Roleplay Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty

Trek to the Summit

2E Time Line

I need a Hero.


TheGorya: -Conan quickly felt the sonar feed back in seconds as he could draw out the map of the entire bend as he quickly drew Brisinger as the blade started hummer with a beautiful melody throwing its vibrating lullaby forward away from Luna and Seven. Conan snarled out- “get back everyone don’t look into her eyes or you will turn to stone!” -the sweet vibrating melody playing about towards this snake like woman with hair that was alive. He wasn’t happy as Conan walked forward into the bend further as he heard the creature spit out words to him “Loooook……at……meeeeeeee…ssssubbbb creatureeee.” he slowly walked towards her still seeing her with his sonar of sound as he smirked.- “not likely but tell me can you hear my soldier’s melody? That is if you have ears.” -Brisinger’s sweet song playing roared up in sound as if the volume was being turned up on a giant sound system the sound was only following forward deeper into the labyrinth. The sweet pitch of his sword was bliss to those that were not a target of its power.-

CharlotteCarrendar: The roar of Conan’s voice throughout the tunnels told everyone what they feared was true. A creature that could turn you to stone, just by gazing into her eyes. Charlotte brought her arms tight around her daughter; Luna. Pulling her close into her chest to assure that she kept her eyes shut. Seven was muttering under his breath about wanting to see the creature, but he knew that he didn’t want to end up like a stone statue. He squinted tight, though his hands were balled into fists. Fung Le, on the other hand looked peaceful, and with his eyes closed, he almost could be mistaken for meditating at this point in time. The Shadow wolf lay on the ground, its paws crossed over its eyes to be equally sure not to open them. But the droids, they weren’t going to stop, the micro one took off, skittering around the corner, to make a whistle sound when it saw the large snake demon. The Snake reared up as Conan continued to walk towards her, and she brought her hands up to the sides of her head, while the snakes that wound around and hissed on her head were agitated by the sound. “ARRGGGGGGSSSSSSSSS…Stop thatttttt….ssssstoppp thatttt sounddd!” she hissed angrily, her eyes flaring, and then she wiped her tail out from behind her, like a massive bullwhip, to try and enclose him within her coils. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan smirked as he heard the roars on the snake and quickly took note of her covering her ears. The melody was taking its effect. His smirk was so easily erased from his face with him having to focus on her movements as Brisinger’s melody only just start to wrap mind with illusions as for now she would start to multiple Conan’s as if he cloned himself before her eyes. Her tail would come close to him as he made the quickest reflex in his sword up moving Brisinger’s blade upward a crossed her tail the blade roared with sound if it were to land it would in fact be like a chain grinding through bone. Conan stood there with an emotionless face as he said.- “You wont get me so easy. You will have to destroy me before you get the chance to harm anyone else.” -Brisinger’s song hit into a course of sort as the snake being would soon have figure out what to do before the song ended.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – The sword would plough into the tail of the snake demon, causing her to shriek and holler in pain, as the sword grinded through her flesh muscle, then hit the bone centre. She threw her head back, hands still clutching the sides of her head, while the snakes wanted to strike out at the warrior who dared to attempt to slay her. What she failed to realize was that the song of the blade created illusions in the minds of others, and in effect created clones of him, standing all around in her line of vision. “Whattttt….isssss….thhhiiiiisssss…madddnneesss?” she hissed angrily, as the broken part of her tail simply fell away with blood the colour of jade seeping out onto the tunnel floor. Enraged beyond belief, and with no sense of self preservation she lunged at the nearest one, to let her snakes bite at him repeatedly, and try to kill him that way. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan stood there in silence as the song was reaching the climax of its sweet noise while the creature attacked the nearest illusion her attempts were childish as the illusion shattered into a white wolf cloaked in bright blinding light. Brisinger cracked as she attacked one of the illusion as Conan turned around to her as he said to her.- “you can feel it cant you? Before you even notice you will be gone in single ripple of sound.” -in the snakes mind she would see all of the illusions have cracks in the blade. As they seemed to speak in all directions as well as in sync. The sweet melody continued on again this time seeming to slow down as if it was reaching its end note as Conan started walking away from the snake woman before she started to attack at random knowing he needed to be ready for anything this thing had planned for him.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – The illusions were part of Conan’s defence brought about by the singing of the blade, that was driving the Snake demoness insane. She hollered and screeched louder and louder, hissing violently. With her blooded tail end, she tried to haul it up to attack the numerous clones, that now all spoke in sync. Confusion now reigned supreme. “You can feel it can’t you? Before you even notice you will be gone in single ripple of sound.” – Her blazing jade orbs glistened with the rage of all the hatred she had for men and warriors that dared enter her tunnel of the labyrinth. As the true Conan started to walk away, she launched herself again at him, in one last ditch effort to take him down. