The Ghost of Lacardis

The Rise of Luxus

Writers: CharlotteCarrendar, LuxusCarrendar, TheGorya

LuxusCarrendar: -Many decades have pasted since, Lacardis was destroyed. With a majority of the population granted asylum upon a massive, orbital ship, and allowed access to watch as Captain destroyed their planet, and brought about a new world. Though the reformatting had created a new planet… Things were far from erased… The past… would Rise again. Silence was the alarm clock for one sleeping spider, Luxus Carrendar. From his drug induced coma, he was pulled out of his dreams, and into a world of darkness. Darkness which was contributed in part due to, a bunker forged from elements of the abyssal plains. The same plain one of his childhood friends had been connected with before her death. Luxus only remembered the few times they had played, only to be torn from his family, and placed in this bunker. So many tests, experimentation’s, and surgeries had been performed upon him since then, and now…. He was alone, abandoned after fighting back against his captors. It was only when they realized, genetically re-engineering a Bebilith to produce electrochemical fluids, and venom, hadn’t been the wisest of ideas. After four of their own had been killed, they pumped a sleeping agent into the lab. But, due to the concentration of it, Luxus was left to sleep for decades, if not centuries.

Now, with the power supply drained, and nothing to keep a buzzing noise, that which had kept Luxus in a slumber, the hulking demon spider gave a heavy guttural yawn, as it would usually be, being he was in his Bebilith form. Sprawled out upon the, cold, damp and glistening, obsidian like flooring, Luxus was forced to awaken immediately. A shock wave, something of a great magnitude too, had caused the Bunker he was in, to tremble. As he arose, Luxus slammed into the ceiling, his leg joints hardly even straightened out. This was new to him… he could of sworn yesterday, he was still only half the size of the lab…

On the surface, much was in motion. A single thread of time would be the link… Charlotte Carrendar, daughter of Lorelei had been in the vicinity of the shock waves epicenter, here, the offspring of Lorelei, may just have been touched by another abyssal tapping. Luxus was alive, well, and was on the search for, Lorelei. “LORE!” Luxus had screamed, his cries for his childhood friend, filled with desperation, contempt, and a slight note of fear.

Back, down in the abyssal bunker, Luxus had reverted to his humanoid form. He was what had been declared as a, “Ghost.” A white widow… one of the single rarest, genetic mutations in their species and even more so, in the males. Black and White, his usual appearance held it’s reputation, and he had noticed… he was older. Something had gone seriously wrong. Why had he aged? He felt as if, it was only last night he’d killed the scientists. Flashes of his memories played out, directly into the abyssal connections he shared with his kin. The show of surgeries, experiments and test… and even the murder of three, of his captors. Though he only thought he was still a handful of decades old, he had not idea.. the world had changed.. That Lorelei, was actually deceased, and he was only one of the handful of, saviors from his species left.

“Lorelei… please!?!? Save me!”


CharlotteCarrendar: – With a heavy sigh, Charlotte stared up into the sky, wher the massive fireball, had illuminated the entire planet. The Balance had shifted, but had Fung Le’s sacrifice been worth the cost of his life? Charlotte lowered her head, and wiped away the last of her teas, her face grubby from the fight with the earth made minions. The children, Luna and Seven had their wolves to protect them, and the children adored them, while Li and Lin, were staring at each other, finally in a loving embrace. The tiny micro droid was being teased by one of the cheeky spider monkeys, that kept tapping at if by hanging from an overheard branch. Its chittering was matched by that of the monkey, that laughed at the antics of the mechanical spider midget. Charlotte glanced back at Conan, knowing that his days now with them as a guide, would soon be up, and that she and the rest would need to return to Lorewall. What was waiting for them back in the capital was anyone’s guess. Charlotte hoped the change in the balance may affect that, but it was too early to hazard a guess.

Charlotte was about to start gathering what small belongings she still had, when there was like a whisper, that she heard. A sound of a voice, that was speaking as though he was right there. She whipped her head around, but no one was calling, not that she could see. Her attention was turned back to the shattered temple, which still had half a roof, and the tomb in the centre which had a huge crack in the side, the top was seared from burn marks of the boy.

