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Trek to the Summit

The Well of Sorrow


TheGorya aka ConanSilverfang

ConanSilverfang:-Conan laid next to Charlotte as he made a light yawn in his sleep. He could feel something beside him as he knew something was next to him. He shot his eyes to look around attempting to gather himself, giving a good stretch as he looked to see Charlotte next to him as he totally forgot that he had fallen back asleep. He yawned again as he sat up trying to wake up. His hand moved up out of the stretching position and reached into his jacket pocket looking for his cigarettes as he finished his yawn. His eyes shot open as he remember he was completely out of one of the only pleasure he found when traveling. He gave a slight grumble as he said under his breath.- “Fucking water……. took my last cigarette……” -he looked around to the others around him seeing that Luna was still asleep with her face muffled into the fur of the Shadow wolf. Seven who was still asleep near Fung Le as the old man seemed to be asleep . Conan knew with Fung Le it was almost impossible to figure out if he is sleeping or in fact in a deep placement of mediation. He pulled out his hand that was in his pocket as instead of the cigarettes he had his zippo lighter that he kept in there with the brand of cigarettes he enjoyed. He flicked it open and close again repeating it over as he every once and while attempt to light it the wick. He was coming off withdrawals already from the nicotine it was torture for him.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – For a few hours, Charlotte remained wide awake, as all around her, slept. It was well needed, and she could not deny them that, but the sad fact was, they were not making good progress. At one point, she drew up her knees, and then with her arms wrapped around them, she rested her chin on one knee, staring straight ahead. Eyes unwavering, she kept remembering the image of Sirah and the promises she made to keep the truth of Conan’t brother hidden. But she too would finally fall asleep, most likely from exhaustion, which was suffered by all in the small group. Conan would be the one to wake first and see all others were still slumbering. Luna was all huddled up against the Shadow wolf, who had been there for her, when she lost JACK. She looked so peaceful compared to how she was hours earlier. No doubt, when she would wake up, the memory of the loss of JACK would come back. But there was nothing that could have been done, and now, it seemed that one by one, they were becoming victims of the Mountain and its secrets. Hearing the sound of the Zippo lighter, Fung Le was the first to open his eyes, most likely he was not sleeping at all, but meditating. He glanced at the young Seven and gave the boy a light shake to wake him up, which he did, but was groaning about it. “Are we there yet?” he asked with a groggy voice. “Not yet, young Spider. Still a long way to go.” Seven pouted, for he had had enough of roughing it like there were. What he wouldn’t give to be back in Lorewall. Shadow Wolf started to stretch and yawn, which in turn woke Luna. Bleary eyed she sat up and smacked her lips. “Is it morning?” Really it was hard to tell, but it was as close to it as they could imagine. Charlotte was the last to stir. She immediately started to stretch, and you could hear her bones popping. “I hate sleeping on the floor. Next time, its going to be a web, I don’t care what anyone thinks.” <3>

ConanSilverfang:-Conan noticed that Fung Le had opened his eyes as he started to wake Seven, it was easy to see that Seven, Luna and everyone else was starting to feel the impact of roughing it during a mission. Seeing that everyone had woken Conan stood up as stretched one more time as his joints popped the stiff muscles and bones were enough to sound as if he was breaking them. He could feel the strain a bit as his locked down in grinding his teeth. His legs and arms were the ones that took the most of the strain as he heeled over for a second then relieved himself as bit. He looked over to Charlotte in a quick instants as he heard the talk about building a web as he smirked at the thought of that, his only remark to that.- “its almost unbelievable that you would do that….” -he gave a good roll in his neck as he looked about still seeing his journal next to Luna and his box near Seven who had tried to fix the pendant that broke. The thought that Charlotte saw his wife bothered him a bit knowing she had information that she never gave him. The idea of it was bringing so many questions to him yet he sighed as he looked over the group once more as he said.- “I know its first thing that you all are just waking up. Yet I know we need to keep moving we need to try and push further today since we have been set back from the last chamber.” -he was tired yes that was to be seen on his face, even so he was being blunt and he knew it though he maybe right the time was something they may not have. He felt after losing JACK and him using to much energy it was bound to happen again. This made him worry the most did they have what they needed to pass through what lies ahead of them?-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Well, least Conan had a good amount of rest. That is what Charlotte was thinking, as he seemed to be up and atem, while she was grumbling about how she wanted to sleep up off the hard surface of the ground. Rising herself, finally, she tended to each of her chilren, fussing over them, as she started to realize the importance of family whilst trekking through the tunnels. Seven took to the attention like a duck to water, and then even hugged her as they went to help Fung Le to stand. Luna on the other hand, was too busy stroking the Shadow wolf, to want to get up. It was so comfortable with him and his furry hide, that she could stay there all day. “Come on Luna…up you get.” Charlotte said encouragingly. “But Mum…Wolfie is comfy.” Even that had Seven laughing. “Shadow, you are being used as an oversized plushie. Congratulations.” Fung Le chuckled and the Shadow demon, yes he was one, shook his body so Luna would slide off his side. He went about his forward and back stretches, then stood straight up and started to sniff around the campsite. When Charlotte had all her remaining gear on her back, she urged the children to start walking again.


