Role Play Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty.

On the Wings of Eagles.

Chapter Ten

Mankind’s darkest hour.

Writers :

KingFalthoshellbore: – Constantines gloved hands would brush against the surface of the hololithic table that lay before his eyes. The defensive emplacements had been erected, surrounded by twenty-four hour watches that encompassed the trench-lines, allowing two shift details to interchange at the stroke of a singular terran day. He had ordered the holo table to shut down, slipping his gloved hands behind his back as he breathed in a sigh of doubt. His icy eyes seemingly downcasted to the floor a moment, before forcing himself to shove aside the doubt. He was alone for now, and with that, he was safe to say these words “A Soldier follows without question. A Commander orders without doubt.” he nodded to himself as he cleared his throat. Turning on heel he would press into his com-bead.


“Yes, General?”

“Prepare my personal transport for departure within ten minutes.”

“At your order, General.”

“Constantine out.”

He removed his hand a moment, staring into nothingness. His thoughts seemed to wrap around his nightmare, something every commander would fear to befall their regiment. However, this particular dream was so vivid, it was almost real. It was as if he knew, this would come to pass. He knew that, he would have trials and tribulations ahead of him, yet, he told himself he would stare it down in its face, and stab it with the relic power-claws that the Chaptermaster had gifted him. He nodded, forcing his faith into himself, not only as a commander, but as a true warrior of the Imperium. He would turn, and begin making his way to the surface. Six minutes in, he could hear the familiar rumble of the Chimera transports in idle, which, much like Kaff, he was always early. Constantine was greeted by his Lieutenant as well as his guard retinue. All fell into line, giving their General the sign of the aquilla, before standing at ease. He nodded to them, signaling it was time to embark. Constantine took his seat, his world seemed to fall silent as his thoughts occupied some other distant plane within his mind. His troops sank down next to him on either side, before the assault ramp would begin to close, and the familiar lurch would signify they had began their trek to their destination. Today was the day Constantine would meet with the Rebel leaders. This was the day he would confront them for their aide. He would have them assist him, or he would kill them. Either way, the Emperor will claim this world, or leave it in ruin. Whichever came first.

The transports had been no more than twenty minutes before the all roared to a stop, sinking down back to their idle forms. The multi-laser turrets spun around a few moments to a full three-hundred and sixty degree scan, before dropping the assault ramp. Off-loading the guard retinue first to sweep the area, before letting the general off. Moments passed, a minute, and then the green light was given. General Constantine entered the Moose and Squirrel with only two of his best guards, and his Lieutenant. Garbed in his combat fatigues, armored with the same re-enforced flak plates he had been when they had first departed Krieg. He scanned the area within, seeking the Mayor, as he did promise them an audience. <3>

CharlotteCarrendar : – From the moment that Mayor Pic had shaken hands with the General Constantine, he knew he had just sealed the fate for his people of the North. Nixagris was now in the control of the Imperials, and only would it be wrestled away by the forces of Captain, if they ever came. Either way, the North was to be the first true stage for the war of the titans, and the people of Nixagris were on the front lines. Mayor Pic awoke to a new day, having barely slept due to the overwhelming sense of dread that invaded his heart and mind. His sweet wife lay curled up under the covers beside him, unaware of the deals that had been struck to protect the Nixagrins. Pic rubbed at his eyes, and then cast his gaze down at his sleeping wife. A nervous hand stroked her side with all the love of a man that was besotted with his beloved. Pic whispered. “Darling..forgive me for what I have done..” He bent forward and kissed her forehead as she murmured in her sleep. He was relieved that she did not stir and Pic then slipped out from under the covers, and got into his slippers, to ready himself for the long day ahead.

