Role play Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty

OWE – Loch Trollsbane

Soldiers of Fortune


CharlotteCarrendar & Constatine.

CharlotteCarrendar:- When we left off last time, the survivors of the Nemauen army had laid down their arms, in the realization that they could not possibly beat the oncoming forces of the Emperor. With the Leader of the Amazonian like tribe offering all to enjoy the sumptuous feast of the roasted pig and ground cooked vegetables, it may give welcome relief and a full belly to the warriors that had come so far across Nemaues. Sitting just off to the right of the fire pit, Major Flint and Lietenant Avaera were keeping a close eye on the men from the stars. Known as the Viper squad or the Death Korps of Krieg, they were nothing like the soldiers of the Nemaeun army. It was an odd situation. They were now regarded as part of the Krieg, but what did that mean? Would they have to lead them back to Lorewall? Or did the leader; Sergeant Varon, have other plans.


Constantine: – Sergeant Varon had sat at an opposite fire. His mask removed, alongside his collegues, had casted a grim, tired glow about them, almost as if this war had brought a toll on them, but it wasnt weariness that had settled upon their features, but it was the grim truth that had haunted them since their birth. They are were numbers, statistics only to mark off on the casualty list the Munitorum had issued during the beginning of each endevor. Varon had stood in stoney silence before he removed his helmet, moving his fingers through his ashen black hair, whilst Garov began polishing his custom hellgun. The silvery glint of the skull fetish’s that adorned the stock. Jurgen had removed his camoeline cloak, laying it across a vacant spot on the fallen trunk of a tree that served as a bunch for their lot.
Garov and Karis, alongside with Jurgen, sat alongside one another, each passing ceremoniosuly the aquired bottle of asmec. Each of their grey or icy blue eyes stared into the licking flames of the fire. Varon was the first to break the silence.

“This was not what I had expected. I was half hoping to die today, you know?”

Garov said “That honor will come to each of us one day. Maybe the Emperor has other plans in store for you, who knows Sarge. Maybe your death will be as glorious as the Space Marines, of which, id slap down a years worth of pay in betting it will be something to herald.”

“I’d like to think that. But im sure Jurgen’s bullet would sooner find my head quicker than the enemy would shove a blade through my heart.” Varon grinned as he looked over at Jurgen. The young marksman had glared out in a look that was almost laughablely humorous, of which this effect sent the whole squad into a roar of hearty laughter. Garov, ran an oily cloth across his sweaty brow. His eyes moving over to the other humans, of which were former Nemeuan Military. His smile disappeared and was replaced with a rather curious look, as if seeking answers he had yet to find himself.

“Hey Sarge. You sure we can trust them? I mean…Two of them look fine, and wouldnt mind gettin in a bed tussle with em…But Im sure they are like the female versions of Catachan..”

“You kiddin? They aren’t burly ogryn looking bastards. But im sure you seen the muscled ass a few times in your tour haven’t you?” he laughed as Garov shook his head. Karis took a swig of the asmec, whilst Jurgen poked at the fire.

CharlotteCarrendar:- There would be no sleep tonight for the two former Nemauen soldiers. Having men in camp, aside from Private Ryan was something of a rarity, especially since they weren’t even from their world. Major Flint was still chewing on the well worn twig, again a habit picked up from the lack of cigarettes. Lieutenant Avaera, she was watching Garov closely, and half eaves dropping on their conversation. She listened to them speaking about how one of them, had hoped to die that day. This held her interest, since to her, she knew that it was an honor to die for her country. Avaera had been close to death on her tours of duty a few times. Maybe her God didn’t want her just yet, but who knows. When your number is up…its up.

Major Flint chuckled softly, not taking her eyes off the ground, as she too was paying attention to the Viper squad. “I don’t think we are much of a fighting force, you know, Ava.” The Lieutenant raised a brow, and glanced at the Major. “What makes you say that?” The Major sighed, and started to draw a picture in the dirt with a stick. “Look how easy we surrended. Basically threw ourselves at them.” The Lieutenant became annoyed by this. “We were seriously outnumbered, and…these people are of the stone age. What could they possibly do to over power them? Aside from poisioning the water supply. That in itself is a death sentence to everyone.” The Major shrugged, and let out a sigh. “I’d kill for a cigarette…”


Constantine: – Viper squad had poured water over their fire, to prevent it from spreading if it ever did. They all stood, slapping their gear onto their belts or in their packs, keeping their rifles slung across their shoulders, while they left their helmets off. Varon approached the other military personel of the former Nemeuan Military. Varon had made a simple wave as he spoke in a rough english tone.

