Randall Carrendar History RP: A Charmed Life
ShaddenBlack: March, 25 year 1423 A.D. The starting of the end of the time of wealth and peace. In the Lands of the central lands right over five hundred miles south of the snow lands, thousands of miles from the other lands lies a Empire of great mass. The empire known to most is known as the empire of winds this land is ruled by a selfish king. The King taxes the wealthy over the years well over what his father had in fact offered for taxes. His greed took the better of him so in fact the poor became the untouchables of the kingdom starving for food and money they have now vanished. The middle class were forced to work as the harder labors of the lands being able to barely making ends meat to keep the bloodlines of there family’s going on in time of savage greed. The higher class have still passed as the middle class or have made ways to keep there wealth and pay their taxes. As the enforcement King Carmen lecus decreed that anyone looking for shelter, food, and a stable pay could in fact join the academy of the state arcane, the legion or become a state mage of the empire of winds. These factions were made to sniff out any resistance against the taxes and pillage those that do pay due to his greed. King Carmen in fact destroyed three towns from those that do not the taxes or dues……but it seems not all is lost since the in the wind the spider will spin its web. The people wait for some sort of savor those that will stand against the taxes, the greed, the starvation and the killing of the innocent the spider has begun to spin its web of destiny.
Our story doesn’t not start in any fancy town or even with someone young child that is born to become destined to be the savor of the country in fact it doesn’t even start with anyone being born. It starts in the the tavern to in the country side between two towns. The town to the east is known as glades vein the mining town once a beautiful town now a waste land now that the middle class working the mine the weight of the mine even pulling out enough to pay the taxes are to low to count. The town to the west is known as ravens home. This town is now a ghost town after one sad and tragic event that no one knows of even what happen its known as the death village for the reason that no one has even gone threw it and lived. The tavern that sits in the middle is known as the Ye’ Ill Omen tavern its ale and food are the spark and the only place to get a good meal for your gold spent. But for this day the spiders web of destiny may in fact have spun its last web for this place or a spark of a new web starts to spin around in another way towards a better land. The blind man that sits and waits for in side the tavern for the people to forge a new step towards a better begin may show itself for the Empire of winds.
ShaddenBlack:-The man sitting the in corner of the dark dim tavern in the back of the seating sits and waits for the sound of a person of wort, someone of trust. his black and red hair barely able to make out in the lighting given. His sword against his back as he leans in the chair against the wall. Listening to the foot steps of the people in the tavern he could hear almost every words from any conversation the different touches and beats of the footing each one had tones to the steps, the voices as if he knew who was who in each vibration. His black shirt and the necklace of the a silver spider around his neck it was easy to see he was barefoot even though it would be easy for him to stub his toe on anything like a bench or table but his ears seems to detect anything that was around him with the vibrations of running threw the air. His feet still flat on the ground he could easily tell where everything is in the tavern from the vibrations running threw the wood he may have been blind however he was far from handicapped. The tattoo was slightly visible as it matched the necklace he was wearing. his pale complexion made him easy to see him in the corner even with the low lighting of the candles. His blade that was on his back was too dark and barely able to make any type of detail from it only the hilt of it, which was seen by the low lighting it was a very dark dirty silver. His pants were wrapped at the bottoms of the legs for his feet to glide easy around objects making it easier for him to walk as everyone in the tavern knew his name the man known as Shadden Black. He waits for the right pattern of vibrations to walk threw the door as he gave a slight grin  with his mind racing with ideas and plans to bring forth to this world.-
GraceCarrendar :  From the outside of the Inn, the lights of burning candles and lanterns shone through the grubby panes, illuminating the night with its somber hue.  A lone figure, that walked along at a steady pace, swathed in a long black cloak with torn edges that draped across the dying grasses, sweeping up a small cloud of dust in her wake.  The hood was kept well down to disguise her appearance, and the only weapons she appeared to carry ere a bow and arrows in their leather keep.  There were already sounds of muffled laughter and the odd shout from the Innkeeper, which gave Grace the knowledge that the Inn was a popular haunt this night.  Opening the door, with a slight flick of her wrist and the handle turning, she entered the establishment, stepping into the smoke filled room, where a few of the patrons stopped their conversations, to take a look at the newest arrival.  Wordlessly, she approached the bar, and waited to be served, keeping the hood down low, again not wanting to be identified, in particular, she did not want people to realize, she was a woman traveling on her own.
-The patrons of the tavern stopped in the conversations that were going on to look at the door way hearing someone walking in. The tavern keeper walked over to this stranger as she approached the bar as he spoke out to her.- “so what will it be?” -he pulled out a cloth as he started wiping a tanker in front of her as he waited for her to respond. Shadden who was still in his corner was observing this stranger as he could tell it was clearly someone of interest. The tavern keeper looked over to Shadden in his waiting as he saw that he was interested in this new stranger with one quick movement the tavern keeper placed the ranker upside down with a loud thump. Still looking over at Shadden waiting for something in return. Shadden only gave a slight nod in the moment as he gave a return knock to him. Everyone in the tavern returned their tankers of ale and began conversations again. As the tavern became loud once more Shadden grabbed the pipe that was on the table as he brought to his mouth taking a piece of wick from the table as well he sued the candle to light it as he read the vibrations from the stranger at the bar trying to make sense of who it was as well what should could be. Lighting his tobacco in his pipe he puffed on it as the tavern keeper never once looked back over to him after he looked away. It was as if the man in the corner who was in fact blind was running things around here. To the stranger she was in the wrong side of town if she was looking for trouble. The sounds of horses and men soon followed from outside only to wonder whom they belong too.
