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The Diamond Dogs


CharlotteCarrenadar: – Over on the Sentor, the crew that had made the daring kidnapping of the Lady Pirate Rachael, were dragging her hessian covered body over the side, and dumped her on the top deck like she was cargo, and not a woman beneath the wet cloth. The evil Lord Shammersmouth strode over and stood with his large satin covered belly protruding out over his pants. He wore a long curled wig, that sat atop his bald head, and he had this devilish grin, as he waved his right hand with a flourish. “Let us see our first catch of the day. BONSON…untie the cargo.” The Bonson saluted then set to untie Rachael’s ropes and then pulled the bag off her haphazardly, while all around her soldiers had their guns trained on her, in case she tried anything…fishy. “Oh…my. The legendary Pirate Rachael O’Malley. Welcome aboard the Royal Frigate Sentor. I am your host….Lord Shammersmoth, and we are going to play a little game, I like to call, “Swing that pirate from the yard arm!” He guffawed and then snapped his fingers, as his lieutenant came up alongside him. “Read the charges!” The lieutenant unfurled the warrant, and then coughed before uttering. “Lady Rachael O’Malley…you are hereby charged with Piracy, murder, and prostitution in Port Royale….the crown insists, that you are given the death penalty, to be hung by the neck till dead, at the rising of the morning sun at Dawn.” He then snapped his heels together, as Lord Shammersmoth snickered and then added…”Unless of course…we wish to…interrogate you first. I always like to get to know my prisoners, before I put them to death.” There was a lusty tone to his voice and he laughed, spinning on his heel. “Bring her to my cabin…oh and check that my sheets are fresh. She deserves the very best.” <3>

LadyBelz: – Trussed up like a stuffed turkey on Thanksgiving and tossed about like yesterday’s trash…that was what Rachael was feeling as the darkness that had descended upon her head in the form of a potato sack suddenly became light. Her hair hung in front of her face and she swept it back angrily, a retort upon her lips, ready to dress down the bastards who’d done this to her, and possibly gut him or her like a trout if she could get her hands on her dagger. When her vision cleared, both deed and action died a swift death at the many muskets pointed her way and she had to clamp tightly down upon the urge to gulp. And then what could only be described as a pig in a wig stood before her…sweating profusely and talking as if he owned the world. And he SMELLED! Like the perfumes from the far east English dandies liked to bath in, thinking it made them smell sophisticated, when all it did was make the ladies around them want to toss their cookies all over their expensive French silk slippers. Oh, she knew exactly who had captured her. As he talked about playing games and threaten to hang her from the yard arm, she unobtrusively felt beneath her skirts and was comforted when she discovered they had yet to find her dagger. She was paying not one whit of attention to the fat tub of lard until… “Bring her to my cabin…oh and check that my sheets are fresh. She deserves the very best.” As the man spun on his heel and left the deck. She was grabbed roughly by both arms and hauled after the man, her one eye glaring a very large hole in the back of his head.

CharlotteCarrendar:- On the docks of Pirate cove, there was much yelling and swearing, as the crews of five pirate ships were all thundering down the wooden palings. On the Devil’s Mystery, Captain Moon and his Doctor, had their eyeglasses trained out towards the open water, and of course, Moon saw his beloved Rachael, being surrounded by troops with muskets. “Rachael…” he said just under his breath, and the very thought of something happening to her, drove him almost insane in his mind, as he realized just how much she meant to him. “WE ARE GOING AFTER HER!…..RAISE THE ANCHOR….OPEN THE SAILS….GET THIS BARNACLE COVERED BRUTE OUT AFTER HER!!” He roared, snapping his eyeglass back in, as the Doctor looked at him, though he was insane. “Captain….Captain….wait..” the Doctor implored. Captain Moon spun around, his teeth clenched tight as he snarled through his nostrils. “WHAT?” The Doctor knew that to act in a rash fashion was a fools game. “Captain…think for a moment. There are six ships out there. We can’t risk the Devil’s mystery and all her crew to save one person. Don’t you think this might be a trap?” The Captain looked confused then thought for a moment, as his entire crew were on edge….wanting to go rescue Rachael, but needed the Captain’s orders. The Doctor spoke further. “There are five ships in this cove. Speak to the other Captains….form a plan. Don’t rush in fool hardy….I implore you. I care about her too, Captain….but we must think….please?” :: On the Sentor, the Lord Shammersmoth opened his door, as his burly officers dragged the unwilling Rachael into his quarters. They thrust her into a chair, and then both saluted, before leaving the room, and standing guard outside. Lord Shammersmoth, then changed his tone, and his demeanour. He reached for a bottle of brandy, and uncapped the cork. “Care for a little drink…before we get started, my dear?” <3>