. “LORE!”

Charlotte froze for a moment, and blinked. Was someone crying out for her Mother? Lore had been dead for years. Who the hell would call for her now? Charlotte dismissed it and went on back to packing, when again, the voice was gettting louder, and more persistant.

“Lorelei… please!?!? Save me!”

That was no ghost. That was really someone crying out. Charlote looked at her children, and asked. “Do either of you hear anything?” Luna craned her neck, while Seven simply said. “Someone is crying out for Grandma.” So he did hear it. The sound was coming from the tomb. Charlotte shouted for Conan. “There is someone in that tomb!” Half shocked by her own observations. “We need to help them get out.”


ConanSilverfang-Conan nodded to the wolves as the children seemed to adore their new protectors. As Conan had told them before to keep them on and they will always been protected, as the time passed the wolves slowly disappeared turning into light and beaming straight into the necklaces they came from as the sounding of howls ended when they died off. Conan looked up to the sky as he smiled briefly as he heard Charlotte speak of something about someone in the tomb. He closed his eyes trying to listen to the sound of voice it was in fact muffled but he heard as the sound of the voices vibrations told him how deep he could be as Conan said- “Your right there is someone in there Charlotte. However he is deep inside there.” -he bit his lip as he he turned to the tomb walking forward. He slowly brought his hands up to his together as he cracked the knuckles as he observed the marble closely as he looked over to Charlotte once more as he urged her to follow him.- “come on I need someone who is quick on there feet to grab who ever is in there.” -he slowly tapped his shoes together as he walked towards the tomb placing his left arm in the forearm pit of his right balling his right hand the sounds of vibrating air particles was hear only as something buzzing in a low frequencies. The sound of the peoples voice was difficult to pin point as he waited for Charlotte to assist as he asked.- “I cant hear him that well its very muffled. Can you hear him or her? To me it sounds male.” <E>

LuxusCarrendar: –
There he stood, in silence and darkness. Luxus was lost, lost to the world, and everyone there was. He’d received no response to his calls… All he had was himself… and what he knew. Carrendar… With what he remembered, Luxus lifted a his left hand, extend its index finger, and began to drew the, Carrendar Shield. “No.. I won’t allow it.. I won’t be ignored!” His roars filled the abyssal streams, even surges of his elemental attributes flooded into it. “LORE! WHERE ARE YOU?!?” His screams had become amplified, due in part, to his fear starting to kick in, and ignite an emotional overdrive. “Don’t you remember me?” His screams had dropped into whimpering whispers, all being directed into the abyssal stream. Before long, the white widow lurched forward, his body taking on a white hue, much like a aura. But before he could catch on, something started to kick in, his body was shifting into an electrical field. All around him, computers, gadgets, and other electrical devices lit up. Beeping, blooping, and clicking, Luxus had been caught off guard, and this had triggered his, Fight or Flight responses. Rage, rage for being taken away from all he knew, everything he loved, poured out into the world around him. Streams of electricity, whipped, cracked, and slashed at the, abyssal elements, which composed the bunker and the scientific equipment, leaving behind trails of super heated marks, or melted metals and glass.


Luxuses body had been engulfed, electricity warping around it, leaving his clothing unharmed, but ripping at the metal floors he glided across. Before him, he could now see a door, and in the tiny window, a stair case. “Shocking…” H e whispered to himself, as he continued towards it. Though it had been designed to originally handle a full grown Bebilith, Luxus wasn’t just a standard demon spider any longer, not after all this surgeries, test, and experiments done on him.. No, he was much more deadly now, much more capable.