“Hello..Mind if my men and I join you? Perhaps we could..Converse? I beleive is what you call it?”
Garov, Jurgen, and Karis had flanked the Sergeant, each taking a Lho-stick from each others packs, lighting them up, puffing out a greyish smoke that smelled rather sweet and musky in the air. Garov had stared at the militants with inquisitive eyes, as did the rest of the group. Garov had actually taken the pouch from his front breast pocket, offering the small huddled group a smoke. He spoke out in his thick, germanic accent “Want some? Its better than some of that tobacco you smoke…I assure you, not posioned.”

CharlotteCarrendar:- Both women looked up as Varon spoke to them with a heavy set dialect. It was a friendly greeting and a request if they could join them and have a chat. “Sure..” the Lieutenant offered, scooting over slightly, which bumped the Major. The Major nudged her back a bit, almost playfully, though maybe it was to lessen the thought of tension. “Plenty of room.” Avaera quipped, and then watched on as the four soldiers took out Lho-sticks and lit them up. Instantly on smelling the aroma of the sticks, Major Flint’s twig fell from her lips. “Oh, I know what that is.” You could practically see her pupils dilate at the very thought of having one. When they were offered, Major Flint couldn’t say no, even as Garov said that they weren’t poisoned. “I wouldn’t care if they were. I’d die with a smile on my face.” She accepted the offered smoke and then when she placed it to her lips and inhaled, you would have thought she found eutopia. Avaera politely declined. “I don’t smoke..but thank you.”

Major Flint kicked back using the tree behind her as a brace, while Avaera lent forward and asked. “How long have you been on our world for?”

Constantine: – The boys had gathered around, taking a spot where they had felt the most comfortable. Garov had taken the spot next to the Lieutenant, whilst the others sort of fanned out where they could sit, even in their full combat kit, they would be bulky to sit with, almost seeming burly compared to the others, as if their entire life consisted of a brutal regime that required nothing less than absolutely perfect performance. Varon had spoken up, taking a puff from the lho-stick.
“Almost…three weeks? maybe more? Your planet orbits much differently than ours.” He said in his germanic accent. He then waved his hand “Im sorry if I cannot, talk as well. We speak something more closely to what..How do you say, Latin? I believe is the word, yes?” he said nodding softly before he would exhale a large plume steadily. He sniffed a moment before he then looked to Jurgen. He would speak to him in Low Gothic, or a more slanged off-hand Latin language.

“You alright?”

“Im Fine. Just, edgy is all, Sarge.” he replied.

“Anything I should be worried about?”

“I’ve got it locked down. I promise.”

Varon nodded, taking another hit before exhaling. His eyes turning back to the others “You see.” he said in the fragmented english he knew “Our language, is very much..Different you could say?..English…Or what we call it…Is not usually spoken…Its like..Latin is to you now…Yes? Not usually spoken.” Garov’s eyes had darted to the Lieutenant, in a curious manner known only to all males as a sign of seeking good traits the female carried. Checking her out as it were, but not in an obvious manner so as to not betray his intentions. Jurgens eyes caught onto it, and simply nudged Garov that it was obvious to him. Garov in turn, averted his eyes back onto the fire.

Karis had tredged back to the Salamander lines down at the beach head. His figure was only outlined as a shadow casted from the light of the lantern that illuminated the troop cabin, adjusting dials to get the frequency they needed to forward intel on their current position.

“Headquarters this is Viper, do you read?”

Static, distortion, garbled white noise mixed with a few droning clicks.

“Headquarters this is Viper Actual, do you copy?”

“….garbled…..can’t……repeat….Viper?” came the reply.

A few more adjustments, miniscule turns of the vox range, boosting it through the Salamanders relay equipment. He pressed the mic to his lips and the earpiece over his right ear.

“HQ this is Viper Actual, Do you read me?”

“Some distortion here Viper…..St….Update?”

“Viper Squad has landed. Mission Success. Casualties None. Indiginious People Confirmed. Human. Non-Hostile. Former Contingents of Nemeuan Military Found. Deserters. Perimeter for Forward Base Confirmed. Awaiting Further Orders.”

“Copy Viper. Await Further Instructions… Emperor’s Light…Upon you.”