After dressing quickly, and donning a large all weather coat, Mayor Pic was ready to brave the cold of a new day in Nixagris. His first port of call; The Moose and Squirrel inn. He crossed the icey streets, and dodging the military vehicles that were now making their presence felt in the snow laden township. The Moose and Squirrel would not even have been opened for the morning rush for breakfast, and in fact it was one of the few businesses that was open at such an hour. Pulling open the front door, the small bell chimed, and the Inn Keeper; a large portly man by the name of Fredrick Lumphausen looked up from his bar, and frowned to see the Mayor arrive so early. “We aren’t officially open yet , Pic. That wife not out of bed and cooking for you?” Not even got our stoves lit.” Mayor Pic was in no mood to argue with the Innkeeper, and he took out a small red card and placed it down on the bar top. Fredrick seemed to lose his train of thought, and glanced down at the card. “Are you mad? Calling a meeting…NOW?” Mayor Pic grit his teeth and then leaned over to the Inn Keeper and gripped the edge of his collar. “You…will get to calling the boys…now, or this building is not going to be standing by tomorrow.” The Inn keeper jerked back violently, and snarled. “What has gotten into you? You make a deal with the very devil himself?” Mayor Pic pursed his lips, then said the words that the Inn keeper would be shocked to hear. “The Imperials…they want to meet the Rebel leadership. Here…today…any time now.” Fredrick looked set to have a heart attack, as he clutched his chest. “My god…is it not bad enough, with the Thunderhawks and the men from the skies landing…Now this!” Mayor Pic picked up the red card and almost thrust it into Fredrick’s face. “YOU…WILL GET THEM ALL HERE….UNDERSTOOD?!” Fredrick could see the terror in Pic’s eyes. This was no longer a game. Nixagris was under Imperial occupation, and they had to do, what they could to survive this. Releasing a sigh, he pressed a button under the bar, to alert in each of the Rebel leader’s homes, that they were needed at the meeting room below the Inn.

An hour later, the door of the Moose and Squirrel opened and closed repeatedly, as the most unlikely of townspeople entered the Inn, nodding to the Inn keeper and flashing their red card, before being directed to the secret meeting room, that was below the floor of the Inn. In the meantime, Mayor Pic stood solemly at the fire place, till all were inside. It was then, the doors opened a last time, and the Imperials themselves had arrived. Mayor Pic took out a small chain, and said a prayer, before kissing the locket and placing it back in his pocket. He turned to face Constantine and his offsider; Kaff.

“The Rebel leaders…are this way, Gentlemen.” Mayor Pic then walked slowly towards the back room, like a man about to face the firing squard. In the meeting room sat twelve men and women…the rebel leaders of the North. <3>

KingFalthoshellbore: Constantine had smelled the air, it wreaked of fear. Of dread. It was natural, as they had struck a deal with either what they believed to be their saviors, or their new tyrannical overlords. Constantine however, would watch Mayor pic usher Kaffaran and Himself. As they reached beyond the threshold, they were greeted by the worried, cautious, almost seemingly hate-filled faces of those whom were the leaders of the Nixagrin Resistance. Constantine would move to remove his respiration unit, as followed immediately by Kaffaran. Constantines scarred features came to light, his hair the same slick backed, military regulation hair-cut. He would clasp the mask around his belt, whilst Kaff did the same. Constantine did something strange however, instead of the aquilla, he would simply slam his balled fist across his chest in a form of warriors salute, before bowing forward. As he rose, he would speak in the dry, Germanic rasp that he was known for.

“Thank you, Mayor Pic. And Good Morning to all of you.” he said casually before continuing “My name is Constantine. I am General of the Death Korps of Krieg’s 901st Siege Unit. Needless to say we are not the Astartes. We are Imperial Guard. The backbone of the Imperium of Mankind. I come to you, for a request of aide. Yes, the rumors are true, we are many. We carry the might of the Emperor with us in our War Machines and our Weapons, but we also carry his compassion, his mercy, and his grace within us all. We are not here as Conquerors, but Liberators. We all have a common enemy, that being the creature you know as Captain. We too, know of him.” he paused a moment to let his icy blue eyes scan the rooms occupants and their faces before proceeding. “Nixagris was once a town that one could call home. Even in this stark cold, its people drove a soul that seemed warmer than Lorewall. Its people, as I had saw, fell into famine, abandonment. Its buildings in disrepair, its shops closed. But, when we came, we brought you salvation. We seek only peace with your people. But we also seek death to those whom would foolishly side with Captain. I wish to also state that, I apologize for our house to house procedures. It was a necessary action to further disrupt Captains communication network into Nixagris. I hope, we can all come to terms and cooperate with one another on a joint effort attack to destroy, and see to the complete annihilation of Captain and his followers, to secure the Freedom of your planet. Now that I have said what I needed to, we may begin first, with any questions you may ask of me. I will answer all truthfully, of that have no doubt.”

CharlotteCarrendar : – What met the eyes of the Imperials, was a group that by all accounts looked like the local businesses association; simple hard working people making a go in a rugged environment. But on their faces was painted hardship, anger, frustration. The wars that had ravaged their lives, and in some cases taken their loved ones from them. One man, Joshua Higgins, who was dressed in a long coat, with fur skin trim and was stocky with tattoos on the right side of his face would the first to speak on behalf of the twelve. While all had sat and listened intently to the words of Constantine, who made it clear the intent of the Imperials, in their actions and troop movements within the township itself, Joshua did have some questions he wanted answering. He shot a look at Mayor Pic, who was leaning against the stone wall of the secret room, looking decidedly pale. Pic’s eyes looked blood shot, and you could see his Adam’s apple, rising and falling, as he tried to keep his cool, in this very tense situation.

