Role play Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty

Trek to the Summit

Conan’s bag of holdings.


CharlotteCarrendar:- Charlotte was an oddly pale colour, and wet through and through, just like all the others of the small travelling party. Both Charlotte’s children watched on as their mother coughed up more water, with her eyes red and blood shot, which again was not normal. Luna’s chin was wobbling as Conan kept h is hand on Luna’s head, in an effort to calm her. “Mummy?” Luna called, and that sound echoed throughout the tunnel itself. Charlotte slowly turned her head towards her daughter, and showed a half smile, as she was trying to regulate her breathing. Fung Le, who had for the first time ever shown a sign of panic, sighed with relief, and patted the Shadow wolf, who himself was completely soaked. “That was a true test of spirit and courage, Conan. They owe you their lives.” He said, looking down at Charlotte as she lay on the raft. Seven, for the first time ever, acted his age. “I wanna go home..” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan Sighed with relief looking at Fung Le as he said to him as he ran his hand across Luna’s head. “That was a true test of spirit and courage, Conan. They owe you their lives.” he looked back at Charlotte and the twins saying to him.- “I didn’t want Seven and Luna to grow up without their mother. As well it wouldn’t have been right to give up on them. To me they are like family now it’s too hard to just move forward and not look back.” -he reached for his pack of cigarettes as he pulled a soaking pack of lucky strikes. He looked down at them and then squeezed the pack crushing it in his. He got up and sat on the platform the cave as he continued.- “besides I think they would have done for me if they had the chance.” -he looked over at Charlotte as he was a bit worried.- “you alright there?” -he didn’t know if she was ok since her eyes were blood shot. He looked over to Seven as he said to him being blunt.- “I don’t think we really can go home right now. We will after were done that I can promise”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Charlotte tried to sit herself up, but she was feeling light headed and it was clear, when she lay back down again, panting. “I’m feeling dizzy.” She said, looking to Fung Le, since he was probably more adapt to treating her than anyone else. Looking around them, most of their belongings were soaked through. The battle droids had managed to make it out of the water, but the micro one, was definitely having some difficulty, and powered down, while the larger one, was trying to blast it with air, to dry it out faster. This caused it to roll along the stone ledge that they were all on, and it almost fell back into the waters again. When Conan asked if Charlotte was alright, she answered. “Just..need a moment.” Though she was trying to cover up the fact that she was not feeling one hundred percent. Seven was all out of sorts, on being told that they couldn’t go home right now, but they would when the trek was over. Fung Le agreed. “What we do…matters to all on the planet, not just a few.” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan nodded at Charlotte as he pulled his sack over to his side pulling out something from the bottom. He used both hands pulling out a large metal box that looked air tight. He carefully placed it by him he saw the small droid fall in the water and placed it back up on the platform as he looked Charlotte with a smirk.- “care for a dry towel?” -he put his hand on the handle and turned it while a loud air ripping breeze shot from the box as the sides broke open from it. What was in the box was dry supplies mostly towels, blankets, and medical supplies. When looking at it the right way it looked like a mini surgeon kit with the sidings holding gauze, butterfly clips, and even a scalpel. He looked down at it as he pulled the towels out as he passed them to twins and Charlotte. He looked at the box as he said out loud.- “this fucking thing has been in my bag for years never thought I would ever use the stuff in it. Oh how I was wrong!” -he shook his head as he pulled one of the straps on the side and pulled out a three hot packs as he popped one of them open shaking it waiting for it to heat up.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Conan’s bag truly was a gift in itself. Able to hold so many wonderful things, that when he pulled out the box from the inside, it would reveal everything needed to help them get through this part of the tunnel. Conan handed each the dry towels, with the children accepted gratefully, and Charlotte finally pushed herself up to sitting, wrapping the towel around herself in an effort to get dry and warm. Seven was intrigued, and said “I can’t believe you had that in your bag for four years and never used it.” Luna nodded in agreement, and Fung Le piped up and said. “This is an emergency box, and you do not have them every day. Very clever bag you have, Conan.” Shadow wolf, rose up and started to shake himself, so the water sprayed everywhere bringing laughter and noise from the children. His tail was the last to shake and you had to admit, it did look comical. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan smirked and laughed at what they said as he spoke out to everyone.- “well the bag has been around for hundreds of years knowing that this time and era of this world is younger than the Goryan world. I would say I have been sleep for longer than I thought.” -he looked at Seven said tossing the heating pack towards him and nodded to Fung Le’s comment about it being an emergency box.- “yea I didn’t use it cause I fell asleep shortly after it was given. Place that on your chest” -he popped two more of the heating packs and tossed the others to Charlotte and Luna as he said to- “let that heat your chest up first that way your heart can have a chance to not slow down too much.” -he sighed as he looked at Fung Le as he pulled out a small burner and a kettle from his bag as he said.- “do you know how to work one of these?” -he was hopping he did since he needed to tend to the cuts on his arms and hands from the fight earlier.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – The children each caught the heat packs, and gladly brought them onto their chests, feeling the instant relief that the heat would bring. Charlotte had been shivering, and so when she caught hers, she couldn’t place it on her chest fast enough. “Oh…this feels so good.” She said almost breathlessly, though her teeth had been chattering for a bit. Fung le was handed the teapot and small burner, and naturally, he showed a slight smile, delighted at the prospect of some tea. “I served my Master tea for many a year, I think I know how to work this, Conan. You tend to your wounds, and I make the tea.” He filled the tea pot with water and got the burner working, resting the tea pot on the top. The children seemed to huddle close together, watching Fung Le with curious expressions, for his movements were slow yet precise. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan quickly pulled off his jacket and his shirt as he looked at his arms. He quickly noticed that he wasn’t just wet from the water but had a slight pain in his upper arm. He had a good gash on his arm right over his shoulder it wasn’t bad but it would need to be cleaned. He looked over at Charlotte as he smiled at her.- “I hope its enough to warm you up they get really hot I noticed.” -he took one of the needles from the pack and bend it tying some string to it while he looked over at the kids that were now starting to get curious of what Fung Le was doing. He laughed at them a little as he asked Charlotte with good intention.- “you even take them out camping before? They really don’t seem to know how to travel that well without someone having what they forgot.” -pulled out a large bottle that read on the side rubbing alcohol. He quickly opened the cap as the smell from it was a lot stronger than he thought. Pulling out some gauze he poured some of the liquid on it and started to clean the wound lightly.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Charlotte was watching her own children thoughtfully, when Conan broke her concentration and she looked at him with a quizzical expression, then let out a small chuckle. “I have over two hundred children in Lorewall..well one hundred and ninety eight. Camping with that many is not exactly an easy feat. Most of their time was spent in the special chambers below the meeting hall where they hatched. And now most of them should be in the Spire of Arachnea, a safe place that was constructed by my brother, Laertes. A place for demon kind.” She said, her words trailing off as the kettle on the burner was starting to boil. “This is the first real family experience we have had. Not easy being a single mother to that many children.” Shadow wolf came up beside Charlotte, and sat down. She reached out and started to stroke his head, watching Conan take care of his injuries. “Where did you learn to do that?” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan listened as he cringed a bit at the sting but continued to clean the other edges of the gash as he heard Charlotte as him a question “Where did you learn to do that?” he smirked as he looked at her while he tossed the gauze aside pulling out some tweezers as he said.