GraceCarrendar; –  The tavern keeper came to stand opposite the woman in black, and asked her what she would like to have.  A voice that was like that of a maiden, so soft and deliate, was heard to come from under the hood.  “Mead, if you would.”  Her hand raised up, as the sleeves of her cloak fell back, to reveal skin that shone, almost the colour  of spun winter silk. With black fingernails, she dropped two silver coins on the wooden bar top, and waited to have her drink placed before her.  She didn’t sit upon the bar stools provided, preffering to stand, with her cloak spread out on the floor around her like a black pool.  It was not lost on Grace, that the tavern keeper was alerting someone in the room, of her presence, and she kept her wits about her, though her face was still unseen.  The bar went back to normal, with the patrons all talking loudly, and no longer interested in the stranger.  Grace waited solemnly for her drink, unaware that the Tavern was about to recieve new guests.
ShaddenBlack:-The Tavern keeper heard the woman as he was in fact surprised it was a woman. He took the tanker he just placed upside down as he walked over to fill it up slipping some of it on the floor as it over flowed. He walked back over to the counter as he plopped it down in front of it as the mead splashed onto the bar counter. The two silver coins that dropped on the wooden counter were taken quickly as he looked at them seeing they were in fact real. Shocked at the coins he quickly placed them in his coin purse not saying a word as he said in a graceful tone.- “thank you Madame enjoy your mead.” -The man in the corner slowly starting to puff on his pipe was impressed by her coin able to pay for mead all on her own. He placed his leg on the chair next to him as he shoved it back away from the table. As he spoke in a very deep voice.- “Brennus!” -Shadden exhaled a good amount of smoke as the tavern keeper looked over to Shadden running over to him leaning over to him as they whispered back and forth for a few moments. The sounds of horses outside were heard but none of the patrons were at all paying attention the sounds were louder metal clinking noises were heard in a small group as they were at least a ways away from being too close to enter the tavern. Brennus walked back to the bar after nodding to Shadden with the whispers. He stood right in front of the woman as he said in a low whisper leaning towards her.- “Madame, the man over in the corner would like to know if you would care to join him for a moment. He said you don’t have to if you would rather not.” -he leaned back towards his side of the bar as he walked off cleaning more tankers not saying a word to anyone but he had an expression of worry as he heard the sounds of the horses.-
GraceCarrendar: – The tavern keeper was a rough and ready man, and served his patrons with as much care as he could, though it was easy to see why the bar top was stained so.  As her mead sloshed out from the top of the tankard, it formed a small puddle around the base and when she went to pick it up, the mead dripped onto the top, as she brought it up to her lips to taste.  It was made locally, and she had enjoyed this drop before, and it was one she enjoyed.  The tavern keeper wished her good health and then went to attend to a man in the back corner who had summoned him with the calling of his name.  This did not cause Grace to look over, for it was none of her affair.  She kept to herself, till the moment the tavern keeper returned, and asked her if she would join the man at the back.  The chair at his table had been kicked out to allow someone to sit, and Grace was curious to know why a stranger would seek her to join him.  “Very well.” Grace replied, gliding across the wooden floor boards, her footfalls barely audible, which was unusual.  Sitting herself down, she placed her tankard on the table, then with head bowed, so he could not see her face, she asked. “You wished company on this eve.  I fear I am not the kind that lays with men, like the common women that frequent inns.”  She was putting it out there straight up, that she was not one to be bought.
ShaddenBlack:-The woman had walked towards her as her footsteps were barely to be made out the vibrations of her stride was interesting to read as Shadden being blind he could see a lot in just how someone walks as the woman sat down. She keep her head down as he was impressed. She possibly could not see his blindfold over his eyes as he looked straight forward not looking towards her at all as she spoke. He took a inhale of his pipe as he chuckled at her last comment still in the ideas of laying with her. He exhaled as he replied his voice deep yet smooth.- “I am not looking for someone to bed, there is no need to hide your face from me. I am blind though I can tell that you have some interesting foot work.” -he placed his pipe on the table as he sat up straight coming into the light as his face was seen with his black blindfold visible. He cleared his throat from the left over smoke in his mouth.-  “in about few moments as you could possibly hear the horses coming I am unsure if you know of them or not. Men of the king will walk through and collect taxes. As such they will notice a few things here such as myself and you. As you should be careful of what you do in these days. Anyone with silver will be taxed heavily to much even for yourself to be able to afford.” -he leaned back in his chair reaching for his tanker trying to find it as he moved his hand across the wood. Finding the base of the cup he reached for the handle bringing it to his face as he took a taste of his mead. The sound of the horses grew to be loud as the tavern started to grow quiet again as they looked towards the door. Shadden placed his cup on the table as he whispered the last of his message to the stranger.- “I hope you have enough for the tax madame or you might find these men very blunt” -the horse stopped as the men dismounted outside the talk of soldiers were quiet as two armed men opened the door baring on their arms crests of a loin that was breathing fire. It was the mark of the king as they walked right in one of the soldiers looked around the room as they started going to each patron as one man said.- “Tax fee” -as they went around the room soon to find them at the bar.-
GraceCarrendar: – The hooded female turned her head towards the tavern door, on the word of the man who sat opposite her, that men of the King were coming to collect taxes from the people of this township.  Curious to how he knew of this, she listened to how he was well aware she kept her face hidden, but as he was blind, he could not see her anyways.  On the comment she had fancy footwork, she could only smile beneath her hood.  He was indeed one with a good sense of hearing, and picking up the vibrations of people’s movements.But right on cue, the door to the tavern opened, and sure enough, the soldiers entered with their chests displaying the image of a lion that breathed fire.  The Kings men and tax collectors at that.  Grace did have a purse on her, but she was not about to pay the soldiers for more then she should.  She kept silent, and sipped her mead, waiting to see what they would do.
