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On the Wings of Eagles

Sweet Surrender

Chapter ten


KingFalthoshellbore : Two day journey, was all it took, for them to reach the Loch. The thick foliage that covered half of the continent proved to be little of a challenge for the small scout detachment of salamanders and their treads. Varon had brought out a map at each stop they had camped at to mark the route they had taken, just to be sure that if they lost radio contact or went silent, they would not be lost. The growling rumble of the open topped tanks purred onward as they traveled at a slow fifteen miles an hour through a thick patch of the forest. Jurgen leaned against the back assault ramp, occasionally taking out the magnoculars to scout ahead, or he would stare in a certain direction, as if searching for something. A few times he had seen animals, some wildlife had taken note and hurried off in either direction. On rare occasions, he would voice his concerns.

“I don’t like this quiet.. Its too quiet…We are primed for ambush…” Jurgen had said cautiously.

“If you are worried, then take point on the Heavy. Otherwise keep an eye out, without voicing every hour that you are.. concerned.”

“Just making a note, Sarge.” Jurgen said in more of a monotonous drone. He would sigh gruffly before steadying himself, moving to tap the other detachment trooper. Few words were exchanged, an exchange that relieved the trooper on station, to take point where Jurgen was. His hands slid into the grips, as he held onto it, as if riding an untamable beast of war that trudged and trampled over any foliage it faced. Karis and Garov had begun playing a game, which involved an acquired bottle of asmec which was unknowably donated via the tactical acquirement of such goods from a certain commissars quarters, and the guessing of what weapon had provided more superior laser discharge and what they would have done differently in certain scenarios. Garen was secluded in the drivers cabin, rotating the dials and knobs on the Vox Caster. He held the headphones to his head, while a lit lho-stick was in his other hand, a few puffs calmed his nerves of wanting to lurch out and burn down the whole forrest. Frequent reports of position and heading were given to the Comm’s array back at Nixagris.

Karis was the first to realize one thing however, they were losing daylight, and that it was odd how, through the thick forest, the air temperature had begun to change, lowering, which meant they were close to water. He sniffed the air, which he could sense was damp. He would motion a hand to silence Garov, which was returned with a silent, but questioning look. Karis had voxed out to the lead salamander, of which Varon and Garen were stationed.

“Sarge?” he yelled with his hands cupped around his lips

“Go ahead Karis.” He replied

“I think we are here.” He said as he turned to make sure he was right, his eyes glancing around the far tree line, almost as if spotting a sparkle of light caught his eyes.

“How can you tell?”

“Don’t think the light from ground level should sparkle. It’s to your right. Shall we advance?”

“Affirmative. Proceed with Caution.”

“Confirmed. Proceeding with Caution.”

Karis had ducked below the hatchway to where he tapped the drivers shoulder, of which he nodded, turning right, while Varon’s vehicle had stopped, and the third vehicle with it. Soldiers manned the gun emplacements in the vehicles as they brought them to bear, as if preparing for an ambush. As the second Salamander lurched over, it proceeded out of the treelike that rumbled across what appeared to be a wet, sandy beach, rocky in some areas. The treads ground to a halt as Karis had voxed back.

“Confirmed, Target Destination reached. Clear to proceed.”

“Affirmative, Moving to position. Hold tight.”

The familiar rumble and growl of the other two salamanders crawled from the trees, coming alongside the other two, as their engines idled down, words were exchanged between the crews.

“The only way to the Island is through the water. We ready for amphibious recon?”

“We all know how to swim, right?”

The statement was met with a hearty chuckle. “Alright” Varon had said “Lets move out. Stay sharp. Keep eyes peeled. Kill all hostiles if they present themselves. Check your targets if any. Be sure no one gets lucky and hits you. Alright, lets roll out.” He would strap his helmet back on, leaving the mask off, whilst some of the others just would leave their masks off. They readied their lasguns to be on standby across their chests as they looked about, their eyes almost hawkish as they scanned each direction, even upward from time to time. Others came to look in the water, as if wondering what lurked beneath the dark waters of the Loch. But for now, their vehicles floated, the engines pushed the vehicles through the water smoothly, whilst the turrets rotated, seeking landmass-

CharlotteCarrendar : On the island in the centre of the Loch, the tribal community of the Sha-grai lived in harmony with nature, and though most of the tribal elders were women, there were really only a handful of men there at any given time. For the past four months, Major Flint, Lieutenant Avaera, and Private Ryan, had been guests of the Sha-grai, as the priestess had been the one to rid the taint from the Lieutenant, after she contracted a serious infection from the shallow muddy pools that she drank out of, before the daring crossing of the loch. All three were sitting outside one of the huts, now no longer dressed in full military garb, having long discarded their badges and camo, for more simple tribal attire. Major Flint, still wore her trademark aviator sunglasses, though with the feathers and the clay beading in her hair, it did kinda look out of place. The other members of their group of snipers, had either fallen ill to the jungle diesease, or been slain after trying to get a piece of flesh, aka sleep with one of the younger daughters of the tribe. Private Ryan knew when he had it good, and kept his thoughts of sex to himself. Its probably the only reason he was alive.