- “Well when I was with Shadow his brother showed me a lot different things when it came to treating wounds. I guess you could call him a Doctor of sorts. I ended up reading half of the libraries medical books trying to figure out things about myself.” -he started to dig out the rock in his wound when the tweezers hit a piece of metal. He quickly grasped on to it as he pulled it out of the muscle groaning in a pause for a moment dropping the metal fragment on the ground. he continued to pull out rocks piece by piece.- “he was the one who gave the bag. I learned a lot being around Shadow and his family more about things that would come in handy than anything else.” -his wound stopped draining fluid and was clean enough to start sewing it up as he looked at Charlotte.- “could you come here for a second and hold this needle need unravel the string a bit don’t want to get it dirty.”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Fung Le was busying himself making tea for him and the children, as Charlotte and Conan got into a conversation about how he came to learn first aid procedures, after travelling with Shadow. It was Shadow’s brother, who taught him how to treat wounds, and that he had read nearly half a library of medical books, so he understood the terminology, as well as how to treat basic injuries. This was handy, especially now, when they were in a labyrinth with no easy way to get medical treatment. Shadow then asked Charlotte to come over and hold the needle, so it didn’t unravel and get dirty. She obliged, scooting over and then taking hold of the needle, trying to keep it up out of the way. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan pulled out the string as Charlotte took the needle keeping it out of his way as he said to her.- “What’s weird enough is that the difference of each race when it comes to treatment of wounds. They all have different type of blood, skin, allergies,etc you never know what can go wrong when trying to save someone.” -he cut the sting off and tied with a knot in the end of it as he took the needle from her.- “thank you. What about you? Have you ever read up anything that came in handy?” -he took the needle and started to poke threw his skin around the edge of the cut pulling the string away from it. He looked over at the kids as he saw them watching over Fung Le making tea as they talked. It was interesting to see that something so simple such as tea would keep them interested. He was done within minutes as he tied off his the string and cut throwing the needle in the gauze. He looked around in the box trying to find something he started opening all the flaps hopping to find what he was looking for. Still listening out for Charlotte’s answer-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Charlotte nodded when Conan spoke of treating all the different races that were injured, and how the treatments for each would be different, according to how they might react, with the different blood types and skin. She knew all about this, since the cultural diversity of Nemauens, contained many that were not human, and so needed to be treated differently. When he took the needle from her, he asked if she had read up on anything that came in handy. At this point, Charlotte rubbed the back of her neck, and started to look nervous. “I’m…not very good at reading.” This was bound to come as a shock to Conan, since most expect leaders of nations to know how to read. “I mean…I can get by, just…the letters jumble up. Not sure what that is…” –she hoped her kids couldn’t hear her, cause it was not something she was terribly proud of. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan listened to her as he stood up taking off the sheath from his belt as he looked up at her hearing she couldn’t really read that well as he said in a soft tone.- “dyslexia a lot of people have it common now a days but you just have to work past it.” -he dropped the sheath to the ground the very sheath that brisinger once sat in next to him. He sighed looking at it shaking his head as he pulled his bag off laying it on the platform. He looked back at Charlotte.- “i know Shadow wasn’t big on reading as far as being a leader of a nation you should try to improve your knowledge further in some way.” -he opened his back pulling out soaked foods and cigarette’s as water had already drained out from it. He shook his head again pulling out the sack with the head of the snake woman along with his other two large skinny boxes that were wet the red oak was starting to shine and show they were damaged from the water. The larger one of the boxes has a split down the middle of the lid and started to show the content within it. Conan had pulled everything that he needed out of his bag quickly enough and then tossed the rest of supplies that were destroyed in the stream of water along with the remaining water.- “damn we are going to be low on supplies from here on out.”