LadyBelz: Thrust into the chair, she bit her lips as her elbow made contact with the hard wood of its arm. Cursing under her breath, she rubbed the numbness from it as the men saluted the so-called Lord and left the room, closing the door with a snap. On guard, Rachael eyed Shammersmoth carefully as he moved to open a bottle of brandy. “Care for a little drink…before we get started, my dear?” came the question, the man possibly thinking he was all charm. But Rachael was nobody’s fool. He was about as charming as a rattlesnake in a dark corner waiting to strike out at unsuspecting prey. “I want nothing from you. Release me at once or I will gut you where you stand.” she scowled.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The Lord heard Rachael’s threat and he actually smirked as she showed she had real fire in her belly. “Oh my dear. You know how to turn a man on. Yes…yes, I have heard all about you. Do you realize you are most famous in the lore of the Sea. The mighty Lady Pirate and her rich red hair, with a wild appetite to go with it. Many a sailor and Pirate would die to be in my shoes right now. Hell…. I have a hard on just thinking about it.” He poured a glass of brandy, and then held it like he was studying the glass and its delicious contents. Lord Shammersmoth then grinned at the Lady Pirate and said. “I do…have something to show you first. Yes…you’re going to want to see this. You see….you are just what I need to get…..the big fish.” He took out a wanted poster of not only the Pirate King…but Captain Moon as well. “That’s right. THEY ARE THE ONES I WANT….course, we knew that those two buffoons would be coming after the likes of you. So…welcome…to hell.” He ran his tongue over his enormous cod fish like lips, as he took a swig of his brandy. He then leaned closer to her, so she could smell his foul breath, as he licked her earlobe. “I’m going to make you a deal…you can’t refuse.” <3>

KaylaBloodlust: ~Ana sat up in the crows nest, reading her last chapter of her book~ “Ana dear!” ~She heard her father call, she quickly bent the corner of her page and closed the book and laid it down~ “Yes father?” ~She asked leaning over looking down at him~ “What are you doing up there? I need you down here with me!” ~He yelled, his tone was impatient and ill~ “I was just looking out over the ocean, I’ll be right down..” ~She answered crawling over the edge and quickly coming down the ladder, once her feet touched the ground she straightened the ruffles in her skirt and looked to her father with a sweet smile. He pursed his lips and turned on his heel heading into his Captain’s Quarters, without him saying a word she quickly followed behind him. Once inside she shut the door behind her and took a seat in front of his desk, he sat down and rested his elbows on his desk sighing~ “There have been reports that other ships have been spotted in the area and we don’t know whether or not they’re dangerous or harmless.. So we are planning on docking for the night but, we will have some of the crew on the boat standing guard..” ~Ana sighed as her father told her the plans~ “So what does this have to do with me?” ~She asked raising a brow, her father smiled and sat back~ “Since your brother was killed, I’m gonna need you to be my first mate… You’ll have to be prepared to fight on my commands, and I have a feeling that we are up for a nice battle soon..” ~He said with a chuckle~ “Plus, you’re a strong young woman and I know you’re ready..” ~He reached out opening his palm, She pursed her lips and placed her hand into his squeezing it gently~ “I won’t let you down father..” ~She said softly looking into his eyes and smiling~ “That’s my girl..” ~He muttered~