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan saw she was driving herself insane as he was moving away waiting for the time to launch his attack. He could tell she was indeed something rather unique as he noticed she found him out. With little time to react he raised his arm up scanning his left hand along the blade. He knew this wasn’t the best idea but he knew he couldn’t do anything else without missing. He gripped Brisinger’s blade tightly as it was still in it’s high pitches as he said.- “this shit is going to hurt” -he moved his hand with one quick movement as silence in seconds the blade shattered before you could hear the blade dismember completely a blast of sound expelled from the hilt as it flared in all directions acting like a hundred blades moving at the speed of sound. The snake creature would most likely get hit unless it had a way of moving out of the direction of Conan the blades would only travel forty feet in all directions and cut anything in the path. The blast was enough to throw Conan back about fifty still cutting him though the cuts were not deep due to his resistance to sound and dense skin as well as bones the blast wasn’t powerful as he thought it would have been. After all it was only a c minor.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- In her fit of blind rage, the Snake demoness would be completely unprepared for what was going to happen next. Her method of killing was to turn all that looked into her eyes to stone, or to wrap them up in her tight coils and asphyxiate them. But what she didn’t understand, was that the sword Brisinger was one very unique weapon. That when it came to the end of its song, that the high pitch would be reinforced as the blade shattered, dismembering completely. The Snake reared back horrified, as the sword broke up into as many as a hundred blades, that rocketed out in a blast affect. There was not enough room in the tunnel to evade such an attack, and she was caught in the path of the oncoming spray. The many shard pieces tore through the snake’s body, and then one singular blade tore her head free from her body, where it would land with a thud upon the ground, her eyes…closing. The snake had been foiled by the wily tactics of Conan. Around the corner, the rest of the group were all still standing with their eyes shut, hoping that Conan managed to beat the snake demon, before being turned to stone. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan hit the wall as he could tell from the last sound blast it gave him feed back as he opened his eyes looking about panting with trying to catch his breath. He looked at the hilt in his hand as he said.- “well I guess that was the last time you will sing Shadow. Your voice was truly amazing for the times I have used this sword you created…” -he placed it on the ground knowing the song didnt end. In fact he was one measure off from the song being over but still the sword was in fact a real piece of work. As Conan sighed while bowing to the pieces of Brisinger continuing what he was saying.- “well I know that I forced its power as you told me not too. But it served me well Thank you my old friend.” -he looked forward as he yelled out to the others.- “OK! Its dead! You can open your eyes now.” -he slowly walked towards them with his left arm completely covered in cuts more than his right. His gloves were completely shredded along with half his jacket. The cut were minor plain to see but the blood was sure to be a shock to the others.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – The sound of Conan’s voice was heard, and it was the best news. .- “OK! Its dead! You can open your eyes now.” – Charlotte hesitated then slowly released her daughter Luna, who blinked as she drew back her head from her mother’s chest. “It’s dead?” she questioned, while Seven opened his eyes wide with a snap. “I wanna seeeee.” He said, running from the group, round the corner and almost barrelling into the bleeding Conan himself. ~Oomph!~ he said, loudly, then falling back, he saw all the cuts across Conan’s body. “Mister Conan….why did you cut yourself like that? Very emo thing to do, you know.” Ever the boy, he then ran around Conan and got to the inside of the next tunnel, where he saw the beheaded snake for himself. “COOL!” he said, much to his mother’s dismay at his antics. But before she could apologise, Luna ran for Conan and held her arms out to hug him. “Mister Conan…I was so scared you were going to be turned into a garden statue.” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan saw the little tyke try his nerves again as he ignored him this time seeing he was more interested seeing the headless snake woman as he had Luna hugging him. He looked down at her smiling as he patted her as she spouted out with “Mister Conan…I was so scared you were going to be turned into a garden statue.” he chuckled a little bit as he said to her.- “and leave you alone with your brother…. PFFT! I don’t think I would want to let you have all the fun picking on him.” -he was trying to make her smile in the time she was scared. Conan looked over to Charlotte as he nodded at her as he asked her.- “you alright there?” -He didn’t even notice if Fung Le was.