“Ave Imperator. Viper Out.”

Karis cut the comms, setting down the headset. He took a long and well deserved drag of his Lho-stick before exhaling. Slipping it between his lips, he secured his helm back upon his head, before shouldering his las-rifle, exiting the Salamander. He jumped down into the sand, making his way back up to the encampment in silence, the only light seen from him was the cherry on the end of his stick.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Major Flint crossed one boot over the other and brought her arms back over her head, humming to herself softly. Still wearing those aviator sunglasses of hers, they reflected the light of the camp fire as well as the cherry ends of the lho sticks. Including her own. She was definately enjoying the smoke well, and she deserved a bit of relaxation after being on edge for months with only a twig to keep her sane.

Varon was kind enough to speak to Avaera about how long the Viper’s had been on the planet for. About three weeks, possibly. Considering the nation had been at war for some time now, that was like a picnic.

“Our language, is very much..Different you could say?..English…Or what we call it…Is not usually spoken…Its like..Latin is to you now…Yes? Not usually spoken.”

“English…that is the most common language used here, but I have heard of latin. Not fluent or anything like that, but mottos for the regiments were always in latin.” She spoke fairly fast for a Nemauen, which was typical as she was from the south, where English was used more freely, than say the north. Avaera offered a slight smile, but then out of the corner of her eye, she noticed that Garov was looking at her with a marked interest. Almost instinctly, Avaera became self concious and raised her right hand to tuck a stray lock of her blonde hair back behind her ear. A sweeping movement, followed by a light pat. In human terms, this was receptive of the interest that was shown. She lowered her eyes and then they flickered back up. A dull rose colour showing on her cheeks, which were marked with the tribal colours.

“Hmmm..Hmmm…Hmm…Hmmmm.” The Major hummed happily, blissfully unaware of anything that was going on around her, since she was so happy to have a smoke.

Avaera turned to watch her, and found it kinda funny, laughing almost silently, before going back to speak to Varon. “Well, you seem to have the gift of speaking fluently in English. I know a lot of Lorewalleans that can be frightful at speaking, usually after a few drinks. Its known as “Drunkenese.” Avaera said with a light bob of the head.

Constantine: – Varon nodded, rubbing the scruff of his chin and neck that had began to form since planetfall. He inhaled as he said.

“You know…We March on Lorewall soon…Right?… Before leaving… I had an Audiance with the Commadant’s staff…He plans to Siege Lorewall…Soon as he takes the West…” He said a moment, the others looked to him as if he had just breached classified information. He returned the stare back. “I may very well die in the time of this night, or the next, or the one after. These people, if they are to help, must first know what is exactly going on..That is why I reveal such information now..” They nodded silently before Garov spoke out “I like their company. ” Of which was a comment directed at the Lieutenant. However he played it off cooly by taking another swig of asmec. He offered the bottle to the major and lieutenant.

“Drink? Its like Whiskey..But this brew is particularly…Powerful..Be warned..”

Jurgen had turned his head, as his ears twitched, hearing the scraping of metal in sand. Karis had approached, which got Varon’s attention. He spoke in Low Gothic.

“Karis, Word from Headquarters?”

“They were updated. We are to stay here and await further orders. Vox channels are choppy at best.”

“Thats good enough for now. Come, enjoy the fire.”

Karis nodded thoughtfully as he sat next to Jurgen. He remained quiet for the time being, particullary around the others. Varon then said in as best of english as he could muster.

“Seem’s we are stuck here until HQ decides what to do next. We may be here a while..”

CharlotteCarrendar:- “Did someone say whiskey?” The Major was suddenly attentive, her eyes opening and a crooked smile upon her lips. If anything the Major’s timing was something else. The Major reached for the bottle and then placed the smoke behind her ear (lol), and wiped the opening of the bottle with her shirt, before taking a swig. It was like she had just swallowed fire water, and she actually coughed. The Major gasped for air, then let out a whoop, and slammed her boot into the dirt. “Now this… liquor. I must be dead. This is heaven in a bottle.” She went on to take another sip, and got quite happy with herself.

The villagers started up the drums, and then a group of young female dancers came out, their bodies glistening in special oils, and they shone against the backdrop of the fire. One thing to note, the women were bare chested, with just grass skirts. This would have been…one hell of a sight for the Vipers. The Major let out another whoope. Pretty sure that the Major was in fact gay.

