Roleplay Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty

Trek to the Summit – 2E

Snakes Alive!


CharlotteCarrendar: – Though in the world above the tunnels, the sun had risen over the horizon, in the heart of the mountainside, the new day was about to start in earnest. Fung Le had risen long before his travel companions, and had commenced his morning ritual in a side tunnel so as not to disturb the children. Swift movements, and elegant footwork, as he spun his bo staff with all the majesty and skill of a true master. Barely did he have a bead of sweat on his brow, though the look of concentration shone through his dazzling gold coloured irises. After completing his regime, he took up a small cloth and dabbed his face clear of dust that had shook down from the roof of the tunnel, and then he tied it to his belt, before snatching up his staff, and going back to the camp area, right before the entrance to the labyrinth. The Children were still asleep, but Charlotte had awoken already, and was in the middle of rolling up her pack. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan did not sleep instead when the others woke up he was no longer staring at the roof of the cavern. He was sitting with his legs crossed in a meditation form with his hands open on each knee with his palms faced up. He was in a deep focus but in tune to what was around him. He could hear Fung Le moving about as he practiced his material art form. While Charlotte was rolling her sleeping roll up as he could feel everyone move. The sounds of a rippling vibration could be heard in the area around his body. What Conan was doing was channelling the natural vibrating sounds within his body and pulsing out around his body creating a type of sonar with his hearing as acute as it is. He was almost trying to map the layout of the cavern however even this was beyond his own understanding he could only pick up the outside of the labyrinth nothing more. He sat there silent as if he was asleep.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Charlotte smiled to see that Conan was using this time of the morning to sit upright and go into a deep meditation, whilst Fung Le was off in another tunnel practising his morning exercises. Tying off the bedroll, and fastening it to her back pack, Charlotte lent over and patted her two sleeping children. “Time to wake up, Kids.” Charlotte said as quietly as she could, so not as to disturb Conan from his relaxed state. With bleary eyes and messy hair, Luna poked her head out of her sleeping bag and grumbled something incoherent, then drew the cover back over her head, while Seven sat bolt upright, eyes still closed and said loudly. “It wasn’t me!” then fell back down and started to snore again. Chuckling, Charlotte gave them both a bit more of a shake each, to get them to wake up properly. Both protested and grumbled, which is typical of twelve year olds, when they have to wake up. Fung Le came along and saw the troubles Charlotte was having and used the tip of his bo staff to nudge their feet. “Early bird catches worm.” Seven was heard to mumble underneath his cover. “I hate worms..go away.” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan stopped the sonar and the sound from pulsing from his body his mind began to think of this place the more he thought about it the more he could hear Seven mumble in his sleep as well hearing Luna being the little princess that needs beauty sleep. He cracked his opened his bright blue glass canon eyes that had that aura within them beamed out in cavern as he smirked as he chuckled under his breath. He stood up as slowly as he stretched his limbs that were a bit stiff. He couldn’t help but chuckle again as he walked over to Seven standing over his him as he looked at the little tyke. Conan cleared in his throat as he made a vibrating sound deep from the back of his throat as he spoke out to Seven.- “FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEE!” -he was making the impersonation of the miner zombie that he killed almost sound exactly like it too. As he chuckled waiting for his reaction.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- The low sound rumble built up into a monstrous voice, that sounded exactly like that of the zombie miners that the group had encountered several times on this trip. “FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEE!” Conan was so convincing that even the Mole Professor woke up with a start. The droids, the micro and the JACKV2FKR powered up, and you could hear the grind and hydraulic thrusters as the giant droid went on alert, its eyes shining red. To the children, it was the worst possible alarm clock imaginable. Both sat bolt upright in fright, and screamed. “MUUUUUUUUUMMM!” clutching each other and became tearful till they saw…who it was. Charlotte near fell back herself at all the noise, and Fung Le found the whole thing hilarious. “Hearts beat with power force. Good for mind too. Now they are alert.” Seven winced and patted his sleeping bag, since it now had a wet spot. “Crap.” Not the nicest thing to have done in your sleeping bag. The shadow wolf rose up and arched his back, shaking out his whole body to be awake, before grinning at the children. “That was a fun trick, Conan…” he said with a happy bark, wagging his tail. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan just about fell over laughing at the look at Seven’s face and his reaction knowing full well it was easier to get them up out of bed as he nodded to both Fung Le and the shadow wolf. He looked back at the children as he said.- “morning sleepy heads….” -he looked over at Luna as he smiled as he offered his hand out to her.- “had to get you both up somehow besides I think your brother wet himself that time.” -the little voice in Conan’s head as saying out in bold stern voice. “SCORE!” he enjoyed it though in the sense for the one thing that he hadn’t been able to do in a long time was have a bit of fun. He looked over at Charlotte as he spoke to both of them.- “hey you start waking up when mom says or she might learn how to do it.” -winking at her he smirked as he patted both of twins head as he meant no harm to them of course. He wondered what Charlotte was thinking about his little trick with them.