ConanSilverFang:-Conan saw that everyone was getting ready to move as he yawned again still tired yet rested. He felt like he had been hit by a freight train his head pounding yet he felt as if he was at peace. In the thoughts of his mind he felt that he was doing something that he had been doing for most of his life. He glanced at the group before they set out as the first thing that came to mind when seeing Charlotte and her children. ‘Family and friends nothing could be more powerful in the world.” the pendants that all of the Carrendar family before him wore around there necks was not just the symbol of friendship but that of protection over them. He had started to see that his judgment was right his duty was here to the kids. He started to walk with the group as he glanced over to Fung Le as he asked him.- “so how far do we have to go from here? Is there another chamber?” -he wondered what to expect since the old man seemed to be the all knowing about this labyrinth. He had hoped to hear that the pain would stop in the last room.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Fung Le had the map, and was more abreast with what was ahead than the rest of the party, but the problem was the ink started to fade, and when he shook the map, the images completely vanished. Now that could mean one of two things. That the water some how damaged it, or, they were coming close to the end. Fung Le was lost for words, and then folded the map back up and placed it into his pocket. “I think the map is trying to tell us something.” How Fung le came to this conclusion would probably have Conan guessing. “What lay around the next corner, possibly is our fate. One that the map can’t even predict. All we can do, is push on, and hope that we reach the end, before another is taken from us.” This was a worry, since they were now down to just Fung Le, Conan, the children, Charlotte and the Shadow Wolf, along with the small droid. The children were up ahead, since they were curious to see what was in the next part of the tunnel. Charlotte was trying to tie her hair back as she walked, but without a brush or comb, it wasn’t looking terribly neat. You could hear her audible muttering, as stray hairs kept falling in front of her eyes.


ConanSilverfang:-Conan listened to Fung Le as he saw the map in fact turned blank. He questioned as the map was trying to tell them something as Fung Le spoke they walked when then talk about them losing another he closed his eyes and interrupted in seconds.- “I will die before anyone else is lost. That is a promise!” -he didn’t like the fact of reality that they could lose another. Conan brought his left hand to his blades resting it under the guard on the sheath as he placed his thumb under the guard itself as they walked. Hearing Charlotte mutter under her breath as they walked Conan was already on the guard for something to pop out in front of them as he turned the corner as he wondered what he would be expecting.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- The next part of the tunnel was nothing like the rocky ones before. The floor started to change, to that of tiles, and even the walls, became smooth, shiny, with pictures that had been made from millions of small tiles. The art work, was Greek. Just as the laybrinth itself had been created by a Greek goddess, this part of the tunnel truly reflected it. As the children were the first to make their way through, the torches that lined the walls, burst into flame, as though triggered by either their movement or the sound of their feet upon the tiled floor. The tunnel opened out into a large temple of sorts, with tall collumns that were made from marble and granite. It was truly magnificent, and at its center, there was a liquid pond, with no statue or anything standing within it. The waters were completely still, not so much as a ripple on its surface. There were elegant pictures made out on the walls, of a woman, with flowing hair, dressed in white. They had reached the centre of the labyrinth….yet something was missing. What was it?