“If you won’t come to me… I’ll come to you, like I always promised you, Lorelei..” <♠>


CharlotteCarrendar: – Even Seven could not escape the sound of the screams and roars that came from beneath the tomb in the ruins of the temple. “Mum…why is that person calling for Grandma?” Charlotte herself didn’t know the answer to that question, and when Conan said he needed someone quick on their feet, Li stepped forward, the Demon of Shadows. “I am….very fast.” he stated, now dressed in his traditional black chinese garb. His hair, was black and tied back in a ponytail, and bore no resemeblence to the Wolf that he had been for over five hundred years. Lin came up and looked at the tomb that Conan was trying to prize open. “He who down there, trapped long time.” Luna kinda missd the fact that Atriz was now a white haired asian warrior, and sighed, agreeing with her statement. Charlotte took hold of her children’s hands and said. “When you hear me in your minds, respond, then we do a four way link. I have a feeling he is one of us.” Seven was shocked by that, and took his sister’s hand, who took their Mothers. All stood silently, as each spoke to the other, mind to mind. (Char)”Seven, Luna..ready?” (Kids)”Ready!” They squeezed each other’s hands, as their minds started to link with the nearest Bebilith in the vicintiy. (United)”We are the descendents of Lore….hear us. We stand above the tomb of the Jade Emperor….hear us.” Hopefully if he heard the three bebilith speak, he could reply to them, fixing his location and allowing Li to go down and bring the bebilith up to the light.


ConanSilverfang: -Conan sighed a bit as he waited for the fix of the location as he tapped his shoe on the marble heading the vibrations he could tell how much power he would need to use. The sound tapped across it giving feed back to him. The vibrations took for every as he closed his eyes waiting for the bounce back.’1……2…….3………4……5′ -he opened his eyes hearing feed back only to a opening as he counted exactly the opening of the marble was exactly fifty meters down. He thought to himself for a moment as he grind saying in such a devilish tone.- “that’s pretty deep. I hope your ready when they tell me where he is I am sure its going to be opened with a giant bang.” -he tapped again as the vibrations in his hand that was surrounding his right fist was now blazing at a high frequency that normal. The air pressure around Conan would be thick and heavy as if he was about ready to crush the stone around him. The marble that was in little tiny pebbles would start to crumble as he waited for the right moment. The words he was waiting for.- <E>


LuxusCarrendar: – Rage was coursing through Luxus, his will to find Lorelei, was the one thing pushing him, and being ignored wasn’t helping. Before a heavy, intimidatingly reenforced door, he stood, his eye’s sparking on the edges of their lids, leaving trails of light as he moved. Just as he pulled his fist back, he was halted. (United Bebilith) “We are the descendents of Lore….hear us. We stand above the tomb of the Jade Emperor….hear us.” Luxuses rage was stifled. “Decedents…?”

Sometime, the past… Passes us up, and becomes a future we didn’t want paved, but we respect and cherish it all the same, and that was exactly what Luxus was feeling. Shocked to know, his friend had children… “Tell me… W..Where is Lorelei?” Luxus whispered, his fist still drawn back, charged with and explosive amount of electrical build up. “Tell me…where she is, or so help me… By this coat of arms, I will destroy this entire tomb, as you call it, and everything around it to find her.”

There was no sympathy, no remorse, nothing of the such in his words. Matter of a fact, it was disbelief, and sorrow. He couldn’t believe he’d missed such a momentous thing, Lorelei, a mother…


CharlotteCarrendar: – Charlotte and her children’s hands were all fused together, as they stood in a straight line, all with their eyes closed, getting a fix on the location of the Ghost within the tomb. (Charlotte)”Lorelei….died before I was born. I am her daughter, Charlotte.” (Seven)”I’m her Grandson…Seven.” (Luna)”Grandaughter, Luna…Carrendar” {Unity)”We are her descendants….hear us. We can get you out. Let us help you, guide you to freedom” – Li the shadow demon stood in behind the trio, waiting for the lid of the tomb to be lifted off, so that he may take off into the tomb well, and extract the unknown back up to the surface. He stood, inching forward, ready to go..Charlotte opened her eyes and looked at Conan…”Fifty feet down…left side…open it!”