LadyBelz: Rachael wanted to throw up as he leered at her, talking of his non-existent manhood. She knew then she shouldn’t have changed her clothing to pants and her favourite shirt before she’d left her cabin. “If many a man stood where you are now, I’m not so sure we could see them, considering how disgustingly large you actually are.” she retorted. Lord Shammersmoth then grinned at the Lady Pirate and said. “I do…have something to show you first. Yes…you’re going to want to see this. You see….you are just what I need to get…..the big fish.” When he took up a pair of scrolls from his desk, she scoffed then. “You have absolutely nothing that would interest me, in your hands…” she looked him up and down contemptuously, “…or anywhere else.” He said nothing as he unrolled the scrolls, turning them to face her. It wasn’t the drawn visage of the Pirate King that caught her attention…it was the picture of her beloved James that made the breath catch in her throat. “Wanted: Dead or Alive…preferably Dead…” The words on the poster were seared into her brain. She could not take her eyes away from it as the whale-sized dandy leaned over her, surrounding her with his stink. He licked her earlobe and spoke to her almost as a lover. “I’m going to make you a deal…you can’t refuse.” he whispered, his stinking breath making her eyes tear. Growling in a rage, she suddenly turned her head, mouth open and teeth aiming to clamp around his earlobe, which was in her line of sight…

Guest_Shrurak: Captain Lostchild stood high above the waters of the sea and the deck of The Spaniard’s Daughter, an British Galleon that sailed a black flag that depicted a bleched skull with a dagger firmly impaled into the side of the skull, loudly and cheerfully singing out as he watched Isle de Mar Negro appear on the horizon, though this was mostly a moral booster. ” Farewell and adieu unto you Spanish ladies.” He sang, though he had a noticable British accent his was a bti deeper and had a slightly harsh tone about it though it was not an unpleasant voice.” Farewell and adieu to you ladies of Spain, For it’s we’ve received orders for to sail for old England, But we hope very soon we shall see you again.” At that moment the crew joined in, they obviously were used to Captain Lostchild’s singing, their voices booming as the ship sailed closer to the island. “We’ll rant and we’ll roar like true British sailors, we’ll rant and we’ll roar across the salt seas, Until we strike soundings in the Channel of Old England, From Ushant to Scilly is thirty-five leagues.” Captain Lostchild resumed singing; a soft smile had come across his face as he turned to climb down from the crow’s nest. “We have our ship to with the wind at sou’west, boys, We have our ship to, our soundings to see, So we rounded and sounded; got forty-five fathoms, We squared our main yard and up channel steered we.” he jumped down from the rope ladder, a few feet from the decks of his ship, and his men joined him in singing, their voices booming cheerfully from the deck as they finished the song and Captain Lostchild slowly walked towards the bow. “Now the first land we made it is called the Deadman, Next Ram Head off Plymouth, off Portland the Wight, We sailed by Beachy, by Fairlee and Dungeness, Till we came abreast of the South Foreland Light.” Captain Lostchild made his way quickly up a set of steps before reaching the bow of the ship, he then turned to his men as they call continued. “Then the signal was made for the grand fleet to anchor, All in the Downs that night for to lie, Then it’s stand by your stoppers, see clear your shank-painters, Haul all your clew garnets, let tacks and sheets fly.” With that he turned to look towards Isle de Mar Negro, now close enough to see people walking about on the docks and with a grin he continued, though his men had stopped singing as the rushed to prepare to dock the ship. “Now let every man toss off a full bumper, And let every man drink off a full glass, And we’ll drink and be merry and drown melancholy, Singing, here’s a good health to each true-hearted lass.” with that the ship came slowly into the dock, several of his sailors rushing to secure and toss ropes down to the other on the dock, the anchor dropping with a loud splash as he turning to the island, his hands on his hips and smiled.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The Captain was now in a right lather, and thundered down the gang plank to the dock, when the Pirate King himself was being helped with his wet coat, since the Captain had dunked him earlier, he was a bit miffed with the Captain but then he saw the look upon his face. “James….what is it?” He actually used the Captain’s real name. For once, all the rivalry was lost, and the two men stood facing each other. The Doctor ran down after the Captain, as the other Captains came up the wharf and wanted to know what was going on. “There are six British ships out in the open waters off the cove.” Moon then looked squarely at the Pirate king and said. “They have Rachael…” All the other pirates then started looking at each other, before a roar came up, many drawing their muskets and their blades. Daggers held aloft with much swearing and cursing against the English dogs. “Well…barnacle bob…they don’t do they?” The Doctor stood alongside the Captain and nodded. “And If I am right, its Lord Shammersmoth on the Sentor. A right bastard, rolling turd of a human being. Gentlemen…*he took in all those that were on the deck and then Moon shouted at them all to be quiet, and the Doctor nodded. “Had they just wanted her, they would have moved their fleet out. Look…they are still all out there. That means one thing. They want all of you.” Captain Moon snarled, and the Pirate King gulped. “Me?…what the hell did I do?” Some of the Devil’s mystery crew all looked at Maureen like he lost his marbles. “You’re the bloody Pirate King….course they want you….*then he said under his breath*…god knows why.” The Doctor could see that the Pirates were all starting to get the big picture. “We need a plan….and I have an idea.” :: Lord Shammersmoth appeared shocked by Rachael’s counter, but when she bit onto his earlobe, he yanked back hard, causing him to stumble and he actually lost a bit of his ear to her. “BITCH!..” he then moved to strike her across the face, in anger and fury. “I like them rough…but you have no idea how rough I can be….PIRATE WHORE!” he spat. <3>