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Charlotte smiled and it was one of relief. “I’m fine.. just so glad your okay. Was that really a big snake?” Charlotte had heard of such myths, but never seen one before, not close up. Fung Le came up behind the small band, and then looked down to the shadow wolf, who was still laying down with his eyes covered. “You can get up now, Shadow…the danger has passed.” The wolf slowly lowered its paws, then wagged its tail happily. “I knew that.” It said, in a gruff voice. Fung Le chuckled and had a bit of an eye roll. Seven poked his head around from the other tunnel and shouted out to his mother. “This thing is huge…its…bigger than when you get angry.” Charlotte cringed slightly, as Luna laughed. “Don’t worry Mum, I don’t think he meant your thorax.” Luna leaned against Conan, feeling secure he was with them, while Fung Le urged them to press on. “The …mole had the map, so someone is going to need to pull it out of his hands without it tearing.” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan smiled at Charlotte as he hear she was ok as he nodded saying to her.- “yea it was a bit big for my liking as well on the quick side.” -he heard Seven comment that time as he shot an eye over to Charlotte as in his mind thought process was screaming’ what the hell?’ he chuckled a bit remembering spider demons as he completely forgot. He felt Luna cling to him like a daughter to a father. It seemed he had an effect on Luna once more. It made him think of nothing but happiness to know she cared for him. Conan looked over to Fung Le as he heard him talk about the mole and the map. He thought for a moment trying to think of something.- “well I don’t think I could help you there since even sound vibrations cutting around it might cut straight through the paper.” -he looked at the small spider droid thinking of something as he looked at Luna.- “hey maybe the small droid could cut around it with a fine tool?” -it was a thought if nothing else.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Conan was certainly quick thinking about how to get the map out of the hands of the mole professor, who had been turned to stone by the Snake Demoness. She asked Luna. “Hunny, get your micro droid to get the map back.” Luna did a tiny salute and skipped around the corner, only to see Seven straddling the big snake. “Woohooo…I’m the Snake slayer!” he said, acting like a cow boy. Luna shook her head. “You look silly, now help me get this map.” Her brother reluctantly dismounted the dead snake, only to trip over her head, which had been lying on the ground. ~OOMPH!~ it really wasn’t his day. Luna knelt down and looked at the mole sadly. He was frozen in terror, turned to stone by the snake demon, and it would have been a terrible way to go. “Micro…come here.” She called out to the small droid, that skittered up to her, whistling and chirping. “I need him to release the map, its stuck in his hand.” Suddenly a small red laser fired out of the tiny droid and the hand of the stone mole, fell off on the ground, with the map fluttering along behind it, to rest on top of the dismembered hand. “Wow…I didn’t know you could do that.” Luna said with an air of surprise. The micro droid buzzed happily, opening and closing its air vents, as a sign of affection. Luna snatched up the map and ran to give it to Fung Le. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan smirked at Seven being a dork again as Luna skipped off to get the map as he heard him trip over the head as he looked at the large piece of meat. Surprised in all honest remarks to his swords power only to know that the head would still be together. He sighed a little knowing that his sword was gone even though he had one other choice as a weapon. He looked over to see Luna bringing the map after hearing some sizzling noise. As he glance at Fung Le with the big question.- “where to next? As well I hope you know that this place is already has put me on the bad side of things never wanted to encounter.” -he looked at Luna as he smiled as a symbol of a good job at getting the map. He glanced over to Charlotte as he said.- “I guess we should expect exploding chickens next.”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Fung Le took the map from young Luna and patted her head gently, as he turned the map out in full, where you could see the markings on the map, start to move. “Most fascinating document. If you look closely, you can see we are now on the map as well. *he then pointed to the snake around the corner, and the fact on the map, Seven was laying down where he fell.*…quite magical.” Charlotte had to have a closer look and sure enough, she saw herself drawn on the map, actually leaning over, to look at….the map. “That’s…me?” she said, pointing herself out with her finger tip. “Indeed…now, let us get past the snake, and continue on. Does one of you have a spare bag? That head of the snake will come in handy. It is a good weapon.” He acknowledged Conan as he said this, hoping he understood what he meant by that instruction. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan looked closer at the map seeing that they were in fact marked on it. It was odd to see a map that would mark where you were. He looked at Fung Le as he cocked a weird expression knowing full well what he meant by the statement “Indeed…now, let us get past the snake, and continue on. Does one of you have a spare bag? That head of the snake will come in handy. It is a good weapon.” he reached over into his endless sack not wanting to put the bare head in his bag as he didn’t want to bloody his things as he rumbled through it looking for another sack. He found one that had two boxes stack in it as he pulled it out of his sack. He laid the sack down as he pulled two wooden boxes out one that was longer then the other as e placed them aside showing Fung Le the sack.