ConanSilverfang:-Conan listened for her voice as his eyes were closed the words were said. His eyes shot open in second as he said.- “;got it!” – he jumped up in the air as the sound vibrations were thrashing and sounding like a freight train as he rose high from his jump the air pressure around him was becoming heavy with a intense friction around him causing a static electrical charge around him he went up into the air about fifty feet in the air from the charge of sound vibrations surging through his body allowed his body to move faster and have a great force. It was like he was weightless at this time. He straighten out his body as he through his back aiming straight for the mark on the left. His body shot straight down moving at a high velocity as you could hear the sonic boom of his body breaking the sound barrier his body was in fact dense however this was not a power he used knowing that sound is only so strong he needed a force higher than sound to punch a good sized hole into the marble so that the tomb would not collapse under the pressure of a none clean break. His hand started to spark with a static charge as it quickly turned into a sharp but fast lightning strike his hand hit the marble as he bounced out of the path. The marble shattered forming a wide yet clean breaking hole. He stood to the side of it as he looked to Li.- “Now! Go!” -his hand steamed from it being burned the lightning strike caused more damage to his skin that he thought. Then again it was only a first degree burn, the steam aired off his hand as he shook it as it stun more than anyone would know. This was only the second time he had ever used that in his entire life.-


LuxusCarrendar:- Nothing could have prepared the undeveloped mind and emotions of Luxus for what he’d just heard. “Lorelei….died before I was born. I am her daughter, Charlotte.” All his senses seemed to just go blank, and nothing was left in control, nothing to keep his body from producing more electricity than it had been doing so in the first place.

Numb and broke, Luxus dropped to his knees. He’d failed, failed to be there for Lorelei, to protect her, or to even try and keep her alive. His friend… was dead. Lorelei… was dead.

Luxus was just in shamble, leaned forward, forehead placed against the door blocking his exist, electricity, arching off his body, marring all it touched, leaving patterns of days long past, images of Lorelei and him playing in the court yards. But this, it was subconscious, the only thing he knew, heard, and could process consciously, was what Charlotte had said. “Lorelei….died before I was born. I am her daughter, Charlotte.”

“Dead…..Dead…Dead……” Tears were no longer a concept of his being, drops and streams of electricity ran down his cheeks, rolling off his chin, and dispersing before even touching down. Before long, the electrical storm ended, and Luxus had curled up against the door, lost once again in the darkness, trying to come to terms with what he’d just heard, all while whispering, unknowingly into the Abyssal stream one word. “Dead.” <♠>

CharlotteCarrendar:- “Now Go!” Conan yelled, as his fist slammed through the marble, causing a decent sized hole from which to both enter and leave the tomb. The mighty Shadow demon Li, nodded but once, and the simply dropped his form, blending into the shadows of those that stood before him, the black outline moving along and up to the top face of the tomb, where it vanished into the hole. Down…down…down he descended, using the shadows created by the well of light that shone through the opening.

The sound of a being crying below, piquered Li’s attention, and he moved on forward, till finding the being, a male, down on his knees. Saying again and again..”Dead…Dead…Dead.” Li materialized from the shadows to crouch before him, still with the sense of the Shadow wolf, that he had been changed back from. “No…spirit lives on…only vessel is gone. In the eyes of see her again. Come…let me take you from here. So you may see, I am right.” He offered his hand to Luxus, as high above, the descendents of Lore waited…hoping he would soon be free from the tomb. All had their eyes open now, but hands still locked together. Showing a force of unity. All was not lost for Luxus…in fact, he had more family than he could have possibly dreamed. Lorelei’s death was not in vain. Her offspring had charted many parts of Lacardis and the new found world, Nemaues. If only…he would take the hand offered…in friendship.