LadyBelz: “BITCH!..” he howled as she spat the piece of ear directly into his face. There was a brief flash of pain as he struck her hard across the face, rocking her head to the side and nearly knocking her from her seat. She heard his snarl and turned to look at him, spitting a bit of blood (his or hers, she didn’t know) at his feet. “I like them rough…but you have no idea how rough I can be….PIRATE WHORE!” Rachael smirked then, a trickle of blood oozing down her chin to splash across the pristine white of her shirt. “Better a Pirate’s Whore than your slut.” she stated proudly, not an ounce of fear in the depth of her single eye. “You seem to be under the impression that being the whore to a Pirate is a loathesome and disgusting thing. That is so far from the truth it is laughable. Pirates treat their women like the treasures they are. Being a Pirate’s Whore is a badge of honor and I wear it proudly! And a Pirate Captain’s Whore is better than being a Queen! So, you fat, disgusting tub of guts! Call me whatever you like, but I am Rachael Moira Kathleen O’Malley, daughter of Captain Rochard “Red Beard” O’Malley and his Pirate Whore, Lillian Josette O’Malley and YOU. WILL. NOT. BREAK. ME!”

DarienArcher: -Singing along with him “We’ll rant and we’ll roar like true British sailors, We’ll rant and we’ll roar across the salt seas, Until we strike soundings in the Channel of Old England, From Ushant to Scilly is thirty-five leagues.” Diabolitio would put his fist up into the air as all the other crew on board would do the same. As the Captain called out getting ready to dock the ship. Diabolitio smiled has he saw some lights off the distance. Being one of the first men off the ship he leaped for the oncoming dock. Landing peaceful he smirked before yelling up to the others. ” Get your smelly asses off the ship and help dock it ” Diabolitio grabbed onto a rope which was near him and started to tie it off. Standing up towards his hieght of 6′ 2″ He was one of the tallest on the ship. His Captains words buzzed in his mind when he talked about drink. ” RUM! ” Diabolitio yelled out to the others in a deep french accent. “out of my bloody way you land lovers ” Diabolitio Started to make his way off the dock.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Rachael was one fiery lass, there was no mistaking it. When he spat out at her that she was a Pirate whore, she…let rip. Stating proudly she would rather be a pirate whore than some skanky Lady slut. Oh the fire in her belly, as her single and only eye glinted. If Captain Moon had been there, his willy might have shrunk a tad, cause she was on one of her rolls. She wore the badge of a pirate whore with pride, and so defiant, she screamed out her name, and that of her parents to boot. “I am Rachael Moira Kathleen O’Malley, daughter of Captain Rochard “Red Beard” The Lord Shammersmoth gripped the edge of his desk, then he yelled out. “GUARDS…take her down to the cell below. Let the rats and the sad sack who is down there, keep her amused. She thinks she is so high and mighty…..and she killed my boner!” The doors opened, as the guards seized her arms, and dragged her down to the lower decks, where she was thrust into a cell, with another, who was hiding in a darkened corner. The other prisoner, was dressed in an old pirating outfit, that she would not have seen for years. His long hair turned grey, and his face hidden beneath his hat. He spoke…quietly..the life near taken from him after repeated beatings. “Yo…ho…ho….a pirate’s…life…for me…” but who was he, and how long had he been kept a prisoner..? :: On the docks, the pirates were about to hear the cunning plan of the Doctor, when another ship approached, filled with….singing pirates. Captain Moon facepalmed, dragging his fingers down the centre of his face. “WHAT THE HELL? Did you send for your gay and dandy sister ship, to come and entertain your crew, Maureen? WE NEED REAL PIRATES….No le girls afloat!” But the Doctor grinned. “No…no this is perfect.” He shot a look at the Pirate King, who was wiggling his fingers at the oncoming ship. “Pirate King….Maureen?