Avaera drew her knees up and wanted to bury her face from embarressment, only to peak out as the drumming intensified and the Major jumped up and gave the bottle of asmec to Avaera. “Here, hold this.” she said, ripping off her tank top, and then taking the smoke out from behind her ear, she went to go dance around the fire, in just her cargo pants.

“Oh boy..” Avaera said, holding onto the bottle, unsure if she should take a swig or not. It must have been potent to have the Major act in such a daring manner. Finally, Avaera took a sip of the asmec, and you could see, the whites of her eyes. She clearly had not drank anything this strong before.

Taking her eyes off the dancing natives and the Major, Avaera focused back on the topic of conversation. That they were planning to march on Lorewall. As far as she knew, Lorewall was surrounded by the Captain’s armies, but that intel was months old. She was no longer sure if that was even the case anymore. When Karis approached the group, he did bring back some news with him, about how long they were going to be remaining on the island. This did have Avaera look up expectantly. A few days? A week?

Turns out…the length of the duration of their stay, was now unknown.

“Seem’s we are stuck here until HQ decides what to do next. We may be here a while..”

Avaera handed back the bottle of asmec to Garov and said. “Guess we are going to be roomies.”


Constantine: – Garov was taken by surprise. His eyes went wide as the bottle was handed swiftly back.

“Fierce one isnt she?” chimed Jurgen, which then was resounded by the hearty laughter of Viper squad. Varon chuckled heartidly, still puffing on his Lho-stick. All the while, Garov took a swig of the asmec before chuckling.

“I suppose by the time im done, Ill be a Death Rider yet.” They all laughed in an outcry of joyous humor-filled tones. This of course was followed by another pass of the bottle before the last drop of it came to Varon. With the remaining bottle, he would stand up and say in his germanic accent. “We live in the trench!”

The rest of the squad raised their fists as they said “We Die in the Trench!”

Varon chugged the last of if before his face flushed from its paled hues to a reddened rosey tone. He threw the bottle in the fire, which then burst into flames as the alcohol content caught fire. He smirked before sitting back down, taking out a remaining food ration he had left. Karis had sat in silence, a small smirk about his lips, whilst Garov and the others had taken to merriment.


CharlotteCarrendar:- “Fierce one isn’t she?” At first, Avaera wondered if Jurgen meant the Major, but then when the rest of the men laughed along with him, she realized he meant her. Avaera didn’t feel to fierce at the moment, more intrigued if anything. Least, they were all enjoying themselves, and that just made it easier to relax.

“I suppose by the time im done, Ill be a Death Rider yet.” Garov said, and when they all laughed at this, Avaera had to ask what that meant. “What is a Death Rider?” she asked Garov directly. She felt like she was missing out on something.


Constantine: – “Death Rider’s are Calvary Units..See on Krieg, we breed a type of Horse, or something of a bastardization of a horse. Its feet, have four claws instead of hooves. They are fast and nimble. But hard to ride, it requires a certain honor to be chosen as a Death Rider..” He chuckled as he said this.

Varon nodded softly “Aye. They are a suicidal lot. These horses wear similar respirator gear as us. Just used in swift ambush attacks, or scouting parties. The riders use long spears..You know, Calvary..”

CharlotteCarrendar:- “Calvary….now I understand.” Avaera said, when the penny dropped and Garov was able to elaborate on how they were on their home world of Krieg. Horses that had..claws. That was a lot different to the horses on Nemaues. They all had hooves, and there were some larger ones in the northern snow fields, but Avaera had not seen those in years. Back in her youth, she had riden horses, but way out in the Western plains. She would never forget the feeling of freedom, riding out on her own, the horse and its rider practically becoming one, as they galloped over the grassy plains. This feeling would come to show on her face, as she became reflective of her years before the service. Once she enlisted, she left her family and her passions behind. Serving the people and the Leaders right up till they were left for dead in the East. If they were able to tap her mind, the things that they would have seen, and just how bad it got, as she tried to lead her troops home. Truth was…she never thought she would see Lorewall again.

The dancers finished their set, and the Major wandered off with the one of the older women of the group, her arm draped over her and whispering something in her ear. That had left Avaera alone with the Vipers, and she then looked at each in turn and asked.

“Did you want to be shown to the sleeping hut. There are a few to choose from. I dare say that beds have been prepared for you earlier.”


