The Dark Ages

“The Student and The Master”

Writers: ConanSilverfang aka TheGorya and ImayarukOdinGorya

ConanSilverfang:-Else where in Lorewall on the entrance of where Conan and the Carrendar twins had left from to there trek, Conan was sitting on one of the buildings on a ledge thinking to himself of the news that was given to him by his new friend. Charlotte had given him the grave news that his brother was still alive. He sat alone looking out to city thinking of how his brother was able to keep out of the sight of there deity. As well how was he able to break the contact of bond that they shared. It was puzzling to him on how this was possible. His sighed as he leaned back only to feel the breeze on him coming through. It seemed that the sun was in fact raising from the distant mountain tops. He only sat still trying to make sense of everything he had known.-

ImayarukOdinGorya- A lone traveler slowly approaches the city of Lorwall. This traveler wore a simple traveling cloak to hide his family armor of dark greens and blues of winter colors. On his back was his most prized weapon Sound Strike, a naginata of pure white staff and polished blade with three holes cut into the blade. After years of traveling he somehow made it to Lorewall a city spoke highly by his brother that he could fill has passed though he knew nothing else about his brother or the city. At the gate he came to a stop feeling the ever present waves of sound that would hang on to the warrior that fought along side him and his brother and also the one that taught him how to use Sound Strike. Imayaruk would draw back the hood of his cloak letting the sun hit the golden pendent of a wolf head with two crossed swords, along with the numerous scars he has gotten over the years. He would then slowly draw a small breath and a bit of power to amplify his voice to any guards on the wall along with the man he thought was there. “Hello may this traveler seek rest inside the city!”

ConanSliverfang:-The guards looked at the traveler trying to enter the city as they said in a loud yell.- “Halt! State your name.” -the guards only looked to see his weapons as they looked over him. They held guns ate him ready to shoot for sudden movement they stood waiting for answer.-

-Conan jumped down as he started to walking towards the gate walking forward. The guards nodded to him as they opened the gate for him. His head was down still thinking of what oath he made to Charlotte about protecting him he felt he almost couldn’t keep his oath. He walked out the gate as he black hair was shining in the sun light that started raise higher above the mountains. He didn’t even noticed it was his own student he was passing. He kept moving forward not paying attention to him. He was depressed for not being able to keep his own words. He was falling against the code of the warriors of old.-

ImayarukOdinGorya-Imay would wait for the guards to respond to his call for a short moment before heaing them call back, “Halt! State your name!”. He was about to respond before noticing Conan who did look a little different over the years that had passed between the last time they saw each other but no where near as much as Imay. After Conan passed him without noticing Imay he would call up to the guards, “My name is Imayaruk Odin Gorya brother of Shadow Gorya. I only came seeking refuge while i search for answers to questions I’ve come across amongst my travels.”. He would turn for a moment towards Conan for a breif moment and nods as he whispers with a small bit of power to make sure it was heard, “Sensei.”

ConanSilverfang:-the guards shot eyes to him hearing the name “Gorya” they let down there guns as they nodded in a salute knowing he was a acquaintance to the Carrendar family. They didn’t say a word to them seeing Conan walking off.-

-Conan stopped as he heard the name of his student. Soon after the fact he heard Imayaruk  call to him. He left his head as he turned around giving a nod to him. As he said.- “So what does a student of mine doing in place such as Lorewall? I would have expected you to be in the homeland with Emiko.” -he stood there his blade was on his waist it was not Brisnger that Imayaruk  would remember. He stood quiet his emotion was off than normal he seemed to be breaking his own code. He looked into Imayaruk eyes as he said.- “i don’t think this is the place to talk.”

ImayarukOdinGorya- Imay would ignore the guards response to his name knowing the most important person was right in front of him. Hearing Conan ask about Emiko and what was his old home he could only respond. “I haven’t be home for millennium after you gave me these.” he would softly tap his pendent that conan gave him and an unseen scare. With a soft sigh he would respond to Conans statement about moving somewhere else to talk, before drawing out a silver flask to take a small drink, “So should we find a tavern or do you have somewhere else to talk since you look like a kicked puppy that had been shaved bald.”