CharlotteCarrendar : Major Flint was leaning back against a tree, toying with a small twig between her teeth, rolling it over, again and again. “What I wouldn’t give for a smoke.” she said, almost wistfully, since she was using the twig to help her have something in her mouth. Lieutenant Avaera was polishing her lasgun, as she did, every night. Not that she had a need to use it, the tribeswomen had already initiated her into the tribe when she was cured of the taint. She leaned back her head, with the markings on her face illuminated by the moon and the torches that burnt throughout the village. The Village itself was about a kilometre in from the beach, but its torches would be easily seen from the water. Private Ryan was whittling, using a small knife from his pack, the only real decent weapon he had. “I try and try…and it still looks like a stick.” Avaera glanced at him, as he threw the stick in the dirt, the started to dig out the black grit from under his nails. “Will we ever get home?” he asked, looking back at the Major and the Lieutenant. Both women appeared grim, for they had not actual communication with the outside world, cut off, and with no craft to get back to the eastern provinces. “Question is…will there even be a home to go to? What if the Astartes landed? And..I haven’t seen anything in the sky to tell me that the Nemauen forces are taking them head on.” Major Flint was at a loss, and she hated it.
CharlotteCarrendar : The women of the tribe were preparing a roasting pig, along with vegetables that were grown from the forest, and being baked in banana leaves on hot rocks beneath the soil. The trio could smell dinner, and that was alway a good thing. Lieutenant Avaera said. “Well…at least we aren’t going hungry.”

KingFalthoshellbore : The rumbling engines had not died down since moving from the beach. The turret watch scanned around, until they would come into view of the landmass they had been searching for. Lasguns at the ready, they aimed at the beach, curling into the darkness and safety of their armored sides. The lenses of the Kriegers would only betray the willingness to kill, to fight, and to die in the service of the Emperor. Their skulled masks could be seen now, staring out from the paled moonlight. The engines roar quieted down as they made landed onto the beach. The treads ground deep into the muddy sand before assaulting up the clearing, only to stop. The turrets scanned about a moment, seeking targets. As they made a perimeter, the other two salamanders advanced, providing a temporary shield wall of armor plating that wouldn’t be so easily pierced by primitive weaponry. Viper Squad dismounted with the relayed grunts of boots hitting the soil. Varon would vox to all units.

“Radio Silence Absolute. Stick with your squad leader. Rendevous at target location. Watch out for traps, this place could be rigged. Be wary of the shadows, We have yet to face our enemy.” The group of troopers nodded in unison before shuffling off in their ordered squads. The drivers would take heed however, as per protocol, to seal the hatches of the drivers compartment, and ready their own personal armaments. The engines would be shut off so as to remain silence.

Jurgen made his way up ahead, scouting forward with his las-rifle brought to bear. The customized scope came to a degree of intricacy, providing night, thermal, and IR capabilities, with the drop adjustment interface. A hot-shot clip had been implemented with a secondary underslung bag of spare barrels, just in case he needed to change them midstride. Jurgen wrapped his camoline cloak about him, advancing into the trees and vanishing. His fatigues and his cloak, almost made him nearly invisible in the trees, the perfect pitch of greys and blacks, mixed in with the natural foliage, had provided him with the capabilities of calling the shadows home. Karis, along with the rest of Viper, had taken to protect the Comm’s operator that they brought with them, seeming to form a diamond formation around him. His own murderous pair of eyes scanned about, as their breaths were controlled and silent. Second and third squad had formed up on the left of the trail, whilst Viper controlled the right. Mission clock read on Varons watch nearly half an hour into Mission checkpoint before they had seen fire, and shadows moving from them. He raised his lasgun up slowly, his eyes fixated straight forward, while the rest of viper had taken to moving up with him. The sat, crouched in the thick bushes, seeming to sit absolutely still, almost statue like. He raised his hand, making a sweeping motion to the right, signaling that they move to the right in a crescent formation.