ConanSilverfang:-Conan looked to see the labyrinth disappear before his very eyes seeing the marble built in such a way it made him remember his old home a little bit the texture of the large temple seemed something he could remember of home. He glanced to see the large pond in the center as he walked forward the place was massive. To him it seemed that they had reached the ending, yet he questioned it still on the guard he walked forward as he looked at the wall seeing the painting of the woman in the white dress. He pondered as the place seemed to be empty as he looked over to Fung LE for answers.- “is this it? An empty temple?” -he didn’t get it. He was all lost in moment trying to figure out what they had missed.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- “I don’t understand, how can this be the end?” Charlotte said, scouting around the perimeter of the water pool in the centre. “There is nothing here, but a pond. There are no doors, no windows. Its a dead end.” Charlotte went as far to throw her hands up, and then she let out a shriek, that had even Luna and Seven jump. But as she did that, the waters on the pond started to ripple, like someone had just blown over the top of it. “Mum..Mum…look.” Luna cried, pointing to the waters, that were now changing from a ripple to starting to swirl within its center. Charlotte stopped her pacing and glanced over, unsure of what was happening. “I think Mum’s yelling might have upset whoever made this temple.” Seven was…half right. The water started to swirl and then it formed a spout that was travelling up, to make the formation of a woman. A woman like that of the pictures on the walls.

ConanSilverfang:-Conan pondered as he looked over the woman in the picture for a moment. Then in the sudden moment he heard Charlotte speak then squeak as he turned around to look at the water in the pond move. It didn’t take him long to move in front of the others seeing the woman figure he still wasn’t taking any chance. He stood between the figure and the group his hand on the hilt of his katana, the other on his sheath ready for any sighs of a threat. He watched the figure as he said.- “Watch yourselves….it could be a trap.” -he watched as he growled under his breath wondering if this woman like figure was just another test to the labyrinth. He knew to always prepare for anything.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Fung Le stood silently, in behind the group as the woman of water reached out her hand towards Charlotte. “Oh…no. I’m not touching her.” Charlotte said, backing up slightly. Charlotte had already had enough of water games to last a life time, after nearly drowning in the rapids. The children didn’t like the look of this either, and were both quiet as to what to make of the water woman. It was then, the woman spoke, though it was like listening to water flowing over rocks, a hollow like sound. “Welcome to the Well of Sorrow. Give your gift, to make your wish.” Charlotte didn’t quite understand what that meant. “Well of what?” she asked. Fung Le finished it for her. “She said Sorrow.” Charlotte turned back to look at him, and followed with. “Yes, I get that..but why is it called the Well of Sorrow.” Fung Le kept a straight face, and said. “Why not ask her?” Charlotte shrugged, thinking that couldn’t harm, and then said back to the water lady. “Why is it called Sorrow?” The water lady tilted her head and said. “Tis made from tears of sorrow. Please make a gift to get your wish.” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan still had his blade pointed at the body of water. She spoke in a weird way as he started to piece her words together as he pointed his blade down away from the body of water. He tilted his hand pointing the blade down looking at the woman. He quickly asked.- “by gift you mean a sacrifice don’t you?” -he knew there was a catch to o her words hearing that the well was the name of the water was called the “Well of sorrow” to him this meant more than just a wishing well he almost felt that he hit the head on the nail for this one. He sighed as he looked at the woman knowing she could become a threat. His gut feeling told him that she was another challenge to this savage labyrinth he didn’t care either she was in fact made of water, he could easily disrupt he magic with ease. He looked as if he was about do business with the devil.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Charlotte approached the well of water and swallowed hard, wondering what kind of gift she could give the Well, and how it mean that she would get a wish. The Water woman looked at Charlotte and said; “I am made from many of your tears, Spider.” This had Charlotte stop and wonder what she meant. “My tears?” The woman nodded and she glanced towards the Shadow Wolf. “And his….and to each of you, I am made up of your tears of sorrow.” this was an interesting take on things. “You have lost many on your way…have you not?” The water woman asked, knowing this was true. Charlotte nodded, and the Shadow wolf trotted over and looked up at Charlotte. “I only have one wish. Please, let me go first.” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan had question completely ignored as this was only making him more nervous. He clinched his teeth as a lowly growl came from his throat as he stared at this woman as she talked as if she knew the group as she knew her own child. He placed his hand on top of the hilt of his blade as he shoved the blade into the marble stone. The loud grinding of metal echo and made a sound wave ripple across the ground creating a pressure of air on the water as it would disrupt the projection of the water woman. That is if it was normal water. Conan opened his mouth again this time as he barked at the well.- “I asked a question! Now answer it by the gift you mean a sacrifice of sort. That means you want an offering of a live person. Is that not what you mean by offering a gift?” -there where few things that Conan disliked one of them was just crossed his temper was getting him but most of all the care for her friends got the better of him as he spoke in a low tone.- “you have no idea what we have lost by my eyes. I given more than I can care to claim as a wolf….” -he glared under his bangs at the well waiting for his answer. He was about to fly off the handle in a moments noticed the being had better not keep him waiting.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – The sword strike into the marble floor, caused a large crack, to run up to the very well, and the water from within, started to leak out, spilling onto the floor, as the water woman wavered. Her attention was now turned over to the angered Conan, who was ignored at first. “You may call it a sacrifice….I regard it as a tribute. A token of yourself. Something you treasure and are willing to give up.” Meanwhile, the crack was spreading around the building, and this was not good, not good at all. “Do you wish to go first, Warrior….time is short.” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan saw he caused a large crack as he saw the contents of the well spilled. He looked to see he caused more than just a crack as he looked around seeing the tower was in fact starting to give away. He growled as he knew that he had no control over the blades of his ancestors. He looked at the water woman as he reached into his bag pulling out the trophy the head of the snake lady knowing that he was told sack it he dropped the box on the head down on to the ground pushing it towards her. He was in fact upset of something of himself well low and behold the head was in fact something of a token. He was a warrior of the old code a lost path to most in this world knowing his world could not be retaken or even take back his family that was cold hard truth. He looked the woman in the eyes as he spoke.- “Rewrite the wrong correct the unbalance in this world. So that we maybe able to move on to have a future. I know this is a selfless wish however I am not one to make selfish choices I have no regrets with what I am asking.” -he did understand that he could ask for something he wanted most. However his code forbid him to ask for things that were for his own benefit. he still to own wish he did not care weather she would grant it. He was willing to give up own personal wants for the better of his friends.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – The walls of the temple started to crumble at one end, the marble tiles were exploding off, pinging in all directions, as the head in the box slid across the ground. The very floor was starting to concave, and Charlotte was losing her footing. “What’s happening?!” She cried, as the children both screamed. The Shadow Wolf started to bark loudly, panicking, as the woman of the well said “Granting his wish…” Charlotte didn’t understand what on earth that meant, if the temple was being destroyed. The micro droid was going round in circles, there seemed to be no way out, when suddenly Fung Le slammed his bo staff into the marble flooring. This sent a huge shock wave through the room, as part of the wall that cracked open revealed a jungle opening, a way out of the tunnels and the labryinth. A spider monkey danced in the opening and screached loudly. “RUN…HURRY!” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan heard the water woman as she said his wish was granted. To him he wanted to see proof as if it was really done. He knew the wrong in this world would have been that what they were looking for however he was still unsure if that what they were looking for as the walls started to give way. He looked over to see Fung Le sending a shock wave through the marble he was a bit shocked that the old man hand such a force. Then again he had thought about his own mentor. He quickly look at the kids and Charlotte.- “RUN! Now!” -he started to run to the opening as he sheathed his blade that he had pulled form the ground as he waited for the others to follow as he pressed his arm against the wall siding to hold up part of the wall in case it decided to give way to close. He was unsure weather they had done what needed to be done.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – It was a mad panic dash, as the group charged towards the opening that had been made out from the wall, with bits of the roof collapsing and the water woman finally dissappearing back into the well, that then had a huge piece of the roof fall on top of it, sealing her in forever. As each leapt out of the hole, they came to find themselves in a lush tropical like jungle. Amazement would be held on their faces. Trees that bore all kinds of fruit, a cascading waterfall, that was glistening. Clear and fresh, with fish swimming about. It was paradise. They were finally free of the tunnels, they had found their way out of the mountain, which meant one thing. They were nearing the end of the Trek. They were now close to the summit. The hole in the wall soon closed again, and the death and destruction were over….for now. The shadow wolf sat where the opening had been, his head bowed. He never got to ask for his wish. Atriz was still in there, somewhere. His heart sank. He had lost her…. <3>