ConanSilverfang:-Conan shook his hand as he looked at the top of his knuckles knowing Li just entered as he waited. His knuckles were in fact burn as he said.- “shit that is hot” -he placed his hand into his shirt wiping the dirt of it as he winced in pain from the shirt touching his hand a little the only would seize in moments. He looked over to Charlotte as he saw them still locked in hands. He could hear what was going on inside of the hole as he looked back over as he crouched down. Hearing the vibration so clearly now that the way was not blocked for his ears to pick up. However he could hear something buzzing it was like the sound of electrical current in the air as he listened closely as he thought for a moment. ‘Electrical current vibration? Hmmm this isn’t any normal Demon.’ -he waited hearing the sounds of the repeated statement of “Dead” to him this was something that might turn ugly. He heard Li’s voice only to listen in case he was needed to help. Was it going to be dangerous only if the man didn’t want their help.-


LuxusCarrendar:- There is one thing in the nature of all Bebilith, something that can’t be simply explained, or figured out, but it’s so primeval, only when in the darkest of hours, it awakens… and for Luxus, that was now…

Luxus had been lost everything he knew. His Family, friends, life… And now, in this state of numbness, an ancient force was unlocked. Trance Abyssal Knowledge: A forced connection into the abyssal stream, only certain decedents, or certain species of Bebilith are know to have this capability, more specifically, the widow branch. In moments, the time he’d lost, he’d regained, his mental state, emotionally compromised being, and over all intellectual being, all hyper developing. All the things he’d missed, played, and recorded into his memory banks… Even now, there was something speaking, someone from the past, voicing herself through the stream, and what a voice it was. “Luxus… Arise now, Arise now and take your place beside my child… “

Before Luxus, Li had appeared, his body materializing on a single note, and his words passing through Luxus. “Yes, Lorelei…As you request, my liege.” (Lorelei.) “Arise, Ghost of Lacardis, and go to them.”

“Li… I know who you are… You need to leave and head topside… I’ll be right behind you… Make it quick, or my light will lock you block your path.”

Slowly, the Gigantic, white skinned, Bebilith humanoid rose. His black, glossy eyes reflecting the blue, and rapidly charging sparks of electricity forming around him. “From the past, to the present, feel my shocking roar of, the Ghost of Lacardis!” Luxus stretched back, his right hand clenching tightly into a ball, while the electrical currents spiked instantly, and forming into a blade around his fist. With a single swing, without remorse for anything in his way, or those around him, Luxus released his attack upon the door… Shaking the foundries of the new world. Nemaues, welcome home, the Mythical, White Widow.


CharlotteCarrendar:- Li was not one to disobey, when instructed that he should take flight before the light blocks the pathway out of the hole. “As you wish it.” Within seconds, Li had been absorbed back into the shadows, and fled back up to the top opening, up and out past Conan, in a blur, that married up with the shadows behind Conan and the others. He materialized upward, his form changing from that of a shadow shape of Charlotte into that of his humanoid form. Lin smiled and took his hand, and they both stepped back, knowing that something…big was about to come up from the tomb hole.

Charlotte came back from her trance like state, shaking the hands of her children, to make them now alert to their surrounds. “He’s coming…quickly, get back.” They released each other from holding hands, and crept backwards ever slowly. Charlotte in her own mind realized that he was an ancient, and that he knew Lorelei. Images, distorted, like that of television signals, were finding their way into her sub conscious. She could see him. The many eyes of the White Bebilith…but he was more than that…he was a White Widow. Much like her own mother had been. An uncle…? It was hard to say at this point, all they could do was wait.

Had this been part of the prophecy that Fung Le never divulged? Was this the true reason for the Trek? Charlotte kept an expectant expression, focusing on the tomb entrance…waiting…


ConanSilverfang:-Conan could hear the vibrations the sonar signals he was seeing it was a giant spider he couldn’t make out anything that would in fact tell him what he was seeing. He quickly got back as he said to everyone as they stood back.- “Stand still something tells me we are about to have some electrical noise here.” -Conan stood right behind the group as placed his hands on the marble ground closing his eyes as the sounds of vibrations would stop slowly the air around them would stop vibrating sound everyone would start to hear nothing even the own voices around them stop. Conan breathed slowly as a slow bright around them started to expand slowly as the sound inside would be heard again for the time . He felt the the energy being pushed out in a fifteen foot diameter the light would stop as it slowly disappeared as he stood up holding his hands out towards the hole. He kept his eyes closed only to hold as he knew he might be late on preparing something such as this. Conan’s on energy around him would seem to becoming an aura that seemed to steam off his body slowly as it was bright a blue color to the naked eye as he took a deep inhale for the moment bracing himself. For what he might thought would happen next.-