Joshua rose to his feet, and placed his curled fists upon the table. His shoulders hunched forward; a bear of a man by any description, he almost appeared feral. I am Joshua Higgins. I am the leader of the Nixagrin Rebellion. *he gestured to the outer walls of the meeting room, and then snarled in a tone that was almost primitive in nature, he let his true feelings be known. “In a land of demons and other creatures, we humans have always bore the brunt and counted our dead when the wars of Chaos came to our territory. AND WHERE WAS CAPTAIN?!” He cried out, as the other eleven all howled and shouted out in anger. Fuelled by the ever growing hatred that burned in the hearts of these human citizens of Nixagris, they had long lost their sense of pride in the nation of Nemaeus. “While those…rich bastards live in a life of luxury in the south….Our people are dying….Where is our protection from the Chaos taint? There is none!” This was the war cry of the Rebels. Clearly, if this was the sentiment of the humans of the north, what of the rest of the nation?

Mayor Pic watched as each in turn, spewed their unbridled anger and hatred, their heart breaking tales of loss and mourning for sons that died in the prime of their lives, fighting against a force that for a time was unstoppable. Then, the last to stand, was a woman, who was dressed in a ragged Nemaeun uniform. She was one of the Northern fighters who survived, and she only had one eye, her left side of her face scarred and burned. Her right fist was clenched tight, as her good eye was rimmed with bitter tears.

“The only ones that favour Captain…live in Lorewall. That is where you are safe. Not here. You won’t find a single citizen that is loyal, in Nixagris. You can raid every house…and there be no one to take to the stocks.” She pointed at her face, and then said with clenched teeth. “THIS…is what happened….when I was left for dead.” It was clear, that the suffering of many of the leaders was not only physical, but burnt deep into the psyche of the humans of Nixagris. <3>

KingFalthoshellbore: Constantine in turn, heard the many stories of their hardship. He would then say “I too, have had hardships. We all have. My planet is encased in an irradiated atmosphere that, each krieger is born to know, to always wear a gas mask, otherwise their life instantaneously is eradicated. Five-hundred years of Nuclear Holocaust. My scars come from not only the training grounds, but from the many campaigns I have waged against those whom would oppress humanity. I understand that some of you are scared, angry, hate-filled, and willing to take down captain, no matter the cost of your own lives. But remember, we are no good if we are dead. Captain has plenty than enough resources to expend. We however have something he does not have. We have Faith. Faith in Humanity. Faith in ourselves. Faith in our loved ones and kin. Faith that one day, the very tyranny that resides over Nixagris will fall, and the statues that had heralded the dark ages will fall beneath the very treads and footfalls of the truly free. We cannot do this alone. We cannot. We need YOU. Yes, YOU. The PEOPLE. We need your support, your strength, your faith, your courage, and your honor. If we beat Captain here in Nixagris, then I promise you. I will wage a war from here, and spread a path of destruction until I reach the very city of Lorewall. Then, Lorewall will Fall. We will either secure it wholly, or we will blast it until what remains on the surface is nothing but glass. We will restore this planet to its rightful place. Free from Chaos Taint. We will spread the fires of purgation, cleansing all impurities from this land. And then, When that triumphant day comes. I hope to see you all, as Leaders of your PEOPLE.”

CharlotteCarrendar: – It was a resounding cry to the very hearts of those in the room. How they had felt so helpless in their own campaign, to oust the supporters of Captain from their midst, in amongst the turmoil of living in a war battered North. Yet their overwhelming spirit was the very reason they were alive today. Mayor Pic felt like he was watching a scene from some movie, as each of the twelve nodded in agreement, and sat down to show respect for Constantine and his cause. He too had known pain, suffering and loss, but above all he had faith, which was something they all had found wanting. He was offering it to them on a platter, and liked starving children, they ate up his every word. By the end, they were all chanting his name, like it was a rally. Each one on their feet. He had just won over the resistance movement. The key leaders of the people, that could do more for the Imperials underground, then any other method of propaganda.

The leader spoke up, as each nodded in agreement, that he be spokesperson for the twelve. “You have us at your word, General. We live to be free of the chaos taint. We want to take our world back, and end oppression. We are united with you, Unity…under adversity. We will strive for a better tomorrow. IN NIXAGRIS WE TRUST!”

