the man now standing up. Somehow he had gotten a trash can upside down and was standing on it. The police officer walking by looks at the man and starts blowing his whistle. The man on the garbage can hops off and goes to the officer and shakes his hand and starts jabbering randomness out of his mouth so fast the officer had no time to reply as the man took the garbage and with haste rushes past a woman on the curve finally dressed with a bag nearly knocking her over as he smiles his dazzling white teeth:: “Sorry I have important business it’s Two and a Two the birds sing true oh yes lawdy they dooooooooo!” :The man says the line like a southern black man from the early 1900’s as he rushes into traffic nearly missing five cars as he sets the trash can in the street and stands on it and from his pocket he pulls out a harmonica. He plays a tune that sounds something like doo deep dooo doo doo:: “Now hear this ya’ll in ya metal machines. Listen to them pretty birdies sings. Mama says mastah cant gets um cuz they be free. So here ye here ye listens to me!” :: Some taxi driver begins to curse as he gets out of his taxi ready to clobber the man on the trash can. The police office comes blowing his whistle. Some man on his cell phone rear ends the parked taxi and soon no matter than minutes the taxi driver and the man who was on the phone are exchanging fists instead of insurance and the police officer is turning red trying to keep his composure between the idiot on the can and the two quarelling drivers. Oh but it didnt stop there, suddenly people start erupting from all along the street cursing and the likes from this sudden hold up and the man on the can keeps going.

A reporter comes up and questions him:: (Reporter) “Prophet of the Trash, why do you do this every day at 2?” (Man) “Whysa recon cuz as I say the birdies do sing true at two awww lordy yes theysa sure dooooooooooo!” ::He play his harmonica one more time before he grabs the can throws it in some random direction and heads off some side alley leading to a small patch of grass.::


CharlotteCarrendar : – Gia had truly landed in the land of the Loonies. A man who sang and danced out before the traffic, practically bowling her over, and she would have hit the ground too, if a policeman had not been standing behind her, watching the riot unfold. “Welcome to New York.”- he offered, helping her to her feet. Gia still managed to hang onto the book, but looked frazzled beyond belief. “I came half way around the world…to utter madness. My father was right. I should have been a teacher.” Gia picked up her bag, and then went to a bus stop bench and sat down, waiting for the next bus to take her back to the airport. Her dreams of finding this well renowned author, were as mad as the man that dodged the taxis. She thumbed the book gently, as the rubbish and filth rolled along the gutter at her feet. Gia placed the bag beside her and looked down the road, for the next bus.



XymmerickZypherus : – The man who ran down the alley comes back wearing nothing but a diaper and a turban and a trash bag as a cape. The police officer just gawks as the man comes sprinting full force towards some man as the man goes and sits at a bus bench next to some well dressed woman. The man ready to start small talk instead gets tea bagged by this random diaper wearing turban superhero who begins to shout in very thick Arabic accent:: “Zis my Friends is a win for Allah!” ::He runs off as he sprints down another alley with the policeman on his tail. He comes back out several seconds late carrying a stop sign and stands in front of a random car yelling stop when the car couldn’t move do to the accident caused by his trashcan scene. Two officers finally manage to tackle the guy to the ground in front of the woman at the bus bench. The man looks at the woman and smile and says:: “My favorite part of writing that book miss was when Luke tells Janice ‘The snow isn’t white…its drandruffed!'” ::He laughs hysterically as he’s forced into a squad car and driven away down some side alley to be put behind bars.::s


CharlotteCarrendar : – Could this mad man, who was being beaten to the ground actually be the same brilliant man who wrote the book she carried in her hands? No…he couldn’t be. Yet he spoke of one of her favourite scenes. Thinking she must be on some hidden camera tv show, she starts to look around for a camera crew or a host about to rush out and give her a prize for being part of the fun. “Hello mum!” -she waves madly, and even the policeman would think she was bonkers too. Maybe the nut house had let them all out for Spring break.