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – “morning sleepy heads….” well the trick of the morning was certainly on them, as Luna accepted the helping hand of Conan, while Seven kept trying to air out his sleeping bag. His cheeks were flushed bright red, and he was as sour looking and dishevelled as a pre teen would be that time of the morning. “Yeah yeah…very funny Mister Conan.” You could imagine that the little Carrendar was going to plot something as a payback for this later on in the journey, but right now, he needed to get changed, and fast. The rest of the group was getting ready to continue the journey, by making their way into the labyrinth. Seven snatched up some fresh clothes, and ducked behind a large rock in the cavern and changed himself, every so often you would see his Mohawk, as he peeked over the rock. “Nobody look…pervs.” Oh he was back to his usual antics and grumpy behaviour, but it was true that Conan had marked the first point of the day. Charlotte took out a brush and combed through Luna’s hair, tying it up into a long plait, so it was easier for her to travel. When the sleeping rolls were fixed back on the backpacks, and the group were all accounted for, Fung Le strode over to the front entrance of the Labryinth and began to chant, as a glowing red hue formed around the edges of the stone doors. Slowly they drew back to reveal a dark tunnel, and the first part of the labyrinth was revealed. He looked back at the others, then gestured them to follow him. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan helped Luna to her feet as Seven was being rotten as always as he went to change saying it was funny about what he did. It wasn’t just funny to was hilarious to Conan as he saw Seven run behind a rock saying “Nobody look….pervs” as he made a comment to that.- “don’t care about what yea got Seven doesn’t really interest me.” -he looked over to Fung Le as he made movements to them to follow him down the path of the labyrinth that was just revealed. Conan still had a hold of Luna’s hand as he looked down at her.- “Would you like to walk beside me Luna? Or would you rather your Mother walk next to you?” -being nice and giving her the option knowing she didn’t have to stick by him the whole time. He still felt that feeling of connection that she was an image of his own daughter. It was odd for him he was acting as if she was his daughter in a sense and Seven his son that needed to grow a pair. He started to set off with Fung Le still wondering what she would do.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Luna was happy to be walking along with Conan, and with him holding her hand and asking if she wanted to walk with her mother, she replied. “I’m happy to take care of you, Mister Conan.” She said in a proud voice, clearly thinking she was the guard today. Maybe Mister Conan needed comforting, and she was more than happy to oblige. Seven brought up the rear, nearly tripping over the micro droid, that skittered and chirped as it made its way into the darkened labyrinth. The tunnel was lined with statues that had been carved out of rock, some were of warriors strangely enough. As tall as eight feet in height, they held in their hands long swords and battle axes. Almost like they were frozen in place. Some were in a position of fear, others were like they were about to attack, but all were stone. As Fung Le walked past them, he stared at one quizzically. There was something about them, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. “Hmmm.” he said. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan smiled at her laughing a bit as she spoke out acting like she was protecting him. She was something different always seeming to cheer him up even when he thought of where his real family was. It didn’t matter to him he felt happy for once in a long time. As they walked down it took a moment to hit him, Conan immediately snapped to attention seeing the statues as he couldn’t help but keep his eyes on them. His nerves and his gut told him they were not just statues they were something more than that. He looked over at Fung Le as he noticed he stopped as he snapped at him.- “Fung Le I think these statues are traps. We should watch where we walk just in case.” -he gripped Luna’s hand a bit tight as his other hand was on Brisinger which was quiet as always not even responding to its Masters reaction to them. He watched the one that Fung Le was observing.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Fung Le nodded slowly as he brought up his bo staff to tap one of the stone statues, but as he did so, there was the sound of a loud rattle, coming from further in the cave. The slithering sound of huge beast that was sliding along the labyrinth floor. Luna tried to hide in behind Conan, as Seven was still looking at one of the warriors with the terrified face. “Okay…why does this warrior look so damn scared?” The Mole Professor tutted and then bravely said. “It’s probably more miners that found their way in here.” Charlotte looked at the statues again, and didn’t recognise the clothing that they wore…at all. “These aren’t Nemeaun, nor are they miners. I have never seen miners carry weapons like this.” The mole professor huffed and went around the corner, before the entire group heard his scream. “No…NO…NOOOOO….” then there was silence followed by the slithering sound of scales on the floor and the loud rattling. The shadow wolf howled in fear, as Seven gasped. “Okay…WHAT was that?” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan heard the loud tap and then the sounds of slithering as he looked at the statues as he pushed Luna to her mother as he said.- “get back Luna” -Conan closed his eyes as he knew the sounds but still couldn’t figure out what it was. He started to think statues of warriors attacking both of rage and fear. His brain started to think of the books of different worlds the past lives he lived in as he said in a hush tone.- “close your eyes whatever you see that moves don’t look directly into it. I have an idea of what we are up against.” -he started to track the sounds with his eyes closes like he was in the mediation he was in just a little while ago. He was using sonar from his body as he couldn’t quiet read up of where it was but he could tell a good are of about fifty feet around him. He hopped it wasn’t what was on his mind.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – When Conan told Luna to get back, she ran to her Mother, and buried her face in her Mother’s stomach, closing her eyes tight. Seven didn’t understand the order to close his eyes, and was going to argue, when Fung Le’s hand came over his eyes and did it for him. “Listen to the man, he knows what he speaks.” Seven muttered and then closed his eyes on his own accord, as all others did the same. The battle droids of course, were unaffected by the magics the same as the others and both clicked and shone their red lasers at anything that moved. If Conan was to go around the bend, the shock of what his sonar would pick up, was a colossal snake woman, a demon, that had smaller snakes for hair, all green that flowed about her before turning to see the one coming. The mole professor had been turned to stone. Frozen in fear at what his eyes saw. She was truly majestic but her eyes…were to die for. “Loooook……at……meeeeeeee…ssssubbbb creatureeee.” The snake hissed, shaking her rattle like tail in defiance. <3>