This last part had Mayor Pic nearly cough a lung. Did he just say Nixagris we trust? His eyes darted back and forth between the rebels and the Imperials, and watched as history was being changed…right before his eyes. <3>

KingFalthoshellbore: “At the end of all of this. There is going to come a time..Where, I will give you two options. Before I say what they are, I must give you a history of the 901st. Before it was the 901st, I was a second in Command to my Uncle. Of which, during a strategic campaign against the Heretical Armies we had faced, one Commander of an allied regiment, needed time to set the reactor of one of the major power facilities to explode in a catastrophic nuclear blast that would, inevitably wipe out most of the army. My uncle decided to go against his duty. For three hours we dueled. Eventually I slew him, but in the process, it costed me a limb, and an eye. I renamed it the 901st once I took command, holding off the enemy a while longer, before the reactor went like a supernova. The 901st’s shame still lingers from beneath the command of my deceased uncle.. When this is over, and the Glory of the 901st is restored…You…and your troops will have two options..Join the 901st…Leaving this planet to crusade across many others. Or stay. In the end..I must tell you.. what will happen.” he would put his hands behind his back as he spoke “Once Captain is destroyed. The Imperium will claim this world as its own. Worship of the God-Emperor is a must, in order to survive. Of which you will come to understand once you know exactly what has transpired. The planet will change, and much of what you will see, will be revolutionized. This planet will be yoked with the rest of the Imperium. You will be under its protection, its care. But expected to serve in her legions. What the Administratium decides what your tithe to the Empire will be, will be decided when Captain is eliminated. Im afraid that, if this planet is…Corrupted by taint or influence of Chaos, by bounds of which the Imperial Guard, or the Astartes cannot cleanse it…Then…Your planet will cease to exist..” His gaze fell upon them all as he said “It is not as bad as you might think. But, in the end, what you hold most valuable. What you all hold dear, will be forever secured. To where no Chaos taint, will ever touch it again, Forever.”

CharlotteCarrendar .: You couldn’t hear a pin drop in the meeting room as Constantine laid out what the future would be like under the rule of the Imperium. Needless to say, it was not at all what the rebel leaders were expecting. Mayor Pic felt his heart die a little. Had they truly not understood what they were getting themselves into? Did they not realize that the Imperials were like a massive war machine, that went from planet to planet, to rid the worlds of Chaos. It was a military life. It would be war, after war…after war. “You would be expected to serve in her legions.” This part struck a cord, and you could see the bewilderment in a few of the faces. Free, and yet to serve the Emperor? What kind of deal was that? They had two choices. Up and leave the planet, to serve in the next crusade, or stay in a world that is revolutionized, a world where Chaos would never again have its reach so deep into the planet and its people.

Then…the jaw dropper. The mother of all statements. “If Astartes cannot cleanse it…Then…Your planet will cease to exist..” One of the rebel leaders actually got up, and turned around, vomiting in the corner of the room, while others were aghast. He spoke of apocalypse. The end of life on the planet as they knew it. At that moment, all looked back to Mayor Pic, whose chin was quivering. He had watched the world burn once in his life. It was his worst nightmare, to think it was about to happen again. Mayor Pic coughed and then stood in as representation of the twelve, who were speechless at this point.

“I think we can call this meeting adjourned. I thank you all for coming, and I suggest you….all go home and…keep this from the rest of the town, for now. “ Each stood up in turn and nodded at the General and his second, filing out, as Mayor Pic remained, looking stony faced.

“The faces said it all. You asked a great deal of the Rebels. Now the question is…will they hold up to the bargain…considering, their very world is on the brink of destruction.”

He then stood silently for a moment, before heading to the door, his head bowed….ashamed of his cowardice at this moment. <3>

KingFalthoshellbore: Constantine would clear his throat a second time. He moved to stand before them all once more before they exited. He would then say in a low, almost humbled voice that produced a fatherly calm about him, much like as if he were teaching a wise lesson to a small child

“Before, you walk through these doors, teary eyed, frightened, and scared… The Imperium asks of your service, and to make the God-Emperor of Mankind your savoir. To never turn to Chaos, and to always be vigilant against it. I want to give you a small history lesson…The Emperor was a being of light, of enlightenment in Mankind’s darkest hour, on the verge of extinction. Without him, Chaos would have triumphed, and I would not be standing here, offering you the hand of the Imperium. In my stead, there might have been a gibbering manifestation of Chaos, devouring every living thing, only to violate it in the Afterlife…I owe my life to the Emperor, and all whom dwell within it, so that I may too, repay the sacrifice he had given. Because he right now, lays immobile on a golden throne, of which he has not been physically capable of moving for the last ten-thousand years. He loved humanity so much, that he gave his body, his mind, his spirit, to save it on its hour of extinction..” he sighed softly as he followed once more.