- “do you think its big enough I mean I had to wrap the boxes a couple times over with it.” -he offered it to him seeing if it would be big enough for the head.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – “Hmmm might be tricky, but I think we can make it fit, yes.” The group then followed Fung le around the corner, and past the stone statue of the mole professor, who Fung Le gazed on with sad eyes. “So brave was he. Too quick for his own good, but brave. You will be honoured in the next life.” He bowed graciously, then picked up the head of the snake and shook it so all the snakes on the head, shrank back into its skull. This in effect made it smaller and more manageable. He then asked of Conan.” If you have that box ready?” He then held the head out ready to drop into the box. “This will come in handy, I promise you.” Now with all the group assembled, and Charlotte dusting off Seven, much to his annoyance, Fung Le pointed down the tunnel. “This way….if you would follow me.” Taking the lead he held the map in one hand, and used his bo staff to help him over the large body of the snake till they got to the other side. The tunnel seemed to go on and on, with no bends or turns. The further along they went, the place they came from seemed to go off into the blackness. Fung Le checked the map again, and then he suddenly stopped. ‘Don’t go further…there is a …” but Seven didn’t hear him, running ahead, and tripped on a wire, that was strung across the tunnel. There was a loud crashing sound, as the wire activated a pully system that went inside the rock itself. “Uh Oh!” he said, turning around as the floor they were all standing on, gave way, like a trap door, and all of them fell into it….falling falling…falling…till landing with a loud splash in an underground river, with a fast current. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan looked up at Fung Le placing the two boxes in his bag as he placed the sack the head was in alongside them. As he quickly placed it behind him as he started to follow them as suddenly the floor gave way when Seven ran over a trip wire. Conan felt the cold harsh water rush and wake him up from the feeling over falling as the current started to drag them all as he said.- “Seven you idiot!” -he tried to grab on to anything nearby but he couldn’t even see the others as they were being dragged by the current.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – It is a little known fact about bebilith and the horror on Charlotte’s face would say it all as they all hit the water, after falling through the trap door. Bebiltih can’t swim. The current of the underground stream was nearly impossible to fight against for a competent swimmer, but to those that can’t…they all fell beneath the waves, struggling for dear life. The large battle droid used its hydraulic legs to try and anchor to the sides, but the walls were so smooth due to the many years it took to carve out the river, that it could not get a hold. Fung Le saw the distress and then immediately dived under, trying to grab a hold of one of the three. Shadow wolf was dog paddling like crazy, as the swirling white waters tossed them about. Fung le came up for air, his eyes wide, as he screamed at Conan. “They’re drowning!” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan heard Fung Le in the struggle of him trying to grasp his stability as his though to himself as hearing the words “They’re drowning!” he quickly shrugged off his movement as he shoved himself under the water diving as he shot straight at Luna and Charlotte grabbing hold of them tightly as he had them by the sides trying his hardest to swim to the surface. They broke through to the surface holding them above himself. Dunking himself under water giving them air as the current threw them down. He was losing air trying to keep them safe. If only he could reach into bag he thought as the moments of them being thrown up high enough for him to gasp a lung full of air. He yelled out to Fung Le in a loud tone.- “My bag! In my bag!….” -a pause from him being throw under again as he said out in another gasp.- “RAFT!” -he plunged back under again once more as he wondered if he heard his yell.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Beneath the wild waters, the trio of bebilith were starting to lose the fight against the water, though they had fought so hard, to try and stay above the water, the current was simply no match for them. One by one, they started to sink, and go limp, which was the worst scenario. Fung Le came up for air, and heard Conan scream “My bag! My Bag!…RAFT!” Fung Le just managed to grab a hold of it, and reached inside, and pulled out what he thought was a rubber feeling surface. He started chanting as he spluttered and the raft exploded from the bag. Shadow wolf went down below the water, and bit onto the collar of Seven and fought to bring him to the surface, to get a hold of the raft. Fung le was trying to feel around for Charlotte, but he just missed her with his hand. It was now up to Conan to save them. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan felt the raft inflate as he had Luna by the side as he placed her in the raft but had let go of Charlotte. He quickly took a deep breath again as dove straight down for Charlotte it seemed to him she was no longer conscious as she keep going deeper and deeper. He flexed as he started to pick up on her. The current was strong even for him as far as they had gone Conan was not going to give up on them. He finally made it to Charlotte as he grabbed a hold of her from behind hooking her under one should and placing her in a head and arm hold kicking hard with his feet to make up for her to get air. He started to feel it as he choked under water pushing out what air he had in his lungs as they broke to the surface panting. He gasped out looking for the raft hopping it didn’t go down to far to get her out of the water.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Luna’s body was like that of a limp wet doll, being tossed up onto the liferaft, while the next to come to the surface was the Shadow wolf with young Seven. Fung Le helped to get both the boy and the Wolf onto the raft, but he was worried, for their mother and Conan had yet to surface. Fung Le was hanging on for dear life, and then all of a sudden, there was a loud rumbling coming from under the water, and the shining of red lights, that illuminated it with its glow. Two massive clamps came out and seized both Conan and Charlotte and propelled them up and out of the water, to land on the raft. It was the large battle droid, that was having trouble getting a grip. Charlotte landed with a thud beside her son, who was wet through and through. As they came to the bend, there was a large cave entrance, carved from the rock, and a place to stop at last. Fung le reached out and managed to get a hold, and dragged the raft to the stone shelf like platform, where the raft finally stopped. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan was fighting to keep Charlotte up as suddenly he was thrown up in the air in a rumble he landed and rolled off to the end as they reached a cave entrance as he caught himself looking at Luna and Seven to see if they breathing. He quickly turned over to Charlotte in a split second reaching to her jugular vein trying to find pulse still looking for sighs of breathing knowing she was under longer as he looked at Fung Le panting as he said.- “check Luna and Seven over again Fung Le need to make sure they are breathing.” -his index and middle finger were placed right at her neck right beside her airway. He slowly tilted her head back and her chin up hopping that would help her breath.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- The rush of water was still quite loud and yet with them now over to the side safely, they needed to check that the bebilith trio were alright. The Shadow wolf started to lick Seven’s face, in the hope his rough tongue would wake him. Seven started coughing up water, and was rolled over by Fung Le onto this side, to help get the water out of his lungs. Then it was Luna’s turn, as Fung Le rolled her over and checked her airway, to get the water out. “Come on child…breathe.” She too started to cough up a lung of water, and both Fung le and the Shadow wolf were relieved. Now they looked to Charlotte, who was laying still on the raft, next to a sodden Conan. Luna was awake enough to see that her mother wasn’t alright. “Mummy?” she said with a cough, crawling over to her side and started to shake her. “MUMMY!? Conan…make her wake up! Mummy!?!” Seven huddled in a tight ball and rocked back and forth, fearful that he had caused the death of his mother. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan heard the cries of the children as he could feel a pulse but Charlotte was not breathing as he looked to Fung Le as he said.- “get them out of the raft now!” -he didn’t mean to but he pushed Luna aside as he dragged her mother out of the raft laying her flat on the cave entrance as he tilted her head back again with her chin up. He quickly cupped his mouth over Charlotte’s and breathed into her airway. He repeated twice as he waited for a moment then placed his hand together about three fingers from her navel starting chest compressions on her hopping to log the water out of her lungs. As he counted under his breath waiting for sighs from her to start coughing out the water.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Luna was pushed aside, as now it was a race against time to get the water out of Charlotte’s lungs. “get them out of the raft now!” he barked, and Fung Le pulled the children to him, even though Luna had both arms outstretched for her mother. “Mummy….don’t die…please?” she cried, as Seven just curled up stunned. Charlotte was laid flat on the raft, and this was when Conan performed CPR on Charlotte. He head tilted back, and his mouth covered hers, while his thumb went under her chin. With each puff, her chest rose and then fell, and this was repeated, until her eyes flew open and water sprayed up from her mouth and she had just enough energy to roll over, where she coughed up even more. By now, Luna was beside herself, crying for the fact that her mother had managed to survive the wild rapids. All were spent from the swim in the rapids, and Fung Le held the children, as they watched Charlotte recover. <3>

TheGorya: -When Charlotte shot her eyes open and started to cough up water Conan quickly assisted her as he patted her back saying.- “Come on now your ok…” -he helped slowly running his hand up and down her back trying to sooth her a bit as he knew Luna was crying out for her mother as he said to Luna in a soft tone.- “Luna she is alright please give her some room to breath” -he sighed with relief that she was ok. He ran his hand over his face wiping the water that was sprayed on him by her. As he watched closely to see if she needed anything as he placed his hand on Luna’s head trying to calm her down.-