TheGorya: -The others were on the other side now. Conan had let go of the wall as he looked at the group and the jungle it was a beautiful site to see. Conan looked to see that Shadow wolf was in fact sad about something. He reached down as he placed his hand on his fur as he said in comforting tone.- “What is wrong?” -Conan was not expert but he could tell the sighs even though that he could not read minds he knew the sighs of wolves. The body language said it all to him. He looked at the group knowing they would want to move on soon. He tried to comfort the wolf as if he was truly kin to him. He knew the sighs of the pain he was showing……The pain of the loss of a loved one.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- “She’s still in there…” the Shadow wolf whispered, his ears held down flat, his tail no longer moving. The children were already gleefully picking fruit, and laughing. The fresh air, the singing of birds and the funny little spider monkey, who was doing tricks and playing around them, was the kinds of sounds you want to hear. How odd is it, to have such joy and sorrow, all from one wish. Fung Le watched Conan and the Shadow Wolf, knowing they were sharing a moment. Charlotte, she was taking off her boots, and dipping her feet in the water, before laying back on a grassy bank. She was in heaven. Being able to now look up and see the blue of the sky. “That was one hell of a wish.” Charlotte chortled, while the children giggled. The Shadow wolf, wasn’t so quick to agree. He instead plodded off into the jungle, vanishing from sight. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan was in fact right about pain he had someone who was still inside the the bottom of the mountain he looked at Shadow wolf as he vanished as he sent a whisper into his ear through sound manipulation.- “stay true to your heart believe in her and you will find her in your heart as well as your arms one day.” -Conan had turned to Charlotte as he nodded at her walking over to the rest of the group as he was still a bit worried about Shadow wolf. He knew the feeling of losing someone he lost to much in his own life to even care to talk about. He looked at the kids seeing them still picking fruit as he sighed saying to Fung Le in an honest tone.- “you know for someone who knows a lot about this place. You could have given a heads up about the density of the marble.” -he felt bad knowing that he made a wish still not sure if it was something that was going to come true. He was realistic about thing as he sat down next to Charlotte.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – The Shadow Wolf was beside himself. Tears rain down as he ran blindly through the jungle. The wish he was willing to sacrifice himself for, was that she may be released from the tunnels, and given back to him, so they may complete the trek. But as his tears of sorrow fell into the earth, something strange happened. What he didn’t realize was that the spirit of the Well of sorrow, was under the very ground on which he ran. His tears joined with those of the woman, and soon her voice was heard to be whispering through the very jungle itself. ‘You’re wish is granted…” The wolf stopped suddenly, looking left and right, as from behind a veil of vines and leaves, an opening appeared within the very rock itself. And low within a small white cat had been running, trying to escape the clutches of the Gnoll King. The Shadow Wolf saw her and started to bark loudly. Atriz saw him, through the new hole in the wall, and quickly changed direction, and leapt out of the opening, only to just miss being struck by a blow from a gnoll guard. “Li Xiaoyao!” she cried, landing on him, just as the wall started to close and caught the head of the Gnoll within it. ~SLAM!~ The gnoll died instantly, but on the outside, the cat and the Shadow wolf were rolling around on the ground together meowing and yapping, happy to be together at last. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan was not deaf by any chance in the way he was, he couldn’t help but listen in on the Shadow wolf with his heighten hearing that acted like sonar. He heard everything that went on as he smirked as he said to himself. ‘everyone gets what they want in the end’. He looked over to Charlotte as he said with a grin as her feet were in the water.- “you know you could always jump in for a little swim.” -he joked with her just a little knowing she might get a kick out of it. He was in a mood to pick on someone as it had been a long journey for everyone.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Charlotte sat up and then started to untie her hair, letting it spill out onto her shoulders, and then with her boots set aside, she stripped off down to her smalls, and waded in to her knees, starting to wash herself. Conan would have known her fear of water and swimming, so this was a big leap, even for her. She smiled back at him, looking over her shoulder, then skimmed the water with her hand to splash him, all the while poking out her tongue. The children had a pile of fruit in front of them, and were happily eating, after being so hungry for so long. Fung Le watched the children with a smile, knowing this was a good thing to have them eat, after fasting for so long. The Spider monkey bowed low before Fung Le, and chittered away in his own language, pointing through the jungle. “That close are we?” the monkey nodded furiously, and Fung Le knew, that he could tell the group, after they had a chance to rest. Glancing at Conan now, Fung Le said. “I knew about the marble, but that would not have changed what happened.” <3>