ShaddenBlack:-The soldiers held the sack as coins dropped in it as they walked around. The sound of silver dropping into the bag as it was getting full from all the people in the tavern. The soldiers made it around to all of them as one of them spoke out in a laugh at his partner.- “well it seems we will be bring in a full sack today” -the other man laughed with him as they made their way to the bar as Brennus dropped his purse into the sack shaking as he did. He saw the coins drop in it as he looked down knowing that was all he had for this week as he sighed. The soldier nodded to Brennus as he turned to Shadden and the woman in black as they walked towards them as he smiled.- “If you would tax fee.” -the soldier looked at the woman as he had never seen her before as he chuckled as he turned to his partner again commenting.- “it looks like we got a traveler my friend more silver for the bag today” -the man turned to the woman as he said to her  with a rather large smirk.- “that’s four hundred silver my dear”  -Shadden ignored the soldier not throwing anything out to the sack as he leaned over to moved his cup out of his way waiting to see what the woman had planned for them.-
GraceCarrendar : – The men approached, as she knew they would, for they had been going to each and every person within the inn to pay their silver to the realm.  Course, when they apporached she knew they were going to ask her to pay her share.  What she was not anticipating, was the sheer amount they demanded.  She picked up her tankard of mead, and took a sip as she made them wait, then placed it down again, before speaking.  “I don’t have that amount of silver.  Please tell your King, he shan’t be affording his new ponies and pretty girls this week.”  She kept her hand upon the tankard, though she did not look up at the guards, her face still obscured by her hood-
ShaddenBlack:-The woman had balls that some men didn’t have for that she spoke to the soldier as she told him she didn’t have the silver to pay the King. In truth she had the right idea of what the tax money. The solider went red in the face as he tied the bag handing it too his partner as he drew his weapon form his side pulling out a mace as he said.- “By order of the king you are under arrest for your crime against the….” -before the soldier could finish Shadden slammed his foot on the stool on the opposite side of the table. The stool shoot up and went airborne hitting the solider in the gut pushing him back as he felt on a table knocking over the tankers of mead as they sloshed to the floor. As of course anyone would see either citizen or soldier this wasn’t something you did in a tavern. The people looked at the mead on the floor as the soldier laid flat on his back across the table. One of the patrons stood up as he scream out in a hellish war cry grabbing the soldier’s hand that had the weapon. The war cry sent a frenzy through the tavern. The other patrons quickly rose to their feet and started swinging at the other soldier that was holding the bag as he tried to grab his sword from his side. Little did he know it was already too late a patron that saw him stood on a table holding a keg above his head. The loud smash of the keg landing on top of the soldier’s head made mead splash all over the floor. The soldier screamed as his face was bloody in minutes as the people jumped onto him fighting for the bag. Shadden stood up out of his chair the tavern in the chaos of fighting. Brennus yelled out to Shadden and the woman.- “IT’S READY SHADDEN!” -the soldier that had his mace torn form his hand yelled out hearing the name Shadden from Brennus as he growled.- “SHADDEN! SHADDEN BLACK YOU BASTARD!” -the fact the soldier knew his name made Shadden only smile as he nodded. He placed his hand on the woman that was beside him as he said.- “i think it’s time to leave don’t you think?”
GraceCarrendar: – One small act of rebellion against the guards, in Grace’s refusal to pay the tax, and even going as far to say that the King could go without his women and toys, had a domino effect on the other patrons.  The Soldier was about to deilver what he termed as justice, by threatening Grace with a mace, and also reading her her rights, and that she was to be arrested.  But his words barely left his lips, when Shadden launched his assault.  All around, the men of the inn rose to the war cry and it was on for young and old, with tables being flipped, chair smashed, and of course, the other patrons were keen to get back their silver from within the soldier’s purse.  At the right moment, Grace rose from her chair, only to have Shadden’s hand erst upon her and urged that they take this as the opportunity to leave.  She quickly said. “Thought you would never ask.”  Leading him outside, to where the horses were tied, she smirked as she mounted one of the soldier’s own horses.  “Take the one beside, and we make for the forest.  I doubt they will be able to catch us.”