Constantine: – Garov had stared out at the barely dressed indigineous people. He sniffed the air before exhaling. Varon had turned to the Lieutenant and said.

“We will form a defensive perimeter at the slope here. Our vehicles will make an armoured shield, while we rest this night. We will take seperate turns to watch. Just to be sure none of the enemy find us..”

Jurgen had raised his scope up to his eyes as he would scout out infront of him. The NV sights had flickered a moment, the targetting matrix lighting up the vehicles that stood no more than a mile and a half away from their current position. He nodded thoughtfully. Karis discarded the remaining Lho-stick, smashing it into the sand with his boot. He began his march, along with all but Garov and Varon towards the Salamanders.


CharlotteCarrendar: – Listening to the plans being made by Varon, on how to secure the area around the encampment, using the vehicles as shields, Avaera came to realize that the Viper squad had arrived on a type of craft that was amphibious. Remembering what became of the boat she was on, that sank not long before she made land, it was at least welcoming to know that there was a way off the island, after all.

Rising from her place where she had been sitting, Avaera wiped the sand from her the back of her pants, and then looked at the remaining men expectantly. “Are you going to be staying here tonight, or…moving to the huts?’


Constantine: – “We will be moving to the huts. Third and Second squad will rotate shifts. They will sleep in the tanks tonight. However, tomorrow we will check in with command. We may begin establishing a base here by as early as sunrise.” He said in clipped versions of english and Low gothic.

Karis, Garon, and Jurgen, had arrived at the Salamanders. Upon seeing the drivers asleep, each decided to kick the drivers hatch a few time to wake them up. Issuing the orders, the roar and rumble of the engines. The subtle purr of the war-machines would be heard as they advanced up the slope, sliding into a shield formation. The barrels of their main guns turned to face towards the beach, whilst the other Kriegers manned the turrets.

Varon nodded, giving orders for each squad, as well as rotation periods, consistantly checking and setting their watches. Garov stood near the Lieutenant, his scarred features glowed an orangish hue. He spoke in a soft tone “You know..This planet isn’t as bad as I thought. It’s been easy so far…Nixagris is now under Imperial Control. And soon.. Lorewall.”

CharlotteCarrendar:- Standing with Garov, Avaera turned to look at him, appraising his scarred features, in the light of the fire pits and torches. In the background, you could hear the roar of the engines of the Salamanders being moved into a better position to defend the beach, from whomever decided to try and take the island by force. With the crews split into watch teams, some of which were going to be sleeping in their vehicles, this at least meant more room within the huts.

Avaera gestured with her hand, the direction of the huts, a special one that was set aside for non villagers. She walked along, with her bare feet padding into the sand, as she approached the ladder like steps up to the raised quarters.

Garov expressed how the planet was being taken under Imperial command, with relative ease, which wasn’t that hard to believe. Many parts of the nation were battle weary, especially the Nixagrins, that had always been at the forefront of every conflict and civil war.

“I can honestly say, I can’t imagine Lorewall being under Imperial control. I mean, I know its an odds on certainty….just never thought it would happen in my lifetime.” Peeling back the flap to the entrance of the hut, she ushered Garov in. It was a large and fairly expansive hut, and you could see the cots that had been constructed using bamboo and palm binding. What little of Avaera’s belongings were kept in an orderly fashion around her cot. On the wall over her head, was a picture…of her before she entered the military. The last glimpse of a girl, her eyes innocent to the face of battle, and death.

There were about six vacant cots, and plenty of room for the men to sleep. Avaera took off her dog tags and kissed them, before hanging them on the foot of her cot.

“It’s not much…but its home.”


Constantine: – Garov had entered the hut. His mowhak, was shaved close to his scalp, which made it easier to keep the foliage out of his hair and prevent his helmet from catching and tearing hair out. His eyes scanned the area. He watched Avaera take off her dog-tags, kissing them, and then sliding them to end at her cot. His eyes wandered up to the photo of her in uniform, before the war. He had never known that feeling of innocence. Each moment of his life, blood and ash stained his hands each living moment he could remember.

“We are trained from birth to kill. Most of us never had a mother. We came from fetal vats…weeded out..pitted against one another. Those of us that survive, are given the ability to join the Korps…War is all I know..” He had shared. rubbing his face gently as sleepiness had began to take its hold, however he forced himself to stay composed and upright, his adrenaline from such kicking in, causing him to stay bolted awake.