TheGorya: -Charlotte had splashed water on him as he grave a grin at her, he acted like he wasn’t going to do anything until as he whistled to himself as he snapped his fingers the sound coming form his fingers sent a small sound wave rippling through the water it only shot a small little drop of water on top her Charlotte’s noise as he smirked at her knowing that he didn’t intend to get her wet. But it would sure make her jump form the sound. Conan stood up hearing Fung Le as he looked to him as he rested his hand on his katana as he said.- “so it was just another test of the labyrinth? Or was simply another way to ease the pain of those that may have been lost forever?” -this made him question this place more than when he first step into the mountain. This place was by far interesting he wondered if anyone has ever made it this far before.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – The sound did scare her enough to topple backwards and land in the water, going up to her shoulders, but still, she wasn’t drowning, and could see the humor in it…almost. The children laughed at the antics, only to suddenly get a thrill to see the Shadow wolf return, only this time with the white cat, Atriz at his side. She was such a pretty thing, even for a cat and the pair wandered over to the children, sniffing the pile of fruit, for they too were hungry. While Charlotte was getting out of the water, and squeezing out her hair, Fung Le spoke to Conan, about the last stage of the Labryinth. “It was a test, yes. One that we almost lost. They owe their lives to you, Conan.” Fung Le said, patting his shoulder. <3>

TheGorya: -Charlotte did fall in that was a bit of a plan by Conan’s trick of course he chuckled. As he heard the kids laugh with joy it was great to see that they could finally be kids for a moment. He looked to see Shadow wolf return as he heard about how they owe their lives to him. He looked away for a moment a he didn’t really want to even think about losing someone else. He saw the cat as its white fur was beautiful as he looked at Shadow wolf as he said.- “you see as I said to you. One day you would find her.” -it didn’t take a genius to see that Shadow wolf was sad about the cat that he brought back with him as he smiled at him. He placed his other hand to his face he placed it on his chin in a train of thought thinking about what Fung Le had just said till it hit him. Conan looked over to Fung Le as he asked.- “it was my wish that saved us wasn’t it?” -his theory was that the wish made it possible for pass that test, to finish the trek that the wrong that was corrected was the path to the summit for them to be able to pass through to a safer path, or maybe it was another path but not as safe.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Luna instantly took a shine to Atriz, which was only natural. Girls seem to have a love of cats. Atriz was a bit hesitant, but the Shadow wolf gave her a nudge, for he knew the children well enough to know they would not hurt her. Luna brought the kitty up under her chin, and cuddled her affectionately, while Seven was still stuffing his face with fruit. He was a growing boy of course. Fung Le nodded when Conan asked if it was his wish that saved them. “In a way, yes. For the path to the temple is salvation, and the balance can only truly be restored, once the boy has been given the last rites..” Fung Le was unsure if Conan knew the purpose of the Trek. He was about to find out soon enough though. The Shadow Wolf winked at Conan, and went over to Charlotte, who was laying out on the grass. It was so soft, almost like a bed. The Wolf licked her cheek, seeing her happy for the first time in a long long time. For once, Charlotte felt free. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan saw Luna grabbed the cat and nuzzle her as he smiled a little bit as he still pondered of what the trek was really about. The boy who had died would really off set the balance of the world. All this for one boy to lose someone for the sake of this one child seemed all to worry some to Conan. His mind was like clock work as he Glanced over to Fung Le with a new theory as he smirked.- “So the Temple of Salvation. However I see how my wish helped but in the end it didn’t. This child we are seeking it seems to me that he must have been destined to do something great or in fact he was already on a mission from some higher power. However my biggest question is that how does his death change the face of the world Fung Le? I think you already know the answer to my question.” -the old man was wise indeed however Conan’s Theory was almost like the mind of strategist or perhaps he was great at logic and theory. His answer would draw the conclusion of what the boy really is to him. This trek had to be for more than just balance and a boy. It had to be something bigger than just what it seemed to be.