ShaddenBlack:-Shadden heard the words as the tavern in chaos the soldiers being beaten by the patrons out numbering them ten to one. He was lead by the woman who agreed to take leave as she lead him outside to the horses as he grabbed a hold of the horse as he said in earnest.- “we should head north to a safe house of mine” -he mounted the horse as he tried to point to north but of course not being on the ground he pointed south as he gave a sad expression of confusion. He wondered if the woman knew which way he meant as he kicked the side the horse making it move.- “I am a bit lost not being on the ground we should head east then ditch the horses” -he need some assistance as he tried to hand her a lead for her to help him guide the horse. He felt almost handicapped at this point only to know she meant well with the horses it wasn’t a bad idea at all.-
GraceCarrendar: – Grace understood immediately the difficulty that Shadden was experiencing, and she reached for the reigns of the horse he was on, and took up a small tither, so that she could guide his horse, as she rode her own.  “Then east it is.”  she turned her horse the right way, and then with a slight kick she had her horse start off, with his sure to follow behind.  It was going to be treacherous going, since she had to make sure that his horse didn’t get too close to her own, and so she kept looking back, at which point her hood blew back from her head, to reveal hair the colour of silver.  Most unusual for a woman of that age, but it was almost like it had a metallic sheen to it, and captured the very light. Her eyes too matched her hair, so she almost was glowing, a radiance that was hard to explain.  Course, Shadden would not be able to see this, and for him that would be a shame.
ShaddenBlack:-The woman could tell Shadden didn’t have a handicap when it came to horses as he had asked. She had taken the lead and assisted him as she kicked the horse they moved which made Shadden jump as he grabbed onto the saddle holding on for dear life as they moved. He thought to himself how helpless he was without eyes. He felt that the ride would be a bit long till they could ditch the horses. The sound of the horses as they left the tavern. It wasn’t long till men from behind them yelled out at them in justice.- “STOP IN THE NAME OF THE KING!” -Shadden only had one thought to himself as he sighed holding onto the saddle as he asked the woman.- “so they are behind us aren’t they?” -the men were not far behind as it was pitch black out. The soldier were holding torches as they road behind still to far to make out their faces. Its as if they were following the tracks that the horse were making while riding east. The brush of the tall grass was beside them as the trees were  on the other side little place to go unless they were going to follow the road all the way into  glades vein which was most likely already had soldiers waiting at the gates. It was up to the woman since Shadden couldn’t make a call without being able to tell where he was.-
GraceCarrendar: – Indeed they were being followed and the hoove prints in the fresh soil was a dead giveaway.  Grace pulled up hard on the reigns, and she looked back seeing the glow  of their torches, as they shouted out to the darkness.  “Get off the horse.  Come on.  We can evade them on foot, better than with their mounts.” If he followed her directive, they would both dismount, and then she’d slap the horses backsides, to get them to gallop off in the wrong direction to at least give them a head start, when they discovered the horses were riderless.  Grace’s eyes glowed, as she took Shadden’s hand, and then brought him closer to her.  “If we go through the brush grass, then we would be better off rather than sticking to the road.  How well do you know this land?”  she asked, hopeful that he could get his bearings.
ShaddenBlack:-Shadden felt the horses stop as the woman told him to dismount as he quickly did so. The fresh soil under his feet was sweet bliss he could feel the vibrations as he felt himself guided into the brush as he heard the horses they were on run off as he sighed. He quickly got his bearings as she had asked him if how well he knew the land as he said.- “i may be blind but I am not completely lost in this land. I know it better than half of the Legion soldier around here.” -he quickly pulled his hand from her grasp as he sighed again feeling relieved to be on his feet. His bare feet dug into the ground as he tried to pin point where they were feeling the vibrations as the soldier’s passed them. The tall brush kept them hidden from the glow of the torches. As they past he was able to see everything in his head.- “well I know where we are now. There is an old mine shaft that has a manhole not far into it that will bring us up behind the tavern. It will keep us off the roads as well.” -he felt a bit uneasy not being able to introduce himself as he stood up still hidden in the brush as he pointing in the direction of the mine shaft.- “this way its about forty feet from here.” -he started walked in the direction moving tall grass that was in his way.-
GraceCarrendar: –  With his barefeet upon the soil and able to have them hide with the tall grasses, they were able to avoid detection by the King’s soldiers.  Grace stayed silent, still wearing her cloak, but her long silver mane was in view.  She kept her head down till the danger passed, and then looked up to Shadden, as he rose to full height, and spoke of a mine shaft that should be nearby.  An ideal way to avoid the guards that lined the roads, and to slip undetected to the house that is owned by his friend.  Grace reached behind her and drew the hood back over her head, so that none could see her tell tale hair, and when they made off into the scrub, they did so under good cover.  She followed behind Shadden, who explained the shaft was only about forth feet away.  Not far, and they would reach it quickly.
Shaddenblack:-They walked through the tall grass unseen it wasn’t far till they had reached where Shadden talked about as he tried to pin point the cover for the mine shaft. He waved his hands on the ground as he started to get irritated at not being able to see as he slapped the ground that sent a vibration through the ground as he saw the handle for the door as he said to her.- “here it is” -he grabbed hold as he pulled on it the door flipped open like a lid on a wooden chest as the hinges squeaked from being rusted. The door dropped backwards as he sat down.- “before we go. I forgot to tell you that what you said back there to that soldier. I feel you understand was most don’t see. What made you refuse to pay them?” -he was curious to figure out why she would refuse to pay taxes to the king. In his own opinion she seemed almost well off to pay it and still might be able to live well. Though he didn’t know if she was wealthy or not. But he was finding it rather interesting that just someone who travels would refuse to pay taxes.-
GraceCarrendar: – Grace shrugged at his question, for she had her reasons not to pay, but wasn’t sure if she felt she should disclose it or not.  But for the sake of it, she explained. “The King would only squander it on his toys and women, not on the people he is supposed to serve.  I will not show support, or part with my hard earned coin, to feed some overweight and pompous noble, who already rolls around on a pile of gold in his parlour.  He doesn’t need anymore from me or anyone else.”  That being said, she looked down the hole and tried to judge the distance, taking a pebble from the ground and dropping it in, waiting to hear how long the drop was till it made a sound.  Hearing it finally make a noise at the bottom, she looked back at Shadden and said, “After you.”