LuxusCarrendar:- Bebilith are very well known in the, Abyssal Plains. Most notably, they are feared by all, for they will not give up on their next meal. Their fierce strength, agility, and combat prowess, all make for a demon, and demon hunters worst nightmare, and as it stood, not many things, could hold back, even the weakest of Bebiliths.

“Thunderous claw of the, White Widow!” Within his body, electricity was being produced in high quantity, rapidly increasing his attacks output. Around him, his body was the center pole, for a dangerous electrical storm.

From above, the view would have been spectacular, even the lingering 5th dimensional paradoxical creature, Paradox Dreadfinder was watching in awe. How he’d missed this Bebilith, he didn’t dare question, this was something not even he had knowledge of, for this, this was of legends, and myths.

From the opening in the granite door way, leading down into the tomb. Neon Blue and White light rapidly played through the opening. A sign something nasty was brewing below.

Back in the Bunkers lab, Luxus was fully charged, his total attacks output, 1.98 ZW (Zettawatt), and his body, though in a humanoid form, the body of his actual form was pretty well compacted into the room of only: 50′ X 300′. His legs, bond by the walls, and his stature, restrained by the ceilings, It was true, Luxus was one of the mythical, White Widows.

As his swung, his fist landing in the center of the door, the results would be catastrophic. Shock waves resounding through the planet, reaching an unknown nation, all the way on the other side of Nemaues. With an explosively, vulgar display of raw power, Luxus had destroyed the door, and everything else that stood before him. The tomb… or what was left of it, in the forms of ruins, was vaporized as he released the absurd amount of electrical power into abyssal materials, and granite, through the way of the door, and all around it.

Above the the onlookers, clouds had formed. Lightning making itself known, snaking through the clouds, as they began to release drops of rain.

With blots of electricity, chunks of granite and abyssal materials that had managed to escape burning up, flew through the air, Luxus was able to stretch again. Taking on his Demon Spider from. From the crater of an electrical explosion, the spider rose. His legs were truly massive, signs of his age, yet holding youth to them, as they sprawled out around him. 350′ (in radius), they arched. His abominable, bearing the markings of his species. The unholy markings of a black widow, but in glassy black color. His many eyes, each flashing differently, corresponding in a pattern of an hour glass. White eyes being the outline for it, and the black, being the actual receptive visual organs.

Bulky as he was, and it was now shown, myths do truly exist, Luxus lowered himself down to ground level, his eyes flashing over Charlotte. Not a single word he spoke aloud, it was reserved through the right of the Abyssal Creatures they were, private. “Has anyone ever told you… You have your mothers face?”


CharlotteCarrendar:- From the tunnel below, the earth shattering sound blended with what was an electrical screech, unheard of till now. Charlotte knew that this can’t be good, and screamed at Li, Lin and her children to take cover. Thought bebilith are immune to electrical attacks, she was uncertain how her young or the young Chinese couple could handle such force. The children didn’t need to be told twice, with an army of the small spider monkeys already fleeing into the jungles of the Trek summit, Luna and Seven ran at speed with them Li took hold of Lin in his arms, and the pair dissappeared into the shadows, for the sake of safety. This left Charlotte and Conan alone to witness what was to be exhumed from the tomb.

Charlotte held her ground, her hands curling the digits up into fists, with her feet shoulder width apart. Her long black hair flowed freely abou ther face, and with gritted teeth, she prepared herself for the sonic like explosion that was to rip the very tomb and remaining temple apart. She was unafraid of what was coming. Charlotte had felt the energy, heard the words via the abyssal stream. Intune also with those that had come before and exist in the now, the present. Her chest rose and fell sharply, head turned towards Shadow. He would be able to see the sweat starting to run down her cheeks, from her forehead. She had to fight every instinct to stop herself from morphing. The beast that lurked within her bipedal form was screaming to be released.