“He sent us to the Planet, in hopes of reuniting with your fellow Man. In hopes of bringing you into his Embrace. In hopes of delivering you from a darkness far worse…Than what Krieg, My home planet, would have suffered in five-thousand years. I tell you now. We will bring you from the depths, strengthen you, so that No other creature, whether it is Alien…Or Daemon, could ever destroy you. We will equip you with the tools to defend your home planet, so it may never fall to anything. We will feed you, clothe you, arm you, and cherish you, like we do all other worlds we have ever had under our sway. All we ask..Is your service. And to me…I fight for not only my Homeworld. But I guide the lives of my men, whom I adore as if they too were my sons..And guide them with an Iron Mind, but a gentle hand, to victory. So I may too, grow old and weary, and see them prosper for better things out of their short lives.. I would figure you would want that for your Kith and Kin..” His voice was so soft, it was almost a whisper, as his icy blue eyes, had turned from stone cold, to now a softened hue.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The mighty Constantine, for all his uniform and size with his grim foretelling of what the Nixagrins could expect with the end of the war, and the rise of the rule of the Imperium over Nemaues, changed his tact as those that had sat and listened to his words of warning, were about to leave, their hearts heavy and minds full. It was like he had been guided to a pulpit and was about to read a sermon to wayward perishers, or a flock that had lost its way in the wintery storm. Constantine was no fool. He could not only feel their emotive states, by the way the tension in the room remained, but also the body language of each and every leader showed that these people felt beaten before they had begun. Hope is given by the Sheppard to his flock. But there seemed so little to be hopeful for. Standing collectively, with Mayor Pic standing behind them a few paces, they looked to Constantine, and silently heard the tale of how he came to find that he owed his life to the Emperor. Words filled with the passion and pride of a man, that should not even be alive…yet there he was a testimony of the good of the Emperor in his fight against Chaos.

But in a single and swift stroke, as though sealing the deal, but with a genuine heart, he offered all in his capability to protect, serve, clothe..and above all cherish the people of Nixagris. This brought sideways glances from each of the rebel leaders to the others. Constantine made an oath to treat them like his own sons…IF, the swore to serve him faithfully.

The bargaining chips laid with the softness of voice of a Mother, the caring hand of a Father. In effect, he was offering to be General, and a Parental influence. The eyes of the General softened, and at that moment, the female ex soldier came forward, her hands outstretched, as though she had just been touched by God himself. Her single eye looking up at him, with the desperate yearning to belong…to be free of the pain of sorrow and being neglected by her former masters, and Officers.

“I swear allegiance to the Emperor…..I stand with the Imperials.”

She glanced over her shoulder at the others and said. “You all must do this…it is what our people deserve….it’s we need. Join me…let us free the Nixagrins from the tyranny of Captain!”

Mayor Pic stayed silent in the background, as one by one, the Rebel leaders swore their oath to serve the Imperials…till death. <3>

KingFalthoshellbore: Constantine wasn’t one for crowds. However, he now felt a necessary, almost parental instinct, to take care of these Leaders. It would a long, winding path for him. But he was a tough sod. He knew, through time, and patience, he would guide them down a dark road, into the brightest path they would ever have. He extended his hand out, rather slowly, but with his great gloved palm, he opened his hand, to shake those of the agreement they had struck. Kaffaran sat in the dark far corner nearest to the stairwell up into the Inn. His eyes seemed hopeful as Constantines gesture was displayed.

“I cannot tell you, how much of a burden you all have relieved off of my chest. Thank you, for your mercy, each and every one of you.”

He offered a warm smile, that, for any being, would be genuine, even if his cheek spasmed a bit as he did so due to the scar tissue that lay over the peppered and gnarled gap of where an energy sword had tried to cleave into his head. Kaff would press his micro bead to rely to the comm’s officer to rely a message to Drakon’s Flotilla, that Constantine had gained the support of the Rebel leaders, and that they all had sworn allegiance to the Imperium of Mankind, as well as to the Emperor of Mankind. Things would now be set in motion that, hopefully, to Constantine, would last until his very dying breath, on whatever field of battle it held for him. He now carried not only the lives of his men, but the lives of the Leaders he had just persuaded to join the Imperium. He would be wise as to from now on, take extreme caution when dealing with sensitive matters to these foreigners of the Imperium. But today, was a Victory day in of itself. One step closer, to ending the War.