ShaddenBlack:-Shadden smirked at her as he whispered under his breath.- “it seems you and Randall have something to share in the opinions of this empire.” -he nodded as he grabbed onto what seemed to be string that was sticky form his body as he pulled on it the string seemed to thin but he wrapped a good portion around the lack of the door. He  kept pulling more from his body as the only thing that would be known to anyone would be webbing as he said nothing to the woman about what he was doing or how he was bring it from his body.- “careful its a very long drop about sixty feet drop.” -he jumped in slowly letting himself down with the string that he just formed from his own body as it tightened sounding as if was a metal. He lowered himself down as rocks fell down from his feet on the wall. He gave a quick jump from the wall as he hung from the string as he yelled up.- “OI! You might want to make sure you have something for a lantern!” -he dropped down all the way before letting go of his webbing as he waited down their in the rubble below his feet. He walk a few more steps out of the way as he stepped on a sharp giving a loud- “OUCH!” -he grabbed his foot falling to the ground like a kid. He was an adult but he was not as mature as every thought he would be rocking back and forth pulling the rock out of his foot.-
GraceCarrendar: – “Lantern?  What on earth for?”  Grace called down, and she did something unusual in entering the mine shaft.  Her hands became incredibly sticky, as she used them to make her way down the shaft, like a spider climbs a wall. Down down she went, with her cloak billowing around her. Grace had the gift of night vision, being able to see in the dark, so naturally, she didn’t need a lantern or flame, to see what was in front of her.  On the final few feet, she jumped, with her cloak soaring out around her, and then spreading on landing as she came down in a crouch.  Standing to full height, she dusted her knees, and then smacked her hands free of the dirt. The small hook like prongs that came out of her skin receeded, and she appeared perfectly fine.  Grace noticed Shadden hopping about, and then falling to the ground, trying to get a rock out of his foot.  “Here..let me.” she knelt down and with fine fingernails, she prized the rock out and then patted his foot.  “All better.  Now, which way to go?”
ShaddenBlack:-Shadden could pay attention to how she got down there other wise he would question what she was. Course, he was trying to pull out the rock his blood was oozing out from his foot as he groaned. She said out to him. “Here..let me.”  he felt it pulled out as the wound oozed out a green liquid from it as the rock steamed a bit from his Bebelith blood ton the rock. The puncture in his foot started to slowly close in a few seconds from her pulling out the rock as he said in relief.- “thank you, it sucks being barefoot, sadly its the only way I can see.” -he stood up limped a few times till his foot was completely healed. The mine shaft was dark he noticed she didn’t have a lantern as he pointed down the path behind them. The mine shaft cold dark and damp in the distance down the path way they needed to go the sounds of chains swinging back and forth. As Shadden pointed down the shaft he asked her a serious question.- “ummmm…… this may sound random but why can you see the dark? I mean I cant really cant tell what you are since I find it weird since you didn’t use any rope to come down here.” -he was feeling a bit out of place at the moment since he find out it weird with her being able to come down the shaft without rope. Then again he lived in the land for so many years he hadn’t really met anyone that could see in the dark. Even climb down walls it was odd to him. He never knew his own family even though he was a Bebelith he was alone. The only family he had was his friends he thought for a moment wanting her to explain as they stood there.-
GraceCarrendar: – Grace didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to recognize the colour of Shadden’s blood, to know what in fact he was.  She held his foot a moment, as the greenish tinged blood oozed out and she gazed up at him a second.  He couldn’t be.  She thought, wondering how it was he was unable to even see.  Mind you, the way he absailed down the mine shaft was a hefty clue.  Releasing his foot, and allowing him to stand, she waited to hear which way he thought it was best to go.  The cool of the air within the shaft had a real nip to it, and she shivered slightly before regaining her composure.  But then he happened to ask her about why she could see in the dark, and also how she made it down the shaft without a rope.  This was not the time or place to start giving a family history lesson, or start blabbering on about what she actually was, so she was quick to say it, and then get ready to move on.  So she spoke in her native tongue; “Xyxedesw al..kytaf zhekyl.” (translates to : Bebilith or..demon spider.)  She then adjusted the bow on her back, and waited to get going again.
ShaddenBlack:-Shadden listened to the native tongue as he heard her words. His face light up in a bright red as he was a bit nervous to find himself next a female Bebelith  as he gave a quick jerk of his head shaking off the nervous feeling as he spoke back in response.- “Tu ohadareyz es’z swy belzs sa zyy afy ab tu aqf nefk” (Translation: My apologies it’s the first to see one of my own kind) -he felt like an idiot not being able to tell the scent of her as well not familiar with a female Bebelith it was alien to him. He looked forward as he left it off topic from that as he went back to speaking in English.- “I suggest we keep going then”  -he pointed down the shaft as he started to walk as the ground was filled with rubble and wooden slats as the sounds of the swinging chains rattled. The wind chill was right towards them as they would be walking towards the opening of the mine where they had begun to mine from. Shadden kept quiet feeling out of place as now he was alone with not just any female but one of his race not sure on how to act towards her now.-
GraceCarrendar; – Hearing Shadden speak back in her own tongue gave her a start.  She certainly didn’t expect it, and now faced with the prospect he was the same as her, she wondered what the odds were on such a phenomenon taking place.  Blinking, she almost forgot what they were doing down there for a moment, till she heard the clinking of the chains, as the breeze blew through the mine shaft.  “I..agree.” replying that they should keep going, not wanting to make him feel uncomfortable about this new revelation.  It was a difficult walk, due to the rubble and the splinters of wood, that would have been from the support beams that had rotted away over time, due to the air and water erosion.  Grace used her night vision, which gave her eyes an errie glow to them, almost illuminating her face.  She even reached to touch the side of the tunnel to help better her footing.