And then it hit, the wave of energy; electrical practically vapourised the very tomb, caushing Charlotte to turn her head away. Shards of marble and stone ricocheting off her form, where she was cut, with her green blood running down her arms and legs. High above the clouds had been brought together, charged by the electrical output of the creature below. Rain started to fall, the droplets melding with the blood on Charlotte and started to smear it across her legs. Then from below, the Demon spider form appeared. A gigantuous Arachnid, much bigger than even Charlotte at full morph. Charlotte could not help but take a step back, in awe of what she was seeing. An Ancient, that demanded respect. As he lowered himself down she bowed her head. Only then she heard his speak through the abyssal. ” Has anyone ever told you… You have your mothers face?”

“No…they have not.” She slowly raised her head, her hair that had created a veil over it, moving aside, so that she could be seen. “They say I have her will.”


ConanSilverfang:-Conan waited for the right time to release the shield completely the seconds he waited allowed him to stop high output of electrical current. His eyes opened as he heard the explosion as he through his hands up throwing himself into the air stretching the distances of the shield as the vibrating particles would stop right before Charlotte’s feet. Conan expanded his shield as his own body now weightless from the weight of sound form the silencing particles of air. His body was now only weighted by his boots as the distance was over hundred feet in the air stopping all current from reaching the children that were in fact running behind his shield. When Conan had jumped into the air his body would not have been seen by the naked eye for that his speed was now doubled in movement gravity no longer bounding himself he was moving at speeds that would not read on the scales of miles per hour. Instead to measure how fast he was going would have to be greater than the speed of sound. The fact of this speed would be greater than the sound barrier. However the sonic boom would not be heard since his body no weightless his muscles would react thus that sound is silenced by his own shield his body would float upwards. Conan broke the shield off as he saw falling down the gigantic arachnid was in fact a sight to see as he watched him raise from the ruins of the tomb. Conan had landed beside Charlotte in seconds as he was weighted be sound once more as he gave a grunt falling on his feet as he staggered to the side. He could feel the rain coming down as his hair was now starting to soak down from being spiked. Seeing Charlotte was now hurt he spoke out in worry.- “Charlotte are you ok?” -he saw her green oozing blood gashes the rocks that were shot out in the blast was something else surprisingly he did not think of the rocks that might fire out. As he waited watching ever so closely as he saw the giant spider was not a normal one by far. It was white and it bore the mark of the widow. He questioned the appearance of the one he helped. Only to Conan the race of Bebelith;s were alien to his knowledge only hearing of stories told by his friends. He had even questioned his own oath to Charlotte after seeing what the true form of her kind was.-


LuxusCarrendar:- “She is fine, She is the child of Lorelei.” Luxus finally spoke in his morphed form. Thunder, it literally sounded like thunder. What was he? Luxus was clearly much more than the average Bebilith, in both power, and looks. Though he spoke to the being he didn’t know, Luxus kept his eyes upon Charlotte. “I guess… I need to change back, I suppose, huh?”

Without another word, the massive spider was struck by a massive bolt of blue lightning, but leaving all around untouched. It was instant, his body was humanoid once more.

Due to his massive size, Luxus was much taller than the rest, it was the natural response to his actual forms size, and many accessories were lingering on his body, along with his black markings, marring his white skin.

Though he wore a suit, it was truly made known what he was. Upon his coats left breast pocket, there lingered the Carrendar Coat of Arms, created and lit by his natural electrical output, but even that wasn’t enough to damper his bodies massive build up of electricity. Bolts of it shot off, ripping at the granite ground he stood upon, his black hair waving in the air as rain began to finally pour down upon them. “Shall we be going, young one?” He turned to ensure Charlotte could take it all in, his build was very sound. Tall, (12′), shoulder set like stone, and his eyes, glossy like, obsidian.