Jurgen was three steps ahead, taking up residency in a rather tall tree that had served as a crow’s nest due to its thick leaves and branches. As he climbed carefully, he slung his arms over one of the vast limbs, only to situate his cloak around his sitting posture, making himself blend in to be a part of the tree. He brought his single rifle mount, unfolding it, only to look into his scope, providing with thermal vision so as to track his targets, occasionally cycling between optical resolutions to study his targets movements. It looked to him like they were about to eat. Perfect, he thought. “Supper time, with a serving of meat that will make all heads roll.” he smirked at the pun, in reference to his capability of headshots. His finger flicked the safety mechanism off, allowing him to lean into his rifle, his finger hovering above the trigger, awaiting the signal to fire if need be.

Varon stayed put, as he had made his way into the shadow of a hut that was situated between the brush. His eyes darting left and right, seeming to scan the perimeter, while Second and Third Squad began to non-lethally take down indigenous persons that had wandered alone, or pairs that wandered too close to their position. Their take downs would only knock them unconscious, never killing them. As they moved up they sat in wait, abiding their time before they would spring their ambush, and cause them to submit, if not, then there would be a bloody night indeed ahead of them.

KingFalthoshellbore : From one of the larger huts, the Shaman, a large statured woman emerged, dressed in her shells and grass skirt, with woven top that barely covered her breasts. She clapped her hands for those girls that were to serve the meal that night, and that the carving and digging out of the banana baskets in the ground needed to be tended too. One of the elder women started to chant, as the Shaman walked with an elegant sway of the hips, till she reached what looked like some sort of bamboo constructed throne. It had on it the skulls of the dead soliders, and she was well pleased, as they made wonderful trophies, to scare off those that would tempt to do the same. Private Ryan watched on as the rest of the tribe started with their feast preparations, and he sighed. “Why do men have to eat last? I really would love to get a go at a thigh section, instead of being forced to have the trotters.” Major Flint chuckled and twirled the twig in between her teeth. “Face it Ryan…this world here is topsy turvy. Women get dibs.” she shrugged, since she wasn’t one to rush the line up for food. Major Flint had proved her worth, and she was tattooed with the tribal markings, just like Avaera had, to show they were considered blood sisters, to the Sha-grai. Private Ryan got up to stand, and stretched his back, leaning back and then scratched his nuts. “I need to pee before dinner…be right back.” The two officers watched him wander into the jungle, where he would find a spot behind a large elephant leaf plant. He got himself ready, and then with the trickle sound being heard, he followed it with “Oh….yeah.” as sitting on his ass so long, he had wanted to go earlier, but hung on. Back at the village site, the Shaman shouted for the women to come up and share in the meal, as she picked up her magic stick, as she liked to call it, and shook it with menace. She hated to be kept waiting. Putting her las gun on her back, she followed Major Flint, who had twin glocks one strapped to each thigh. So they weren’t totally unarmed, but then again, somedays, you gotta be ready for anything.

KingFalthosHellbore : Varon’s ears twitched and his brow furrowed into something that would be subtle anger. The noise, that loud noise of liquid falling into brush. He had prayed to the Emperor that no one found them. His eyes slowly turned to his right as he now laid eyes upon a figure, whom was pissing into the shrubs. He would lay his lasgun at the feet of the comms officer, before he brought his hands forward. Seemingly, he snuck as silent and as quietly as the grave, moving no more than three feet from the figure. Before lurching out, grasping the mans mouth in his leathery gauntlets before sneaking him silently into the jungle, almost as if the shrubs devoured him. He wrapped his arm around his neck and brought it upward in a vice, cutting of circulation so as to make him pass out. As to avoid the nose of his struggling, he would wrap his legs around his, pressing his hips upward into him so as to make sure he didn’t squirm. With a few jolts of the man, the struggling died down, the breaths became regulated, as the man passed out. He set the body down slowly as he picked up his lasgun once more, breathing calmly. He would make a two fingered gesture forward as they were now given the signal to advance.

Jurgen, from his vantage point, could clearly see the flaring strobes of friendlies in the darkness with his thermal sights. They had moved into position, and were awaiting orders for takedown. He readied himself further as he paced his breaths. He began muttering a prayer to the Emperor of Mankind to make his shots count, and make them strike fear into the hearts of the foe if they so chose to present themselves to him.