ShaddenBlack:-They walked down the tunnel as the sounds of the chains rattled. In the distance the was some odd sounds of voices as Shadden’s ears picked them up in seconds as he flung his hand up at Grace placing his hand right on her torso as he asked her.- “Do you hear that?” -the voice that came from quiet the distance sound as if they were old or maybe even shrill voice saying.- “death of the dark sisters, I call to thee…..” -the voice had stopped for a moment as Shadden tilted his head as his started shaking as he started to piecing what it could be. He wasn’t a big coward when it came to creepy things in the world, hell he was spider demon for crying out loud. The sounds of the shrill voice that followed down the hall he said in a very soft voice as he said stepping on a splinter giving a slight gasp when speaking.- “i think there is someone else in the mine. Please tell me you can hear that?”  -the voice called out again as a flash of light came out down the tunnel off to a side room perhaps it someone or perhaps it was something dangerous. Then again to Shadden this wasn’t normal since he knew this mine had been abandon for years to find someone here would be very hard to believe in the most as the shrill voice screamed out as the next flash of light stayed lit as the voice spoke out being very clear.- “It’s time for my dark sisters to find out new safe haven. They shall be pleased with me this time.”
GraceCarrendar: – The voice was shrill and could chill the very bones of mortals, and it seemed Shadden.  Almost surprised by his reaction as much as the sound itself, Grace pulled up and glanced at him, as he asked if she heard the voice.  “Yes…I heard it.” she replied, since though he might be blind, she certainly wasn’t deaf.  But the question was, who made the noise and spoke out like a witch of old.  Grace believed this mine to be deserted, for it was the last place you would expect to see or hear anyone.  Clearly, someone else was using this as a means to bypass the soldiers of the King.  Grace patted Shadden’s chest and said again. “I do hear it, now lets keep quiet so they can’t hear us coming.”  Again she was light with her footsteps, as the light flashed down the tunnel, and when it did, Grace pushed herself up against the side of the tunnel, her hood keeping her from being easily seen in the darkness.  Closer the sound appeared to be, but would they come across Shadden and Grace first?
ShaddenBlack:-The shrill voice was in fact louder a tall but hunched figure walked out into the tunnel at this point Grace had already hugged the wall. Shadden who had been acknowledged that Grace did hear it was starting to crawl up the side of the tunnel using his sticky hands that hard started to stick as he planted himself in the corner siding of the long path. As he laid on his stomach. He was wearing black clothing hiding out of sight since he was now in the higher part of the tunnel. The figure walked like an old as she started to walk towards them with a light on a staff that seemed to help for balance. She mumbled as the light shined on the face of the person it was a hold woman that seemed to have a decaying face as her teeth were black with the few she had. She walked hunched back as she spoke.- “i do I hear lovely children?” -she stopped to look around as she pointed her staff directly forwards sniffing around as she started to say a little tune.- “the little pretties are coming to play, oh how the little pretties love to play with thee sweet old lady. Come out and play with me, my pretties. -the old hag started to walk forward again holding the light of her staff forward as she looked around sniffing around as she seemed to have found something. Shadden who was laying completely still in the top corner of tunnel tried to breath slowly he didnt look at Grace as he used telepathy to speak to her.- “It’s a witch, I am surprised that one would come to close to Glades vein or even for that matter out of the Forrest.” -he stayed still as the witch continued to sniff around as she leaned towards graces direction taking a whiff of her. The witch leaned back as she said in her dark shrill voice.- “It’s not pretties, Something vile as me would lurk in the shadows. COME OUT! Show yourselves!” -the witch held her staff near herself. She knew they were there it seemed even though she knew they were there. The air must have been to cold for her to seek them out completely. The real question was would they use to escape or would they show themselves in hope the witch wouldn’t attempt to kill them?-
GraceCarrendar:- The darkened tunnel was illuminated by the torch of the old witch, who sang in a voice that was to entice children probably to eat, as the tales of old would go.  But there were no children, only demon kin that were well hidden in the tunnel.  Course the witch had the senses to sniff out those that lived.  Sure enough she got a whiff of Grace, and turned to shine the light near her face.  But Grace was no wallflower, nor was she going to be scared by the likes of a witch.  A higher level demon, known as the hunter of others, she grinned beneath her hood, for she knew that this wasn’t going to end well.  “Must you shout, in such a dangerous place.  It really is quite annoying.”  Grace stood out from the wall, so the hunched over witch could get a good look.  “If I were you, I’d snuff out your light.  You’re ugly.”  Grace tilted her head, then started to walk around the witch, who tried to threaten her with a staff.  “The odds are against you, Dearie.  So..why don’t you trundle along and find a nursery school to bother, and we will be on our way.”