ConanSilverfang:-Conan listened to his response as the guards went back to there own business. He snarled as he heard his own student  call him a puppy. He quickly moved lunging at Imayruk grabbing him by his armor. In an attempt to throw him in the direction of an open field if this was successful Imayaruk would fly a great distance due to Conan’s strength. Conan would couch down after throwing Imayaruk and start to vibrate sound wave around him allowing his muscles to absorb the sound waves and push off in the direction that he threw his student. The blast form the sound waves would kick up dust behind him making the guards cough with the dust in there face.-

ImayarukOdinGorya- Imay would be caught of guard by Conans quick grab and was sent fly to the middle of the open field landing with a small groan of annoyance. While returning to his feet he would draw Sound Strike from his back knowing he made a bad call saying Conan looked like a pup. He would draw out a small brown stone shaped like an egg covered in a mix of different runes. With a small grunt Imay would press a nail into his gums drawing a small drop of blood. He would then spit the drop of blood onto the stone and toss it to the far edge of the field as it started to glow with power slowly building inside of it. With one back up plan set for if things turned physical he would toss aside his cloak showing off his armor in its aged state far older then how it should have looked to conan, and called out. “Hey to get your tail in a knot because i said you looked like a sad pup. We both know those days were long past when you brought me my uncles blade!”

ConanSilverfang:-Conan appeared after stopping sliding into dirt as he looked at Imayruk still growling as he said.- “I guess you still dont understand. I am not in the mood to play games Imayruk. I am still trying to figure out how my own brother is still alive.” -watched Imayruk start to preform some sort of odd rune stones in his hand  with Sound strike in hand. Conan sighed as looked at his student with a look of disappointment. He stood there as looked back to imayruk with those same eyes.- “I guess I will have to show you that you need to learn to respect your Master.” -he placed his hand on his katana clicking it slowly outwards. He slowly unsheathed Saundo  from its sheath as he swung it to his side only to show its perfectly  bright shiny steel. The ringing sound it made was louder from than the last time Imayruk saw his old blade Brisinger. He shifted his body into a stance that was known to Imayruk his right hand behind him wielding his blade. The blade slowly started to vibrate rapidly with sound forming around  as the air particles around Conan seemed to move in reaction of the sound waves becoming stronger. The sound was in fact creating a wind around him only showing he was still the same Master Imayruk knew as a warrior of the old. He spoke frankly to his student.- “I will not hold back if you continue. I am not in the mood to deal with you.” -his eyes darted into Imayruk proving his was serious about his words it seemed that Conan was ready for a fight if his student wished to do so.-

ImayarukOdinGorya-Imay would just listen to Connan rant about his supposed brother unsure what to think of such comment. His eyes would snap up to lock eyes with Connan accusing him of disrespect when he knew Connan was starting a meaningless fight. “Connan you claim I’m disrespectful to you as a my Master yet here you are breaking your own code starting a fight with no real reason. I can honestly say from my point of view that you turned into something other then my Master and brother in arms.” Imay would draw Sound strike up into a guardsmen stance as he saw Connan take his normal stance that always made Imay think of fencing knowing this was going to turn ugly. In one last chance before fighting started he tried to call out knowing he would not get to finish in time, “Now has the last of the true sound wolves my uncle was so proud of fallen to the depths of a beast?”

ConanSilverfang:-Conan’s eyes started to glow in a green color as he growled at Imayruk’s words to him. He didnt even noticed he was going against his own Code thinking his actions were justice. He growled as as he darted towards Imayruk as the sound around him starting vibrating in a higher frequency as the sound would roar like a massive freight train. His speed would pick up blasting into his normal burst of sound waves.  He blade would travel behind him as he  brought a crossed his chest as he said in a loud yell.- “YOU STILL KNOW NOTHING IMAYRUK!” -his blade now streaming with sound vibrating at over hundred decibels at the frequency level of over four hundred pounds of  force sound air pressure. He got straight into Imayruk’s face in seconds swinging his sword straight across his chest as an attempt to further give him another scar. Only to have his student understand his place in this battle between Master and student.-

ImayarukOdinGorya-At the edge of the field the egg would slowly unfold itself as time went on into the shape of a bird of prey while its runes glowed a fiery orange only growing brighter the longer it sat. Barely seeing in time Connan react to his words he would lift his legs of the ground and emit a small burst of sound of air to meet connans own attack. As the two forces meet it knocked Imay enough to cause what would have been a sever cut to only scratch his armor while he soared backwards. Flying a few feet away from the combined blasts Imay would spit out another drop of blood into the air. At the height of the bloods arch he would send air magic into the space turning it into a fine mist that was almost invisible in the air. Landing on his feet and knees Imay would dig a small trail in the earth before bringing Sound Strike into a guardsmen stance again.