Varon looked over to Second and Third squad, each carrying fourteen men per squad, a total of twenty-eight kriegers along with Viper squad, bringing the total thirty-three Death Korps in the area. Varon gave the open handed charge motion, and just like the lightning that dazzled a stormy night, they descended into the opening, hell-guns raised as they shouted “IMPERIAL GUARD! DROP YOUR WEAPONS NOW!” The same phrase repeated over and over again as they stormed in a crescent formation, like a blade about to cut into the flesh of the encampment. The skulled masks gave off a deathly, almost demonic visage with the clash of the fire against the bone white masks. They sought their targets, and were prepared to kill those who resisted-

CharlotteCarrendar : As the two former officers of the Nemauen army approached the fire side, where the pig was being carved straight from the rotating beast, Lieutenant Averea looked back to the jungle area where Private Ryan had gone to pee. “He doesn’t normally pee for this long. Wonder if he tripped on something.” Major Flint chuckled, as she was offered a banana leaf as a plate for her portions. “He is probably off in the bush fapping to the thoughts of some of the women here. he’s young…guys do that shit.” Averea shrugged and then turned around, just as there came a god awful noise, the many lights and then the shock of screams of the villagers, as the camp became engulfed in a wave of solidiers that wore skull like masks. The first thing the Shaman did was raise her arms, and shake her magic stick, calling for her people to be calm. Major Flint dropped her banana leaf, and was about to reach for her guns, when she saw the sheer number that had emerged. “Ambush” she said through gritted teeth, knowing Avaera was reaching for her lasgun. “Don.t…do it.” Major Flint again growled, as Avaea’s eyes darted left and right, spotting the Imperial guards in every corner of the camp. “Shit.” she said under her breath, as the Shaman shouted again in her own tongue for the villagers to stop. It was panic for a moment, as the two officers knew it would be suicide, to try and take them on.

KingFalthosHellbore : There were a small number of clicks that could be heard as it was assumed there would be personal vox chatter going on between each squad member. Varon would lower his weapons whilst he ordered the guard to keep their raised and trained on their targets. He would shoulder his lasgun, bringing the sling to rest over his left shoulder. He would move to remove his mask, letting into view his veteran, paled features come into sight, giving them a clear view of his cold, tired, warring eyes.

“Im Squad Sergeant Varon of Viper Squad, 901st Death Korps of Krieg. We seek any and all remnants of the Nemauen Military, or any supporters of Captain. Step Forward with hands behind your head, state your rank and name. Any of you who do not follow these orders will be summarily executed without warning. Step Forward. Now.” His voice was authoritarian, and left little to no room for negotiation. His words were set in stone and issued like commandments from the heavens themselves.

Jurgens eyes scanned the forest lines around the squads, making sure none of the natives tried, or even dared to come up close for a counter-ambush. He kept steady, calm and collected, as he awaited the next move-

CharlotteCarrendar : The villagers didn’t truly understand what was being said, and a hush fell over the village circle, but it was Major Flint and Lieutenant Averea that got exactly what was meant by the words of the Squad Sergeant Varon. The two women looked at each other, and neither of them wanted to be cowards, or deny who they were. In a show of solidarity, both women put their hands behind their heads and stepped out, with the Major speaking first. “Major Marjory Flint, Special forces tactical unit of the Nemauen East wing division, NS-dash 05” Avaera took a deep breath like this was going to be her last words. “Lieutenant Avera, Sniper Unit Western Division Delta RT dash 32”. The other villagers watched what was happening, and gawked, as the Shaman stepped down from her throne of skulls and approached, with her magic stick in hand. “What you want with sisters of the tribe of Sha-grai? Men of Stars.”
KingFalthoshellbore : Varon’s eyes had darted up the the Shaman. His features had begun to solidify into an impassive wall of neutrality “Recruitment. We were sent to establish a forward base of operations close to Lorewall, before Captains Men reached our lines at Nixagris. We came to make this island our base, and eliminate any threat or opposition that stood in our way, even if it means the eradication of those who side with Captain and dampen themselves with Chaos.” His eyes locked onto the other two as he said then “Where do you two stand?” he would move to unholster his las-pistol, flicking the safety switch off, then holstering it back into place once more. He stepped forward a little more, his cold and unforgiving eyes staring at both the former military personnel that had once been Nemauen Military. “Your friend is safe. I took the liberty of knocking him out. He should regain consciousness soon. Not a single life has been lost since we made our landing at the beach head.”