ShaddenBlack:-it seemed that Grace wasn’t scared of the witch and such as she came out of the shadows.  The witch saw her as she listened  hearing her insults as she snarled at Grace holding her staff as she spoke.- “you speak boldly to a witch. I knew I smelled something vile, who  would have guessed I would fight a woman that is harmless talking as if she was a demon.” -the witch stood up as she pointed her staff at her with the intent to cast a spell on her as the fire from her staff seemed to flare as Shadden crawled above from the top of the tunnel waiting to see what would happen. Keeping quiet as he saw Grace had the witch’s attention. He listened for the right moment now knowing the witch couldn’t take them both on let alone he was not seen yet which gave him a good shot for a surprised attack.- the witch still darting her words straight at grace as she spoke again as the fire started to flow from the staff.- “give me a good reason not to set your pretty little face on fire. SPEAK! YOU LITTLE PISS ANT!” -she started walking towards Grace as she shot a blast of fire towards her as it was like flamethrower covering most of the tunnel pathway it was at least fifteen feet wide and gave only gaps lower to the ground and above the tunnel. As the witch gave a good old hag laugh as she attempted to set Grace on fire.-
GraceCarrendar: – The witch had a few tricks up her sleeve, and none was more annoying than that to cast a fire spell using her staff to project it towards Grace.  As the wall of flames approached Grace, Grace gripped the edge of her cape and spun, going down, into a low crouch, so she was practically on the floor of the tunnel.  Her body fully covered by the cloak, which unbeknowns to the witch was coated in a special substance that acted as a fire repelent, offering Grace the protection to be shielded as the flames roared over her.  It was a dire move, but one that was effective, and the Witch was going to be in for a shock, when the fire died down.
ShaddenBlack:-The witch laughed as she continued to spray her fire little did she know that Grace was prepared for a fire attack as she cloaked herself. Shadden felt the fire now seeing that this was serious as he was starting to get annoyed that the witch would really use a simple fire spell. As the witch laughed out as she said in her high shrill voice.- “You think your all tough now let me hear you scream!!!” -Shadden dropped behind the witch form above as he drew his sword from its sheath as the white widow screeched out as it was brandished. He held it out across his face as he said.- “you dumb wench she wasn’t alone.” -he hopped to get her attention as he stood there. The witch heard the screech of his blade as she let up her fire spell as turned around in a hurry. Drawing her staff back towards herself trying to turn around as she gave a shrill laugh. Shadden saw the staff being drawn back as he noticed the vibration from his sword gave a good layout of where the witch was as he threw his hand forward at her throwing a net of webbing towards her in hopes to distract her for the moment. He quickly darted to the side of the tunnel with his sword at the back slash position as the witch  pointed her staff at the webbing coming towards her. The webbing quickly caught on fire as the witch blasted that side of the tunnel that Shadden had been darting from as he dove down. The witch was now flanked with Shadden now passing her and Grace a bit further down that he was. They would have seconds to react for an attack. Though the question in itself was how pist Grace would be since the witch just tried to set her on fire.-
GraceCarrendar: – The blackened coat, now shone with the light of fire that had passed over it, and yes, it released a steam from its texture, but the demon beneath would rise up and be far from showing any signs of being burnt.  The cloak would fall from the bebilith’s shoulders, to reveal the silver spider that lay beneath. Dressed in an ornate suit, that was tight leggings and fitted bustier, but the colour of metallic silver, the white skinned demoness, was enraged, as she withdrew dual daggers from hip sheathes and twirled them round so when the finished the points of the blades were held down.  Eyes that mesmerized, a swirling glint of pure evil had come to be, and as Shadden was using his sword, to do the Witch harm.  But in a different line of defence  he hurled a webbing net to offset the attack of her staff, which gave Grace the perfect opportunity.  Launching herself at speed, she rocketed towards the Witch’s back, and crossing her arms over, she performed a scissor move, so that edge dagger would slice in a diagonal, to cut off the witches head.
ShaddenBlack:-A quick sound of the clashing of flesh and pure striking steel the witch was beheaded by Grace with her twin daggers like a true assassin would wield. Was this enough to kill the witch? The head dropped to the ground the staff fell the ground as the fire seized, for the moment the silence caused Shadden to stay as he waited for the body to follow through. The witch’s body stood there lifeless for a second as the arms beagn to move looking for the head. The witch spoke as she was less than graceful.- “You bitch, how dare you?” -the body began to search for the head as it grabbed hold it and picked it up placing it back on her body as she laughed at Grace’s attack with her daggers as the head turned into place healing itself. Shadden who had noticed something rather odd about the witch threw his blade straight at her chest as his blade screeched as it pierced through her chest hopping to do some damage to her. The witch  stood still laughing as a necklace with a jewel that started to glow a bright luminous green was able to be seen at this moment as Shadden couldn’t see it since he was blind perhaps Grace could. The witch spoke out to both of them as she laughed.- “Mortal wounds are of no dire concern to me, you little piss ants would no nothing of my power your weapons are useless to kill me” -the witch grabbed hold of Shadden’s blade as she ripped it from her chest throwing it too the ground. Shadden who heard his blade thrown started to think of why the witch couldn’t die from wounds that would kill her.- “Well there goes my bright idea.”