ConanSilverfang:-Conan growled seeing his attack was stopped by sound force with that he quickly stood straight up. He quickly shifted his body as he looked at Imayaruk flexing his legs the sounds of his boots  were something else. The air pressure steamed from his boots around the metal sheeting. The air pressure around them made the metal pieces shoot off.- “BOOM” -the metal sheeting of his boots fell to the ground as they cracked the very rock around them. They must of weighted a few tons to be able to break the very ground with large cracks only dropped a few inches. Conan took his blade and swung it too his side throwing a sound wave straight behind him to disrupt the object being created behind him. He stared straight at Imayaruk almost as if he was seeing through him into his soul. They say the eyes are the window to the soul. Only clouded thoughts lied in Conan’s soul at this time, his thoughts were completely cloud. It was as if he was not there at all. The Conan everyone once knew had been trapped deep within his emotions.. he only stared at Imayaruk giving him a chance to attack him.-

ImayarukOdinGorya-Imay would reverse his grip on Sound Strike spinning it 180 degrees causing the blade to rest on the ground. Imay would spit another drop of blood misting it like the last one. He would quickly pull up power from the earth beneath his feet to add strength in his legs as he charged at Connan in a curved path dragging Sound strikes blade through the earth. While charging Sound Strike would chime and hold the note for each little pebble in its path, building up a small high pitched storm of sound. With Imay at proper striking range with his naginata he would bring it up in a diagonal slash to have cut him from his bottom left up to his top right while scattering the sound storm in a burst of air and force comparable to the destination of a fragmentation grenade.

ConanSilverfang:-Conan watched him charge as he dragged his naginata on the ground trying to charge sound. Conan found it completely insulting to attempt to use sound against him knowing full well he was the one who taught him everything about sound strike. He wasn’t going to deny Imayaruk had in fact become stronger than the last time they had face each other.  Watching the blade come towards him he bent backwards at an accelerating speed as the blade missed him entirely only to kick his feet up into the air doing a back flip from the attack. His left foot  up kicking the bottom of Imayaruk’s hand that was at the half way point of the staffing in a attempt to disarm him completely. Conan flipped back after trying to disarm him landing on his feet he glanced at Imayaruk as he brought his left hand back forming an open palm stance. There was a crackling noise of electrical static that was starting to sound coming from Conan’s hand as the sound around his hand started to create friction as the particles in the air started to heat up rapidly with one flex of Conan’s hand a static charge was seen in the palm of his hand as he charge Imayaruk. His boots not weightless Conan’s speed was now doubled from his normal burst of speed moving at the speed of hundred miles per hour. He moved forward getting really close to his student as he through his palm forward aiming at his chest as the static charge only got stronger turning into a electrical lighting blast. If hit with this it will mostly throw Imayaruk back and do some impacting damage. This was only a warning strike for his young student.-

ImayarukOdinGorya-Imay would slightly jerk Sound Strike up when he released the energy storm around him causing his hand to thankfully miss Conans most likely bone braking kick now that his boots were off. He would quickly recover his handling on Sound Strike as he spit out one last drop of blood in an already fine mist. Imay would then step diagonally back to his right  just as conan started his charge Hooking the butt of Sound Strike aimed for his stomach. As he would strike Conan letting out a high whistle in a high pitched pattern of a wolf howl. As the whistle stopped the now misted blood would start to chatter in a near subsonic static scattered about the field while the stone bird’s runes swiftly changing from a fiery orange into a blazing white.

ConanSilverfang:-Conan missed Imayruk both times with his attempt to kick him and his palm static charge.  The static with in his joint together as it snapped like a high pitched tazer sounded like a gun shot from a fifty caliber shell. Conan heard the high pitched  whistle from Imayaruk. Conan zipped past him as he turned around sliding from the turn. He was over fifty feet from him. He sighed as he stood firm only to bring his left hand to his tanto as he said.- “I guess you don’t take this serious enough. If you plan to get out alive. Then run for you life.” -Conan grabbed hold of his small blade unsheathing it from its holster. He brought up his katana as he said. In a very  calm voice.- “Play time is over” -the ringing of both blades started to be heard as Conan shifted his feet pressing down into the ground with his feet as the crackling sound of the hard rock beneath him started to break sinking his boots into the ground as he lifted both of the his blades as the sound built up in a higher frequency as the air pressure around the area became heavy as ripples of electrical spark raised in fragments of the area. He raised them in front of him in a odd stance that Imayaruk would never have seen before.  The small tanto was pointed directly at his young student as the other was bought in a cross him in some sort of defense. The small blade started to vibrate slowly building up as the air pressure was released in seconds allowing a gust of wind blowing away from Conan’s body.  The small blade seemed to be charging as it started to play notes being very small then gradually getting loud in seconds. Conan’s eyes still focused on imayaruk. His face emotionless with no signs of remorse or care for his disciple.-