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Fung Le held a serious expression. He had to explain the truth about the boy. “The boy, was the Guardian.. He was born to protect the balance. What happened back in my garden, was he saved a demon from another and sacrificed himself. The fountain of tears turned to blood, and only way to correct this, is to have him ressurected in the Temple. The Jade Emperor temple. His ascension means that the past ills are forgiven. He died, so that another may live. You do understand, who he saved?” Fung Le said, casting a look over at Charlotte, who was making snow angel like movements in the grass. “She is not what she appears to be. Soon, she must become what she truly is.” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan listened as all the pieces came into play the whole board was shown to him. He took a glance over to Charlotte as he clinched his jaw shut only to figure it out what had truly happen. He watched her as he said to Fung Le a earnest tone.- “So he gave his life for Charlotte. I noble sacrifice in my eyes however not one to be given likely as some would say. His choice came with a price.” -indeed he thought of everything he had to gather then hearing the last of the words. It made him clinch tighter as he looked over to Fung Le as he said.- “By that you mean she is going have no choice in her path?” -the sound of it made his stomach turn as he thought of what Charlotte had told him about her mother as well of what she is to become. He saw it for what it was as he could only think of what Charlotte had thought of this. To become the matriarch of her kind. His thoughts not completely lost but his ideas of what was to come was still there.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Fung Le watched as Conan’s jaw clenched, and knew that he must be having a hard time understanding this. He reached to grab hold of Conan’s shirt, never more serious in his life. “I have seen her. I have seen what she is capable of. She is the descendent of Zhu. She bares the mark. You see….a woman, a mother. I have seen the side of her, that is prone to violence, unstoppable rage. When the balance corrects itself, nature goes back to its original state. There is only one thing that can stop her…” his voice trailed off, as she was laughing and playing with Shadow wolf’s ears. “It may well be up to you.” Fung Le said. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan didn’t have a hard time understanding at all hearing the words and having his shirt pulled was one thing that didn’t bug him. Hearing of the words about Zhu and of the mark only made him clinch his jaw harder. Conan looked Fung Le in the eyes with a look only one person has seen before in Conan’s entire life. The person that is known to see this look was his own father in law Arren. The look was something fierce something it was like he was attempting to pierce the old man’s soul. The words that would be said to Fung Le would something that came from the heart with all his words with true meaning. His voice would not raise in tone as he spoke.- “Fung Le I have seen What most people would call a hellish nightmare. I have seen nations rise and fall within a blink of an eye. I have seen Demons slaughter villages in a single night. I have seen even in the darkest of time a light come to fold. I have endured what most warriors before me would have given there lives to end that cycle of pain…” -he placed his hand on Fung Le’s shoulder pushing his arm down to let go of his shirt never looking for a moment.- “I may not look old nore may I act as if am older than anyone I know. However if there is a way to save her I will gladly give my own life for her to not live through the pain of knowing she will destroy what she has built for her children…..” -he still looked into Fung Le’s eyes with a smirk as he tilted his forward looking through his bangs as his eyes shimmered with a bright aura as if Fung Le light a fire in them.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – While the two men were in deep discussion, Charlotte had gotten up and was stretching, unaware of the conversation taking place. She placed both arms over her head and stretched right out, then spied some fruit, hanging from a tree, and went over to get it. Her hair was still damp, but hung down off her shoulders as she picked the ripe fruit, and brought it under her nose to smell. Clearly at peace with herself, she gathered enough for Fung Le and Conan, and brought them over, as the two men were finishing speaking. “Hungry?” Charlotte offered her armload of fruit, looking between them both, wondering why they appeared so stern. “What?” she asked inquisitvely, looking from one to the other. “Something wrong?” Charlotte went on, and said. “Fresh fruit.” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan had noticed that Charlotte had gotten up and grabbed some fresh fruit as he looked over to her as he said in a soft tone.- “its nothing. Just a conversation about something none important.” -he gave a glance over to Fung Le as his eyes told him exactly what he meant by what he said to him. He didn’t care if Fung Le disagreed to what he had said or even doubt him for a second. His eyes that had glanced over was one that would most likely be edged into the old man’s mind. Conan maybe a warrior of the old, however his code was craved into his heart everything that he said was truth. He would find a way. He looked back over to Charlotte as Conan’s own attitude towards Fung Le wasn’t even there anymore. He eyed the fruit as he took one out of her arm as he said.