CharlotteCarrendar:- Watching Conan rummage through his belongings, she could see the disappointment etched in his face, by the number of things that had been destroyed from water damage, what was worst was the fact he only had the sheath left and not his sword brisinger. The sword had been used to fight the snake demon, and now he had only the sheath to show for it. Conan’s suggestion that Charlotte try to increase her knowledge some way, if at all possible, and then she piped up and said. “Life is an education isn’t it? I mean, that is how I have got by, experiencing things first hand, and listening to stories, that have been passed down.” But he did mention what she had; dyslexia. To think they actually had a name for it too. Charlotte glanced again at her children, who were now enthralled by Fung Le, who was making smoke dragons from his pipe, as they enjoyed some tea. How quaint to see the children enjoying something so simple, just after they nearly lost their lives. “Isn’t it funny how well children adapt to their surroundings and the people they are with?” she said quietly, motioning to Fung Le and the kids. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan shook his bag of all the supplies that had been damaged as he grabbed the sack with the head in it and shoved it in his bag. He looked up at Charlotte as he said out to him “Life is an education isn’t it? I mean, that is how I have got by, experiencing things first hand, and listening to stories, that have been passed down.” -he smirked a bit knowing that all too well as he made a remark to it.- “well something’s first learned by it can sometimes be the last but yes you are right.” -he placed his bag down for a moment to turn around but hit a wet spot as his foot kicked the two boxes he had yet to pack breaking them open as he caught himself not even noticing that a katana and tanto had rolled out of them. Both of the weapons were very shiny and very well taken care of as the handle and guards we in a deep crimson red with the same marks as Conan’s tattoo on his hand. He heard Charlotte again as he looked over to the twins seeing them laughing at Fung Le who was smoking his pipe making cool figures with smoke as he replied- “yes very much so. The mind of a child is so amazing seeing that what they have been through its good to see them smile.”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Fung Le was smiling and with gritted teeth he held his pipe as the smoke dragons were created, and floated about the children’s heads. They could even see them open and close their mouths, with their legs running through the air, their tails swishing. Both children were captivated by this, and Fung Le made a low chuckle, as he seemed to be enjoying it as well. The shadow wolf was being stroked idly by Charlotte, and even rolled over, so he could get a belly rub, which she obliged without even looking. The wolf’s tongue was hanging out, and his tail was slapping the cave floor, his eyes almost rolling back in his head. Charlotte went back to watching Conan, who seemed to have stumbled upon a great prize. A katana and tanto had rolled out of two boxes, that had managed to not get water logged from the swim in the rapids. At least these might make up for his losing his beloved brisinger. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan looked over at the sword and tanto as he sighed knowing what they were in fact as he seemed to notice Charlotte had seen them as well. He looked over to her as he was a bit worried as he said.- “Saundo” -he looked back at the weapons reaching out to them a bit nervous of grabbing them. He touched the hand of one of the Katana he pulled away from it shortly after remembering the last time he had wielded the two blades. He gave another glance at Charlotte as he quickly grabbed both of them and placed them on the other side of him trying not to think of his own fear. He looked over to Seven and Luna as he said.- “hey you too dry yet? Or just having a good time?” -He smirked as he spoke to Charlotte.- “I can’t imagine you having more kids than these two”

CharlotteCarrendar: – The children lowered their heat packs, and the towels they used earlier had dried them off somewhat. Still a little damp but nowhere near as bad as when they were hauled out of the raging rapids. “We are pretty dry now, Mister Conan.” Luna said first and Seven nodded in affirmation. The Shadow wolf rolled over onto his legs and stood up, having enjoyed the tummy rub, and Fung Le was packing up the kettle and burner. Charlotte noticed that he kept looking at her in an odd way, and she was not exactly sure what was wrong, or if it had something to do with his weapons. But she did answer him about the fact he couldn’t imagine her having more than two kids. “Bet you can’t imagine me as a giant spider either?” she said matter of factly. <3>

TheGorya: -He nodded at the kids as he was glad they were no longer as wet as when they came in knowing full well that they would have gotten colder without his supplies but sadly he had no other surprises for them when it came to back up supply it was obvious he had nothing else in his bag. He smirked at Charlotte’s comment “Bet you can’t imagine me as a giant spider either?” he nodded in agreement as he said to her.- “i cant but I am sure its hard to believe I have fear of things that most would laugh at too.” -he placed his hand on both the tanto and the katana and pushed them away from him.- “if there is one thing I hate is not having control at times with myself.” -he popped up as he walked over to Fung Le and poured some tea into two cups carefully as patting both of the twins heads and walked back over to Charlotte with some hot tea offering it too her hopping it would warm her up.-