ImayarukOdinGorya- Imay would see Conan dodge the strike and move past him. He would spin around to face Conan as he said to run. Imay would just grin seeing Conan starting to show a little more of how he normally acts in a fight. He would chuckle as Conan drew the tanto and stated “Play time” was over. “Your right i’m done playing. Asgard Ascension, Sun Eater.” Imay would for power out with his final words as one of his few spoken spells. As the power of the words range out the blood infused static would concentrate around Imay creating a flash of light. As the flash died down the old man that was Imay was replaced with a young humanoid wolf of pure white fur only marked by a few odd runes. The wolf that Imay had turned into would plant Sound Strike in the ground as his fur flickered showing to be made of a form of Soulfire pulsing through his form. With Sound Strike stuck Imay’s body would hum a low subsonic not almost like a growling wolf and charged Conan bringing his clawed hands up to face him head on.

ConanSilverfang:-Conan watched as Imay brought forth a giant light of energy. He questioned Imayaruk when the light faded only to show he had transformed into a wolf like being. The marking as well as the white fur and image only brought him to see Arren facing him. He gave a loud growl as his small blade formed a small ball of high pitched sound only the size of a marble  as it shot out as Conan spoke.- “Begone from my sight.” -the small sound ball moved like a dart moving at the speed of fifty miles per hour as Conan didn’t even mo0ve a muscle seeing Imayaruk charging him. The small ball would travel only about midway between them before expanding for a moment there was silence as the small ball turned into a tiny light only to explode like a giant bomb of sound sending over thousands of blades in ever direction. The thousands of sound blades would expand in seconds the blast would expand well over hundred yards in diameter creating a massive crater in the ground. Conan would in fact get hit with his own attack throwing him back. The sound blades that hit him was not enough to cut the skin but it did leave slashes in his clothing. He landed just out of the blast radius. His was on his back as his stared straight up at the sky only to jump to his feet as he looked out into the dust cloud that was created from the attack he had launched. He wondered if his young disciple could even dodge that attack. He looked around for signs too see if he was blown away.-

ImayarukOdinGorya-Smirking Imay would quickly plant both feet side by side and spring side ways as i lound boom similar to hearing the sound barrier sending Imay hurtling. Though the sound of the blast was massive this only boosted Imay along at about 150 miles per hour as he called out “Sound crash”. Imay would come to a sliding hault as he twisted to look at Conan from the side as he was able to clear the densest portion of the blast coming out with a small number of cuts that were slowly bleeding. Regaining his footing he would rush in towards Conan though with a more cautious pace as his Soulfire fur started to burn brighter and larger.

ConanSilverfang: -Conan saw the Imayaruk was not dead. He would expect no less from his star pupil as he spun his small tanto around as he tilted his katana down  as he pressed down a button of the hilt. The bottom of the hilt opened up as he slammed the tanto down into the slot that had opened as he only glared at his student. Conan no longer was going to wait for him to catch  up to face him. The small blade entrance the slot as the guard of the tanto closed from its opened star shaping only lock the katanas blade started to extend down as it stabbed into the ground only to become a dia-katana . Conan’s eyes started to change color as a pure white lighting started form around him. Cloaking his body as he started to transform into the Volfen state. His eyes turned into a bright florescent green. His hair slowly started to change color as well his jet black hair was now slowly turning pure white. The cloak that was forming around him was that of an angelic aura his stage one of the Volfen state was near completion as he only glared at Imayaruk ready for battle. The close range battle was about to end for his young student. He lifted Saundo from the ground quickly as the sound around him rapidly vibrating now was causing the air pressure around him to become heavy as the very ground would start to rumble beneath the battle ground.the sound started to moan that soon would turn into a howl once Conan gripped his blade with both hands the decibels were raising to a new level reaching over five hundred decibels per second. Conan’s Saundo blade started to cloak with the white aura that was coming fomr his very soul as his call to the ancestors were answered the blade quickly gather the sound that started create the shockwave of the earth. As the firction of air particles caused the sound around the blade to spark creating electrical current. The static charge that would soon cover the blade. He brought back his blade only to swing it down sending a shock wave sound blast that was running like a giant freight train straight towards Imayaruk.  The attack was a mix of thousands blades of sound that had caused electricity that turned into both lightning and air pressure that had the force of sic hundred pounds. The wide range of the attack was reaching up to fifty yards wide moving like a wall the height of the attack was hundred yards tall.  It was a wall of incredible power. His attempt to over power his own student was shown even for Imayaruk this was the second time Conan had no choice but use his first stage of his Volfen state. He should be honored.-