CharlotteCarrendar : The Shaman watched the man known as Varon speak, for he could see, that the villagers were not part of the normal Nemaeun society, and when he mentioned Captian, she looked confused as to what he meant. Turning from Varon, she asked the two former Nemeaun women, who this “Captain” was. With her hands held behind her head, Major Flint was trying to not inflame the situation, and said in a flat tone, “He is the Commander in chief of the Nemauen forces, the ones we followed, before we wound up here. I know Avaera and her men were left for dead, by their command.” her eyes crossed over to that of Varon, and she held true. “You want to know where we stand. See that makeshift latrine over there.” she pointed out a small area, that had been cordened off with old uniforms. “That is what we think of our former lives. Hell, I served faithfully, got shot down, and wound up here. Not a damn word from HQ…wouldn’t even know if the war was over or not. I been made a part of this tribe…and it suits me just fine. Only thing I miss are the smokes.” Major Flint was one that spoke her mind, even if it got her in trouble. She flexed her arm to show the marking of the tribe, down with hot knives, as proof. Attention would then focus on Avaera, who was younger than Major Flint, but not as slap happy with her words. “I’m glad you didn’t kill Private Ryan…though its a miracle he lived this long. I be blunt. I served the commanders of the Western front till it got shot to shit by the chaos tainted rebels…then sent here, where we were left to die…walked for what was five days and no food, crossed the loch of horror…been close to meeting my God three times in the last few months. Only one I serve now is God…that’s it.” She stared and held her hands behind her head…wonder if she was about to lose it. <3>

KingFalthosHellbore : Varon nodded, but then felt as though he were almost offended by the mentioning of their gods. Not of the Emperor of Mankind. He would soon hope to, re-educate them soon enough. “We made footfall in Nixagris a week ago. You may have seen our allies, the Astartes. We are the Defenders of this planet, come to liberate its people from Captain, and bring it forth into a new Era of prosperity. However, we did not come with the intent to draw blood. We came with the intent to gain allies in this War. You are in the middle of what will be the battle that decides whether or not you die or live. Every square mile of this planet, will be churning with War. We have come, to be sure we are on that winning side of the war, and have as many of the local populace stand by our side, then the side of Captain. We are the scouting party sent to establish a base here. In this very Island. You can aide us and live. Or you can die by the hands you once called Captain. The choice is yours. Submit yourselves to the Imperium and the Emperor of Mankind, Or Die beneath the fiery maelstrom that will envelope this planet. The choice is yours.”

CharlotteCarrendar : The crackle of the pig on the spit and the breathes of the villagers, as they all watched the man known as Varon speak his ultimatum to the two soldiers. Major Flint stood rigidly, her hands behind her head, and fingers interlocked. She listened to Varon with eyes that reflected the fire torches that stood around the camp ,and heard that he was brothers with the Astartes. He spoke how they were now the defenders of the planet, and that they would end those that did not fall in line and show full support to the Imperium. She decided to speak, and it was more to be said of her care for the others, than herself. “I swore to defend the people of Nemeaus…that was my job, and I do it to this day, even here on this island. If you say that you are now defending them…then I will lay down my arms and follow the Imperium. I don’t want the people here harmed. They are innocent of war. And I want them to remain that way. Untouched and unspoilt.” Avera breathed through her nose, her arms starting to tire. She knew she would be next, and the odds were stacked well against her. It was either die…or serve the Imperium. She had led her men so far, and watched each of them being picked off, or dying with honor. Its such a short life. She had been on death;s door…and even her God had refused to take her. Even when she begged. She still believed…but she was on her own in this choice. “I am a soldier…first…and foremost, I defend the people. I serve those that defend.” She stepped towards him, unafraid. “Shoot me if you like, I am Nemauen, I am human. In Nemaues…we trust.” <3>

KingFalthoshellbore : Varon advanced upon them both at an officers stride. He stared them both in the eyes with that murderous glare that all kriegers had. It had taken him a moment before his face, almost vanished of its stoney features. He would move his hand out, as if gesturing for a handshake “Welcome to the Ranks. You are now officially Imperial PDF. Planetary Defense Force. We appreciate your support, we will take care of the Nemauen people as we have In Nixagris, and I assure you, each and every civilian is taken care of. ”

CharlotteCarrendar : Both women held still a moment, in particular Averea, who thought she was about to have her head blown off. She had even started to say the lord’s prayer, but to herself in her mind. When Varon offered his hand and his face lost that murderous zeal, Major Flint slowly lowered her arms, and then nudged Avaera, whose hands seemed to be glued to the back of her head. “You can lower them, Lieutenant.” she said quietly, before shaking Varon’s hand. “Thank you…I have to admit, got a bit tense there. Fancy some roast pork?” The villagers all started to chuckle to see the women now no longer being threatened, and went about getting the meals ready once more, as Avera took a deep breath, and glanced around at the other members of Voran’s squad. “How on earth did you get here? The Loch isn’t the easiest thing to cross, especially at night.” The sounds of the drums started up in earnest as the Shaman smiled at Averea. Seemed the girl continued to evade the demon of Death….but for how long? <3>