- “thank you” -giving a very kind smile as if he was her own sibling. To most no one would ever understand how Conan thinks however perhaps the old man was wise enough to see his true nature. He was after all someone that was true to his every word and promise.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- When the fruit was handed over, Charlotte took a bite from a shiny red apple, and wiggled her brow. “Beats army cardboard any day. Did you see Atriz return, Fung Le? I feel like we are almost there. We can get this done, and finally go home.” She was enthusiastic, that was easy to see. Her children were now relaxing, and Seven had a huge stomach, now grumbling about tummy pains. “I think I overdid it.” he groaned, patting his belly lightly. Luna laughed, still holding the white Kitty Atriz in her arms. Fung Le took out his pipe and started to pack it with tobacco, deep in his thoughts once more, but he gave Conan a knowing look, before lighting his pipe. So close to the end, and the greatest test of them all, was about to happen. Would any more be lost? Fung Le then closed his eyes, and hummed softly. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan observed as he knew that the time was drawing near as he saw the look on Fung Le’s expression. His thought were not clouded as he thought of what will happen. He took a bite of the apple in his hand as he kept a good out look little did everyone know he was running things through his head of what he knew. As he looked over to Luna smiling he finished what was in his mouth as said to her.- “well it seems you and your brother have something to be happy about.” -he looked over to Seven knowing the boy was young to think he could eat all that fruit was comical. He looked over to Fung Le once more as his expression slipped as he nodded in respect for what he was told. Conan was a bit worried of what would happen after this trek yet even so he felt at peace. He watched the others as he said to everyone.- “You all should eat some more since we Should be almost done. I think once we have eaten we should head out.” -he smiled at Luna as he walked over by her reaching out giving her a pat on the head. As he leaned on the tree behind her waiting for everyone to rest up as he took another bite of his apple. He was now in a state of thinking his mind like clockwork always thinking of what is too come.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Seven burped loudly, and then looked at the left over fruit and shook his head. “I’m stuffed.” he said, falling back on the grass, while Luna took another bite from her apple, then tried to share it with Atriz who turned up her nose. Charlotte was already in the midst of packing up their belongings, what was left of them. Most of the gear had either been washed away, or crushed in the various rooms. Seeing as Luna and Conan were still eating, she didn’t want to rush them too fast. She plonked back down and stared ahead at the glistening rock pool, thinking of those they had lost since the journey had commenced. She drew her knees up and wrapped her arms around them, taking out some time to herself and collected her thoughts. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan was still deep in thought as he sighed as he finished his apple as he threw the core off to the side for nature to take its course. He looked over to see Charlotte collecting her thoughts as he could only feel for her as she was mourning still over those they had lost. He knew it was about time before they set out seeing Luna munch on her apple, he could see the smiles on the twins faces as he smiled yet again feeling something he had longed to feel. He stood up stretching the joints throughout Conan’s body where heard as they popped and crackled at the force of his stretching as he stood up straight as he said out in a joking way.- “So who is up for an adventure?”

CharlotteCarrendar:- “I am!” Luna shouted, getting up as she let go of Atriz, who landed on all four feet and shook herself out, before going to stand next to the Shadow wolf. Seven got up slowly and then realized he had to undo the top button of his pants. “I feel fat.” he grumbled as Luna cheekily patted his stomach. “That’s cause you are.” He was ready to swat her hand away, and then shrugged, since he felt what she said was true. Charlotte was the last to rise, and she gathered up their belongings, and sung out. “Ready to roll out.” An army saying, that had Fung Le chuckle. “Seven is the only one to roll.” Charlotte smirked and Seven stomped off first through the bush, with the spider monkey leading the way. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan smirked as everyone was ready knowing that Seven never did change from his ways. His sister picking on him he stomped out with the spider monkey as Conan followed with them as he said.- “lets go then don’t want to keep the Guardian of balance waiting shall we?” -he followed them deep into the forest as they set out once again to try and finally end there trek once and for. Only fate would in fact know what lies ahead of them as they embark on the epic journey that was soon to end as they hope it would. This was Conan’s vision of what he was pleased about.-