…Pay attention. Do you have any…ladies outfits?” The Pirate King smirked and then said. “You have not seen my summer collection? Did wonders in France. I even do men’s corsets.” He said proudly. Captain Moon snarled and then said to the Doctor, “What on earth are you asking him that for?” The Doctor then beamed. “We are sending out…that ship..*he pointed to the oncoming one*….with a whole lot of lovely…singing…beauties.” The Pirate King clapped and then bent forward. “I get to wear the Pink…Tee hee.” <3>

Guest_Shrurak: Captain Lostchild laughed a bit loudly after the cheerful screaming, leaning his upper body over the side of hs beloved galleon before shouting to the men on the docks. “Oi! Bring up about a dozen women.” He said with a large grin before shouting again. “And don’t forget to get some for my men too!” With that he laughed wholeheartidly, clearly his was a much more cheery version of the typical stoney pirate, as he descended down to the dock. With a wide grin he turned to the men who stood there. Captain Lostchild stood at about 5’11”, tall when compared to most, and dressed in mostly black clothing with gold trim which gave him a somewhat regal look. His hair was long, thick, and dark brown, drapping onto his shoulders. “Well? Never met Captain Morgan Lostchild before, have ye?” He said with a smile as his hand came up to gently stroke the small beard he had on his chin, nothing too large but it stood out. “Well unless you bring me something to drink you never will. I have been sober FAR too long.” He added before once again laughing, this time rather softly and too himself.

LadyBelz: Rachael hit the floor on her knees as the cell door slammed behind her. She chuckled darkly, glad to be anywhere but near that fat pig. She shuddered with disgust. Something moved in the dark corner nearby and she whirled around, dagger in her hand. “Yo…ho…ho….a pirate’s…life…for me…” came the barely whispered refrain. “Who’s there? Who are you?” she demanded. The man moved into the dim light of the cell and she could make out dingy gray hair and wrinkled skin. But it was the eyes that held her attention. They were oceanic blue and seemed to stare deep into her soul. “Who be you, girly? What you be doin ‘ere?” the man asked. Carefully, she returned her dagger to its sheath within her skirts as she settled herself more firmly on the floor. “My name’s Rachael. Who are you?” she wondered. The man tilted his head to the side, thinking. “Don’t quite remember. Been down ‘ere so bleedin’ long. Them guards be callin’ me Billy.” Rachael held out a hand. “It be a pleasure, Billy.” Billy reached out a shakey hand a clasped hers with it. She held firm, warming his cold limbs with her touch. He gave her a small smile. “Ye be a Pirate lass.” he stated. “How kin ye tell?” she wondered. “Ye have that look about ye. Tis a sight to these tired eyes. Where be yer Lord, I wonder.” Rachael turned to look out one of the portals. She could see torches lit on the far docks of the island and sighed. “Hopefully plannin me rescue.” she replied.