GraceCarrendar: – They say that witches have a charmed life, so the fact that beheading this witch didn’t work, nor did the blade strike from Shadden, something about her was keeping from mortal harm, but what?  Twirling her blooded daggers she rammed them back in their sheaths, while the Witch decided to take the time to call them that horrid name of piss ants yet again.  But in the fight with Shadden, Grace was able to see the necklace that the witch wore around her neck, that glowed with a jade coloured light.  The light swirled within the pendent, and this had Grace think.  If she is a charmed one, then the luck is green and so is what she wears.  Grace started to make a sound, like she was gagging, and then doubled over for a moment, holding her stomach.  Her eyes darkened, and her veins in her skin started to become prominent.  If the witch approached her she wasn’t going to like what came out of Grace’s mouth.
ShaddenBlack:-The witch saw Grace sheath her daggers as she laughed as she charged straight at Grace showing no fear. Shadden feeling vibrations of the charging witching coming their way.  As Grace hunched over he wasn’t sure what was happening sensing something familiar he shot web line straight in front of Grace as the witch ran straight into it as it was very sticky and caught her trapping her like a fly in the spider’s web. As he waited to see what grave had in store for the old hag as Shadden said.- “Let the bitch have it” -the witch screamed seeing she ran into a trap as she screamed out trying to cut the line web she was stuck to pulling very quickly clawing the stick web trying to break free. The claws only got entangled deeper in the webbing that Shadden quickly shot out. He was very young and knew nothing about his own kind other than the native tongue. However he knew what Grace was doing was completely horrid.-
GraceCarrendar:- From beneath the veil of her silver tresses a dark laugh started to come, though it had a liquid sound to it, almost gargling at the end, but there was a good reason for this, for the bebilith had been preparing a very dangerous attack.  She threw her head back, her face coming into view, and with the potency and precision of a cobra, she launched an acid spit towards the eyes of the witch, hoping to not only burn out her eyeballs, but distract her long enough to seize the jade coloured trinket that was around her neck and resting on her chest.  Through the sticky webbing, her clawed hand would snatch through and seize the prize.  To tear it free from its chain, and in her mind, hopefully bring the witch’s charm to an end.
ShaddenBlack:-The smell of burning flesh was a smell that would make ones stomach turn as the witch was sprayed with an acid from Grace’s mouth. The fowl witch screamed in pain  as she broke free from the webbing that Shadden had spun out to trap her. The necklace broke when Grace used her hand through the webbing as the witch swung in all directions heading straight towards Shadden. Swing straight for his head he moved his neck as the witch’s claws missed his only to cut his blindfold off he moved out of the way. Slowly the witch was wasting away with her necklace away from her body. She was dying as she screamed at them.- “You fools I will see you in hell!” -the witch;s body fell the floor only to turn to dust from rapid aging  as the screams faded. Shadden grasping his bearings from when the witch had swung at him. His blindfold cut from his head only to reveal the scars of where his eyes were the deep scars looked as if they here burned out instead of cut. They had won this battle as Grace would hold the jade necklace that was glowing as it died down from its glow in he hand.- “Ok, a bit lost how did she just die?” -Shadden was quick with questions as he knew something other than the acid had to have killed her.-
GraceCarrendar:- Even Grace was shocked by how the witch seemed to wither and turn to ash, while she held the necklace that she had broken off the old woman’s neck.  Panting and licking the acid spittle off her own lips, she tried to regain her footing, as she found herself slightly woozy from doing such a sickening attack.  Grace finally saw that Shadden was without his blindfold, and then she noticed how his eyes were but hollows, where they had been burnt out somehow.  Not wanting to draw attention to this, she picked up his blind fold off the ground, and reached for his hand to give him both the necklace and the blindfold.  “The woman was charmed, and without it….she is no more.”  It was that simple.  And though she had been a hard one to beat, they had both worked together, to take the woman down.  Now fully exposed, but not able to be seen by Shadden anyways, Grace picked up her black cloak off the ground, that was still smouldering from the fire razzing earlier.  “Well this is toast.”  Grace chuckled, draping it over her arm.  She was relieved that the wish was no more, but found it funny that the witch would dare shout at them, she would see them in hell.  “Been there..done that.”  Grace said with a shrug, and waited for Shadden to place his blindfold back on.
ShaddenBlack:-The woman was Charmed as Grace said without it she was no more. The witch gone and dead as Shadden was handed his blindfold and the necklace as he lifted the necklace up feeling the jewel as he shook his head at the idea of it as he only could think. ‘what a dumb bitch’ he placed the necklace into a sack of his so that maybe it would come in handy later on in his travels. He took his blindfold and tied it back around his eyes as he said.- “I’m glad that’s over.” -Indeed the nightmare was over the fact was Shadden had yet to even learn his companions name as he smirked at the thought. As he walked over to his sword as he picked it up off the ground sheathing it with a nice whirling twirl in his hand. The fact Grace was now without a cloak the ringing from Shadden’s sword gave a nice ring of vibration as he listened to  the hell statement as he said to Grace in such a devilish way.- “I am sure you have questions that need Answered. Perhaps a rest is in order for now since we are safe.” -the time for rest was needed after the fight with the witch as Shadden leaned against the wall as sighed  facing towards Grace.- “As you should already know who I am. I will tell you anyways, I am Shadden Black also known as the Blind spider.” -The spider of destiny has spun its web in the direction of not just the empire. As it seems the story is new but we have only just begun to tell the story of our friends as the spider will still weave it’s web.-