ImayarukOdinGorya-Imay would see Conan merge his two blade into the dia-katana as he changed into the Volfen state. He would lower his stance as his claws would slowly dip into the earth for a brief moment. As the small scratch in the earth was made Imay drew in strength from the earth channeled into the muscles of his legs boosting his speed up to 80 miles per hour just in physical speed. Along with drawing from the earth Imay would focus the air around him into a solid wall of pressure pulsating with heavy tones shaped into a wedge as his claws moved out behind him. As Imay meet up with the sound wave he brought his arms back together in a sudden clap ask he came to a dead stop. As the force of the wall of air and sound was collapsed in front of him a blast of force at about 500 psi into the center of the wave. The conflicting Waves would meet trying to warp the wave around imay.

ConanSilverfang:-Conan’s attack did warp but didn’t keep moving instead it only wrapped around the area and wrapped around Imayaruk creating a giant cylinder around the area. The top of the cylinder would close as the electrical field only halted only to leave a giant solid cylinder of sound that would trap Imayaruk. Conan watched as the brought up his blade to his shoulder looking straight at Imayaruk though the sound as it acme to him on why things had changed his brother and everything. Everything started to come clear to him. The battle between his disciple wasn’t over. Since he had no reason to kill him knowing full well what was about to happen he was going to place faith to his student that this would be a lesson to him. Inside the giant cylinder of sound the air pressure was starting to become heavy as the top of the cylinder started to lower slowly compressing the air inside it would not cut off the air inside for him to breath however it would create a weight of pressure on Imayaruk as it slowly lower acting like a compression of weight the force would be enough to break bones if Imayaruk couldn’t act fast he would be crushed by the pressure enclosing on him. The cylinder was about half way. As Conan made a smirk as he thought to himself. ‘ my own student trying to fight me head on with no thought of his actions, what a paradox we live in.’ he watched closely as the pressure would soon start to wight about seven hundred pounds of pressure. If Imayaruk was human he would have been dead by now. What will he do?-

ImayarukOdinGorya-Imay sneered at Conan for the simple but effective trap he had walked right into only hoping Conan would come to his senses soon knowing he was pushing himself in one of his most dangerous to use forms. As the cylinder of sound formed Imay saw the reconition on Conan’s face and smirked. With one last good kick he bolted towards the wall of the cylinder. A few feet away from the wall Imay would kick up again aimed straight for the wall of of the cylinder as his soulfire fur grew to an uncontrolled blaze. Just before he met the wall of sound he called out quickly “Sound Eater!” causing all sound a few inches from his body to silence leaving the cylinder useless to stop him from escaping. Free from the trap Imay would drop to one knee breathing heavily as he was soaked in his own blood. With a hollow sound voice he called “Ash rebirth”, sending the long forgotten stone bird to burst into flames and fly directly at Imay in an unwavering corse.

ConanSilverfang:-Conan watched as the Cylinder was broke as the sound that was kept as the cylinder itself expanded. The sound was disrupted silenced as he watch Imayaruk was now on one knee. He grabbed the bottom hilt of Saundo as he pressed the guard as it unlocked the guard the sword now returned down to its original size. Conan watch Imayaruk call forth his ash rebirth. This fight was over with Imayaruk using two of his strongest powers in his arsenal it was clear that Conan’s disciple had reach his limit. Conan  pulled his tanto from  the bottom of the katana as he sheathed them. His hair started to turn back to his original black color. His aura had started to die down from being used. Conan bent forward as he started to have a coughing fit for a moment as he tried to clear his throat as he was starting to feel a bit dizzy from the fight knowing that he had used his Volfen state it was not hard to see that it takes a lot out of him. He was not as weakened from the time in the tunnels of the trek. However he could feel the effect it had on him as he finally cleared his throat. He stood his ground as he gave a clap to his student as he said.- “well done. Thanks to you I was able to finally see the truth. However I have news Imayaruk.” -he didn’t like that what he was going to say to his student. As he waited for him to regain his strength.-