CharlotteCarrendar:- There was movement, a hell of a lot of it on the wharf, as the crew of the Edith knew what they had to do. One first mate cried out. “Lads…we got those costumes from the panto last summer, remember the one we did in Havish Bay?” There was a resounding cheer, as the Doctor asked the frilly dressed Pirate King, what they were on about. “Oh..that was a stellar performance. We did the Mikado…was smashing. Nothing sexier than a lady with a beard. Gives a man something to hang on to…RUFF!” he did a spectacular hip thrust, accentuating his mammoth and still wet cod piece. Captain Moon folded his arms. “I’m not dressing up as some bleeding tart!” he said gruffly, as the Doctor pulled on his arm. “Captain…its this, or full on war. We can catch them off guard with the lady pirates…and then, bring in the rest of the ships, and sink that son of a bitch.” The last part was said with a touch of anger, and the Captain noted this. “What be getting into your jimmies, lad?” The Doctor looked at his feet a moment, and then he coughed, holding up his hand to his mouth, as he said. “Lord Shammersmoth….he..had my wife imprisioned…after she knocked him back. Tis…how you came to meet me…I was playing the card games, to win the money to get her out.” The truth hit Captain Moon like a tonne of bricks. “RIGHT…someone get me a dress. There is PIRATING TO BE DONE!” The Pirate King squealed and then took Moon’s arm to escort him to the Edith. “I think the blue will match your eyes, James.” “Shut up and lets get this going, Maureen.” Meanwhile, the Doctor approached the new coming Captain, and smiled. “Ah…Captain…just the man we need to see. We have this…cunning plan and I need your ship to take the lead. Tell me, do you know Dolly Dixie down and dirty…its rather popular.” He mentioned a song that was loved by the pirates, who were now all getting dressed up as women. “We need to sail your ship out first, with…*he pointed at the crew behind him in frills and lace and then said*…just to distract the British long enough, to do a rescue then sink the bloody lot. Are you in?” <3>

Guest_Shrurak: Captain Lostchild arched a brow, stifling a laugh as he looked to the men putting on dresses before looking to the man who spoke to him. “Aye, I’d be glad to, may use them as a way to pul la few joke on my own men.” He said with a laugh before suddenly stepping forward and putting an arm around the man’s shoulders, pointing to the town. “But first! Drinks on me!
He shouted to the men, all now in drag, before answering the man’s question. “No, but I could use a new song to sing when we are on the seas.” He said before reaching up and removing his hat briefly to the man and putting it back on. “And call me Morgan, all my men do.” He added before almost forcibly dragging the man off in search of a tavern, or a woman, either would be welcome in his current state.

LadyBelz: Rachael had been staring out the port window for some time, at the lights in the distance. She sighed, leaning her head against the wall. “Oh, James. I can’t be takin’ much more of these separations between us.” she murmured. “That be yer Lord’s name, then?” Billy asked. Rachael looked at him over her shoulder. He was sitting on the sunken cot in the corner wrapped in a threadbare blanket to ward off the chill of the coming night. “Aye. Captain James Moon of The Devil’s Mystery.” she nodded. “How’d ye come ta be in his service?” Rachael turned away and moved to sit next to him. “I ran away from me home when I was but 13. Me stepfather had been wantin’ ta sell me to one of his…friends…for a coin…he already ruined me mum…he wasn’t gunna ruin me as well. I stowed away on Moon’s ship. Twas nearly a week before he found me. Been in his service ever since.” Rachael explained. Billy patted her hand. “Sound ta me like he be a good man.” Rachael smiled fondly. “That he is. One o’ the finest I’m ta ever meet.”