Varon had been coordinating the vehicles and their teams for a good half an hour, before turning to sit next to the fire once more, deciding to take the first shift with Jurgen, while Karis, Garov and Garen all bunked for a few hours. He would produce another smoke before reclining against the trunk of a fallen tree. His eyes scanning the area thoughtfully, keeping silent to himself.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Avaera noticed that Garov rubbed his face, which anyone knew often meant that they were feeling fatigued. Avaera had this strange habit when she was this way. She used to tug on her earlobes. Odd really, almost like a self conscious act at trying to remain alert. Avaera peeled off her tank top, and then hung it on a string that had been attatched to the roof and the wall of the hut. Yawning, she had done all she could to show Garov where to sleep, and she sat down on the edge of her bunk, stretching one last time.

“Goodnight..Garov.” she said softly, before laying herself down, and rolling over, though her eyes remained open. She curled her fist tight close to her chest. Instinct really. She knew what it was like to bunk down with her troops, but not the Imperial forces. Especially with all that armour and kit that they wear.

Outside, Major Flint had just emerged from one of the women’s huts, looking like she had just eaten the canary…but (yeah) She strolled on over to where Varon was sitting, reclining against the trunk of a tree. She sat herself down, and inhaled the smoke that he was enjoying. A quick glance over her shoulder at the guest hut, and she smirked. “Let me guess…Avaera took a shine to one of you boys.” It was a bit rich to say this, but the Major had tried to get into bed with her before and failed.


Constantine: – Garov’s uniform had an insulated pancho that fit with his ammunition webbing wrapped around his chest, fitting it perfectly snug against his muscled form. He watched her take off her tanktop, seemingly unphased, before she would lay down, bidding him goodnight. He stood in silence a moment, seeing her curl up, he felt something he never felt before. The need to protect, almost like that of a Guardian angel. He looked to the entrance, examining the structure and integrity of the Guest hut. He took off his insulated pancho, laying it over her gently. This need was not usually found in Kriegers, but he was human, he was subjected to compassion, and the need to protect other fellow beings. After this, he would sit down at the bunk across from her rather than sleeping. His icy eyes looked over her form a moment, only to turn his gaze to the entrance, silence, encompassed him.

Varon had inhaled, only to exhale a large gout, he saw the rather crazy looking female join him. His own set of greyish eyes stared upward to her, she spoke of how the Lieutenant had taken a liking to one of his own. He shrugged only lightly, staring towards the guest hut.

“If she did then good on her. But I do not beleive that is the case, at least, I dont personally believe. Garov is a trained weapon of war, as we all are. Some days I wonder what goes on in his mind. None the less, I am intrigued as to why the Lieutenant has grown fond of him..She does not seem blatantly interested…But then, we are use to seeing the wrong kind of women I suppose.” He said, taking a drag before he exhaled. He looked up, wondering if she had bothered to clothe herself after the blatant barbaric celebratory dancing.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Major Flint was wearing only the barest of cloth, that managed to cover her breasts and upper torso, along with her cargo pants. She at least had the sense to get dressed before emerging back out to the fire pit area. Still sporting those aviator sunglasses, she was a truly bizzare woman. Crazy is a good word, but what can you expect for a former Special forces agent, who went rogue. One thing about Flint, however, she knew the Lietenant fairly well.

“That girl…she had her own platoon of men. She is one of the finest Snipers of the West and almost died over there, saving six of her own. Got sent here…on some blastered mercy mission. I dunno who was in charge back then, but he needed to be put up to the wall and shot. Sent to a waste land…those troops didn’t have enough supplies to make it back.”

Major Flint had heard the Lieutenant scream in her sleep, the nightmares she endured trying to lead her men to safety. “That girl…kept her men walking five days. No food…no water. I hear she found a mud puddle. Damn pills the government supply, to take the bacteria out of foul water didn’t work. The lieutenant didn’t even let on how sick she got. Just kept trying to get her men to the Loch. By the time she washed up here…it was damn miracle she was alive.” The Major leaned back, and placed her hands behind her to support herself.

“You guys might have seen the wrong type of woman…hell, I am not the right type myself. But her..the Lieutenant. I give her kudos. She may not look like much..but she got spirit. Mhm…” Major Flint went back to stare at the flames, while inside the hut, Avaera started to close her eyes. The warmth of the insulated pancho was comforting, and she pulled it closer around herself. Then she finally fell asleep.