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July 25, 2013 12:39AM
In the early part of 2012, the First national bank of Lorewall was struck by a bombing attack, while the gunslingers, Slappy, and Daneeka were dining in a cafe in the heart of Lorewall’s financial district. The bombing had a massive impact on the financial heart of the nation, but not only that, it led to the strengthening of the Fuyu no arashi’s hold on the monetary interests of this young nation. The bombing itself, was carried out by terrorists, who wished to cause anarchy and chaos, a common theme in the nation of Nemaues, especially with the Wars of Chaos, that had decimated the West, and brought ruin and hardship to the North of the country.

With Daneeka reacquainting herself with her fellow travellers, after being released from the binds of M.E.R.C.Y, and spending time in Lorewall base Hospital, where one of the group was found to have cancer. Dark times it seems have now affected all, with the war of the Titans, set to be the show down of the very planet itself. Will the Gunslingers and their breaker friends, be able to help a country on the edge of all out war, or will they be too caught up, to try and save the very existence of all, if the Tower falls?

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July 26, 2013 07:15PM
Journal of Slappy Kinkaid

Entry 1

10 years have passed since we 1st breached the dimensional membrane between our world & that of Lisegia. Since then we have abandoned our efforts to bring about any form of reform with the people of Nemaus. It seems they are hell bent on self destruction, & all our efforts to redirect thier barbaric tendancies were met with nothing but resistance & push back. We have since then re-focused our attention on trying to minimize the spill over damage from their world to ours. We have made some alarming discoveries however. It seems that the Cancer that Hatchet died from was caused by high level radiation he experienced while investigating the remains of Malthos Point after the mysterious events that occurred there. Further monitoring of events within Nemaus have confirmed this as many other survivors from Malthos Point & the oultaying areas have developed simmilar conditions. We have noticed that in the northern reaches of the territories of Elford in our own world have developed strange almost ghostlike radioactive trace activity. When we overlaid a map of the region over a map of Nemaus, we found the area in question was in the same proximity as Malthos Point. We have theorized that there must be some form of bleed over through the dimensional membrane between the 2 worlds that is causing this. We have been monotoring this phenomenon closely. Some have suggested returning to Nemaus to try again to work with the leaders of their govt, but from what I recall of the Carrendars, they lack both the motivation & the ability to improve their circumstances. In fact, it seems they are in a constant state of war.

This has created another interesting phenomenon as well now that I think of it. while monitoring their world, we have notice that at some points, the landscape appers to be a war zone with these hulking brutes just battling it out, & then at other times, there is no sign of this what so ever. It is almost like there are 2 separate worlds that intermitantly fade in & out, one overlaying the other.

Locally we have also been pre-occupied with domestic issues of our own. about 3 years ago, we nearly lost Garrock to an explosion at one of the bio research facilities. He lost both of his arms, & sustained signifficant damage to the entire right side of his body. It’s a wonder he survived at all. Thankfully, due to the cloning research we have been doing for the past few decades, his staff was able to reconstruct cybernetic limbs to replace his arms, & graft over the damaged tissue. We were able to clone the soft tissue thankfully, but we still have yet to figure out how to clone his bone mass. He had some form of genetic anomily that we have yet to identify. He has been in a coma until about a year ago, & has only recently been able to adapt to his new replacement parts. Needless to say, it has been an interesting past 3 years in the scientific community. His arms are essentially cybernetic implants with functional muscle & skin tissue. We have had success in cloning full scale humans, in fact the clone of myself has developed like a normal human would, It’s odd. It is almost like having a twin that is a good 15 years younger. interestingly enough though, it seems that we have discovered how to essentially make full body clones, only with cybernetic skeletons rather than organic ones. This may help make signifficant advances to treating people with bone defects & degenerative diseases. The turn of events has been strange, as he has become not only the head researcher into this field, but one of the primary test subjects as well.

Aside from that, economically we have remained stable & prosperous. the people are still happy. So there is good news still to report, however I have been having strange dreams again having something to do with my time back when I was traveling with that old dipshit gunslinger. I don’t know yet what they mean, but I’m sure that I will figure it out sooner or later. Either that or go batshit crazy. Either way works for me.

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July 26, 2013 09:11PM
Journal Entry of Daneeka Rostov

Entry 1

My life is a kaleidoscope of memories, some mine, some that belong to others. Voices of the living and the dead, that seep in and in my darkest dreams awaken me. I am left in a cold sweat most nights, and I find that those are the times, that I sit and stare as the coachoraches crawl across the floor of my small room. I have been back in Slappy’s world for so long, but all I can think about is the life I had back when I had another name. Some days, I fear of that place…Nemaues, that it is no better than Mother Russia, but who am I to say, and if I did…who would listen? I know why I was sent there, and I know what must be done if I am sent back. I am Daneeka Rostov and this is my story.

I can remember the day I was freed by Slappy Kinkaid. Trapped within the confines of the cyborg being M.E.R.C.Y. I can remember the cafe, the day of the bomb blast in Lorewall. A city, that has changed so much in the past few years. It is hard to keep up with it. The hospital, I remember that. Yes…when they found cancer in the good man Hatchet. I remember….I remember.

Not long after the days at the hospital, we were to return to Slappy’s time, his world. The people of Nemaues were caught in their own disasters much of which was their own making. Wars over chaos, and yet the heart of chaos seemed to beat within the very people that held power. They say power corrupts, I have seen it with my own eyes. I have heard it in the words of the speeches and the multi media. Swaying the votes, buying the sheep, the people who would ultimately be turned to cannon fodder in the wars with no end.

Days turned to months…months turned to years, and now after having almost lost Garrock in the explosion in the bio lab, he is more machine than man. What is it with this reliance on technology? Why can’t they see what they are creating with their own intelligence? Why can’t they see the future? Why are they so stupid to rely on gadgetry? I ramble…I know, I do this. I know not why. Maybe…someone will read this and say…she knew. She knew. Course I knew. I am a breaker.

The work that has been going on, with the cybernetics is fascinating to many of my companions, but there is something that they do not know. The …one that they took me from. M.E.R.C.Y. She has never left Lorewall. I know this, because I have seen her with my own eyes.In my mind. How is it possible for me to see a machine in another world? Like a ghost almost. One minute I close my eyes and then I catch sight of her, the next she vanishes when I open them again.. I know I should tell Slappy that I have seen her in that city…Lorewall, but he seems so preoccupied about the science programme. He is so hard to talk to anyways. What with my accent. Would he even believe me if I told him? I fear she has something to do with the chaos of late. Could it be? She is still part of me? . <3>