EmpsAthenaSoriDrach: -Sighing resting her chin on her palm listening to the sloshing of the waves lapping the wooden sides of the little boat. Casually twirling her father’s captain’s hat around her pointed finger, her own boredom setting in as she waited on orders- “God dammit…. How long as it been already” –Sighing swearing under her breath as the little boat rocked in the dark night slowly steering through the current into the cove, Dark lit she knew full well she was hidden n the invisible blanket of the darkness shrouding the cove. Pouting to herself as she regaled about the order her father had passed to her before leaving for the little wooden box she was sure would be her tomb if the pirates saw her incoming- “Don’t be afraid dear daughter, you’re the only man on this ship I know has been untainted by Pirate ways. All the men in my forces know and clearly sympathized with them. I am ordered to be more tactical with this and apparently” –slamming the new scroll orders on his desk with both hands- “I am barred from just setting fire and collapsing the cove right on top of them. Resting on our Loral’s to wait them to reclaim what is theirs” –Her father seemed weary as she nodded once. She had grown up in the safety of the Empire even being or Nordic blood she sounded as British and regal as they come and clearly could stand her own on a ship. Being by her father’s side many years she had never met a pirate but knew stories of them and her first time away at sea she knew she would come across their under handed tactics, sighing to her father as she took his old Unformed hat and cloak from his spying days and slung it over her back- “Father I will do this and prove I can be a great captain.. I will not sympathise with cretins that poison our docks and seas, you can rely on me” –being she was the only one of the crew who was to young to officially be signed on under her Majesty the queen she was the best chance of breaking the ‘ do not directly assault order’ her father had been given. Not that she knew why they crown would spar the rod on these pirates. Something seemed fishy but she couldn’t determine it. As her boat slowly yawed and lurched forward finally entering the darkness of the cavern. Frowning at the loud cheering and running about from the boat ahead, sighing rolling her eyes- “It’s like they want to be snuck up on” –leaning forward on her little boat to swing her grappling hook to grab and began scaling it’s side popping a head over the edge railing as she dashed silently around barrels, pressing her back to one as she listening hearing the men laugh and … to her dismay seeing them dress like very.. Crude pictures of the female form, frowning as she literally facepalmed- “Who in their right mind is going to not see through that.. they have bears for Christ sakes” –her voice to soft to be heard as she sat and listened-

CharlotteCarrendar: – On the Edith, it was like the backstage dressing room of a broad way musical, with pirates of all shapes and sizes, picking out female costumes to wear, in a big to go in as a musical brothel boat, in the hope of tricking the british into getting Rachael back. Moon and the Doctor, were both standing looking into a special chest that the Pirate King had brought up specially. “Its some of my best frocks. Knocked em dead in Paris.” He said, holding up a feather fan and waving it, as Moon sneered at the Doctor. “I hope to God Rachael never sees this.” He said with a gruff and angered tone. The Doctor took off his own hat, and then placed on a large white frilly wig. “Remember why we are doing this, Captain. Tis the only way.” The Captain’s shoulders slumped, as he took out a French burlesque costume, designed for the Pirate King. “I feel so cheap.” He muttered as he went off to get changed. The rest of the crew got the ship ready with fancy lanterns, and flags, and brought out the phonograph, so they could play music while they seduced the British soldiers. The first mate came up alongside Captain Lostchild and slapped his back heartily. “You are a good man for letting us use ya ship. Here…Smith is going to take ya for that drink. We promise to bring your ship back…in a jiffy.” He lied, and waved Captain Lostchild off, as he went to raise the anchor. The ship moved out of port with the dancing lady pirates on the top deck, approaching the Sentor, while all the other pirate ships….got ready. :: On the deck of the Sentor, two guards were doing the rounds, when they saw the brightly lit up party boat approaching. They both stopped, as they saw the buxom lassies, rubbing themselves against the posts and ropes, while there were four…very large ladies, dancing on the top or bow of the ship.




Moon was dressed in a hot red number, with a white wig, while Captain Maureen, was dressed from head to to in pink feathers and lace and a black top hat. The Doctor was wearing a huge white wig, and equally odd makeup, and they all waved and blew kisses at the Sentor’s crew. “Let us aboard and for a bag of gold…we will sing, dance and blow your cares away….” the Pirate King or Queen sang out. <3>