ImayarukOdinGorya- Imay was breathing raggedly after calling the blood statue. He struggled to his feet his eyes covered in blood blocking all sight. Blind Imay still charged at a slow pace clearly about to pass out when they burning blood doll smack into his body in a burst of flames. As the new flames engulfed Imay’s body his soulfire fur quickly dissipated as minor wounds were starting to burn shut leaving nasty scars. While his cuts were sealing his bones began to heal at a rapid pace at the cost of twice as much pain from what caused them to be damaged. As Imay was on the fast track to recovery the flames would dissipate leaving only the stone egg behind him slowly turning to ash, Imay was clearly looking older by at least a millennium or two. He would come to a full stop after hearing Conan Quit the fight finally coming to his senses. “About damn time i knew you couldn’t kill the wolf you looked up to when i pulled out that trick. Though i will be honest i wasn’t expecting you to brake your boots when i was setting that up.”

ConanSilverfang:-Conan watched as Imayaruk was engulfed into flames seeing him regaining himself as he saw the scars that were created from this battle. Conan watched him as he looked at the giant sized hole in the ground as he said pointing to the crater.- “well that’s more scars you will have from your training.” -he listened to Imayaruk as he gave a smirk as he laughed a bit at his own disciple for stating that he didn’t expect him to take off the metal sheeting’s of his boots.  The metal that was still left in the same place had been pulled towards Conan as the sound waves created a magnetic pull from them using friction to create a static pull as they were launched back towards him latching on to his boots once more. As the air locks were heard as they compressed. He regained himself as he stopped laughing from the statement that was a joke.- “Haven’t you learn anything from your training. The number one rule when fighting under the code  is to expect the unexpected Imayaruk. You know this for a fact back at Magellanic.” -now that his boots were back on he started walking towards Imayaruk. As he placed his hands in his pocket only look at him. His eyes had changed they were in fact changed back into the very Conan everyone knew and love. His worries were no longer of finding his brother they were ones that of his oath he made to his friends.-

ImayarukOdinGorya-Imay would turn and limp back towards Sound Strike, his hand dug into one of his pouches still hanging at his waist. Half way back he would pull out a rag and clean the blood from his as laughing for a moment about expecting the unexpected. With a smart as grin plastered to his face he would call back, “Ya who would have ever expect that i would be knocking some sense into you instead of the other way around. Oh and I can’t wait tell you meet my little girl, she will love her Master.”. Coming to a stop at Sound Strike he would take the staff in his left hand as pull it free of the earth before turning back to Conan.

ConanSilverfang:-Conan nodded as he glanced to the distant city of Lorewall as he thought about his oath he made to Charlotte. He had wondered if he had left at the wrong time he heard Imayaruk speak about his daughter as he glanced back over to her.- “well I don’t think now would be the best time. I have some news of your brother.” -he didn’t really want to tell him the grave news of it but he knew that Imayaruk would want to know about his eldest brother. After all Imayaruk and Shadow were close siblings they had a strong bond as brothers. He took a deep breath as he spoke the words he might regret.- “I am not really wanting to tell you this. However Shadow is dead.” -he wondered if Imayaruk even knew about it. Then again it wouldn’t be the best news he had given his student.-

ImayarukOdinGorya-Imay would pause for a moment Hearing Conan declare his brother dead. As the pause drew on Imay would chuckle in the coldest tone Conan ever heard from him, before calling out now looking Conan dead in the eyes, “Ya I know once i find his grave Uncle’s legacy in me will be put to rest.” Conan knew very well one things the soldiers of Gorya did for their fallen brothers was leave their blade. Imay would start to walk back towards Conan aimed for a random road away from Lorewall, his mind pushing his thoughts else where.

ConanSilverfang:-Conan listened to Imayaruk his own student was cold yet they had respect for each other. He nodded to him as he watched him walk down a random road away from Lorewall as he said in a low tone.- “The Goryan brothers the Great warrior and the noble wanderer…” -he looked at Lorewall once more was his expression became a bit serious once more as he started walking making his way to Charlotte’s home. His oath was still in play he was the protector of the Carrendar family as his oath was stated he would protect them or die trying. This was the code of the Warriors of the old.-